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Feeding the Succubus

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Bryan woke up groaning. He felt like a truck had just hit him, backed up, and then run over him again just to be sure. Where was he? What had happened?

It was dark where he was, and there was a musty smell. He could barely see anything except through some light behind the door. The windows were boarded up completely. He was on an old fashioned bed with the high corners, and even though he wasn't tied down, he still felt like he couldn't completely move. It was like something heavy was sitting on his chest.

That was right, the last thing he remembered was... the last thing he remembered was coming into the old haunted house with his friends. Two of his roommates and their three fraternity brother friends had been dead set on spending Halloween in the Old Johnson Place, a run down old farmhouse several miles outside of town. Bryan was new to the area, since he just moved there to go to school, but the others were locals.

To tell the truth, he wasn't really impressed with the house when he saw it. It was just a big old run down house, with boards falling off and weeds growing up all around it. What was the big deal? Just another old house full of stories they made to scare each other.

He didn't remember much more after that.

They got into the house, and they were walking around, and then...

Bryan shook his head. He definitely didn't remember what came after that. Maybe he passed out? He hadn't even been drinking that much, so maybe it was some weird toxic gas. Carbon monoxide, or one of those that you couldn't even smell.

So what happened then? Instead of taking him outside, away from the gas, his friends just... left him there on one of the beds?

And why couldn't he move?

He lay there in the dark quietly, listening, and he heard...

Well, it sounded like someone in the next room was fucking!

At first he thought it was just his imagination, some other rhythmic sound. But there were definitely grunts and gasps, some low and some high. And that kind of sound was absolutely the kind of sound it made when the headboard banged the wall during some vigorous fucking. Bryan had enough roommates to know what it sounded like when they were just giving their girls all they had.

Had he been drugged? Was this some kind of weird orgy thing?

Then he heard a horrifying sound. The banging on the wall stopped, and instead he heard the sounds of a man's climax. Except... they were pained. That wasn't the way a guy sometimes shouted out when he shot his load. That was a scared sound, like he was afraid for his life or something.

What the hell was going on in there?

There was a moment of quiet and some talking he couldn't understand, and then some more silence... and then the door to his room opened.

Bryan could move his head, at least, and when he turned, he saw the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen before standing in the doorway to the room. She had long black hair that fell straight down her back almost to her ass. Her breasts were round and perky, with two dark nipples that stood out against her creamy pale skin. She was tall, with a narrow waist and round hips. Her face was beautiful, with dark features and bright red lips.

...And she had a tail?

Bryan blinked. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. But there it was, a long tail that hung down to her ankles and ended in a little spade shape. At first he thought it was just some sort of costuming, but then it swished back and forth, and even wrapped itself around her calf briefly.

Maybe he was hallucinating. Maybe it was some sort of gas. Maybe he was having a really bad acid trip and was going to come back to earth any minute now.

The woman smiled. "Oh, good, you're awake," she purred.

Hearing her voice was like having electricity sent through his body, and Bryan was shocked to realize that he was hard. Not just a little hard, even. His cock was trying to stand straight up from his body, making a tent in his jeans that was painful in how restrictive it was. He knew that his fear and confusion should have made him go soft, but here he was, like someone had shoved a pole into his dick. It was so hard he was throbbing.

The woman grinned to see that and walked over to the bed. Her hips made a lovely sauntering swing with every step she took. "Ooh, a big boy," she said. Again her words were like lightning. "I love all cocks, but I love a big one best of all."

Bryan swallowed hard.

He had a big cock. Not just a big one, but a monster one. A shower, not a grower. It made it tough sometimes to find pants that didn't show it. And if he even started to get hard a little? It was obvious. It was nearly a full foot in length, and wide around.

Because of this, Bryan was a virgin.

He had gotten a number of girlfriends back to his room, making out and taking off clothes. But the second they saw his dick in its full glory, every one of them balked. Their eyes went wide, and not in a good way. He could see them doing the calculus and realizing that they couldn't take a beast like that. They talked about how they liked big dicks, sure, but they never meant that big. Most of them would then offer a blowjob, and those blowjobs would usually turn mostly into handjobs.

And so Bryan, the guy with the biggest dick on campus, had never had the chance to try pleasuring a woman with it.

He was incredibly aware of this as he watched this demonic woman circle closer to him. As she got out of the light, he could see two little horns peeking out of her forehead. They didn't look like makeup. like the tail, they looked incredibly real.

She smiled as she ran her hand down his thigh, then across the bulge in his crotch. "Now this makes me hungry. Your friends were a nice appetizer, but I think I've found the main course I was looking for right... here."

Bryan cleared his throat, surprised to find out that he was able to speak. He couldn't shout, though, because his voice was still raspy. Besides, he didn't know who he'd shout for. "Friends?" he asked. "Where are they?"

"Oh, around," she answered with a giggle. She licked her fingers and laughed. "Just between us, though, I have to say that they left something to be desired. Little single bites. Hardly a full meal at all."

Bryan's eyes widened. Had she eaten them?

The demon laughed to see his surprise. "They're all still alive. And yes, they still have their souls. Why waste a feast like that?"

"A feast?" asked Bryan.

The demon climbed onto the bed and straddled Bryan's thighs. "I'm a succubus," she explained, rubbing her hands up and down her voluptuous body. She grabbed at her tits and smiled in a way that made Bryan's already painfully hard cock throb even more. "And it's rare to get a big meal like this all at once. So I'm thinking I should take it easy. A little bit from each of you, until you don't have any more to give."

He tried to focus not on the erotic sensations, but the information being given here. A succubus? Those things weren't real! And yet here he was, being straddled on a bed in a haunted house by a horned woman, a woman with a tail, who was talking casually about devouring his friends.

"What..." Bryan cleared his throat again. Talking was still difficult. "What happens when you're done?"

"I'll take your souls, of course," answered the succubus cheerfully. "But that's just details. You know, your other friends didn't ask nearly this many questions."

Bryan didn't have a hard time believing that. They were horndogs, after all, used to fucking several women every weekend, while Bryan was still trying to find the woman who really could take him for his first time. He jerked off a lot.

The succubus looked down and unfastened Bryan's jeans. She tittered with glee as his enormous cock popped out, swollen and ready. "Oh, goody," she giggled. "That's what mama likes. You must have a very happy girlfriend."

Bryan blushed a little, more embarrassed about the girlfriend part than about being seen like this. "No girlfriend," he admitted.

"Oh?" The succubus looked confused. "Why is that?"

"They don't..." Bryan sighed as he looked down at his dick. "They can't."

After a moment of confusion, the succubus looked startled. "Oh! Oh, really?"

"Yeah," Bryan sighed.

"Well, that's just a shame!" exclaimed the succubus. "Human women are so fragile. I was just talking to an incubus about it the other day. They go around flashing their huge cocks for show, but when it actually gets down to fucking, women don't want anything nearly that big. Half that size, maybe. Like when you put too much food on your plate, and your mother says your eyes were bigger than your stomach, right?"

This was all so surreal that Bryan didn't know what to do, so he just nodded.

"So does that mean..." The succubus frowned. "Are you a virgin?"

Bryan's cheeks turned pink. He nodded.

The succubus laughed with delight. "Do you know, I have never fucked a virgin before?"

"Never?" asked Bryan.

The succubus shook her head. "I'm pretty young, though I know it doesn't show my age. Just a century old."

She looked barely twenty, maybe a little older, but that was only because of her ample hips and breasts. Bryan guessed he didn't know much about how long a succubus could live, though, so he had to take her word that that was indeed young, as things went.

The succubus lifted her black hair above her head, then let it come cascading down her shoulders in heavy waves. "And I guess I don't go out of my way to find them, that's all. It takes a lot of effort these days. Virgins don't just come stumbling into places like this on a dare anymore."

"I was just following my friends," said Bryan, or at least he tried to say. The succubus started playing with the head of his cock, which started leaking precum like he'd never felt before. His balls felt like they were swelling up, like a tire someone was pumping air into. Fuck, she had an incredible effect on him.

"There's actually a lot of succubus lore about virgins," she said, sounding almost like a college professor even as she ran her manicured fingers up and down his shaft.

Bryan felt his eyes start to water. He could barely concentrate on how odd it seemed to have a succubus talk about folktales about virgins, when she was more of a folk tale than he was! But that kind of logic took a lot of concentration he just didn't have right now.

"They're apparently even more delicious," the succubus purred. She shifted forward and Bryan could feel the wetness dripping from her pussy as it dribbled onto his leg. "And some other things too. You're really a virgin? Never had this monster even a little bit inside some adventurous girl's pussy?"

Bryan shook his head. This was so weird now, all he could do was go with it. Maybe he was dreaming, or hallucinating. That seemed to make more sense than assuming this was reality. It was all some kind of crazy dream and he'd wake up soon. But in the meantime...

Well, in the meantime it seemed like this very vivid dream he was having was about to get him laid, and even if it wasn't real, he was okay with that.

The succubus raised herself up, positioning her pussy right above the very tip of Bryan's cock. Bryan could see how pink and puffy it was now, and he could also see some white cum dripping out of her pretty pussy hole. Had she really fucked the other guys before she came to him? That would be a weird thing for his brain to make up, but he supposed he wasn't going to ask too many questions about it. Not when she had him like this.

The succubus looked down at him and smiled. "I like you," she purred as she petted her breasts, squeezing them together and letting them fall. "The other boys, your friends, they were so rude. They treated me like I was some kind of trashy whore. But you're sweet. I bet that's going to make you taste even sweeter. Are you ready?"

Bryan didn't know how he could get any readier, so he nodded.

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