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Authors note: All characters eighteen or over.

“May I have your attention please class.”

The room full of eighteen year old schoolgirls in their pristine uniforms of black blazers, shiny white shirts, black ties and short black skirts all looked up from their books.

Lisa sighed. Not again. Every other week drugs were found and so bags had to be searched-and always turned up nothing.

“We have had a report ladies”, Mrs Brown continued, “that some cannabis has been found on the school grounds. You know that we do not tolerate drug use in this school under any circumstances. Now as you are no doubt well aware our regular bag searches often turn up nothing, so today we have decided to call in some help from the Drug Enforcement Agency. So girls I shall introduce you to our specialist team all the way from Washington-with their dog lickers.”

With that the door burst open and into the room burst several DEA agents clad in body armour, each with a barking German Shepherd straining at the leash. A collective gasp went up from the room of shocked schoolgirls.

“Lisa Green”, said Mrs Brown, “come up here, we will start with you.”

Lisa tentatively got up and walked up to the desk, wary of the slavering beasts who seemed anxious to break free of their restraints and launch themselves at her.

“Excuse me Mrs Brown”, said Lisa, “did you say dog lickers? Didn’t you mean dog sniffers?”

One of the DEA agents answered the question.

“No miss, she absolutely meant dog lickers. These dogs have been professionally trained with government funding at the top academies in the country. These dogs have only mission in life; to get their tongues all the way up a woman’s cunt and ass in order to a make sure she is carrying no drugs. And if necessary, the follow up of his huge canine meat stick just to be doubly sure.”

“Isn’t this overkill?” Replied Lisa. “I mean it only cannabis.”

“Miss we all know that cannabis is a gateway drug. Today it’s cannabis, tomorrow its cocaine, the day after that the entire social fabric of out great country has unravelled. Are you a patriot mam? Do you love your country?”


“Then get down on all fours, hitch your skirt up over your back, haul down your panties and stick that schoolgirl ass of yours in the air. No time to waste, the future of the country is at stake.”

“Do what the man says then Lisa”, said Mrs Brown.

Lisa dropped to her knees hesitantly, the dogs snarling and chomping at the bit to get to her. She did as she was told, lifting up her skirt and hauling down her panties, feeling the cool on her bare ass-oh she felt so exposed.

“Good girl”, said the DEA agent. “Now if you have one ounce of cannabis up your ass I assure you that these boys will find it. Do you have anything you want to say?”

“Yes. I do not have cannabis up my ass or cunt.”

“Well we’ll soon found out.”

Lisa gasped as he placed his hand on her ass cheeks and spread them as wide apart as possible.

“Ok boy”, the agent said to one of the dogs. “You get your government trained canine tongue right into the depths of this nice little pink schoolgirl asshole.”


Lisa squirmed as the wet hairy muzzle of the mutt dove in between her ass cheeks, his tongue shooting out right into the depths of her asshole accompanied by his ravenous growls. He lashed at her ass walls, circling, probing, darting right down to the flesh wall that separated her ass from her cunt.

Oh fuck. Was she supposed to be enjoying this? This was supposed to be a drug search and that canine tongue up her ass was sending waves of erotic heat rippling through her body.


“Yeah you like that you dirty bitch?” Said the DEA agent. “We’ve actually found that some women are purposefully getting caught with drugs just so they can be subjected to the dog lickers. You like it don’t you? Oh these dogs are very thorough, they will not miss one millimetre of those schoolgirl ass walls of yours. Ok boy, that’s enough.”

The tongue slipped out of her ass-oh god she missed it as soon as it was withdrawn.

“Ok that’s the ass done. Now turnover and spread you legs, it’s time to do your cunt. Don’t worry, we will use a different dog to lick your cunt than the one who licked your ass, we are very hygiene conscious.”

Lisa tuned over and parted her legs. The other schoolgirls in the class just sat there as the scene unfolded. Were they envious? Lisa wondered. Did they want to be where she was right now? On her back with her short skirt up around her waist, panties down and cunt exposed?

The DEA agent got between her legs, placed his fingers on her cunt in a V-shape and stretched her lips apart.

“Oh I think I feel some wetness down here. It would seem having dog tongue up your ass agrees with you. Ok boy”, the agent turned his attention to another of the dogs, chomping at the bit to get in between her legs. “Get right down into this pink little tight schoolgirl snatch boy. As an eighteen year old girl she’ll have a really tight cunt but I’ll hold her open for you. Ok, let’s got to work.”

The dog was unleashed, and dove right in.


His long wet nuzzle penetrated her almost like a cock fucking her, his dog licker shooting right up her cunt hole, going to work on her insides just as the other had done in her ass, probing, circling, darting deep, getting his canine tongue around every millimetre of her cunt walls, his dog slobber dripping from his jaws, falling down her cunt and into the crack of her ass to join the wet slobber already there from the other dog.

“Oh god yes, ooh that’s so good!” The words spilled from Lisa’s mouth, she could not stop her pleasure escaping her mouth.

“Take some footage of this”, ordered the DEA agent to his colleagues. “Mark it as ‘Horny schoolgirl bitch likes dog tongue right up her snatch’. We will want to document this for research purposes. Yeah it feel good doesn’t it little schoolgirl? It’s like he’s trying to eat you alive-oh yeah those are your tax dollars at work right there in that sweet schoolgirl pussy of yours.”

Lisa was no longer resisting. Perhaps it was wrong to revel in the pleasure of a drug licker dog exploring her cunt to see if she had stuffed any contraband up there-but fuck this just felt so good.

And then she felt the DEA agent running his hand all over her tits.

“Just checking these breasts are real Miss-oh yeah they feel good.” Lisa gasped as he squeezed and kneaded her melons through the fabric of her shirt, digging his fingers deep into the firm flesh.

“They seem real. Nice, firm and natural breasts. You would not believe what a woman with fake tits can smuggle and hide in those big melons. I better get the dogs to lick them just to be sure, and if you don’t mind miss, I’ll get one of them to fuck your cunt while we’re at it-just to be doubly sure we didn’t miss anything down there. We do not leave anything to chance miss.”

He unbuttoned her shirt and snapped her bra open, her luscious young tits spilling into view. Two of the lickers went straight for them.

“Lick them all over boys, lick em’ clean, be sure she does not have am ounce of drugs anywhere.”

Lisa moaned and writhed. She truly was a dogs dinner-a banquet of female flesh for these dogs, their fat tongues lashing her hard nipples again and again and again.

And then there was the one between her legs, his front paws on her stomach, as the DEA agent took hold of the huge dog cock in his hand and directed the tip in between Lisa’s pink folds.

“Look at that cock”, said the agent, “a huge red spear tipped sceptre, unsheathed and primed to explore the depths of your cunt.”


The agent pushed the spear tip in, and the dog immediately began to thrust with his hind quarters, stretching her, filling her, powering in deep with his fuck meat.

He was so big Lisa could easily feel how fucking her made sure there was absolutely nothing else inside her cunt-she felt ready to burst at the seams. There was room for nothing else inside her except the hunk of throbbing dog meat.

“Oh yes fuck me!” She cried. “Oh that’s right screw my schoolgirl cunt you fucking animal!”

“Keep documenting all this”, said the DEA agent. “Note the young schoolgirl on her back with her uniform dishevelled and her tits and cunt on display. Note how her tits jiggle with every thrust of the beast’s haunches. Note how she moans like a whore. Document everything. That’s it, fuck her boy, you hump her good, you make sure their ain’t no drugs in that pussy.”

Lisa looked at the face of the hound above her. He was a dog trained to do a job, oblivious to any pain or pleasure she might feel as he thrust away inside of her, his slobber raining down onto her face. And then without warning she felt a sea burst into her cunt. The dog had ejaculated, filling her with a mass of warm, thick bestial cream.

He immediately withdrew and the excess of cum spilled forth from her cunt, oozing down into her asshole-ooooh that felt nice.

“Ok”, said the agent, “get up and stick your ass in the air, we are now going to spit roast you to conclude the search.”

She did as told and another dog leapt onto her back, wrapping his legs around her so his paws pressed into her tis. His hot dog breath seared her neck as his cock entered her wet asshole. It stung and burned as he forced his canine weapon right up her shithole, but it was exquisite pain, the debauched pain of getting fucked right up her dirt box by a non-human cock. She had almost forgot this was supposed to be a search for drugs.

Another dog was in front of her, his red cock in her face. She opened wide to take him, sucking him right in, her lips stretched taught by the immense girth, her eyes streaming. But she kept sucking. She sucked deep till her mouth was full and she was gagging on that bestial cockhead.

“That’s right boys, follow your training, use her like a slut, you pound that schoolgirl ass and mouth, treat her like a fucking whore-oh yeah do your jobs boys.”

She was now a piece of wanton fuck meat, skewered on either end, stuffed to the brim with dog cock pulsing and thrusting inside of her. She felt ready to explode from within.

The dogs erupted into her ass and mouth. A hot stream shot right down her gullet, giving her little option buy to gulp down much of the warm, thick climactic liquid. The excess fell over her bottom lip in a perverse white waterfall as the dog withdrew. The squirt of that hot cum in her ass was simply delicious.

Then her own orgasm hit her as the dog on her back leapt off, her body convulsing violently as she moaned her climax and shot a huge stream of squirt out from her cunt, spraying wildly onto the floor, the dogs immediately moving in to lick it up.

“That’s it boys, you lick up her cunt juice.” Said the agent. “Our dogs can taste traces of drugs in any woman cum-all part of their specialist training.”

There was Lisa. Her schoolgirl uniform in a mess, her shirt open with her tits gleaming in dog saliva, her panties down and dog cum dripping out of her mouth, ass and cunt.

“Ok ladies”, said Mrs Brown, “that is a demonstration of just how far we will go to purge drug use from this school...Yes Gillian?” One of the girls had her hand up.

“I feel a sudden need to confess my sins”, said Gillian. “I have coke stuck up my snatch.”



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