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Pink Butterfly

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Chapter 1

Lost and Found


Jeff Delgado stood in the hallway looking into the dark window of his wife’s office. He looked at his watch and noted the time was 4:37. He was wondering where his wife could be working. She was usually at work till 5:00 and it made no sense she was gone this early. He tried the door and found it locked. He stepped back, shaking his head in disbelief. The other offices in the hall were well lit and people were sitting behind desks typing away at their computers, but not his wife, she was gone.

Jeff stepped over to the office to the right and knocked on the door. He slowly opened it to get a look at the woman behind the desk. “Excuse me,” he said, coyly getting the woman’s attention. “Do you know where Laurie is?” pointing down the hall towards her office. Jeff didn’t know this woman, or any of the staff his wife worked with, as he worked evenings and rarely made the sixty mile trip to where his wife worked. Today was her birthday and he wanted to surprise her with dinner and a movie, but he was the one surprised when he found her missing from her office.

“She left early, said it was her birthday and went to the bar with some of her friends,” the woman replied. “Did you have an appointment with her? I can call her for you.” she added.

“No, that’s ok. I should’ve called first. Do you know what bar they went to?” Jeff asked, acting as stupid as he could considering the circumstances.

“They always go to Max’s, it’s sort of their hangout,” she replied with a smile.

“Max’s?” Jeff asked. “Do you know how to get there?”

“Sure, it’s easy to find. When you drive out of the parking lot, take a right. Drive down to Fifth Street and take a left at the light. The bar is on the right side of the block.”

“Thanks,” Jeff said and smiled as he closed her door. He slowly walked back down the hallway toward the entrance of the building. He stepped outside into the warm sunlight and pulled out his cell phone and rang his wife. In a few seconds his wife Laurie greeted him enthusiastically. “Hi honey, what’s up?” she asked.

Jeff replied, “Hey, I was thinking about taking the rest of the night off and coming over to take you out for your birthday. I know we had plans for the weekend, but I wanted to surprise you.”

There was a long pause on the phone and then Laurie responded, “I have to work late tonight honey. I have two case reports to finish and turn in before 8:00 am tomorrow.”

“So you’re still at your office?” Jeff asked, looking back at the building he stepped out of.

“Where else would I be?” Laurie replied with a nervous chuckle.

Jeff decided to play dumb and go along with his wife’s story. “I never get over there you know, I’m not that familiar with your work schedule.”

“Yeah, I’ve been here working my ass off since lunch. Another one of those families that needs services you know. I know how boring this stuff is to you.”

“So when will you be home?” Jeff asked.

“It will be late, past midnight I’m sure. Don’t wait up for me.”

“Do you get paid extra for the hours you put in after work?”

“I’m salary, I thought you knew that. I don’t get paid for extra time. It sucks, but that’s how it is.”

“Ok,” Jeff said disappointed. “I’ll be home at my regular time then. I might actually make it to bed before you do this time.”

Laurie said her goodbyes and the conversation ended. Jeff stared off into the distance deep in thought. “What the fuck?” he said under his breath and walked down the steps to his car and got in. For a moment, he thought about what he would say when he got to the bar and found her there with her friends. His mind went blank for a while, as he looked around his car and back at the building before him through the windshield. He wasn’t sure he was in any mood to make any confrontation at all, as this took him by surprise. But he was in town, he knew where his wife was. He knew that she was lying to him and he had to find out why.


Jeff pulled into a parking spot across the street from the bar. At this hour there wasn’t much traffic and only a few cars parked anywhere near the place. He got out and walked across the street to the entrance to Max’s and took a deep breath. He pulled the door open and stepped inside, allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness inside.

In a few seconds he could see there were only a few people sitting at the bar and the rest of the tables were empty. For a moment, he felt relieved that his wife wasn’t dancing on the bar naked with men tossing dollar bills at her. He stepped over to the bar and got the bartenders attention.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

“I’m looking for someone actually. Do you know Laurie Delgado by any chance?” Jeff asked.

“Yeah, she comes here a lot.”

“A lot?” Jeff asked.

“Two or three times a week I’d say. Her and her boyfriend.”

Jeff swallowed hard, trying not to let the bartender see the steam build in his system. Then the bartender asked with a smile, “Why? Are you a bill collector?”

“No, I was supposed to meet with her about services,” Jeff said with a lie. “She asked me to meet her so I could get the power back on at my house.”

“Oh, sorry man,” The bartender replied. “I didn’t mean to make a joke about that.”

“No problem,” Jeff replied. “Do you happen to know where I could find her now?”

“Try her boyfriend’s place, it’s on the other side of town two houses from the police station, on Jefferson Avenue.”

“Do you have an address?” Jeff asked feeling the skin on his body start to burn.

The bartender took a napkin from behind the bar, a pen from his pocket and drew a map of how to get from the bar to the police station. He drew an arrow back and scribbled in two boxes for houses. “Jefferson Avenue is a main street in town, you can’t miss it. Follow that map and you won’t have any problems.”

Jeff folded the napkin and shoved it in his pants pocket. “Thanks a lot man, I appreciate your help,” Jeff said with a smile.

“No problem, you have a nice day and I hope you get your power back on before it gets dark.”

Jeff opened the door to the bright sunlight and walked across the street back to his car. Now he was beyond livid and started to shake as he pulled the keys from his pants pocket. The napkin fell out with the keys and he bent over to pick it up. As he stood back up the blood rushed from his head and he got dizzy for a moment. Once again he shook his head, got back in his car and took off towards the police station drawn out on the map.


A block from the police station, Jeff pulled his car over to the side of the street when he spied Laurie’s Ford Escape parked in a driveway behind a red KIA Rio. Both cars sat outside in the drive next to an attached garage with the door shut. Jeff turned off his car and sat there for a moment thinking. He pulled the keys from the ignition and made sure he had the spare key to the Escape. He tapped it on his leg for a few moments. He looked up at the Escape again and with almost an automatic impulse, opened the car door and got out. He let the keys dangle from his hand and brush against his leg as he crossed the street onto the sidewalk and made his way past the police station to the house where his wife’s car sat silent. He looked at the plate number and then at the contents of the interior to make sure this was indeed the correct vehicle. It didn’t take long and he knew that this would not turn out well for him.

For a moment, he tried to gather his thoughts and began to grit his teeth and shake nervously. Anger welled up inside him and adrenaline shot through his veins making his heart pound in his chest. He had to make a decision; walk away and drive home, or confront his wife now who he assumed was in the house with her lover. He looked back at the house and started walking towards the front door almost without thought, leaving the car behind him in the driveway.

At the front door he paused, trying to listen for any sounds coming from inside. He reached out and to his surprise, the screen door was unlocked. He pulled it open slowly, trying to be as quiet as he could. He then turned the door knob to the main door and it was unlocked too. He gave the door a little shove and slowly pushed his hip in and entered what looked like the living room. It was quiet, and no one was in eye shot of the front door that he could tell. He didn’t know for sure what he would have done if he met his wife and boyfriend right then, but he wasn’t thinking clearly to begin with.

Once inside the house, he gently closed the door and looked around at the layout. The living room was modern enough with shag carpet and a nice couch and matching recliners on either side of the fireplace. There were tall potted plants near the windows and the house was very clean and neat. Beyond the living room was a door to the kitchen, and to the left was a hallway that led to who knows where.

Jeff stepped in closer to the kitchen and listened hard for sounds coming from any direction. He paused at the hallway and saw an open door with carpeted stairs leading to a basement. It was well lit, with a light glaring above the staircase. He moved in closer to the door and paused, waiting to hear any noise that may come from below. It was silent. Only the sound of the humming from the refrigerator could be heard from the kitchen. Now he started to wonder if this was the house she was in at all. Maybe the driveway was shared by the neighbor as well and he was trespassing. All he knew was his wife’s car was parked outside and she had lied about where she was, so at this point he was determined to find out where she was and what she was doing. What he didn’t need right now was a home owner with a gun, stepping out of a bedroom with a death wish.

Then he heard the sound he was waiting for. The sound of footsteps from the basement and he froze in fear, realizing he had no weapon to use and was probably going to scare the hell out of whoever was down there. He looked back at the kitchen and spied a butcher block full of kitchen knives and thought for a second about grabbing one, just in case he needed to defend himself. Then he thought about running out the front door and waiting for his wife to come home later and confront her then.

The sounds of the footsteps continued from downstairs and his anger once again overtook his emotions sending him over to the kitchen to grab a knife. The first knife he pulled was at least nine inches long and he was satisfied he could use it to intimidate and or injure or kill, if needed. He slowly stepped back over to the doorway, his footsteps muffled by the shag carpet and stood with body hidden behind the door; his eyes focused on the bottom of the staircase. The footsteps stopped and now he could hear the muffled sound of a man’s voice. He waited for a response and heard nothing. Then the man’s voice again, more footsteps and then the sound of the water pipes running water through the house.

Scared to death, Jeff quickly and softly walked back to the kitchen and replaced the knife back in the block where he had found it. He was getting the hell out before he was caught and sent to jail for home invasion and trespassing. His heart pounding, he turned back to see the light from the staircase dim for a moment, as someone climbed the steps up to the main floor. Now he was fucked. His first reaction was to squat down and hide behind the wall that separated the kitchen from the living room. He left the knife in the wood block.

A moment later, the figure stepped up onto the main floor and walked past the doorway to the kitchen and down the hall. To Jeff’s horror it was a nude man who seemed to be in a rush, stepping quickly down the hall and disappearing into one of the rooms. Jeff scooted over to the other wall on the other side of the doorway so he wouldn’t be seen when the nude man came back and sat there with his back against the wall; his heart beating out of his chest. It didn’t take long before the nude man once again crossed the doorway and headed back down the stairs to the basement.

Taking a deep breath, Jeff stood up and checked to make sure the coast was clear. He quickly scurried back to the front door to make his escape, when he was stopped in his tracks by Laurie’s purse sitting next to the recliner on the floor. He wasn’t able to see the purse when he first came into the living room, but from this angle it sat on the floor like a glowing ball of fire. Now he knew his wife was in the house and he knew there was a naked man downstairs and that the water was running in the house. “Holy shit,” he thought to himself, “They’re taking a shower!”

This time, with full confidence, Jeff walked, almost stomping into the kitchen, grabbed the same knife as before and headed back to the door to the staircase. With almost a skip in his step, he scrambled down the steps with knife in hand, looking for anyone he could find. Now he wanted to confront someone, anyone.

He scanned the finished basement of what looked like a second living room, and spied a slightly open door with steam rolling out. In a rage, he walked over to the door and opened it revealing a large clear shower enclosure with two blurred adult figures embraced in a sex act behind the glass. Neither one of them noticed the door opening, so they continued to pound away making grunting sex noises.

Jeff stood there, in shock, watching them go at it. It was like watching a train wreck, he couldn’t look away. He noticed a toilet in the room and for a second thought about flushing it to see how they would enjoy a very hot shower, but found himself almost paralyzed staring at the blurry couple. It didn’t take long for Jeff to realize that Laurie was the one getting pounded because he knew how she moved and what she liked and this was one of their favorite positions when they fucked in the shower. He figured this was probably her idea and wanted to share it with her boy toy from work.

Now he was pissed. In a rage, Jeff walked into the bathroom, over to the shower enclosure and opened the door. Before him was the ass of the man who was pounding his wife in a modified doggy style position dripping water with his balls flopping front to back. Jeff grabbed the man’s scrotum with his left hand and with the knife in his right, sliced off the ball sack and tossed it at the back of Laurie’s head splashing her with blood. The now neutered man pulled out his penis from Laurie’s pussy and spun around to face Jeff who now plunged the knife into his chest and yanked down hard trying to rip his lungs apart. Jeff was surprised at how much of a fight this guy was putting up thinking he would fall over dead, like in the movies; but the injured man grabbed for the knife and tried to pull it out while Jeff continued to push it in as deep as he could.

Laurie screamed and squatted down at the bottom of the shower getting out of the way of the two men fighting with the knife. She was covered with a mix of water and blood. Jeff kicked at the man’s leg and tripped him, sending him falling on top of Laurie with a thud. She screamed again and Jeff lunged into the shower this time stabbing repeatedly at the man’s neck and chest filling him with holes and draining his blood into the shower drain.

After a few rage filled moments, Jeff backed off and stepped out of the hot water streaming from the shower to see what he had done. The man, still alive rolled over on his side and gasped for air. Laurie sat silent looking up at Jeff with her eyes wide open and tears running from her face. Jeff looked down upon his wife with disgust on his face and shook his head in anger.

“How long?” Jeff asked.

Laurie pretended she couldn’t hear over the sound of the shower so Jeff reached in and turned off the water. “How long have you been fucking this guy?” he shouted. She didn’t answer. “What is his name?” he shouted again.

Laurie covered her eyes with her palms and rested her head not saying a word. Jeff kicked the gurgling man with his foot and got no response. “Mother fucker!” he yelled and kicked him again. “Got fucking blood on my shoes.”

Laurie continued to be silent and cover her face not answering Jeff’s questions. It was like she was trying to pretend this never happened. Jeff continued to glare down at her naked, wet, blood covered body and dangle the knife by his side.

“Are you going to kill me?” Laurie asked meekly.

“I don’t know what I’m going to fucking do Laurie,” Jeff answered. “But you better start talking. Who is this dead fucker and how long have you been screwing him?”

“Kill me too,” Laurie responded, not what Jeff was expecting to hear.

“You’d rather die than tell me who this guy is?” Jeff asked. “I’m going to find out eventually, is that worth dying over?”

Laurie removed her hands from her eyes and pushed the dead man off her feet allowing her to reposition herself. “Help me up,” she asked holding out her hand to Jeff.

“Not until you answer my question.”

“Does it matter?” she replied crying. “You caught me, and now he’s dead.”

“Are you some sort of call girl on the side? Are you a hooker?” Jeff asked. “Do you know his name?”

Laurie looked away in shame and wiped the snot from her nose. “I’m not a hooker,” she replied gritting her teeth.

“Then what the fuck are you?”

“I’m your wife,” she replied.

“Don’t play stupid with me.”

“I don’t have to answer your stupid questions, so either kill me now or let me get cleaned up and get the fuck out of here.”

Chapter 2

The Pink Butterfly


The parking lot at the Pink Butterfly gentlemen’s club was filled to capacity with the exception of a few open spots at the very back by the rear door trash bin. Jeff pulled his car in, put it in park, turned off the lights and got out. It was still a very warm night, and Jeff was still a bit drunk from the time he had spent at the last bar he visited a few minutes ago. Seems he was having a hard time getting over killing his wife’s lover and disposing of her.

The walk to the front door was a tipsy jaunt, the colorful neon signs blinking from the covered windows inside the club. Jeff was the only person outside the club but kept a keen drunken eye on anyone that might come out of the shadow’s to take him down and rob him. This wasn’t a club he had been to before so he wasn’t sure what he was in for tonight.

The sign on the front door said ‘Open 5pm till 4am Thursday through Saturday’ and a smile crossed Jeff’s face knowing he had a place to stay for a while. It did piss him off a little that alcohol couldn’t be served here, but was here for the entertainment; lots of hot naked women dancing for his pleasure.

Jeff opened the glass door and almost jumped out of his pants when he heard the booming male voice yell, “Twenty dollars.” He turned to his left and saw a fat, unshaven, pig of a man standing behind a small glass window with a slot at the bottom to exchange money.

“Sorry,” Jeff said. “I didn’t see you there,” he added, digging a twenty dollar bill out of his wallet and pushing it under the glass to the fat man on the other side. The fat guy slid a free lap dance coupon back to Jeff. He stuffed it in his pocket, then turned back around and opened the next glass door that led to the long hallway to the stage. The bar was dirty and dimly lit with pounding dance music blaring over the speakers. On the walls were pornographic pictures and flat screen televisions showing pornographic videos on the screens.

On the way to the main stage, Jeff stepped around the various groups of shady looking characters that he was sure spent many a night at this club. Many of the men were fat, bald and ugly. They fit Jeff’s exact image of what a perverted pedophile would look like. He felt sort of sick for being in this place in the first place, that was until he got closer to the main stage. He spied a tall, thin stripper swinging from a pole with eight inch heels and boobs as perfect as heaven.

The main stage was lined with customers tossing dollar bills at the dancers’ feet to get their attention and bring them closer. Of the twenty odd seats surrounding the stage, only a handful were empty and the rest of the club was filled with men sipping on cola and orange juice, chatting with the other working girls who made their rounds between dances. Jeff didn’t want to sit at a table with people he didn’t know so he headed over to one of the empty seats that lined the stage and sat down. The girl on the stage took a notice of him and moved on to another customer who had tossed down a dollar tip. The dancer bent down, spun around and spread her ass allowing the tipster a nice long view of her pussy while she humped to the rhythm of music.

Jeff dug in his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. “Fuck!” he said to himself, noticing he only had two fives and a twenty. He didn’t want to get back up and get change so he sat quiet for a while and watched the current dancer until her time was up.

The next song started and a new girl climbed up the steps to the elevated stage. She proceeded to wash off the brass colored pole with some Clorox handy wipes. This girl was dark haired, very pretty and had the ass of a Goddess. Once the pole was cleaned, the girl took off her top and began to dance with her extra high- high heels. Jeff was instantly infatuated with this girl and watched her until the first song was done. He again pulled out his wallet and grabbed a five dollar bill and held tight to it, waiting for the girl to take off her G-string.

The next song started and there were tips being tossed at the dancer’s feet from all directions. Seems this girl was very popular among the regulars and now Jeff was getting pissed that she might spend all of her time doing private dances on the other side of the stage. He quickly put the five dollar bill back into his wallet and pulled out his twenty, waiting for the girl to look in his direction. When she turned towards him, he waved the twenty and made sure she got a good look at it and dropped it on the stage in front of her. She was attracted like an ant to honey.

The dancer got down on all fours, scooped up the twenty dollar bill and placed it in Jeff’s lap. She signaled for him to watch her. She bent over, placed her head between his legs on the seat of his chair, and rolled over onto Jeff letting her legs flop over his shoulders. In an instant, a bouncer grabbed Jeff from behind and yelled, “You’re out of here!” and the girl climbed back onto the stage keeping the money in her hand.

“What the fuck?” Jeff asked standing up. “I didn’t do anything!”

“You put your face between her legs, that’s against the rules!” the fat bloated he-man bouncer yelled back.

“She flopped onto me!” Jeff yelled. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Get the fuck out!” the bouncer yelled, pointing down the hall towards the entrance of the club.

Jeff stood there dumbfounded looking around for someone to stick up for him. Nobody did, not even the dancer who was now shoving her tits in another man’s face. “I’ve been here five minutes; I want my money back then!” Jeff shouted.

“No, get the fuck out or I’ll call the cops!” the bouncer yelled back.

Knowing he had no recourse, Jeff let his shoulders slump and stepped away from the stage and walked back down the long hallway to the entryway where he paid his twenty dollar entrance fee. “I want my fucking money back,” Jeff said, this time more calmly.

“Shoving your face in the dancer’s pussy is a crime. I should hold you here and call the cops. Be glad I’m just kicking you out.” the bouncer said. The man behind the glass nodded in agreement and Jeff grit his teeth and shoved the door open to the outside and walked out pissed as hell.

A quick march back to his car gave Jeff some time to think. He pulled out his keys, clicked the trunk unlock button and watched it open with a pop. He then walked around to the back and reached back behind Laurie who was lying in the trunk sideways, tied up, squirming and still covered with dry blood lying in an arched position around the spare tire.

“Shut the fuck up bitch,” Jeff muttered, pulling a 12 gauge shotgun from behind the spare tire. He then picked up a box of shells from the trunk and emptied the box into his pants pockets, filling them with as many shells as he could carry. He held what was left of the box in his hand and used his elbow to slam the trunk lid back down, covering Laura again and muting her cries. Jeff always kept the shotgun loaded with a few rounds so he knew he didn’t have to load it before walking back into the club.

With a smile on his face and a skip in his step, Jeff, now less drunk walked back to the front door and kicked it open. He turned to his left, smiled at the asshole behind the glass and shot him in the face splattering the other side of the room with glass and his molten head. The prick fell to the ground in a heap and Jeff turned the other direction, pushing open the door leading to the long hallway.

It only took a few seconds for the crowd in the hall to notice the gun in his hand after hearing the shots. The patrons ran for cover, leaving the hallway free to walk down. At the end of the hall, Jeff entered the main room and confidently walked past the tables filled with customers and girls, up the steps and onto the stage where everyone could see him. The dancer currently on stage was humping a guy in his chair on the far side and didn’t notice Jeff until one of the front row customers brought him to her attention.

Jeff waited for the bouncer to come back and kick him out again. To his surprise he saw the dumbass approaching the stage from behind the D.J. booth. The music stopped and the crowd watched in shock as the bouncer stepped up the stairs towards Jeff, in some pseudo macho bouncer kind of way. Jeff raised his gun, pointed it at the bouncers head and waited until he was sure he noticed it.

The crowd gasped and someone yelled for the bouncer to stop, but in his testosterone filled man rage, the bouncer walked up onto the stage and approached Jeff, playing chicken with his life. Jeff, not the kind of man you play chicken with, pulled the trigger and shot the bouncer in the chest knocking him back down the steps onto his back. He seemed dead. Good enough for now.

Upon seeing the bouncer bounce down the steps on his back, the men in the crowd jumped from their seats and ran down the long hallway toward the door. The other men surrounding the stage in chairs didn't move, petrified they would be shot. Jeff motioned for them to leave as well and shouted, “Not the women! Just the men!” telling the strippers to stay put.

It didn’t take long until the Pink Butterfly was empty and eerily quiet. Not even a sound from the bouncer who was no longer breathing. Jeff turned and faced the three girls sitting on chairs by the wall waiting for his instructions. He let the shotgun rest in a more relaxed position and thought for a moment about what he wanted to do next. He didn’t come to the bar with a plan to start with and now he had to play the situation by ear. He assumed he had a good five minutes before the cops showed up, so he squatted down and sat on the edge of the stage facing the three scared strippers, the shotgun resting across his legs. “Now what?” he asked smiling at the girls.

“I want to go,” the girl on the left said.

“Me too,” the blonde in the center added.

“Not until we have a little chat,” Jeff said, picking some dead skin out of his eye. “I need to understand how you think.”

“What do you mean, how we think?” the blonde asked.

“What’s your name?” Jeff asked.

The girl hesitated and replied, “Raven.”

“What kind of fucked up name is that?” Jeff asked.

“It’s my stage name asshole,” Raven snapped back.

“What’s your real name?”


“I like Raven better. So Raven, tell me why women are such lying cheating bitches.”

“Is that a question or a statement?”

“Either way, just answer the question,” Jeff replied shaking his head.

“That’s a loaded question, no matter how I answer it, you won’t be satisfied.”

“I bet you know all about satisfying men Raven,” Jeff said with a chuckle. “How is it that you became such a whore?”

“You don’t know me!” Raven snapped back.

“No, but I can see your nipples from here and that’s a pretty good indication you’re a whore. Last time I went to the supermarket, I didn’t see so many nipples.”

“I’m a dancer! I perform; I don’t have sex for money!”

“Splitting hairs are we?” Jeff asked. “And what’s your name?” Jeff asked the girl on the left.

“Kandy,” she replied meekly.

“Say it loud and proud missy,” Jeff said laughing. “Like Kandy Corn?”

“If you’re going to make fun of me, I’m not going to talk to you.”

“How can I not make fun of you? You’re dressed like something out of a sci-fi porn movie. My God, if my sister dressed like you, my mother would have beaten her ass so hard. Does your mother know you do this for a living?” Jeff asked.

“She’s in the dressing room, want me to ask her?” Kandy replied.

“Holy shit, like mother like daughter. What kind of fucked up trailer park life did you come from?”

For a moment the room was silent. Then the girl on the right stood up and walked over to Jeff and looked him in the eye glaring with anger. She reeled back her hand and slapped him across the face to his astonishment. “What’s your name Missy?” Jeff asked working off the pain.

“Heather, what’s your name asshole?”

“Jeff, glad to meet you, now sit the fuck down.”

Heather stood her ground and placed her hands on her hips. Her firm round breasts and bright pink nipples were forefront in Jeff’s view and very distracting.

“How do you keep from getting stretch marks being topless so much?” Jeff asked in a smart ass tone.

“If you’re looking for a story, I have a story for you, so shut the fuck up and listen,” Heather barked back.

“Go on,” Jeff said leaning away from the pissed stripper standing in his face.

“When I was thirteen, I worked on a huge industrial chicken farm pulling out dead chickens from the cages and throwing them out. I was the only girl there and had to put up with all the sexist men who wanted to take me into the feed room and screw my brains out. I learned early on about how to handle myself around jerks like you.”

“Is this going to get interesting any time soon?” Jeff asked.

“Keep listening asshole. One day I was driving the tractor hauling a load of dead chickens in my trailer when my boss told me I was needed in the egg processing building. He said there was a mess that needed cleaned up and that I was the only person available. So, I left my tractor and went over to the other building. When I got inside I found out they were having a birthday party for one of the crew and that I was supposed to be the entertainment.”

“Now it’s getting interesting,” Jeff said with a yawn.

“Yeah, you’ll love this. When I turned to leave, two of the crew grabbed me and started ripping off my coveralls, while the rest yelled telling them not to let me get away.”

“Did you get away?” Jeff asked.

“I stuck my fingernail in one guy’s eye till it popped and kicked the other guy in the balls so hard he had to have them surgically removed the next day.”

“Tough bitch?” Jeff said sarcastically. “You may have a gun, but I have no problem taking you down and defending myself.”

“This isn’t a chicken farm and I am not some egg packer. I’m not going to let you do anything to me, now sit down and shut the fuck up with the other two.”

“That’s not the end of my story,” Heather stated matter of fact. “I found my boss afterwards and killed him. Tossed him into the grinder we use to grind up the dead chickens.”

“Was he alive when you tossed him in the grinder?”

“I didn’t take a pulse, but he might have been. He didn’t shout or anything so I don’t think he felt much.”

“So what happened to you?”

“I was thirteen, so I got one year in juvenile detention and six months’ probation. It’s not even on my permanent record.”

“Do they do background checks on strippers? I mean, would killing a guy make a difference?”

“I wasn’t always a stripper.”

“Did you work your way up from bar tender?” Jeff asked.

“I have a degree in business administration!” Heather barked back.

“Is that how you learned to cash all your ones into larger bills before taking them home?” Jeff replied with a grin.

“You need to learn to respect women,” Heather stated.

“You need to put your clothes on and quit acting like a whore,” Jeff snapped back.

“What’s the matter? Did you catch your woman cheating on you or something?”

Jeff paused for a moment and wondered how she came up with that. “As a matter of fact yes, how did you know?”

“I didn’t. A lot of guys that come in here are either pathetic losers, unhappy with their wives or been cheated on. You fit the pattern. Now you hate all women and take out your hatred on any woman you see.”

“You should have got your degree in psychology instead of business administration,” Jeff replied.

“Where is your wife?” Heather asked.

“In the trunk of my car where she belongs,” Jeff replied not batting an eye.

“Is she alright?”

“I doubt it.”

“When’s the last time you saw her?”

“About ten minutes ago when I went to get my shotgun, she was still squirming so she should be ok for a while yet. I think there’s pretty good ventilation back there.”

“What are you planning to do with her? Leave her there till she dies?”

“Honestly, this is still kind of a blur to me. I just caught her today so I’m still working out the details in my head. I’m not the kind of guy that’s good at making snap decisions.”

“What the hell? You snapped and shot Roger in the chest!”

“That’s different, he was coming after me. Self-defense you know. Gotta love my gun, it’s an extension of my dick and I know how much you sluts love dicks.”

“So she wasn’t coming after you I take it?”

“She might have been coming, but it wasn’t with me. It was with that fucker from work. Cut his balls off,” Jeff added with pride.

Heather crossed her arms across her chest and looked back at the two girls behind her. She looked back at Jeff and asked, “Who are you and why should I give a shit about you anyway?”

“Nice of you to ask. My name is Jeff Delgado, glad to make your acquaintance.”

“What do you do for a living Jeff Delgado?” Heather asked.

“I work at a sewer plant. I keep the shit from clogging all the pipes in the city. Fascinating job actually, lots of science involved.”

“You work with shit all day? And you have the balls to condemn what I do for a living?” Heather asked sarcastically.

“I earn an honest living. Without me, your toilet would get backed up and you’d have to shit in the back yard. All you do is flash your titties and take money away from honest hard working men.”

“You don’t think we provide a service?” Heather replied with a grin. “You horny fuckers are like free ATM’s to us. We make our living off your stupidity. Nobody wants to see your sweaty balls, but I can get any man to pay me to show him my tits. That’s life buddy and if you haven’t figured that out by now it’s too late. Women rule the world.”

“Think so?” Jeff replied pissed. “The only service your kind provides is a sperm dumpster for any guy that smiles at you. How many kids do you have at home? How many fathers do they have?”

“Three and one,” Heather replied.

“You’re the exception to the rule; most of you whores can’t keep the fathers straight.”

“And you know this based on?”

“Sit your tits down and shut the hell up!” Jeff snapped. “You talk like a woman, never know when to keep your mouth shut.”

Chapter 3



A loud clank shook the room and the floor dropped for a moment and came to a halt.

“What the fuck was that?” Jeff asked looking at the floor.

“The elevator, someone unlocked it, probably when they tripped the security alarm.” Heather replied.

“Elevator to where?” Jeff asked confused.

“To one of the lower levels.”

“What kind of place is this? An old World War 2 bunker or something?”

“No, it’s our embassy.”

“What the hell?” Jeff asked with a furl in his brow.

“This is not just a strip club, it’s also the location of the embassy of our country, Labiastan.”

“Is that why this place is so far out in the country?”

“Yes, all the land for a mile around is embassy property, considered part of our country.”

“Is that why I haven’t heard any sirens yet?” Jeff asked.

“Yes, your law enforcement has no authority on embassy property. We are self-governing and have our own laws and take care of all issues of law enforcement internally.”

“Where’s your ambassador?”

“He was taking cash at the door the last I knew. I haven’t seen him for a while.”

Jeff paused and cleared his throat remembering he had turned the ambassador into a liquefied jelly substance about twenty minutes prior. “I think there might be a problem with your ambassador,” Jeff stated looking at the wall.

“What kind of problem?” Heather asked.

“Was a stocky guy? About mid-forties, short, sandy blonde hair, kind of a prick?”

“Yes, that sounds like him, why do you ask?”

“I think you’ll need to call home and have them send you a new ambassador,” Jeff said scratching his nose trying not to look at the women eye to eye.

“Did you shoot him?” Kandy asked.

“Sorta, yes,” Jeff replied.

“Is he dead?”

“I think so; I didn’t have time to check. Look I’m sorry, I was pissed and he was a real asshole when I first came in and I personally think I did you a favor blowing that fucktard away.”

“Oh, I’m not complaining,” Kandy replied. “He was a bastard. I’m glad you shot him, I wish I had the balls to do it myself.”

“Well, looks like we found the bright side of that mess,” Jeff said with a nervous laugh. “Who was the bouncer, your Defense Secretary?”

“No, he was some asshole we hired to work from your country. I don’t think most of us knew his name. We paid him to be a prick and keep the girls safe.”

Jeff looked around and examined the layout of the bar and looked back at Heather. “If this is an embassy, where is everybody? You can’t run it with six or seven people.”

“That noise you heard and the clunk of the floor is an elevator that leads down into the heart of our embassy. We have a mini city with ten floors for two hundred workers. The bar is the way we support ourselves since our country is poor.”

“Where exactly is Labiastan anyway?” Jeff asked politely.

“It’s between the legs of the river Fatchick south of the twin Titty mountains in the province of Grannypantyania,” Heather replied.

“Is that near anything I know? Like the Eiffel Tower or pyramids of Egypt?”

“Yes it is,” Heather replied.

“Which is it?”

“Somewhere in the middle I think,” Heather replied. “I’ll have to consult Google Earth to give you the exact coordinates.”

“Well, first things first I guess, if this is an embassy, then I’d like to apply for asylum.”

“I don’t know if we can do that,” Kandy said in a hushed tone to Heather.

“Why not?” Jeff asked.

“Normally we’d consult the ambassador, but since you killed him I don’t know if we can do that. I don’t know if our country even grants asylum.”

“Is there another person in charge? Like a vice ambassador?” Jeff asked.

“Vera?” Raven asked, unsure of her answer.

“I supposed it would be Vera,” Heather stated, agreeing with Raven.

“Who is Vera?” Jeff asked, tapping his fingers on the shotgun barrel.

“Vera is the house mom. She takes care of the girls and makes sure we all do our jobs.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere. Where can I find Vera?” Jeff asked.

“Second floor down is her office, you want to meet her?” Kandy asked stupidly.

“Yes, I would like to meet her,” Jeff replied, trying not to let his snarky side come through.

Heather stepped over to the raised dance floor next to where Jeff was sitting and popped open a small door next to the pole. Behind the door was a set of elevator buttons, lit up with the numbers one through ten and a red emergency stop button. “You might want to get off the stage,” Heather said looking at Jeff, “And if you really want asylum, you better leave the gun on the stage, you won’t need it if you are serious.”

Jeff hopped off the stage and placed his shotgun on the stage behind him. Heather pushed the button for the second floor and the entire seating area began to slowly sink down leaving the elevated stage hanging from the two brass poles attached to the ceiling. The stage was not connected to the floor and was only held in place by the two poles allowing it to hang in the air.

“Pretty slick,” Jeff said, looking up at what was once a large raised dance floor. He could see the body of the bouncer dangling from the stairs that were attached to the platform above him and watched as it flopped over and dropped to the ground by his feet splattering him with blood and guts. “That’s fucking gross,” Jeff said, wiping blood off his lips.

The elevator stopped at level two, which left his shotgun twenty feet above him resting on an island in the sky from what it looked like below. Jeff couldn’t see the poles anymore from his perspective. All around him were walls and doors; no way to climb back out from the pit he was in.

“This way,” Raven said pointing to the door closest to her. The three girls and Jeff walked over to the door and stepped inside the second floor level of the embassy. It was white and sterile looking like a hospital hallway with offices and neatly dressed workers walking the hallways and typing on computers.

“This is like a city,” Jeff stated, following behind Heather. “How far do till we meet Vera?”

“Her office is next to the cafeteria, not too far,” Raven stated looking back while leading the group onward.

“Why is this place so secret?” Jeff asked. “I never heard of Labiastan before.”

“Our country is of vital strategic location for your country. Because of this, we are under the protection of the U.S. and they keep us safe by hiding us away,” Heather replied, walking down the hall.

“How big is Labiastan? How many people do you have?”

“Labiastan is about the size of Atlantis, about the same population.”

“How big is Atlantis? And where the fuck is it? I thought it was buried under the ocean?”

“It was,” Heather stated. “Here is Vera’s office,” She stated coming to a halt next to the cafeteria door. “The cafeteria is closed until breakfast; if you are hungry there are vending machines next to the bathrooms down the hall.”

“That’s ok, I’m not hungry. I need to talk to Vera if you don’t mind. It’s kind of late; I hope she’s still in.”

Raven knocked on the door and a click and pop came from the latch letting her know the door was now unlocked. She pushed the door open and the group of four stepped inside a messy, dingy, smelly office with a fat woman sitting behind a desk with no shirt and large fat dangling boobs resting on top of her desk.

“What the fuck is going on?” Vera asked chomping on her dentures.

“This man would like to apply for asylum in our country and we didn’t know who to ask,” Heather stated.

“What about Bob?” Vera asked.

“Bob is dead,” Heather replied. “And so is our hired hand.”

“Let me get this straight, our ambassador is dead, and so is our bouncer and this guy wants to apply for asylum for what?”

“I fear that my life may be in danger if I stay in the U.S. I need asylum to protect myself from harm,” Jeff stated, looking down at the wig and fake lashes on this elderly woman who seemed to be in charge.

“What did you do that you fear for your life?” Vera asked.

“I kidnapped my wife and castrated and stabbed her lover to death,” Jeff stated, hanging his head in fake shame.

“Really,” Vera stated with a long drool in her voice. “What makes you think we want murderers in our country?”

“Do you have the death penalty?” Jeff asked.

“I’m not sure; I don’t get into that sort of thing a lot.”

“I won’t get a fair trial if I stay in the U.S. You have to help me,” Jeff pleaded.

“Let me get some information first,” Vera stated, pulling her computer keyboard closer to her boobs. She tapped on a few keys and looked at the screen with squinty dark eyes and tapped some more until she was happy. “Name please?” She asked keeping her eyes glued to the screen.

“Jeff Delgado,” he replied.

“Address?” Vera asked.

“1515 Juniper lane, El Camino, TX.”

Vera tapped a few keys and pulled the computer screen closer to her wrinkled, blue eye shadowed eyes. “I think I found you. Says, Jeff Delgado, divorced, three children, occupation, sewer worker.”

“That’s correct except I’m not divorced,” Jeff stated.

Vera looked at Jeff and back at the screen. “Says former wife’s name is Dixie and lives in Miami, Florida.”

“Dixie?” Jeff asked shocked. “Who the hell is Dixie?”

“Married from 1974 till your divorce in 1992,” Vera replied. “There’s even a picture of you and her on here, looks like it came from a wedding announcement,”

“Let me see that!” Jeff stated, pulling the screen around to see the image. Before his eyes was a picture of him and a woman he didn’t recognize wearing a white wedding dress. Under the picture was his name, the name of his wife Dixie and the date 1974.” Jeff looked at the picture like a deer stuck in the headlights, not comprehending what he was seeing. He could see his image, and the image of the woman, but he couldn’t put them together and make sense out of it. “If this is my wife, then who in the hell is in my trunk?” he asked.

Chapter 4

Under Attack

Twelve thirty A.M.

A loud ringing bell sounded in the hallway that scared everyone in the room, making them jump.

“What’s that?” Jeff yelled

“The perimeter security alarm, we’re under attack!” Vera replied clicking on her mouse and tapping on her keyboard frantically. In a few seconds, the image popped up on her computer screen in infrared showing a car speeding down the driveway towards the club.

“Who’s attacking us?” Jeff yelled.

“I have no fucking idea,” Vera said calmly and directly while staring at the image analyzing what she was seeing. She picked up the phone on her desk, dialed an extension and waited for a reply from the other side. “Pull the drawbridge before anyone else gets through!” She yelled to the person on the other side of the phone. “And get the archers ready and in place!”

“Drawbridge?” Jeff asked aloud.

“This place is like a castle, with a moat and drawbridge,” Heather whispered, trying not to upset Vera. “It’s modeled after the castles of our homeland.”

“And you have people with bows and arrows on the roof?” Jeff asked sarcastically.

“Yes of course,” Heather replied not understanding the question. “It’s our way, our culture.”

“What do we do now?” Jeff asked, nervously tapping his hands on his pants leg.

“Nothing, we sit tight,” Vera replied. “Let our security do their job. With the slim chance they make it past our archers, they have to get into the building and then find their way down to the underground city. When you put in an embassy, you have to have several levels of security in place,” Vera stated, leaning back in her chair watching the action on her screen. Then the ringing bell stopped and everyone relaxed.

“Is it over? Did you get them?” Jeff asked nervously.

“No, they just turned off the ringer because it was annoying,” Vera replied. “If they get past level two the ringer will go off again.”

“So now what?” Jeff asked. “Do I get asylum or not?”

“I can give you forty eight hours of temporary asylum for now, and then my government back home will have to decide further. They will want to know something about you and expect me to do an investigation.”

“Investigate away, I have nothing better to do right now.”

“Fine,” Vera said with a sigh. “Let me grab some paper and a pen.” Vera dug through her side desk drawer and pulled out a yellow legal pad and a grabbed a pen from the top pull out drawer. “So far I have your contact information and your occupation as sewer worker, can you elaborate on what exactly it is you do as a sewer worker?”

“I keep the shit flowing downhill,” Jeff said with a smirk. “It’s not rocket science.”

“Can you give me an example of a typical day at work for you,” Vera asked rubbing her eyes.

“Normally I walk around the sewer plant and try to look busy. I like to hide in the tool shed when I can or take naps in the truck pretending to do checks out in the field. If I ever run into any real problems, I call a plumber and they fix it.”

“Are you a spy?” Vera asked.

“I wish. My job sucks. Ever been to a sewer plant? It smells like shit. When I get home my clothes smell like someone else’s shit. I have to do laundry every night or my house smells like a huge toilet.” Jeff replied in a whiny tone.

“A moment ago you told me you had a wife and she was in the trunk of your car, now you’re not so sure, is that right?”

“I’m not sure on that one,” Jeff replied nervously. “I could have sworn I was married to her. When I saw her car parked in front of that guy’s house I was sure she was inside cheating on me. Now I don’t know what’s going on. I may have cut the nuts off an innocent man and stabbed him to death.”

“Do you have any mental health issues I should know about?”

“Mental health? You think I’m a fucking nut?”

“I think you may have an issue or two.”

“Would that interfere with my application for asylum?”

“Are you sure you know where you are right now?” Vera asked.

“Hell yes, I’m in the basement of some strip club at the embassy of Labiastan talking to an old hag stripper in need of some boob work!”

“Think about what you just said. Does any of that make any sense at all?” Vera asked.

Jeff sat there for a moment and looked a Vera and thought hard. She was making sense because the situation she described sounded absurd. He looked at the other three women standing nude beside him and questioned whether or not they were actually there. He reached out his hand to touch Heather and she pushed his hand away.

“What are you doing?” Heather asked. “Get your hands away from me.”

“Now I’m more confused than ever,” Jeff stated. “Maybe I should get some sleep and get a fresh start in the morning.”

“Are you going to leave that woman in your trunk all night?” Vera asked.

“According to you, I’m not sure there is a woman in my trunk!” Jeff snapped back.

“Tell you what, we’ll get you a room and pick up with this around 10 am. If there is a girl in your trunk, I’ll have my people check on her for you. Do you have your car keys?”

Jeff reached in his pocket, dug out his keys and tossed them on Vera’s desk. “Here you go,” he said in a confused, dazed and tired tone.

“Follow these girls, they will take you to a guest room for the night,” Vera said as she leaned back in her chair.

“What about the attackers?” Jeff asked, pointing at Vera’s computer screen.

Vera turned the screen away from Jeff and clicked off the power letting the image go black. “I’ll see you later,” Vera said with a smile. “Don’t worry about anything, you’ll be fine.”

Chapter 5

Axis of Evil

“Wake the fuck up Melvin!” Gunnar yelled, slapping Melvin on the chest.

“What?” Melvin slurred in a garbled tone placing his hand on the spot where it hurt the most. Melvin looked around the cab of the pickup truck and at the man driving and in a confused stupor bolted back in his seat in fear. “”Who the hell are you?” Melvin asked in a panic.

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