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Thai Adventures


Olivia Moore

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About the Author

Chapter 1

“Oh my god Hales! That’s great news!” said Lilly as she hugged her best friend Hailey. Half breaking the embrace, she pulled the upper half of her body away from that of her friends and looked her in her eye. Hailey was stunning, her curly dark hair fell to her shoulders, framing her pretty face and emerald green eyes. Lilly had fantasized quite often about kissing her full lips, but knew too well that Hailey wasn’t into that type of thing. Lilly kept these fantasies to herself.

“Should we have some bubbly?” asked Hailey, “I brought some with to celebrate.”

“Yes please!” said Lilly as she pulled her friend into another embrace, it felt good to have their breasts pushed up against each other. All that was separating them was the thin floral sun dress Lilly was wearing, and the white tank that emphasized the curves of Hailey’s body.

Lilly walked over to the kitchen, opening the cupboards that contained champagne flutes. She caught a glimpse of herself in the hallway mirror. Pushing her long blonde hair behind her ears, she noticed she needed to touch up her mascara. The hot and humid summer air was not helping. Although she didn’t need to wear any makeup. Some would describe her as having a fresh face. Her dark eyelashes naturally outlined her light blue eyes, her blonde hair framing her Nordic features.

“So, when do you start?” asked Lilly, now noticing how Hailey’s shorts showed off her naturally athletic tan legs.

“In five weeks, to be exact. I gave in my thirty days’ notice today. And then I need to pack up the townhouse. And I need to send Edward his last few things” Hailey winced at the sound of Edward’s name.

They hadn’t spoken about him since the breakup. It had been rough. Edward had proposed out of nowhere, or so it seemed to Hailey. It was then and there, when after saying no, without any hesitation that she knew their relationship had ended.

“I’m not even going to ask or mention he who shall not be named, or question why you still have any of his things” said Lilly.

“I know, I know. He moved out so quickly. We haven’t even spoken to each other since, that day” said Hailey, sweeping her hair up into a messy bun.

“Jeez Hales, all the man did was ask you to marry him” said Lilly teasing her. It had been over three months. Hailey was still a bit tender about breaking his heart. But it was for the best. Hailey didn’t love Edward the way he loved her. And he would find someone else. Better than them get married and find out later when it was too late.

Hailey popped open the bottle of bubbly and poured them each some. They clinked the glasses together, “Cheers” they said in unison, taking sips of the delightfully cold and bubbly sparkling wine.

“Yum, I always forget how tasty this is. How is the free-lance work going?” asked Hailey.

Lilly was a free-lance writer, filling her days writing articles for numerous websites. Some days it was tedious, but Lilly managed to make a decent living off of it. “It’s going well, some days busier than others, but it keeps the bills paid. And there is enough for me and Dylan to go to Thailand on vacation next month.”

“What? Seriously? I’m so jealous. I definitely need to go sometime” said Hailey.

“Yeah, we actually fly out when you start your new job. And we will be there for three weeks. I can’t wait actually, the sun, the sea, the relaxation. I haven’t taken a break from writing in about two years. Neither has Dylan.”

The sun was starting to set, and the outside air was starting to cool down. Lilly and Hailey headed out to the patio, drinking their wine, saying nothing, enjoying the music playing in the background.

“Gosh, this wine has gone straight to my head, I think we should pop a frozen pizza into the oven,” said Lilly.

“That sounds like a great idea. Where is Dylan tonight?” asked Hailey.

“He is out with his brother, who is dealing with the reality of becoming a father next month” said Lilly as she got up and headed over to the freezer.

“Jeez, I didn’t even know Rob’s wife was pregnant” said Hailey.

“Yeah, they had just started trying, and she fell pregnant on the first month they gave it a bash” said Lilly.

Chapter 2

Lilly was packing her bag, making sure she had everything they needed. Not that they needed much. Dylan walked up behind her and slapped her on her ass playfully.

“I hope you aren’t packing everything and the kitchen sink” he said, winking at her.

“I have managed to control myself this time. Only packing the essentials, how is your packing coming along?” said Lilly, smiling at Dylan.

Dylan was wearing a plain white button-down shirt, with well fitted striped shorts. This just emphasized his body, built like a Greek god with the dark curly hair, intense blue eyes, strong jaw line, and tan olive skin to top off the entire package.

Dylan and Lilly were an attractive couple, her blonde Nordic features and his darker Mediterranean features. They met each other during their first semester at university. Both were studying towards their degrees in graphic design. They immediately clicked, becoming fast friends.

One night, after a party at Hailey’s was winding down, Lilly crossed the friend barrier. She had leaned in to him, giving him a quick kiss on the mouth. She had pulled away, immediately feeling embarrassed. But Dylan pulled her in, kissed her again.

He started gently, Lilly responded. Their kisses deepened. Their tongues intertwining. Tasting, probing and discovering each other. Breaking from each other, they headed their separate ways for the evening.

This play between them continued for a few weeks. One night, studying together, Dylan pulled Lilly towards him. This time placing his hand on her breast, testing the waters. It soon escalated into them ripping their clothes off. Lilly was straddling Dylan’s lap. Could feel his hard cock beneath her, she eased it in. It was that first awkward night together they both lost their virginities.

Over the years, they had discovered each other’s bodies, explored kinks, tried new things. They knew exactly what needed to happen to get each other off. And now they were headed to Thailand. And nothing was better than sun, sea and sex.

“Okay, everything is packed. We have our passports, our credit cards. Suppose we should head to the airport” said Lilly as she smiled at Dylan.

“Let’s go” he said as he swept her up in a kiss.

The airport was busy, as usual, but the two of them made their way through security, and now had two hours to kill before boarding began. They decided to head to the slow lounge, sit out the wait in comfort.

Dylan kept running his hand up and down Lilly’s spine as they walked to the slow lounge. Teasing her, tickling her. “Dylan, stop that” she said smiling at him. “You’re getting me all worked up.”

“That’s the plan babe. I like see you all hot and bothered.”

They sat down on a couch on the lounge. Lilly had a glass of wine in her hand. Dylan a beer in his. He draped his one arm over her shoulder, put his beer down, and placed his free hand on her knee.

“I knew I shouldn’t have work this dress. I knew it would give you, ideas” Lilly whispered to him.

“That’s exactly why you wore it. I know you Lilly Anders” he whispered back into ear. Close enough so it would send a shudder down her spine.

“Let’s go take a shower” she said. With the full intention of luring him into the bathroom for a quickie.

The two of them walked over to the bathrooms, and entered one of the shower stalls. Lilly quickly stripped off her dress and underwear. Dylan stripped down naked as well. His cock was standing to attention in front of him.

Lilly sat on the cold bathroom counter behind her. Opened her legs. Allowing Dylan to see her smooth pussy. He fell to his knees in front of her. Kissing her smooth flat belly, making his way down to her pussy. This time she had gone completely bald. Her lips were pink, flushed and swollen with arousal. She smelled sweet and salty, inviting him in.

He pushed open her legs wider, and licked her from her ass to her clit. Just the way she liked it. He continued, she started moving her hips in unison with his licking. Then he concentrated on her clit, circling it, flicking it from left to right. Nibbling ever so gently. When he looked up, Lilly had a breast in each hand. She was pinching her nipples, holding back her groans.

Knowing what she needed, he took two fingers and eased them into her. A groan escaped her lips. He started finger fucking her slowly. He could feel her spot swelling with anticipation. Knowing she would gush from this, he pulled away from her clit, finger fucking her harder, watching her pussy gush. Unable to watch any longer, he hungrily kissed and licked her clit, continuing to finger her until she came. Biting her lip to keep her herself quiet.

Dylan stood up and kissed her. Lilly could taste her own pussy on him. She loved the taste of her pussy, and wondering if other women tasted like this.

“I want you” said Dylan. He was hungry for her. He was hard, his balls were starting to ache. He needed to come.

Lilly turned around, spreading her legs, bending over a tiny bit. Dylan placed the tip of his cock at the opening of her slit. She was wet, ready to take him. He pushed himself in, groaning as his balls touched her wet pussy.

He rocked against her gently. Looking at her face in the mirror. She had the look of a horny, needing woman on her face. “Play with yourself” he said to her.

She immediately reached down and found her clit. Started circling it, arousing herself into another orgasm.

“I want you to come for me, on me” he said looking at her, thrusting in and out of her.

Lilly started bucking against him, as her arousal grew. He placed his hands on her hips. The harder he fucked, the harder and faster she rubbed her clit. As she was about to come, her eyes caught his is the mirror and she opened her mouth, he clasped his hand on her mouth. Seconds later he came into her pulsating pussy. He pulled out of her, resting on the basin counter. Watching their come drip down her thighs.

The showered silently. Drying off and getting dressed, ready to board the plane for their fifteen-hour flight to Thailand.

Chapter 3

Lilly and Dylan made their way to their seats on the plane. It was full and chaotic as everyone was getting in and settling down for the flight. It would soon quieten down as everyone got comfortable, and the lights were dimmed for the evening.

The pair walked to their seats, quickly strapping themselves in, getting ready for the long flight. Lilly had a window seat, and Dylan was sitting next to her. It was an overnight flight, so they were hoping to get some sleep. Land fairly fresh and ready for the sun and sea.

After the plane had taken off, Lilly leaned down to get her tablet from her bag, under the seat in front of her. She heard giggling coming from the row next to them. Peering over, she saw a young couple, mid-twenties, just slightly younger than herself and Dylan. They were seemingly whispering to each other and laughing. Lilly noticed the long tan legs of the girl as she crossed them over, her dirty blonde wavy hair falling forward, covering her face.

Dylan asked her in a soft tone “What you looking at?”

“I’m just admiring the gorgeous girl in the next row” said Lilly with a naughty smile on her face.

“You are a naughty minx” said Dylan, as she eased into his chair, and started watching a silly movie on his tablet, his earphones covering his ears.

Lilly started flicking through the numerous books she had in her tablet library. Not sure of what to tackle today. She wanted something easy, light hearted to read. She opened up one of the newer romance books she had. It had been months since she last read a romance novel.

The novel was light hearted, set in a time were marriage was expected. The characters at first denied their love and attraction, finally falling for each other, falling into each other beds, and getting married. Lilly started to feel sleepy. Dylan had already dozed off. He had the uncanny ability to sleep anywhere.

Sitting back, neck cushion in place, with her warm pashmina draped over her, Lilly closed her eyes. She allowed herself to listen to the constant hum of the other passengers, as they all settled down to sleep, the hum dropped down to the subtle noises of the plane. Lilly drifted into a light sleep.

She had started dreaming of her novel. Lilly was now the head strong young, eligible daughter of a rich noble. Young men were courting her, trying to win her hand at marriage. But the dark, dangerous count had caught her eye. He was a brooding, older than the others, and deemed to have a dangerous past. The dream quickly skipped ahead to Lilly falling into the arms of the dark count. Starting out with a stolen kiss, then escalating to them in bed. The count had slipped off her intricate dress, and placed himself between her thighs. Kissing and licking her thighs as he made his way closer to her throbbing centre.

“Lilly” said Dylan as he gently shook her arm. Lilly’s eyes fluttered opened. “We’re about to land.”

“Gosh, I didn’t realise I slept for so long” said Lilly as she brushed the sleep from her eyes and gave a yawn.

“I probably tired you out at the airport” said Dylan giving his award winning naughty grin.

They both sat up straighter and gathered their things together. Lilly stretched in her seat, Dylan putting his arm protectively around her shoulder as she sat back against the chair. He nuzzled her neck. Lilly smiled, realising again how much she loved him, and he loved her.

The chaos that ensued the disembarking of the plane commenced. Soon Lilly and Dylan found themselves in the bustling, air-conditioned airport. The gathered their bags, headed through customs and found their shuttle. Which they were sharing with the couple Lilly had spied on the plane.

The girl with wavy blonde hair and long tanned legs, quickly put her hand out and said, “Hi, I’m Emily and this is Donovan.”

Lilly extended her hand, feeling a warmth flow up her arm, “Lilly and Dylan, nice to meet you”.

“I’m so excited to finally be here! How long are your staying?” asked Emily, her voice bubbly and friendly, seemingly genuinely interested in her shuttle mates.

“We are here for three weeks, starting with one of the tourist packages, and then we are going to venture out and see Thailand for ourselves” said Lilly as she held Dylan’s hand in hers, giving it a squeeze.

“Ooh, that sounds lovely. We are also on one of those tourist packages. But I can’t wait to lie on the beach, and get one of the legendary Thai massages” said Emily, winking at Donovan.

The two couples continued chatting, commenting on the weather, and what they were looking forward to on. The shuttle drive was soon over. The two couples, got out of the shuttle, the sun hadn’t even started rising yet. It was still in the early hours of the morning. Checking in was quick and simple, the two couples found they were even staying on the same floor and made promises of having drinks and dinner together.

Dylan opened the door to their hotel room, beckoning for Lilly to enter. Always a gentleman. As they entered, the bathroom was on their right, the large king-sized bed covered in crisp white linens was in the centre of the room. A day bed looked out onto the glass sliding doors, which opened onto a small balcony that overlooked green grass, palm trees, and loungers in the distance.

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