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Ginger Twins

By HM69

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Published by Hunter n Prey

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Forward by the Authors

Have you ever had a fantasy of fucking twins ?? Identical twins ??

What if the twins had flaming red hair and, fiery libido to match ??

If you are bisexual, have you ever thought of fucking twins who are brother and sister ??

We explore our fantasy of having a lusty pair of ginger twins seduce a man and show him the true meaning of the word, ‘family affair’. Their varied sweet seductions are explored in this story.

HM & Hunter


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I should have known...

Having met my wife Jes at a swinger’s party, I knew she was sexually open to ideas, but I had no idea her family was equally liberal. But I should have known!

Soon after our marriage, my brother-in-law Ted came to stay with us for a few weeks while he was at a conference in our city. When I found Ted wandering around naked in the kitchen, I told Jes but she simply smiled and said he was a nudist and likes to be naked indoors.

Ted’s bull balls and lasso like dick were flopping around the house as he worked out. He was nude even as he had his breakfast and watched the morning news. Watching his dimpled butt cheeks I had always thought Ted was good looking but naked, he was simply awesome ! His saucer like nipples, well defined ABS and ginger pubes were delicious. Of course, he was also my brother-in-law, so I pushed such thoughts aside and went to work.

I should have known something was up when in the evening, Ted stripped as soon as he got home and came to help us in the kitchen stark naked. Seeing us both still wearing office clothes, he smiled, kissed Jes on her lips and said, “Why don’t you guys get comfortable too. It’s your own house you know !” Jes laughed and told him as we were running a bit late and so we hadn’t changed, but we would after getting the dinner ready. Ted offered to tidy up and lay the table so we went upstairs to change.

After freshening up, Jes suggested we should also ditch our clothes and go downstairs naked. I was a bit uncomfortable, but she reminded me that we were often naked around the house. I reminded her that we now had a guest – her brother Ted!

“He is my twin brother! Just think of him as another Jes around the house.” and with that, she went out the door, as naked as the day she was born.

I thought about it a bit and went downstairs in my baggy shorts. Ted whistled, “Very formal !” Managing a wry smile, I simply sat down to eat. Jes laughed at my attempt at modesty. While we ate dinner, Jes shamelessly tried to make me tent in my shorts by playing with my genitals with her feet. Ted and Jes laughed at my attempts to push her foot away. Twins are such a strange breed.

As I was washing up, Ted came to help and said, “Even though I have a long dick, I am not a size queen.” Seeing me look quizzically, he carried on, “Some of my best friends have short dicks. Infact, my best bud has the smallest dick you can imagine.”

I had no idea why Ted said this, but I should have known at that point. Instead, I asked, “And your point is?”

Seeing my eyebrows rise, Ted tried to get to his point, “Size and performance don’t always match. Jes tells me you are fucking fantastic in bed!”

“JES!” I was livid.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Jes pouted as she came in.

Before I could speak, Ted turned his puppy eyes on his twin, “I was only trying to say – size doesn’t matter.”

“What have you told Ted about us in bed?” my voice was on edge.

Jes edged up, used her manicured nails to trace my eyebrows, nose, and lips as she said, “Oh honey, Ted just wanted to know why you were wearing your shorts, and I said maybe because you are intimidated by the size of his dick. But I told him what a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l sexpert you are.”

“Size really doesn’t matter.” Ted butted in.

“I am not “intimidated” by the size of your dick or anything else! I just didn’t think it was appropriate for me to be naked in front of my brother-in-law.” I was nearly upset, but didn’t want to, so I stripped, “There. Satisfied?” and I went back to washing the dishes.

Ted stayed to help dry them as Jes trotted off to put things away.

Was I the only person in the room upset by this conversation?

Seemed like it !

I should have known at this point, but still didn’t.

As we watched TV, I deliberately sat in the single sofa. Ted and came in and sat on the carpet as Jes came around with coffee.

“Darling,” Jes whispered loudly in my ear, “Ted thinks you look gorgeous.”

“Stop it Jes.” I was in no mood for her sex games tonight.

“Would you like a blow job?” Ted asked me out of the blue.

“Ofcourse he will!” Jes answered on my behalf.

“Stop it Jes! Ted. No more games.” I was getting annoyed with the pair of them.

“I could give you a blow job to make up for upsetting you.” Offered Ted.

“What a great idea!” quipped Jes and turned to me, “Blow jobs always, always calm you down honey.” Seeing the look of disbelief in my eyes, she whispered softly, “Ted has the same mouth as me, think of me as he sucks you off.”

I should have known at this point too – but I just didn’t.

Jes kissed me deeply, played with my hair and ears, yes, my ears, which she knew would always drive me to distraction. As Jes distracted me, Ted crawled up the carpet to suck me off. Ted was good, very good. Like his sister, he had great control over his tongue and teeth and he didn’t bite me once as he took me whole inside his mouth. His tongue caressed and pampered my dickhead with its wet warmth as he buried his nose in my groin. As I adjusted myself on the sofa, Jes sat across the armrest and covered my vision completely with her gorgeous silky red hair. I was totally lost in exploring Jes’s mouth as Ted gave me one of the best blow jobs I have ever had in my life.

I felt Jes’s sharp nails scratch and pinch my nipples and explore my ABS. I felt Ted’s hands cup my balls, massage them tenderly and caress my thighs and legs. I felt Jes’s hot wet tongue dive into my mouth as her lip gloss smeared my nostrils. I felt Ted’s hot wet tongue lash the underside of my glans and push down on my piss slit. I was covered in Jes’s scents, her hairspray, perfume, lip gloss, makeup. I knew Ted was giving me the blow job, but it really felt like Jes was there. It was the same mouth, the same movements, the same technique, the same feeling of being totally sexed. Like Jes, Ted swallowed my load and only let me out of his mouth after I had gone soft.

I should have known Jes and Ted had planned this by now, but I still didn’t know.

That night, as Jes and I made love, Ted stood in the doorway of our bedroom and jerked off to our rhythm. Jes and I watched him watching us make love. Jes sat astride me and milked me with her expert pussy. Ted watched silently, stroking his long schlong patiently, circling his thumb around his huge nipples. Glowing in the light from the hallway, Ted’s ginger pubes seemed to be on fire as he timed himself and came soon after I did. After eating his own cum, Ted came over, kissed Jes and me on the forehead, caressed my thighs and said good night in a husky voice.

All night, as Ted snored contently in the room across the hall, I could smell his spunk on our foreheads. It was then that I got it – Ted and Jes must have engineered my seduction.

Being married to a swinger, I should have known !

Scent of Sex…

Through the week, all three of were busy with work. We only really met in the evening. But I saw plenty of Ted – naked at all times, in the kitchen, on the sofa, in the bathroom, in his bedroom, with the door always ajar.

Monday evening, Jes was cooking and I was tidying up in the sitting room. Jes blew me a kiss. I shook my head to suggest I wasn’t going to respond. Ted was passing by. Jes called out, “Ted, give my hubby a kiss from me.”

“Where ?” asked Ted !

“On his cheek.” Jes replied.

“Which cheek ?” Ted asked.

“Right one and then left one please.” Jes requested.

“NO !” I protested.

Ted hugged me tightly and kissed me on my cheeks, first on the right, then the left. Ted left me, giggling and joining his sister in the kitchen. He left me wiping his kisses off my cheeks like a six year old trying to wipe away an old granny’s smooches.

This became a tedious routine. Jes would send Ted to torment me with kisses or hugs at the oddest times. In random acts of affection, he would kiss me on head, cheeks, lips, chest, dick, balls, thighs, ass and even my feet ! I could be watching TV, reading, eating, drinking beer or even pissing. By Thursday, I gave up protesting and accepted this inappropriate appropriation of my wife’s privileges by her twin brother.

Through the week, Ted blew me a couple of times. He has an excellent way of moving his tongue all around the glens and his ball sucking technique is second to none – not even Jes ! One evening, as Jes gave me a BJ, Ted rimmed me at the same time. It was exciting, exhilarating, liberating and I had the added pleasure of watching us three, enjoying each other, in a large mirror opposite our bed.

Jes and I made love more times this week than we did since our honeymoon. Ted was always present when we made love, watching, smiling, stroking himself. Sometimes he would cum, but not always. Most of the time he would consume his own cum, but sometimes he rubbed it on his body like some new-age moisturizer. He would always kiss us – both of us – good night, each night. I could smell Ted throughout the house. He smelled like a masculine version of Jes. His musky odour was on the sofa, cushions, on my cheeks. After a few days, when I entered a room, I almost “sniffed” for his scent. It was infuriating and exciting at the same time.

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