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Ginger Twins

By HM69

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Published by Hunter n Prey

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Forward by the Authors

Have you ever had a fantasy of fucking twins ?? Identical twins ??

What if the twins had flaming red hair and, fiery libido to match ??

If you are bisexual, have you ever thought of fucking twins who are brother and sister ??

We explore our fantasy of having a lusty pair of ginger twins seduce a man and show him the true meaning of the word, ‘family affair’. Their varied sweet seductions are explored in this story.

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Forward from the authors


I should have known

Scent of Sex

Storm and Shower

My 1st Time

Emotional Blackmail

My 1st Time (2nd Time today)


50 Shades of Red

Keepsake Quilt

Note from Our Neighbour

Fried Friday

Tough Sweet Tests


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I should have known...

Having met my wife Jes at a swinger’s party, I knew she was sexually open to ideas, but I had no idea her family was equally liberal. But I should have known!

Soon after our marriage, my brother-in-law Ted came to stay with us for a few weeks while he was at a conference in our city. When I found Ted wandering around naked in the kitchen, I told Jes but she simply smiled and said he was a nudist and likes to be naked indoors.

Ted’s bull balls and lasso like dick were flopping around the house as he worked out. He was nude even as he had his breakfast and watched the morning news. Watching his dimpled butt cheeks I had always thought Ted was good looking but naked, he was simply awesome ! His saucer like nipples, well defined ABS and ginger pubes were delicious. Of course, he was also my brother-in-law, so I pushed such thoughts aside and went to work.

I should have known something was up when in the evening, Ted stripped as soon as he got home and came to help us in the kitchen stark naked. Seeing us both still wearing office clothes, he smiled, kissed Jes on her lips and said, “Why don’t you guys get comfortable too. It’s your own house you know !” Jes laughed and told him as we were running a bit late and so we hadn’t changed, but we would after getting the dinner ready. Ted offered to tidy up and lay the table so we went upstairs to change.

After freshening up, Jes suggested we should also ditch our clothes and go downstairs naked. I was a bit uncomfortable, but she reminded me that we were often naked around the house. I reminded her that we now had a guest – her brother Ted!

“He is my twin brother! Just think of him as another Jes around the house.” and with that, she went out the door, as naked as the day she was born.

I thought about it a bit and went downstairs in my baggy shorts. Ted whistled, “Very formal !” Managing a wry smile, I simply sat down to eat. Jes laughed at my attempt at modesty. While we ate dinner, Jes shamelessly tried to make me tent in my shorts by playing with my genitals with her feet. Ted and Jes laughed at my attempts to push her foot away. Twins are such a strange breed.

As I was washing up, Ted came to help and said, “Even though I have a long dick, I am not a size queen.” Seeing me look quizzically, he carried on, “Some of my best friends have short dicks. Infact, my best bud has the smallest dick you can imagine.”

I had no idea why Ted said this, but I should have known at that point. Instead, I asked, “And your point is?”

Seeing my eyebrows rise, Ted tried to get to his point, “Size and performance don’t always match. Jes tells me you are fucking fantastic in bed!”

“JES!” I was livid.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Jes pouted as she came in.

Before I could speak, Ted turned his puppy eyes on his twin, “I was only trying to say – size doesn’t matter.”

“What have you told Ted about us in bed?” my voice was on edge.

Jes edged up, used her manicured nails to trace my eyebrows, nose, and lips as she said, “Oh honey, Ted just wanted to know why you were wearing your shorts, and I said maybe because you are intimidated by the size of his dick. But I told him what a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l sexpert you are.”

“Size really doesn’t matter.” Ted butted in.

“I am not “intimidated” by the size of your dick or anything else! I just didn’t think it was appropriate for me to be naked in front of my brother-in-law.” I was nearly upset, but didn’t want to, so I stripped, “There. Satisfied?” and I went back to washing the dishes.

Ted stayed to help dry them as Jes trotted off to put things away.

Was I the only person in the room upset by this conversation?

Seemed like it !

I should have known at this point, but still didn’t.

As we watched TV, I deliberately sat in the single sofa. Ted and came in and sat on the carpet as Jes came around with coffee.

“Darling,” Jes whispered loudly in my ear, “Ted thinks you look gorgeous.”

“Stop it Jes.” I was in no mood for her sex games tonight.

“Would you like a blow job?” Ted asked me out of the blue.

“Ofcourse he will!” Jes answered on my behalf.

“Stop it Jes! Ted. No more games.” I was getting annoyed with the pair of them.

“I could give you a blow job to make up for upsetting you.” Offered Ted.

“What a great idea!” quipped Jes and turned to me, “Blow jobs always, always calm you down honey.” Seeing the look of disbelief in my eyes, she whispered softly, “Ted has the same mouth as me, think of me as he sucks you off.”

I should have known at this point too – but I just didn’t.

Jes kissed me deeply, played with my hair and ears, yes, my ears, which she knew would always drive me to distraction. As Jes distracted me, Ted crawled up the carpet to suck me off. Ted was good, very good. Like his sister, he had great control over his tongue and teeth and he didn’t bite me once as he took me whole inside his mouth. His tongue caressed and pampered my dickhead with its wet warmth as he buried his nose in my groin. As I adjusted myself on the sofa, Jes sat across the armrest and covered my vision completely with her gorgeous silky red hair. I was totally lost in exploring Jes’s mouth as Ted gave me one of the best blow jobs I have ever had in my life.

I felt Jes’s sharp nails scratch and pinch my nipples and explore my ABS. I felt Ted’s hands cup my balls, massage them tenderly and caress my thighs and legs. I felt Jes’s hot wet tongue dive into my mouth as her lip gloss smeared my nostrils. I felt Ted’s hot wet tongue lash the underside of my glans and push down on my piss slit. I was covered in Jes’s scents, her hairspray, perfume, lip gloss, makeup. I knew Ted was giving me the blow job, but it really felt like Jes was there. It was the same mouth, the same movements, the same technique, the same feeling of being totally sexed. Like Jes, Ted swallowed my load and only let me out of his mouth after I had gone soft.

I should have known Jes and Ted had planned this by now, but I still didn’t know.

That night, as Jes and I made love, Ted stood in the doorway of our bedroom and jerked off to our rhythm. Jes and I watched him watching us make love. Jes sat astride me and milked me with her expert pussy. Ted watched silently, stroking his long schlong patiently, circling his thumb around his huge nipples. Glowing in the light from the hallway, Ted’s ginger pubes seemed to be on fire as he timed himself and came soon after I did. After eating his own cum, Ted came over, kissed Jes and me on the forehead, caressed my thighs and said good night in a husky voice.

All night, as Ted snored contently in the room across the hall, I could smell his spunk on our foreheads. It was then that I got it – Ted and Jes must have engineered my seduction.

Being married to a swinger, I should have known !

Scent of Sex…

Through the week, all three of were busy with work. We only really met in the evening. But I saw plenty of Ted – naked at all times, in the kitchen, on the sofa, in the bathroom, in his bedroom, with the door always ajar.

Monday evening, Jes was cooking and I was tidying up in the sitting room. Jes blew me a kiss. I shook my head to suggest I wasn’t going to respond. Ted was passing by. Jes called out, “Ted, give my hubby a kiss from me.”

“Where ?” asked Ted !

“On his cheek.” Jes replied.

“Which cheek ?” Ted asked.

“Right one and then left one please.” Jes requested.

“NO !” I protested.

Ted hugged me tightly and kissed me on my cheeks, first on the right, then the left. Ted left me, giggling and joining his sister in the kitchen. He left me wiping his kisses off my cheeks like a six year old trying to wipe away an old granny’s smooches.

This became a tedious routine. Jes would send Ted to torment me with kisses or hugs at the oddest times. In random acts of affection, he would kiss me on head, cheeks, lips, chest, dick, balls, thighs, ass and even my feet ! I could be watching TV, reading, eating, drinking beer or even pissing. By Thursday, I gave up protesting and accepted this inappropriate appropriation of my wife’s privileges by her twin brother.

Through the week, Ted blew me a couple of times. He has an excellent way of moving his tongue all around the glens and his ball sucking technique is second to none – not even Jes ! One evening, as Jes gave me a BJ, Ted rimmed me at the same time. It was exciting, exhilarating, liberating and I had the added pleasure of watching us three, enjoying each other, in a large mirror opposite our bed.

Jes and I made love more times this week than we did since our honeymoon. Ted was always present when we made love, watching, smiling, stroking himself. Sometimes he would cum, but not always. Most of the time he would consume his own cum, but sometimes he rubbed it on his body like some new-age moisturizer. He would always kiss us – both of us – good night, each night. I could smell Ted throughout the house. He smelled like a masculine version of Jes. His musky odour was on the sofa, cushions, on my cheeks. After a few days, when I entered a room, I almost “sniffed” for his scent. It was infuriating and exciting at the same time.

Storm and Shower…

On Saturday, I was in the shower and my shampoo bottle was empty. I called out for Jes to get a new bottle for me. Ted came in the shower and said Jes was in the kitchen and probably couldn’t hear me over the noise of the extractor fan. He offered me his own shampoo, took the scented liquid out of the bottle and started rubbing it in my hair ! I tried to stop him, but he simply carried on and said, “Would you stop Jes from helping you ? Just think of me as her substitute !”

Ted came in closer and soaped me up, lathering me all over, not that I am that hairy ! Ted’s hands went everywhere, all over my body, my head, dick head, cheeks, ass cheeks, chest, ABS, thighs even my toes. Ted showered me but did nothing overtly “sexual”. It was rather confusing. He carried on showering while I dried off. Had he gone off me ? I wasn’t sure what I was more annoyed with – his sexual advances or now this sexual indifference.

Naked breakfast was followed by naked house cleaning, followed by weekend shopping (fully clothed), followed by some relaxing time around the pool, watching the sun go down. Ted offered to massage us with new oils his company was selling at the conference. He talked to us about the healing and holistic properties of the oils as he kneed our muscles with his strong arms. He was good ! Very good !

During dinner, Ted and Jes relived their childhood through countless stories. I only half understood what happened as they just collapsed on each other in fits of laughter halfway through most stories. No touch was “inappropriate” in their eyes. Jes even counted the freckles on Ted’s dick ! After some beers, Jes made love to me on the couch, Ted watching and wanking as always.

I woke up around midnight as Ted came into our bed and hugged Jes tightly ! Thunder and lightening danced outside. Apparently “Ted needs to hug someone” tight through a storm ! Oh boy ! If only I had known what sort of family I married into !

Jes left Ted with me as she went downstairs to make some coco for him. Ted clung to me for dear life. His freckled dick was sandwiched between our legs. Strangely, he began to suckle me, like a baby. I asked him what he was doing, and he said sucking on nipples helped relax him during a storm ! It was a pacifier of sorts. I was too tired and sleepy to argue. Jes came into find both of us asleep, with Ted still sucking my left nipple and playing with my right one. She gave him a cup of coco and her own nipple to suck ! What the fuck ! But I was really too tired to argue.

My 1st Time…

I woke up to a glorious sunny morning. Ted was sleeping between me and Jes. His legs were spread on top of my thighs. His long dick, trying to meet my short one, like the finger of God on Sistine chapel’s ceiling. He breathed quietly on the nape of my neck. Jes was hugging her brother from behind, moulding her body to his curves. On our white bed sheets, her red hair was spread like spilled wine,.  

I should have known that seeing the twins sleeping like this would arouse me.

Ted’s hooded dick was glistening in the morning sunshine with post-cum wetness. The smell was enticing even at this distance. Curious, I gently got Ted off my thighs, got on my knees, bent forward and sniffed. The aroma made me giddy with delight. I looked at the twins. They were fast asleep. I decided to take a chance and bent forward a bit more. I stuck out my tongue and tasted Ted’s post-cum very gingerly. It tasted delicious. My ass was right up in the air, near the headboard as I stretched a bit more and licked Ted’s dickhead from inside the hood of his foreskin. Just as I was enjoying the smell and taste, I felt a bite on my exposed glans !

“Good morning brother-in-law.” Ted smirked from between my legs. He took my circumcised dick head in his mouth and this time sucked it gently.

“I… I was only checking…. checking your freckles.” I stumbled.

“You can suck it if you like. Freckles and all.” Ted offered and raised his head to give me head.

I was in a male version of heaven ! Blow job first thing in the morning ! I stretched out across the bed, rested my head on Ted’s thigh and began to suck his long dick. It was too long to take it all the way, so I licked it before taking a tour of the inside of his foreskin. It’s a wonderful thing – foreskin. It preserves the scent and sweet wetness of last night’s fun for a morning recap. Just as I was getting familiar with Ted’s loose ball sac, I felt sharp nails scratch my butthole. “Stop it Ted.” I whispered.

“Can’t you tell the difference between your wife and your brother-in-law?” asked Jes as she rose like a red-maned lion from behind the muscled shoulders of her twin.

Jes rose, her eyes sparkling mischievously in the sunlight, reflecting from all the mirrors in the room. More serious and sober than a judge, she sat herself right against the headboard and gave me a look so intense, I lost my erection.

Oops! I was lost for words. The morning had started so well !

“Stop teasing him and help me.” Demanded Ted.

Jes bent over, grabbed my ass and started to rim me !

“Ohhhh” I just couldn’t say anything else !

As Jes rimmed me, Ted sucked me and either or both played with my balls.

I sucked licked and kissed Ted’s precious package as sunlight played on his translucent skin. He really was like Jes, just with a dick !

Just as I was getting really excited, I felt the urgent need to pee.

I excused myself and went to our on-suite bathroom. As I was pissing, Ted pushed me into the shower cubicle and started to kiss me passionately. I was midway pissing and so pissed all over Ted’s waist, groin, thighs, and legs. But he didn’t seem to mind. Instead, he seemed to love the idea of being pissed on and kept kissing me deeply. Jes started the shower and joined us in the shower cubicle. The three of us were locked in an entangled embrace, piss, water, sexual fluids flowing in unison.

Jes took my raging hardon, circled her pussy several times and inserted it deep inside her. Ted sunk to the floor, between our legs, and I could feel his tongue flick between my balls and his sister’s pussy. Jes took me by my butt cheeks, scratched them mercilessly with her manicured nails, ripping them apart whilst fucking me with her formidable pussy control. Jes knows I married her for her vice like vaginal grip, which always keeps me rigid inside her.

Jes kissed me deeper, pulled my hands tightly behind her, placing them on her pear shaped butt, begging me to play with them. As my fingers stroked her butt, explored the inside of her ass, Jes started to milk my manhood with pulses from her powerful pussy muscles. I was helpless with all of Jes’s wiles and judging from her smile, she knew it. I looked longingly into Jes’s eyes and was shocked to see Ted’s smiling face reflecting in her auburn pupils.

Before I could react, I felt Ted’s hot, pulsing hard-on push hard against my virgin butt. Just as I tried to turn around, Jes started to play with my ears, making my legs become jelly, making me lose all self-control. I felt Ted’s breath on my neck, his hands on my nipples and his body embrace me hard from behind.

Though I am a swinger, I have always avoided being speared from behind. Liberal as I am, there are somethings I really don’t want to try. I pushed my butt out to put Ted at an impossible angle for a fuck from behind. I pushed Jes’s head far enough to take her tongue out of my mouth so I could speak. “Ted, you are a great guy, but I don’t want to get fucked by you – or any other man.”

“Darling,” Jes responded on behalf of her twin, “Try it. You never know, you might like it.”

“Jes !” I protested, “Ted’s my brother-in-law. How can I fuck your family ?”

Jes kissed me deeply, mauled my ears with her teeth, and whispered, “Ted loves you as much as I do. He fell for you the first day you met him, just like I fell for you the first day I met you.”

“He is still family !” I protested, still keeping my butt at an impossible angle for penetration.

“I promised my dying mother, I will keep Ted happy.” Jes whispered, “He really wants to fuck you. Please, let him fuck you.” Jes moved down to my chest, “Just this once.” And began to suck my nipples, “Please.”

“Please...” The voice was familiar, almost similar to Jes’s but not hers.

“Please...” I pleaded.

I was lost. My nipples were being sucked, my ears were being massaged, my manhood was being masturbated. Jes moved further down, licking my six-pack, teasing my cockhead with her tongue before rising again, inserting my dick in her pussy and slowly milking it. I couldn’t control myself. Not anymore.

“He is just a male version of me darling,” Jes said with her sweetest smile. “Sweetheart, consider him as an extension of me. As I make love to you from the front, let him make love to you from behind.” With that Jes began to kiss and play with my hair and ears. “Please.”

“Please.” I heard from behind, front, side, inside.

As I lost control, I found my butt being pushed into a straight line, my butt cheeks being parted by Jes’s hands. Unable to resist Jes, or Ted, I took a deep breath, held it, readying myself for the assault on my ass.

Ted took several jabs at my tight virgin hole. Everytime, I exhaled loudly, taking another deep breath, preparing to be penetrated. But I must be tighter than either of us expected. Try as he might, he could not enter. Ted applied conditioner to my ass, massaged it around the hole before trying again. This time he knocked the breath out of me and took some more ! My pupils dilated along with my ass and Ted was inside me. Jes’s tongue dived in my mouth and I wasn’t sure which front to defend from which twin. I was finding it difficult to breath as Jes refused to let me gulp air. Ted was plumbing my backside, his thighs slapping loudly against my butt. Jes continued to milk my manhood as hands mauled my nipples and ears, neck, head.

I exploded inside Jes, exhaled loudly and with my nostrils flaring, tried to breath as fast as I could. I felt hot liquid running inside my ass. As I slipped, Ted and Jes passed their legs between mine, supporting me on their thighs. Jes and Ted held me tightly, holding me between them, making sure I didn’t fall.

Hands caressed me.

Water cleansed me.

Kisses soothed my knitted brows.

I don’t know how long we were in the shower, but it was the best shower I have had in my life.

Emotional Blackmail…

Jes was as sweet as a pie and applied a salve in and around my anus to sooth the pain of being violated by her twin. She kept blowing kisses to me as Ted helped her prepare Sunday lunch. Ted and Jes were as naked as a jaybird, but I put on some stout shorts for my own safety. I don’t know how I feel about having my ass invaded by my wife’s twin. It was too confusing. It was a bit too personal too !

As lunch was being readied, I relaxed my butt on the overstuffed leather sofa in the sitting room. I wasn’t particularly interested in the game they were showing, but there wasn’t much else on other channels to watch either. Ted came in and offered to put on a DVD. He mentioned a few films, but I said no to each one of them. “Are you upset with me ?” he asked brazenly. I told him to forget about it, but he kept asking and kept saying, “How can I make it up to you ?” The guy just took advantage of me at my weakest moment and virtually raped me with my wife’s connivance and he had the gall to ask what he could do to make up for it ? I got so pissed off with Ted, I just said, “Fuck you!” to get him out of my face.

Big mistake.

Ted’s face lit up and he beamed, “That’s it ! Fuck me and we are quits !”
“Are you crazy ?” I could not believe what my brother-in-law was proposing in my house, in the presence of my wife and that too on a Sunday ! A decade ago I would have still been kneeling, praying, begging for God’s mercy at this hour. It wasn’t even lunch time for heaven’s sake ! “Go away, Ted. Go help Jes in the kitchen. And for Christ’s sake put some shorts on.” I didn’t want to see his ginger dangly bits anymore. I had an eyeful of Ted’s horse hung cock for a week and an ass full for the last – who knows how long. Swigging my beer, I really wanted to forget what happened during the shower. But my cock seemed to grow thinking of the bodily pleasures I, the three of us, had that morning. I pulled my knees up to hide the obvious tenting of my shorts as I saw Ted’s ass recede towards the kitchen.

Jes came out of the kitchen, wooden spatula in hand. “Ted tells me you won’t fuck him. Why ?”

Shooing her out of my way, I asked in an annoyed tone, “Why what Jes ? Let me watch the game in peace.”

“Why won’t you just fuck Ted and get this over and done with ?” Jes demanded, putting her shaved pussy right next to my face. Smell of a freshly fucked pussy, still warm from having been near the kitchen stove was too distracting for me. I looked up at her, trying to ignore the obvious temptation to kiss or lick or suck her sex scented pussy. Past her flat stomach, past her firm globular tits, I saw her red maned head peering at me. Spatula at her waist. If she wasn’t so obviously naked, it would have either been a funny sketch or a scary fetish scene.

“Jes,” I said very patiently. “I don’t fancy the idea of fucking your brother. I know, we are swingers and I have sometimes fucked men before, but he is your brother and I am uncomfortable about this whole idea.”

“Is that all ?” Jes seemed relieved. “Ted thought you didn’t like him or something.”

“I like Ted. He is a cool dude to have around the house. He even helps out with the house work. But…” my but was answered with a deep kiss from Jes.

“So its decided, you will fuck Ted and both of you will feel good about it.” Jes pronounced haughtily.

“NO !” I was determined to be understood. “I don’t want to have any fucking relationship with Ted.” I knew it came out wrong the moment I had said it. Jes collapsed on the carpet in a heap, covered her face in her pale white hands and started to cry. Shit ! To distance myself from Ted, I had hurt the very person I loved the most.

“Jes. Jes !” I kept repeating as I tried to sooth my wife’s hurt feelings. “I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.” Stroking her wild red curls, “What I meant to say was, I don’t want to have a sexual relationship with Ted. I love you too much for that.”

After much sobbing, Jes demanded from behind her hands, “Prove your love to me.” her wedding band glinting in my eye.

With a deep sigh, I had to say, “What can I do to prove my love to you darling ?” I knew the price would be high, but seeing her sob broke my heart – and she KNEW that. “You know I can’t deny you anything.”

“Fuck my brother,” Jes said in a plain tone.

“No.” but my voice was weak.

Wiping away her tears, Jes came close to my face, “You say you can’t deny me anything. I say I can’t deny Ted anything.” Coming closer still, within a tongue’s reach, “I promised my dying mother I would never deny Ted anything. And I meant, ANYTHING.” Kissing me sweetly on my nose, Jes whispered, “Prove your love to me. Fuck Ted.”

I was trapped. I knew it. But I still tried one more shot. “Darling, using a ‘death-bed-promise’ is blackmail, emotional, relational blackmail.” Jes kept kissing me, all over my face as she clambered on top of me. “And why do you keep bringing your dead mother into this ?” I said in a hoarse whisper, my dick disobeying me, my heart pounding in my ears.

“Mother would have wanted you to fuck Ted,” Jes said as she slid herself along the entire length of my drooling tongue, bringing her moist pussy to my mouth.

Despite my desperate attempts at self control, neither my tongue nor my disobedient dick followed my strict commands. I was licking the innermost parts of Jes’s pussy as she pushed my head deep in her groin. My pre-cum dripping dick became even more rigid, wet and slippery as Ted pulled the shorts off me. The twins had me pinned under them. My body and animal instincts were not letting me, not letting them, have their way with me. I sunk further in the sofa as Ted clambered on top.

My 1st Time (2nd Time today)…

Ted licked my ass and balls in long slow strokes like a dog licking his groin. With Jes and her pussy in my face, I couldn’t see anything, but the feeling of my ass being cooled off by licks from a hot wet tongue was overwhelming. My dick was straining flat on my stomach and my balls contracted, ready to blow.

Sensing me tense up, Jes called out to her brother, “Ted, go get some olive oil from the kitchen.” As Ted’s naked feet padded off to the kitchen, Jes blew softly on my face. Sense of bliss replaced the desperate desire for sexual release.

“Which one ?” Ted called out from the kitchen. “There are several bottles here. One has chilies and other has peppers and some herbs.”

“Not the chilly oil silly!” Jes replied, “I don’t want your ass on fire because of the oil – my husband will do that all by himself.” Laughing at her own joke, Jes continued, “Bring the extra virgin oil – its behind the others.”  Playing with my hair, Jes whispered in my ears, “I want today to be special for my hubby.”

Ted bought the slim bottle of extra virgin Greek oil and handed it to Jes, his semi erect dick dancing inches from my face. Smell of sex and food clung to his skin. I shut my eyes to stop myself from thinking all the wild thoughts I was having about my wife’s horse hung twin brother !

“Don’t give it to me silly !” Jes reprimanded Ted, “pour some on his dick so he can fuck you.”

“NO !” I protested.

But it was useless. I could feel Ted’s oily hands on my dick. Jes shut me up by pressing her pussy in my face and gyrating it till I was forced to lick it. I felt the sofa sink further as Ted mounted it, pulled my dick back, aligned himself and plunged me deep inside his arse.

Ted must have oiled his hole too. There was no resistance to my entry. Unlike this morning, when it took Ted several attempts and generous application of conditioner, my dick went in him like hot knife through butter. Though still smothered, I could hear myself exhale loudly in Jes’s hot wet pussy. This was a new experience for me - having two pussies pleasure me - one on my face and other on my dick.

After a few minutes of adjusting himself on my thighs and groin, Ted set up a slow steady rhythm of going up and down my dick. He kept stroking my balls every now and again. Ted held on to his sister’s shoulder for extra support. Without realizing it, I too took up the same rhythm in my breathing and relaxed my grip on Jes’s waist. Jes slipped down my body and replaced her pussy with her tit. She knew how I loved to chew on her nipples and she offered me her precious pink perkies to nibble on while her brother was power fucking me with his arse.

‘Ping, Ping, Ping’. An alarm went off in the kitchen. “Take over for a few minutes will you ?” Jes instructed Ted as she headed towards the kitchen, wooden spatula in hand. For the first time, I had a look at Ted sitting astride me.

He was smiling – the same smile as Jes. His auburn eyes sparkled the same as his twin. His hair, though short, was as red as hers. He was lean and thin like Jes and his skin was just as pale as hers. I suddenly realized, Ted really was “Jes” without the big tits and he had an extra long dick. His smile grew closer as Ted moved in to claim a kiss. His tongue licked my drying lips before plunging deep in my mouth. Taking away my breath, he made me quite forget about the fact that I was still fucking him.

Church bells pealed in the distance. I suddenly had visions of Ted’s dead mother. My mother. Virgin Mary. All three glaring at me.

Ted must have felt me slipping out of his ass. He immediately activated his formidable sphincter control and gripped me tight, just like Jes, and refused to let my dick leave his ass. Leaving my mouth, his tongue whipped my ear lobes, explored the hidden areas behind my ears and licked my throat. Before I knew it, he pinched my nipples, hard, and I was raging in more ways than one.

“What the fuck are you doing ?” I demanded, frothing at the mouth.

“It got you hard didn’t it ?” Ted replied before kissing me gently and licking the spit off my chin.


“Lick this.” Jes placed a spatula between our tongues covered in pasta sauce.

“Needs a bit more salt.” Said Ted.

“Add some sweet basil for flavour and scent Jes.” I like basil. “Can I have a some extra olives with my pasta ? “ I asked.

“Glad you boys are getting on so well,” Jes said with a smile. “Save some for me.” And with that, Jes walked back to the kitchen and her cooking.

Ted straightened up, smiled and continued to move up and down my dick, his red hair bouncing lightly, eyes sparkling and hands exploring my body. I tried to match his rhythm and went up and down so that it felt more like fucking a male-pussy than being fucked by a male-pussy. Ted seemed to enjoy it and rode me like a bronco. Jes looked around the door when he wooped like a cowboy. “SAVE SOME FOR ME TED !” she shouted. Ted stroked my balls, as he had been doing all afternoon, and suddenly stopped. He clamped down on my dick with his sphincter muscles – both of them. “You can’t cum just yet my brother-in-law. We have to wait for Jes.”

“WHAT !” I was totally confused. Why won’t Ted let me cum ?

“Jes wants to be part of our love making,” Ted explained. “I am just keeping the motor running till she comes back.” Seeing the look of confusion and desperation in my eyes, he offered, “Listen, bro, edging is the new high.” Seeing my eyes squint, Ted tried to expand on his initial offering. “Edging is like surfing on the crest of the wave – never crashing but cruising along for as long as you can. In sexual terms, it means not cumming but staying at that point of wanting to cum for a long time.”

“Sounds more like torture to me!” I was in agony. “Blue balling wasn’t fun when I was a teen and blue balling isn’t fun now when I am trapped into having sex by my wife and her evil twin.”

“I am not evil !” Ted exclaimed, with mock indignation. “I am just obeying the devil in your kitchen.”

OK – so maybe evil was going a bit too far, but I was blue balling – what else could I say ?

Ted loosened his grip on my dick, leaned forward, kissed me gently on the forehead and lay his cheek along mine. “Listen, bro, you are going to love it when we let you cum.”

OK – I didn’t want to be called “bro” by my pale white, red haired descendant of a Viking, brother-in-law. And nor did I want him or his twin to decide when I can cum or not cum. I moved my hips up and down and began to use Ted’s man-cunt to masturbate. But man, these two twins are tooled up ! Ted straightened up and loosened his ass so fast, I might as well as be fucking a fag packet. There was no friction, no fun, no stimulation. Tired by “edging” and weighed down by solid, but lean Ted, I stopped, perspiration forming on my brow.

Ted smiled, wiped my brow, with his soft hands, reasserted control over my flagging dick with his ass muscles and smiled. “Just sit back and enjoy,” Ted said matter of factly. “Trust me and Jes to give you the best sex of your life.”

Not that I had much of a choice. By the looks of things, I was trapped. Trapped by the red haired twins to sexual servitude for life ! Come to think of it, it wasn’t such a bad idea !

Ted led my hands to his long semi erect dick and we practiced “guided masturbation”. His eyes and face smiled at me as he made small sexy noises to tell me how much he was enjoying being fucked and wanked by his ‘bro’.

Just as I was contemplating speeding up the jerk off and making Ted cum, Jes came in with the pasta. “Lunch for my hard-working men.” She beamed.

“Great. Can I now get up and have something to eat ?” I asked.

Nope,” Jes said flatly, taking pasta, covered in red sauce out of the streaming bowl and transferring it to a large flat plate to cool.

“Is starving part of the plan to edge me and deny me sexual release ?”

“Don’t be silly !” Jes remonstrated, “To get the most out of you, I have to make sure you are well fed and stocked up with plenty of spunk for both of us.”

Jes kissed me and felt my balls just as Ted was doing. Playing with my slippery, wet ball sac, “Is that precum, cum or oil ?” she asked.

“Taste it and see,” Ted replied before I could say anything.

Jes moved behind Ted to taste my balls. Each stroke of her silky tongue drove me wild. After a few strokes, she was satisfied that it was precum, olive oil and whatever was cooked up in Ted’s ass with fresh precum and oil.

I was allowed to ‘sit up’ for lunch. Now Ted was stuck to my abdomen, his nipples colliding with mine and his mouth was only inches from mine. Ted’s long dick was trapped between us, its precum oozing and trickling down my Abs. My dick was still firmly secured in his ass, being massaged by a regular squeeze from one or both of his sphincter muscles.

Jes sat on the edge coffee table and fed us pasta. Sometimes she would feed me, sometimes Ted, sometimes she would make us compete. Ted and I ate from each other’s mouths, and Jes’s. It was totally hot to eat from your lover’s mouth, or the mouth of the guy you are fucking.

Jes accidently dropped a pasta, heavily covered with sauce, between me and Ted. I puffed out my chest to trap it before it fell too far. I didn’t want to mess up the leather sofa. Jes moved her hand slowly between us to try and rescue it. Instead of taking it out though, she dragged the pasta past our conjoined chests and abdomens all the way to Ted’s balls. An uneven red smear left a trail all the way to the bottom.

“Oops !” and with that, Jes began to lick both of us clean. Her tongue flickering between us, tasting us, teasing us, tempting us. Jes licked my nipples, sucked her twin’s dick, licked our arm pits, bit our ABS before transferring the combined taste of it all to me through a deep, passionate kiss.

50 Shades of Red…

Jes kept up her routine of torturing me by sometimes promising to offer me her favours and then abruptly denying them to me and offering them to Ted instead. I was blue-balling again. I was so desperate to fuck her. She must have felt it. Ted and Jes swapped places. I hugged her and held on to her for life.

Ted caressed us, kissed us, sucked us, licked us, distracting me with his sexy smell. Everytime I opened my eyes, he was there, staring back at me, smiling with his eyes. Like a moth drawn to flames, try as I might, I could not resist them, either of them. The twins had me hooked to them, their smiling eyes, sexy smells, muscle controlled pussy, ass and mouths they drove me wild. I broke away from sucking Jes’s ears and offered a kiss to Ted. He took it like a greedy boy. Ted was sucking on my tongue, Jes was sucking my ear and caressing my balls and I was fucking her like a marathon man.

Just before I got totally lost in this paradise of pleasure, Ted felt my balls and whispered something in his twin’s ear. Jes climbed off me and led us to the pool. Cool clear waters of the pool shocked and revived me. It also shrunk my dick. Ted resumed his position as the man-pussy while Jes revolved around us like a white moth with red wings. Her kisses and caresses were just what I needed on a late Sunday afternoon.

Ted and I sat down on the steps leading into the pool and Jes inserted herself between us. Her pussy was in my mouth again and Ted got to rim her ass. Our tongues collided occasionally as they sought to give her the best oral and anal pleasure she had. Soon, Jes was screeching, screaming and gesticulating loudly, making us – me and Ted – grunt in unison. Heaven knows what the neighbours thought, but our mating calls certainly scared their cat off our fence.

As the Sun slipped past the cedars, the sky glowed with clouds tinged with fifty shades of red. Jes got out of the pool and got us some beers. Ted took a swig from his beer bottle, gargled and deposited the entire mouthful in me. I was a little shocked at first. Annoyed too. But seeing the challenge in his eyes, I took a swig and did the same to him. He drank greedily from my mouth. Somehow, this made me feel hot, very hot for him. I pushed him down, flat on the water surface as I kissed him with all my might. His legs were wrapped tightly around my waist and his ass muscles wouldn’t let my dick out either. “STOP ! You will drown him !” warned Jes as I kept pushing him further.

“Its OK Jes,” Ted replied as I sat down again, wondering what had come over me. “I think your hubby is ready to cum now.” Looking intensely in my eyes, Ted asked, “Do you want to cum ?”

“YES !” and I was off again, kissing, fucking, pushing, holding Ted’s head out of the water.

I felt a tremor, like an earthquake tremor. It originated from my core and travelled to all my pores. I felt my dick explode in Ted’s ass. I heard my mouth exploded in Ted’s mouth. I know my pores exploded because I could smell “me” in the air all around us. I held Ted, just on the surface of the rippling pool for what seemed like an eternity. His eyes were an infinite pool of love.

Sky was dark by the time Jes bought us towels. After drying off, we sat near a roaring fire, on a rug of some furry animal, cuddling, kissing, snuggling in an oversize patchwork blanket stitched beautifully with odds and sods of old clothes.

Keepsake quilt…

As the night deepened, Jes and Ted related their life story to me. Growing up in a nudist house, they had been fairly open about most bodily functions from a very young age. They often saw their parents making love. It was no big deal for them. Living in the woods, they saw plenty of animals fucking too and their parents had explained that as the most intimate way of showing love.

Being twins, they had fought and loved each other with equal vigour when they were young. But when they were 13 years old, their mother died when her car was struck by lightening. After that the twins became inseparable. Ted developed an aversion to thunder storms and often slept with Jes, or their father, to feel safe. Their mother left them some precious keep-sakes she had made especially for them. She gave them one golden teddy bear between them to remind the twins to share everything they had. Their mother also gave them a patchwork quilt to remind them of all the love they had shared over the years. She had made it with clothes the family had worn through the years.

Shit – I thought ! I am wrapped up naked in a keep-sake-quilt, made by my dead mother-in-law, with both – BOTH – her kids !! My semi-erection disappeared fast as my dickhead tried to crawl back inside my body to avoid being cursed by a dead mother-in-law who’s both children I had just fucked. Out of habit, absentmindedly, I crossed myself.

Jes must have seen that, because she laughed. Kissing me tenderly, she told me, “Mum would have loved you. She would have been happy to know that Ted and I found love in you.” Thinking about it for a few minutes, “Come to think of it, apart from our parents, you are the only person we both love so intensely.” Jes says the sweetest things ! I felt her mother’s love warming me from the inside.

Thinking of their mother made Jes’s eyes moist. Pointing to a strip of blue cotton with white flowers, Jes said in an absent voice, “This is from a dress my mother wore when she first met our father. This red velvet comes from the blanket they first made love on. And this yellow felt, it’s from the original blanket she wrapped me and Ted in when we were born.” Memories flooded from her eyes.

Tearful Ted wiped Jes’s eyes, pointed to a swirl of gold, “Jes, do you remember this one ? You wore it to a Christmas party year before mum died. And this black square, its from my 1st High School trouser.”

Not to be left out, and to divert their mind from sad memories, I pointed to an intricate design on my lap and asked, rather innocently, “And this ivory silk ?”

Jes caressed it lovely, feeling my manhood under the design of flowers and butterflies on my lap, “This piece is from our mum’s wedding dress.”

Ted passed his hand over a grey striped piece framing it, “And this is from dad’s wedding tuxedo.”

Shit – I was doomed for sure. My in-laws wedding clothes were plastered all over my privates, covered in sex juices from all three of us. I was desperate to get out of this “Keep-sake-quilt”. I tried to be diplomatic, “Lets pack this up and preserve it for the future.”

But Jes just laughed. “Mother would have wanted us – all three of us – to wrap up in her quilt.” Ted agreed and the three of us hugged for a long time.

Note from our Neighbour…

We slept together as a 3some – official 3some. On the ceiling mirror, I saw the reflection of us 3, with me in the middle, my wife and her brother spread out over my chest and abdomen, their pale hands laying claim over my family jewels. The naughty pair played “dog and bone” with my dick, with Jes claiming my dick and Ted my balls. Their precious family quilt was spread over our lower legs.

Next morning there a note from our neighbours who are originally from somewhere in England called “Middlesex”. They asked us to “…pipe down and refrain from loud, lusty outdoor sex after 9pm when decent citizens have retired for the night...” What a hoot ! Jes and Ted just fell about laughing. Jes is going to frame the letter and put it on display when all our other neighbours come over for a barbeque.

Rest of the week passed in a haze of work, sex, sex, work. We, all three of us, made love several times. Ted and I fucked each other as we pleased. Often the night found us sleeping as an interesting sandwich with me as their favorite filling. My favourite position was to have Ted’s long flaccid dick buried deep inside me and I would be inside Jes. But as often as not, Ted liked me to be inside him and Jes hugged me tight from behind. Our hands and feet were always entangled as we hugged in unison.

Fried Friday…

It was Friday night and Ted was leaving the next evening. He was wrapping up his business meetings and was going to be late. Jes was late from work too. I decided to have a night-in with some Chinese take away, light music and a nice spy novel.

Jes came in, kicked off her shoes, stripped and tucked into my take away. After a few minutes of idle chatter, don’t know how, but we got to discussing who was better in bed – Jes or Ted !! Jes wanted me to answer the question “as honestly as you can.” How unfair is that ? Here I am, a simple man, stuck between two twins, ginger twins, and I have to make a choice between my wife and my brother-in-law ! How unfair is that !

Under the circumstances, I tried desperately to be as diplomatic as I could. I skirted around the issue. I told her how both of them were equally good in things they did. I praised Ted for his willingness to help around the house and Jes’s ability to cook like a pro. When Jes pressed on sexual competency, I told her both of them were nymphomaniac sexperts with highest distinction. What else could I do ? But Jes, Jes, bless her, is not to be put off by diplomatic answers. With her, everything is black and white – or ginger – as the case maybe. She wanted me to make a choice. When I refused – probably the first time I refused anything to Jes, she wanted me to list what she was good at and what Ted was good at.

Oh boy. My Friday was fried for sure.

“This is why I didn’t want to fuck Ted. THIS !” I was desperate for Jes to change her mind. “I knew you would get competitive or comparative and I didn’t want the relationship between the three of us to be ruined by sex.” But Jes wasn’t listening. She kept pushing me to make a choice.

Ted walked in, removing his tie as he greeted us. He could feel the tension in the air and asked us what was wrong. “Ted, grab his hand,” Jes ordered in a monotone. Just as I turned to talk to Ted, and explain that it was impossible for me to choose between Jes and him, Jes reached over to her handbag and within the blink of an eye had me handcuffed to the bed. Being a policewoman, she has plenty of practice with such things and she wasn’t afraid to use her training on me. Whipping the tie off Ted’s collar, she tied my right leg to the bed post and with her own tights, she tied my left leg to the bed. She walked over to the other side and used furry, toy handcuffs, to tie my other hand to the bed. I was spread eagle and unable to move. There was a simmering seriousness in her eyes tonight.

“Ted, I want him to tell us which one of us good in the sack. He won’t tell me. Fine. If he wants to make it hard for himself, I will make it hard for him.”

“Sis, I think you are over reacting.” Ted tried the reasonable approach.

WRONG ! It only seemed to make Jes angrier.

“Don’t tell me what to think. I want to know what he is thinking.” Getting off the bed, Jes squared up to Ted. “Are you going to help me or hinder me ? Decide now.”

Oh boy, it was going to be one of those nights. Once Jes gets a bee in her bonnet or her bra, she won’t let up till she gets the answers she wants.

“Honey, I think both of you are great in bed. But I love YOU.” Seeing her dead pan expression, I continued. “I married you…” Still no response. So I tried to be ‘assertive’, “You are my wife for God sake ! Ofcourse I love you more.”

“The question is not about love ! It’s about who is the better person in bed.” Clambering back on the bed, Jes sat astride my stomach, “I want to know who is more skilled at kissing, BJ, whose pussy milks you more etc.” Turning to Ted, she ordered, “Go get my notebook and pen.”

“What do you intend to do with me ?” I asked, getting rather excited and erect with the sort of things I knew Jes was capable of. As a side-effect of ‘marriage’, we had stopped having sex games. Ted seems to have awakened a sense of fun and competition in her.

Jes scrunched up my t-shirt and pulled me close to her, bit my t-shirt and tore it to shreds with her teeth and nails. Ted stood rooted to the spot, wide eyed, notebook in hand, mouth open, tongue rolled out toward the floor !

Jes put her hands through the fly area of my shorts and pulled it apart. “Scissors !” Jes demanded. Ted fumbled around the drawer Jes pointed to and handed her the scissors. Snapping them in my face, Jes slipped them under the elastic of the shorts. I stopped breathing.


My shorts fell apart.

I resumed my breathing.

Jes toyed with my nipples and arm pits for a few minutes. She wanted to formulate her plan for the inquisition and tried to figure out how much torture I could take. She flicked my nipples and pulled the hairs in my pits to check. Squeezing my balls seemed to limit her when she heard a scream of pure pain escape my lips.

“Ted, get my bra.” Jes pointed to a drawer opposite the bed. “NO ! Underwire is no good as a blind fold !! Get me the sport support bra. Red one.” Though she was talking to Ted, Jes kept looking at me to see how I was responding to her commands. Madame seemed pleased. Placing her ample bra over my eyes, she secured it at the back.

“This isn’t fair. Now all he can smell is YOU. In any test of yours, he is going to be biased towards you.” Ted said in a sulky, hurt voice of a six year old.

“OK, give me something with your scent.” Jes offered.
“I don’t wear underwear and my socks won’t stay put in your bra.” Ted mused. I was shocked by the idea of having Jes’s bra stuffed with Ted’s socks. Just than I heard him click his fingers and he removed the shirt he had been wearing all day. Ted wrapped the shirt around my head, cutting out all light and suffusing me with his man-musk.

“Jes, you might be pepped up with testosterone from busting balls all day, but I am tired and hungry. If you want me to take part in this test of yours, we had better eat first. There is no way I can perform my best on a hungry stomach. ” Ted pleaded with Jes.

“OK, lets eat first.” Jes offered.
“Hey ! What about me ?” I didn’t want to be left naked and tied to the bed all night. “You aren’t going to leave me here ? Are you ?”.

I heard some fumbling, mumbling, rattling and my legs were free ! Only to be tied up again – tightly together. My hands were also freed for a few seconds before being tied tight by a thick cord. I was literally shaking with excitement. Someone grabbed me, threw me over their shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried me downstairs. I was sat down in a low back swivel chair Jes and I loved for making love.

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