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Extenuating Circumstance

Lost Bets

By Candace Mia

Copyright 2017 Candace Mia

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Lost Bets

“You should learn to bet with your brain instead of your heart.”

“I know.”

“So did you do it?”

“Yes. I went for a run.”

“Dressed like that?”

“Yes. I was bottomless.”

“Was it humiliating?”

“Just at first.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I only saw men by the river today. None of them seemed to mind me running around all out like that.”



“How many men were there?”


“And you were just running around the river like that.”

“Yeah. Up the sidewalk, over the bridge on one side. Down the sidewalk and over the bridge on the other.”

“What were the men doing?”

“Fishing. There was one on each bridge and one down on the bank.”

“Did they say anything?”

“The guy on one of the bridges said, ‘Nice day for a run.”

“What did you say?”

“Well, I was kind of tired so I stopped. He offered me a bottle of water from his cooler and I took it.”

“Was it weird standing there like that?”

“Yeah, duh. But it was kind of cool. I mean, he was staring right at my shaved pussy. It kind of tingled.”

“Wow. What did you talk about?”

“I asked him if he’d caught any fish. He showed me his bucket of them. He said the fish weren’t the highlight of his day. I giggled and said I was going to get back to my run. I took the water with me.”

“Did you talk to the other men?”

“Well, I went running by the guy who’d been down on the bank. He’d come up and was on the sidewalk. He just stood there, watching me go by. I decided to give him a little show.”

“Really? What did you do?”

“I pretended to accidentally drop my water?”

“You didn’t bend over like that.”

“I did. All the way. Like this.”

“Wow, with pussy and asshole on display.”

“Oh my god. You can see my asshole?”


“Wow. Well, I got on the run after that.”

“And I’m guessing you weren’t done with these guys.”

“No. I came to the next guy on the other bridge. He was really staring. So I stopped. I turned around. I told him I’d fallen in the grass earlier. I asked if I had any grass on my back.”

“He said there was some on my leg, and brushed it off. But I knew there wasn’t any grass on me. I’d not fallen. But I thanked him anyway. I asked if there was anymore. He touched my ass and said there was some there. I asked him to brush it off. He acted like my ass was covered with grass.”

“So you were just letting him touch your ass.”

“Don’t judge me. You try running around like that and see if you don’t want to be touched.”

“I would never have to. I bet with my head.”

“Well, anyway, I thanked him and got back on the run. I got back to the guy who’d given me the water bottle. He just smiled and watched me go by this time. But then the guy I’d bent over for was waiting by the sidewalk again. He told me I shouldn’t run around like that. He said it could be dangerous. I stopped. I asked if he’d protect me by pretending to be my boyfriend. He said he would. So I hugged him. His hands went straight to my ass. He was squeezing it like he owned it. And I could feel his hardness pressing into me. Then, I could feel it throbbing against me.”

“No way.”

“For real.”

“Then what happened?”

“I came too.”


“I was really turned on.”

“Then what?”

“Then I finished my run by running to my car. Then I drove here to tell you about it.”

“Well, your team plays again this weekend.”

“They’ll win this time.”

“Want to bet on it?”


Author Bio

Candace Mia lives on a farm in the Midwest. She spends her days taking care of animals and tending fields. At night, she likes to curl up with a good erotica tale. She has recently decided to try her hand at writing stories of her own. She hopes that you enjoy the products of her wandering mind.

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