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One Hundred Dollars an Hour by Karen Blayne

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Luv Karen


Qiao looked through the list of company names in the foyer, the fourteenth building she’d been to in the last week. She’d start at the top she decided. On the twenty fifth floor she spoke to the receptionist. “Can I leave my CV here?” “Unpaid intern, paid intern, normal job, any experience?” “Sort of normal job please.” The receptionist glanced at her CV, a general arts degree, volunteer work digging holes, “Can you work the photocopier?” “I think so.” “Well in that case you’re in luck Megan left on Friday and he hasn’t got round to organising a replacement yet. Second door on the left, he’ll probably start you today.” She pointed in the general direction.


Qiao knocked on the door, “Come in.” “I’m job hunting.” “Can you work a photocopier?” “Yes.” “You’re hired.” “How much?” “How much would you like?” Tricky question, too high and he might pick someone else, too low and you were working for peanuts. Never under value yourself, “A hundred an hour.” well he could always offer her less, “Well if you’re sure I don’t have a problem with it.” She’d had her ears syringed out the previous week when one ear bud sounded louder than the other only to find when she swapped them round it was the same ear that was quieter. No there was nothing wrong with her hearing that was for sure. “I’m sure.” She beamed back. “Ok you start this morning. The $100 an hour comes with a dress code, we don’t have time to sort you out properly this morning but I think there are a few garments your size around. He searched by the side of the desk and came up with a paper carrier bag with a well known lingerie designer name on the side which he passed over. He turned and opened a wardrobe behind him and lifted out a pleated skirt, blouse and a pair of black heels. “I’ll leave you to get changed whilst I go and grab a bite to eat. I’ll be back in ten minutes.”


Qiao peered inside the carrier and lifted out the tissue wrapped garments, laying them gently on the desktop. Well for a $100 an hour she could wear anything. She stripped off her own clothes and dressed herself in the flimsy frilly underwear. She tried tugging the bra up to cover herself but there wasn’t quite enough material. The blouse looked suspiciously thin but whatever. Eventually after shortening the garter straps and easing the silk stockings to their full extent and tugging the skirt well down on her hips she just managed to get the stocking welts above her hem. She stepped into the heels, not a bad fit she’d worn higher ones for an hour or two, hopefully she won’t need to wear them all day.


He came back into the office and glanced at her before spreading a towel out on one of the office chairs. “You look very good, just sit down for me.” She sat on the towel, “Now spread your legs.” Mystified she did as she was told. He picked up a magic wand and handed it to her, “Just hold that against your crotch for a minute or two.” She hesitated, should she or should she not, dressed as she was she could hardly just get up and walk out of the office. Her greed led her to follow instructions, perhaps he got off on having his staff masturbate in front of him, she could live with that. She glanced at him and noticed the desire in his eyes, God she didn’t know which was more potent the wand at her crotch or the look in his eye. She could feel herself building up, “Time for the board room I think.” The bastard, “Just a touch of jewellery first.” He undid a couple of buttons on her blouse and hooked one loop on the end of a thin gold chain round one erect nipple and the other loop round the other nipple then buttoned her blouse up again. She felt every step as the chain gently jiggled her nipples as they walked into the board room.


“Sorry to keep you waiting. I trust the coffee was to your liking?” There was a nod from the visitor on the other side of the table. He took a sip of his own and grimaced. “Did you stir it widdershins?” he asked Qiao. She shook her head mystified what widdershins meant. He caught her hand, swivelled his chair round pulled her across his knee with her butt facing the visitor, raised her pleated skirt and spanked her. The first one stung, the second did as well but a warm glowy feeling crept into her as well. One the third she gave a little cry and the shudder that went through her body left no doubt as to what had happened. She was mortified, even more when something was thrust up her unmentionable. She carefully stood up and tried ineffectually to tug her hem down.


The visitor looked to be in a state of shock, “Sorry about that, new staff you know, have to train them right. Now I’ve drawn up a contract for $28 million so if you’d just like to sign the bottom.” He passed it to Qiao to carry it round the table for him. Qiao took one look at the gleam in the visitor’s eye and his dropped jaw and promptly came again holding on to the conference table for support as she tottered on her heels. She laid the document down in front of him and bent down to pull out whatever had been thrust inside her. A lollipop? It was just too tempting to pop it into his open mouth and lift his dropped jaw closed with her finger. He signed the document in a daze so she kissed him on the top of his head and tottered back round the table, certain his eyes were glued to her wiggling butt. Her new boss slipped his finger between the two sides of the crotchless knickers she was wearing and pulled out a damp finger which he licked. “She is tasty isn’t she?” Qiao nearly died of embarrassment. Soon the visitor had been ushered out of the room and on his way.


He led the way back to his office. “Right bend over the desk.” Puzzled she bent over and before she realised what was happening he was thrusting himself into her. She came for the third time that morning. Afterwards he pulled her on to his lap and wrapped his arms round her. “God I needed that after the meeting. So tell me how long have you known Megan?” “I don’t know anyone called Megan.” He swallowed “Oh dear you must think me some sort of power crazed manic?” She looked at him expecting an explanation. “”Six months ago Megan’s boy friend was offered an out of town promotion and he was to travel out first, buy a house if he liked it and they would get married. Megan wanted perfect furniture and was missing her boyfriend so she came up with the idea that for $100 an hour for six months she’d be my office slut. Often when one of the girls leaves someone turns up in their place, the staff seem to organise it amongst themselves so I naturally assumed you know Megan. Are you still interested? I could raise it to $120 an hour?” “But what will your wife think if she ever finds out?” “I’m not married, and let’s face it I was prepared to go another $4 million this morning so you’ve more than paid your wages for the next few years.” “And the question about the photocopier?” “Oh its showing a paper low indicator and Megan was the only one who knew which way up to feed the new packet of paper.” Oh the arrow on the packets of copier paper showing which side was the smoothest, the side next to the roller from her art printing technology course, well there was always the 1-800 number on the side of the photocopier and she could work on his ideas about a wife. “I’m happy to accept $120 an hour.” She lent in and kissed him on the lips.

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