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by Misty Vixen

The Pale Redhead takes place in a post-apocalyptic erotica universe. In it, decades have passed since an unknown virus ravaged the entire population of the planet. Half of humanity was turned into groaning, mindless zombies. Half of those that remained were mutated into a variety of strange sub-species. Some adapted to water. Some adapted to plant life. Some took flight. The strange melting pot of humans and inhumans attempted to survive among the shattered ruins of planet Earth. Naturally, sex between humans and inhumans is regarded with everything from unease to outright hostility. But that just makes it a lot more fun.

Justin stared down the barrel of a shotgun and felt fairly confident that the day could not possibly get any worse. In fact, he was pretty sure that he was going to die. Four filthy men in grubby, patchwork clothing stood around him, staring at him with malicious grins. In a way, he honestly just felt flat out embarrassed.

He had made it exactly three weeks on his own before, apparently, he was to die. He had thought that he was better prepared for this. And yet here he was, on his knees with his hands behind his head, looking at a shotgun and probably his own death. They had jumped him, hit him over the head, and kicked the crap out of him for a little bit. Now he hurt all over, but that seemed inconsequential in the face of death.

So what do you think we should do with him?” the man holding the shotgun asked.

Maybe we could blow one of his feet off, leaving him for the freaks,” another replied.

God, what an awful fucking situation.

We could just kill him now, be done with it,” a third man suggested.

That’s too fast,” the fourth complained.

I think-” The man holding the shotgun, presumably the leader, stopped speaking as a breaking branch sounded like a gunshot in the still, cold air. They all looked around. “Go check it,” he said, suddenly serious.

One of the men turned and headed off into the treeline. Everyone was serious now and Justin wondered how this was going to shake out. There was a soft sound, and then...nothing. “Paul, what the fuck is taking so long!?” No response. “Paul?! Goddamnit, Bill, go in there and see what the fuck he’s up to,” the leader snapped.

Another man, this one also holding a shotgun, hesitated, then set off after the first. Justin felt fear, but also hope, settle over him. Something was happening, he could feel it. He looked up, briefly, at the gray overcast skies that had been threatening rain, possibly even snow, all day long. It made the whole situation that much more miserable and bleak. This time, there was another sound, followed by a lot of shifting.

What the fuck-”

Something, a knife, he realized, flew out of the treeline and sank up to the hilt in the leader’s neck. Justin pulled himself back, reacting on pure instinct, and it was a good thing too, because he squeezed the trigger of the shotgun. As it was, the blast nearly deafened him. As he was trying to deal with the knife in his neck, the leader stumbled away, and the final man decided to try and run for it. He didn’t make it very far.

A gunshot rang out and he pitched forward, collapsing to the ground. Another gunshot rang out and the leader went down. Justin laid there on the ground, waiting for whoever it was to come to him as the bushes and branches shifted and swayed. Today had gone from bad to worse to horrifying. What the fuck was coming next?

Abruptly, the most beautiful, and yet the most intimidating, woman he had ever seen stepped into the small clearing with him. She was holding a pistol. She was tall, very pale, and redheaded. He could immediately tell that she was a wraith, a half-undead. She stalked forward and shot both of the downed men in the head, then turned to face him. He froze, staring at her. She cast an appraising eye over him, then turned back to the corpses.

Kneeling, she began to frisk them. “Who are you and why are you out here?” she asked.

I’m, uh, Justin. And I was traveling,” he replied a little shakily, trying to get a grasp on himself again. He slowly stood.

Are you alone, Justin?” she asked.

Yes. It’s just me.”

I see.” She fell silent, finishing searching the first body and then moving over to the next. “My name is Bianca. Where were you going?” she asked.

I’m...not sure,” he admitted.

She hesitated in her search, then finished it up in silence. He still had no idea where this was going. He’d never met a wraith before in his life. Inhumans were fairly common, he’d seen enough of the extraordinarily tall goliaths, the cat-person jags, and the lizard-people reps. He knew there were others, and that some of them were much more rare. He thought that the half-undead wraiths might be the rarest of all.

He also hadn’t expected one to be this fucking attractive.

So what are you doing out here?” she asked finally, finishing her search and standing. She turned to face him again and stepped closer.

He had to fight the urge to take a step back. She was very intimidating. “’s a long story,” he replied finally.

I see,” she murmured. Bianca looked around, frowning as she glanced skywards. Justin shivered slightly, abruptly realizing how cold it had gotten. “There’s a snowstorm coming, Justin. A bad one. You won’t survive out here. You need to be somewhere inside. If you’d like, I could point you towards the nearest village, or even an abandoned structure. Or, you could come with me and stay in my home,” she said, returning her gaze to him.

I’ll, uh, come with you,” he said, because all at once, he felt almost helpless. The reality of his situation seemed to come crashing down on him. He felt like a stupid child. As he followed after Bianca, he wondered suddenly if she might be offering him shelter for some ulterior motive. Something evil. He’d heard all sorts of stories about wraiths...but he’d also heard all sorts of stories about other inhumans, and he’d met several, and although they weren’t perfect, none of them had turned out to fit any of the stereotypes he’d heard.

He didn’t really make racism a policy, though.

At this point, he was willing to give Bianca the benefit of the doubt. But...he frowned, surmising as he found his eyes drawn down to her thick ass, which filled out the cargo pants she was wearing very nicely, that he was probably thinking with his dick at this point. It was extremely difficult not to. He hadn’t had sex since the last time he’d done it a month ago.

And even though she was a wraith, and even if he could see blackened veins across her pale skin, and her eyes were kind of creepy...she was actually really fucking hot. Not that it mattered, though. He doubted she’d have any interested in him.

I need to gather some wood before we go home. That’s why I was out here in the first place,” Bianca said.

Okay,” he replied.

They walked in silence for a few more minutes. Justin looked at the woods surrounding them. Most of what he’d been walking through had been woods. How much of his time had just been spent walking over the past few weeks? Looking for supplies, abandoned places, things to keep himself alive? Too much.

He sucked at it.

I was out here because I was frustrated,” he said.

Frustrated?” she replied.

Yes. I’ve spent my entire life in my home village. Short version is that I kept seeing all these awesome people, these amazing, capable adventurers coming through, people who wander the road and do all sorts of interesting things, and I was sitting there, doing nothing but perpetuating my boring life in my boring village.”

There are worse things,” Bianca said.

I suppose,” he replied unhappily.

So you just...left?” she asked.

Yes. I mean, eventually. I worked hard to save up for supplies, and I already knew a lot of basics of survival, so I figured, why the hell not?”

How old are you?” she asked.

I’m nineteen,” he replied, a little defensively.

Hmm. Old enough,” she murmured.

Old enough for what?”

There’s some firewood. Come on.”

He followed after her, finding thoughts of unease and uncertainty worming their way into his skull. Had this been a mistake? Had he been a complete moron for leaving his village? His parents? The people he knew and the safety and certainty of it all? So far, it seemed like it was a mistake, but it had only been a few weeks. He followed her over to a small wooden, open-faced structure stacked with chopped logs.


It’s communal,” Bianca explained as she grabbed a wheelbarrow and began loading logs into it. “We all chop wood here and there, now and then, and bring some here.”

Neat,” he replied, unsure of what else to say. Justin was still trying to get a feel for her. He knew that the inhumans were supposed to be different, maybe kind of weird, depending on which kind you were interacting with. Although from his own personal experiences, they weren’t all that different. It seemed just as easy to talk to a jag or a rep as his own kind. Actually, it seemed to have gotten easier to talk to an inhuman versus a human.

They seemed to be on the same wavelength as him.

Of course, it was probably the fact that the only inhumans he talked with were adventurers passing through his village. So obviously they were on the same page. As soon as Bianca had finished loading up the wood, she stepped aside.

I’ll obviously expect some help in exchange for letting you stay at my place tonight,” she said, indicating the wheelbarrow.

He stepped up to it, grabbed the handles and lifted. “That’s fair,” he replied.

Thank you,” she said, and began leading him off, deeper into the woods.

They walked in silence for several minutes before he decided maybe he should try to get to know her a little bit better. “So, um, Bianca. How’d you end up living out here?”

She was silent for a few seconds. “Traditionally, wraiths do not get along very well with most other species,” she replied. “On account of them trying to kill us. At best, we are merely tolerated. Naturally, I sought isolation.”

Oh...I’m sorry,” he replied awkwardly. “Uh, if it helps, I don’t think anything, you know, bad about you.”

I suppose we’ll see,” she said.

Do you live alone?”


The conversation was definitely strange and uncomfortable. He didn’t actually feel like she was being hostile towards him, more just...cold. Maybe stoic. Combine that with the fact that he wasn’t all that good at making conversation, and you had one awkward situation. Maybe he should just shut up. Although how often did she get to meet people and have social contact if she lived way out here in the middle of nowhere? Then again, what if she liked it that way? What if she was doing something nice even though she didn’t want to and him just shutting up would make the whole thing go smoother? This sucked.

He saw her house a moment later. It was a simple place, more of a cabin, actually, but it looked sturdy and well-maintained. As they crossed the front yard and he followed her around to the back, he felt a particularly powerful and cold wind blow across the area, making him shiver. She was right, it was definitely going to get dangerously cold soon. The sun was already heading for the horizon. Night would be upon him soon.

Here,” she said, leading him to a bin that held just a few logs. “We’ll go out and chop some up tomorrow. This will have to do for now,” she said, and he helped her unload the logs into the bin. Once that was done, they set aside the wheelbarrow and she led him in through a back door. He looked around as she locked the door behind them.

Most of the cabin was just one large room that seemed to serve as dining room, living room, and bedroom. The place looked surprisingly cozy, comfortable, and lived-in. It also smelled nice. He realized that she had a few candles burning.

Check the place out,” she said. “I’ve got to do something.”

Without offering up what that something was, she disappeared into the only interior door in the cabin, which, by the quick flash of the room beyond he caught, led to the bathroom. He decided to look around like she suggested and took off his backpack, then set it down at the foot of the bed. Now that he was somewhere safe and beginning to warm up, his wounds were really starting to become impossible to avoid. His head hurt, his arm hurt, his legs hurt. He probably had a black eye. Well, he’d need to get cleaned up at some point tonight. As he checked out the furniture, he sighed, realizing something annoying.

There was only one bed, and no couch. And although it was a queen size, he had no delusions about whether or not she would want to share the bed with him. So that meant that he’d have to sleep on his bedroll. Well, there were worse places to sleep. At least he’d be indoors and in a warm environment. The ‘bedroom’ area was no more than the bed and a squat, small dresser beside it. The living room was a pair of decently comfortable chairs, (maybe he could sleep in one of them, although he’d never had any real success at sleeping while sitting up), and a low coffee table, the top of which was scattered with random items, including many hardback novels. Cool. Books were decently rare, especially older books. He read whatever he could.

The dining room was probably the most interesting. The eating area was just a small round table with two chairs on either side of it. The remainder of the space was taken up by a large wooden workbench that was scattered with tools and parts and pieces and disassembled guns and other things he couldn’t easily identify.

Clearly, Bianca was a capable and intelligent woman.

He moved into the kitchen, which was just an extension off the main room, next to the bathroom. Just some cabinets, a sink that looked like it worked, a wood-burning stove, and a small refrigerator hooked up to a little generator. He studied it for a moment, following a wire that came out the back and went up the wall behind it, to a hole in the ceiling. She must have solar panels on the roof, or at least one of them, he realized.

It was a nice setup.

He heard running water in the bathroom and wondered what she was up to. Maybe she was washing up because she felt dirty. Did wraiths do that? He realized he didn’t know hardly anything about them. He’d heard so many different stories about whether or not they ate, what they ate, if they needed to drink, their motives and abilities and needs. Part of him suspected that it wasn’t uniform. That different wraiths needed and wanted different things. It made enough sense. He still wasn’t even sure how a wraith happened.

The only thing he knew, and even then his ‘knowledge’ was tenuous at best, was that they were humans who had been turned by the virus, but hadn’t gone full undead. They were caught halfway in between the living and the undead. So far, from what he could see about Bianca, being a wraith meant that you were extremely pale, you had black veins all across your skin, and you looked kind of ill. But apparently that didn’t stop someone from being hot as hell. He sighed as he sat down in one of the chairs, trying to put that out of his mind.

He imagined that being a wraith meant that sex lost a lot of its meaning. Did she even get horny anymore? He’d like to think so, but he doubted it. And even if she did, he seriously doubted she’d be into him.

After another minute or so, the door to the bathroom suddenly opened up. Bianca came out and she looked...really good. Like, even better than before. She’d shed the clothes she had been wearing in favor of some cut-off jeans and a low-cut tanktop that showed off some amazing pale cleavage. She’d combed her hair and pulled it into a ponytail. He thought she might have even put on a bit of lipstick. Why? She didn’t strike him as someone who particularly cared about how pretty she was. Well, she was probably just changing into something more comfortable. Bianca walked around the cabin for a bit, checking the doors and windows, making sure they were firmly closed and locked, the curtains drawn over them.

She moved over to the kitchen and crouched in front of the wood-burning stove. Holy crap it was hard not to stare at her ass. She had a big ass and it was showcased even more in those tight cut-offs she was wearing. It was a genuine difficulty not to check her out as she’d walked around the cabin. She started a fire in the stove and then closed it. Turning around, she finally fixed him with an intense stare and sat down across from him.

We should talk, Justin,” she said.

I...okay. What about?” he asked.

I have a deal I want to offer you. I’ve been thinking about it ever since you accepted my offer to stay here in my cabin. It’s a bit more...long term.”

He shifted in the chair, absolutely unsure of where the hell this was going. It seemed to be coming out of nowhere. But he had to admit that he was intrigued by what it could possibly be. “Okay...I’m listening,” he replied.

She smiled, very slightly. Was she nervous? “So, winter is on fast approach. Honestly, I think it’s going to come tonight. And when it comes, it settles in for a good two months. I don’t know how much experience you have or what you might have been told, but basically everyone finds a place to essentially wait out the winter when first snow comes. So it would be beneficial for you to accept my offer and stay here for the winter.”

Okay, um...what is your offer, exactly? Or is that the offer? To let me stay here for the winter?” he replied.

No, there’s a little bit more to it. So, first I’ll say what I’m offering. I’m offering to let you stay here, with me, for the duration of the winter. I’ll make sure you have reliable access to food and clean water, I have a functional toilet and shower, this place has power, though I tend not to use much of it. I have medical supplies and I’m fairly knowledgeable about medicine, so I’ll be able to take care of you if something happens. I have guns and ammo here, and I can defend myself quite well. I’ll also be willing to teach you more about surviving in the world.” She paused, looking away from him for a moment, then slowly returned her gaze to him.

As for what I will expect in return,” she said, and he could tell she was definitely nervous. What the hell was she going to ask of him that she was nervous about? “Obviously, I’ll want you to help me with chores around the place. Gathering firewood, cleaning, hunting, basic stuff that I imagine you are familiar with.” Here, he nodded. He’d done chores for as long as he could remember. It was just a part of life.

And?” he asked. “I get the feeling there’s more.”

There is. You will also be expected to...pleasure me. Sexually.” She hesitated, then plunged on. “I will expect you to make love to me and orally pleasure me to orgasm once a day.” Then she stopped talking and stared at him.

He blinked in surprise a few times. “I...see,” he said, uncertain of what to say. “ this offer,” he said.

Really?” she asked, sounding genuinely surprised.

I mean, duh,” he replied, finding some more stability. “Why would I turn you down?”

Um, I’m a fucking wraith,” she replied, almost angrily.

I...know,” he said. “It’s kind of obvious. I mean...sorry, if that was rude.” He sighed, trying to finish rallying his thoughts and focus. “Bianca, I find you extremely attractive and I would be thrilled to have sex with you and pleasure you. Although I have to be up front, I have very little experience with, um, sex. And I’m also kind of confused as to why in the hell you’d want to sleep with me so much that you’d try to turn it into a business transaction.”

It really isn’t obvious to you?” she asked.”

I believe I told you earlier how reviled my kind are among mostly everyone. Connect the dots. That makes it very difficult to get laid. And believe it or not, I still love sex. I still get horny. I get fucking lonely. So finding someone who is willing to lick my clit and stick their cock in me is an extreme rarity. Like...I haven’t had sex in almost a year.”

Holy shit, I’m sorry,” he replied.

What about you?” she asked. “How long’s it been?”

Well, just about a month for me...but also, um, the last time I had sex was only the third time I’d done it, and they had all been close together. So I lost my virginity maybe a month and a half ago,” he replied.

Oh wow. So you’re pretty inexperienced.’re really okay with fucking me on a regular basis?” she asked.

Yes,” he replied firmly.

Here, she actually smirked and leaned forward, showing off a lot more of her pale, black-veined cleavage. “Prove it,” she said.

He felt the erection that had been stirring in his pants suddenly stiffen entirely. His guts began churning and his heart pounded in excitement. Holy hell, he was about to get laid. “Okay,” he stood up, “do we need,”

She stood as well and shook her head. “No, Justin. I can’t get pregnant, and I can’t carry diseases of any kind. And don’t worry, it’s bullshit what they say, about how barebacking a wraith turns you into a wraith.” She stepped up to him and grabbed his crotch. “Which means you get to have completely unprotected sex with me every single day, and I won’t make you pull out. Also, I’m not a selfish lover. I’m totally okay with sucking dick and letting you come in my mouth. I’ll swallow...have you ever had that done for you?” she asked.

He shook his head. “No,” he replied, finding it hard to focus. He’d never had a woman be so overtly sexual to him. Especially an extremely hot, older, inhuman woman. “How, um, how old are you?” he asked.

Thirty two,” she replied.

Is that what you meant earlier, when you said ‘old enough’?”

Yes, actually. Now, take your clothes off, Justin. Let’s go to bed together. I don’t really want to wait, now that we’ve been talking about it.”

I...okay. Yes ma’am,” he murmured.

Her smirk broadened. “Good boy,” she said.

She took off her shirt, freeing her big breasts. Good lord, her tits were amazing. Easily the best breasts he’d ever seen in his life. All of his thoughts were kicked squarely out of his head. He wasn’t worried about the cold. He wasn’t worried about the inherent danger of the world he had stupidly marched out into. He wasn’t worried about the future. All he was thinking about right now was this topless pale woman in front of him.

Holy fuck,” he whispered.

Wow, you really are sex starved,” she said. “Well, lucky for you, so am I.”

She walked over to him, reached down, took his wrists and brought his hands up to her breasts, laying them across them. A spark of pure, powerful lust shot through him and something that had been living down deep in him, pressed down for a long time and let out only briefly last month, suddenly was yanked to the forefront of his brain.

He felt electrified by lust.

Justin leaned in and kissed Bianca hard on the mouth. She seemed surprised, but immediately wrapped her arms around him. Oh God, he’d forgotten how good it felt not just to kiss a woman, but to have her kiss you back, to have her hold you, to feel that desire coming from her. He hugged her back, tilting his head and deepening the kiss, then slipping his tongue into her mouth. She let out another sound of surprised happiness, and moved her tongue eagerly forward to touch his. They met, twined, danced together.

She tasted like something sweet.

And he could feel her big tits pressing against his chest through his shirt. She broke the kiss but kept her lips so close to his that when she spoke, they brushed together. “Take all your clothes off, Justin. I’m going to make you come so fucking hard,” she whispered.

He exhaled hard. “Oh-okay,” he replied.

She laughed softly and let go of him, then moved over to the bed. He quickly shed his shirt and kicked off his shoes, turning to keep looking at her. She was the most vibrant thing in the cabin, her body drawing his eyes.

Especially when she unbuttoned those cut-offs and pulled them down, revealing that thick, pale ass he’d been so desperately wanting to see and fantasizing about earlier. It was even better than he thought it would be. It was broad, supported by large hips, and pale and smooth. As he pulled his pants down, he hesitated.

I need to wash,” he said.

I guess that’s true,” she replied, turning around.

He could see her fully naked now. Oh her thighs. He loved women with thick thighs, and she had some great, well-padded ones. And he could see her pussy. She apparently kept it shaved. Well, that was fine by him.

I can help you with that,” she said.

I...okay,” he replied awkwardly. She came over to him, took his hand, and guided him into her bathroom. She had a shower stall with a glass door. She leaned in and turned on the shower, which had a detachable showerhead.

Turning back to face him, she looked down at his crotch. “Boxers, too, Justin,” she said. He hesitated further, glancing down. “Hey, I got naked for you. Do you know how hard that was, even though you’re obviously really turned on by me?”

Yeah, but you’re like...really hot,” he replied awkwardly.

I’m also a wraith. I was hot before I turned, okay? That’s not vanity, that’s reality. When I turned, it...devastated me. I felt like I was never going to be attractive to anyone ever again. And for a lot of people, I’m not. And, I’m not trying to imply that I’ve dramatically lowered my standards or I’m fucking you out of desperation. I mean, okay...that was my original thought, I didn’t think you’d actually be into me.” She paused, seemed to gather her thoughts. “What I’m trying to say is that I think you’re attractive too. You’re really cute, actually. And, I get it, you’re young and inexperienced. You’re worried I’m going to think your dick is small, aren’t you?” she asked.

I...yeah,” he admitted.

I can tell just by your hard-on pushing against your boxers that you’re gonna be fine. And, well, I promised I was going to teach you things. Lesson Number One, Justin: What you can do with your tongue, your lips, and your fingers? Way more important than how big your cock is. Also, a lot of ‘tough guys’ will roll their eyes at this, but how you treat your lady is also a lot more important. I promise, if you get her wet and treat her well, instead of wasting time trying to impress her, she’ll be way more receptive to what you have to offer. So...take off your boxers, Justin. Okay?” she asked, stepping back slightly.

He nodded and took off his boxers. He felt horribly exposed, but it freaked him out less than he thought he would, probably because he believed her, he believed everything she’d told him. Justin joined her in the shower.

Man,” she whispered as she gently touched him. “They really worked you over, huh?”

Yeah,” he replied, looking down at his body. He had several bad bruises. He was glad that he’d gotten out of it without anything broken.

She hugged him suddenly, and this hug felt different. “You’re safe here,” she said.

He felt a strange but intensely powerful emotion come over him, and he hugged her fiercely back. He hadn’t had anyone tell him anything like that for...a long time now. He hadn’t realized how much he desperately wanted that.

Thank you,” he whispered.

You’re welcome. Now...let me wash you,” she said.


He let go of her and she found a bar of soap and a washrag, and lathered it up. “I’ll try to be careful,” she said.


She began washing him, moving slowly down his arms, then his chest, his back. It felt wonderful. Her touch was gentle and soft, but sure. He simply stood there in the falling, hot water and let himself be washed. By the time she got down to his legs, kneeling now, his erection, which had begun to soften while she was washing him, had come back. In fact, it felt very powerful and intense, especially with her face right there, and her being naked.

Bianca touched his dick with the washcloth and began to massage it.

He groaned.

Oh, you like that?” she asked, smirking up at him.

Yes,” he murmured. “That’s...really good.”

How experienced was the girl you lost your virginity to?” Bianca asked.

Not very.”

Oh boy...I’m going to make you fall in love with me.” Her smirk became more confident, then she suddenly stuck her tongue out and dragged it across the head of his cock.

He moaned in surprised pleasure. “There are worse things,” he replied.

Oh? want more?” she asked.

Yes, please,” he whispered, staring intently at her now. “I want more.”

Okay, but you’d better do a really good job eating me out after this.”

I will. I promise,” he replied. “I might need some pointers.”

That’s fine.”

She put aside the rag and bar of soap, then washed his cock off, and then stuck her tongue out and began licking the head of his dick over and over. Pleasure blossomed and exploded inside of him and he cried out.

Oh, Bianca!” he moaned as she slipped it into her mouth and started sucking him off. A pale, older, redhead was sucking his dick. She was actually sucking his dick, and she was going to let him have unprotected sex with her.

Apparently for the next two or three months.

She took it briefly out of her mouth. “Don’t be afraid to blow off, Justin. Remember, I swallow.” And then she put it back into her mouth.

He lasted perhaps five more seconds. All of this was just overwhelming. His own inexperience, the last time he’d had sex, let alone the last time he’d jacked off. It had been almost five days. And he was so fucking turned on, so attracted to her, that it was just too much. He cried out, laying a hand on the back of her head as he began letting off inside her mouth. Bianca moaned as she kept sucking. She was massaging his balls now, her grasp gentle but sure, her touch very warm. He kept moaning, his hips jerking forward in time with his orgasm, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth and practically coming down her throat each time a fresh spurt of his seed was ejected from his cock. It was, he was positive, the best orgasm he’d ever had.

And then he wondered if coming in her pussy would feel even better.

He was sure it would, and that only intensified his current pleasure.

Fuck!” he cried as he finished coming, and Bianca continued sucking his remaining seed out as she slowly pulled his dick out from between her pressed together lips. She swallowed everything and let go of his balls.

Happy?” she asked.

Ecstatic,” he replied sedately, leaning against the tiled wall. “I”

Yep, I still got it,” she said, grinning as she turned to face the showerhead. She gargled and spat, then turned to face him. “I’ve got some juice I can drink. Cause I still want to kiss you. Like...a lot. I forgot how fucking awesome kissing is.”

Appreciated and happy to kiss you a lot more,” he agreed.

She washed herself up, then slipped out and grabbed a towel. “Finish up, okay? I’d forgotten how horny sucking dick made me.”

I’m hurrying,” he replied.

Justin’s mind felt strange, almost like it was adrift, as he washed up. This was so far beyond what he had experienced before that he didn’t know exactly how to handle it. When he’d lost his virginity, and including the few follow-up sessions he’d engaged in, it had been with a woman his own age, who had herself been a virgin. They’d been friends for years, and she had asked him if he’d be interested in exploring with her, and he had.

Her name was Amy.

Honestly...when he’d wanted to take the relationship further, she had hedged, told him no, she didn’t want him as a boyfriend...that might have been what led him to leaving his village. It was immature and stupid, but now that he was actually facing that reality, he could admit to himself that it was true.

Justin finished washing off and killed the water. He grabbed a towel and quickly dried himself off. He’d eaten out Amy twice, and she seemed to enjoy it a lot, so apparently he was at least okay at it. But Bianca was noticeably older than him. And no doubt far more experienced than him. He tried not to let that get to him. Anxiety wasn’t going to help his performance. Once he was clean and dry, Justin left the bathroom.

He saw Bianca laying in her bed, staring intently at him. She’d turned off a few of the lights, dimming the ambient light level noticeably.

Get over here,” she said.

Justin’s heart started kicking harder in his chest as he crossed the cabin. He heard the wind picking up around it and suddenly felt that much more grateful to be inside with her. And soon...inside of her.

He could feel his erection coming back again already.

He climbed onto the bed and laid down beside her. She immediately kissed him on the lips, and now he hugged her to him again, fully enjoying her nude body. All that soft, warm skin. He slid his hand slowly down her back and came to rest on the swell of her ass. He groped it gently. God, her tits and her ass were a lot bigger than Amy’s had been. That was a really shallow thought, but right now, he was very, very enamored with her body. He’d never enjoyed groping and kissing a woman who was this fucking hot.

He let go of her ass after a bit and began groping one of her large, firm breasts again. An idea came to him, inspiration, and he slipped his hand slowly down her body and found her vagina. He slipped a fingertip in between the taut lips he found and located her clit. She gasped as he made contact with it.

Oh you bad boy,” she whispered.

He grinned into the kiss and began to gently massage her clit. She gasped and moaned. He resumed making out with her as he gradually began to rub a little harder and a little faster. She moaned louder. Justin wanted to take it up to the next level, for both of them. He was actually very grateful that Bianca had sucked him dry. Besides the obvious reason, he could actually think now. He was still horny, but not so much that it was distracting. Well, okay, not super distracting. He lowered himself slightly and began to lick one of her big, pale breasts.

Oh yes...” she moaned. “That’s so good...”

He began licking across her nipple and started to finger her faster, really rubbing her clit now, and she cried out.

Fuck! I haven’t been touched in so fucking long, Justin...” she moaned.

Hearing her moan his name like that…

He was very, very glad that he had met her.

Especially when he realized that he was apparently good enough to get her to come, and not only quickly, but powerfully. She let out a startled cry of pleasure and her whole body jerked as she began to orgasm. He thought he would feel a spray of sex juices come out of her pussy, as he had just slipped his finger inside of her and began fucking her rapidly with it, but he didn’t. Amy had been a squirter, but Bianca definitely wasn’t. He realized it must be because she was a wraith. Oh well, it didn’t bother him. He could feel her vaginal muscles clenching powerful around his finger as she screamed in pure ecstasy, her breasts jiggling as she twitched and jerked. Her pussy got a little hotter and a bit wetter as well.

After what seemed like a long time, she finally fell back against the bed with a sharp exhale. “Oh my God, that’s the best orgasm I’ve had in over a year,” she whispered, her eyes wide, a dazed smile on her face. “I think I know how you felt in the don’t have to eat me out now, if you don’t want to. I’ll totally move on to sex.”

I want to,” he replied.

She looked down at him. “Wow, seriously?”

Yeah. I mean, I’m seriously attracted to you, I really enjoy pleasuring you, and you...seem like you’ve had it rough. And, um, I like you. I want to make you feel good...and besides, in the shower, I promised,” he replied.

You’re very sweet,” she said. “And I’m not saying no to sweetness. I need some in my life. So...thank you. And I’ll try to be sweet right back to you. As a matter of fact, I don’t mind sucking dick every day.”

That’s awesome,” he replied. “Now, spread your legs.”

You got it,” she said, and spread her long, pale legs.

He got down between them, recalling what he had learned with Amy. “You’ll want to go slow,” Bianca advised. “And start out using only the tip of your tongue. Then, you’ll want to gradually increase speed and pressure, and how much of your tongue you use.”

Got it,” he replied.

God, you are so easy. And I mean that in a good way. I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve been with who don’t take direction at all in bed. I mean, I’m okay with being dominated every now and then, but there’s a this turning you off? Me talking about my past sex life?”

No,” he replied simply.

Okay good, because sometimes I worry that-oh fuck yes...”

He began to tongue her clit, carefully touching the tip of it to the small white nub nestled in between the lips of her pussy. He slowly began to massage it and she moaned loudly. “Ooh, you’re a natural at this,” she groaned as he kept it up.

That was very good to know.

He did just as she said, gradually, slowly increasing both the pressure and speed and soon he was licking rapidly at her clit, using more of his tongue, and he had her screaming. And apparently she was as keyed up as he was, because she was twisting and writhing and griping the blankets she laid on, squeezing and pulling.

And then he made her orgasm a second time.

Oh yes, Justin!” she screamed. “Keep going!”

He kept going, licking her clit as she jerked and twitched, and it was hard to keep licking because she was moving around so much. But eventually she stopped coming and went slack a second time, gasping for breath.

Okay...okay...that’s good,” she whispered.

He sat up and wiped his mouth on the back of his hand. “So...good job?”

Like I said, fucking natural,” she replied. “Ugh, we should so sixty-nine sometime.”

That’d be hot, I’ve never done that,” he said.

She nodded, then looked down and smiled. “Well, someone’s back up and ready to go. You ready for some bareback wraith pussy?” she asked.

Yes. Definitely yes,” he replied. “I’ve never, uh, gone bareback before.”

God, you are going to fucking belong to me, Justin. Guys like you always fall for the girls that really, really get them off.” I said, there are worse things,” he replied, laughing nervously.

Yep.” She reached over suddenly and opened up one of the dresser drawers. Reaching in, she felt around until she found something. Her hand came up with a plastic bottle, filled with a strange green liquid.

What’s that?” he asked.

It’s lubricant. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t have the wettest pussy. We’ll need lube to fuck. I’ve been stockpiling it for a long time now, so...we won’t run out anytime soon.” She opened the bottle and upended it, pouring some into her hand. She closed and replaced the bottle with one hand while squeezing the other into a fist repeatedly. Smirking again, she reached down and began to massage his rock-hard cock.

Oh fuck, that’s good, Bianca,” he whispered.

It’s about to get a lot better,” she replied, and laid back. Wiping her hand off on her blanket, she spread her legs. “Fuck this pussy,” she said. “You earned it.”

He eagerly and quickly laid down in between her thick thighs, almost trembling with excitement now. He missed getting inside of her twice, and she reached down between them, gripping him. “It’s okay,” she whispered, and laid the head of his cock at the entrance to her vagina. As soon as he was there, he began pushing his way into her.

He wanted to go in all at once, but he knew he had to go slower. He’d accidentally hurt Amy doing that one of the times and had felt like shit about it. Bianca spread her legs out a little further and moaned loudly as he entered her.

That’s it,” she whispered. “Oh my God, Justin, it’s been so fucking long since I’ve had sex. I’ve missed it so fucking much...” she groaned.

Me too,” he gasped as he kept inching his way inside of her.

They both moaned in sexual unity as he buried himself completely within her, all of his cock inside of her amazing, tight, wraith pussy. He began driving into her a bit more steadily, eliciting moans of pure sexual gratification from her.

Yessss...” she moaned, gripping at his back. “Oh my fucking God, Justin, dick me hard! Fuck me like a slut!” she screamed.

He took her request to heart immediately and started driving into her furiously, slamming their hips together, burying his cock deep into her amazingly tight inhuman pussy. He kissed her and she kissed him back passionately, moaning into the kiss and shoving her tongue into his mouth. Everything was so stunning: her hot, naked body being pressed against him, writhing in pleasure, the feel of her pussy as it clenched around his cock, the way she was breathing heavily and holy fucking shit the sounds she was making…

He had never made a woman make those sounds.

He had never heard a woman make these sounds.

I’m going...I’m-oh Justin you’re making me come again!” she screamed, and then she was heaving and bucking against him, her hips jerking powerfully as he felt her pussy get hotter and a bit wetter, and her muscles beginning to clench and twitch violently around his cock.

Fuck, I’m gonna come too...” he moaned.

Oh God, do it, Justin! Do it! Come with me!” she screamed.

And he did. He started coming for the second time that night, moaning and grunting as a supernova of pleasure burst inside of him. It felt like an explosion, like an earthquake crashing through him. The pleasure was…

He was wrong, this was the best orgasm he’d ever had.

Coming into her was beyond anything he had ever experienced before. He moaned and drove his cock into her, deep and hard, as his hips jerked in automatic response as he began to shoot thick, powerful spurts of his seed into her, into this beautiful, amazing redheaded woman. She had her legs wrapped around him now, screaming and writhing against him. Every time his cock twitched and released a fresh spray of his seed into her, it sent a new pulse of rapturous ecstasy throughout his entire body.

The orgasm seemed to last for a long time.

When it was over, he opened his eyes. Justin was laying atop her, sweaty, trying to get his breath back. He felt a hell of a lot better. And he was still inside of her. She was holding him, though she’d put her legs back down.

He smiled down at her. “Bianca,” he whispered.

Yes?” she asked softly.

That was...that felt really, really good.”

She laughed. “Yes. Yes it did.”

He carefully pulled out of her and rolled off of her, then laid on his back. She shifted and then laid partially atop him, her head on the pillow right next to his. He wrapped an arm around her and was surprised by how...natural this felt.

He thought he’d get all weird after the sex, but he didn’t feel weird. He felt good, he felt content, almost like he belonged here.

Bianca?” he asked.


Your deal, um...does it have to be, like, a deal?” he asked.

What do you mean?” she replied.

I mean, when we have sex and go down on each other, could it not be like a business transaction, and be as, like...a couple, maybe?” he asked, and was surprised that he’d asked that. It seemed like a very risky, brave, and forward thing to ask.

She was silent for a few seconds. “Yes,” she said, and then hugged him to her, settling more comfortably against him. “Yes, Justin. I want to get to know you. I want to be in a relationship with you,” she murmured.

I’d love the same thing,” he replied, and hugged her back.

So maybe it hadn’t been such a stupid thing to leave his village.

He laid there with her. There were still things he had to do, and it was going to be a long winter...but it was going to be a very, very good winter.

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Hi, I'm the author. I'm no one special. I live somewhere in the US and, (obviously), I love writing erotica!

After some thought, I've come to realize that three things seem to set me apart from all the other ten million erotica authors out there.

The first is that I tend to write from the perspective of regular, average twenty-something men. After hearing about all the billionaires and NAVY Seals and cowboys, I figured maybe it was time to hear from someone a bit more...real. Someone people could relate to.

The second thing that sticks out is that while I've come across tons of erotica about hot babes being slammed by monsters, (werewolves, vampires, even dinosaurs and BIGFOOT for fuck's sake!), there wasn't much out there about regular dudes banging hot monster chicks. And they need love too, right?

The final thing that I didn't even realize at first and I've since tried to cultivate because I believe in it, is that I'm all about sexual equality. I'm not really here to condemn or kink-shame anyone, but I just like the idea of consent, sexual respect, and both parties getting what they want out of the sexual encounter. (Or I guess I should say all parties, depending on how many people are fucking at once!)

If you like my work and want to get in touch with me, there are a few ways that can be done.

First, here's my Twitter.

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Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it!


THE PALE REDHEAD. Copyright © by Misty Vixen. All rights reserved.

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