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A Short Story

By Mr. Big


Copyright 2017 Mr. Big

This short story is a work of total fiction.

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Although this fiction may be interlaced with real geographical places and real historical events that involve real historical people and real objects both natural and man made, it remains a work of total fiction. The characters, personalities, physical attributes, names, places, events, activities and organizations are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously or both. Any similarity to any person(s) living or dead, or any person yet to be born or yet to live, busamess establishments, events, places or location(s) is entirely coincidental and unintentional. Neither the publisher nor the author is responsible for any opinion or commentary regarding this work from anyone or anywhere in the known or unknown universe that is not affiliated with the publisher or author.

Author's note:

All characters depicted in this work of total fiction are 18 years of age or older.

Dedicated to Cynthia and Cassandra

If the following events didn't happen to me, I would not believe it. But they did. Whenever I look back on it I hardly believe it myself... but there was too much pleasure in it to ever forget it.

Mr. Big


A little more than a year ago I took my girlfriend way up north into wine country for what I hoped would be a special long holiday weekend. I had no idea how special it would turn out to be.

We stayed at a beautiful hotel. The plumbing business I owned did plumbing and heating repair work for the same hotel chain in my hometown. The hotel in wine country was owned by the same owners that I worked for at home, so I got a big discount on a beautiful suite up in wine country and they accommodated us wonderfully.

We had been there one day and one night. The next morning while we were having breakfast, one of the owners came to our table and asked to speak with me. It turned out that there was a very important friend of theirs who owned an extremely exclusive bed and breakfast nearby that had a very serious plumbing problem. If it did not get repaired, important and extremely wealthy guests from all over the world were going to be terribly inconvenienced. The local plumber was nowhere to be found on this holiday weekend. So they were asking me if I would take a look to see if anything could be done to stave off the impending disaster to their guests and to the owners reputation.

My customer-friend further informed me that he personally had a vested interest in this bed and breakfast and that I would be doing a whole lot of other very important people in town a favor if there was anything at all that I could do. He immediately suggested that our weekend at his hotel would be completely without charge, even if I only went and looked and determined nothing could be done.

I am not one to ever refuse a good customer, so I immediately agreed and asked where it was. He said his hotel car would take me at once. You should have seen the look on my girlfriend's face when she heard all of this. When we stood up to go, the owner approached our table once more and informed me that it would be preferred if I went alone. Before she had a chance to say anything at all he immediately offered my girlfriend a chauffeured car at her disposal to take her anywhere she wanted and modest expense accounts at several of the upscale shops in town until I returned. You can believe me, that changed her mind alright, she could hardly wait for me to leave.


It was about a fifteen minute drive way out to the countryside. We entered a very secluded driveway into a heavily wooded area. The entire perimeter was fenced and there were heavy wrought iron gates to each section. Going up the long driveway which was really a narrow road, I could see that the woods were thick and lush and alongside the road everything was manicured beautifully. The driveway went on for several miles gently making its way farther and farther uphill. We finally arrived at a rather large gatehouse with perfectly manicured gardens and grass. It was actually a large stone building with a very comfortable waiting room and a carport that could accommodate several vehicles in both directions at the Same time. There was an armed guard waiting as we pulled slowly up to the gatehouse and stopped. He was wearing a very professional looking dark blue para-military uniform with a black beret and bloused combat boots. Not only did he have a holstered sidearm but he also had an automatic weapon that I could not identify slung across his chest in military fashion. Another armed guard outfitted the Same appeared from nowhere and opened the car door for me. He greeted me warmly and asked me very politely if I wouldn't mind stepping over to the large tinted window SUV just a few feet away. It was waiting for me with the door open with another armed guard with a leashed German Shepard.

My hotel car slowly did a U-turn and headed down the driveway.

As I walked the few steps toward the SUV I was accompanied by the armed guard who opened my car door. When I got to the SUV the Canine Guard looked me over and politely asked me to stand still. The other guard asked me for identification and while he looked that over the German Shepard sniffed me over real good. When he was done, the Canine Guard stood fast while the other guard went over me with a metal detecting wand. He relieved me of my cell phone assuring me nothing would happen to it and that it would be returned to me upon my departure.

When they were both satisfied, the Canine Guard disappeared. The remaining Guard said very politely, "Sir, please get in, they will get you up to the main house." They? When I got in the SUV I had a driver and another para-military guard in the front seat. I suddenly remembered that my customer-friend back at the hotel said this was a special place with important guests. I guess he wasn't kidding.

We drove for another mile or two arriving at yet another smaller gatehouse with beautiful large wrought iron gates that were closed. The gates were supported by large stone pillars. This was obviously the main entrance gate to wherever it was they were taking me. There were two heavily armed guards there too. The driver opened the window and one guard came to the car and looked me over. Returning to the gatehouse he picked up a phone saying things I could not hear. He hung it up and the gates opened.

About a half mile later we proceeded into the most magnificent grounds I have ever seen. Large trees lined the driveway, perfectly manicured and lush lawns and gardens were all around until we turned a corner and the main house came into view. It was a huge stone mansion, I guessed one hundred rooms at least and it was beautiful. Perfectly maintained and gorgeous in every way. I'd seen pictures of places like this but I had never actually been to one. We drove past the front of the house around back to the service entrance which was every bit as beautiful and as meticulously clean as the front. It was specifically constructed for deliveries with wrought iron gates, loading docks, ramps, lifts and security. Once again, an armed guard appeared from nowhere opening the car door for me. When I stood I was greeted by a middle aged, well groomed man in a good fitting expensive suit who introduced himself as Bob, Head of Maintenance. He had with him another middle aged man in a what I would call a high-end work uniform. He introduced himself as Jim. As we began to walk, Bob said to me, "We are all very grateful you came. Right this way Michael, we have no hot water , none. We're taking you to the main mechanical room. We're hoping there is something you can do."

I followed them through a series of basement corridors that all looked very familiar to me; this place had been renovated and upgraded by a mechanical outfit who knew what they were doing. All the overhead piping was hung and insulated professionally.

We got to the mechanical room which was large and was outfitted with modern boilers, hot water generators and sophisticated controls mounted everywhere. Bob and Jim explained what the problem was and what they thought might be the cause. When they were finished I asked for Jim's flashlight and I began looking around. I quickly saw that the problem was that the hot water generators were dead and could probably be repaired but we would need special parts and manpower and time. None of that was going to happen today or over this long holiday weekend. But as I looked further I saw immediately that whoever designed the system foresaw a problem like this and deliberately designed a way to make hot water by using the boilers instead. With just the flip of a few switches and controls, and by opening and closing a couple of valves and firing the boilers, I could easily give them all the hot water they would ever need. I explained all this to them. I asked Bob if they had fuel for the boilers since it was summertime. Within a few minutes Bob had my answer so Jim and I went right to work. Within about fifteen minutes we were ready to fire the boilers and start making hot water. We did and everything worked flawlessly.

When everything was up to temperature and working, I asked to go upstairs into the main house to check faucets and tubs to be sure everything was working at the farthest bathrooms. No Plumber would ever leave the job without doing that. Well, according to Bob, going into the main house was a very big deal and he did not think it would be possible for me to do that. So I made it real clear to him that some very important people saw to it that I got here to do this and I was not going to leave until I was certain that everything was working to my satisfaction. He got the message. He knew it would be his ass when they found out he would not let me do my job.

He left me and Jim. I guess he made some calls. He came back and said, "I'll take you upstairs. Mrs. Donovan will make sure you get what you need..." He paused and then thanked me up and down as we shook hands. Jim went on his way and Bob and I rode a freight elevator up two floors to the main level. When it opened we were in a huge commercial kitchen that was outfitted with four of everything including a patrolling armed guard who looked us over without saying a word.

We walked through the main kitchen into a smaller yet huge and cozy guest kitchen. I guessed this is why it was called a bed and breakfast. Guests could come in here and make their own breakfast if they wanted. We walked through the guest kitchen into a magnificent dining room where we were waited for Mrs. Donovan.


When I saw her I almost didn't believe it. Mrs. Donovan was a tiny thing and about as gorgeous as a woman could be. She was wearing a beautiful clingy black dress with a long slit that was impossible not to notice. She had this gorgeous, poofy dark hair that was perfect and flowing. She was wearing very elegant and expensive jewelry and five inch black spikes. She had fabulous firm looking tits with a great cleavage which that clingy dress accentuated perfectly. She had a great ass too and I made a bet with myself that she had nice fuckable legs as well. Making eye contact as I approached we outstretch our hands to greet each other. I liked those eyes and I liked how she had them done. She was a flawless hot bitch and she knew it. I like flawless hot bitches, I always have, they are my favorite.

We liked each other immediately. As we made our introduction I would bet that neither of us was really thinking about hot least not the hot water from the boilers. She turned to Bob and said , "Thank you , Bob." And with that he disappeared. When he was gone she said, "My name is Cynthia but my friends call me Cyn." I sure liked the sound of that and I got the message loud and clear, yes I did. We definitely liked each other, within one single second we completely understood each other and knew each other. I replied, "Okay Sin, I'd like to start by checking a few sinks and tubs on the far end of the house to be sure we have hot water at the farthest point. I will be running alot of water so a vacant room would be ideal..." She smiled just a little and said, "Sure. Right this way." You can be sure as I followed her I was checking out that fine ass of hers and those nice silky legs moving in and out of the slit in her dress...just like they were supposed to.

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