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Dr. Hertzenmeierfertzenbuerger

Volume 1


Allister Remm

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The large old warehouse was the perfect location for the doctor's base of operations. Being a nondescript building located in a deserted part of the city made it ideal for setting up an illegal laboratory. There was plenty of space to house the equipment along with holding cells for the subjects while they waited to be processed.

However that wasn't why Dr. Hertzenmeierfertzenbuerger chose this building. He had won the deed to it in an auction for $0.99 and figured it would do. Sporting a hairdo that made him look like he had stuck his finger in a light socket, the doctor presided over his latest experiment. A naked young woman was chained spread eagle. She watched as the doctor loomed over a gray metal box.

“Yes... YES!! Keri! It's working!”

Keri, the doctor's beautiful young lab assistant, looked over at him. “Hey Doc, shouldn't you be brainwashing that woman I just captured for you?”

“This is more important right now!”

The doctor grinned manically as the gray box whirred and buzzed. Several minutes passed. The doctor, his assistant, and the captured young woman all stared at this gray box. A bell dinged and the top of the box opened. Dr. Hertzenmeierfertzenbuerger reached inside and pulled out a blueberry pie. He quickly cut himself a slice and took a bite.

“EUREKA! Success!”

Carrying the pie, Dr. Hertzenmeierfertzenbuerger walked over to the restrained young woman and offered her a slice.

“Well I don't know who you are, where I am, or why I'm completely naked. Also I'm on a diet. But what the hell why not?”

The doctor began feeding her a slice of the pie. The woman smiled and nodded as she consumed it.

“Hey, not bad. Uh, can you let me go now? I gotta go pick up my kids.”

“Oh, sure.”

The doctor released the young woman from the restraints. She walked over to the nearby table where her clothes were and got dressed. Then she walked out of the laboratory. Keri shook her head and put her hand over her face.

“Doctor you were supposed to brainwash her, remember? You had me capture her so you could turn her into a sex slave and sell her on the black market!”

“Oh yeah... Whoops! Oh well there's plenty of other fish in the ocean. Now help me eat this pie!”

Her stomach now full of blueberry pie, Keri set off in search of another subject. As she drove around, she looked for attractive young women like herself. Women who would be fine additions to the sex trafficking industry. She spotted an average looking auburn haired woman dressed in a blouse and slacks.

“Ah fuck it, you'll do.”

Keri didn't have a tranquilizer gun or a stun gun. She subdued her targets old skool style, with a large brick that she carried in her purse. It hit the auburn haired woman square in the head and knocked her out. She laid splayed out on the sidewalk. Keri picked her up and heaved her into the car. Her gym membership was paying off.

Suzanne came to with a pounding headache. She blinked to clear her double vision, then looked around. It looked like she was in some kind of mad scientist's laboratory. A slight breeze brought to her attention that she was now nude. She spotted a man in a labcoat with a bizarre hairdo. He was holding some kind of weird helmet.

“Hey, what's going on? Where am I?”

“SILENCE! You are in the laboratory of the great Dr. Hertzenmeierfertzenbuerger! Soon you will become my newest sex slave!”

“Buddy, I'm gonna need to be really drunk before I have sex with you.”

He fitted the helmet on top of her head, then turned to address his assistant. “Keri! Man the console over there!”

“Doctor, why do I need to operate a console that doesn't do anything?”

“Because I pay you $8.50 an hour! That's why!”

Keri sat down at the antique computer console and started pressing random buttons. They all made different beeping noises and lit up with different colors, but they didn't do much else. The doctor sat down at the computer console that actually controlled the helmet and activated it.

A loud electrical buzzing filled the lab as the helmet came to life. A mechanical dildo glistening with lube rose up and began inching its way into the captive woman's pussy. The woman struggled and squealed as the brainwashing began.

Soon it was over. The doctor removed the helmet. Suzanne stared at him with blank eyes. A ribbon of drool leaked out from the corner of her mouth.

“Who do you obey, slave?”

“I obey Doctor Hert... Hertzon... whatever your name is...”

“Good enough. Keri! Get her ready to put up for sale!”

Arriving home at her apartment, Keri frowned when she heard the woman on the floor above her yelling in that grating high pitched voice of hers. The woman, named Annie, had moved in a week ago and apparently had nothing better to do then talk on her phone, all-night-long. Keri pulled the brick out of her purse. Why not? The doctor would have a new slave to process first thing in the morning. That would save her the trouble of going out and hunting for one. She walked upstairs and knocked on the door to Annie's apartment. Annie opened the door while cradling the phone against her ear. Keri grabbed the phone from her and smashed it on the ground.

What the hell did you do that for?! Are you crazy?! I paid--”

Her words were cut off as soon as the brick hit her in the forehead. Keri dragged her out of the apartment and over to the nearest elevator.

Getting Annie to her car was tedious. Fortunately no one spotted her dragging Annie’s unconscious form down the hall. However as soon as she got Annie into her car, a police car drove by. It shined its lights on her and stopped. One of the officers got out of the car and approached her.

What's going on here, ma'am?”

Oh, my friend here had too much to drink. I'm taking her home so she can sleep it off.”

Ah, I see. Just making sure you're all right ma'am. We've had reports of someone kidnapping random young women in this area.”

Oh dear. Well I guess I better get going then. Thank you officer!”

Smiling to herself, Keri got into her car and headed for the doctor's laboratory. Tomorrow was a new day, but tonight Keri would finally have some peace and quiet at home while Annie slept off her concussion in one of the holding cells.


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