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By Isabelle Corners


The night was hot. The sun had just set over the mountains casting beautiful pinks and oranges across the horizon. I sat in silence across from my fan and wondered if he saw the same sunset I did. Did he revel in the beauty of gods creation and feel whole, or was he scared and alone, like me.

The ring from my phone jolted me out of my thoughts. I looked up at the wall clock, it wasn’t even 7:30 yet. Lately the calls have been getting earlier, making time slow and keeping me from my dreams that much longer.

Dreams where he is wrapped in my arms.

“Hello” I whispered into the phone.

“Well hello there” his voice was calming and mysterious like a ship adrift on the ocean while the waves gently rocked the boat.

“What’s your name honey?” I asked seductively.

“You can call me Christopher”

“Christopher. I like that Chris for short?”

“No” his voice was firm. If I could have seen him, I am sure his back would have stiffened and his eyes would have turned to ice.

“Mmmmm, of course, Christopher, a professional man. I like that” his name rolled off my tongue like steam trailing down a shower door.

“Tell me Christopher, what color are your eyes?”

“What is your name?” He completely ignored my question. Unusual, I thought.

I change my name from night to night. Never keeping the same name twice. Normally I have my new identity in the queue, but tonight’s call was so early I hadn’t had time to think who they would call out when they came.

“Taking charge on me already? I like that. You can call me Honey” Crap, I used that name last week.

He was breathing into the receiver. It was not an excited breath or one of anticipation. It was one of frustration.

“I will call you Honey the first time. Only the first time. After that I want your name.”

“Yes sir” I whispered.

His breath hitched.

“Mmmmmm, you like it when I call you Sir?” They always give something away.

“Yes. So much so, you can call me Sir the rest of the night and when you come, you will scream it.” His voice was sultry and demanding. Yet still calming. It made me want to do whatever he told me to do.

I let a small giggle escape my lips. “No Sir, when you come, and you will, you can scream my name.”

“Never say no to me again.” He hissed.

If I lose the first call of the night Pedro will no doubt punish me. His punishments have been getting more creative, as he puts it, but in reality they are just cruel. The last one left me bruised heavily around my breasts for weeks.

“Of course Chris- Sir.” I quickly correct myself.

“Better, however you need to be punished for your indiscretion”

“Punished Sir?” I was struggling to keep my voice level and calm. I have had some real weirdos call me, but none like this. The weirdest call to date was when I had to keep saying ‘no mommy’ over and over again while the guy on the other end of the line sobbed and stroked himself in time with my voice.

“Punished Honey. Have you never been punished? Mmmm. We are

going to have a long night.”

“You only have 45 minutes left Sir.”

A laugh came through the line. “Oh no my sweet Honey. I have paid to have you for the entire night.”

Annoyance, followed by fear coursed through my veins. The whole night meant I was to be on the phone with him for over 5 hours. That is impossible, protocol stipulates that we have to have one call an hour to maximize profit.


“Oh Sir, as much as that would please me to have you stroke my ear all night with your sexy voice, we will be disconnected after your time is up, so let’s see how I can make you come.” My voice was as sweet and innocent as I could make it.

Another laugh. “Pedro owes me a favor and you sweet, sweet Honey are that favor.”

Pedro. He knows Pedro. Oh my god. Is this a test? Is this Pedro looking for an excuse to beat and humiliate me?

“Ahhhh, speechless I see. Good. You are learning. Now, your punishment.” He sounded pleased with himself.

“Yes sir, my punishment.” I was trying to hold my tears in. I needed to turn off all emotion.

“Take your clothes off. All of them.” He demanded.

“I am already naked Sir.” I lied

“Liar. That just earned you another punishment. Take off your clothes.” His voice was still calm, but there was danger there.

I cradled the phone in my ear and started to remove my clothing. My jeans and panties landed in a pile beside my chair.

“I need to put the phone down for a moment while I take my top off.” I was telling him, but also asking for his permission.

“Next time you will have a button up shirt on. Do it, you have 20 seconds.”

I put the phone on the table and shakily removed my t-shirt and bra allowing them to join the pile with my jeans and panties.

I took a deep breath and looked at the phone before picking it back up. My hands were shaking, my heart was beating rapidly. I could hang up right now and be done with him. I could pack up what little I own and run. Every instinct was telling me to leave, but if I did, I would never see him again.

“Honey, your time is up.”

I placed the phone back to my ear while a single tear spilled down my cheek.

“I’m here.” I whispered.

“Go lay on your bed.” He instructed.

I walked across my studio apartment like a robot and did as he instructed.

My sheets were warm and uncomfortable.

“Do you have a head set you can put on? You will need both your hands”

“No Sir” I responded

“Put the phone on speaker, lay back on your bed and put the phone between your breasts”

I did as he instructed. “Yes Sir”

“Tell me what you see Honey, what are you looking at with your scared eyes.” His voice was sweet again, calming. If I can get through this night, I can get through anything.

I looked around my poor apartment. There was no color, no personal items, nothing to show a woman lived here.

“I see the street lights behind my blinds.” I said quietly.

“No, look at the phone Honey. What do you see,”

I looked down at my phone resting between my breasts. It was held firmly in place, like it was meant to rest there.

“I see my phone laying between my breasts.”

“Good. What do your breasts look like?”

“They look smooth and round, my nipples fit perfect in the middle of each. Like a puzzle piece that was placed last to complete the picture.” I never noticed before how beautiful they truly were. They were perfect, not a blemish on them, equally proportioned.

“Take you nipples in your hands Honey.” His voice was becoming hoarse.

“Yes Sir” I obeyed taking my nipples in between my thumb and forefinger.

“Tell me what you are feeling.” He whispered.

“Nervous.” I answered him honestly.

“Have you ever been punished Honey.” My name for tonight was starting to make me uncomfortable.

“No Sir.”

A soft moan escaped his lips.

“Pinch your nipples.”

I did as he wished and felt the first signs of wetness between my legs as I let out a moan.

“Ahhhhh, good girl, but you see this is your punishment. Squeeze your nipples harder” He ordered.

I applied more pressure and let out another moan of satisfaction. I was slowly starting to enjoy touching myself. I never did on calls. I only pretended I was.

“I can hear it still feels good. Squeeze them until you scream Honey. Now.”

I was getting lost in his voice and his commands.

I obeyed and another jolt of pleasure caused my arousal to start leaking out of me.

“HARDER” he yelled in the phone.

I squeezed as hard as I could and a scream erupted from my throat.

“It hurts” I wailed.

“Do NOT release them until I say. Harder Honey. I wish you could see how aroused I am. My cock is so hard for you. I want to fuck you and watch your breasts dance in my face until I come inside you.”

His words, so wrong, but something was stirring deep inside of me. My nipples were on fire. I was squeezing them so hard it felt like they were in a vice. My pussy was starting to throb between my legs.

“Sir, it hurts.”

“Yes, what is your sweet pussy doing dear Honey?” he whispered in my ear. “Don’t lie to me.”

“It is throbbing sir.” My voice was becoming husky.

“Ah, so you like my punishment? What does your pussy feel like? Remove one hand, but keep squeezing the other.”

I did as he instructed. When I let one of my nipples free, I felt a warmth spread between my legs. I spread my legs and ran my fingers through my fold. I was so wet. So shamefully wet. What is this man doing to me? What is wrong with me? I was getting lost in sensation. My own hands causing me so much pain, his voice directing me.

“I am so wet Sir, so warm and so empty. I wish I could feel your cock pushing into me, filling me.” I spoke without inhibition. That is what I felt. I was so aroused by his voice and what he was making me do to myself.

His breath hitched.

“Fuck Honey. I knew the moment I heard your voice you were going to be pleasurable.” He said hoarsely. “Put the phone next to your pussy and stroke yourself. Let me hear how wet you really are.”

Again I did as he instructed. I moved the phone and rested it on my thigh, never once removing my other hand from my nipple. I began to touch myself, long slow strokes. Moving one finger in and out of my vagina. It sounded like waves crashing against the shore. It was loud and very apparent how turned on I was.

I could hear him panting in the phone.

“Sir, are you touching yourself?” I asked still moving my finger inside of me.

“Yes Honey. I am touching myself. You are so wet. How many fingers are inside of you.” “One sir.”

“Put another one inside you Honey and fuck yourself.” He commanded.

I inserted another finger into my already wanting vagina and began to gently thrust in and out. The sounds of my wetness were louder as I began to feel the first signs of an orgasm.

“Oh God Sir” I moaned.

“No Honey, you are not allowed to come until I tell you. Stop touching yourself” His voice had regained his control.

“But sir, I need to come” I pleaded.

“Not yet”

I removed my fingers and felt oddly empty. I touch myself regularly, but I have never been this overcome with lust by my own hands.

“Taste yourself Honey. Are you as sweet as your name?”

Embarrassment washed over me. I have never tasted myself, nor did I have any desire to do so.

“Sir, I can’t do it.”

“Do it now Honey. Tell me what you taste like.”

I slowly brought my fingers up to my mouth. Would he know if I didn’t do it?

“Well?” He spoke from my thigh.

“It tastes sweet sir” I lied.

“Liar” He whispered. “Put your fingers into your mouth and tell me what you taste like now, or there will be more punishment.”

I put my fingers into my mouth and sucked all of my juices off. It did taste sweet, and a little salty.

“I taste sweet sir and a little salty.”

“Are you dripping like Honey?”

“Yes sir”

“Touch yourself Honey, I want to hear you come. I want you to scream my name.”

I moved my hands back into my waiting pussy. I could feel my arousal leaking out of me like a faucet. I inserted two fingers and began to pump in and out of myself. I could hear my hand clapping against my vagina.

“Fuck Honey, I want to fuck you so badly.” His breaths were becoming ragged. I knew he was pumping in time with my claps.

“Sir, I want to taste you. I want to lick the come off of you and suck you dry.” I wasn’t lying. I needed to taste him.

I could feel my orgasm building. I was going to come while he was listening.

“Sir, I am going to come” I moaned.

“I want to hear you. Add another finger and pump faster.” It sounded like he was running a marathon.

I did as he wished and moaned loudly when my third finger was inserted.

“Fuck Sir, oh god, you feel so good” I was talking now, no whispers, not anymore.

“That’s right Honey, I do feel good and one day very soon, I am going to show you.”

“Yes sir, I want that, I need you inside of me.” lost in the moment, I didn’t know what I was saying.

I grabbed my nipple with my free hand and continued pumping my fingers in and out of my vagina. I could feel my orgasm building to a level I have never felt before. My toes started to curl and go numb. It traveled up every inch of my legs and lingered. It was the most intense feeling I have ever had. Every nerve of my body was on fire at the same time.

I squeezed my nipple hard and moved my hand over to the other one. They were both so tender from my punishment, but they needed to be touched.

It happened so slowly at first. I could feel my vagina clenching around my fingers while my liquids poured out. My body convulsed and every nerve exploded simultaneously. I closed my eyes and saw fireworks flash in my vision. My breathing was labored as I rode out my orgasm.

“Oh god, Sir, SIR.” I was screaming his name while thrashing in my bed.

“Fuck Honey, what do you feel. Is your sweet pussy clenching.” He was breathless. No doubt close to his own release.

“My hand is being clenched. It is so tight, and there is so much come leaking out of me. Oh my god SIR” I moaned into his ear.

I could hear him growl like a feral animal as his release overtook him. I wanted to be there to lick him clean, I wanted to see his eyes explode from passion.

“Sir, I want to taste you. I want to wrap my lips around your cock and suck you dry.” I was still panting, my vagina still clenching.

Honey.” He moaned. His breath was returning to normal.

“Yes sir.” I asked lazily.

“I will find you Honey.” He spoke, and then the line went dead.

Chapter 2

My alarm went off promptly at 6:30am. The blaring horn sound I choose to wake me every morning filled my room with a hideous sound. To me it was like hearing nails on a chalkboard. It was one of the only sounds that could wake me and not remind me of anything beautiful. I didn’t deserve to feel anything but sorrow until I had him back in my arms.

I was already awake in my bed when it went off. At least this morning I wouldn’t be jarred awake in a frenzy. I reached over and turned it off. No need to hit snooze this morning. My sleep last night was restless. Images and words of Christopher the night before wreaked havoc on my subconscious. The only benefit to my unfulfilled rest was there were no nightmares. I didn’t wake up in a cold sweat screaming, or wonder where I was, or dream of him. Even though I have lived here for close to a year now, I still often awoke not knowing where I was. The first few moments are always the worst until I realize I am alone. Then the sadness finds its way into my soul and I realize that I am alone.

I rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and was again ashamed of who was staring back at me. This woman in the mirror who was looking back at me was a shell of a woman. Her dark brown eyes were sunken and lifeless, dark circles made them look even deader. Her hair, once so black and smooth was coarse and dull. Lips that used to smile, even threw the heartache, were pinched tightly together and thin.

This woman in the mirror is my soul looking back at me every moment. This woman is the one I have to hide away until I can be alone.

I grabbed the cloth from the side of my sink and turned on the cold water. I started scrubbing vigorously trying to wash her away, trying to hide her for another day.

My mind started to wander back to Christopher. So mysterious and yet so dangerous. You could hear in his voice warmth and then ice. It was so extreme and happened so quickly. He was unpredictable. And the fact he knew Pedro somehow, should have been another warning, but I was so curious.

I finished washing my face just as my phone started ringing in the other room. I turned off the water and wrung out the cloth, hanging it back on the side of the sink. Still not awake I moved slowly to where my phone sat on my nightstand.


“Tsk-Tsk Alana, 5 rings before you picked up” Pedro’s voice was dangerous.

“Pedro, sorry, I was in the bathroom” I spoke quietly so he knew I was scared.

“Never take that long to answer my call again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“I thought you may need a reminder of our arrangement Alana.” I heard the phone being shuffled around before I heard his voice.


“Alejandro!” My heart soared as tears poured out of my eyes.

“Mama! Tio Pedro said I have to be up when it is still dark because we are going on a special trip today!” His little voice rang through my phone like a symphony from heaven. I haven’t talked to him in months. Another punishment from Pedro.

“A special trip? Where are you going Alejandro?” Something was wrong. Panic threatened to engulf me. Where was Pedro taking my son.

“To the Ocean!” He screamed with such excitement. At least he didn’t know and understand what was happening.

“The Ocean, baby why are you going to the Ocean?” I was trying desperately to keep my voice calm.

“Tio Pedro says I have to go now. Bye mama!” I could hear him pass the phone back to Pedro.

“Where are you taking my son?” Panic and anger laced my voice.

Laughter filled the receiver. “Just on a little trip my dear. I want to show him his homeland.”

“NO!” I screamed. “You can’t take him to Mexico Pedro!”

“This was a little reminder of our arrangement Alana, speaking of which, be at my office in 2 hours. Antonio will be waiting for you. Wear something pretty. I have a new assignment for you.”

“Pedro, I have almost paid you in full, I am almost done, please don’t do this.”

“Listen closely. We had an arrangement. I brought you and your son to America in exchange you work for me! Your payments have been amateur at best. I thought by now a pretty girl like you would have learned how to use your assets better by now. I was expecting more from you Alana and you have decided not to produce. It makes me wonder how badly you want your son back in your arms. Do you miss him that much Alana, or are you enjoying being single and care-free. Perhaps I should formally adopt him and teach him the business.” He reminded me of a snake slithering through long grass.

“Give me back my son Pedro or I swear to god I will-.” I was screaming into the phone. My hands were trembling, tears were pouring from my eyes and snot dripped from my nose.

He cut me off before I could finish. “You will what Alana? You will go to the police? And tell them what? That a man named Pedro has your son? And when they ask where he is, what can you tell them? When they ask to see your immigration status, what do you think will happen? They will deport you Alana and you and I both know what is waiting for you back in Mexico.” It was like speaking to the devil reincarnate, maybe even worse because at least if y0u make a deal with the devil the only thing you lose is your soul.

My hands were wringing my sheets as I collapsed onto the side of my bed.

“What do you want Pedro?” I asked resigned to do anything to get my son back.

“Ah, that is much better. Much better. When you arrive at my office, Antonio will be waiting for you with a rolodex. There are five names and numbers of different men. You are to make contact with as many of them as you can. Try to work your assets a little bit better Alana. Make them want you. You will do whatever they want, you will say what they want to hear. Stroke their ego and their dicks, let them wine you and dine you and take you in that pretty ass if you have to. Once you are sure you have one of them eating out of the palm of your hand, I will give you further instructions.” He spoke clearly and methodically, almost losing his accent while he hammered out the details as to what I was to be doing.

“What about my other jobs for you Pedro?” I asked.

“Yes, all other jobs stop now with the exception of your phone line. You have already spoke to one of the gentleman on the list. Imagine my surprise when he called asking for my best seductress. Of course I was more than happy to give him your number. Perhaps you know him? Christopher is his name, or Sir to you.” His laughter jolted me back to reality.

“Oh my god. Do you have my phones monitored.” Embarrassment and anger boiled out of me.

His laughter didn’t stop. “Don’t be so naïve. When all of this is done Alana, I will be getting a show like the one you gave him. I will admit, my dick was hard from the moment you started screaming in pain from pinching your nipples. You are a filthy thing aren’t you.”

“Pedro, please. Why are you doing this to me?”

“Collateral my dear. Every good business man needs collateral. Think of it this way. When I have to kill you, the least I can do is let Alejandro listen to you whore yourself to complete strangers and explain to him how terribly lost and drug addicted his mommy was for abandoning him.” He was more than serious. If I didn’t do this correctly. He would kill me. I never feared for my life. Only Alejandro’s. I shouldn’t have been such a fool.

“Oops, silly me, I almost forgot the most important part. You have one month Alana.” The line went dead.

I slid from my bed onto the floor wailing in anguish. He has taken everything from me, and now he wants even more. I only ever wanted a safer life for me and my son. I was so foolish to think that Pedro was going to provide that to us.

My memories of my childhood started to replay in my mind. Like a home movie on repeat. I remember every sight, every smell and every vivid color.

Growing up in Mexico, I never really participated in anything sexual. I went to a traditional all Girl’s High School so boys were supposed to be a mystery to us. To this day I can’t believe that we were never caught sneaking out and meeting the boys on the beach. I would tease a boy and see how far I could take it before he simply lost interest in me and moved on to an easier girl. I wasn’t exactly innocent, but I wasn’t damned either. I learned a lot from my hormone crazed friends, both male and female. It was always interesting to observe their tendencies and try to compete with their sexual exploits.

Throughout my adolescent years my folks and I were never close, likely due to the generation gap between us. I lived with my grandparents and they were both old and getting on in years. My Mama had me, her only child in her late 30’s. She got knocked up by an American who I never met, nor heard my grandparents speak of. If they had it their way, the blemish on their reputation would have never existed, but they were so in love with me that I hope in some way it made up for my mamas mistakes. She suffered postpartum for months after my birth. One day when I was around 14 weeks old, she just quit. She couldn’t take the stress of a newborn anymore. She dumped me on my grandparents’ doorstep and left. To say I came as a shock to the almost retired couple was an understatement. Neither Mama nor Papa expected to have to care for and raise another child at such a late stage in their life, but they embraced me with love and affection.

To them I was a miracle. After hours of labor and more hours of pushing, I finally entered the world. I was born blue, suffering from lack of oxygen from the umbilical cord being wrapped around my neck. I was technically dead before I had even had a chance to live. I was triaged immediately and after 18 minutes I finally took my first breath. The doctors’ didn’t think I was going to make it but I was a fighter, I proved them wrong.

I was Mama and Papa’s pride and joy, but being devout Catholics they were very strict. I was never disobedient, at least I tried not to be. There were times my lack of judgement got me into a little trouble. I was always courteous and respectful to my elders, saying please and thank you, holding the doors open for others.

As I got older, my Papa became more protective of me. My curfew was cut shorter and shorter the older I got, while all of my other friends were extended. He told me one night at dinner that he feared the local thugs would ruin my reputation before I was sixteen. Naturally I laughed and told him to stop being ridiculous.

No one was happier than him when I cultivated a friendship with Pedro Suarez. He always treated my grandparents with respect. Sending Mama flowers on her birthday or inviting Papa to watch international soccer matches when our Country had invitational events. The admiration was mutual. I caught Pedro talking with Papa a few times asking his advice on things from mechanics, to girls.

He had favored Pedro despite his somewhat unsavory background. Pedro’s father was the local Don for the area. Papa always said that this boy is going to be different and the lord tells us to not judge thy neighbors.

Pedro’s father portrayed himself as an upstanding and decent member of the community, but everyone knew his fabulous wealth came from drugs. He used his legitimate businesses as a front for his illegal money laundering activities.

Everyone knew who he was, and what he did, but they all turned a blind eye because of the “good” that he did for the community. The Police were even willing to turn a blind eye to their criminal activities as long as they remained in control of their territory, kept the bribes consistent and kept the violence to a minimum.

I knew Pedro my whole life but never viewed him in a romantic way, he was more like a big brother to me. He was attractive but he never sparked anything in me, though I wish he had. It would have made my life a whole lot easier. I would always feel his eyes watch me as I walked past him, or away from him. The times we would talk, his eyes would linger a little too long on my chest and as the years went by, I felt like he was expecting me to make a move on him. At that time, it just wasn’t going to happen.

I was on the brink of womanhood, Papa had just relaxed my curfew given how responsible I was and how well my grades were. I remember him telling Pedro how proud he was of me and how he was going to reward me with a little more freedom. Pedro was pissed as hell to say the least, but by this point there was nothing he could do to scare all the men away forever.

I went on dates with some of the local men, making out with guys that were close to my age never more than two years older, or one year younger. They would pick me up in their battered trucks and we would spend countless long summer nights making out under the wide expanse of the heavens. The twinkling stars providing the only source of light as we groped each other and exchanged saliva with our entwined tongues. I surrendered to pleasure from the rough hands of the few locals I felt attracted to. Young men on the verge of adulthood, but for whatever reason I could never take home and introduce them to my parents. I wanted more than what Mexico had to offer I just didn’t know what I was yearning for.

By the time I graduated high school those boys had become men. They were expected to take over for their parents. Whether it be run down and withering away young from hard work in the mines, on the farms or in the fields. Worn down, with hungry mouths to feed while in their prime of their lives.

Working on farms and smelling of horse manure and aftershave was definitely not the life for me. I dreamed of something bigger, something better and something cleaner. My life changed the day I met Alex. He was just a few years older than me, but there was no mistaking him for a boy. He had a serious nature and a man’s outlook on life. He was here on a business trip from America. He had been sent to represent his father’s law firm. I was hoping that he would fall in love with Mexico and not want to go back to America, that we would have endless nights under the stars together confessing our deepest desires to one another. What a fool I was.

He was so different than the Mexican men. He was a breath of fresh air, a depiction of freedom. When I looked deep into his eyes I could swear I could see the American eagle soaring high into the heavens.

He schooled me endlessly in the art of love making. He took my virginity, not in a bed, but over a four wheel gear shift. Our lovemaking made the windows of his rental truck foggy from the electrifying heat off of our bodies. Legs spread wide open, entwined with each other. There were times I felt so a part of him, I couldn’t tell where my body ended and his began. With one foot on the seat and the other resting on the dashboard, neither one of us holding back our desires. The sex with Alex was the sweetest moment in my life. It would take me much later to realize how one sided our whole affair was. As far as I was concerned I was in love and nothing anyone said could change the way I felt. I shrugged off any feeling of guilt or doubt, whenever he failed to make eye contact during another passionate bout of lovemaking. I felt my despair growing whenever he failed to utter the words of love that I needed to hear from his lips. I couldn’t contemplate a life without Alex and I felt that he would come to love me eventually.

I thought he was just having troubles expressing his emotions. Like most men did. I thought I could live with his silence because his nearness brought me completion. Whenever he called I would come running like a trained puppy, just to feel the softness of his hands caress my skin, or feel his tongue run along my body. That’s how deep he had me under his spell.

During our trysts we never used protection so I wasn’t surprised when

I became pregnant. After Alex, I swore that I would be no man’s puppet but Pedro Suarez played me like a marionette. I, Alana was once more a fool, naïve and trusting. I paid for my naivety with my son.

Chapter 3

I arrived at Pedro’s office early. I was afraid if I was right on time, or even a little late that he would change our new agreement and I would never see my son again.

Antonio stood coolly outside the doors. A cigarette in one hand, his phone in the other, barley sparing me a glance as I approached him.

“Here.” He said thrusting an envelope into my hands.

“What is this? I thought I was picking up a rolodex.”

“Inside the envelope is a pre-programmed phone with 5 numbers. Additional details on who they are can be found in the phone.” His eyes were slowly raking over my body as he spoke. “There is also a schedule for three of the men. Arrange to bump into them, but don’t be stupid about it.”

I opened the envelope and looked at the phones contacts. I was not surprised in the least to see Pedro’s number in there as well.

“I already have a phone that Pedro gave me. Why do I need this?” I asked rudely.

“Don’t be a bitch Alana, it doesn’t suit your hot little ass. Pedro wants you to have a new phone. This one apparently has better technology on it.” A twisted smile appeared on his face as he spoke the words almost sweetly.

I threw the phone back in the envelope and noticed a smaller thicker envelope. When I pulled opened it, my heard skipped a beat. There had to have been at least ten thousand dollars in my hands.

“What is this for?” I asked in awe.

“Oh right, yeah, Pedro insists you go buy some new dresses to show off your assets. Consider this an early bonus. Don’t blow it all. You will need to try and come across as moderately sophisticated and not some Mexican whore.” Laughter exploded from his belly and he turned and walked into the office.

I turned and walked back to my car confused. Clearly Pedro had different plans than I first thought. I should have known, again, how cruel and ruthless he could be. And now as I sit and fight back the tears because he has my son on a plane flying to Mexico, the only thoughts running through my head is how stupid I am.

“Stupid, Stupid Girl” I sobbed banging my head onto my steering wheel.

When I finally managed to pull an ounce of composure out of myself, the time said 10:28. I had been sitting in my car for over 2 hours and hadn’t noticed. I should have driven as far away from here immediately after meeting Antonio, not sit and loathe in my car.

I start my car and head south on the 589. I mine as well go shopping at the outlet mall to stretch the money. I am nervous that this is another one of Pedro’s games. If I spend his money, am I going to owe him even more? The answer to that is of course I will, but I am left without another option.


It was never hard to find a dress to accentuate my curves, the problem is always the length. No matter what I buy I have to have it hemmed. Standing no more than 5’4” on a good day and in heels, the more vertical aspects of my life have always been the challenges. At least I have been very blessed with a shapely figure. I have a wonderful set of breasts, which thanks to my call with Christopher last night reaffirmed what I always thought and my hips are just the right size to give my ass a little extra roundness. Roundness which apparently American men love.

Alex once told me how much American men liked bigger bums. I remember laughing at him and saying that is not what they show in the American magazines. I thought he was lying to me to make me feel better about mine.

At least that is one thing he was truthful on.

I shook all thoughts of Alex, and now of Christopher out of my mind and focused on shopping. It has been a long time since I was able to buy anything new, let alone multiple things. I was going to at least try and have a little fun given my current situation.

My phone starting ringing from my handbag.

“Hello.” I answered.

“You have three hours. Wear the nicest dress you own. I will be picking you up.” Antonio spoke before hanging up on me.

Always on a time limit.

Chapter 4

It felt like weeks since I heard her voice.

“Honey” I spoke aloud, letting it roll off of my tongue. What a sweet choice of names. I wonder if she tastes as good as she sounds.

The night was long and restless even after the best orgasm of my life. I have never come so hard on my own accord before. It was exactly like she was there with me, with her sweet mouth wrapped around my cock.

Just the thought of her was making my dick twitch in my pants. I had to get control over this and quickly.

“James did you manage to get ahold of Pedro?” I spoke into my phone.

“Not yet Chris, looks like he went out of town, he left this morning.”

“Son-of-a-bitch, that greasy asshole told me he would be meeting Cal at the Sparrow later today.” I should have known that Pedro would back out.

His way of doing business was typical Mexican. Half assed and seedy.

“Does Cal know that he will be a no show.”

“Yeah, I just told him. Apparently Pedro is sending someone in his place, something about his apologies, but he trusts that his associate will be able to discuss some of the terms. The meeting has been bumped up though.

It’s in an hour.”

“Thanks man, I guess I will go make my appearance.”

I waited with Cal in the high steaks room. Not the normal place to hold a business meeting, but he didn’t want to show anyone from Pedro’s circle more of the Casino than he had to.

“How is Fantasy these days?” I asked.

“Better. Her nightmares have almost stopped.” He seemed lighter the past few months. Like a weight was lifted off his shoulders. It was so hard to believe or even imagine that a single woman could do that to a man. And a man like Cal none the less.

“That’s great man. Happy for you.” I said clapping him on his back.

I started to wonder if I was ever going to feel what he felt. I wasn’t getting any younger. When I turned 33 I started to feel a little of my own mortality. Not on the physical side of things. Everyone who knows me, know I spend almost every free moment I have at the gym training and not the mental side. I am still damn sharp and am getting sharper with age, but the personal aspect of me. I see men dotting over their women, breathing them in like they are the only source of oxygen. That had me wondering if I will ever feel that way, or if I am destined to soar the clouds alone.

“Nice of this fucking wetback to show up on time.” Cal said. His patience was still a very precious thing. That hadn’t seemed to improve since Fantasy.

A had to laugh at him. What are friends for?

The door to the room swung open and the world went silent.

There in front of me stood the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her hair was jet black and long. Long enough to fall gently over her breasts. Her eyes were the deepest brown I have ever seen. So big and doe-like. Her skin was the color of spilled coffee. Not quite dark enough to be black, but not quite white enough to be white. She was so petite. No taller than 5’-4” She was wearing a form fitting yellow dress. It was so tight you could clearly see she wasn’t wearing panties, or a bra. Her nipples were trying to poke out of her dress.

I rose to my feet, instantly regretting the half a hard-on that had started forming in my pants. I discreetly adjusted myself and approached her at the door.

“Miss, I believe you are in the wrong room. The ladies room was the first door on your right.” I spoke while trying not to get lost in her eyes. She was gorgeous.

She extended her hand and spoke with confidence. “I am not in need of the ladies room.” She stopped mid-sentence and looked up at my inquisitively.

“Chris” I spoke taking her hand. Her skin was softer than silk.

“Thank you. Chris, I don’t need the ladies room, I am here on behalf of Pedro.” She withdrew her hand and folded her arms across her chest. That action caused her breasts to become even larger and my half-hard on even harder.

“Pedro sent you.” Cal asked in disbelief.

A sultry smile spread across her lips and her eyes dances with amusement. “You seem surprised Mr. Wyatt, I assure you Pedro wanted to be here with you to discuss some of his offers and he does send his regrets.” She had walked over to Cal and extended her hand.

“What do we call you Miss.” Cal asked accepting her offering.

A small twinge of jealousy pulled in me.


“Pleasure to meet you Alana, can we get you a drink.”

“Water is fine.” She smiled politely while taking a seat across the poker table.

I took my seat beside Cal and sat back. I couldn’t fathom why Pedro would send this woman in his place. Surely she can’t possibly be privy to all his businesses.

“I am sorry Alana, I am having a hard time understanding why Pedro sent you in his place.” Cal asked the questions, I had just asked myself. Just like when we were younger, we always knew what the other was thinking.

A slight blush started to rise across her face, but it was gone in an instant.

“We understand that ‘The Crocodile’ has very suddenly left town. This presents a unique opportunity for us all.” Her eyes never left Cal’s while she spoke.

“Yes, that is correct. And what kind of opportunity does Pedro have in mind?” Cal’s eyes had narrowed, I could see he was becoming suspicious.

“There seems to be a lack of, shall we say options for your hotel guests as of late. We know that The Crocodile supplied you with some of the best gringa’s in Vegas and now we want to offer you an expansion. Call it a change of scenery.” A sexy smile had formed on her lips.

“A change of scenery, how so Alana?” I had to ask. I couldn’t sit any longer and not have her look at me.

“Have you ever had a Latin lover gentlemen?” her eyes were boring into my soul. I was speechless under her spell.

She smiled at me and licked her lips. I was frozen watching her tongue dance sensually across her lips.

“And what is Pedro proposing?” Cal asked. He was all business. Alana’s appeal seemed to have no effect on him at all. It was painfully obvious how in love he was with Fantasy.

“Pedro has an expanse of beautiful women, many like what you see here.” Her hands were slowly showcasing herself.

Was she one of Pedro’s girls? That just can’t be right. She is to beautiful, stunning rather and she carries herself as though she is the one in charge.

Behind every man stands a woman. Is this Pedro’s woman?

“So it would seem.” I muttered.

Her eyes shot to mine and that is when I noticed something more than confidence and mischief. Was it fear?

“He is offering an unlimited supply. Any fantasy or special needs that might be required and the possibility for long term ownership.”

Cal’s eyebrows narrowed in suspicion. “That seems very generous of

Pedro, what is in it for him?”

“Yes, it is. In return he asks that you ensure the safety of his girls while they are within your establishments and that you turn a blind eye for any product being circulated.”

“And there it is. He wants to push his drugs through my casinos? No.

No deal.” Cal said angrily.

“Mr. Wyatt, please take some time to think about Pedro’s offer. When people are not of their right mind, they have tendency to spend more money, which in turn equals more money for you.”

It was clear after Cal’s response that Alana had lost some of the confidence that she had entered with. Her beautiful almond eyes looked worried. She looked like a baby doe. There was something much more going on here than we were aware of.

“Thank you Alana, but the answer is still no. Tell Pedro next time he wants to do business he better damn well meet me himself.” Cal said rising from the table and gesturing her to the door.

“Yes, sir” she whispered while rising from her chair.

My cock instantly jumped in my pants. That whisper, her whisper.

I was so lost in thought that I hadn’t noticed that she had left the room.

Cal was pacing feverishly in front of the bar.

“Can you fucking believe that?” he was saying.

I ran from the room and into the main casino. Alana was being ushered through the Casino by a Mexican goon. His hand was placed firmly on the small of her back while he shoved her through the crowds of people. Her head was fixed on the floor. That was not the same woman that I had just seen in the other room.

“ALANA.” I shouted. “WAIT.”

She looked back over her shoulder and I could see her mascara streaked face. She tried to stop, but the goon drug her forward and out the door into a waiting car. She was down the street before I had even exited the casino.

“What the fuck man?” Cal asked from behind me.

“Something isn’t right man. She isn’t who we thought in that meeting.” I said still looking in the direction the car drove off.

“What do you mean who we thought? She was clearly one of Pedro’s whores sent in to distract us from what the real deal was meant to be. Fuck man, I can see if you were the one in charge he would have gotten the deal.” He was looking at me like I was an insane person.

“Fuck it, I need a drink.” I said shaking my head at Cal and walking back into the casino.

I need to find her. Was that even her? Was that the same woman on the phone last night? I will know when I call her tonight.

I grabbed my phone and dialed James, my right hand man, while I walked to the bar.

“James, find me everything you can about a woman named Alana. She works for Pedro Suarez and do it quickly.”

Chapter 5

The day was long. It felt like one of the longest I have had in ages and I am home earlier than I normally would be.

I am still in shock and disbelief that Pedro made me have a meeting with Cal Wyatt and his friend. I was thrown to the wolves and for what? I was told if I couldn’t seal the deal that there would be repercussions.

Who was Cal’s friend Chris? Was it his business partner?

When I walked into the room I saw him. He was tall and ruggedly handsome. His hair was a chocolate brown and styled perfectly. His eyes were a color I have never seen before. Looking into them reminded me of looking into the sea. Greens, yellows and blues swirled around curiously. He was much taller than I am. Of course that isn’t really hard to accomplish. I had visions of him holding me close, enveloping me in his arms wrapping me in his leather jacket. He never took of his jacket, but you could see that it wasn’t hiding, but rather accentuating a very perfect male form.

I had started to touch myself thinking about being in his arms. My nipples were erect through my dress, and I could feel moisture gathering between my legs.

I haven’t been affected by a man like this since Alex. And Alex was a two compared to Chris’s ten.

I keep replaying the meeting in my head, over and over again like a broken record. Pedro isn’t going to be pleased when he hears that Cal didn’t accept his deal.

I have a couple hours before I am on call, so I decide that I can rectify today’s shortcomings by starting to call ‘The Five’.

I grab my new phone and look at the details of who these men are. Pedro wasn’t very generous with details and it leads me to believe he doesn’t know much about them either except maybe their net worth.

The first name in the phone is Vincenzo Marino. So clearly Italian.

Italian men are known for being fierce lovers with an even fiercer temper. They often stick to their own kind and very rarely let outsiders in.

The Marino family in Vegas are known for their very real, very brutal tactics. As one of the first families to bring water to the desert, they have been a fixture in Vegas for over 50 years.

Sighing heavily I clear my throat and hit dial on the phone. It rings four times before I hear a gruff male voice on the other end.

“What?” he says, clearly agitated.

“Hi there. Is this Vincenzo?” I lower my voice and speak slowly and sultry into the line.

“Who the fuck is this, and how did you get this number?”

“You can call me Tira, short for Tiramisu.” I whisper breathlessly into the phone.

“What the fuck, are you fucking for real? I don’t need a fucking whore calling me to get me off.” His voice rose to an almost scream. I heard him speaking something in Italian before the line went dead.

“Fuck.” I sighed.

This was going to be harder than I thought. How can I cold call a man and try and get them off. I need to see them, I need to show them.

I threw the phone on the bed and let out a frustrated scream.

Getting Alejandro back seemed so far. So difficult.

The phone on the bed started ringing. I grabbed it and hoped that maybe it was Vincenzo calling back. Maybe he had a change of heart.

“Hello” I answered as sultry as I could manage.

“Tsk-Tsk Alana. That was a shit performance now wasn’t it.” Pedro’s voice filled my ear.

“Pedro I,”

I was cut off before I could finish.

“Shut-up and listen. Tira? That was pathetic! You used the name of a fucking dessert. You are going to have to get better than that if you want to see Alejandro again Alana, but to be fair I never expected Marino to be a contender. Italian and Mexican isn’t a great fusion. I would much rather see him and his families heads on my fence posts, but it is such a messy business mailing body parts to Mexico.” He laughed at what he thought was a joke.

“The clock is ticking Alana.” His voice was dangerous as he hung up on me.

Tears of anger were pooling in my eyes as I threw the phone onto the bed.

This assignment is impossible. I needed a miracle.

It had been years since I prayed. I never felt as though he was listening to me and I stopped praying the day my son was taken from me, but in this moment I prayed as hard as I could. I begged for forgiveness for my sins and I begged for my son back.

Pedro had kidnapped Alejandro from the daycare on his first day. Imagine my shock when after a long, stressful day at work and the first time being away from Alejandro for more than an hour, I go to the daycare only to be told that my son’s father had already picked him up. I will never forget the panic that overwhelmed me. I was screaming and delirious. How could they not have asked for identification? When the Nurse told me she was going to call the cops I calmed down and asked her to describe the man who picked Alejandro up.

She described Pedro Suarez right down to the mole on his left cheek. I had to thank her and explain that Alejandro’s father was no longer in the picture, and that his uncle had picked him up. I mentioned I remembered hearing him mention it to me, but it must have slipped my mind, it being my first day back to work and all. I apologized and ran to my car.

I remember the phone call like it was yesterday. Those four words that forever changed my life. “I have your son.”

From that day forward, I belonged to Pedro Suarez.

My phone ringing jolted me from my thoughts. The ring tone told me it was my work phone and I was now on the clock.

I regained as much of my composure as I could before hitting accept.

“Hello.” I answered breathlessly. “I couldn’t wait any longer to call you.”


“Mmmm, I like that you Christop- Sir, couldn’t wait to call me” I remembered from last night.

“Tell me what you are wearing.” He breathed into the phone. His breath was ragged.

“Well sir, I am wearing a yellow dress that looks like it was painted on me. My nipples are begging to be let free.” It wasn’t a lie. His voice did something carnal to me. I was already feeling aroused just from hearing him. “Take off your dress and panties.” He instructed.

“Sir, I wasn’t able to wear panties or a bra with this dress.” I spoke slowly to let me words take effect.

I heard his breath hitch in his throat.

“What is your name?” He asked me.

“I told you my name last night. Honey.”

“What is your real name?”

I let out a sigh. “Sir that is my real name.”

“You’re lying to me.” His voice was threatening. I had to change the subject.

“What did you do today Sir? Did you think of me? I was thinking about you. After a meeting I had today I had to come home and touch myself and imagine it was you.” Not a complete lie.

No response.

“Sir, are you still there?” I asked

“Yes.” He whispered. “What was your meeting about Honey?”

“Business Sir, I can’t disclose those details, but I can disclose to you how wet I am right now hearing your voice. So wet it is dripping down my thighs already.” Truth.

“Woman you are going to be my undoing.” He was in anguish.

“No sir, I am just going to make you come, hard, while you imagine me bouncing on your cock.” The vision played in my mind and I felt a jolt of electricity between my legs.

“Just thinking about riding you sir has me almost coming, and I don’t even know what you look like.” I was becoming breathless imagining his shaft moving slowly in and out of me.

“Fuck Honey, my dick is so hard. I can’t take it.” He whispered. I could hear rustling like he just undid his pants.

“Did you just let your dick out of your pants sir? How hard is it? Are you leaking yet?” I caught myself licking my lips like I was about to taste him.

“Rock hard Honey, I have never been this hard. I thought about you all day. Every woman I saw or spoke too, I wondered if it was you. I need to meet you.” He said.

“Sir, you know we can’t meet.” I whispered solemnly.

“I will pay Pedro whatever he wants. Just let me see you.”

“I am not a whore sir. You can’t buy me.” I was a little pissed that he would assume he could buy me.

“No, but I can pay for time on the phone with you?” he was challenging me. I knew Pedro was likely listening to this call salivating at a potential profit.

“Sir, even if we could meet, I am more than positive that you couldn’t handle a Latina lover.” I was stroking his desires, adding wood to the fire.

I heard him suck in a deep breath. I assumed he was stroking his cock thinking about having a Latina.

“Say it again.” He ordered.

“Which part Sir?”

“What are you?” he sounded more breathless. He must be close to his release.

“Ah, Latina lover” I let my accent come out as thick as it was the day I moved to America. “We never talked about that last night did we?” I crooned.

“Alana” His words were ice in my veins.

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