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By Isabelle Corners


The night was hot. The sun had just set over the mountains casting beautiful pinks and oranges across the horizon. I sat in silence across from my fan and wondered if he saw the same sunset I did. Did he revel in the beauty of gods creation and feel whole, or was he scared and alone, like me.

The ring from my phone jolted me out of my thoughts. I looked up at the wall clock, it wasn’t even 7:30 yet. Lately the calls have been getting earlier, making time slow and keeping me from my dreams that much longer.

Dreams where he is wrapped in my arms.

“Hello” I whispered into the phone.

“Well hello there” his voice was calming and mysterious like a ship adrift on the ocean while the waves gently rocked the boat.

“What’s your name honey?” I asked seductively.

“You can call me Christopher”

“Christopher. I like that Chris for short?”

“No” his voice was firm. If I could have seen him, I am sure his back would have stiffened and his eyes would have turned to ice.

“Mmmmm, of course, Christopher, a professional man. I like that” his name rolled off my tongue like steam trailing down a shower door.

“Tell me Christopher, what color are your eyes?”

“What is your name?” He completely ignored my question. Unusual, I thought.

I change my name from night to night. Never keeping the same name twice. Normally I have my new identity in the queue, but tonight’s call was so early I hadn’t had time to think who they would call out when they came.

“Taking charge on me already? I like that. You can call me Honey” Crap, I used that name last week.

He was breathing into the receiver. It was not an excited breath or one of anticipation. It was one of frustration.

“I will call you Honey the first time. Only the first time. After that I want your name.”

“Yes sir” I whispered.

His breath hitched.

“Mmmmmm, you like it when I call you Sir?” They always give something away.

“Yes. So much so, you can call me Sir the rest of the night and when you come, you will scream it.” His voice was sultry and demanding. Yet still calming. It made me want to do whatever he told me to do.

I let a small giggle escape my lips. “No Sir, when you come, and you will, you can scream my name.”

“Never say no to me again.” He hissed.

If I lose the first call of the night Pedro will no doubt punish me. His punishments have been getting more creative, as he puts it, but in reality they are just cruel. The last one left me bruised heavily around my breasts for weeks.

“Of course Chris- Sir.” I quickly correct myself.

“Better, however you need to be punished for your indiscretion”

“Punished Sir?” I was struggling to keep my voice level and calm. I have had some real weirdos call me, but none like this. The weirdest call to date was when I had to keep saying ‘no mommy’ over and over again while the guy on the other end of the line sobbed and stroked himself in time with my voice.

“Punished Honey. Have you never been punished? Mmmm. We are

going to have a long night.”

“You only have 45 minutes left Sir.”

A laugh came through the line. “Oh no my sweet Honey. I have paid to have you for the entire night.”

Annoyance, followed by fear coursed through my veins. The whole night meant I was to be on the phone with him for over 5 hours. That is impossible, protocol stipulates that we have to have one call an hour to maximize profit.


“Oh Sir, as much as that would please me to have you stroke my ear all night with your sexy voice, we will be disconnected after your time is up, so let’s see how I can make you come.” My voice was as sweet and innocent as I could make it.

Another laugh. “Pedro owes me a favor and you sweet, sweet Honey are that favor.”

Pedro. He knows Pedro. Oh my god. Is this a test? Is this Pedro looking for an excuse to beat and humiliate me?

“Ahhhh, speechless I see. Good. You are learning. Now, your punishment.” He sounded pleased with himself.

“Yes sir, my punishment.” I was trying to hold my tears in. I needed to turn off all emotion.

“Take your clothes off. All of them.” He demanded.

“I am already naked Sir.” I lied

“Liar. That just earned you another punishment. Take off your clothes.” His voice was still calm, but there was danger there.

I cradled the phone in my ear and started to remove my clothing. My jeans and panties landed in a pile beside my chair.

“I need to put the phone down for a moment while I take my top off.” I was telling him, but also asking for his permission.

“Next time you will have a button up shirt on. Do it, you have 20 seconds.”

I put the phone on the table and shakily removed my t-shirt and bra allowing them to join the pile with my jeans and panties.

I took a deep breath and looked at the phone before picking it back up. My hands were shaking, my heart was beating rapidly. I could hang up right now and be done with him. I could pack up what little I own and run. Every instinct was telling me to leave, but if I did, I would never see him again.

“Honey, your time is up.”

I placed the phone back to my ear while a single tear spilled down my cheek.

“I’m here.” I whispered.

“Go lay on your bed.” He instructed.

I walked across my studio apartment like a robot and did as he instructed.

My sheets were warm and uncomfortable.

“Do you have a head set you can put on? You will need both your hands”

“No Sir” I responded

“Put the phone on speaker, lay back on your bed and put the phone between your breasts”

I did as he instructed. “Yes Sir”

“Tell me what you see Honey, what are you looking at with your scared eyes.” His voice was sweet again, calming. If I can get through this night, I can get through anything.

I looked around my poor apartment. There was no color, no personal items, nothing to show a woman lived here.

“I see the street lights behind my blinds.” I said quietly.

“No, look at the phone Honey. What do you see,”

I looked down at my phone resting between my breasts. It was held firmly in place, like it was meant to rest there.

“I see my phone laying between my breasts.”

“Good. What do your breasts look like?”

“They look smooth and round, my nipples fit perfect in the middle of each. Like a puzzle piece that was placed last to complete the picture.” I never noticed before how beautiful they truly were. They were perfect, not a blemish on them, equally proportioned.

“Take you nipples in your hands Honey.” His voice was becoming hoarse.

“Yes Sir” I obeyed taking my nipples in between my thumb and forefinger.

“Tell me what you are feeling.” He whispered.

“Nervous.” I answered him honestly.

“Have you ever been punished Honey.” My name for tonight was starting to make me uncomfortable.

“No Sir.”

A soft moan escaped his lips.

“Pinch your nipples.”

I did as he wished and felt the first signs of wetness between my legs as I let out a moan.

“Ahhhhh, good girl, but you see this is your punishment. Squeeze your nipples harder” He ordered.

I applied more pressure and let out another moan of satisfaction. I was slowly starting to enjoy touching myself. I never did on calls. I only pretended I was.

“I can hear it still feels good. Squeeze them until you scream Honey. Now.”

I was getting lost in his voice and his commands.

I obeyed and another jolt of pleasure caused my arousal to start leaking out of me.

“HARDER” he yelled in the phone.

I squeezed as hard as I could and a scream erupted from my throat.

“It hurts” I wailed.

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