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Just Relax and Look At The Light: Sarah


Allister Remm

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Chapter 1

"Just relax and look at the light."

The man's voice was calm, soothing in a way. Sarah became vaguely aware that she was lying on a table of some type. The air gently moving over her skin told her that she was at least partly nude. A towel or something covered her buttocks.

Some time passed, how much she couldn't be sure. She felt hands on her back applying some warm oil. She wanted to lift her head to see who was rubbing the oil into her back, but found that she couldn't move her head at all. That was... a bit disconcerting. Why couldn't she move her head? Something was immobilizing it and keeping her eyes focused on the shifting and swirling patterns of light.

Her attention turned back to the hands. She realized that whoever was there was massaging her back. She had seen a masseuse once before and this felt similar to that. That suited her fine. With all the stress she had been under the massage was very welcome, even with the added weirdness of being tied down.

She found herself staring at the patterns of light and trying to make out what they were. Some more time passed, only registered by her mysterious masseur changing the area they were massaging.

"Sarah, tell me about your husband."

And with that she began to spill everything.

"I don't know what went wrong! It started out so well! He was my crush in high school, my boyfriend in college, and then we got married and it all went down hill from there! I mean, what the hell did I do so wrong that drove him to go and sleep with four different women in the 9 months we've been married! Am I just not pretty enough for him? Am I just another trophy he added to his collection?"

Lying there staring at the patterns of light, Sarah was vaguely aware that her brain to mouth filter was not working. She didn't care in the least. Some other part of her mind lazily registered that she was about to share intimate details with a total stranger. Again, she didn't care.

"In the 9 months we've been married, we had sex twice! He's banged my best friend Selena at least five times! He's banged that waitress 7 times that I know of! After our honeymoon the only other time we've had sex was when I had to practically drag him into the bedroom and state plainly that I wanted to fuck."

"It sounds like your husband may not want you, which makes you feel unwanted. You should know that if he doesn't want you, others will gladly have you and treat you better. You deserve to be loved and cared for, the same as anybody else."

This man's words sunk deep into her mind and took hold. Yes, she did deserve to be loved and cared for. Her husband didn't love her, so maybe others would... She dwelled on that thought for a bit, then she registered some kind of pleasant tingling in her pussy.

"You also deserve to enjoy the pleasure of sex. It's human nature to want to enjoy sex freely and frequently."

There was definitely some kind of pleasant tingle in her cunt... Her needy juicing cunt, so desperately in need of attention, ignored for so long, only given attention by her fingers. No sex before marriage, and apparently very little sex afterwards! What was going on in her pussy now felt very good. She kept staring at the lights, feeling those gentle hands skillfully turn every muscle they touched into a happy soft lump of flesh. She'd probably never have a stress headache again.

"You wanted to make your husband happy?"

"Hell yeah I wanted to make him happy! It took a Herculean effort just to get him to fucking smile at me some days! I did so much for him and he just took it for granted, always expected me to be there, house cleaned, dinner lovingly slaved over for hours, me dressed in Penthouse worthy lingerie... No interest! Well fuck him! He doesn't want me so two can play the adultery game! I'll find someone who does want me!"

"You already have Sarah, or at least we've found you."

Her brief flash of rage over her husband melted away. Man that tingle in her pussy felt good. She began to move her hips, wanting a bit more stimulation. As if by magic her prayers were answered with a slight increase in the tingling.

"Mmmm, that feels really good..."

"I'm glad it does. You deserve to feel good."

There was some kind of deep realization in Sarah's lazy relaxed mind. No one had ever said that to her before. "You deserve to feel good" No one had ever said those exact words to her before. This strange man was correct. She did indeed deserve to feel good, and with the soothing sensual massage and the ever growing tingle in her cunt, she felt very good. She allowed a long ecstatic moan to escape her lips. She felt so good, and, oh yes she could feel it, the long sought after orgasm. It was building! Her body tensed up and she RELEASED!!

The tingling stopped but the massage continued. She felt warm, glowy, and oh so contented...

She woke up lying on some bed that wasn't hers. Sitting up, she looked around. It looked like she was in some stranger's apartment. She climbed out of bed and discovered that apart from the bedsheets covering her, she was completely nude.

What had she done last night?

The mirror in the bathroom provided no answers, only the reassurance that she was still Sarah. Sarah Evans. Housewife. Average looking, limp brown hair. No kids, no job, and basically no husband. Matt was usually away on business, and when he was home he spent very little time with her. As she looked at herself in the mirror it dawned on her that she had been kidnapped.

She had done something very risky. After she had found out about the affairs, she decided that she was going to go out and drink. If she met a guy she was very likely going to fuck him. She was going to get totally hammered, wake up the next morning with a pounding hangover, file for divorce and likely move out of state. She was so tired of being just some repressed ignored housewife, denied pleasures that other women experienced on a daily or near daily basis. She had been sitting at the bar, and...

...Someone must have drugged her drink...

Okay she had been kidnapped. That brought back the question of where she was. Was she even still in America? Probably. Some guy had likely drugged her and taken her back to his place nearby.

So why was there no door that led out of the apartment?

Back in the bedroom she wrapped one of the bedsheets around her body. She started looking again for a door that would let her out of the apartment. She found none, except for a faint outline in one of the walls that looked like it might be a door. She also took in that there were no electrical outlets, the lights in the ceiling were behind thick panes of glass, and there were no windows.

This was no apartment. This was a cleverly disguised prison cell.

On the bedside stand, she noticed a small booklet. The cover was blank, but when she opened it, she saw wording and began to read it.

"What drives someone to want to submit? The answer is different for every person, but not all of them do it because they have something wrong with them. Some may view a submissive as a weak willed individual, a doormat, or a battered spouse who obeys under fear of possible harm. These circumstances are only true for a small number of subs. Many others derive pleasure from submission. Some like to please their lovers. Others are actively rewarded. Still others feel a sense of safety when they're with a dom or domme that they trust. It's not all fun and games for the dominant in a relationship. A healthy D/s relationship requires just as much commitment from the dominant as it does for the submissive.-"

That made sense to her in a way. She had heard stories of kinky things that dom's and subs got up to, nothing that she would ever dare try. She continued reading.

"Usually the more difficult a submissive is to train, the stronger the relationship between them and their dominant will be when they're finally trained. Dominants who expect quick results often fail in their goals. The more patience and tolerance a dominant has, the more likely it is that their goals will be achieved."

A small shudder went down her spine, but the feeling that caused it wasn't entirely fear. They were going to train her? Like a pet? She thought of sex slaves. She had seen the news stories. Women abducted and forced to have sex with guys... dirty filthy disgustingly overweight guys, and big muscular guys with big fat meaty throbbing cocks, filling those girls up with their hot cum... She continued reading the booklet.

"We have chosen you to become one of our submissive's. You will be trained for two weeks in the art of submission and sexuality. After the two weeks are finished, you will be given a choice to stay here or you can go back to your former life.

That choice will be yours to make."

So they were going to train her for two weeks then give her the option to leave if she wished? That sounded a bit weird for a sex slave operation. Still they were going to do things to her, and make her do things which she had never dared do before. That made her very apprehensive... but in some small way, also nervously excited.

That faint outline of the door turned out to indeed be a door. The whole panel slid open. Behind it stood a man, almost nude except for a mask over his face. Sarah blushed and tried to cover herself. It dawned on her that they've seen her naked or would see her naked anyway, but having her arms and hands covering her private areas made her feel a bit better.

"Miss Evans, please come with me."

Chapter 2:

She followed him down a hallway of some type. She passed by several doors and wondered where they led. The man leading her down the hall was a big guy, well built and pretty sexy looking. She couldn't help but stare at his ass as he walked. She followed him into a room with a tiled floor.

The door slid shut behind them. The room kinda looked like a kitchen, only there were no windows, no appliances, and no furniture apart from a small table with a small bottle and pair of weird rubber looking panties on it. There was also a sink with a bucket sitting in it. She went over to the bucket. It was filled with soapy water. She saw a sponge floating inside it.

"Miss Evans, please put on the control panties and began scrubbing the floor."

She looked at him in astonishment. Slowly, reluctantly she went over to the table and examined the panties. She saw two devices molded into them. From her experience watching pornography, a pleasure she enjoyed in secret, she knew that the devices were a dildo and a butt plug. Both the dildo and plug looked to be made of a shiny rubber with silvery metal bands embedded into them. The panties also had what looked like a belt molded into them. The bottle next to them was some kind of lubricant.

She turned to face the guy, holding the panties in her hand.

"I have to wear these?" she managed in a small voice.

"Yes. They are part of your training. Please put on the panties and start scrubbing the floor."

She looked at him, looked at the panties, then bent over and started sliding them up her legs.

"The control probes will go in more comfortably if you lubricate them first."

Control probes? Those things were called control probes? She didn't much like the sound of that.

Slowly, reluctantly, she grabbed the bottle of lube and applied some to the sex toys/control probes. How would they control her once they were in there?!

"Could you please turn around while I do this? This is really embarrassing."

No response from him.

She looked down at the floor, her face turning quite red. She let out a long sigh then slid the panties back up her legs. She felt the tips of the probes, lined them up carefully, and oh god they were going in! The butt plug grew wider and wider until its narrow base passed through and it settled inside her. The vaginal dildo/probe slid in comfortably. The feeling of being filled in both places was very unsettling.

"Now buckle the panties please."

She did so without hesitation, only realizing afterwards that there was no way she could unbuckle them.

"Oh no these won't unbuckle! Oh no! Oh no no no no help!"

"They will be removed later. Now begin scrubbing the floor please."

Moving around with those things inside her was weird. Awkwardly she grabbed the bucket, got onto her hands and knees and started scrubbing.

As she scrubbed, she started feeling a familiar pleasant tingle. She'd felt this before, somewhere... For the life of her she couldn't recall where or when she had felt it before. She stopped scrubbing and the tingle went away. She started scrubbing again and something clicked. They were rewarding her for obeying. Well, better to be rewarded then punished. She continued scrubbing.

The tingle gradually grew more intense. A rhythmic pulsing began emitting from those things inside her. Scrub, pulse, scrub, pulse. The faster she scrubbed, the faster they pulsed. A few minutes of this and she was sweating. Then she began panting. Her legs trembled as she crawled along the floor.

"Ohh Oh goddddd!" She came. She stopped scrubbing and turned her head to look at him in surprise and shock.

"Miss Evans, please continue scrubbing the floor."

Fear of some possible pain on the back of the pleasure made her grip the sponge and continue. The tingle returned, stronger this time.

"Ohh, ohh, ohh!" It was getting harder to keep scrubbing. She was actually doing a terrible job at it, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Her body tensed up and another climax hit. She had never had two in a row in such a short time. It was too much for her. She felt her legs giving way.

She fell to the floor panting, gripping the sponge in a trembling hand. Cinderella never had it this good. Maybe if she had she wouldn't have run off with a prince. The story usually ended there, but as Sarah lay there she wondered if maybe she had a similar arrangement to this with the prince...

She heard the man's footsteps as he approached. She braced herself expecting to be hit or slapped. She jumped when his hand touched her, then relaxed when she realized it was just caressing the top of her head.

"You've done very well Miss Evans. When you are able to, please get up and follow me."

She laid there for a moment, thinking that he should be addressing her as Mrs Evans. Wasn't she married? Yes, she was married to a husband who didn't give a shit about her, so he should be addressing her as Mrs Evans.

She weakly stood up and looked at him.

"It's Mrs Evans. I'm married to Matt Evans."

"And where is your husband now?"

She looked down at the floor. "Probably banging some hooker he picked up off the street."

"Well Miss Evans, you may have taken his name, but really you're not married to him. Legally you are, but marriage is supposed to be more then some legal mumbo jumbo."

"So I've heard..."

"At the end of your two weeks here, you can decide whether you want to be Mrs Evans, Miss Evans, or Miss Berson."

"How do you know my maiden name?"

He didn't answer.

"Hey! How do you know my maiden name?"

"Miss Evans, please come with me."

This guy knew more then he was telling. She debated resisting but decided it was still better to follow along for the time being. There was nowhere to run, and she probably wouldn't get very far if those things inside her were turned up to full blast.

She followed him into another empty room. The door slid closed behind them. There was a picture of a beach painted on the wall behind her. In front of her was what appeared to be a camera and video screen mounted behind a thick pane of glass.

"A series of three poses will appear on the video screen. Please do your best to imitate these poses. Once you've done them, we'll move onto the next room."

The first image appeared on the screen. It was a diagram of a woman on her hands and knees, ass facing the camera, her head turned and smiling at the viewer. Feeling very awkward and embarrassed, Sarah imitated the pose. She heard what sounded like a shutter clicking.

The next pose on the screen was a diagram of a woman standing up and cradling her face with her hand. Sarah imitated this pose and heard the shutter click.

The final pose showed the drawing of the woman sitting on the floor, arms at her sides with her legs spread wide. Feeling almost mortified, Sarah imitated the pose. The shutter clicked, then she heard another door opening. She got up and followed him into what looked like a dungeon.

She froze up as she looked at the equipment. Chains, leather straps, handcuffs, blindfolds, and lots of sex toys including dildos that were way bigger then she could imagine fitting inside her. Her mind raced. Surely they wouldn't use those on her, right? Surely they wouldn't. Those things looked like they were for an Amazon woman, not someone like her!

She was unaware she had pissed herself until she felt warm liquid trickling down her legs. She collapsed to the floor in a sobbing heap. She felt his hand caressing her face. She continued to sob. He continued to caress her. Eventually her sobbing started to subside. He helped her up and wordlessly guided her to a short padded table with straps attached to its legs. She tried to run, but weirdly her body wouldn't obey. They had her get on her hands and knees over the table and secured the straps. The table was just big enough to support her stomach. She had nothing to rest her head on.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"First we're going to clean you up."

The panties unlocked from the front and back. A different man carefully removed them. Sarah was horrified to find that two men were now rinsing her crotch and legs with warm water.

"Now we're going to show you what it's like to sexually please more then one man at a time."

Both of the men started fondling and groping her. There wasn't much she could do to resist. And really it wasn't her fault. It wasn't like she had asked to be kidnapped, and forced to wear "control panties" and be made to orgasm. It wasn't her fault, so she had no reason to be guilty over the fact that she liked what their hands were doing. It was the most male attention she had ever experienced.

She felt lubricated fingers pushing their way into her ass. It took her a few moments to realize he was opening her up back there. Her mind flashed to the dildos and she tensed up.

"Relax Sarah, or this is going to hurt."

The fingers continued probing inside her. Then she felt something big and hard being pushed inside her. She opened her mouth to gasp, and the man in front of her inserted some kind of mouth piece, securing it to her head with the attached straps.

The thing in her mouth wasn't exactly a gag. It had a large hole in the center of it and grooves inside it for her teeth to lock into. The man behind her started slowly moving the dildo in and out of her ass. The man in front of her started squeezing and rubbing her breasts. She could see his hardening cock bobbing in front of her. She suddenly realized what the mouth piece was for and started struggling.

A smack on her ass was all it took to end her struggling. She went limp and felt the dildo being removed. Moments later she felt another smack on her bottom.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Being spanked by this guy was a weird and not entirely painful experience. Each smack sent a painful sting through her, but also produced a tingle where the dildo was.

That dildo was removed and replaced by another larger one. It went in bit by bit, filling her up inside. She then felt fingers rubbing her vagina.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

She came on the next smack.

The cock slid past the ring and into her mouth. His hands held her head in place, and there wasn't anything she could do except experience it. She felt the dildo being moved in and out of her and the fingers manipulating her pussy. She sensed yet another orgasm building.

She came again, then went completely limp. Her eyes closed. Her head was released and she laid there. Heat radiated from her buttocks. Her mind shut itself down.

Chapter 3:

It was like she was an actress in an erotic film. That's how she thought about it at least. Thinking about it like that made the experience easier to deal with. The 'work' she was doing was pretty similar she guessed.

For the past several days her routine was waking up and being led to a shower area where she was cleaned by one or two masked men. While that was happening the men would rub her body. One would focus on her stomach while the other would rub her erogenous zones, and sometimes her back. She sometimes came during this.

After that she was usually led to one of the dungeon rooms. She had seen three separate ones so far, and in all of them she was tied or strapped or chained to something and made to please one or more guys. Really she didn't have to do much, though she was starting to learn some things she could do to enhance the experience. She was learning how to use her tongue to manipulate a cock when it was in her mouth, as well as learning she could squeeze and relax her vaginal muscles to change the sensations during sex.

She was already getting used to it.

She was starting to enjoy it.

After they were done with her she was usually left to sit in her apartment cell. She now had a TV she could watch, with most of the channels being porn, and they were giving her more books to read, mostly about sex. Sometimes she killed time just by masturbating. She now had a small bathroom with a jacuzzi tub that she found herself taking advantage of. She found that she could aim the jets just right and get a nice little orgasm out of it.

On the morning of her seventh day when the guy entered her room to take her somewhere, she decided to ask him some questions.

"So, if I stayed, not saying I will, but if I stayed... um, would I just be like a porno actress? Would you guys pay me anything? Would I get to mingle with other slaves, maybe socialize a bit more?"

"The women we recruit usually have one or more skill sets that would be useful to us here. If you stay, we plan to make use of your cooking skills in one of our kitchens." he replied.

Sarah grunted and turned her head. "I can't cook."

"That's what your husband may think, but that hamburger recipe you thought of, with adding your own seasoning mix before cooking the meat shows that you have creativity, and I think while you're not very experienced, you have great potential."

It was just one surprise after another with this guy. She had resigned herself to him somehow knowing every detail of her life, including secrets she had never told anyone. The surprising bit was being told she had a potential for cooking. That brightened her mood considerably. After being led back to the tiled room she slipped on the control panties and immediately grabbed the bucket and sponge. She got on her hands and knees and started playing Cinderella again. She made it to three orgasms before collapsing onto the floor, panting and sweating.

The man helped her to her feet. She took an unsteady step. He grabbed her to keep her from falling, then he guided her to the camera room.

"Do you really think I could cook? Like for real?"

"With guidance from a chef, yes. Do you want to try your hand at it?"

Sarah thought about it as she did her poses for the camera. After the second pose, she nodded.

"Yes. Yes I want to try it."

Sarah looked around in amazement as she followed the man into what looked like a restaurant kitchen. The only really weird part was the people in the kitchen were all female, and apart from protective aprons they were nude. Sarah quickly became nervous and intimidated.

"Oh no, I changed my mind!"

"No turning back now. Holly, this is Sarah. She's one of the new girls we're trying out. She's interested in cooking. She can cook a little but has never worked in a restaurant kitchen. She's scared out of her wits at the moment so go easy on her."

Holly, a woman with blonde hair who looked to be in her late twenties, smiled at Sarah.

"Good to meet you Sarah. This is one of the kitchens that feeds both our slaves and our guests. Looks a bit overwhelming doesn't it?"


"It is at first, until you know a bit more on how it works. Never mind that for now. Let me show you around a bit. We're finishing up breakfast service.


"So tell me Sarah, what's the first thing you ever cooked?"

"One egg, sunny side up. Um, I didn't use any oil in the pan and I set the temperature too high. It turned into, just like this lump of stinky charcoal and I almost ruined the pan."

Holly laughed. Sarah blushed and looked at her feet.

"Oh no honey it's okay. All you did was wreck an egg. Hee hee me, I tried to run before I could walk. I tried baking a cake when I was like 12. I used the wrong flour, I put the frosting on top before I baked the cake, thinking it would be an ingenious way to save time, and I set the temperature way too high."

"Wow. Really?"

"Oh yeah. I imagined I was the host of a cooking show and it was fun until smoke started coming from the oven. I ruined the cake pan and almost wrecked the oven."

"Wow. You've come a long way to be working in a professional kitchen."

"Well, yeah but really I gave up on cooking in my early teens after I ruined a roast that my family was gonna eat. Something like 3 years ago I was brought here, made to scrub floors, trained to sexually please men and women, and it came out that at one time I liked to cook. Apart from my pleasure duties I spend my day running this kitchen now."

"Wow. Things here look so complicated." Sarah said.

"Well, lets start with something simple. Here's an empty station. Eggs are over there. Make me a simple plain omelet."

Almost in a numb daze, Sarah grabbed a pan, greased it with butter and turned on one of the burners. Here she was in some sex slave facility, and this lady wanted her to cook an omelet. It all felt very surreal. She didn't really register what she was doing. Somehow she ended up with what at least looked like an omelet. Holly cut off a piece and ate it. Her face looked hard to read.

"Not bad Sarah. A bit overcooked, but not bad. Make me another one."

Her confidence boosted a bit, Sarah felt more in control as she cracked open some more eggs. This omelet ended up looking better. She plated it and handed it to Holly. She took a bite and smiled.

"Much better. Only your second try too."


"Want to give something else a try? Maybe ham and eggs?"

"Sure, I guess."

Holly's encouragement continued to boost Sarah's confidence. An hour flew by and before Sarah knew it, she had cooked several breakfasts under Holly's supervision.

"Excellent job Sarah. Come with me." Holly said.

She led Sarah out to a large restaurant area where many people were eating breakfast. Some looked like they were slaves, others looked like regular people.

"All these people seem to be enjoying their breakfasts, and in the last hour you've contributed to that."

"Wow... I did, didn't I?"

"Yep. I gotta take you back to your handler now, but I think I'll be seeing more of you later on."

"There's something I don't get about this place." Sarah said as the masked man secured her arms to the restraining frame.

"What's that?" he asked.

"You guys seem to know everything about me. Also for a sex slave ring I don't see all that many security measures. Aren't you worried about me breaking a window and escaping?"

"Before you woke up here, we planted some hypnotic and subliminal instructions in your head. You've also told us everything about yourself while under hypnosis. What you told us confirms why we think you'd be a good fit here. Ultimately that will be up to you, but in the meantime those hypnotic suggestions prevent you from doing certain things."

Sarah just stared at him for a moment.

"No way! Hypnosis can't do anything like that."

He undid the strap that held one of her arms in place.

"Your arm is now free. Slap me across the face, if you can."

Horror sank in when Sarah realized that her arm would not move under its own power. After a few moments he easily put it back in the strap and secured it in place.

"Technically the straps aren't needed, but under normal circumstances you would be able to move and we're aiming to get you used to physical bondage."

She just shut down. They had her. There was no choice. They'd break her with sexual pleasure and she'd become a glassy eyed slave. They could hypnotize her to do anything. They could fill her with cocks and sex toys and make her cum over and over, and that's how they would break her. They'd train her like a dog, turn her into an obedient pet, a collared, obedient pet led on a chain by whoever became her owner...

A burst of pleasure from the control panties brought her back to her senses. She looked up at the guy, anger flashing in her eyes.

"So after two weeks I'll have the choice to leave or stay? Yeah right. You guys have fucked with my mind and rigged the election so to speak. Heh, I know what choice I'll be compelled to make at the end of this."

"That choice will be yours." he said after fastening the gag in place.

Chapter 4:

When the door to her apartment cell opened. Sarah was surprised to see Holly standing there instead of the masked guy. Holly was dressed in a black leather dominatrix's outfit. Her face wore a knowing smile.

"Oh no. No Holly please no."

"Sarah, come with me please."

Sarah couldn't help but follow her. Her body just wouldn't cooperate with her brain's pleading requests to run away. Holly led her to one of the dungeon rooms.

"Please don't do this Holly! I'm scared!"

"What are you afraid of dear?"

"I... I don't know. I've never had a woman, um, you know, do it to me before..."

"No need to be afraid Sarah. I don't bite, unless you want me to."

The harness had Sarah laid out almost as if she had been cuffed to a hammock. Her legs were spread and all her private bits were easily accessible. Her eyes widened as Holly showed her a thick cord with large shiny beads on it.

"Such a beautiful creature you are Sarah. Yes you are, you're beautiful."

Holly grabbed a familiar bottle of lube and applied a dollop of it on top of Sarah's pussy.

"This lube has some special properties. It enhances the nerve sensitivity, making sex more enjoyable and making you cum as often as I want you to."

She slathered some of the lube over the beads. Holly knelt and Sarah felt more lube applied to her ass. Then there was a stretching sensation as the first bead made its way inside.

"You have a little tail now."

Sarah felt the cord sliding in deeper, then the second bead pushed up against her. Her breathing became rapid.

"Relax my pet."

Sarah felt one of Holly's hands gently rubbing her stomach. It felt soothing and she began to relax. Before she knew it the second bead went in.

Holly continued rubbing her stomach with one hand while her other hand slid the cord back and forth. A bit more lube, then the third bead was pushed inside. A sharp intake of breath from Sarah. The feeling was strange but not unpleasant at all. Holly switched from rubbing her stomach to massaging the lube into her vagina.

"Ohh Oh god if you keep doing that I'm gonna cum!"

She spread her legs as wide as the restraints allowed, and moaned as the next bead went in. One of Holly's lube coated fingers brushed against Sarah's clitoris and she came.

"You just came thanks to another woman. How do you feel?"


"Did you like it?"

Sarah didn't reply.

"I guess you haven't decided yet. Lets see if I can help you make up your mind..."

The final two beads were pushed in. Only a thin tail dangled from Sarah's buttocks now. Holly focused on massaging Sarah's vagina. Sarah had produced plenty of her own lubrication and Holly's fingers slid in with ease.

"Oh yes my beautiful pet. I think we're ready."

Holly grabbed a long curved dildo and put a thin coating of lube on it. She exhaled softly as she pushed one end into her own pussy.

"Oh my god is that going inside me? Ohhhh!"

She got her answer. Holly slowly buried the exposed end of the dildo inside Sarah.

"We're now connected by this piece of rubber my pet."

"It's too big! Please take it out!"

Holly stroked her face and looked into Sarah's eyes. "Relax my pet. You're doing very well. It'll feel better if you just relax."

Those calm confident eyes, the hand stroking her cheek. Sarah began to calm down again. Something inside her relaxed and the dildo started moving with greater ease. Sarah tilted her head back and moaned loudly as Holly fucked her. She came, then came again. Two orgasms in a row. Her mind turned itself off.

When she came to, she felt warm water being poured on her. Holly was giving her a sponge bath. She undid part of the harness to get at Sarah's lower back. One by one the beads were pulled out.

"You're excellent Sarah. How I would love to have you as my permanent pet. After I get you cleaned up I'm going to give you a treat."

Whatever Holly considered to be a treat after the sex they had, Sarah didn't know. She looked forward to finding out with excitement and nervousness. She realized that Holly had just shattered one of the biggest taboo's in her life, and it left her feeling fragile and off kilter.

Holly seemed to sense Sarah's emotional state. She put her arm around Sarah's shoulder as she led her out of the room. Neither of them spoke as Holly led her down the hallway.

They entered a room that looked like a hairdressing salon. There was another woman in there dressed in a white leather harness.

"Hey Donna, I'm treating my new friend Sarah here to a makeover. Lets see what you can do with this canvas."

Donna's eyes lit up. "Oh I can already see some things I can do with her. Nice to meet you Sarah. Please have a seat."

Sarah had only been to a salon once before for prom night back in high school. From what she remembered this wasn't much different. She laid her head in the sink and Donna started rinsing her hair.

"So tell me Sarah, what do you think of your time here so far?"

"It's uh, it's been something."

"Yeah I guess that'd be one way of describing it. I'm going on six months here myself."

"Wow. Were you given the choice to stay or go?"

"Oh yeah. They offer that choice to all the girls they abduct. I chose to stay and here I am."

"Did things change after you chose to stay?"

"Well, yes. I was majoring in computer science before I was brought here, but I also did my friend's hair in my free time. Since I came here, I've learned more about being a beautician. "

She started applying some kind of foil strips to Sarah's hair.

"I've also gotten really good at giving blow jobs, and I've done a lot of neat kinky shit that I would have never dared dream of a year ago. I've also had lots of free time to play video games and I could probably kick your ass in any online FPS."

She chuckled as she began to remove the foil strips. Sarah caught a glimpse in the mirror and thought the hair they had been applied to now looked a bit lighter in color.

"So what did you do before you were brought here?" Donna asked as she wrapped Sarah's hair in curlers.

"Not much. Stay at home wife..."

"Oh you poor thing. Being brought here has got to be tough for you."

"Actually it's not been as bad as I expected."

The curlers were removed. Donna added a thin layer of makeup to Sarah's face. Mascara was applied to her eyelashes, and a deep red lipstick completed the look. She then turned Sarah around to look at herself in the mirror.

Sarah stared at herself in the mirror for several moments. Her hair now had flowing curls and blonde highlights in it. Her face now had more color and definition to it.

"Oh wow!! Is this me? It is me! Wow! I look pretty!"

"You like?"

"Oh yes I like!"

"I'm glad you like it Sarah. This style is simple to maintain. It's really just a simple foundation and highlights for your hair and cheek bones. You have enough natural beauty that you don't really need anymore then this. Trust me the guys and some of the ladies are gonna be checking you out."

Sarah glanced at Holly who was already doing just that.

"Like I said my pet, you're a beautiful creature. You're also a talented one, and I'm gonna put that talent to use in the kitchen. Lunch service is starting soon."

Feeling very nervous, Sarah took her place at one of the kitchen stations. In front of her were ingredients for making salads.

"I like you so I'm gonna break you in gently. My team will handle the cooking, you make the salads. However as you're making the salads, pay attention to how things are run and how the team operates. Later on I'm gonna let you try your hand at cooking a few things."

At least making the salads was easy. The vegetables were already washed, and Holly showed her how to do the first few. Then the orders started picking up and Holly went off to direct her team. The kitchen had multiple stations for different food products. Holly called out the orders. The women at the stations involved acknowledged her and began cooking the dish.

Sarah watched all this while making her salads. She saw one woman cooking a steak, a hamburger, and a shish-kebab at the same time and suddenly felt overwhelmed. She stared at this woman and froze up.

"Hey Sarah, you've gone all statue like. What's wrong?" Holly asked.

"I can't do this. It's too much."

"You're doing fine. Don't worry about her, I don't expect you to juggle that much. Just worry about your salads."

That got her moving again. She kept glancing over at Ms Superwoman, but then went back to worrying about her salads. She put the wrong dressing on one, but caught it before it was sent out.

"You're doing good Sarah. A little slip up there, but shit happens. That's okay as long as the shit doesn't leave the kitchen."

Lunch service eventually ended and Sarah felt relieved. It actually hadn't been that bad. She had expected it to be a lot more demanding and had been resigned to screwing up anything she laid her hands on. When her last salad went out looking perfect, she just stood there in awe at what she had done.

"Excellent job Sarah! Hey Barbara, come here a minute. You have an admirer here."

Ms Superwoman walked over and smiled at Sarah. "I saw you checking me out earlier. Like what you see?"

"I uh, you had like 3, 4 things cooking at once and knew right when they were done. You work so fast too, how do you do it?"

"Ha ha ha! Culinary school plus 2 years of working in a 3 star restaurant. Compared to that, working here is a breeze." she replied.

"Wow. You got me beat. I've just cooked a few things at home."

"That's how I started out. I just went to school to make landing a job easier. All you really need to cook is a bit of talent and a lot of passion for it."

Back in her apartment cell now, Sarah laid in bed processing the events of the day. She got up on occasion just to look at herself in the mirror that had been placed on one of the walls. She had mostly avoided makeup and cosmetic frills her entire life. Standing there looking at herself, she could sense a deep sea change happening inside her.

Chapter 5:

Sarah woke up feeling nervously excited. Today was the 13th day. Tomorrow morning she'd make the choice to stay or go. It was a decision she had been thinking over for days. There were pros and cons to either choice.

On the pro side, she and Holly had become fast friends. Just last night Sarah had been in charge of one of meat stations in the kitchen, and apart from one overcooked steak she had done very well. The sex was amazing and had opened up her eyes to what was out there in terms of sexual fun and delightful naughtiness. Sex toys came in all kinds of weird shapes and sizes, and they all produced different sensations. She hadn't seen at least half of the things that had been put inside her, but she had felt them, oh had she felt them. She had been fondled by men and women and had grown somewhat comfortable with being naked in front of others.

And her hair, she just couldn't get over how simple curls and blonde highlights made her hair go from plain and limp to just plain sexy. She spent time just looking at her nude body in the mirror and realizing that yes it was her body and that was her hair.

On the con side, she was ultimately in a prison. She couldn't leave the building. Apart from small gardens and courtyards surrounded by tall concrete walls, she hadn't been outside. She had zero privacy. Someone could enter her apartment/cell at any time and take control of her body if they wanted to. Luxuries and the friends she had made aside, she was at the core of it a prisoner and sex slave, not that those were necessarily bad things...

She had been weighing these pros and cons for the past couple days. One comforting thing was her awareness that she could still see the cons. Even after everything she had gone through in the last 13 days, she could see the cons of choosing to stay. Perhaps the election in her mind wasn't rigged after all. She could say no if she wanted to.

Did she want to though?

The door opened. Holly and one of the masked men entered the room.

"So, got something kinky planned for me today?"

"Of course." Holly replied.

They led her to the shower room and secured her in one of the harnesses. She felt warm water running down the back of her head. They were wetting her hair with one of the sprayer heads. Holly began applying a cinnamon scented shampoo. The pleasant scent of cinnamon filled the room.

The man in front of her started rubbing lather over her breasts. He squeezed them gently and teased her nipples. Holly rinsed the shampoo out of Sarah's hair and started washing her back. She gradually went lower and lower, then surprised Sarah by giving her buttocks a good squeeze. The guy knelt and was now gently washing her pussy.

"Yes we're getting our pet all nice and clean..." Holly said.

"And we gotta make sure our pet is clean inside as well." the man replied.

Sarah felt fingers entering from both sides and gently probing around inside her. While they were skilled, it was gonna take a bit more then that to make her cum.

"You're doing well my pet. Here's your reward..."

Sarah felt the smooth tip of a dildo teasing her sensitive rosebud. Holly ran her tongue over the back of Sarah's neck, which made her shudder. Something touched her vagina. Both Holly and the masked man entered her at the same time. Pleasure mixed with her submissive need and turned the simmering heat inside her into an all out blaze. A rhythm quickly developed with the masked man in control. He and Holly moved their hips in sync with each other, in and out, in and out.

The dildo Holly was wearing started vibrating.

The vibrations fueled the erotic blaze inside her. She leaned forward and gave the man a long deep kiss. She came. Her eyes rolled up as a wide grin spread across her face...

...She was going to need a longer shower...

After her morning shower and a nap to recover, Sarah woke up to Holly gently poking her.

“Hey! Cut that out.”

“Hee hee, Sorry but we're getting ready for lunch service. You don't wanna sleep here all day do ya?”

"Mmm, no I guess I don't. Oh I meant to tell you earlier, I had an idea last night for a steak recipe."

"Ooh, do tell." Holly replied.

"Well I was thinking of cooking a steak and adding a couple onions, all chopped up into the pan and letting it all cook together. The onions would caramelize and I think they'd add some neat flavors to the steak."

"Ah, steak with onions. That's a pretty common dish. May I offer a suggestion or two?"

"Sure! Shoot."

"Cook the onions separate from the steak and use a bit of brown sugar with them so they caramelize better. Braise the steak like I showed you, then top it with some Gorgonzola cheese and serve it with the onions." Holly said.

"Ooooooh... Ooh I like that idea. I'm gonna try it!"

In the kitchen, the ladies were prepping for lunch service. Holly took Sarah over to an empty station.

“I'd like you to do a lunch version of your idea using skirt steak."

Despite, or perhaps because of her nerves, Sarah was able to focus on the task at hand. She seared the steak then transferred it to the oven. While that was finishing, she fried up the onions. When the steak was finished, she topped it with the onions and some grated cheese.

Then her nerves got even worse when not only Holly but several of the kitchen staff tried her dish...

Then Ms Superwoman tried her dish!

Barbra's face was painfully hard to read as she cut off a piece of steak and ate it. She slowly chewed it, swallowed, then looked up at Sarah.

She started laughing!

“Ha ha ha, oh, heh heh I'm sorry Sarah it's just that you look so damn nervous and I think it's cute. Heh heh heh! Er, the steak tastes fine. Good job.”

Sarah stood there nervously laughing for what seemed like an eternity. She couldn't do anything except stand there, nervously laughing like an idiot. Holly came over and gently shook her shoulder. She snapped out of her nervous state.

Good job Sarah. We're gonna put this dish on as a lunch special. It'll be interesting to see how this goes.”

Sarah hardly slept that night despite having worked in the kitchen most of the day. She'd nod off for a bit then wake up. She had decided what her choice was going to be in the morning. Now it was just the nervousness of what would happen after she made her decision. She kept going over what she was going to say again and again.

At some point sleep finally overcame her exhausted mind.

She was woken up by Holly and several masked men. Sarah recognized a couple of them as people she had had sex with throughout the week.

"Good morning Sarah. As you know, today's the big day. Have you decided?"

"Yes I have. Before I tell you guys my decision, I want you to know that I am thankful for you guys abducting me and bringing me here. Two weeks ago I would never have imagined I'd be saying that, but you people have taught me a lot of things, and shown me things about myself that I either didn't know, or was maybe dimly aware of. Holly, you've shown me that I have a real honest to goodness knack for cooking and that I can hold my own in a kitchen. You guys, all you Mr. Anonymouses hiding behind your masks... You have done so many things to me these past two weeks, and I've enjoyed most of them.

I can see myself having a pretty good life here. I could see myself running my own station in one of the kitchens here, learning from Holly and honing my skills. I could see myself one day maybe running a kitchen here and knowing that people were eating food that I cooked or had a hand in cooking. I can also see myself having fantastic sex here, pretty much on a daily basis.

Now all that said, I have chosen to leave."

Sarah waited for the surprised reaction. The men showed no response, but Holly looked a bit upset.

"I have thought about this seriously for at least the last three days and last night I decided I want to leave because, really I've been a slave of sorts my whole life. Whether it was obeying my parents, my teachers at school, my boyfriend, husband, this is really just an extension of all that. While I do have a submissive personality and could see myself fitting in here well, I wanna take what I've learned here and get back out there and start really living my life."

Holly went from looking about to cry to smiling.

"I think you'll do well honey. Once you're back and settled, seriously consider going to Culinary school. I think you'll do well and land a good job."

"Thanks Holly! Heh I thought you'd be trying to discourage me right about now."

"I won't lie Sarah, I'm really gonna miss you, but you don't need to argue your decision. If leaving is what you want to do I wish you the best of luck, and besides... you and I will meet again..."

Holly gave her a mysterious smile.

One of the masked men approached Sarah with a cup containing a blue liquid.

"Drinking this will cause you to fall asleep. When you wake up, you will be back in your apartment and your life will be your own again."

Sarah looked at the liquid, closed her eyes and gulped it down.

"Okay you guys. It's in me, whatever it is. I swear if I wake up and I'm still here I'm gonna be so pissed."

She yawned. Either that stuff was fast acting or she was still tired from yesterday.

Time passed and she started growing more sleepy. Yep, the drug was definitely taking effect. They watched in silence as she climbed into bed. Then Holly walked over to her.

"I'm never gonna forget you Sarah, and don't you dare forget about me."

"Oh don't you worry Holly... I won't ever forget you. No amount of hypnosis... would make me...forget......."


The last order of the night went out and the people at the table seemed to be enjoying it. Breathing a sigh of relief, Sarah turned off the burners. Tonight had to have been the busiest night she had seen since she started. There had to have been a good sixty people in and out for dinner, quite impressive for the small eatery. The customers were obviously impressed with her service. The nice chunk of change from tips in her pocket attested to that.

Three months had passed since Sarah's stay at that mysterious sex slave facility. Just as they promised, she woke up back in her apartment. She quickly discovered a pleasant surprise hidden in the pocket of the robe that covered her. A small wad of $100 bills and a note with a heart on it and Holly's name.

Matt was surprised to see her back and packing her clothes in a suitcase. They quickly got into a fight and she announced she was leaving him. Then she was free. Free with a suitcase full of her belongings and $800 to her name. Out on the streets she found herself amazed that she wasn't panic stricken. She had no plan, but as night began to fall she quickly formed one.

Her family lived out of state so staying with them wasn't an option even if she had wanted to. However the money in her pocket would ensure she didn't sleep out on the street.

Her life for the next few weeks was basically moving from one motel room to another, traveling by bus to a new location every few days, trying to figure out what to do. Then thanks to a generous bit of serendipity, she came across a little dilapidated eatery with a help wanted sign. The place was run by a young man named Jim, who it turned out was in over his head. His partner had bailed on him and he was running the place by himself. He and Sarah hit it off immediately.

After getting the job, she figured this was her big chance, and she started working with that mindset. She started off serving the food and washing the dishes while he cooked. She found it easy to approach customers and sell them on whatever dish Jim wanted to push. Meanwhile in a cheap motel room with a kitchenette, she experimented with some recipes of her own, one of which was now on the menu. Juggling cooking and serving duties, she had expected her stress levels to shoot through the roof, but found that she was managing it quite well. When the stress did start to mount, she reminded herself that she spent two weeks sexually pleasing strangers, and if she could handle that without breaking down, she could manage this.

As she and Jim cleaned up the kitchen for the night, she spied some of the leftover sauce she had made for the steaks. She had made it from scratch and it had turned out really good. It'd be a shame to see it just go to waste...

"You know Jim, tonight went very well. I think we're on a roll!"

"You can say that again. We're out. Totally out of steaks, fridge is empty. We probably took in close to $4000 tonight."

Sarah walked up behind him and put her hands on his shoulders.

"I think we should celebrate." she said as she started rubbing his shoulders.

"Yeah, definitely! What did you have in mind?"

She leaned forward and started whispering. As she whispered, she started unbuttoning his jacket. She slipped it off of him and set it aside. She guided his arms up and slipped off his shirt. She then undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants.

"You know I made this delicious steak sauce, and it'd be such a shame to let this last little bit just go to waste..."

She brushed her hand up against the crotch of his briefs before sliding them down to reveal his growing cock. She went and grabbed the container of sauce, poured some to her hands, then started rubbing it on his cock.

"Ohhh Sarah that feels good..."

She smiled, then opened her mouth and slid it over his cock, sucking and licking off the sauce.

"Ohhh, ohhh god Sarah you're amazing!"

Just as she had done during her training, Sarah carefully manipulated his cock with her tongue while gently sucking on it. It wasn't long before the predicted reaction occurred.

"Ohhh, oh Sarah where'd you learn to do that?"

"Mmmm, that's my little secret."

It was late into the night before Sarah finally arrived back at her motel room. Opening the door she caught a faint but very familiar Cinnamon scent.

"Well hello Sarah. Love what you've done with your hair. How have you been?"

It was Holly's voice. She stepped out from the shadows and smiled at Sarah.

A moment to recover from the surprise, then Sarah returned the smile.

"I cannot believe you found me."

"Oh we've been keeping track of you since we released you. We do that for all the people we release you know."

"Trying to make sure I don't do anything naughty?"

"Mmm just making sure you don't decide to go and tell the world about the horrors you endured during your time with us, that's all."

"Oh, well actually I'm writing a tell all book. Gonna sell it and make a fortune!"

Both she and Holly laughed.

"As for how I've been, well I've been pretty good. You know I'm a lot less shy now then before, and I think that's why I'm doing so well. How about you?"

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