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Just Relax and Look At The Light: Vanessa


Allister Remm

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Chapter 1:

"Just relax and look at the light."

The man's voice was calm, soothing in a way. Vanessa became vaguely aware that she was lying on a table of some type. The air gently moving over her skin told her that she was likely nude.

Some time passed, how much she couldn't be sure. She felt hands on her back applying some warm oil. She wanted to lift her head to see who was rubbing the oil into her back, but found that she couldn't move her head. That was worrisome. Why couldn't she move her head? Something was immobilizing her head. Had she sustained a neck injury? Whatever was holding her head in place, it kept her eyes focused on the shifting and swirling patterns of light.

Her attention turned back to the hands. They were gently rubbing and kneading her muscles, like a massage or something. The patterns of light kept attracting her attention. Some more time passed, only registered by her mysterious back rubber changing the area they were massaging.

"Vanessa, tell me about your military service."

"Whoever you are, Fuck you! That's the last thing I want to talk about..."

The patterns of light changed. More time passed...

"Vanessa, tell me about your military service."


The patterns of light changed again. She felt her sense of awareness slipping away.

"Vanessa, tell me about your military service."

Persistent bastard whoever he was. Screw it, might as well...

"Serving in the army was the thing I wanted most since I was 9 years old. I got in at 18 and I did excellent in boot camp. Got shipped off to Iraq and like so many before me I fought in a war. Before the army I'd play games like Call of Duty for training. War ain't like in video games. In video games you can't smell the flesh burning, and the blood... it's warm. It oozes through your fingers. It doesn't just form little red puddles on the ground like in games.

During the down times, well sometimes we'd have a drink. Sometimes we'd do some drugs someone snuck into the base, but mostly we'd have a drink. Eventually I'd have a couple drinks to get nice and mellow. My unit hit an IED. Three of my friends died. Three friends, three drinks. I started putting away a whole six pack at a time, and so on until I got caught being drunk while on duty. I was taken to the infirmary, diagnosed PTSD, medical discharge, the whole 9 yards."

"I see. Please tell me more."

"What are you... my fucking shrink?...Ohhhhhhhhh....." Her consciousness faded away.

She woke up lying on some kind of restraining device in an empty white room. She sensed, and a quick look down confirmed it. She was completely nude. She tried to move and realized that her arms weren't resting on something. They were in a restraining device of some sort. She tried to pull one of them free. That wasn't happening.

"Hey! Where the fuck am I?"

As if answering, a door slid open. A nearly nude man entered the room. He had a smile on his masked face. Dude was decently built, like he was fresh out of basic training.

"Hello Vanessa. It's nice to see you awake."

The restraints unlocked. Vanessa rubbed her wrists and looked at the man.

"Fuck you. Where am I?"

No response from him.

"You better tell me where I am or I'm going to plant my foot in your testicles."

Still no response.

She bolted towards him, but something inside her stopped her before she could attack him. She stood there, blinking in confusion as to why her body wouldn't move.

"What the fuck's going on? You! What did you do to me?"

"We've placed a few hypnotic commands in your mind to prevent you from doing anything dangerous while you're here."

"Where's here? Some kind of secret government facility?"

The man didn't respond.

She went to go slap him, but her arm wouldn't move. That was very unsettling. She never felt so helpless before.

Please come with me Miss Stalton.

"Where are we going?"

"Please come with me."

She found that she had no choice in the matter. He started walking, and as if a ghost had possessed her, she found herself moving independently of her mind. Her consciousness was just along for the ride.

They entered a room that looked like a very barren kitchen. The door slid closed behind them. All there was was a dirty tiled floor, a sink with a bucket in it, and a small table with a bottle and something weird and rubbery looking on it. Finding herself back in control of her body, Vanessa walked over to the sink, then walked over to the table.

She picked up the rubbery thing and examined it. it looked like a pair of underwear with... things... in it that looked like they were meant to go inside someone, obviously a woman.

"Please lubricate the control probes and put on the panties."

She expected her body to react, but found that she was still in control of herself for the moment.

"No! I'm not putting these on!"

"In order to proceed to the next room, you need to put on the control panties and scrub the floor."

"Then I guess we're going to be here for awhile." she replied.

Time passed. The guy just stood there. Vanessa wandered all around the kitchen looking for a way out. The door they had come through wouldn't open. Hitting and kicking it didn't produce any useful results.

"How long have we been here?"

He didn't answer.

"Answer me you fucker! How long have we been here?!"

"If you want to leave, put on the panties and start scrubbing the floor."

"Fat chance of that happening bub. You gotta sleep sooner or later."

"And another handler will come to take my place if it comes to that. You have to sleep too. You can either sleep in a bed tonight, or on this floor."

"Fuck you!"

More time passed. Vanessa knocked the contents of the table off and sat on it. Then she got into a staring contest with the masked man. Apart from blinking, he didn't move.

"Ha ha you blinked, you lost! Now let me out of here!"

No response. Apart from his breathing, he looked like a statue. Whatever else this man was, he was well disciplined.

"Why do you want me to put on those things and scrub the floor anyway?"

No response from him.

She got up and went to throw the table at him, but her arms stopped working before she could grab it.

"What-the-fuck! How are you controlling me like this?"

Still no response from him.

More time passed. How much she couldn't be sure. She was getting bored out of her skull. She picked up the panties and examined them.

"So, you want me to put these on and I guess slip these things inside my snatch and hoo ha?"

"Yes, then start scrubbing the floor."

"You are one sick bastard, did you know that?" She set the panties back down on the floor. There was no response from him.

"I will take your silence to mean that yes, you are a sick perverted bastard and you deserve to have your balls cut off!"

Still no response from him.

"So by your silence you admit you are a sick bastard who deserves to have his balls cut off!"

No response from him.

"Sick bastard!"

More time passed, and Vanessa eventually found herself applying lube to those things and sliding the panties up her legs. It was too boring to just sit there, and she was a tough girl. She could weather this asshole's perversions for as long as she needed to. The panties now on and inside her, she clicked the buckle closed. Out of curiosity she fumbled for the catch to open the buckle and discovered that there wasn't one.

"Oh my god you bastard! These are stuck on me now! How do I get them off?"

"They will be removed by us later. Please grab the bucket and begin scrubbing the floor."

"No! Fuck you! Remove these now!"

No response from him, and no way for her to get them off. No way to attack him, and no way to escape. Vanessa lost control and started banging the counter with her fists while screaming at the top of her lungs. Even this display of rage didn't seem to phase the man. Defeated, she grabbed the sponge and bucket and started scrubbing the floor.

She started feeling a pleasant tingle between her legs as she scrubbed. On a hunch she started scrubbing faster. The tingle increased. She stopped, and the tingle stopped. She started scrubbing again, and the tingle returned. The tingling increased until it became all out sexual stimulation like she had never experienced before. It felt amazing! She felt herself close to cumming, then felt the sensation tapering off. She started scrubbing harder. The sensation returned, then started tapering off again. In desperation she poured her energy into cleaning that floor. It had become her mission to clean that damn floor until it was spotless!

After nearly an hour and several changes of water in the bucket, she cleaned the last bit of dirt off the floor. She let out a loud cry as the panties came to life with an intense rhythmic pulsing. She fell over and started thrusting her hips while shuddering and drawing breath in short sharp gasps. A wide grin spread across her face accompanied by a loud moan as she came.

The masked man walked over and looked down at her. It took her a few moments before she could speak.

"Oh my god what just happened to me?"

"You were rewarded for performing the task that I gave you. Once you recover, please get up and follow me."

Vanessa laid there for several minutes, savoring the after effects of what had just happened. She had never experienced sexual pleasure on that level before.

After she got up, she followed him into another empty room. The door slid closed behind them. There was a picture of a beach painted on the wall next to her. In front of her was what appeared to be a camera and video screen mounted behind a thick pane of glass.

"A series of three poses will appear on the video screen. Please do your best to imitate these poses. Once you've done them, we'll move onto the next room."

"What? You want me to pose for you now? Why?"

The first image appeared on the screen. It was a diagram of a woman on her hands and knees, ass facing the camera, her head turned and smiling at the camera. Vanessa didn't want to pose like that, but her only other choice was to sit there. She'd play along for now, while looking for a way to break free of the hypnotic control this guy had over her. Once she was free, man oh man that guy would be in trouble... But for now she would bide her time. She posed and the camera clicked.

The next pose on the screen was a diagram of a woman standing up and cradling her face with her hand. Vanessa did the pose, and the camera clicked again.

The final pose showed the drawing of the woman sitting on the floor, arms at her sides, with her legs spread wide.

"You people are sick perverts." Vanessa said as she did the pose.

The camera clicked, and a door off to the side opened. A narrow corridor led to what looked like an exam room. There was a table with straps on it, and another table with two long phallic objects on it. Vanessa grimaced.

"Please get onto the table and lie down on your stomach."

Chapter 2:

"You're about to rape me aren't you?"

"Please get onto the table and lie down on your stomach."

"Just tell me if you're about to rape me to I can prepare."

No response from him.

"I'm not getting on that table until I know what's gonna happen!"

And thus the waiting game began again. She knew she couldn't wait forever, but this guy had to sleep sooner or later. When they changed handlers she might have a window to attack or escape.

Time passed, how much she had no idea. He just stood there waiting for her to comply. She couldn't leave the room. Every door she had gone through shut behind her and they could tug on her invisible puppet strings at any time.

It occurred to her that someone else had to be monitoring her and controlling this whole setup.

"Hello? Whoever's up there in the control booth, please answer me. I'd be a lot more cooperative if I knew what was going on."

No answer from anyone.

More time passed. She deduced that whatever this next part of her "training" was, it involved the two phallic objects on the table. She picked up one and felt it. It was dotted with small silvery discs and felt kind of squishy. Both of the phalluses had flanged bases to prevent them from being inserted too far. Much as she hated thinking about it, it might be interesting to see what they felt like inside her...

More time passed. It was like sitting in a doctor's office waiting for the doctor, and she didn't have her phone to play games on while she was waiting. Her patience ran out. She sighed and laid down on the exam table.

"Okay lets fucking get this over with."

She was surprised to find that she could no longer move. The panties unlocked and were carefully removed. Her body involuntarily assisted with this by raising its hips. Then the back of the table folded and she found her legs spread and strapped to the sides. Her back arms and neck were strapped down next. After the last strap was secured, she found herself able to move again, albeit in a very limited fashion.

"Okay I'm assuming you have the ability to control me like a puppet, so why bother with these restraint-- OHH GOD!!"

Something large and cold was being pushed into her vagina. It was one of the phallic objects.

Something smaller went into her ass. It felt like a couple fingers applying some cold slimy lube. She was back to breathing in short sharp gasps as the fingers slowly stretched her anus. She knew where the other phallic object was going and braced for it...


Nothing was torn as the phallic object was inserted, though Vanessa felt stretched uncomfortably back there. She felt hands moving over her hips. A thin leather thong was slipped over her and secured with a couple small padlocks. It was tightly fit and pushed the things inside her a bit deeper.

The man began to undo the straps. Again she found herself unable to move until the last strap was undone and he retreated.

"To answer your question, while we could control your body fully we mostly reserve that control for situations when it's needed. The more you willingly do, the better your training will go. Eventually we will have you insert these devices yourself."

"You are sick." she replied.

Walking around was really awkward now. She couldn't do it normally. Those things had some give and she felt them conforming to the shape of her insides. The uncomfortable stretched feeling started to fade a bit and walking became easier.

"What are these things in me?"

"A new type of sex toy. You're one of the first to try them. Come with me please."

Knowing she didn't really have a choice, she followed him to another room. This room looked like one of those kinky S&M dungeons. She saw what looked like one of those vacuum beds.

"Are you serious? You want me inside that thing?"

"Yes, after you put on this gag."

He handed her a ball gag. She took it and threw it across the room.

"Oh no that ain't happening buddy! You can take away my ability to move but god dammit you won't take away my ability to speak! Just who the fuck do you think you are anyway? What did some girl break your heart when you were an awkward 15 year old? Is that why you now capture women and train them for your sick fantasies?"

She stood there ranting at him for somewhere close to 20 minutes and damn him, he just stood there impervious to her insults.

"You know, hypnosis doesn't last forever. I can feel myself gaining control bit by bit. When I regain control, I'm going to kill you. I am dead serious. I don't care what happens to me, I will end your life. I was in the fucking army. It's nothing for me to grab you and snap your neck."

Still no reaction. She was bluffing and he seemed to know it.


She screamed those words over and over. The guy just stood there. She tried walking up to him and screaming in his ear, but she found herself unable to get close to him now.


She screamed until her voice became hoarse. Defeated again, she sat down on the floor and started sobbing. The man walked over to where she threw the ball gag, picked it up and brought it over to her.

"It's the only way you're getting out of here anytime soon."

"I don't want to put that on..." she said in a small raspy voice.

"Then I will put it on if you'll permit me."

"Fine. Whatever."

The gag went into her mouth and was secured with the straps. She made no effort to resist as the vacuum bag was placed over her body. A blindfold and a breathing mask completed the setup.

The air was exhausted from the bed, and she soon found that she couldn't move at all. Small muscle twitches were about all she could manage.

The things inside her came to life. The sensations... She came quickly and the sensations just kept on hitting her, wave after wave after wave.

Time passed. She had read once that sexual sensation was supposed to decrease after a long period of being exposed to it. This wasn't happening. Each orgasm was just as intense as the last. She detected a cycle. The pleasure would bring her to orgasm, then taper off. Some time would pass, then the pleasure would return and bring her to another orgasm. The inability to see, hear, or really move at all amplified the experience.

Something strange began to happen. The only thing she could equate it to was shell shock. She became very calm. She also became very attuned to her body. Every muscle twitch, every beat of her heart, every breath she took, every vibration and pulse from those things stuffed inside her. The sensations raced up her spine and into her brain. She could even feel echoes of it in her nipples. Her moans became softer, and at some point she completely gave up trying to move. She was in her own little void with waves of pleasure radiating up from between her legs.

All good things had to end, and eventually the toys inside her ceased sending their waves of pleasure. She found herself too weak to protest. She was removed from the vacuum bed with the help of a couple men and carried off to another room.

They laid her on a bed, put a blanket over her and left. She closed her eyes and soon fell asleep.

Chapter 3:

She woke up quite thirsty with a dry mouth. Those things were still inside her. She made an effort to take them out, but the thong prevented that happy event.

She carefully walked to the bathroom, turned on the sink and started gulping water.

After satisfying her thirst, she started thinking about what to do about the thin strip of leather that prevented her from pulling those things out of her. It was too tight to slip off, too well made to rip. The lock was also well made. It wouldn't break off without a tool of some type. If she had something sharp she could cut one of the side bands.

She started looking around for anything with a sharp edge. She soon discovered that the apartment she was in was more like a prison cell. The bed was a concrete slab that came out of the wall. Its edges were rounded. The sink in the bathroom was set up in a similar manner, only the material looked to be smooth porcelain. There was no other furniture.

The concrete slab that the bed laid on had the texture of fine sandpaper. Perhaps with enough effort she could wear away at one spot on the thong and get free of it. Before she could think of how to position herself, the door slid open.

"Good morning Miss Stalton. Did you sleep well?"

"Fuck you and fuck your mother!" she replied.

"I will take that as a yes." he replied.

"Take it however you want to take it, just get these things out of me!"

"Please follow me."

She followed him to what looked like a large shower room. She tried to spit in his face as he put her arms in the restraints, but the hypnotic block in her mind prevented even that. He removed the thong and those things, only to then do something more perverse. He began cleaning her down there!

"No! Stop! Don't do that! No stop looking at it! Stop touching it! Oh you sick pervert!!"

He stood up and grabbed a bottle of shampoo that was near her. He applied some to her hair and started working up a good lather. She felt his fingers massaging her head. She saw a chance to bite him, damn that hypnotic block!

"Why are you doing this?"

No response from him.

"Please tell me why you're doing this. Why me?"

Still no response.


She screamed at him for nearly 10 minutes. He was impervious to her yelling, her insults, and her pleading. She finally gave up.

"Fuck it, you'll get no more help from me."

She went totally limp, like she used to do when she was a kid as a way to resist her parents demands. Only this time there would be no giving in.

Time passed. He finished cleaning her. He undid the restraints and she slumped over. She laid there staring at him.

"Whenever you're ready please follow me."

This time it was she who didn't respond. He stood there patiently waiting.

The tile floor gradually grew colder. She could feel the beginnings of shivering taking hold. She did her best to keep it at bay. She just looked at him, trying to make him feel guilty for her sitting there freezing. Behind the mask she saw no emotion in his eyes.

"Don't you care at all what you're doing to me?"

No response.

"I'm gonna lay here and freeze because of how you're treating me!"

Still no response.

"I'll lay here and die! I don't care! I'll die and it'll be on your head!"

Still no response.

"I want to die anyway... You're just helping me with that."

He continued to stand there. How could he manage to stand there so still like a freaking robot? Only the occasional blink indicated he was still alive.

"I've wanted to die since I was discharged from the army... Never told the shrink boys that, otherwise I'd be in some padded cell somewhere doped up on meds designed to make me all happy and not question authority. There is no fucking way I'll end up like that. I'll kill myself first."

She locked her eyes into his.

"I would rather die then submit to any more of these humiliations! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!"

The waiting game continued. She was visibly shivering now. She continued to lay there and stare at him. The floor and walls had become pretty cold now and she knew she was losing body heat to them. He stood there watching her and not even twitching.


Still no response from him.

Time passed. She had been shivering for awhile and was growing visibly tired. She continued to stare at him. She wasn't giving in, not this time. When a person no longer cared about their own life, it gave them the ability to do things that would normally be overridden by the self preservation instinct. Vanessa was sure she was approaching a hypothermic state. The water on her body had dried by now but the cold tiled wall and floor were sucking the body heat out of her.

The shower turned on by itself. Warm water started raining down on top of her. Her eyes widened in surprise.

"No... No dammit just leave me alone and let me die!"

Her shivering stopped as the heat penetrated her body.

"No, no, no... No god dammit stop. I want to die. Please turn it off. Just let me lay here and die."

Eventually he walked over and picked her up. If it hadn't been for that accursed hypnotic block she could have bitten him in the neck, maybe even ruptured his jugular.

Lying in her cell now Vanessa wouldn't do anything, including eating or drinking anything provided to her. That masked man brought her food and drink and she just stared at him. He eventually left, leaving the food and drink there. She didn't touch it. She didn't move at all.

He came back hours later with more food and drink.

"Vanessa, you do need to eat. You must at minimum take care of your basic needs while you're here."

She didn't respond.

"If you continue to refuse, we do have ways of taking care of those needs for you."

She just stared at him. Two could play the no response game. He set the food down and left.

He came back later with yet another plate of food.

"This is your last chance Vanessa. You will either eat on your own or we will take you to another room to mechanically feed and hydrate you. I will give you five minutes to decide."

She raised her hand and flipped him the bird. He sat there waiting as the minutes ticked by.

"Very well then, you've made your decision."

Two other masked men entered the cell. They picked her up and carried her out. She didn't try to struggle, she knew there was no point.

She guessed that they were going to plug I.V. lines into her or shove a feeding tube down her throat. Whatever, she'd just sit there until her two weeks were up...

...Then if they actually freed her like they said they would, she'd blow her brains out as soon as she got home...

They strapped her into some kind of restraining frame that held her in a crawling position with her legs spread wide. Her knees rested on soft pads. The table she was strapped to was also padded. A soft gag went into her mouth followed by a blindfold over her eyes. Ear muffs like the ones used on gun ranges went over her ears. They were cutting off all her senses! She waited to feel the sting of an I.V. needle but was surprised to feel lubricant being applied to her ass. Oh no way!

She struggled as best she could, but there was no stopping it. Something was pushed inside. Whatever that something was, she felt it expanding inside her. She then felt something lubricated sliding into her urethra and struggled some more. Whatever it was slid inside, pushed past whatever it was inside her that stopped her from peeing and she felt her bladder emptying.

That wasn't the worst part. She felt a strange expanding warmth and realized they were anally filling her. That was how they were going to feed her?! She struggled, muffled screams penetrating through the gag. It was beyond humiliating! She had absolutely zero control! They had just taken every last shred of autonomy away from her!

The humiliation continued when she felt something soft and warm scrubbing her back. They were giving her a sponge bath! She struggled and screamed as she felt them clean her. Then she broke down sobbing. Tears streamed down her cheeks as they continued to clean her.

She felt the fluid inside her guts draining out. Eventually they stopped cleaning her and she figured they'd finally leave her alone. Hopefully they'd just go away and leave her there for the rest of her two weeks.

Something smooth and cold slid into her vagina. A high frequency vibration permeated her insides and she felt the filling sensation return. Force feeding her like this wasn't enough so they now wanted her to get off on it as well?!

She would not cum. No matter what, she would deny them that satisfaction. They may be able to remotely control her body, make her do humiliating things and force her to continue living, but they could not make her enjoy it!

The vibrations took on a rhythmic pattern which synched up with the filling and draining cycles. She felt an orgasm building but fought it off. She would not cum. It was like she was back in combat resisting the enemy. Another cycle of filling and vibrations began. Her body tensed up and she fought off another orgasm. They couldn't make her cum. They couldn't force her to enjoy being humiliated this way.

She felt the pressure in her stomach gradually increasing. With each draining cycle not all the fluid was being drained. Another filling cycle began and the dildo inside her came to life once more. There was an odd sensation from the pressure building up inside her.

"I'm being overrun, overrun by pleasure..."

Her back arched and a muffled cry of defeat escaped through the gag as a strong orgasm ripped through her body.

Chapter 4:

They were the ones who had done this to her.

She kept looking at her ass in the mirror. They had put some kind of butt plug inside her with connectors molded into its base. Try as she might she couldn't get it out. They had filled her with a nutrient mix that was gradually absorbed into her body. They had taken control of her basic bodily functions. Rage, defeat and humiliation flooded through her mind. She could do nothing now and it was all their fault.

The masked man appeared in the mirror's reflection. He had entered her cell while she was busy inspecting the base of the plug.

"I'll give you the same choice you had yesterday. If you agree to resume eating and caring for yourself, I will remove the plug. Otherwise you will be brought back to the feeding room."

No response from her.

"I will give you five minutes to decide, then we will decide for you."

She continued to play the no response game. After a few minutes passed, two men appeared.

"Thirty seconds to decide Vanessa."

30 seconds passed by in silence.

They picked her up and carried her out of the cell. She couldn't do anything, they had remotely paralyzed her again. She was put back in those restraints. Tubes were connected to the plug's base and she felt them carefully sticking that lubricated bladder tube back up inside her. The gag and blindfold came next, followed by the vibrator.

The filling and draining sessions began again. The vibrator came to life and started syncing with the filling. The plug began vibrating as well. She was back to fighting a war against the pleasure, but not for long. It soon overran her and she surrendered to it. She'd lost the war, so she might as well enjoy whatever pleasures she got as a prisoner of the enemy.

Time passed. Her mind drifted off elsewhere while her body continued to slowly be filled. At some point someone started giving her another sponge bath. She didn't much care anymore. If they wanted her so badly they were gonna have to deal with every part of her, even the nasty parts.

Eventually she was released and escorted back to her cell. Her stomach had a slight bulge in it from the nutrients they had pumped inside. She made a halfhearted attempt to remove the plug but quickly gave up. She flopped down on the bed and sighed... Those sick perverts... forcing her to do all those things... forcing her to cum like that... plugging her ass and filling her up while forcing her to cum...

Her fingers started furiously working on her clitoris.

Those sick perverts... forcing her do all those humiliating things... no way to fight back... no control, not even over her own body... forcing her to... forcing her to...

She came hard. She looked at her glistening fingers and started sobbing. She had done that on her own... NO! They had somehow made her want to do it Them and their hypnosis! They were forcing her to enjoy it!!

If they were forcing her to enjoy it... then it wasn't her fault... If they were forcing her to enjoy giving up control of her body then it wasn't her fault! It wasn't her fault!

Her fingers went back to work on her clit.

It wasn't her fault. It was all their fault! They had forced her to stop eating and be filled. It wasn't her fault... so it was okay to enjoy it! It was okay to enjoy it. Her fingers went in deeper. It was okay to enjoy it, and she was enjoying it. She brought herself to another orgasm then just laid there in a post climax glow.

The door opened and the masked man stood there once again.

"I'll give you the same choice you had yesterday, only if you refuse this time we will be altering your feeding a bit."

"You perverts did this to me and now you're just gonna have to deal with it."

She began to follow him. They had taken control of her body again. She was led not to the feeding room, but to the shower room. She was put in restraints and they began to clean her. She closed her eyes. They had her spread her legs wide. She felt the plug inside her shrinking, then they removed it. The freedom from it was brief as they applied fresh lube and reinserted it. It expanded and locked back into place.

Eventually the ordeal was over and the restraints were released. They showed her what looked like a dark green rubber crotchless bodysuit.

"Please put this on."

"Nothing doing. If you want me to wear that you're gonna have to make me."

That's exactly what they did. Her arms and legs took on minds of their own and dressed her in the suit. It was very form fitting and left little to the imagination. It clung to her like a second skin, giving her body a dark glossy sheen. She got to look at herself in a mirror. Her nipples stood out against the thin rubber like material and there was hardly a wrinkle in the suit. It was so smooth and sleek. They could patent something like this for swimmers to wear...

As she was escorted down the hall, she kept looking down at her smooth second skin. It was so glossy, so smooth, so not human like...

It was almost like she was a robot.

They were after all taking her to a feeding room to pump what amounted to fuel inside her so she could maintain her functionality. Just connect a few tubes for fuel and waste removal and...

She stopped walking and began masturbating. To hell with it. Robot, pleasure unit, whatever. If that's what they wanted, fuck it. They had made her this way and she was gonna enjoy it. They just stood there watching her as she masturbated. To hell with it and to hell with them, she came right there.

They waited a few minutes, then resumed escorting her to the feeding room. She didn't try to resist as they strapped her down and fitted the gag in place.

The filling or fueling began, but she noticed the absence of the vibrator. She moaned in frustration only to have her cries answered by something that was different filling up her vagina. She felt hips press against her rubber covered buttocks and realized one of the men was fucking her! They were filling and fucking her at the same time!

The plug's vibrator came to life. The vibrations, the pressure building inside her, the cock filling her with its hot cum, she was going to go crazy...

Back in her cell she laid on the bed. She was still wearing the rubber suit. Every few minutes she'd run her fingers over it, just feeling it. Her fingers made their way down to her needy pussy. It was okay to masturbate. It wasn't her fault after all. They had done this to her, so it was okay to masturbate and squeeze her breasts and feel the liquid inside her tummy and the rubber against her skin.

"You're cracking up!" some part of her mind said. Maybe she was. Whatever, they had made her crack up so she wasn't responsible for her actions.

She came and laid there on the bed, feeling her heart beating away in her rubber covered chest.

At some point the masked man came back for her. Her heart sped up. They were gonna fill her and make her cum again. They were going to drown her in pleasure and she didn't care one bit. This time she followed him of her own volition. She was surprised and disappointed to find she was back in one of the shower rooms. She didn't want to be cleaned! She wanted to be filled and fucked! She had to be smart about it though. She knew the pattern now. They'd clean her, then they'd fill and fuck her. She started stripping away the rubber suit without being told.

She was surprised to find herself in restraints similar to the ones in the feeding room. Were they going to fill her there? He took one of those portable shower heads and started rinsing her with warm water.

"I know you suffered through a great tragedy in the army, Vanessa."

No response from her.

"I know about the IED, what happened to your buddies. I know about the drinking."

"How could you possibly know that?"

"Doesn't matter. What matters is none of it was your fault."

"I should have died, not them! I want to die, either that or just be drowned in pleasure. Just drown my mind until there's nothing left that can think."

"Is that what your buddies would have wanted?"

"No. No, they'd kick your ass and free me from this."

"And had we not intervened in your life, would they want to see you drinking your life away?"


A few moments passed by in silence. He started lathering up her hair with a pleasantly scented shampoo.

"They... aw fuck it. They said I had artistic talent. During the downtime before I got into drinking I'd take a notepad and sketch landscapes."

He was rubbing lather all over her body now. She felt his lather covered hands squeezing her breasts. His fingers gently pinched and rubbed her nipples.

"Mmm, yeah I was into drawing a lot when I was like 13, 14. I used to draw fanart of Yu-Gi-Oh, especially yami Bakura without a shirt. Uh, good looking shirtless guys is one small reason I joined the army. A lot of guys there are assholes, but damn they look hot with no shirt on, or just some skimpy tank top."

The soap was rinsed off and she felt his fingers enter a more intimate place. She sighed and tried to spread her legs a bit.

"Oh, mmm, yeah if you want hot guys, look for Sergeants. On the outside they like to give that image of being a tough asshole and they'll jump, mmm, they'll jump in your shit and make your life a living hell. However if you earn their respect and they, ohh, start to like you, mmm, ohh, they start cutting you a little slack. Not much, but a little bit."

"You know Vanessa, your time here doesn't have to be one extreme or another. You know now that we'll keep you alive and prevent you from harming us or yourself, so why not make the best of your time here?"

"Because you assholes abducted me, and how else am I supposed to react when some strange men abduct me and do sick perverse things to me..."

She sensed a growing heat between her legs. His fingers were having an easier time going in now.

"All those, mmm, sick, perverse, nasty things you're doing to me... ohhhh..."

She spread her legs as wide as the restraints allowed.

"And why are they so sick, perverse, and nasty?"

"Because, ohh, because they're things that, mmm, ohhh, that's just how it is... What you're doing to me is wrong..."

"Then why do you become sexually aroused when you talk about what we're doing to you?"

"You hypnotized me to..."

"If so then what about your secret fantasies back in the army, about being captured by the enemy and having them do these same sick and perverse things to you?"

She looked down at the floor and didn't answer.

He removed his fingers. She felt his penis push past the threshold and into her most intimate area. She moaned softly. She felt his fingers gently running over her back.

"There's no reason you can't enjoy your time here."

"Mmm I, oh, oh, oh yes! Ohh! Ohh ho! I, OH YES! YES OH YES! MORE! Give me more! More! Harder! Fuck me harder!"

His hips pounded hers as he did just that. Vanessa lifted her head up and cried as an orgasm erupted like a star exploding and sent shock waves throughout her body. She lowered her head and laid there panting heavily. His hands caressed her waist.

"You're a very beautiful woman Vanessa, and there's nothing wrong with you living out your fantasies."

He finished cleaning her up, then started undoing the restraints. She stood up and looked at him.

"Can we get something to eat? I'm hungry."

Chapter 5:

Her outward appearance suggested that in the past week, Vanessa had undergone a personality transplant. She had gone from angry and screaming in her first week, to docile and obedient in her second week. She spoke very little, instead just quietly obeying whatever commands she was given. Hanging in a restraining harness, not resisting as she was sexually teased, she appeared to have given up.

However she was just biding her time.

It was now the 13th day. Tomorrow morning would be the day she made her decision, and boy oh boy did she have some things to say to them. Hanging there in the harness bound and gagged, her eyes staring helplessly ahead, she went over the rant she planned to unleash on them.

While she had accepted the fact that she liked some aspects of what they had done to her, the fact remained that they had taken her and using their subtle yet persistent methods, warped her into what she was now.

Her heart sped up when she saw that rubber suit and thong sitting next to a pair of familiar dildos. She knew as he undid the straps that it was either put them in and get on with it, or sit there all day doing nothing. The heat between her legs decided what she was going to do.

Out of the restraints now, she started applying a thick coat of lube to the phallic objects. A sharp intake of breath as the first one slowly slid in, followed by a long exhale as she pushed the second one in. Hands trembling, she locked the thong into place.

The rubber suit came next. The inside was coated in a pleasantly scented oil. It slipped on without much of a hassle. She zipped up the back and felt it compress against her skin, making it conform to its shape. The tight crotch pressed against the bases of the dildos. The heat slowly building, she waited for further instructions.

"Please be still while we put the harness back on."

She quietly complied, fighting off a small surge of anger. She wanted to walk around in the suit, to feel it and those things as they rubbed against her. However for now she had to remain calm and docile. Back in the restraints, her focus drifted from her anger to her arousal. A lot of needy heat had built up under her smooth shiny rubber skin. She squeezed the muscles around the two intruders and moaned softly. The setup was completed with a hood that had an integrated mouth ring in it. One of the men inserted a gag into the ring, silencing her moans.

The dildos came to life. She felt herself slipping back into that strange state of awareness where she became really calm and attuned to her body. It happened whenever she was forced into a position of extreme submission and arousal. She felt every vibration, every electric pulse from the dildos, and she felt one of their hands fondling the rubber covered area between her legs, gently pressing on the bases of the phallic intruders. It was that subtle touch which finally made her cum.

Hanging there physically and mentally drained, Vanessa now felt a different need. She wanted to be cuddled. She wanted the masked man to cuddle with her, stroke her head and talk to her in that calm soothing voice of his. She let out a soft needy whine.

He got the message and knelt beside her. He undid the straps on the hood and removed it. Then he ran his fingers through her slicked back hair. She began to feel better. He softly petted her head. She closed her eyes. The whole submission thing was fine until the fireworks were over. Afterward, she found herself feeling very weak and vulnerable. His answer to that was to stay with her for a bit and either caress or pet her, which made her feel better and helped her to better process what had happened.

She was now allowed a private shower and a rest period. Since she had stopped resisting them, the routine had settled into something stable and even somewhat predictable. Mornings usually involved a shower and grooming. Following that was her engaging in some sort of submissive sex act. Afterward they allowed her to shower privately, or at least not watching her in person, then she was allowed her rest period.

They came for her again. She followed them, expecting to be led back to the dungeon for more sexual submission, perhaps another stint in the vacuum bed, perhaps another filling session... Instead she was led to a room with a massage table. Without being told, she climbed up onto the table.

"Lay down on your stomach please."

She wordlessly complied. She also spread her legs, waiting for fingers or something to start probing around her no longer private areas. A slight surprise as she felt something warm being poured onto her back. The liquid felt like oil. It had a pleasant vanilla scent.

He began gently rubbing the oil into her back. His fingers gently kneaded her skin. It felt pretty good. She shifted a bit and rested her head on the pillow.

"So what is this setup and what's gonna go inside me now?"

"We're done with the sexual training part of your two week program. This is just a massage."

Several minutes passed by in silence as he massaged the oil into her skin.

"On the outside you are relaxing, however inside I sense a lot of tension."

"What makes you think that?"

"You're very easy to read."

"If I'm so easy to read what are you reading right now?"

"You are conflicted as to what you want. You're unsure about the decision to make tomorrow and you're nursing your anger towards me solely on the fact that we abducted you rather then what has happened to you in the time you've been here."

"Hah! You are so wrong. You need better reading glasses because I made my decision long ago."

"Then what is it?"

"Oh no you don't. I'm gonna make you wait till tomorrow."

"Very well. I can tell you the outcome of either decision. Putting aside how you came to be here, you have experienced and enjoyed some things that conflict with your beliefs. If you stay, you will receive guidance in dealing with those emotions and desires."

He started rubbing her neck.

"If you choose to leave, I see you drinking heavily as soon as you get some money. I see your submissive desires coming out while you're drunk, leading you to likely getting hurt or abused. And I see you dead of alcohol poisoning within a year."

"And what do you get if I stay? A bonus?"

"There's no monetary incentive for what I do here."

"Then why spend all this time and effort on me?"

He didn't respond.

"Tell me."

"Because I care about you."

She went quiet and laid there. It didn't change a thing. Even with his careful loving fingers gently working their way over her back, she was still going off on him tomorrow.

The massage soon ended. She remained quiet as she was escorted back to her holding cell.

Morning came. Vanessa was awakened by several masked men.

"Good morning Vanessa. Have you made your decision?"

It was time to unleash her rant. She sat up and coldly stared at them.

"I just want to say that you people are FUCKING BASTARDS for all the shit you've put me through these past two weeks! You broke me down and turned me into some kind of sexual CREATURE for your enjoyment YOU SICK FUCKERS!"

No reaction from them. She continued her rant.

"What? Aren't you surprised? Aren't you fucking surprised that even after going through your brainwashing program that I can call you out on the shit that you've put me through?! I'm not some weak delicate little flower, I'm fucking tougher then I look!"

"So are you staying or are you going?"

"After what you people did to me?! Are you serious?! After what you've done to me there's no way I could make it out there! You've made me this way and now you're just gonna have to deal with me! And I won't make it easy on you!"

"Very well then."

Two more men entered the room. One carried an I.V. pole with a bag of liquid attached to it. The other showed Vanessa a familiar butt plug. Before she could react, three of the men grabbed her and forced her over the bed. They quickly forced a gag into her mouth.

Her own pussy juices provided the lubrication for the plug.

The plug went in and was locked into place. A thin tube was attached to the I.V. bag, the other end connected to the base of the butt plug. A clamp was released and liquid began to flow. At the same time the plug began vibrating. They were filling her... filling her with the drugs that would be used to turn her into a docile obedient slave who wouldn't be able to think or resist, subjected to various sexual torments, helplessly locked in a cage wearing a rubber slavesuit, teased with toys and fingers.

She came.

Time passed, her struggling lessened. The filling sensation stopped and the tube was removed. The plug continued to vibrate. Her heart raced. The drugs were inside her, being stirred up by the vibrations, gradually absorbed into her bloodstream and circulated around her body and her brain...preparing it for slave conversion.

She came again.

Drowsiness settled in. They released her and allowed her to climb onto the bed. She tried masturbating, but soon became too drowsy to see it through. Everything went blurry then faded to black.


Standing in the room surrounded by several men, Vanessa wondered what was going to happen. One of the men smiled and showed her a remote control with a big red button. She gasped, her heart racing. If he pressed the button...

There was no time to think about it. He pressed the button. A wave of lust swept through her mind. She docily got on her hands and knees and crawled over to the man with the remote, the one who now controlled her. She ran her hands over his cock, gently rubbing it until it stood up on its own. She then took it into her mouth and began to suck him off. Her mind was mostly blank now, save for the pleasure of feeling his cock react in the predicted fashion, rewarding her with its fluid.

She crawled to the next man and prepared to service him.

Three months had passed since she had, in her own way, chosen to stay. Things weren't a total paradise inside her mind yet, but she had gotten to the point where bad days were the exception rather then the rule.

She was socializing more for starters. Keri, a fellow slave who had been a painter in her past life had seen Vanessa sketching some of the trees that dotted the courtyard. She approached and turned on her bubbly personality, initially to the chagrin of Vanessa who had always found bubbly people to be annoying. However, Keri persisted and as time went on and her own spirits lifted, Vanessa started talking with her. Just yesterday Keri had helped her make her first painting.

As foreseen by Doug, her handler, the road to where she was now hadn't been smooth. Her first full fledged hypno session stripped away her outer personality shell and emotional control, leaving only her core personality with nothing to hide her true feelings. She emerged from the session as a sad, needy girl who clung to Doug's side and cried frequently.

She spent days in this state where many truths were revealed, including the nature of her "resistance" during her first two weeks. She hadn't really been resisting at all. She had just been making a lot of noise and posturing as best as she could. When she stopped eating she was really saying "I am this broken! How committed are you to fixing me?!"

For the longest time she had pinned her problems on her experiences in the army, but spending time without the complex suppression system in her mind that she had spent years building, it eventually dawned on her that what happened in the war was just the push that was needed to bring down the already teetering structure of her mental health.

Long buried demons from her past had been resurrected. Her parents fighting, her mother abandoning her, her being teased at school because she was a late bloomer, the first time she had had sex which was embarrassing and painful, and finding out that her mother had been arrested for drug possession.

The second hypno session saw the restoration of her emotional control. What followed were long talks with her handler where she confessed many things, including how much she needed him and how she needed a structure to help anchor herself, which was one of the reasons she had joined the army. These talks eventually progressed to the exploration of her sexual fetishes.

It was late at night when Vanessa picked the lock and escaped from her holding cell. She was gonna make a break for it. One of the trusted slaves had taped the latch on the door to the office areas, preventing it from locking. She quietly snuck into the minimum security wing. A guard, a young woman dressed in little more then a bikini was patrolling the hall. Vanessa ducked behind an open door and waited for her to pass. Then the way was free and clear! She made a run for the exit. She got to the door, opened it and alarms sounded. She heard footfalls behind her and hightailed it double time. The footfalls got closer, closer. A man in a white uniform came out of nowhere and grabbed her. They soon had her pinned to the ground.

She saw a glimpse of the needle before it sank into her arm.

When she woke up, she saw that she was in one of the slave conversion chambers. She felt the sensation of being anally filled and knew they were pumping the drugs into her. The drugs that would turn her into a happy obedient slave and keep any thoughts of resistance or escape at bay. She came hard and there wasn't even a vibrator inside her.

That was one of the test role play scenarios they had done. It confirmed that she liked resistance and escape fantasies where she got caught and "punished". Much to her delight, she found that they could and did set up scenarios involving slaves and their owners, the slave or slaves given a hypnotic trigger to make them believe it was really happening.

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