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Turkish Heat – Autumn Seductions

I watched nervously as the Customs Officer flicked through my new unstamped passport, he was taking longer than with the other passengers.

My stomach was churning. ‘Was it a sign that I shouldn’t be taking this flight?’ I wondered to myself.

Eventually he asked when I had arrived in Germany. Thankfully it was only an hour earlier so my response yielded a quick stamp and I was able to pass through to the departure lounge!

I couldn’t believe I was about to board a flight to see a man I’d spent only a few nights with. But he had filled my days with thoughts of passionate nights, hot sex and desire ever since. We’d video chatted almost every day often naked imagining what we would do when we next saw each other. Now I was on my way back to him, anxious, excited and highly aroused.

I wandered through the duty free and stopped to select a new perfume for myself and ‘The One’ for him. Imagining the scent on his body mingled with sweat and sex I closed my eyes for an instant allowing the desire to encompass me and briefly overwhelming any doubt within me. Almost forgetting my surroundings until the last boarding call jolted me into action and I found myself running to the departure gate seconds before it closed with only a few other passengers left sauntering down the gangway.

Breathless, I stepped onto the plane greeted by the smiles of the flight attendants. I felt everyone’s eyes upon me as if they sensed my desires but perhaps it was the fact I’d nearly delayed their flight as one of the last passengers to board the aircraft! There were a few extremely attractive men on the plane with their dark Turkish swarthiness and sparkling light blue green eyes that had my heart lurch as I arrived in my seat finally, for the first leg of my journey. A little embarrassed I asked the seated passengers to allow me to reach my window seat.

The passenger who I would sit beside gave me an intense stare as he got up, his eyes a beautiful sea green. I lowered my head and apologised once again as I shuffled along into my seat. As he repositioned himself back into his place our hands touched as he fumbled for his seatbelt. I looked up and fell into his eyes as I mumbled my apologies once again.

‘Tamam’ He answered. I remembered this was the Turkish equivalent of okay and thanked him. I couldn’t help but notice the shape of his lips, well defined and sexy encased by a moustache and perfectly shaven goatee as was the present fashion - thankfully not a hipster!

Quickly I diverted my eyes to the view outside on the tarmac in case my thoughts became known. It was not too long a flight, but I was tired and wanted to arrive fresh. I positioned the airline blanket over my legs and closed my eyes as the plane taxied along the runway and took off lurching into the sky leaving my stomach a few metres below it.

But it was impossible to sleep I was aroused and excited, could I allow myself a little indiscretion? Wearing boots and a light dress it wasn’t too hard to feel my touch against my crotch, an overturned magazine in my lap discretely hiding my light hand movements to anyone whose eyes might have rested there.

‘Have you been to Istanbul before?’ Came a voice beside me. I stopped with a jolt and looked in it’s direction.

It was the cute guy beside me. ‘Uh, um not really.’ I replied, feeling a little flushed from my arousal.

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you. I get nervous flying, talking distracts me.’

I looked into those deep green pools wanting to dive into them again and he quickly looked downwards a little shyly. But something made it feel like theatrics, maybe he was nervous but there was an energy between us too.

‘No, it’s no bother. The best part of the flight is landing for me.’ I offered truthfully smiling back at him. ‘I’ve been to Istanbul only once for a few days, so I wouldn’t say I know it well. I spent the Summer along the coast below Bodrum, and now I’m going to visit friends I made in Antalya.’

‘Oh, you’re not staying in Istanbul? I’m from there but live in Germany now, I would have offered to show you some of the sights that tourists don’t really know.’ He smiled.

‘That’s very sweet – but I don’t even know your name.’ I blushed.

‘Tarkan’ He replied.

‘Like the pop singer?’ I enquired.

‘Evet, I mean yes. You like Turkish music?’

‘I love listening to regional music wherever I travel – I don’t always know the meaning of the songs but sense their sentiment and enjoy the rhythm.’

‘I like that, I hate it when I go to clubs and they’re filled with European or English music it makes me wonder why I’ve bothered to come home!’

I looked at him, he was wearing a slightly intense frown that made him look a little comical. I laughed and replied. ‘I know exactly what you mean’ we both giggled nervously. It felt like a door between us had opened.

Almost as quickly a bout of turbulence hit the aircraft. Tarkan turned white as a sheet and in that instant I could see immediately his fear of flying was intense. Without thinking I touched his arm to reassure him. He looked at me intently and for an instant I was uncertain what to make of his reaction but I returned a smile and began to withdraw my hand.

‘No! Don’t. It’s reassuring thank you.’ He offered.

I slid my hand down his forearm and let it rest on top of his hand. Looking back to him I smiled. I suddenly realised I knew his name but hadn’t offered mine.

‘I’m sorry I didn’t tell you my name, it’s Cherry.’

‘Like Cherry blossom? My favourite flowers of springtime.’ He replied with a seductive smile.

Beside him the other passenger was changing seats, apparently due to our chatter irritating him.

I was wondering what I could do to move the conversation along as I felt myself warming to this attractive man beside me. His forearm felt strong beneath his tailored shirt and it was difficult not to think what might lie beneath it.

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