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Towel Party

By: Happy Rose

Towel Party

Happy Rose

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Towel Party

A note from Happy Rose

About Happy Rose

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Rainbow party

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Towel Party

Many people don’t understand me as I am called a slut by many, those people don’t understand the prospects of sex. Loving sex is not a bad thing for many reasons, one reason in particular is that it can make your feel good. My best friend even though she is not that into sex understands me and what makes me happy. When she called me up one day talking about a party at her older brother’s fraternity I just had to go. Clicking off the phone after our conversation I walked to the bathroom taking off all my clothes, to throw them into the laundry basket against the wall. Leaving the bathroom door open when I am showering turned me on, because at any chance someone could walk in on me. Stepping into the shower I closed the curtain which was see through, so if anybody came into the bathroom they would see me in all my glory. Hey I’m not ashamed. I might not be your Barbie doll type, but believe me I got curves in all the right places with my huge DDD34 tits and my apple bottom. Slinging my head back into the water feeling the water cascade down my body felt so good. Grabbing the soap, I pushed some through my hands before putting it back. Running my soapy hands all over my body starting with my tits. Squeezing my tits, pinching my light brown nipples, running my hands down my stomach all the way to the core of my pleasure. Pushing a finger inside me feeling the tightness of my pussy as I know I am ready for a good fuck. Looking towards the door seeing a shadow in the door way. Knowing it was probably my father’s best friend smiling to myself He loved watching me take showers without her father knowing. Opening the door she stared right at him in all her naked glory. Standing in the door way was my father’s best friend in blue jeans and a blue button-down shirt. He was in his forty’s and I have caught him watching me before. I told him one day I could take care of him he said no he just wanted to look because that was not cheating and also the fact that he was my father’s best friend. Walking in, he pulled down his pants, pulling the seat up he stared to take a piss staring at my tits when he was done, he started to slowly jerk his cock. “Where’s your wife,” I asked smiling at him. “Down stares with your mom and dad,” he answered jerking his cock faster. Bending over I turned the water off. “Stand still,” he said before I got the chance to. Looking over my shoulder noticing him pushing his hands up and down his cock as he stood over my ass. Before long hot white cum was landing on my ass. After the last of the spurt came out he stuffed his cock back into his pants, pulling his pants up so he could walk out. Smiling as I turned the shower off, not worry about the cum on my ass For one I loved the feel of cum on my skin.

Getting out of the shower to grab three towels below the sink. Wrapping one white towel around my hair, I grabbed a blue towel to dry my body off with. Reaching for my makeup in one of the drawers, my mother came into the room, “hey honey we are leaving, have fun tonight,” smiling I waved at my mother as she walked away. Putting my make up on remembering the first time my daddy’s friend saw me naked. I’m not going to go into details, but I would say it was my eighteenth birthday and he didn’t want to do anything because of my father and his wife. Telling him that as long as we didn’t touch his cock it was not cheating. Agreeing he began jerking off in front of me, squirting his cum in my mouth. We never did touch though. After my makeup was done I put it back before Grabbing my blow dryer to blow dry my hair. Turning it on feeling the heat on my hair started to turn me on, but ignoring it I finished drying my hair before putting it back. Brushing it out putting a clip in the back of my hair, keeping my hair out of my eyes. Throwing both towels into the dirty laundry basket I reached for the last towel wrapping it around me tying it in front. Hearing my friend honk, I grabbed my blue high heal shoes rushing out in only my towel.

Reaching the car, finding Carol, my best friend, in the driver seat wearing a similar blue towel. Shortly after I got in the car, we were off. Reaching down I put on my blue high heels strapping them on. It was going to be a good night.

Thirty minutes later we reached a tall brown building. First thing I noticed when getting out of the car was the quietness of the night. If this was a party where was all the noise.

Walking up to the door knocking a few times, when a strong man with black hair answered. "Carlie, I am glad you could make it." Smiling to myself he led us into a room full of about twenty different guys. The first clue I got that this was not a normal party was the fact that there were only guys here. The second clue was the fact that nobody was in a towel except us. Brian, Carols brother quickly introduced us to everybody in the room. Carol was his sister, I was Renee her closest friend.

I know I looked good standing in my towel with my auburn hair bobbing against my shoulder, so when some guy with spiked dark hair offered me a drink, than asked me a dance. How could I not accept his offer? Taking the drink I quickly swallowed the liquid as it burned down my throat. Before I could take to the dance floor another drink was offered to me. Taking it, I quickly walked to the middle of the dance floor with the spiked hair guy, I didn't even know his name.

On the dance floor I took a drink as I started to sway to the music. The guy, who's name I didn't know, was swaying behind me. As we swayed I could feel his hands on my upper thigh slowly pulling my towel up a little. Before I knew it, I was on my third drink and another guy was joining the dancing. He slid up front to me swaying with the music. The guy dancing in front of me had short blond hair and was placing his hands behind me on my ass. Leaning in close he slid his tongue down my throat making us play tongue hockey. He tasted of beer and peppermint.

The guy behind me slid my towel up higher, where I started to feel one’s guy bare hands on my ass and the other guys jeans. The guy behind me started reaching for my clit as he started to work it with his hand, the sensation on my clit was incredible. Not realizing it my drink was once again filled as I chugged the whole thing down in one gulp.

Looking around I noticed Carol wasn't with me turning to find her brother staring at me he quickly replied. "She got drunk and passed out, so I took her up to my bed where she is safe." With that all my worries left me as I continued dancing with the guys.

After a while without knowing what was happening my arms were around Drake. I had finally learned his name, then my towel was removed from my body by Luke learning the other guy’s name. So now I stood in a room with about twenty guys completely naked except for my high heal shoes. I danced with my arms around Drake as Luke stood behind me swaying with me with his hands around my tits.

Leaning close to my ear Drake whispered "I would so love to fuck you in front of everybody." "Yes, please do, I want to fuck everybody." With that he laid me down on the ground as he unzipped his jean covered cock, making it spring free. Quickly sliding in me without any protection, pounding into me with force. Luke came to stand next to me on his knees with his Dick in hand. Before I had time to react he shoved it in my mouth fucking my mouth to the rhythm of Drake fucking my pussy. It felt so good that there on the middle of the floor in front of all of those guys I came with a mighty force. My legs twitching in the air, "Fuck me hard keeping going I can take it."

Drake came in me leaving me on the floor with cum dripping out of my Pussy. Luke than got in between my legs to take Drake's place. "Do you want me to fuck you." He asked all I could do was scream, "yes please fuck me." Entering me fully unprotected as well. Another guy I didn't know his name came up to my mouth plunging his dick right down my throat with no mercy. "Choke on it you whore." With that I began to gag, but he didn't care as he pushed himself farther and farther inside me till I was sucking on his dick and balls at the same time. Just then I felt Luke Cumming inside of me as he too left me on the floor.

The new guy took his place without confirmation fucking me with all the strength that he had. A new guy stepped up to the mouth but instead of his dick he placed his balls into my mouth telling me to suck his baby makers. I sucked them with all my worth till I came so hard on the other guy’s dick.

Carol's brother stepped up to grope my tits. Sucking on the little buds till they were so hard they ached. He slowly began to bite them. It felt so good that I didn't even noticed when the guy in my pussy came and the other took his place. It all started to happen all at once it was great. Before long the other guy had come in me than it was Carol's brother's turn.

He shoved it all the way in me as he started to move up and down he started to twerk my nipples once again. Before I knew what, he was doing he bit down on my nipple as he came in me like the others. That brought me to yet another orgasm. After he was done he pulled his pants up and said, "ok boys let her have it." Without another word the other fifteen guys started jerking off and when they came it landed all over me. Some got in my hair, on my face, my body, my pussy, everywhere there was not a place untouched.

They then backed off to their respected corners where I was flipped over and my hands were tied behind my back. Brian, Carol's brother, came over pulling my hair so my mouth could be seen, he said drink up. Shoving a cup full of something white and smelling of dog puke down my throat. It tasted weird, but I drank it anyway to get any fluids down me. When the cup was empty he tossed it in the trash. "Did you enjoy that whore," Brian asked. "That was our cum. You see my darling whore. All week the guys were told to masturbate as much as possible than they would cum into a cup. The cups than got mixed together. So, you just drank twenty different guys cum all in once. Do you feel like a slut now?”

At that moment I didn't know what was going on. Why did they make me drink their cum.? I than saw Drake get behind me as he spits on my ass ready for a different whole. Before I could say a word, he plunged in making me scream out in pain. Tape was put on my mouth as my hands were untied and then tied to a chair. Drake kept pounding my ass as Brian went on.

"You see when my sister Carol called me up to tell me the news of her best friend, who fucked her boyfriend, I got a plan because nobody you see messes with my sister." He pointed to all of the guys along the wall, "you see those guys this is their initiation if they can cum when we need them to they are in. So, I bet you they will cum when we say." With that he left to go upstairs as I felt Drake cum in my ass as Luke than took his place.

I loved every minute of the torture so what did that say about me. I cannot believe the story that Carol said to her brother, but I will have to thank her later. She knows exactly what I need. One by one the guys took turns fucking my ass as they all once again came inside of me. After the five guys were done Cumming up my ass the others came once again right across my back leaving no area untouched. Brian than returned once again to feed my some more cum and I took it like a pro.

Untieing me, as I got up to face the guys in the room. Carlie walked down the stairs all dressed up with a smile on her face. Reaching towards me she gave me a hug and said, “Happy anniversary,” making me smile. For today was the anniversary of our friendship eighteen years ago we became fast friends and this was my wish I had told Carlie the day that I lost my virginity. Noticing the shock on everyone's face, we sat on the couch with some water in hand. Her in her clothes, me naked as can be. Telling her brother the truth of what had happened. He in turned apologized for his behavior. We than stayed the night in his room after I took a long shower with him helping me to get rid of all the cum.

That night was incredible and today I don’t think I could top it. I am a slut what can I say.

A note from Happy Rose

Thank you for reading my book. I loved writing it and developing the things that the fraternity had done to Renee. I am new to this so any feedback would be great. So leave me a review on what your thought about it.


Happy Rose

About the author:

Happy Rose loves to write. She found her love to write ever since she was little. She began writing fantasy and romance. When she got married she found erotica and loves coming up with different things to write about in her mind. She lives with her husband who encourages her imagination. She loves to write about different fantasies she has had in her mind even if she won’t act it out in real life.

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Example of my next Book:

Rainbow Party

Opening my eyes not realizing they were closed I saw the face that haunted a lot of my fantasies. Those smothering blue eyes and that sandy blond hair made me tremble some more as I kept rubbing my clit harder. "Brian, what are you doing here." "Thought I would help since my sister is kind of busy." With that he dropped to his knees taking my clit into his mouth and sucked. He then licked it up and down with all that he was worth. Soon his fingers joined the mix as they began pushing one after the other inside of my desperate pussy. Leaning back against the shower wall I started to twerk my nipples.

After a while I moaned out as my orgasm got the best of me. Before I had time to rest Brian had me turned around facing the wall he quickly stuck it into my still spasming pussy. He started to pound me into the wall making me scream out, “Fuck me harder." With that he gave me all that he had till he pulled my hair so I could look back at him in the eyes as he came right up my pussy.

Falling down on to the tub floor I looked back as I noticed him leaning against the other wall of the tub. I than got on my knees to take him in my mouth and suck off the fluids of our joined orgasm. It tasted very musky but I sucked it anyway loving the taste of us together. Gaining his breath, he grabbed me under the arms bringing me up to him. We than kissed a while longer till he stopped himself and said, "man I could never get enough of you." With that we both laughed as we cleaned each other off before exiting the bathroom together.

He got dressed in the bathroom as I walked out to get dressed. Rick and Carlie were sitting up in bed under the covers, probably still naked. I just walked in dropping the towel, trying to ignore them, as I bent to get dressed. "Do you mind," Rick said as I turned to have him staring at me. Carlie was doing nothing, but giggling by this point. Finishing getting dressed I quickly climbed into bed with them laying down next to Carlie. I quickly gave her a kiss when we heard, "wow that is do damn hot." We both started laughing because Rick was watching us both.

Even though I love Carlie we never have done anything more than kiss. We were the ones who taught each other how to kiss so in a way I guess we were each other's first kiss. "You’re such a pervert," I told Rick just as Brian came out of the bathroom. I than noticed how rick's eyebrows went up noticing how Brian came out of the same bathroom I was in. Brian than walked over to me giving me a quick kiss as he handed me an envelope before leaving the way he came out of our room. Opening it up I read:

You are invited to our annual Rainbow party,

Wear something sexy we will provide the rest.

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