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My Magic Panties: Initial Contact


Do NOT read if you are under the age of 18

My Magic Panties

Initial Contact

Written By:

Whitney Anne Terrell

Table of Contents

Introduction ………………….. 4

Chapter 1 ………………………. 8

Chapter 2 ………………………. 12

Chapter 3 ………………………. 15

Chapter 4 ………………………. 18

Chapter 5 ………………………. 22

Chapter 6 ………………………. 26

Chapter 7 ………………………. 29


Although the following story is based off true events, I find it important to admit some of the content is slightly exaggerated for entertainment purposes. As human beings, I’d say it’s a fair bet to assume most of us have had some fascinating and extremely pleasurable sexual encounters. As a female who is single and in her early forties, I possess the benefit of mature sexual experience while still being young enough to experience more and more of the exciting encounters that life can offer.

Whether you are male or female, whether you are single or sharing read time with a partner, I deeply encourage you to remove your clothing before engaging my stories. Being in that state of arousal, or “turned on” (as many like to call it) is a sensation that is much too often shunned for the intent of being “proper” or “respectful”. To be frank, that’s nothing more than a bunch of bullshit that various religions developed to obtain more control over its citizens. Trust me when I tell you that nature wants us to embrace our wet vaginas, our throbbing erections, our powerful desire to feel the single best thing in life- orgasms.

I’ll warn you right now that the following material was NOT written for any person under the age of 18 years old. If that statement pertains to you, I want you to immediately close this book and wait for your 18th birthday; rest assured the adventure will be here waiting.

To everyone else- NOW is the time to get comfortable and take off those clothes!

With much affection,


Chapter 1

Growing up, I was always a bit of a tomboy. Family and friends often told me I was naturally beautiful, pretty, etc. but I always interpreted it as an attempt to be polite. Even through high school my body was “boyish” compared to numerous other girls of my age and that may be part of the reason as to why I took more interest in athletics as opposed to the variety of other activities that my peers would engage in. I was quiet, shy, and continuously felt as if the “popular kids” were gossiping behind my back but fortunately I was pretty good at brushing it off.

Residing in a somewhat large condominium with only my hardworking (and often gone) mother made it very easy to explore my body in privacy whenever I was home from school and feeling curious.

Even as an 18-year-old I vividly remember taking off my pants and staring in my bedroom mirror, turning in circles as I desperately searched for any sign of developing curvature… but I was awarded nothing. Nonetheless, this examination was almost always followed up with an intimate exploration of my maturing private parts.

There was something about that moment where I’d continue watching myself in the mirror while I slowly stepped out of my white, sort of boyish underwear, observing the many dark pubic hairs that formed a soft and fluffy bush above my vagina. A faint but peculiar scent would almost always fill the air at this moment and there was something about it that would provoke me to touch myself.

Chapter 2

With my t-shirt still on, I’d slowly back away from the mirror until I felt the sensation of my butt cheeks contact my mattress. I would then slowly lie down with one hand on one of my breasts as the other hand gathered speed from rubbing my clit in a clockwise motion. With my feet still on the ground, my legs were spread as wide as could be; I enjoyed this position because it would allow for me to lift my head, peeking into the mirror to witness the experience unfold. This act would continue until I’d reach that devastating climax that we all know so well, however, this time I noticed a little bit of liquid dribble out of my soft pussy lips and travel downward, contacting my tight asshole. What was it exactly?

After catching my breath, I slowly rose up off the mattress to inspect this newfound liquid. Using one of my index fingers to scoop some of it up, I noticed it was mostly clear with a tint of white and a sticky consistency. I remember thinking it was so odd; obviously I was aware that males ejaculate after climaxing but discovering that my female body could perform something similar was quite baffling at the time. This was a profound moment in my life, for it was obvious my hormones wanted to mate. This was when it finally clicked that I needed to do whatever it took to make myself more desirable to the opposite sex; a trip to buy some new, lacy underwear was the next step.

Chapter 3

The following day after school, I found myself at the nearest shopping mall. With a total lack of experience, I could only assume that “Samantha’s Secret” (you know which store I’m really referring to) was my best bet to locate exactly what I was in search of.

The models that decorated the instore photographs were so ridiculously gorgeous that it instantly left me with a desire to look like them. I reassured myself that they were only a few years older than I and it wouldn’t be long until I’d be rocking a lustful, curvy physique just like them.

The options were endless; so many colors, so many shapes. I awkwardly searched through the collections, feeling a nonsensical guilt as if every other patron was staring and judging. Then, I finally found what I thought to be incredibly sexy; it was a frilly, black thong, perfectly shaped and seemingly catered to my frame. Anxious to make it out of there before being seen by someone I knew, I quickly made my purchase and exited as stealthily as possible.

I couldn’t wait to get home and try them on in front of my mirror.

Chapter 4

It was still the afternoon and Mom had yet to return from work. I walked straight up to my bedroom and removed my new treasure from the fancy shopping bag.

I threw my pants and current underwear onto the floor and was about to try the new panties on, however, it struck me that I should quickly bathe, making sure to thoroughly cleanse both my vagina and anus so that I wouldn’t dirty the fabric.

After drying off from the shower, I casually strolled back toward the mirror, letting my towel fall to the floor. I slid one leg, then the other into my new panties and slowly pulled them up to meet my crotch. It was a new feeling to say the least; I had yet to experience this quality of material, and the sensation of the thong straddling my asshole was incredibly pleasing. Why on earth had I never worn a thong before!? To say it was the most comfortable thing I had worn yet would’ve been an understatement.

Again, I slowly rotated in front of the mirror, admiring the underwear that was now allowing me to look and feel more like a woman.

But now there was a new challenge at hand; how was I going to get any of the boys to notice? It’s not like I could’ve just walked into the school entrance wearing a t-shirt and panties.

Out of nowhere it dawned on me that Mom had recently bought me a pair of jeans that I was too embarrassed to wear because of how low the waist was. Those were perfect! I would just allow the straps of my new panties to be a tad bit higher than my pants; that was sure to attract some new attention. What kind of new adventure was I in for tomorrow at school?

Chapter 5

Exposing my belly button between a tight, turquoise tank top, and my dark, low-rise denim pants… I was correct to anticipate scolds from the other girls along with smiles from guys that had never once before looked my direction. This new sense of confidence was uplifting and I finally understood why some girls started dressing like sluts much earlier on.

8th period (Calculus) had finally arrived to close off the school day. This class was so, so grueling but it had one redeeming quality; the hot teacher’s assistant who we’ll just decide to refer to as Mark. He was a beautiful 21-year-old who attended one of the nearby universities and must’ve been receiving credit to drop by a few times per week to help with our class. I always thought he was super attractive but never really had the guts to speak to him one-on-one, but the for the first time ever, I did notice him occasionally glimpsing my way.

The bell rang and class was dismissed shortly thereafter. To my surprise, Mark called my name, motioning me to come speak with him. I couldn’t help but blush before slowly approaching him. He informed me that he perceived my outfit to be a bit distracting for the class, as well as for him. I know this sounds cliché but he then asked me to return 30 minutes later so he could go over some of the new material with me. Unknowing of what to say, I quickly nodded before awkwardly turning and leaving the classroom. I didn’t really understand why I’d be required to do that at the time; calculus was brutal but I was still maintaining an A.

I’d soon find out what I was in for.

Chapter 6

I returned to the classroom exactly 30 minutes later. Mark asked me to close the door behind me. It was just the two of us in the room. He picked up another chair and placed it next to the teacher’s desk before we both sat down next to one another. I was so nervous; this was truly the closest I had ever been to a guy that I was attracted to.

Mark was explaining something but I couldn’t even comprehend it because I was trying so desperately to make myself relax. As corny as this sounds, I thought it would be a clever idea to pretend I knocked my pencil off the desk so I could go fetch it, thus exposing my thong right to his face. So, I did just that. As I bent over I could feel the denim slightly slide down by ass, exposing the thong along with a portion of my butt cheeks. The chatting had stopped; the room was silent. Just the simple thought of him staring at my underwear made me moist.

Trying to be nonchalant I walked back over to the desk and sat down. It was before I could even get settled that I felt a strong tongue forced into my mouth and down my throat. Whoa! It happened so quick it was difficult to even process. There’s no doubt this act threw me off but I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say my pussy was wetter than it had ever been.

Then, the real fun began.

Chapter 7

We continued to passionately make out for a few minutes before Mark took my hand and asked me to come with him to another room. Of course, I nodded in agreement and followed him to one of the teacher’s restrooms that luckily was lockable.

Once inside, we continued to kiss as he slid a hand up my tank top and cupped one of my breasts; it felt great. His sense of enjoyment boosted my confidence and I reached for his crotch. Wow; even though this was the first time I had touched a penis, I couldn’t believe the size of the bulge in pants. The thing was rock-hard and I could feel a damp spot on the outside of his crotch.

He quickly helped me remove my tank top and bra before we both unzipped our pants and threw them to the side. Now wearing nothing more than our underwear, his erect cock was no longer hidden from me. It was HUGE.

He kissed my neck as I reached my hand toward his boxers, removing them so I could get a better grasp on the boner. Kneeling so that I could get a better look, I examined every inch of what lay before me. His balls hung below a thick, manly bush. His swollen boner pointed upward, pulsating as a hefty amount of clear liquid dribbled from the tip. Fascinated, I used my thumb to spread the liquid up and down his shaft. “That’s precum,” he chimed, “you should taste it”.

I then slowly took the dick into my mouth, tasting every inch. The precum was delicious; primarily sweet but also a bit salty. With each thrust it seemed to pump more and more of the surprisingly tasty liquid into my mouth and down my throat. I was loving it.

I reached my free hand to my crotch where I noticed plenty of my own fluids were flowing. My new panties were completely soaked. Mark must’ve realized that I was now very aroused. He helped me stand up before bringing his own hands to the straps of my panties. My petite bush sprung out as he slid them halfway down my legs; that seemed to turn him on even more because he then picked me up by my ass and held me in the air as my panties dropped off my legs and were now hanging on his cock.

And then came the moment; the moment when I first felt a penis inside of me. It was unlike anything I could imagine. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as our naked bodies clashed with every thrust. Mark was clearly a strong guy, and with my legs wrapped around his torso, he bounced me up and down on the nine-inch dick for what felt like an eternity. My body was limp; he was entirely able to do whatever he wanted with me and I savored every second of it.

A similar feeling started to rise from within; it was alike how I had felt right before the substance squirted out of me during my orgasm only days earlier.

He continued bouncing my naked body harder and faster when suddenly it happened; my orgasm triggered a stream of liquid from the insides of my pussy. The liquid splashed onto Mark’s skin. This seemed to really turn him on because his dick grew even larger inside me. He then had to quickly pull out of me because he was going to orgasm.

Mark gently placed me back onto the ground. He urgently asked me to wrap both of my hands around his dick. I quickly walked around him from behind so that I could have a better grip and stroking ability. His huge boner throbbed within the palms of my hands. It only took a few stroked before we both watched rope after rope of creamy, white sperm launch from the tip of his penis. It splattered on the walls, the mirror, the sink, and luckily, I was able to catch some in my palms so I could taste a tiny bit of it.

We both caught our breath as I observed his dick go back to its softer state.

Well, it was safe to say I was no longer a virgin. My new panties really worked some magic.


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