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Just Relax and Look At The Light: Maxine


Allister Remm

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Chapter 1:

"Just relax and look at the light."

The man's voice was calm. Maxine gradually became aware that she was lying on a table of some type. The air gently moving over her skin told her that she was nude. She made a small effort to move and found that she was prevented from doing so. She was pretty sure she had been abducted. She had tasted some kind of odd drug in her tea and stopped drinking it. Apparently she had ingested enough to knock her out.

In front of her were swirling patterns of light. Looking at them made her concentration go awry. She couldn't close her eyes to avoid looking at them. She realized what was happening.

"You're trying to hypnotize me..."

"Just relax and look at the light."

"No... You'"

There was no trying to anymore. They had done it. She found herself falling deeper and deeper into a trance.

"Maxine, tell me about your psychology studies."

"I'm just about to get my professional doctorate in psychology. I've spent the last 6 years working towards this goal."

"Is there a particular area of psychology that interests you the most?"

"Yes. My area of interest lies in sexual behavior before and after traumatic situations."

"That sounds intriguing. Please give me some examples."

"The best example I like to use is rape. Rape is something that is very traumatic and life changing. Depending on many factors, the victim can end up anywhere from a psychologically broken shell, to a substance abuser, to a nymphomaniac."

"What made you decide to focus on this area of study?"

This was something Maxine didn't like to talk about, but she was used to being asked about it.

"When I was 15, two people I know were raped. One was my best friend Joanne, and the other girl I never got to know very well. Joanne became a prostitute, and the other girl committed suicide less then a month later."

"And you're hoping to help others who have suffered similar traumas to avoid similar fates?"

"Yes, but also I want to try and tackle a lot of sexual taboos. I believe that sex is still very taboo in this country, and that it's still viewed as some forbidden act that if one engages in, it makes them impure. We've progressed in the past, what, 40 50 years but that stigma still remains. As a result sex is treated as a more subtle version of alcohol during the prohibition era. I believe that stigma contributes to why someone crosses that line and rapes another human being."

"I agree. Please go on."

"Humans are ultimately designed to breed. Sex is a deep primal pleasure, and some people who obviously didn't get enough of it when they were younger now speak out against it, and they've been doing so in some form for... centuries. For so long that it's ingrained into society and fuels sexual deviance."

"We feel the same way. It's a factor in why our organization exists."

She was about to ask what organization they were talking about, but she found herself no longer able to speak, and the swirling lights fading to black...

The white room she woke up in wasn't very interesting, but her situation was. She wasn't surprised to find herself naked. She remembered the drugged tea and a few bits involving being hypnotized. She'd obviously been taken to where ever she was now. The room was almost empty apart from the bed she was lying on, and a table with a small booklet on it.

She picked up the booklet and started reading it.

"What drives someone to want to submit?..."

She read the whole booklet, then sat there for several moments in deep thought. The situation was scary on the surface. However under the surface she found it interesting. These people had kidnapped her and planned to sexually train her for two weeks before giving her the option to leave. Assuming the booklet was telling the truth, that could be very revealing and give her a deep insight into what it was like to be a victim.

Sitting there and thinking over the possibilities, she knew she could be in for some traumatizing stuff. Some people had sexual fetishes that involved causing injury to their partners. A secondary concern was disease. At the end of this she might need psychological treatment herself, not to mention medical treatments. Best to cooperate with them. Escape if possible, otherwise just cooperate and wait out the two weeks.

As she sat there thinking, a panel in the wall slid open. A masked man entered the room. apart from the black mask covering his face, he was nude.

"Hello Miss Dunn. Please come with me."

They knew her name. She had probably told them under hypnosis. They likely knew much more then her name. She began to follow him.

She was led to a nearly barren room with a dirty tiled floor. The only things in the room were a sink with a bucket in it, and a small table with a pair of rubber underwear on it. Was this some kind of test?

"Were I to hazard a guess, you want me to put on those rubber pants and start cleaning this floor?"

"You are correct."

"Okay. Before I proceed, what are the rules?"

"You will do whatever I ask you to do. Failure to comply won't bring about punishment, however you won't be able to do much else until you comply."

"So technically I could sit in this room for two weeks doing nothing, and I'd be let go?"

“Yes, if that's your ultimate choice."

"What kind of operation is this?"

He didn't respond. She walked over to the table, grabbed the panties and examined them.

"These look like they have some sophisticated electronics in them. I am assuming these are custom made just for training slaves. Far as I know, you can't order these online."

Still no response from the guy. He stood very still. He blinked on occasion, but other then that there was not much for her to read in terms of body language.

"You've seen a lot of nude girls here, haven't you?"

No response, though one wasn't really needed. This guy looked well trained himself. His dick wasn't even erect.

"Okay then, how about telling me why you got into this line of work?"

"At a later point perhaps, but not now." he replied.

"Very well, I'll respect that. So these panties, can you tell me exactly what they do? They look to have some kind of electrical function. These devices look like they would fit inside me and look like they can stimulate me electronically. Am I correct?"

No response from the guy.

"I would like to know what these will do to me before I put them on. I'm sure you would like to know what something was going to do before it was placed over your dick."

"You have excellent deduction capabilities Miss Dunn. You are figuring out things on your own so I've no need to explain them to you. Please lubricate the probes, put on the panties, and buckle them into place."

This was about to either get really interesting or become a decision she was going to regret. After applying a generous amount of lube, she slid the panties up her legs, lined up the probes, and slowly pushed them in. She then buckled the panties, already knowing that the buckle couldn't be undone manually.

She had purposely done it in a slow seductive manner like in pornography, just to see if the guy would react. No reaction came from him.

She grabbed the bucket and sponge, got down on her hands and knees and started cleaning the floor. She soon realized what was going on. There was a pleasurable tingle that came from those probes inside her. It intensified as she cleaned the floor, but stopped if she stopped. It was a new twist on positive reinforcement conditioning.

It was working. She found herself quite motivated to clean that floor, and knew full well it was due to the pleasurable bursts coming from those things inside her. Directly contacting those nerves responsible for sexual pleasure and stimulating them, that was enough to motivate pretty much anyone. Her face flushed and she was panting now.

She came, not a surprise. The tingling stopped. She stopped what she was doing and waited for some kind of sign from the masked man. The sign came unexpectedly with a hidden door in the room opening up.

"Very good Miss Dunn. Please follow me."

Chapter 2:

Maxine followed the masked man into a small room. The only thing in this room was a camera behind a thick pane of what was likely bullet resistant plastic.

"Please stand behind the line on the floor and face the camera."

Maxine complied. She heard a shutter click.

"Now please turn to the right."

She complied. She heard the shutter click again. It was almost like they were taking a mugshot of her.

"Very good Miss Dunn. Please follow me."

"The pictures, what are those for if I may ask?"

"When the time comes, we will reveal that to you."

The pleasant way they were treating her, the silence and mystery answers, they had something in mind for her. She was starting to suspect that it wasn't just training her to cum on command.

The next room was lit by candles lining the walls. A small cart, and what looked like half a massage table were the only furniture in the room. Not surprisingly the table had straps for arms, legs, and head. What did surprise her was she felt the panties unlocking. She carefully removed them. Apparently they wanted her totally naked for this.

"Since you have demonstrated excellent deduction capabilities, I will give you a few moments to figure out what we want you to do here."

That wasn't too hard. She got onto the table. She ended up in a bent over position with her legs spread. The man came over and started securing the straps. The last thing to be strapped down was her head, forcing her to stare at the carpeted floor.

She heard a few things being removed from the cart, then felt something pleasantly warm being poured onto her back. The room began to fill with a pleasant lavender fragrance. She realized that the man was rubbing some kind of lavender scented oil into her skin. This was some kind of massage/aromatherapy.

"Ooh wow. Do you do this for all the women you abduct?"

"We determine what actions to take based on what we learn from the candidate prior to them waking up here." he replied.

"And you know from hypnotizing me that I love the scent of lavender and have studied aromatherapy?"


"Are you this professional with all the women you abduct?"

"That depends on the plan that we craft for the individual candidate."

"Impressive. This all sounds like it requires a lot of hours of labor and quick decision making, not to mention lots of money."

The massage was working its magic. She felt very relaxed now, but he had gone silent again. She wanted to keep him talking.

"Mmmmm, I have to admit it sounds a lot better then the sex slave operations I've read about. It even sounds better then most prisons. Why go through all the trouble? Couldn't you reduce costs by hypnotically conditioning your slaves to make do with less?"

"While that is a tried and true method used by operations similar to ours, that's not how we run things. Hypnosis can augment certain aspects of the mind, and there are other methods for deeper conditioning. However we acknowledge that we deal with human beings. Slave morale is something we pay close attention to."

"If true that's very impressive, and you must be pretty selective in who you choose to abduct as not all women would be a good fit here. So if I am guessing correctly, you go after women whom you believe would benefit from the lifestyle you offer. You take them through this two week training course and let them choose to stay or go?"

"Again, your powers of deduction are excellent Miss Dunn."

She felt oily fingers sliding into her pussy.

"Mmmm... so why me? I'm not sex slave material. Mmmm, I may enjoy the sex I'll inevitably have here but I'm certainly no stranger to it, ohhhh, and sexual pleasure alone is not gonna make me want to stay and be a slaaaaave."

He had some skilled fingers on him. They manipulated her sensitive vaginal lips and teased her clitoris. She stopped speaking. Only low moans came out of her mouth now. A couple more minutes of those skilled fingers and she had an orgasm.

"We'll see what kind of material you are soon enough."

Something bigger was entering her pussy. It took her a second to register it was his penis. It entered then withdrew, then thrust back in and he was fucking her. Despite the orgasm she just had, she was still very sensitive down there and felt another one quickly on its way. She came hard. This wasn't normal. He was still fucking her, and she felt yet another orgasm building. Waves of pleasure emanated from her vagina. This was too intense to be normal sex.

Eventually he had enough and she thought it was over, until she felt something cold, slick and hard being pushed into her ass. Something a bit softer and larger thrust its way into her vagina. She almost came again.

"What...the hell...have you...done to me?" she uttered between gasps.

Suddenly a high intensity vibration sent more waves of pleasure into her exhausted brain. This definitely wasn't normal. Her eyes unfocused. She was now reduced to low uhhhhh's every few seconds.

She lost all sense of time. She could have been there for hours. She also lost count of the number of orgasms she had had. All she knew now was she felt very weak and very thirsty. Finally the waves of pleasure stopped and the devices were removed.

A straw or tube was put up to her lips and instinctively she began drinking from it. The liquid tasted like water, pure fresh water. It was only after a couple gulps did she register that perhaps the water was drugged. It didn't taste drugged but that meant nothing. Still she was very thirsty and if they wanted to drug her they had plenty of ways to do that. She had lost a lot of water through sweating and other means, so she drank down the liquid.

If anything she was thinking more clearly now that she had quenched her thirst. Perhaps they could break her if they really wanted to. Yes they definitely could. She felt the sex toys being removed and someone undoing the straps. Even if she could, she had no energy to resist. They picked up her limp body and carried her out of the room.

She registered being placed onto a soft surface, a bed of some type. Then they left her alone. She wearily lifted her head to look around. It looked kinda like the same room she woke up in. Her head dropped onto the pillow and soon she was out.

Hours must have passed, because when she woke up she felt well rested. A look around told her that this wasn't quite the same room she had first woken up in. There was a white door that led to a small bathroom. Looking at the bathroom it was obvious they were giving her the chance to shower by herself, and with the option of privacy since she had a door she could close.

Or perhaps the illusion of privacy. She didn't see any places for a pinhole camera but that meant nothing.

Still, a shower was very much welcome. She soon found herself sitting on the floor of the shower stall, warm water running over her. She was now a rape victim. The emotions tied to that event were complicated. She sat there trying to untangle them. Psychoanalyzing herself wasn't the best of ideas, but it'd help her to get her bearings back.

She had asked for it. In a subtle "I dare you!" way she had asked for it and had gotten more then she bargained for. It hadn't been painful at all. It was a deep highly addictive pleasure, probably similar to taking certain drugs.

She had been skeptical of the claim that after 2 weeks she'd be given the chance to be freed, but now it made more sense. There were women out there that could be made to enjoy sex like that. There were others who could resist it and go free. Likely there was a connection with drug users. Some may become addicted while others try it and decide it's not for them. Maxine could probably spend her career studying this connection.

Back to the situation at hand. Where did she psychologically stand now? She'd probably be okay unless they did that to her a few more times. Even thinking about it was making her want it again, but for the time being it was an urge she could easily suppress.

She found a white robe lying on her bed. It hadn't been there when she woke up. The robe looked like a simple plain white robe. She put it on. Nothing locked into place.

The private shower and the robe to cover herself, they were trying to make her feel more comfortable here.

The panel in the wall slid open, and a masked man in a black robe entered.

"Good morning Miss Dunn. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes I did. Thank you for the robe."

"You're welcome. We have decided to move forward earlier then initially planned, and let you know more about why we brought you here. You will be exposed to some of the more secret workings of our organization. This will mean a small change should you decide to leave after your two weeks are up."

"What change if I may ask?"

"If you decide to leave, we will wipe all your memories of this experience. You will wake up back at your home with no memory of the past two weeks."

"Fair enough."

"Then follow me please."

Chapter 3:

She followed him down the hall to what she thought was a simple plain wall panel. They stood there for a few seconds as the panel slid open. Another short hallway led to a set of elevator doors.

"Where are we headed?"

"To the control center for this area."

The elevator ride was short, perhaps only one floor. When they stepped out Maxine saw several people, both men and women sitting at monitors. Most of the screens showed empty rooms, but Maxine spotted a sleeping woman on one of the screens.

"You monitor all our movements."

"Yes. Everything in this training area is monitored from here."

"Why show me this?"

"Because of her." the man pointed to the screen that showed the sleeping woman. To Maxine's surprise he removed his mask. He looked to be in his late twenties and was rather handsome.

"This is Li Juan, a young woman we rescued from a more classic human trafficking operation."

"You're removing people from bad situations to put them in a less bad situation?" Maxine replied.


"That's very altruistic, but why? It must cost a lot to keep slaves in such comfort. You also do catch and release, why not just keep us?"

"The way we do it yields a better product at the end. For regular women we give them a taste of what it's like, and we keep the ones who want to be here. For rescues like Li Juan, we give them a happier life. Either way that translates into more passion for what our slaves do, more creativity, overall happier slaves. Happier slaves mean happier and more customers."

"So at the end of the day, this place is a corporation of sorts. A big one from the looks of it." Maxine said.

"Yes and unlike some corporations, we value the quality of what we produce."

Maxine looked at the monitor. Li Juan looked young, maybe no older then 20. She stirred a bit in her sleep. Maxine saw a small scar on her shoulder.

"What happened to her?"

"I'll pull up her hypnosis session and show you."

Maxine sat in front of a large screen watching the playback of Li Juan's hypnosis session. A nude Li Juan laid face down on the table, her head encased in some kind of electronic helmet. A man asked her questions to which she replied in near pidgin English.

"When I was little I live in the farmland with my mother and father, and his fathers father. We grow food for China. Every day I help mother and father with the growing of the food. Life was happy then. The machinery invaded and our farm was destroyed. We had to move to the city."

Maxine watched as this woman relayed to them her family's struggle in the industrialized hybrid Communist state as best she could. A couple of partly visible men adjusted some controls and her speaking ceased.

"Tell me about the factory."

"I get the job in the factory to help my family to have more nice things. I work every day. I help make plastic flowers for decoration products. The factory also start to teaching me English. As I grow older I learn more English and eventually I am trained to communicate with American customers. I sell many many of our decorations."

The controls were adjusted and she went silent again.

"What are they doing to her?" Maxine asked.

"Simply put they're fast forwarding through her memories."

"Tell me about when you got older."

"I... I grew older and become more woman like. Guys started telling me that I was beautiful. One day I am told by the boss to go with him. We go into a private room. He remove his pants and tells me his penis needs to be cleaned. He says that I need to clean it with my mouth."

"And you began cleaning him?"

"Yes. It become one of my new jobs. It was a secret job. I was to tell no one. I clean his penis every day. Then one day he makes me lie on his desk and I feel his penis enter me. It hurt!"

Maxine watched in silence as the playback continued.

"I become his personal assistant. I no longer make flowers or talk to customers. My job becomes to please him. I do a very good job! He is very happy with me until I start getting sick and my belly start to grow large."

"What happened after that?"

"I learn I have a baby inside me and I am so happy! I dream of starting a family with my boss. I tell him these things and he become angry. I am put back to making flowers. He no longer would look at me or say anything to me. Later strange men came and took me away."

Maxine continued to watch as Li Juan talked about the forced abortion they performed on her. Other horrors soon followed as they probed her memories. She sat and watched the rest of the session in silence. The things Li Juan experienced... there were no words. Despite her professional emotional detachment, Maxine's heart wept for this girl. The playback ended.

"Based on what you have seen here, how would you describe this woman's psychological state?"

Maxine looked at the man to see if he was serious. He looked dead serious.

"Well... gi- give me a few moments."

They both sat there in silence. Maxine composed herself.

"Were... Were these ordinary circumstances I'd have her admitted to a psych ward immediately before she kills herself."

"We've had her for almost a month. We just brought her to this facility. Before that we had her with one of our owners whose prime goal was to nourish her and get her physically healthy. We've now gotten her back to good physical health and we want to see if she can be salvaged psychologically."

"You brought me here for her?"

"Not just her. We'll see how you do with her and if you choose to stay, we will have other women like her for you to help."

"You want me to work with her?"

"You will serve as an adviser to us regarding how we approach her. We are willing to listen to your suggestions regarding how we should interact with her."

"Well, for starters I think you guys should not approach this the same way you did with me. Yes you could get her to scrub floors and reward her with pleasure. It would really be easy to make her function as a sex slave, right up to the point she strangles or drowns herself."


"She needs to know that the people who interact with her can be trusted. I would suggest having someone be there with her when she wakes up."

"Yes, perhaps giving her a gentle massage as she's waking up?"

"No. That would be a bad idea. Let me think...”

Maxine sat there lost in thought for a moment or two.

"This might sound a bit odd but what about giving her a gift? She has had very few material possessions in her life, and some kind of gift would likely make her very happy."

Now it was his turn to be lost in thought.

"Perhaps a stuffed animal?" he asked.

"I think that would be fine. I know your goal is to make her your slave and it'll be done with or without my input, but I want to suggest maybe not giving her slave duties for at least couple days, then easing her into it. Perhaps you could give her a tour of this place, which by the way I wouldn't mind having if I'm going to be working with you."

"Very well. Please come with me."

Chapter 4:

The facility they were at was huge. Maxine was in awe of just how large it was. It was a compound of buildings surrounded by tall concrete walls. There was the training building with eating areas and slave quarters with rooms similar to the one she first woke up in. Other slave quarters had rooms with extra features like bathrooms. The nicest were structured similar to small apartments.

Apart from the training building there was a separate gym, a rec room, an indoor swimming pool, outdoor garden areas and courtyards surrounded by tall concrete walls, all places for slaves and owners to congregate and socialize. The gardens themselves helped provide food for the kitchens. A separate building with themed rooms was used by slaves and their owners or customers for more erotic purposes.

The cost to set all that up must have been staggering.

Maxine had also been given some details on how the operation was run. Since she had agreed to have her memory wiped if she wanted to leave, they had become a lot more open with her and willing to divulge information.

The first phase of slave training involved the subject being captured and put through a hypnotic interrogation. Under ideal conditions, the subject would literally answer any question asked no matter how embarrassing or secret the answer might be. Maxine realized that it was safe to assume they knew everything about her as well. Her passwords, credit card numbers, her fantasies, her turn ons, her turn offs, nothing was secret and it all provided them with a road map for training. Partial memory erasure followed these hypnotic sessions so the candidate wouldn't automatically know about everything she had told them.

Sometimes there were multiple sessions for the more resistive candidates. The session or sessions also saw the implanting of subliminal commands triggered by sounds that the ears couldn't hear, but the brain could. The slave candidate was monitored in the control center at all times, and they could take control of her body at any time. There were also triggers to automatically stop violent behavior. If that failed, all slave handlers had basic martial arts training. The training building could be put on instant lock down and sleeping gas pumped inside if it came to that point.

Basically the candidate had no chance of escape before the two weeks were up.

After what they called the big decision was made, one of two things happened. With either choice the candidate would be sedated. Then they would be taken back to the hypno interrogation room to either have the conditioning removed, or have new layers of conditioning added if they had chosen to stay. If they had chosen to leave, then depending on what they had seen and how risky they were considered to be, some or all memories of their experience would be removed.

If they chose to leave, they would remain sedated until they were returned to their home. This could be up to several days. Once returned, they were monitored for awhile to see what actions they took upon being returned. Other then that they'd be left alone to resume their lives.

If they chose to stay, they would either be conditioned to serve as a general slave, or conditioned to bond with a single owner. The choice depended very heavily on the slave's temperament and the temperament of any potential owners. Something that happened fairly often was a slave that had chosen to stay would bond with their handler, and that handler would become their owner.

While they did sell slaves, from what Maxine saw combing through computer files, these guys didn't sell to just anyone. There was a very selective screening process for slave owners and slave handlers that involved the person undergoing a hypnotic interrogation, and training at a separate facility if they chose to become a handler. There was also the amount of money an owner needed to purchase one of these slaves.

Not surprisingly most would be slave owners and handlers balked at these requirements.

Even taking all this in, Li Juan wasn't far from her thoughts. After viewing her hypnotic session, Maxine wanted to cry. She had taken another long shower in order to help compose herself. It was one thing to know that people like that existed in the world. It was a whole different ball game to see and hear one spilling her guts and not even understanding just how shitty her life was.

Li Juan's training had started. Maxine was in the control room viewing it along with a couple slave handlers. The man they had selected was rubbing her shoulders and neck, gently coaxing her awake. Li Juan opened her eyes and blinked a few times.

"Good morning." he said.

"Good morning. Are you my new owner?"

"I am one of your handlers."

"Good morning my handler. I am the slave bitch Li Juan. How may I serve you?"

He caressed her face. She looked up at him waiting for an order.

"You can refer to yourself as a person. That is what you are Li Juan, a person, a human being."

"I... yes. I will refer to myself as a person."

"You must be hungry. Would you like some breakfast?"

"Yes, please."

Maxine watched on the monitors as Li Juan was taken to one of the restaurant like eating rooms. She knew a little about Chinese cuisine, and was surprised to see them bringing out a bowl of rice congee with a youtiao and a proper Chinese soup spoon.

Li Juan was surprised as well. She picked up the spoon, tasted the congee and smiled. She quietly ate a few bites then picked up the youtiao, dipped it in the rice porridge and took a bite.

"I have not food like this for a very long time! Am..."

She didn't finish her sentence.

"Go on. What were you going to say?"

"Never mind. It is a silly question."

"Go on. You can ask your question."

She said something in Chinese. Not getting a response from him, she repeated it in English.

"Am I back in China?"

"No. We had the kitchen prepare this meal for you. We decided to give you something familiar to help you adjust."

Li Juan began to cry. Maxine watched on the monitor as she sobbed and spoke in Chinese with bits of broken English. Unfortunately Maxine couldn't decipher what she was saying. The man sat there watching her cry. She looked up at him, then cried some more. A few other people glanced over at her.

"I... I am sorry for this... I am just... I..."

"You can cry if you want to."

That actually made her stop crying. Maxine knew the reaction Li Juan was used to was a slap across the face and someone yelling at her for making noise. Li Juan calmed down and went back to eating her congee. After a few more bites she looked up at him.

"Thank you for tolerating me. I am grateful to you for your kindness!"

Maxine noticed an immediate change in Li Juan after breakfast. She was smiling for starters. Her body language took on a somewhat relaxed state as they escorted her to one of the training rooms. They took Maxine's advice and avoided a dungeon themed room, instead opting for one of the massage rooms with its neutral tones and comfortable table.

She didn't resist as she was bent over and strapped to the table. Her legs were put in the straps on the table legs. She didn't even look worried. Maxine had to remind herself that being restrained like that was an ordinary event to Li Juan.

Maxine watched as the man picked up a small container of oil that had been sitting on a warming plate and applied some to her back. He spread the oil around and started gently kneading her skin. Maxine could see the girl's face on one of the monitors. She looked pretty content for the moment.

He switched to massaging her back. She shifted a bit and smiled.

"I like this, what you are doing. You have very good hands."

He worked his way up to her neck and shoulders, then down to her back again. Maxine watched as he gradually went lower and lower.

"I see what he's doing there. He's getting her ready for sex." Maxine said.

One of the slave handlers looked at her like she had just spoiled the ending of a movie.

"Well sorry! Er I'll just be quiet now I guess."

Li Juan seemed to realize what was going to happen as well. She inhaled deeply and exhaled softly before shifting a bit and raising her ass as much as the straps would allow. She closed her eyes and smiled.

To Maxine's surprise he grabbed a string of metallic beads with a wire connected to the end, running to some point off camera. He applied some oil to them. The first bead gently pressed against her ass. Apart from a look of mild surprise, she didn't react. Maxine watched the screen for any signs of discomfort or fear from her as each bead was inserted. However Li Juan didn't seem all that bothered by the intrusion.

Next he grabbed a slender looking dildo with a wire coming out of its base and dribbled some oil over it.

"I feel something going in me. It is strange and cold."

"I am inserting a device into your pussy. Just relax, this won't hurt."

Maxine watched as the girl closed her eyes and exhaled softly. The dildo went in with little effort. He wiped her buttocks with a towel, then he grabbed two large, were they pads with wires connected to them? Maxine couldn't tell what they were until he started peeling off the backing on one of them. They were two large electrodes. Li Juan jumped a bit as they were placed on her buttocks.

"Wow! Those feel weird. Cold and... sticky?"

"They have a coating on them to help them stick to your skin. It's okay. You're doing very well."

She had become a bit nervous. He seemed to sense this and went back to massaging her shoulders. A few minutes of this and she calmed back down.

"What are the things you just put in me?"

"They are devices that will massage your body from the inside."

Maxine sat there wondering just what he meant. She looked at one of the handlers.

"What is he about to do to her?"

"He's going to electrically stimulate her."

"Electro play?" Maxine asked.

"Yes. This is also therapy of sorts to help her vaginal muscles tighten up."

"Won't that hurt her?"

"It shouldn't. The sensations can be anything from a mild tingle to a rhythmic pulsing that many women find quite pleasurable."

Maxine sighed. "I hope you're right otherwise I'm gonna be so pissed."

She watched as he wheeled over a cart and the source that the wires ran to. He began to turn some dials on the device.

This feels strange.”

How so?”

I do not know. Tingly?”

He adjusted a couple dials. Her breathing became heavier.

How does it feel now?”

Hee hee I am liking this feeling!”

He grabbed what looked like one of those vibrating massage wands from the cart. He turned it on and pressed the vibrating tip against her pussy. She moaned loudly and shifted her hips. Holding the vibrator in place with one hand, his other hand rotated a dial on the device, then his finger hovered over a red button. He watched as she panted, her body jumping slightly every time the vibrator pressed up against her.

He pressed the button. Maxine saw Li Juan's buttocks jiggle on one of the monitors as she moaned loudly. Her back arched as much as the straps would allow.

He pressed the button again.

Maxine briefly thought Li Juan was in pain until she saw the wide grin on her face. She was glistening with sweat now. Her body trembled. Maxine became very still and looked at the screen as Li Juan came.

The man removed the vibrator and turned off the device. He ran his hands over her back. She closed her eyes, that grin still on her face.

“Wow, she looks like she really enjoyed that...” Maxine said.

“Yes she does. Electro play is one of those things that sounds scary until you've tried it."

“Yeah, to me I see those wires and think of the electric chair, or coming from my psychology studies, ECT.”

"When done correctly, many find electro play quite pleasurable.”

She looked at Li Juan on the monitors. The man was removing the electrodes and talking to her. She looked pretty contented.

“What some people would go through to feel pleasure like that...” Maxine said.

One of the guys in the room looked at her. A thoughtful expression briefly passed across his face.

“Would you like to give it a try?”

Maxine froze. The room went silent.

After a few moments the man next to her broke the silence. “Then-”


What had she gotten herself into this time? There she was strapped to one of those tables. She felt the cold smooth dildo easily sliding inside her. A small object, the first bead, pressed between her buttocks. A gentle press and it went in, followed by the second, then the third and so forth. She trembled both out of fear and excitement. The control panties she had worn on the first day worked on the same principle, it was just the thought of having wires attached to her like some unfortunate test subject in a sci-horror movie that was getting to her.

Those electrodes on her buttocks were cold and made her jump a bit. He caressed the back of her head. She knew this would activate a trigger they had implanted in her mind to calm her down. Even being aware of the hypnotic trigger didn't stop it from working. She quietly chuckled to herself. She had been so nervous just a few seconds ago. It was amazing what triggers could do. It took her a little while to realize the stimulation had begun. It was just a mild pulsing tingle.

The tingle gradually grew stronger. She detected a rhythmic sensation very similar to the control panties.

"Ohhhh yes... and I don't even have to scrub that floor..."

Focused on the tingling and trying to bring herself to orgasm, the warm oil being poured onto her back startled her a bit. This oil was scented differently then the lavender oil they had used on her before. It almost smelled like incense.

"Mmm whatever that oil you're using is, I like it..."

"This is the same type of oil we used on Li Juan."


His hands gently folded and kneaded the skin on her back, while that pleasant pulsing in her nether regions fueled the erotic heat burning inside her.

She felt the tip of the vibrator just baaaarely touching her needy pussy. Now she was reduced to moaning softly while he mercilessly teased her pussy with that vibrating wand.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh, that red button... what happens..."

"Do you want me to press it?"


A sensational surge passed through her nether regions. She arched her back much like Li Juan had. She came almost instantly.

Lying there panting and grinning much like Li Juan had, Maxine felt the aftershocks radiate throughout her body.

"Do... do it again..."

Chapter 5:

Warm flickering candlelight lit the room. Maxine tested her bonds and found they had no give. The man who had put her in these bonds was now behind her, doing what she couldn't tell.

The bondage she was in included a neck appliance which prevented her from turning her head. However, she could roughly deduce where he was by the sound of his footsteps. He was walking towards her now.

Something small, cold and slick pressed against her rear entryway. She trembled a bit, knowing whatever it was and whatever it did, it was going in. She closed her eyes and felt it being pushed in. Some kind of wire was connected to it. He gently pushed and pulled on the wire, teasing her rosebud with it.

He moved in front of her. She could see some kind of small ring in his hand but couldn't make out what it was for. She began moaning as he started rubbing and teasing her clitoris. There was a strange cold sensation as he slipped the ring over her clit.

"What are you doing to me?"

"You'll see..."

"Uh, I'd like to know what that ring does..."

"So impatient you are... Okay then."

He held up a small remote control, his thumb hovering under the button.

"No, what I meant wa-- ohhhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh oh! Oh! Ohh! Ohhh!"

Her body seized up for a moment in shock, then a wide grin spread across her face as her body relaxed. Strong tingling radiated throughout her nether regions. God that thing on her clit, whatever it was, it had the ability to disable all rational thought in a woman's mind. She didn't even care what it was anymore.

As quickly as it started, that wonderful tingling feeling stopped. That was disappointing. Apparently she was going to have to wait for her orgasm.

He produced two more rings that were a bit larger then the first one. He slipped those onto her hardened nipples. A slight gasp from her as they tightened up, then a long moan as the stimulation started again.

"Now I want you to feel instead of see."

He slipped a blindfold over her eyes.

He slid his hands up and down her body, stopping only to play with the rings. Pleasant electric waves and pulses flowed through her body. She was close to cumming. Then the sensations abruptly ceased.

"What? Why'd it stop? Hey! Why'd it stop? Ohhhhhh...."

It started back up, bringing her back closer to the edge. She felt his tongue running down her stomach now. His fingers played with the clit ring. Maxine trembled and tilted her head as far back as the neck appliance would allow.

She felt his hands on the sides of her head, bringing it back down. Before she could react he locked her into a deep kiss and she felt his cock penetrating her sensitive, needy pussy.

She came, [i]hard[/i].

Lying there on the table, her mind began wandering. The majority of women chosen for the slave training ended up staying. This was due in part to careful selection of personality types, women more likely to accept such a life. Also as Maxine was learning first hand, a lot of it had to do with the treatment of the women selected. Some things like the excellent massage, and the care and attention shown by the handlers were things usually reserved for those who were very well off financially. Such luxuries could really sway some women into choosing to stay.

Were they swaying her? The answer was maybe a little, maybe more then a little...

Her personal feelings aside, there were logical incentives in choosing to stay. The way this world works, there is a facade of a normal society ruled by law and governed by elected officials. However Maxine had suspected for years that there was much more to it, and now she had seen some glimpses of how this world really works. She was in a position to have some say over how this place operated. Her input could benefit hundreds, maybe thousands, maybe more.

The downside was she'd have to sacrifice some freedoms. She'd lose her friends, her family, her old life. It was a debate many others had engaged in before her.

She made her choice.

"Hey... Hey, I know I've only been here for ten days and you guys wait till day 14 to ask, but I've made up my mind. I wanna stay."

That certainly took her handler by surprise.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I am, and don't try to tell me that I haven't thought long and hard about this. If you know me as well as you seem to, you know I've been thinking about this for at least a week. I know what I'm sacrificing, and I know what I stand to gain. But there is one condition."

"Name it."

"Before you put me under hypnosis again I wanna meet Li Juan. I wanna see her in person. She's about ready to have lunch, right? I wanna join her for lunch."

Part of the reason for Maxine's sudden surprise decision was to see how they handled unpredictable behavior, a cornerstone of just about any human psyche. They seemed pretty flexible, and she wanted to test that just a bit. She was sent to a shower room to clean up and given a bikini to wear. She was then escorted to one of the cafeterias where Li Juan was undergoing a bit of cultural shock.

Lu Juan picked up the hamburger she had ordered and eyed it as if it was some sort of strange object. Maxine walked over to her and took a seat. Li Juan didn't acknowledge that she was there.

"Hello Li Juan. I'm Maxine."

"Oh! Hi! Hi yes, I apologize. I was just examining this hamburgler, the popular American sandwich. I have never eaten one and was curious."

"Oh, yes hamburgers are popular in America all right, and that looks like a good one."

Maxine looked at her handler.

"Oh waiter, I'll have a hamburger as well, with some fries."

With a slight chuckle, he went off to the kitchen.

"So Li Juan, how do you like this place?"

"Oh this place is nice! It has nice people. I have the comfortable bed to sleep in with my stuffed companion bear that my handler gave me. The flowers in the gardens are very nice. I hope to plant some soon."

"I'm glad to hear that. I've been watching over you. I want to make sure that you are doing all right here. Tell me, the massages and training sessions you've been getting, how do you feel about them?"

Li Juan began to blush. She sat there for a few moments thinking about what to say. Maxine realized she had asked too sensitive of a question.

"It is hard to talk about such things with another girl. But you should try them sometime." Li Juan replied with a hint of a sly smile on her face.

Maxine smiled back. "Ah I gotcha. And here comes my food."

She picked up the hamburger and bit into it. Cooked medium, nice and juicy, ketchup with just a hint of mustard, just the way she liked em. It came with a side of seasoned curly fries. Maxine tried one and found them delicious. They didn't have ketchup, but she found they didn't need it either.

"Oh these are good, here try one." She handed Li Juan one of the fries.

Li Juan timidly grasped it, looked it over, then put it in her mouth. A couple seconds of chewing and she smiled.

"Wow, yes very good!"

After lunch was over, it was time to face what was about to be done to her. There was no turning back now. Once a candidate said yes, they didn't get to change their mind.

She comforted herself with another reason she had decided to do it. There was a story she had come across many years ago, where a beautiful heroine sacrificed herself to become a slave to the villain. She had done it to bring about peace, by letting him take out his urges on her rather then hunting down others. In the end the villain dismantled his doomsday weapon and turned his fortress into a tourist attraction. The heroine had essentially won by losing.

As they stripped her naked and laid her face down on the hypnotic conversion table, she wondered how much of her personality would remain intact. She didn't have long to think about it. The sequence of induction lights began, and soon she was under.


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