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“Girl, you’ve GOT to let it go. He doesn’t want you and it STILL baffles me as to why you want him.” Kris said, sitting across from me annoyed at the tears that began to roll down my face.

It had been only a month since my fiancé Ian had broken up with me and she expected me to bounce back as if nothing had happened. My mind began to replay the event like a horror film. He came home, told me our relationship had run its course and left. The mature me tried to accept the fact that we had been together since high school and that we needed a break to find ourselves. The petty me felt like he was leaving our relationship just to sleep with someone else. With men, you can never be too sure.

“He was my everything though Kristina, why can’t you understand that?”

Kris blew the steam off of her coffee and took a sip from its mug, stopping to give me a soul-searching stare with her cavernous sepia eyes.

“Oh I understand and that’s the problem. When was the last time you focused on YOU?”

Her question caused me to fidget with the ends of my cerulean blue sweater and bite my lip.

In all honesty, it had been years since I focused on myself. Every plan I had for my life involved Ian, even the college I was currently attending was his idea. We agreed that after graduation we would solidify our union with marriage and kids, going so far as to pick out baby names for our first boy or girl. With him gone, it seemed like there was now a huge void in my plans and especially my heart.

“Maybe if I just text him, we can talk about this and it will be all over.” I reasoned, rummaging through my purse for my phone.

Kris leaned over the coffee table and snatched the phone away from my eager hands.

“Oh no you don’t!”


“I don’t care.” She began, placing my phone in her lap. “You need to leave him alone. Has he responded to you the other five times you’ve reached out?”

My mouth was too ashamed to utter the truth so I just shook my head no.

“Exactly. Matter of fact…”

Kris grabbed my phone from her lap and began to search through it.

“What are you doing?”

“What I should have done a long time ago.” She said, going through my contacts and blocking him from my call log. “I’m deleting him from your Facebook and Instagram too. You don’t need to keep torturing yourself by stalking this man.”

“I am NOT stalking him.” I said, defending myself.

Kris looked at me with a blank face because she knew I was lying.

“Well even if you weren’t, you won’t be able to now. It’s time we take your life back. Get you some new dick.”

My eyes grew to the size of grapefruits at her last remark.

“Get me some what?”

“Dick. Richard. Cock. Salami. Hell…. call it what you want, that’s what you need.”

Kristina had been single for almost two years after a horrible breakup with her first love. Since then, she filled her residual time dating and sleeping with whomever she wanted. Of course, the men in her life never lasted but she seemed much happier than me these days. Maybe I should consider her words of wisdom.

I chuckled to myself.

“Geneva, are you listening to me?”

“Yes, yes…get some dick.” I continued laughing as I wiped residual tears from my face. “How would I even do that? I don’t get turned on by just anyone or anything. I have to feel it in my heart.”

“Awww that’s cute.” Kris said, smacking her lips. “I felt that way too until I started to broaden my horizons. You can’t tell me you haven’t found any other man attractive besides Ian.”

“Actually yes, he was the only man I’ve ever found interest in.”

“Really Gen?”


There was a pregnant pause.

“Well, there is this one person....”

“That’s a start.” Kris used a straw to stir her coffee. “Tell me who.”

“I’m a little embarrassed to do that.”

The smirk on her face made me even more uncomfortable than I currently felt.

“Don’t tell me you’re gay. If you feeling me on the low, I’m not down for eating coochie.”

I slapped her arm as she laughed unabashed at her own joke.

“You’re so damn silly sometimes I can’t stand you.” I said, locking my fingers around my hot chocolate mug. “I’ll give you a hint, it’s someone from school.”

“Mmm…” Kris tapped her top lip with her index finger and let her mind wander. “Is it anyone that I know?”

“Yup. He’s in our chemistry class.”

Kristina and I were Health Science majors in our sophomore year of school which meant that Chemistry 101 was a requirement rather than an elective. I hated the coursework from the moment we stepped foot in the class room but the eye candy I was hinting at helped to ease that pain.

“Mr. Dubose!” Kris shouted as I shushed her the moment his name fell from her lips.

“Could you be any louder? I don’t want the whole campus to know!”

She slapped the table and licked her lips.

“Mm Mm I don’t blame you for that crush because he is fine as hell.” Kris stirred her coffee with her finger and sucked it. “He could teach me chemical formulas any day.”

“Don’t I know it.” I replied, chuckling just slightly. “That man is the whole package. I’m sure he has a wife and kids. There’s no way he doesn’t.”

Jaquez Dubose was my forty-something year old Chemistry professor that is as handsome as he is brilliant. He was six foot, creole, caramel toned with dark deep set eyes and carried an accent that melted my panties every time he spoke. The guilt I used to feel after leaving his class lusting over him was tremendous, especially because my ex would wait by the door to walk me home from school afterwards.

One time, well more times than I’m willing to admit, I had dreams of Mr. Dubose putting his hands in places that would create C8H11NO2, that’s Dopamine for all you non chem experts.

“Does that really matter though?” Kris said slyly as she looked over her shoulder.

“Does what matter?”

“If he has a wife and kids. I’m not telling you to marry the man, just have a little fun with him.”

What she said almost made me choke on my drink.

“First, that’s our professor. Second that’s hella trifling if he has a family, and third, I don’t even think he notices me like that.”

Kris rolled her eyes and smacked her lips.

“Are you kidding me right now? You can’t be that blind over Ian to realize how much he checks for you.”

The thought of him being interested in me made my heart race.

“Kristina don’t play with me right now.”

“Girl you’re a badd bitch, have you forgotten about that?”

Although I resided on the humble side when it comes to my looks, I couldn’t disagree. I was the color of carob with dark brown shoulder length hair and eyes as big and beautiful as Left Eye from TLC. I actually dressed up as her for a Halloween fraternity party once.

Aesthetically, I had curves in all the right places but chose to dress modestly because Momma didn’t raise no hoochie.

“I’d consider myself a beautiful woman but I get where you are going with this.”

“And you better know it! Next Wednesday when we go to class, pay attention to the way he looks at you.”

Kristina checked her phone and quickly got her belongings together.

“Hey sis, I gotta go to class. I’ll catch you later okay? Please focus on something ANYTHING other than that tired ass nigga.”

I gave her a look for using the “N” word.

Even though Kris was black in my eyes, to the world she was a blonde haired, blue eyed white girl so I had to check her.

“Sorry, black dick has a way of making you feel that way. Shoot my ass is big enough to pass.”

We laughed at her dark humor, kissed each other on the cheek and she left, leaving me to fantasize about being touched by my professor Mr. Dubose.


The rest of the week was incredibly busy. I was so swamped with school work and projects to the point that I didn’t have time to obsess over Ian which was a great thing. He tried calling me after a few days but I decided to let things be, at least for now. I even went to the salon and decided to give myself a trim and color. Kris is going to fall out when she sees the blonde highlights I added.

Wednesday seemed to approach faster than I thought and I was nervous about going to Chem 101. The conversation between Kris and I was on repeat as I took my seat in Mr. Dubose chemistry class almost thirty minutes earlier than normal. I did this because I was beyond anxious and needed time to get myself together.

“What’s up Gen. I love your freaking hair. Amazing!” Kris beamed from behind my desk, causing me to jump.

“Oh hey Kris, you like it? Thought it’d be nice to try something different.”

I let her run her hands through my hair while I did the same.

“Yes, I love it. Its so avant guard.”

“What?” I said, laughing at her words. “How can a haircut be avant guard.”

“Just take the compliment okay?” Kris huffed. “You’re not trying to impress Mr. Dubose are you? Our little talk got you going goo goo.”

“Of course not!” I lied.

“Well I don’t care as long as it’s not for that ni—I mean fool Ian.”

She took the seat behind me as people from the class started to filter in one by one.

I used the mirror I had in my purse to reapply some lipstick to my lips. Normally, I wouldn’t get this dolled up but today I wanted to feel pretty. Mostly to feel more confident after being left by Ian, but also to impress Mr. Dubose. Something in me was curious to know if what Kris was telling me was true.

“Good Morning class.” Mr. Dubose announced in smooth vibrato. When I looked up from the mirror I held, he was looking fine as all get out.

I pressed my legs together to keep the tingle I felt between them at bay.

“Morning Mr. J” one of the other classmates replied.

Kendra made it more than obvious she was thirsty over Mr. Dubose and the whole class knew it. It was to the point where she would get extremely jealous if anyone other than her received attention or help of any kind from him.

“Mr. Dubose will do just fine.” He corrected, making one of the other students giggle.

Kendra seemed unfazed, still batting her eyes as if he just paid her a compliment.

“Today we will be working on looking at last week’s exam. Some of you may need to do some extra credit because the lack of studying is apparent.”

His brown wing-tipped shoes clicked against the hardwood floor as he passed back our chemistry tests.

While he did this, the looks on each of our faces gave hints of what our grades were.

When Mr. Dubose came to my desk, he paused directly in front of me and place his hand over the graded part of the test.

“Nice haircut Gen.” He complimented, winking at me. “Hopefully a change in style will help with a change in study habits.”

He released his hand from over my grade, revealing a 69 with the words “see me” below it.

Kris whispered the word “fuck” when she looked at her own, leaning over my shoulder to see what I got.

“Move Kris!” I complained in a loud whisper, using both of my hands to shield disappointment.

“Let me see what you got girl. I got a 75 and I’m sure yours can’t be any worse.”

The glare I gave let her know she couldn’t be any more wrong.

Kris lifted her hands in surrender and took her seat.

The next half hour of class was dedicated to me worrying about how in the hell I would make the grade up. I was barely passing as it is and this definitely didn’t make my fate in chemistry any better.

Once we were dismissed, I walked out of the classroom with my head hanging down, still stressed about my recent shortcoming.

“Maybe if I wasn’t going through bullshit with Ian’s petty ass, I might have made a better grade.” I muttered, tossing my exam in the bin closest to the exit.

This caught the attention of Mr. Dubose in the worse way, who was the only other person in the room besides Kendra.

“I’ll see you next week Kendra.” Mr. Dubose said, shooing her out of his classroom.

“Geneva, I need to speak with you for a moment.”

Kendra mean mugged me on her way past the door as I sashayed over to Mr. Dubose’s desk, palms sweating profusely.

“Yes sir?” I stuttered, wiping my hands on the sides of my yellow sundress.

“Don’t call me sir. I just had a birthday and don’t need an added ten years onto my age.”

His joke made me feel more at ease about the conversation we were having.

I automatically thought he was wanting to discuss my lackluster grade but from the way he was eying me, I wasn’t so sure.

Girl, have you watched the way he looks at you” Kris’ voice echoed.

“I’m assuming this is about my exam.” I began, shifting the weight of my feet from side to side.

Mr. Dubose wrinkled his nose, a sexy habit he would do occasionally.

“We can discuss that if you would like but that wasn’t my original intention.”

I noticed him moving in closer which caused my heart to race.

“So what was your original intention?” I inquired, gently running my fingers through my new do.

His eyes roamed from my hair to my breasts and back to my face.

“This might come off rather personal but I just wanted to know if everything’s been alright lately.”

“Certainly, why would you ask that?” I responded in a less than convincing tone.

With the school day ending, the hallway lights outside the classroom began to dim. One of the janitors poked their head in to inspect the room. Mr. Dubose simply smiled and asked for a few moments. The janitor obliged and closed the door, bringing our attention back to the conversation at hand.

“I’ve taken notice to a few things.” Mr. Dubose said, toying with his yellow tie.

I chuckled nervously.
“What things?”

“Well for starters your grades.” He took a moment to stare at me as I nodded in agreement. “Your mood hasn’t seemed all that happy and the gentleman that used to wait for you outside my classroom is nowhere to be found. If I didn’t know any better I’d say…”

“We broke up.” I finished, suddenly reliving the feelings attached to the event.

“Oh. I’m sorry to hear that.” Mr. Dubose empathized. “I knew something was up. How long were you guys together for?”

“It would have been four years this May.”

Normally, I would have remaining quiet about my personal business but Mr. Dubose’s caring temperament had a way of subduing that.

“We had our whole future planned out. Even down to what we were gonna name our kids.”

Mr. Dubose gave a deep sigh and placed a hand on my shoulder.

“If it’s any consolation, I know that feeling all too well.”

“You do?”

His admitting the same feelings helped to alleviate my own.

“I do. I have a personal life outside of being a professor ya know.” He winked and flashed a smile. “In fact it wasn’t too long ago that the same thing happened to me only she left me because she was in love with someone else.”

The idea of anyone leaving Mr. Dubose was asinine to me.

“Are you serious?”

“So serious. But life goes on. Of course, I date but I just can’t seem to find it in me to trust anyone like that again.”

“Oh, I completely understand.” I replied, taking a seat on top of a desk nearby. “The only way to get through it is to get through it. My friends keep encouraging me to date but I’m not ready. I’m not at that place.”

“You’ll get there or who knows, maybe he’ll come back.” I rolled my eyes at his last statement. “Either way, you are much too beautiful to be walking around sad.”

Mr. Dubose comment made my heart flutter and cheeks hot.

“You think so?”

“I know so.” He assured, reaching in the pocket of his button up.

What he pulled out was a pinkish opaque crystal. He asked me to open my palm before giving it to me.

“Being that I’m a chemistry professor, I have my own beliefs about the metaphysical properties of stones. This one in particular is a pink quartz crystal.”

As I held it in my palm he used his hands to close mine into a fist.

The smell of his cologne emanated from the pores of his glistening caramel skin while he continued to speak.

“The pink quartz crystal is a heart healing stone. I’ve been using it for awhile now, maybe it will help you as much as it helped me.”

My hands shook the closer Mr. Dubose got.

“I couldn’t take this from you I…”

He used his index finger to cover my mouth.

“Take it. You are beautiful and this stone will help you see that.”

Before I could utter another sentence, Mr. Dubose did the unthinkable.

He kissed me.

Waves of pent up anticipation sent dopamine directly to my brain.

I was hooked before it even began.

As we kissed and our tongues did the forbidden dance, I could feel his manhood rising through his grey slacks.

Was this a dream?

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as he continued to kiss me, working his way from my lips and down to my neck. I threw my head back relishing in the lust that was overtaking my body.

Mr. Dubose then lifted me onto the desk as far back as I could go and took the crystal from my hand.

“Lets give your new crystal some energetic charge.”

I chuckled at his silliness, until he slid the stone effortlessly into my yearning delight.

Its coldness made shiver and the fine hairs on my body shoot upward.


“Something wrong?” He questioned as he lifted my sundress over my head.
I shook my head no and helped him undo his belt.

“Good.” He replied, pulling his tie off to insert in my mouth.

I darted my eyes from him and back to the door, knowing that if we got caught it would be the talk of the campus.

If only Kris saw what was going down right now!

Mr. Dubose yanked me closer and before I could look down to see what he was working with, he filled me from the inside out.

“Damn.” He sighed while I jerked back from the size.

I was scared to look down at what felt like it was easily nine inches, far from the average seven inches my ex-boyfriend had.

“I…I” I murmured with a wadded-up tie in my mouth

The impact from his initial thrust had me stuttering and unsure of what to do next.

“Shh..” He hushed, slowly pushing himself in and out. “I’ll be easy with you if you promise you won’t tell.”

I gave him my pinkie to promise and allowed him to have me the way he wanted.

Mr. Dubose gave me long butterfly strokes as I held on to the desk as hard as I could.

So much so that the tips of my fingers had turned white from my vice grip.

Scared to fall off, I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer. This only made Mr. Dubose speed up and become more aggressive.

I tried to push him away by grabbing the inside of his thigh but he was in too deep to stop.

The feeling was a mix of pleasure and pain.

“Gimme that shit…” He whispered in low growl.

As he hit my hot spot, the back of the desk slammed into the wall to the point where it began to cause a dent.

I looked back and to my dismay, one of the legs to the desk gave in.

Mr. Dubose lifted me in one swift motion, cupping his hands around my ass while he continued to plummet into me.

The loud sound of sex encouraged us to continue filling our carnal desires.

He spun me over to his desk all the while keeping his rhythm.

My breasts bounced to the cadence of our groove.

Mr. Dubose took a break from our sexing to put a finger into my hole and fish the crystal out, making sure to give it taste.

“Mm just like honey.”

I giggled and allowed his lips to meet mine, the warmth from my wetness being felt through the intermixing of our tongues and the crystal.

As we kissed, Mr. Dubose grabbed a handful of my hair and spun me around. I was now facing the dry erase board with my butt pressed against his dick.

His enormous girth could be felt from between my ass cheeks. I inhaled preparing myself for the pending euphoria that was to come.

“Relax for me.”

He whispered in my ear.

I did as I was told and was shocked to realize that he inserted himself into my ass and not its traditional spot.

The unusual feeling caught me off guard but I was in too deep to turn back now.

“Mr. Dubose.” I moaned, while my legs shook from the impact I was receiving.

Sweat from his brow made trails down my back as his panting because more vibrant.

More lust-filled.

“Mr. Dubose!” I shouted, trying my best to hold in my moans.

The louder I became, the harder he dug into me.

Our desires intertwined as our fingers did the same. The desk rocked causing papers and exams to cascade to the floor.

The computer on his desk threatened its downfall but neither one of us seemed to care as our animalistic urges led us to a climax that was beyond anything I had ever felt.

When the time was right, Mr. Dubose jerked back to signal he was about to release his load.

I instinctively turned to face him, allowing his seeds to spray over my stomach.

When it did, I smiled like a mischievous child, proud of my newest and most unexpected conquest.

Talk about a see me after class type situation!

As if the world was waiting for our “rebirth”, the intercom announced the closing of the school. Without any further words, we cleaned ourselves up and rushed out of the room, briefly saying our goodbyes with a simple peck on the lips.


The following week when we were scheduled to return to class, I debated telling Kris about my sexual escapade with the most sought-after teacher on campus. I battled with wanting to brag and not being seen as the hoe I was not. I decided on the latter.

“So….you seem like you are in a good mood.” Kris announced, eying me suspiciously as we walked toward the entrance of the classroom. “And you’re glowing! Don’t tell me you are Ian made up?”

I gave her comment a thin smile and waved her off.

Ian had tried to contact me but this time I felt no need to reply. Even though what the professor and I had was a fling, I took it to mean that there really was more out there for me than what I was willing to settle for. I ignored his calls and continued to go about my life, thinking about what was truly important. ME.

“Girl, that ship has sailed. I’m focusing on myself and doing what I got to do to get my life in order.”

She looked at me with a smile so big, you’d have thought I was asked her for a hand in marriage.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about.” We gave each other a high five. “You ready to see these chem grades? I been practicing my spiel for when my mom tries to dig in my ass over my this class.”

With everything that was going on, I had completely forgot grades were going out today. I also neglected to contact Mr. Dubose after our encounter, even though I probably should have to spare my grade. I just wanted to avoid the awkwardness typical of one night stands.

We’re about to be in the same boat.” I agreed, shaking my head. “It is what it is. I can only hope of the best.”

We took our usual seats and engaged in idol chit chat before Mr. Dubose walked in.

“Welcome back class.” He announced as he walked over to the front of the class. The whiff I got of his signature scent momentarily sent me back to the other day.

I could feel my insides becoming moist.

“Good Morning Mr. Dubose!” Kendra said in her attention-seeking fashion.

I turned and smiled at her, Kendra returned my smile with an eye-roll.

I chuckled.

Jealousy is an ugly trait!

Mr. Dubose adjusted his poka-dot tie and cleared his throat.

“I’ll be passing out your grades in just a few moments. Please save your questions and tears for after class.”

The class laughed together although we knew he wasn’t joking.

Mr. Dubose made his way to each individual desk, determining the fate of many of us who had our Spring Break at stake.

When he reached my desk, he glanced at me and held his hand over my grade. I smiled at him and when he released the page, an A was written in bright red letters.

He winked at me and mouthed the words “great job” before moving on to the other students.

“Is that an A?” Kris nosey ass beamed.

I nodded shyly and flipped my hair.

“Yeah, I guess it is…”

“Mmhmm. How’d you get that?”

“Hard work.” I answered plainly, which wasn’t entirely untrue.

Kris returned to her seat and kept her mouth closed until class was over. Once it was, I prepared myself for the grilling interrogation she was going to give me.

“Tell me what you did to get that damn grade girl, no one has a grade that good in Mr. Dubose class and last I checked you were barely passing.”

“I told you….hard work.” I responded, trying to walk away but she stood in my way.

“I don’t believe that crap. Hard work would get you a B but definitely not an A. You holding out on me?”

I looked her in the eye and contemplated whether I should open my mouth and utter what the truth really was.

“I slept with Mr. Dubose the other day.”

“You did what?!”

Before I could elaborate, I noticed the expression on her face turn to one of shock. Kris raised her eyebrows twice, a signal between us that some shit was about to go down.

I turned to face the person who caused me so much pain and heartache, the expression on his face let me know that he had overheard the confession I had made.

It was my ex Ian.

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