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Barbie loses her Virginity

By: Happy Rose

Barbie loses her Virginity

Happy Rose

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Copyright 2017

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Barbie loses her Virginity


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Barbie loses her Virginity



“Farah, you will not believe what I saw the other day. While, walking home from school I kept hearing some moaning coming from the alley. Deciding to walk down it to see where the noise was coming from I just wanted to make sure it was no animal in trouble. So, walking along I get to two people in the alley. Dara was on her hands and knees in front of Thomas just sucking along on his cock. So, I did what any good friend would do I took pictures of the whole thing I than sent them to Tamara. She was not happy to say the lease.” Smiling to myself I sat crisscross on my bed as I listened to my friend Jessica tell her story she was always catching guys doing acts with other girls. That was how she got her excitement from. I know that is not a good way to spend your life but it must be exciting to catch someone in the act.

Jessica and I had been friends since Freshman year and we had stuck together through everything. There was talk at one point where we would lose our virginities together on the same day at the same time since we were both virgins. Getting close to graduation just made the anticipation that much more worth our wait. Since we were so close to graduation I have done a lot to keep myself busy that I was starting to get a little bored wishing I could experience life in some way like Jessica does catching people in random acts. I may not be willing to lose my virginity, but I wish I could experience it through someone else.

Voicing my concerns with my friend Jessica I told her what I thought and wanted her opinion. “You know what you need is a project,” Jessica said smiling at me, “I know just the project.” Jessica walks to the mirror looking at herself before going on “There is this new girl who I have heard she is not very smart. So, you know me I have to check my stats just to make sure. Flirting with the secretary a little I find out that she went to an all-girl school several states over so you know she is still a virgin.” Jessica turned to look at me as she walked over, “Her grades are actually really good she has straight A’s and is in honor so she is in fact really smart. You know how rumors spread anyhow I don’t think she has very many friends, poor thing. So maybe we could help her out you know.” With that a plan came into motion.

Jessica walked over to sit on my bed crisscrossing her legs just like mine as she took my hands and said, “what if you could convince her to be like your Barbie doll or something. It would be fun you can tell her what to eat, what to wear, what to do, and more.” I loved playing Barbie doll when I was little so I did take Jessica’s suggestion into consideration thinking of all the stuff I could make her do.

With that we both started talking about how we could convince her to become our friend and therefore are Barbie doll.

Chapter 1


Kaelyn was stuffing things into her locker when she heard a woman’s voice behind her. Turning towards the voice she saw a very pretty girl walking towards her with dark brown hair that fell past her shoulders. “You’re the new girl,” the girl asked as she stood right next to me. Nodding my head yes, she held out her hand “I’m Farrah,” taking her hand Kaelyn said, “I’m Kaelyn,” blowing her blonde hair out of her face to see the girl smiling. Waving her hands, she said, “follow me,” with that Kaelyn shut her locker just to follow her not knowing what was going on.

Following behind, I walked pass a few halls towards the back door where there was a huge courtyard. Walking into the courtyard I noticed us walking towards a huge tree. Approaching the tree, I noticed the wrap around bend the went around the complete tree. Sitting down beside her I wondered what this was all about. A part of me hoped she wanted to be friends because I sure do need friends at this new school.

As she turned to me she asked, “would you like to be my friend.” So excited I exclaimed “Yes I would do anything for a friend.” Noticing Farah get a wide smile on her face, “excellent.” Farrah patted her on the knee, “tell me a little bit about yourself.” With that I went on to explain my situation and how I got here.

Where do I begin I wonder,” I said as I thought about my journey here. “My parents put me into a private all-girls school ever since I was young. The school was made inside of gates so no one could leave or come in without notice. My parents would visit every now and then mostly on visitation days. We had visitation days once a month, but they said that I needed to understand discipline. One day though I got told I couldn’t come back anymore because my parents couldn’t afford it for my father had lost his job. So, they took me out of school and came to visit my aunt and her husband. When I woke up they were gone with a note saying they couldn’t take care of me anymore until they get their situation under control.” After I told Farrah about my situation she just looked at me with sad eyes, “so you live with your aunt.”

Yes, but I don’t think she wants me either because she always mentions how I’m nothing but trouble. I was sent here to eat her food and run off with her husband.” I told Farrah “I would never run off with her husband, he just gives me the creeps as he was always staring at me licking his lips. Sometimes I just wish I could relax a little, live with someone that actually wants me. Have someone tell me what to do where to do. I feel so stressed sometimes trying to figure everything out on my own.” Farrah shook her head and smiled at that.

Turning to stare at Farrah when she replied, "what if you can that is give up control for a little while." I was starting to get a little confused when she replied back, "you see I was looking for a real-life Barbie doll that I can tell them what to do and stuff. You would be perfect. I would tell you what to wear who to talk to and so on. You would have no control over any aspect of your life. That way you can relax a little too and have fun enjoy the experience."

Turning around to stare at all the other students walking around I kept thinking if this was a dream or if it was real. Giving up control for a little while would be great that way I wouldn't have to do more thinking. "I'll do it," I told Farrah. We than got up as we walked to her car parked in the front parking lot.

We drove in silence as I pondered what will happen from now on. Approaching this two-story white house with steps leading up to the front door. We walked in the house and went straight upstairs. Walking into what I had assumed was her bedroom we sat on her bed as she leaned over taking something from her nightstand.

Her room was really big with a queen size bed in the center with a night stand next to it. She also had a full-length mirror on her door. The only window in the room was right across from the door. The window was a huge square window with blowing purple curtains.

Handing me what she had got out of her nightstand was a neat stack of papers. Looking down at it she answered my internal question, "it's the contract that you have to sign letting me know that you consent to whatever happens, if at any point you tell me no than the contract gets ripped up making you free to go." I than began to read.

The contract

I_____________________ give up all rights to my body to Farrah Jones, for her to do with as she pleases, until graduation. The things that this contract includes, but not limited to:

Clothes to wear

Food to eat

who to talk to

where to go

what to do

sexual acts


anything else I can think of later

I__________________________ give up my rights to choose who, if I am, I give up my virginity to.

Clothes to wear

You will be provided with clothes to wear every day. You will wear what I tell you to wear at all times. Example: If I tell you to go naked you will.

Food to eat

You will eat what I provide for you if for whatever reason I tell you not to eat that day than you do it.

Sexual acts

You will have sexual acts with whoever I feel you need to. You will also do as I say.


No medication will be taken unless told otherwise. This includes any form of birth control. If you have any concerns please ask before signing this contact.


As the owner of the contracted I will house them if needed providing them with whatever shelter I deep fit. For Example, they may sleep in my bed, on the floor, on the couch, or even in the car all depending on the time and day or their actions.

Exit Clause

If at any time the contracted decided that they do not want to go forth with what the contractor has to offer than the contract will then be torn and they are free to go, but all clothes and everything else must be left behind for they belong to the contractor.

_______________________ Contracted signature

_______________________Contractor signature

____________________________ Witness

Without having to think on it I signed the contract than handed it to Farrah. She than signed the contract too, but it had a place for a witness so I asked, "who will be the witness." She got up to walk to the door as she replied, "my lawyer of course." Leaving the room, she shut the door behind her.

Walking down stairs Farrah was so excited she couldn't believe she had done it. Hurrying down stairs before Kaelyn had a chance to change her mind. Walking to her dad's study she knocked on the door. "Come in" she heard on the other side. Walking in the room her dad turned around in his chair that was pushed underneath a desk. On his desk he had a computer opened probably to a work screen. Daddy was always hard at work being a lawyer must be really hard for him.

"Farrah what can I do for you," my dad asked. Handing him the contract he began to read it. With raised eye brows he stared at me, "I want you to be the witness," I told him. He smiled back and said, "honey I will be your witness on one condition if you will let me get pleasure from her as well. You know your dad has his own needs." Without being to shocked she replied, "of course daddy I just want you to be happy." He then grabbed a pen with a smile on his face turning towards the paper he signed it. After he was done he got up to walk over to his copier next to his desk where he made three copies. One for me, him, and one for Kaelyn. Giving me two of the copies as he sat behind his desk.

Before I got the chance to leave he stopped me by saying, "oh by the way Farrah I would love to see what I just had signed so please bring her down." With that he turned back to his computer to start typing.

I than climbed the stairs two at a time as I was in a rush to get back to my room. For I have the contract to my very own live Barbie doll what more could a girl ask for.

Chapter 2

Kaelyn didn't know what to expect when she saw Farrah again. Starring at the window watching the birds fly by and thinking that this idea of Farrah’s might be fun. Farrah finally came into the bed room about ten minutes later with two contracts in her hand. Her first order came when both the contracts were laying on her bed. “Get naked please,” Farrah demanded as she crossed her arms over her chest. Feeling self-conscious since Farrah was so skinny and I on the hand had to many curves to count, but I did it anyway. Taking off all my clothes till I was more naked than I had ever been. Farrah walked over to the bed where the clothes were laying She than threw them into a trash can before turning back to her, “those will not do for my Barbie.” Walking over she started circling me like a vulture when she got right in front of me she grabbed my tits.

"These are way bigger than mine, I bet the boys will love you," she said as she turned towards the door. "Come daddy wants to see my new Barbie doll than maybe afterwards he will take us shopping." With that I followed her down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs we turned towards a door. Walking in I noticed a man looking to be in his forties. He had dark hair that was beginning to gray he wasn't an ugly man, but he was a little over weight. Walking in I stood in the middle of the room as he eyed me up and down.

Licking his lips, he approached me till he was standing right in front of me. "Farrah, you did well," he said as he cupped my breast in his hand rubbing my nipples with his thumb. "Thank you, daddy, now daddy I was hoping you could take us shopping, you see my new Barbie doll needs clothes to fit her. I had to throw away the old rags because they are not what I want my Barbie doll to present," Farrah said as she sat in a chair behind her daddy's desk.

"Farrah, I will take you and your new doll shopping, but as the witness I get to help pick out her clothes as well," he said as he starred at his daughter. "Now Farrah before we go I need a little release of my own.” “Yes daddy,” with that Farrah got up off the chair walking towards me she said, “get down on your hands and knees.” I did as instruct “While I am gone I would like you to make my daddy happy by crawling to him and sucking on his cock till he comes in your mouth.” With that Farrah walks out of the room leaving me alone with her father. Doing as instructed I crawl to him till I reach his cock that is already out of his pants. For some reason my pussy is wet from all that has happened.

Grab a hold of it,” he said so I did as he said, “Put your mouth to it.” With that I put my moth to his cock licking it up and down like a lollipop. It tasted very salty, but it actually wasn’t that bad. Putting it into my mouth I start to suck on it like he told me to do. Circling the head, I put it in my mouth which was about half way down before I started gagging. Taking my mouth off of it I looked up at him. “Can you go down more than that,” he asked shaking my head no I replied, “this is my first time doing something like this.” Smiling he patted my head and asked, “would you like me to take control than.” “Yes sir,” I reply not knowing what else to do. He smiled getting up off his chair he instructed me to lay on his desk face up. I did what he instructed me to do trying to be care full not to knock his computer down. Laying my head off the desk he came up to my face. “Open your mouth wide,” he said. With that I did.

He jammed his cock down my throat fucking me without stopping, making me want to scream I can’t breathe. His balls were hitting me right in the nose making me smell them as I tasted his cock. He grabbed my boobs pinching the nipple as he rocked his hips faster and faster till he put his cock all the way in Cumming straight down my throat. After he was done he pulled his pants up to sit back in his chair. As I got off his desk I heard a knock on the door before Farrah walked in. “Hi daddy are you in a good mood now,” “Yes honey now you ready to go shopping.” Farrah smiled as she threw some clothes onto his desk, “yes daddy right as soon as I get my Barbie dressed.” Getting up he headed to the door leaving us alone.

Walking up to Kaelynn I threw the clothes at her. Without a word she started to get dressed. “Did you like daddy’s cum,” I asked her. Without looking at me she replied, “yes I did.” That is what I would like to hear. With that she watched Kaelynn put on her blue night dress that she usually wore to bed. Since Kaelynn had bigger tits than her they looked to be about to fall out. The tit part of the dress was not see through but the rest was, so she finished the outfit off with blue g string. She gave her blue sandals to wear. If she complained about the outfit she did not voice it. She was a good Barbie.

We than walked out to the car where daddy was waiting. When daddy saw what she was wearing he smiled at me giving me a wink yea daddy liked. We than drove off with me in the front and my new Barbie doll in the back.

Chapter 3

When we arrive to the mall we get out of the car walking to the doors. Looking around we enter into this very expensive boutique where we look around at different outfits. On the way over there, Farah had talked to her dad about what kind of outfits she should wear. They talked about her body like she wasn’t even there. Her dad said he wanted me to wear something that made my tits stick out because it was my best feature. So, looking around made me feel awkward wondering what they would pick for me to wear.

I would say they would pick up something not too revealing since I would still have to go to school, but that is not the case with their school. Their principle believes in freedom of expression so therefore we can wear whatever we want. Picking out a few outfits Farrah told me to try them on. Walking to the dressing area I began trying on different clothes most of the clothes were skirts that ranged from knee length to mid-thigh. The tops were more different. I tried on tops that were very lose which was good but if I did not wear a bra it would show because my boobs would jiggle as I walked. Some tops where very tight clinging to my body like a second skin. Those tops kept my breast into place even if I wasn’t wearing a bra. Some tops also had a low neckline making my boobs stick out. One outfit they made me try on was a halter top skirt combo. The dress was very pretty coming around my neck than with a single string came down to in-between my breast on each side making an X. around the nipple area it got bigger but not much bigger as the patch covered my nipples only leaving the full boobs exposed. The sting than continued down till it got under my boobs. The rest of the part flowed out around my stomach. The skirt had a thin strip around the waist and came to mid-thigh. From there it got real revealing as on each slide was a cut slit all the way up to the waist. The thing barely covered my ass all I would have to do is make one wrong move and everything would be exposed.

With that we made our purchases talking about what I should wear tomorrow to school. Making our way to the café court we stood in line as we ordered our food or I should say they ordered for me. While waiting for our food a couple of guys from school were behind us talking about my ass and how they wanted to slap it. Farrah just smiled at their conversation. When our food came I was handed the tray and was told to follow.

We talked about the guys in line and how they admired her Barbie doll. Before we know it, they sat right next to us. “Hey guys,” Farrah waved at them to join us. “Barbie please get up and let our guest sit down.” The guys didn’t say anything they just sat down as I stood their eating my cheese burger and fries. “So, guys you like my Barbie,” Farah asked pointed to me. “Barbie,” they asked together. “Yea she is my Barbie for two months until school gets out,” she told them making them ask questions. She told them everything. “Honey it’s time to go,” her father said as he handed me the tray with the trash. Walking over to the trash I threw everything away to follow them out to the car.

We drove all the way home in silence. When we pulled up we all got out of the car walking into the house. Her dad went back to his office, while we headed outside to the back yard. She said it was so her father could get some quiet while he worked. “Your home now Barbie go ahead and take off your clothes.” With that I stripped down to nothing and was told to sit on my knees on the hard-concrete floor. Just than two voices appeared out of nowhere. Turning around I noticed the same guys from the mall eyeing me. What are they doing here?

Farrah turned to see Markus and Robert walk in the back yard. The first thing they probably notice is the fact that Kaelynn was naked. This is going to be fun. “Hi guys come on in.” They walked in sitting in the chairs that were not occupied. After Kaelynn walked away they told me how they would give anything to fuck her. I told them I would let them fuck her if they allowed for her to come to one of their legendary parties. They agreed there was only once catch I get to say what goes on.

Barbie would you go into the room to get these boys something to drink”. She gets up waking away to fetch something to drink. We waited till she got back before I announced to put the drinks on the table bringing only one of them with her. She did as she was told. Standing in front of them she asked, “Markus are you thirsty,” nodding his head yes, he licked his lips. “Barbie would you please dip one of your nipples into the drink and feed Markus please.” With that she placed one nipple into his drink. Sitting on his lap she placed her nipple into his mouth. He started to suck on it. Kaelynn moaned. “I’m thirst too,” Robert said watching the whole thing. Without detaching Marcus from her tit, she dipped her other nipple into the drink giving Robert permission to suck on it. When they were both attached to her nipples she groaned out loud. I could tell they were sucking real hard on her tits she didn’t stop them because it looked like Kaelynn was enjoying the attention. After a while I started to get bored so I instructed Kaelynn once again. “Barbie get on your knees and let them feed you their cock.”

She got on her knees with her mouth opened Robert did not wait any longer as he stuck his cock down her throat grabbing her hair pushing it down hard on his cock. I could hear her gag with tears streaming down her eyes. “Do you want him to stop,” I asked Kaelynn she just shook her head no. “That’s right suck my friend’s cock,” Markus said as he jerked himself.

Ok Boys bring her over here,” I said pointed to the round table in front of me. Picking her up they placed her on the table. “Now Robert why don’t you go towards her pussy and have a taste. Markus, I want you to feed her your cock.” With that Robert bent over her pussy giving it a lick and a little suck. She probably would have screamed or moaned of Markus hadn’t fed her his cock.

Robert started to add a few fingers to her pussy stretching wider. “Oh man Markus she so fucking tight,” Markus grabbed her head to hold it still as he tried to squeeze in his dick all the way down her throat. They got a perfect rhythm going for a little bit till I told them it was time for them to really fuck.

Robert stick your cock in her and Markus fuck her mouth.” With that Robert stuck his cock in as fast as he could go making her open her mouth to scream but instead of a scream came out a gurgle because of her mouth being full. When she opened her mouth wide it gave Markus the extra effort he needed to slip all the way down her throat. “Oh, my got man I’m all the way down, this is fucking incredible. They both pounded her with Markus holding her head and Robert holding her hips.

Deciding to take pictures to capture this moment I got my phone out to walk around them as I snapped photo after photo of them. A few of the photos I got only two of them in, some all three they were perfect.

Oh man I’m going to cum,” Robert said, “Me Too,” Marcus copied. “Don’t cum inside her cum in her mouth.” I told them. They both pulled out as they started to jerk off with both of their cock head right over her mouth when all of a sudden white cum shot out of there cocks landing on her tongue.

When they were done they grabbed their stuff and took off towards their awaited cars. After a while I helped Kaelynn off the table. “Go get a shower,” I told her as I watched her walk inside. The rest of this year will be different as long as I got my very own Barbie doll with me.

A note from Happy Rose

Thank you for reading my book. I loved writing about what Kaelynn goes through giving up control to someone else. Please fill free to leave a review to let me know what you liked, disliked, and more. I am pretty new at this so any feedback will help.


Happy Rose

About the author:

Happy Rose loves to write about all different kinds of things. She has always been told she has a wild imagination and so she likes to put that to good use. When she is not writing she is usually spending time with her incredibly supportive husband and loveable son. She loves to right about her thoughts, dreams, and things she knows about. Sometimes she just wants to add a little fantasy to the mix.

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Barbie takes on the teacher

Farah loves her new Barbie doll she does pretty much everything she tells her to do it is such a great feeling having control over someone. So, when Farah finds out she is flunking her History class she asks her Barbie to help her out.

Kaelynn never knew being someone’s Barbie doll could fell so good. So, when Farah asked her to seduce her History teacher what could go wrong I mean they have the same History teacher and Kaelynn is getting an A in his class so why not. This could be fun sitting in class spreading her legs and oops I almost forgot no underwater. Did the professor seriously say Pussy in class too easy?

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