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Melody gets caught

By: Happy Rose

Melody gets caught

Happy Rose

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Melody gets caught

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Allie gets caught

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Melody Gets Caught

Allie: Hey Melody what you doing tonight

Melody: nothing probably just getting naked and playing with Sam

Allie: oh, do you like your new toy

Melody: haven’t tried it yet because of the thin walls

Melody: afraid my parents will come running when they hear me screaming.

Allie: lol yes that would be awkward

Melody: since mom is already gone and dad is getting ready to leave I will be all set

Allie: Where did your mom go this weekend

Melody: some spa several hours away with her two best friend’s dads going somewhere else and do whatever guys do

Allie: strip club

Melody: Gross I hope not

Allie: well text me when your done with Sam and I’ll come over and have a sleep over or something

Melody: you’re the best

Putting my phone into my back pocket I walked out to the car where my dad waited. Giving him a hug I listened has he gave the same speech about no boys and no parties before he got into the car. Rolling down his window he waved at me as his car drove down the street making a right at the stop sign away from me. Smiling to myself I walked back into the house.

The first thing I did when I walked into the house was run to my room. Getting to my room I took off my t-shirt I wore that day along with my jeans. Throwing them into the hamper I questioned whether I should go all the way nude or leave my thong and bra on. Deciding to be more adventures I took them off as well throwing them into the hamper. Grabbing Sam my lime green dildo I walked out of the room, making sure to grab a blanket out of the closet on my way out. Walking into the living room I laid the blanket on the couch throwing Sam on top of the blanket. Forgetting my phone, I walked back into my room to grab it stopping by the kitchen on the way back. In the kitchen I made me something to eat and poured me some lemonade. Walking back to the couch I sat down covering myself with the blanket. I was now officially all alone sitting on the couch naked, this is going to be great. Eating my sandwich, I thought about all the places I could use Sam this weekend, some of them my mother would be ashamed of.

Finishing up my sandwich I took a big gulp of lemonade before laying back on the couch. Grabbing Sam, I laid him on my stomach as I flipped through my phone to find something good to watch. Finding a porn about a young girl trying to please multiple guys I decided to keep it there. Watching the girl on the screen start to suck on the different guys cocks made her inch her fingers towards the awaiting area. Pushing one finger in she moved it in and out before adding another she had to work her pussy open if she was going to fit Sam inside. She could already feel the tingles starting. Grabbing Sam, I stuffed him inside my wet pussy laying the phone on her stomach, grabbing a hold of one of her DDD tits. Squeezing her tit before starting to pull on the nipple really hard twisting it a little between her fingers. Being so captured by the feeling of getting really close to Cumming I didn’t hear the door open or the voices as they approached her.

“Hey Melody,” hearing the voices finally as they entered the room, made her stop what she was doing. Sam forgotten laying still inside her pussy, turning off the video on her phone really quick. Grabbing the blanket, I made sure everything was completely covered before answering the voice. “Yes” just than three men approached the couch. Daddy sat on the couch next to her while his two best friends sat in a loveseat type couch opposite to them. “What happened,” I asked daddy he said, “not feeling good sweetie so we decided to come here and have guys night here instead.” With that he grabbed the remote turning on a football game. So here I am sitting on the couch naked, covered up with only a blanket, Sam still inside of me, and my dad with his two best friends shows up. Looking at them it looks like they are not leaving anytime soon. So now what.

Melody: I’m fucking screwed

Allie: Why

Melody: because I’m fucking naked in the living room wearing a fucking blanket and my dad with his friends walk in

Allie: What I thought they were leaving

Melody: me too but apparently dad got sick now what

Allie: Can’t you get up and just walk out

Melody: I’m fucking naked if I get up they will see all my girl business as well as Sam in my fucking pussy

Allie: He’s still there

Melody: yes, and to top it all off this is just making me fucking hornier

Allie: I dare you to play with Sam

Melody: What no

Allie: I double dog dare you

Melody: I fucking hat you right now. I cannot walk away from a double dog dare.

I put a hand on my tit to squeeze it before pulling the nipple out a little bit. Releasing the nipple from my finger I began to pinch it. Looking around at the guys noticing no one is paying me any attention. Grabbing Sam, I start to plunge him in and out of my pussy. Closing my eyes, picturing the porno where the young girl was taking on multiple guys. Picturing myself in her position as I start going faster and faster, oh my god. I think to myself or at least I thought I said that to myself, but when daddy gets up to check my fore head and asked, “are you okay,” I replied, “yes daddy I’m just not feeling good.” “Do you need anything,” he asks before he sits back down. I want to say yes daddy I need to cum, but instead I say, “no daddy.” With that he continues to watch the game without so much as a glance my way.

Melody: I’m going to kill you later

Allie: why what happened

Melody: I started to really get into it and then I moaned out loud

Allie: oh my gosh that is too funny

Melody: no, it’s not I had my dad checking for a temperature

Allie: what did you say

Melody: Told him I was sick

Allie: what is he doing now

Melody: he got up to go to the bathroom

Allie: what are you waiting for get to your room

Melody: but his friends

Allie: who cares just go

Allie: I double dog dare you

With that I grab my phone, pull Sam out, and grab him too. I pull back the covers and stand walking towards the hallway with my ass to the guys holding in one hand my cell phone and the other Sam. When I get to the hallway I notice the bathroom door opening. SHIT he’s coming back. With that I run to the covers, climbing in them once again. Just in time too as my dad appeared in the door way. Walking in the room taking a seat at the couch just to turn his eyes towards the game once more. His friends on the other hand had matching smirks as they stared right at me.

Melody: Fuck your plans

Allie: what now

Melody: I got up to run to my room when my dad started to come back so I ran back to the covers

Allie: did he see you naked

Melody: no but his friends did now there more interested in me than the game

Allie: Oh my gosh that is so Hot

Melody: What should I do

Allie: You could ask the guys to help you maybe they can distract your dad so you can sneak off.

Melody: good idea, I have their numbers in my phone for emergency when needed to get a hold of dad ill text them.

With that I look up their numbers and put them in a group so I could text both of them.

Melody: Help Me

William: Help you with what

Melody: getting back to my room without dad noticing I am naked

John: why are you naked

Melody: since you guys were supposed to be leaving I thought I would have the whole house to me self so I got naked

John: and the toy in your hand

Melody: oh, you noticed that I have been really stressed lately and had not had time to masturbate for a while since the walls are so thin. So, I thought why not.

William: Yes, we will help you

Melody: Thank you

With that William who had dark hair told my dad, “since you don’t feel good, why don’t you lay out on this love seat.” “No, I couldn’t,” daddy rejected, “come on man you look like your about to pass out.” With that my dad said ok as he got up to walk to the love seat. Walking away and coming back with a blanket John laid the blanket over my dad. Taking the seat, my dad had vacated except to scoot closer to me. Grabbing my feet, he laid them on top of his legs. William asked me to get up a little, he sat down where my head was pushing my head towards his lap. Looking over I noticed dad facing the tv oblivious to what was going on. “I thought you guys were going to help me,” I whispered. William just smiled, “we are.”

With that William reaches under the blanket to grab a hold of my tit as he starts to play with my nipple. Pulling it out before letting it go. Pinching the nipple, he rubs it in between his fingers. Scrapping his nail around the tip. Not paying any attention to what John was doing because of the many things William was doing to my tits, as my father was just a couch away still watching the game. Feeling John inch Sam into my pussy made me shutter now, when did he grab a hold of that. He scoots closer as he starts putting one and then another finger into my ass. Giving no Mercy he starts pounding both areas without any thought. It doesn’t take long till I’m Cumming biting down on my wrist so I don’t make a sound. With that they both got the same evil grins on their face as they throw the cover off of me.

Looking over at dad I notice he’s sound asleep on the couch. “Thanks guys,” I say as I get up heading towards my room. Before I get to the hallway I hear John ask, “where the hell do you think your going.” Turning back around I notice both John and William looking at me with their cocks out of their pants. “Now be a good little girl before we wake up daddy,” with that I walk over to them standing next to the couch. Getting on my knees I take William into my mouth. Grabbing a hold of the base I work his cock up and down with my hand as my mouth follows close behind. Grabbing a hold of my hair he pushes me down his cock all the way. Starting to choke afraid I’m going to wake up dad. Pulling out of my mouth he lets go of me to hand me over to john.

John doesn’t waste time grabbing my hair, slamming me down on his cock which made his cock go straight down my throat. Grabbing my boob with his other hand as he starts to squeeze it hard, pushing me off his cock I land on the floor with a loud Thump. “I think she needs a spanking,” John said as he grabs a hold of me. Leaning me over the back of the love seat where daddy lays. “Don’t move,” William says laughing. I lay there with daddy a sleep on the love seat. If he were to wake up he would see my great big tits right in his face. Than the spanking started, “count out loud,” William said,” “One,” I said as he smacked my ass with his bare hands making my nipples rub against daddy’s whiskers on his face. “Two,” I said as another hand slapped my other ass cheek, looking towards daddy to make sure he wasn’t waking, he wasn’t. “Three,” another smack hit me right on the ass. Was it bad that I was so turned on by this.

Taking turns spanking me making my nipples rub against daddy’s face each time. They spanked me till I counted to ten making my ass beat red. Rubbing my red ass William said, “I’m so ready to fuck this ass.” With that they moved me away from the back of the love seat as John laid in the middle of the room where William picked me up placing me right on his cock. Bouncing on it a little I felt another orgasm coming as John rubbed his fingers against my hard nipples. About five minutes into bouncing I came with a shudder as my whole body convulsed. That gave William the right time to slip into my ass while I was coming. Leaning more towards John they both started to move in the same rhythm the feeling was incredible I felt so full.

I have done DP before so that is not what did it. I think it was the fact that both of these men were probably a good 9 inches which made me seem so much fuller. “Damn her ass is tight its going to suck me dry,” I heard William growl. “Yea her pussy is the same way, man so fucking tight.” After about five minutes they were both Cumming inside me. I felt their cocks twitch as they unleased everything they had. That put me over the edge as I began to cum as well. After we were done I walked into my bedroom where I lay on my bed starring up at the ceiling. WOW!

Melody: Oh my gosh

Allie: what

Melody: I just got done fucking John and William

Allie: who are they

Melody: Daddy’s friends

Allie: Oh my gosh where was your daddy

Melody: A sleep on the couch

Allie: that is so hot

Melody: Yes, it was

They ended up staying the whole weekend even after daddy felt better that day. When ever they got the chance though they would sneak into my room just to fuck me till we all had cummed. Sometimes only one of them would find me, sometimes both of them would find me. Daddy was oblivious to the whole thing. I ended up finding out later that when daddy was a sleep he wouldn’t have woke up because of the drugs he took while he was in the bathroom, they apparently knock you out for over 12 hours. The guys later went home that Sunday.

A couple months later I went to the doctor because of being sick just to find out I was pregnant. Daddy demanded me give him the father’s name. I never did, I told him I didn’t know who the father was which was not a total lie. The father had to be either John or William. When I told them the news they were not happy about it because they already had a family. They were afraid their wives would find out or their children since I went to school with a few of them. I promised them I would not tell a soul.

Since then I never have told anyone. They still come around every now and again and the children call them uncle John and Uncle William. Yes, you noticed that I said children three to be exact. All three belonging to John or William not sure yet who the father is but I really don’t care. It’s my life!

A note from Happy Rose

Thank you for reading my book. I loved writing about Melody’s predicament and how she handled it. Please fill free to leave a review to let me know what you liked, disliked, and more. I am pretty new at this so any feedback will help.


Happy Rose

About the author:

Happy Rose loves to write about all different kinds of things. She has always been told she has a wild imagination and so she likes to put that to good use. When she is not writing she is usually spending time with her incredibly supportive husband and loveable son. She loves to write about her thoughts, dreams, and things she knows about. Sometimes she just wants to add a little fantasy to the mix.

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A Brief description of her next book:

Allie gets caught

Allie is off to college wishing her best friend Melody could be with her. That is ok though because she has her incredible boyfriend with her who is willing to wait till they are married or so he says to bad she told him she was a virgin too even though she is not. So, when a close encounter with her boyfriend’s dad and Allie gets caught in her lie, but will he tell her boyfriend about it. Who knows what will happen when Allie gets caught.

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