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Eric Carlson is halfway through his third bottle of wine when there’s a knock on the door of his suite.

He takes one last swig directly from the bottle then sets it on the table and heads over to answer the door, the room wavering just a bit from the effects of the wine.

 Normally he goes into these sessions relatively sober but tonight he has a different plan; to consume as much alcohol as possible before the session starts. Because even though he’s come a long way in the last couple of months, Eric still has some inhibitions. He’s just wired that way. He’s hoping that if he drinks enough he’ll be able to push past them. He’s not sure it will work out like he’s planning, but he figures it won’t hurt to try.

He comes to the door and peeks out the spyhole. Standing there is a short, fully-stacked, raven-haired beauty wearing blue jeans and an unzipped black leather jacket with only a lacy bra underneath, showing off her huge, glorious breasts without absolutely no shame. With her hair cut in a sharp, edgy style and her face caked with makeup, Tory plays up her sluttiness to the max, which is exactly what Eric is looking for tonight. A straight-up slut to run roughshod over.

Eric has been through a really tough couple of weeks and he wants to take out his anger on someone. Not too long ago, that would have meant a phone call to Jasmine. But he’s spent so much time with her lately that he’s starting to develop feelings for her, which makes it harder and harder to debase her like he used to. That’s not to say that they haven’t got freakier with each other as time has gone on, but it their nights together are no longer rooted in anger. Which, ultimately, is a good thing.

But not tonight. Tonight Eric is pissed off. And he wants to take his rage out on someone. Which is why he called Tory a couple of hours ago instead of Jasmine.

He’s been with Tory once before, when she tagged along with Jasmine for one of their sessions, so he knows what he’s getting. But because he doesn’t have any feelings towards her, it’s easier to see her as just a fucktoy, which means he won’t have to worry about conflicting emotions when he’s treating her like shit.

Tory knows exactly what she’s getting into tonight. Eric made that quite clear to her on the phone. And she’s fine with it. Looking forward to it, actually. Or so she says, which is good enough for Eric.

He opens the door and lets Tory in and closes the door behind her.

“I wasn’t expecting to hear from you again,” Tory says as she crosses the room towards the table with the bottle of wine sitting on it. “I figured you’d give Jasmine a call whenever you wanted a night like this.”

“Normally I would,” Eric says. “But I was in the mood for something different tonight.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Tory says, “It’s fine with me. I was just surprised, that’s all.” She picks up the bottle of wine. “Do you mind if I have some?”

“Be my guest. I’ll get you a glass.”

“Don’t bother,” Tory says. “I don’t need one.”

She proceeds to take a long swig straight from the bottle before pulling it from her lips and holding it out towards Eric.

Smiling, he grabs the bottle from her. “That wasn’t a very polite thing to do,” he says before proceeding to do the exact same thing.

“Nobody’s ever accused me of being polite before,” Jasmine replies, matching his grin.

“Which is exactly why you’re here tonight instead of Jasmine,” Eric says.

“Fair enough,” Tory says. “She says hi, by the way.”

“Who? Jasmine?”

Tory nods.

“You told her you were coming to see me?” Eric asks.

 “Of course,” Tory says. “We talk all the time.”

“Is she upset?” Eric asks.

Tory laughs and shakes her head. “No. Not at all. She understands.”


“Yep. She’s flattered, even.”

“Is that right?”

“It sure is,” Tory says. “Personally, I think it’s kind of pathetic, but that’s just me.”

“Pathetic, huh?” Eric says, smiling ruefully. He’s not sure if Tory means what she’s saying or just playing a role, and he doesn’t really care. Either way she’s helping him get in the right mood for the evening.

“Yeah. I mean, we are escorts, in case you didn’t remember,” Tory continues. “It’s not like she’s your girlfriend or something.”

“Maybe not,” Eric says, undoing his belt and slipping it off his waist. He grips the buckle in his fist and rolls the belt over his hand until only six inches are still sticking out. “But I do have feelings for her. Which means I’d probably subconsciously take it easy on her. But you I hardly even know. So I won’t have those same issues.”

He slaps the belt on the palm of his hand. The sound fills the room like a gunshot but Tory doesn’t even flinch. Apparently she’s used to this sort of thing. Eric smiles, his excitement overflowing already.

“Are you ready to get started?” Eric asks, slapping the belt against his hand again, hard enough to leave a red mark this time.

“Whenever you are,” Tory replies.

In lieu of a reply Eric smacks her across the ass with his belt.

Tory yelps in surprise and takes a small step forward to maintain her balance. She flashes him a dirty look.

“Surprised you a bit there, didn’t I?” Eric says, his mouth turned up in a wicked smile.

“A little,” she says.

He smacks her across the ass again, a little more forcefully. But Tory was expecting it and bites down on her bottom lip instead of making any sound. She glares at him with defiance in her eyes.

“You’ve got a little bit of an edge to you, don’t you?” Eric says, laughing softly. He’s thoroughly enjoying this.

Tory doesn’t bother with a response. She just continues glaring at him.

“That’s good,” he says. “It’ll make it more gratifying when I break you.”

Tory scoffs. “Break me? You?” She shakes her head. “It’s never going to happen.”

“We’ll see,” Eric says. He smacks her ass again, even harder.

A flash of pain crosses Tory’s features for a moment and she makes a little gasping sound. Fortunately her breath is quickening and her face is starting to flush too, which means that the pain brings her some pleasure along with it. Which is exactly what Eric is shooting for.

“That one stung a bit, didn’t it?” he says.

“Nothing I haven’t felt before,” she replies, her mouth turned up in a sneer.

“So it’s not too much for you?”

“Not even close.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” Eric says. “Because we’ve got a lot further to go.”

“Bring it on,” Tory says.

“Oh, I intend to,” he says.

He unrolls the belt from his fist and runs the tail through the buckle, creating a loop. Standing face-to-face with her, he slips the loop over Tory’s neck and tightens it. Not so much that it’s choking her but not loosely either.

“Take your jacket off,” Eric says.

Tory does as she’s told. If she’s at all alarmed by the belt around her neck she isn’t showing it.

“Now your bra,” he says.

She slips it off, revealing her huge tits. Firm but not overly so, floppy but not droopy, they are glorious and just begging to be played with. He can’t resist.   

Using the belt as a leash, Eric leads her over to the nearest wall. Once there, he pushes her up against it, back first.

“Open your mouth,” Eric says.

She does.

Eric puts the tail of the belt between her teeth, lengthwise, the flat side parallel to the ground.

“Bite down,” he says.

 Tory bites down on the leather.

“Don’t drop that belt, no matter what,” Eric says. “Understand?”

Tory nods.

“Good,” Eric says. Then he starts working her tits with his hands, groping and cupping and squeezing them before starting in on her nipples, rubbing and playing with her them until they’re hard.

Once they are both sticking out he grabs them between his forefinger and thumb, one nipple for each hand. He starts off by rubbing them between his fingers, gently at first but gradually increasing the pressure and intensity.

Tory is moaning lightly behind the belt and her breath is growing ever more rapid. So far, so good.

He rubs her nipples between his fingers for another couple of seconds, then gives them both a hard pinch, eliciting a gasp from Tory but not a big enough one to force her to drop the belt.

“Not bad,” he says. “Not bad at all.”

Despite the compliment, Eric doesn’t let up. In fact, he squeezes even harder, twisting both hands at the same time, tweaking her nipples, pulling on them, stretching them out.

Tory is moaning loudly and her body is starting to quiver but still she doesn’t let go of the belt.

Likewise, Eric doesn’t let go of her nipples, pinching them between his fingers and turning them nearly 360 degrees before finally releasing them.

Tory gasps at the sudden absence of pain, this time nearly dropping the belt from her mouth.

He barely gives her a chance to recover before slapping down on one of her tits with and open hand. She grunts behind the belt. He slaps the other tit, eliciting another grunt.

For the next minute or so he smacks the hell out of her tits, trading off, one and then the other, giving her just enough time to recover in between slaps that she feels the full force of every single blow.

By the end of the session Tory’s tits are bright red and her chest is heaving. Tears are leaking from her eyes, making her mascara run down her face. But based on the tight set of her jaw and her defiant eyes, she’s far from defeated.

“That was pretty impressive,” Eric says, pulling the belt from her mouth. “You’re tougher than you look.”

“That was nothing,” she says. “I deal with worse every day.”

“I’m sure you do,” Eric says. He spins the belt so his hand holding it is behind her head, the buckle pressing up against the skin on the back of her neck. Then he raises his hand holding the belt over her head, pulling it tight around her neck, choking her. “And rest assured, you’ll be dealing with worse tonight. This is only the beginning.”

“I can’t wait,” she manages to croak out even though she can barely breathe.

Laughing, Eric lets his hand drop.

Before Tory can catch her breath, Eric spins her around and pushes her face-first against the wall.

Without saying a thing, he undoes the belt, releases it from her neck, sticks the tail in his mouth and bites down on it. He grabs one of her arms and pulls it behind her back. Then does the same for her other arm, crossing one of her wrists over the other.

Holding her arms together with one hand, Eric reaches for the belt with his free hand. He wraps the belt around her wrists a couple of times in a figure-eight pattern, then once again slips the tail of the belt into the buckle and sticks the prong into one of the holes, effectively handcuffing her.

Once Tory’s arms are incapacitated, Eric squats down. Reaching around her waist, he undoes the button and zipper on her jeans and pulls them down, panties and all. He doesn’t take them completely off, however, instead stopping once the waistband is just below her ass.

Now her legs are trapped, along with her arms, rendering her essentially helpless. Time to turn up the heat.

Eric stands up and presses against her, his groin pushing against the top part of her ass, his cock pressing painfully against his pants. With his chin over her shoulder he slides his hand down the front of her body, stopping for a moment to grope her tits some more before proceeding down her stomach until his hand is between her legs.

He’s planning on rubbing the outside of her shaved snatch to get her warmed up but she’s already soaking wet down there—apparently getting smacked around turns Tory on quite a bit—so he decides to get right down to business. He slips two fingers into her pussy and slams them up into her with as much force as he can muster.

Even in her 3-inch heels, Tory is quite a few inches shorter than Eric, forcing him to lower his body by spreading his legs wider in order to get any leverage in their current position. The upside to this is his groin is now pressing directly against her ass. Unfortunately his cock is still in his pants. He’s tempted to pull it out but is afraid he won’t be able to keep himself from sticking it into Tory, something he’s trying to hold off on for the time being.

Trying to take his mind off his cock, he slides a third finger inside Tory’s pussy, causing her to gasp audibly. Moving his hand back and forth quickly, his fingers filling up her pussy, Eric fingerfucks her without mercy while she moans and squirms beneath him.

Every sound Tory makes entices him to bang her with more force; every time she cries out he pushes his fingers further inside her, every increase in her breath rate just inspires him to slam her with more aggression.

Once he thinks she’s getting comfortable, he forces his pinky inside her pussy, making it four fingers altogether.

Tory reacts to this with a high-pitched whimper. But Eric doesn’t want to hear it. He covers her mouth with his free hand and continues slamming her pussy with everything he has.

As soon as she’s used to this new development, Eric switches it up again, this time pulling his hand from over her mouth and gripping her around the throat.

He proceeds to choke Tory while he bangs her with his fingers, tightening his grip with every passing second without letting up at all on her pussy.

Unable to breathe, Tory starts to fade quickly. Her face is growing red and her legs are starting to weaken. Her mouth is slightly open and her lips are moving but just barely. Her eyelids are fluttering. But still her body reacts to his fingers: Her pussy is wetter than ever.

It isn’t until Tory’s eyes fall closed and her head starts to slump that Eric releases his hold on her throat.

Her chest heaves as her body once again draws air. Her face regains its color and her eyes reopen, wider—and filled with more excitement—than ever.

This brush with unconsciousness seems to stimulate Tory even more. She lets out a scream of pleasure as an orgasm overwhelms her body. Her pussy gushes juices, soaking Eric’s hand and dripping onto the carpet. Her return to the conscious world also appears to have heightened her sensitivity, as she suddenly tries to squirm out of Eric’s grip, twisting her lower body in an attempt to pull away from his fingers.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Eric says, his smile widening as he shifts his body along with hers. He doesn’t have any trouble keeping her under control due to the constraints on her legs and arms.

Tory does manage to turn herself around, so that her back is now against the wall, but it doesn’t do her any good. Eric keeps his fingers planted firmly inside her pussy, even managing to continue banging her as she tries to escape.

Tory drops to the floor, her butt on the ground, but Eric moves along with her, finger-fucking her more aggressively now due to the increase in leverage he has over her.

Tears are streaming down Tory’s face as she begs him to stop. But her face paints a different picture than her words; it’s fixed in a mask of pleasure, ecstasy even, and the cries coming from her mouth are ones of enjoyment, not pain.

“Please stop,” she says between deep breaths. “Please. I need . . . a break. Please!”

“I thought you said you could handle anything,” Eric says, still not letting up in the least even though his forearm is starting to burn with the effort.

“Not this,” Tory says, her chest still heaving uncontrollably. It’s a wonder she can even form words. “Not this. It feels . . . too good.”

“Too good? I didn’t even know that was possible.”

“Neither did I,” Tory says. “But it does.” She groans and shudders again as another orgasm passes through. “Please. I’ll do anything you want. Just please . . . I need a break. I’m begging you.”

“You’ll do anything?”

With her eyes opened wide with hope, Tory nods her head vigorously. “Anything. Without complaint.”

Eric stops banging her but keeps his fingers planted firmly inside her pussy as he pretends to think about her offer. In reality he’s thinking about how curious it is that pleasure can works just as well as pain—if not better, in Tory’s case—when it comes to breaking someone. It’s something he’s never considered before. But it’s definitely something he’ll keep in mind for the future.

For now, however, there are more important issues at hand. Like continuing to impart his will upon Tory, for example.

 With their faces mere inches away, Eric offers a wicked smile, and says, “Sorry, but I’m having too much fun right now,” then goes back to slamming his four fingers inside her pussy.

Tory’s eyes roll back in her head and she lets out a low, long, visceral moan.

Laughing softly, loving the power he has over her, Eric bangs her for another thirty seconds or so before taking mercy on her and letting his fingers slide out of her pussy.

Eric barely gives her a chance to recover, however, before he’s back on his feet. Standing over Tory, he grabs her by the hair, lifting her up until she’s on her knees with her head directly in front of his groin. He unbuttons his waistband, drops his pants, grabs ahold of his rock-hard cock, and sticks it in her mouth.

Even with her hands tied between her back Tory has great oral skills. She swallows his cock greedily, going after it with vigor, moving her head forward and back quickly, her hair flying everywhere.

Eric lets her do all the work for a little while before taking control.

Grasping two handfuls of her hair he guides Tory’s head, giving her his cock in long, slow strokes, holding it in her throat for a couple of seconds at the end of each thrust before gradually drawing it back out.

After it clears her mouth he only gives her a moment to catch her breath before pushing his cock back in and going through the whole process again.

Tory seems to have no problem handling his cock, so he leaves it in her throat for progressively longer periods of time, until finally he decides to see just how much she can handle.

Still gripping two handfuls of her hair, Eric slides his cock out of Tory’s mouth. This time he gives her a chance to fully recover before slipping it back in. He puts his hands on the back of Tory’s head and pushes on it until his cock disappears completely inside her mouth.

Once Tory is deepthroating him, Eric holds her head in place, not letting her move, her nose pressing against his stomach. There he holds her, his cock planted as deep in her throat as possible.

Ten seconds in, Tory gags and tries to pull away.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Eric says, not letting up one bit. Her body doesn’t believe it right now, but she’s not in any danger. She’s still has way too much energy to burn.

In fact, to show her that they’re not even close to being finished, he presses even harder on the back of her head, forcing his cock further down her throat.

Tory struggles some more, trying desperately to get some air into her lungs. But still Eric holds her head in place. She gags again, followed by a deep, resonant cough that Eric can feel in his cock.

Tory is panicking now, her head shaking from side to side, her body shucking and jiving, her arms and legs straining, but because of her bonds she simply doesn’t have the leverage or the mobility to get away from Eric.

It isn’t until Tory’s protestations become weaker that Eric finally eases up on the pressure and lets go of her hair.

Her head snaps back and she gasps for breath, her chest heaving. Saliva is dripping down her face, covering her tits, pooling on the carpet. Tears are streaming down her face, making a mess of her makeup. She coughs and hacks and lets her head hang down, her body slumped over, exhausted from the exertion.

But Eric doesn’t slow down one bit.

With his cock raging as hard as ever, he circles around Tory until he’s behind her, then forces her head down onto the carpet. He drops to his knees and nestles in behind her, then reaches under her hips and lifts them up so her body is like an upside-down V, with her ass as the highest point.

Tory’s legs are still held closely together by her jeans, which have slipped down to around her knees but are holding fast, and her wrists are still bound by the belt. She’s still essentially helpless. Just like Eric likes her.

With his cock slick from Tory’s saliva, Eric slips it into her pussy for the first time all evening. It’s a bit tighter than normal due to Tory’s legs still being pressed together by her jeans, but her pussy is wet enough that it goes in with only a hint of resistance.

Tory utters a soft little groan but doesn’t protest, either with her mouth or her body. She simply doesn’t seem to have the energy for it right now.

But that changes quickly enough. As Eric continues slowly and deliberately fucking her from behind her body naturally reacts to the stimuli. Tory’s not a big talker, but Eric can tell from the growing intensity of the grunts and moans coming from her mouth that she is starting to get more and more into it.

This allows him to gradually pick up the intensity until he is hammering away at her, his hands around her hips to pull her back into him with every thrust.

Eric lets go of one of her hips so he can slap her ass, snapping his open palm into the side of her ass cheek like he’s a jockey riding a horse down the final stretch.

Tory reacts the same way as a horse would, bucking back into him with more intensity. But Tory’s positioning, combined with her incapacitated arms, means she can’t get much force into her thrusts. So Eric grabs her hair and yanks her head up, bringing it up to the same level as his, straightening out her upper body and giving her more leverage to work with.

She takes advantage, using her hips to hammer her body back into his harder than before, her ass slamming up against his groin, forcing his cock deeper inside of her.

 “There you go,” Eric says as he pulls his hands off Tory and lets her do all the work. “Back that ass up into me. Show me what you can do, baby. Give me something to write home about."

Tory does as she’s told, bucking back against Eric so hard that he has to wrap one arm around her chest to avoid losing his balance.

“Thatta girl,” he says. “Fuck my cock with your ass.”

Eric’s arm slides up Tory’s body until it’s clamped around her neck. He grabs her in a headlock, tightening it down as she continues slamming her ass back against him.    

He reaches up and smacks her in the face with an open hand.

Tory yelps and stops backing into him.

“Don’t stop,” Eric says, smacking her again, eliciting another startled noise from Tory.

She starts up again, less aggressively than before.

“Harder,” Eric says as he smacks her once again.

Tory backs up against him with more intensity but still not as much as earlier.

Eric smacks her yet again. His other arm is still around her neck but not squeezing tightly. “Harder.”

She obliges. By now she’s back to where she was earlier, practically knocking him backwards with every thrust.

“Are you deaf? Harder!” he says, smacking her face for the fifth time.

Tory slams back into him with everything she has, a guttural grunt coming from her throat as she hammers away at him.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Eric says. “Hammer me with that fat ass of yours.”

He lets her back into him a few more times before releasing his hold on her and again pushing her face down to the carpet. Then he goes back to work on her, returning the favor by hammering away on her with everything he has.

Eric uses his hands to spread Tory’s asscheeks, making her pretty little asshole gape. It’s opened wide, just begging to be played with.

So he does, sneaking his thumb over to the crack of her ass while he continues fucking her. He gathers up some saliva and spits on her asshole, then slips his thumb inside.

Tory gasps and curses beneath her breath but doesn’t protest. In fact, her energy level picks up almost immediately, along with the pitch of the grunts coming from her throat. Apparently Eric has found the sweet spot.

“You like that, do you?” Eric says, forcing his thumb deeper into her asshole.

“I fucking love it,” Tory says, her voice a guttural growl. Her arms and legs are straining more than ever against her bonds.

“Is that right?” Eric says, moving his thumb in and out of her asshole while still hammering away at her pussy. “Do you want me to stick something else in there?”

“Fuck yeah,” she says.

“Well then, let’s see what we’ve got,” Eric says. He pulls his cock out of her pussy. It’s gleaming with her juices and harder than it’s been all night.

He desperately wants to slip it into her asshole but knows that shortly after he does it’ll be all over for him. And he wants to debase her more before he cums. So he has to find something else that will do the trick for a little while, giving him a chance to calm down for a few minutes.

Then he sees something that will work perfectly.

Smiling, Eric reaches back and snatches the wine bottle from the coffee table.

He sticks two fingers into Tory’s dripping wet snatch and bangs her for a few seconds to get some of her juices to use as lube, then rubs his fingers on the neck of the wine bottle to help ease the entry.

Before Tory can protest, Eric slips the tip of the bottle into her asshole. There’s a hint of resistance at first, but then it slides in quite easily.

Tory gasps and utters a low, wordless moan of pleasure as Eric slides the wine bottle further into her asshole.

He works it carefully, moving it back and forth slowly and spitting on her asshole with regularity to keep things nice and wet.

“Jesus Christ that feels so fucking good,” Tory says. Her head is still pressing against the carpet but her face is turned back to watch the proceedings. “Give me more. I want the whole fucking thing.”

So Eric does, sliding the bottle into her asshole until the entire neck disappears.

“God-dammit!” Tory says, her voice dripping with ecstasy.

“You’re such a dirty little slut,” Eric says, laughing under his breath.

She raises her eyebrows twice in succession and smiles.

Wanting to get back into the action but not quite ready to replace the wine bottle with his cock, Eric grabs ahold of Tory’s hair and once again pulls her into a sitting position.

Still working the wine bottle with one hand, he sticks his tongue in her mouth and explores her tonsils while his free hand gropes one of her magnificent breasts.

They continue making out, Eric’s hand switching over from one of her breasts to the other, always moving, always exploring, never staying in the same place for more than a second or two.

It doesn’t take him long to realize he’d rather have his cock in her mouth than his tongue, so he releases his hold on the wine bottle—leaving it firmly planted in Tory’s ass—and shifts his body until he’s once again directly in front of her. He stands up and grabs ahold of his cock and guides it into her waiting mouth.

A full minute later Eric is finally ready to fuck Tory’s ass. He figures it won’t last long but at this point it doesn’t matter. He simply can’t wait any longer.

Eric slides his cock out of Tory’s mouth and pushes her head down to the carpet. He walks around the back of her and pulls the wine bottle out of her asshole. It’s gaping more than ever, ready and waiting for his cock.

He slaps her ass a couple of times, then spreads his legs wide and squats down until his cock is hovering right above Tory’s ass.

Eric spits on his cock and slides it into her asshole, not bothering to take it slow, just forcing it in until it can go no further.

Tory gasps and utters a high-pitched yelp that turns into a full-on squeal as Eric starts pounding away at her asshole, giving her everything he has, his balls slapping against her pussy at the bottom of every thrust.

Pushing down on her shoulders, Eric lays into Tory with all his weight, pummeling her with reckless abandon as guttural growls escape from her throat.

Tory’s asshole is tighter than her pussy, but not too tight that it’s a struggle to fuck it. She’s obviously well-versed in anal sex and able to relax enough to take his cock with ease.

She can take a pounding too, barely even flinching as Eric hammers her ass with unbridled intensity. Whether he’s slapping her ass until it is bright red or pushing her head into the carpet she takes it like a champ.

He uses his hands to spread her asscheeks, giving him deeper access to her insides, and still Tory doesn’t complain. She just takes it like a true fuckslut, uttering nothing but sounds of pleasure as he owns her ass.

After a good five minutes of fucking her asshole from behind, Eric decides to mix things up. Even though he knows he doesn’t have much longer until he blows his load, that’s all right. He’s ready to finish up. His cock feels like it is going to burst out of its skin and his body is pining for release. But first he wants to get Tory in one last position. One that takes advantage of her assets more than doggy-style.

With this in mind, Eric stands up, pulling his cock out of Tory’s ass. He undoes the belt holding her arms together. He pulls her jeans the rest of the way off, releasing her legs. Then he flips her over.

Dropping to his knees, Eric spreads Tory’s legs and pushes them back towards her head, raising her hips and making her asshole more accessible.

Tory instinctively understands where he’s going and grabs her ankles, holding her legs open.

Eric rubs her cock over Tory’s pussy, getting it wet with her juices, then slips it into her asshole. He leans forward until his head is right above Tory’s and grasps her around the throat with both hands.

Staring down at her, their faces less than a foot apart, Eric looks right into Tory’s eyes as he fucks her ass and chokes her at the same time.

“You like this, don’t you?” Eric says.

Tory nods and gasps for breath, her face turning red, and then going pale from the lack of oxygen.

Eric lets go of her throat with one of his hands and uses it slap her in the face, still fucking her ass all the while.

“What about that?” Eric asks. “Do you like that too?”

Tory nods again. Her eyes are gleaming with excitement.

Eric also likes it. Too much, in fact. He doesn’t have much longer at all until he comes. But what time he still has he’s going to make the most of.

He slaps Tory once more then returns his hand to her throat and starts squeezing.

It isn’t long before she’s begging for air once again.

This time, when Eric removes his hand he slaps her tits. First one, then the other. He gives her just enough time to catch her breath then starts choking her once more, his cock still moving in and out of her asshole.

When Tory runs out of breath once again, Eric lets go of her throat completely. He pumps her asshole one last time then pulls his cock out and scrambles up the length of her body. Pinning her legs back with his own, he slides his cock into her mouth, forcing her to suck her ass juices off his cock.

She does so willingly, cleaning his cock with unfettered enthusiasm, licking it clean before taking it all the way down her throat, gagging and choking before he pulls it back out.

Eric grabs Tory’s ankles and holds them down on the floor, right next to her head, folding her in half, then slides his cock back into her asshole and immediately starts pounding the shit out of her, knowing that his time is very nearly up.

Tory’s breath is ragged and she’s grunting and groaning while he pummels her as aggressively as he has all night, taking himself right to the edge of orgasm.

And then he’s there.

Eric pulls his cock out of her asshole for the last time just before he’s about to cum.

Seasoned pro that she is, Tory knows exactly what to do.

Her hand flies down to Eric’s cock and jerks him to completion, releasing his seed all over her glorious tits, coating them in white. Five bursts in total, each weaker than the previous one, and then he’s done.

Eric climbs to his feet, makes his way over to the bed, and falls back onto it. His head is spinning and his mouth is dry. Now that he’s finished he’s really feeling the effects of the two and a half bottles of wine he drank earlier.

He watches as Tory climbs to her feet and gather her things and head towards the bathroom. Eric waits until she’s disappeared behind the door before he closes his eyes.

They are still closed a couple minutes later when he hears Tory finishing up in the bathroom. He lifts his head up but can’t do more than that.

When Tory comes out she looks like she did upon arriving, all dressed and made up again and looking none the worse for wear.

Eric envies her.

“Thanks,” he says as Tory heads for the door. “That was fun.”

“My pleasure,” she replies.

“I hope you don’t mind if I don’t see you out the door.”

“Not at all,” Tory says. She seems like she’s in a hurry.

“Is everything okay?” Eric asks.

“Everything is fine,” she says as she reaches the door

Eric doesn’t believe her. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” she says, opening the door. But before she steps out into the hallway, she turns back. “Actually, it’s not.”

“What’s the matter?” Eric asks, sitting on the edge of the bed now. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No,” she says. “Well, yes. Sort of.”

Eric flashes her a confused look. “I don’t understand.”

“Listen,” Tory says. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t understand why you couldn’t have done all this stuff with Jasmine. It’s not like you got out of line or anything. I guarantee she’s had a lot crazier shit done to her that what you did to me tonight.”

“You really think so?”

Tory gives him a little smile. “I know so. I’ve been there for some of it. Hell, I’ve done more extreme stuff to her myself.”

Eric laughs and shakes his head. “I don’t know . . .”

“Trust me,” Tory says. “That girl is a bigger freak than I am. And that’s saying a lot. She’d enjoy a night like tonight. Especially with you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, you didn’t hear it from me, but she actually kind of likes you. More than girls like us are supposed to like the men we hook up with.”

“Yeah, right,” Eric says.

“I’m serious,” Tory says. “She talks about you all the time.”


Tory nods.

Eric isn’t sure if he actually believes her or not but can’t figure out why Tory would lie about something like this. Unless she just didn’t have a good time tonight and didn’t want him calling her again. Which was entirely possible, he supposes. Just not very probable.

“Well, I better get going,” Tory says. “I’ve probably already said too much.”

Eric wants to ask her a few more questions but he doesn’t want to seem desperate, and besides, she’s already closing the door behind her so he just lets it go.

He falls back onto the bed and tries not to think about the implications of Tory’s little confessional there at the end. Luckily for him the copious amounts of alcohol still in his system and the total exhaustion from the evening with Tory combine to send him into a deep, dreamless sleep almost immediately. He will worry about Jasmine later. Right now it’s time to recover.







When Vicki first approached me at a bar last week, I was immediately smitten. She was tall, with an athletic body and powerful legs, a huge but firm ass, blonde hair and enormous tits. Plus I soon came to find out she had an attitude to match; super-opinionated, take-charge, straight-forward, no bullshit. Not to mention, she was a freak in the sack. In addition, she was seven years older than me, which has always been a fetish of mine. There’s just something about older women that gets me going like no tomorrow. All in all, she was pretty much my dream girl.

While still at the bar, we came to an agreement that we’d spend one night together, and if I could handle everything she dished out, then I’d earn another night with her, one where I could run the show. I quickly agreed and we went back to her place.

Once we got back to her place, she was in total control, running things from the get-go, never letting up, getting me to do things that I’ve never done before and having her way with me. It was an incredible night, one of my favorite ever, and in the end, I made it through unscathed.

Afterwards, we set decompressed, then set up a date for the week later, at my place, where I’d have the opportunity to turn the tables.

After a week that seemed to last upwards of a year, our second night together finally arrived.




There was a knock on the door right at eight o’clock. My stomach fluttering, I answered it. It was Vicki, wearing an extremely short white skirt, a black t-shirt with no bra on underneath and clear fuck-me pumps. She was looking as sexy as ever, giving me a hard-on just from looking at her.

“Come on in,” I said, opening the door wide.

“Nice to see you again,” Vicki said, stopping to give me a kiss on the cheek before striding past.

“You too,” I replied, closing the door.

Vicki headed straight to the couch and sat down, dropping her purse on the table.

“Do you want anything to drink?” I asked, looking down at her from behind.

“Maybe later,” she replied, turning to look at me. “Right now I just want to get things started.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, coming around and sitting down next to her on the couch. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” I asked.

“Positive,” she replied. “Are you?”

“I’ve been looking forward to it all week,” I said. “Ever since I left your house.”

“So you been thinking about what you’re going to do to me then?”

“Pretty much twenty-four-seven,” I said, smiling.

“Then what are you waiting for?” she asked, pulling her shirt off to free up her ridiculous tits then slipping off her skirt and panties and leaning back on the couch, naked except for her heels.

I didn’t have a good answer, so I dropped to my knees in front of her and slid my hand up the inside of her thigh.

I started Vicki off slowly, with two fingers inside her pussy, moving them back and forth, rubbing the underside of her clit, slowly at first but gradually picking up speed. After I was banging away at her pretty good, I curled my fingers, allowing me to hit her G-spot while continuing to work my hand inside her, moving it more quickly with every thrust.

“I have to say, this wasn’t quite what I was expecting,” Vicki said softly between moans.

“I learned this little trick from you,” I said, grinning up at her.

“What’s that?” she asked. “How to finger a woman’s pussy? I don’t think I taught you that one.”

“Not that,” I said. “The trick of making your partner feel good early on so they’ll be more willing to do what you want as the night gets later.”

“Oh yeah,” she said, flashing me a smile. “That’s a good one.”

“Which is exactly why I’m borrowing it,” I said, going back to work on her pussy.

Once Vicki was nice and warmed up, I threw one of her legs over my shoulder, changing the angle of penetration. She lifted her hips up to help the cause, granting me deeper access to her insides.

Low groans were coming from her mouth and her breathing rate was increasing with every passing second. She was obviously enjoying herself, which was good. It meant that my plan was working so far.

Reaching around her leg with my free hand, I grabbed one of her huge, amazing tits and gave it a rough squeeze. Her eyes opened wider for a moment and her face glazed over with excitement.

“You like that, do you?” I said.

Vicki nodded.

“That’s good to know,” I said, switching over to her other breast and giving it the same treatment while continuing to bang away at her insides with my fingers.

I released her tit and reared back and gave it a slap, right on the nipple.

“Fuck yeah,” Vicki said, staring right at me. “Do it again.”

So I did, harder this time.

“That’s right,” she said. “Smack my fucking tits. Slap me around like I’m your little playtoy. Do whatever you want to me.”

“I’m going to,” I said as I continued smacking away at her tits, one and then the other while her groans grew ever louder and more intense.  

Wanting to push the envelope even further,  I slipped another finger inside her pussy, eliciting a sharp gasp of pleasure. I grabbed her ankle and pushed her leg back towards her head, pressing it against the back of the couch, folding one side of her body in half, then I forced my fingers deeper inside her, pushing through the tightness caused by my third finger.

“Goddamn that feels fucking good,” she said as I slammed my fingers into her pussy hard enough to make my forearm burn. “Right there, right fucking there!”

Lots of women got off more quickly from fingers than from cocks, especially when done right, and Vicki was no exception. With me finger-fucking her with reckless abandon with one hand and my other hand roughly working her tits, it wasn’t long before she was cumming.

Her body tensed beneath me for a moment—her legs freezing and her breath catching in her throat—before releasing. As the orgasm passed through her, Vicki let out a series of curses and her legs twitched and her head shook from side to side.

But I didn’t stop finger-banging her. I didn’t even slow down. If anything, I sped things up, hammering away at her harder than ever.

“Holy fuck!” she cried, still not quite recovered from her orgasm. She grabbed my arm, presumably to pull my fingers out of her pussy, but I yanked it away and held it down at her side.

“No, no,” I said. “I’m not through with your pussy yet. Just sit back and take it. Understand?”

Vicki nodded her head vigorously. Her eyes were opened wide and sweat was gathering on her forehead and her hair was all messed up.

“Do whatever you want to me,” she said.

“Don’t worry,” I replied. “I intend to.” Just to punctuate the point, I slipped a fourth finger inside her pussy.

“Holyshitmotherfucker,” she said breathlessly, making it all sound like one word. “They don’t all fit in there.”

“Yes they do,” I said, slowly working my fingers, loosening her up more and more, stretching her pussy out. “See, they fit in there just fine.”

Vicki started shaking her head back and forth but I knew she wanted to be controlled like this, to be made to do whatever I wanted. And even if she didn’t, we agreed beforehand that this was my night to do what I wanted. Her discomfort was all part of the plan. And it was working to perfection.

“Take it,” I said, staring down at her as my fingers moved further inside her, constantly seeking out deeper access.

“I can’t,” she said.

“Yes you can,” I replied. “You’re a big girl. You can take whatever I can dish out, remember?”

“I was wrong,” Vicki said.

“No you weren’t,” I said. “You’re doing great. You can handle it.”

“Okay,” Vicki said. “I’ll try.”

She closed her eyes and bit down on her bottom lip. Her face and chest were bright red from exertion and her breath was labored and her whole body was quivering.

“That’s it,” I said.

She seemed to be getting used to four of my fingers inside her, which meant it was time to take things even further.

“Grab your fucking tits. Squeeze them. Give yourself something else to think about.”

Vicki did as she was told.

“There you go,” I said. “Good girl. Now anytime you feel like you can’t take it anymore, squeeze them harder. Or slap them. Anything to take your mind off of how good my fingers feel in your pussy.”

“Why?” Vicki said, barely able to get the words out. “What are you going to do?”

Instead of answering, I dropped my head down and buried my face in her pussy, my mouth right above my fingers.

“Oh Jesus Christ,” she said, her voice reaching a whole new level. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

But I wasn’t, and I went to work on her clit with my tongue while continuing to work her pussy proper with my fingers.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” Vicki screamed while I went to town on her.

Looking up out of the corner of my eyes, I could her groping her tits hard enough that her fingers were white from the lack of blood flow. And a few seconds later she started smacking away at her tits, hard enough that the room was filled with the sound of gunshots.

But apparently it wasn’t enough to distract her.

“Okay, okay!” she screamed. “Enough! Enough! I’m done!”

“No you’re not,” I said, lifting my tongue off her clit and holding my fingers deep inside her but not moving them anymore. “You’re not done until I say you’re done.”

“Yes I am! I can’t take it anymore!”

“You can’t take what?” I asked. “The pleasure? Because that’s all this is. No pain, just pleasure.”

“But there’s too much of it,” Vicki said, starting to calm down a bit now.

“Too much pleasure, is that what you’re telling me?” I said. “Is that really what you’re saying?”

“Yes,” she said, but doubtfully.

“You said you wanted me to push the envelope,” I said.

“I know,” she said, barely able to get the words out. “But this isn’t what I meant.”

“Yes it is,” I said. “This is exactly what you meant. It just wasn’t what you were expecting. It’s different, I know, but that’s what makes it so fun. It’s truly pushing the envelope, not just giving you what you—and I—already know you can take.”

“I guess,” she said, conceding the point.

“So if you want me to keep pushing your limits, then I will. But you have to let me. Otherwise just say so, and we’ll go play to playing things nice and safe. It’s your choice.”

“Fine,” she said. “Finish doing your thing. But I have to warn you, I’m going to make you pay for this next time.”

“I know you will,” I said, grinning at her. “In fact, I’m counting on it.”

She couldn’t help but smile back.

“Now grab your legs and pull them back by your head,” I said, my voice regaining its demanding tone. “It’s time to finish off this first part of the evening once and for all.”

Vicki did as she was told, taking things a step further, even, by grabbing her legs and wrapping them around her head, so her ankles were crossed behind the back of her neck.

“There you go,” I said. “That’s what I’m talking about. Now sit back and relax.”

“I’ll try,” she said.

I went back to working her pussy with my four fingers, stretching out the side walls of her vagina, pounding her with as much force as I could muster, my hand disappearing inside her. Shortly after that I started in on her clit with my tongue, flicking it and licking it and sucking on it.

After a couple minutes of banging away aggressively, Vicki was getting close to where she was before we’d taken our little break to talk things out.

“Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit,” she said, practically in tears, her leg muscles taut and rippling, her skin shining with sweat. Her head was thrown back, her eyes towards the ceiling and her hands firmly attached to her tits.

Vicki was still in a bit of distress, but she was dealing with it better than before. Which just meant that I had to turn things up even more.

I rubbed a couple of fingers from my free hand over her pussy, getting them lubed up with her juices, then let them wander downward, towards her asshole. As I continued working her clit with my mouth and her pussy with the fingers of my right hand, I started rubbing around the outside of her asshole with the index finger of my left.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, what the fuck is this!” she cried, her voice quavering as a humorless laugh escaped from her mouth and her tension returned to the place where it had been before our break.

Smiling, I took this as a sign I was once again truly pushing her boundaries, and pressed on, tinkering with her asshole for a few more seconds before sliding the tip of my finger inside it.

Vicki yelped and followed that with a low, guttural moan that was a mixture of pleasure and discomfort, exactly what I was going for. But even though she was back in the same spot as before, she handled it better, not begging me to stop every five seconds.

So I pressed on, slipping a second finger into her asshole, then a third, then a fourth, all the while not letting up on the other parts of her at all.

After working both her holes with four fingers and her clit with my tongue for a good two minutes while she screamed and moaned and groaned and shook and shimmied beneath me, another orgasm reared its head.

“I’m gonna fucking cum again holy shit here it comes, fuck, fuck, ohmyfuckingod!” Vicki cried.

As she came I pulled my fingers out of her holes and rubbed her clit with serious aggression, eliciting yet another sharp gasp from Vicki. A few seconds later she was trying to back away from me, to escape my fingers.

But I wouldn’t let her. I’d told her I was going to push the envelope and this was a major part of it, taking things further than I had any reason to.

So as Vicki tried to back away I again slid three fingers back into her pussy and grabbed her ankle with my other hand to keep her from escaping.

Screaming wordlessly, Vicki tried to spin away but I stayed with her, using her momentum to flip her over so her chest was on the couch.

From here I was easily able to hold her down and slam my fingers into her from behind, finishing her off once and for all while she grunted like an animal beneath me.

Laughing, I gave her a slap on the ass and yanked my fingers out of her snatch and quickly stood up and backed away, out of range.

Vicki leapt to her feet, her face a mask of sweat and runny makeup. Glaring at me, she shook her head and said, “One of these days you’re going to pay for that, mister.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I said, grinning widely. “I know, I know. But not today. Do you know why?”

“Because you’re still in control,” Vicki said reluctantly.

“That’s right,” I said. “And considering how much attention I just spent on your pussy, I think it’s time you repay some of that on my cock. Now drop to the floor and crawl over here.”

Still glaring at me, but with a hint of good-natured humor behind her eyes now, Vicki dropped to her hands and knees and started crawling towards me.

Once she made her way over to me, Vicki wrapped one hand around my shaft, opened her mouth, and slipped my cock inside. She sucked on the tip and stroked my shaft at the same time, taking her time at first but eventually picking up steam. It wasn’t long before her mouth was dropping further and further down my cock with every thrust.

“That’s a good girl,” I said. “Suck that cock like you mean it.”

Her head continued bobbing on my cock, moving faster and faster, working it hands-free now. She was taking nearly the whole thing in her mouth with every thrust. Her hair was flying everywhere and saliva was running down her chin. The room was filled with gagging and slurping noises.

“That’s it,” I said, pumping my hips forward slightly. “Give me what I want. Take that cock all the way down your throat.”

Staring up at me, constantly maintaining eye contact, Vicki bobbed on my cock a couple more time before making it disappear, slamming it deep into her throat and holding it there, choking on it.

She started to cough and gag and then went to pull her head back but my hands shot out and grabbed the back of her head and held her in place.

“Where are you going?” I said, looking down at her. Her eyes were closed and her face clearly displayed her struggles. Choked, slurpy sounds were coming from her throat.

“I didn’t say you were done yet,” I said, pushing her head towards me, forcing her to continue deepthroating me.

She gagged again, then coughed, tickling my cock. Her face was starting to turn red and there was saliva everywhere and snot was coming out of her nose.

“Three more seconds,” I said. “Then I’ll let you go. Three. Two. One.”

I released her head and it went shooting back. Vicki coughed and sucked in a lungful of air and coughed again, then glared up at me with evil intent.

“Hey, you wanted me to push your boundaries,” I said, giving her a sly little smile. “Don’t give me that look.”

Vicki’s look didn’t change one bit, nor did I expect it to. But it was still fun to give her crap.

“What’s the matter?” I said. “Are you giving up on our little game.”

“Fuck no,” she said, practically spitting the words out.

“Then stop your pouting and get yourself back over here,” I said. “We’re not even close to done yet.”

Still glaring at me, Vicki did as she was told.

“Spit on my cock,” I said.

She did, gathering up a ton of saliva and making my cock all wet and slippery.

“Now jerk me off,” I said.

She did that too, still looking defiant but obviously enjoying being bossed around. Otherwise why would she do what I told her to?

“Is this what you want?” she asked, spitting the words out.

“To start.”

“And what else?” she asked.

“Play with my balls,” I replied.

She grabbed my sack with her other hand and squeezed them, a bit more roughly than I’d been expecting, although in hindsight, it should have been obvious. But I just rolled with it, not giving her the pleasure of seeing my discomfort.

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