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My roommate Penny and I started screwing around with each other shortly after we moved in together, a little over a year ago.

It had happened naturally; we were both young, attractive and in our sexual primes. We were both fed up with men and looking for something more. So we decided to give each other a shot. And we haven’t looked back since. We still hook up with men from time to time, and even end up in relationships with them occasionally. But we never stop fucking each other. It’s just too much fun.

Two years ago if you would have told me that I’d not only be living with another girl but fucking her on a regular basis I would have laughed you out of the room.

After all, at the time I was engaged to (who I thought was) a wonderful guy with a marriage date set in stone and plans for the future. I’d never even kissed a girl, let alone slept with one. And I never had even seriously thought about it.

Even after my engagement fell through (when I caught my fiancée cheating on me) I still never thought about sleeping with another woman. I went on a six-month sexual binge, but all with men, fucking as many of them as I could in an attempt to wash the taste of my scumbag fiancée out of my mouth.

But that was before I met Penny.

I remember the first time I laid my eyes on her, about a year after my engagement ended. I was at a bar in the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego with some friends when she showed up as part of another group we were meeting up with.

She caught my eye immediately, mostly because she was my physical opposite. Her hair was long and blonde hair while mine was short and brown. She had huge, natural, low-hanging breasts and I had small, perky, high ones. Her soft, slightly pudgy, face was completely different than my sharply lined features. She was short and stacked, with an amazingly curvy natural figure while I was tall and lanky with a body toned daily in the gym.

And the differences didn’t stop there. Pretty much everything about us was different.

Her pale skin to my dark tan. Her blue eyes to my brown. Her round, fleshy ass to my narrow, firm one. And it wasn’t only our looks that were in contrast.   

Penny was cute and bubbly while I was hard-edged and intense. She was talky while I was reserved. She was nice and I was mean. She was everybody’s best friend while I scared everyone away.

I figured we would butt heads like a couple of divas, but as it turned out, we got along incredibly well. People always say opposites attract but I never bought into it.

Until I met Penny.

At some point during that first night we ended up at the same table, both of us drunk off our asses and talking at length about our personal lives. I don’t remember many specifics of the conversation but I do remember that it was mostly about men, how pathetic and sad they were, how they didn’t know what they were doing in bed, how the only thing they cared about was pleasing themselves, that kind of stuff.

Nothing happened that night but the foundation had been laid. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I knew right then that Penny and I were going to end up fucking on a regular basis, in fact, it was the furthest thing from my mind. I’d never been with another woman at that point, and I never really expected to. And Penny felt the same way.

Hell, we didn’t even know if we’d ever see each other again after that night.

But, as circumstances would have it, we did see each other again, the next weekend in fact, out at a different bar but with the same group of friends. And the weekend after that. And the one after that.

Eventually we ended up talking more regularly, hanging out occasionally, doing things together. Until one day we realized we were best friends.

Shortly after that, it just so happened that we were both looking for a place to live and it was natural that we ended up living together. We were like peas in a pod, twins separated at birth, she was the yin to my yang. Despite our outward differences inwardly we were almost the same person; neither of us cared about stupid, petty shit. And we both liked men.

Even the first time we hooked up it was nothing planned. We were both having men problems at the same time so we decided to have a girls-night out, just the two of us. We ordered gourmet pizza, bought three bottles of expensive wine, rented a few chick flicks and locked ourselves in our apartment.

We were drunk as skunks and had just finished the second movie when the fun started.

We’d been ripping on men the whole night, each telling stories about how small this guy’s dick was, or this guy couldn’t get it up, or how this guy was a three-pump chump when Penny casually said, “Why do we need men anyways?”

“That’s a damn good question,” I replied. “It’s not like they’re good for anything. Except for their cocks of course.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Penny said with the exaggerated inflection of someone who is well and truly toasted. “If they didn’t have those they’d be totally and utterly worthless.”

“Hell, even cocks can’t save most of them,” I said.

“You can say that again sister,” Penny said.

So I did. We both laughed.

“But seriously,” Penny said as the laughter died down. “Just imagine if women had cocks. Then we wouldn’t need men at all. We could replace them completely.”

“Who says we can’t anyway?” I replied, only half-joking. I’m not going to lie, at this point I was so drunk and so horny that I starting to get on board with this whole idea of leaving men out of the loop. And with such a pretty little thing sitting on the couch next to me, how could you blame me?      

“What a minute, what are you saying?” Penny asked. She was trying to sound all innocent but I knew her too well to believe that schtick. She knew exactly what I was talking about.

“Cocks are the easiest thing in the world to replace,” I said. “I’ve got three of them in my room right now, all different sizes. And don’t tell me you don’t have at least a couple yourself. I’ve heard you making noises in your room when I know you’re alone.”

“What kind of noises are you talking about?” Penny said, pretending to be offended.

“Don’t give me that shit,” I said. “You know what I’m talking about.”

“Are you saying that you listen to me when I’m playing with myself?”

“Not listening, per se, but I can’t help but hear you. Not with all that moaning and groaning you do when you’re in there alone.”

“Does all that moaning and groaning turn you on?” Penny said. She was still smiling but her tone a bit more serious now.

“Of course it does,” I replied. “How could it not?”

She looked at me. I looked at her. And just like that, it happened. We both leaned forward at the same time and kissed.

Penny took the lead, hopping up on top of me and straddling me while we made out.

It was amazing, kissing another girl, not only because it was taboo but because she was a great kisser, much better than any guy I’d ever been with. Her lips were soft and supple, her tongue active but not crazy. She knew just how much pressure to use, not too much but not too little. I could only imagine how good she’d be with her tongue in other areas. Hopefully I’d find out pretty soon. But first there was some other business to take care of.

I put my hands on her stomach and moved them up under her shirt and grabbed her breasts.

She leaned back and slipped off her shirt, revealing her boobs in all their glory. Fat and juicy and hanging low with huge aureoles. They were amazing.

“You like my tits?” she said, bouncing up and down slightly, making them jiggle and shake.

“I fucking love them,” I said.

Penny smiled and pressed them together with her arms. “Yeah, they are pretty nice, aren’t they?”

“They’re more than nice,” I said. “They’re beautiful. Just like you.”

“Ahh, aren’t you sweet,” she said. “Deep down, despite your hard exterior, you’re just a little softy, aren’t you?”

“Sshhh,” I said, bringing my finger to my mouth in the universal sign for silence. “Don’t tell anyone. I have a reputation to uphold.”

“Don’t worry Kendra,” Penny said. “Your secret is safe with me. I won’t tell a soul.” Her voice lowered to a conspiratorial whisper. “Provided you do something for me, of course.”

“Anything you want,” I said.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Penny said. Then she leaned forward and thrust her tits into my face. “Well,” she said. “What are you waiting for?”

So I started to play with one of them, fondling and licking it, slowly moving my tongue over her nipple a few times before clamping on it and sucking it until it got hard.

I glanced up to see Penny’s head thrown back, her face towards the ceiling and her eyes closed. Soft sounds of pleasure escaped from her throat.

I figured I was doing something right so I switched over the her other nipple and gave it the same treatment.

While I worked on her other breast Penny ran her hand down my stomach and slipped her hand under my pajama bottoms and started rubbing her fingers over my panties. I was already turned on but this took things to another level.

I started working her nipple more aggressively in response to my growing excitement and she replied by rubbing my pussy with more intensity. We continued like this for a little while, each one upping the ante and the other responding, until we’d both taken things pretty much as far as they could go.

My panties were completely soaked through by now, making it feel like her fingers were rubbing my pussy directly, but I needed something more. I couldn’t take the teasing anymore. I needed something inside me. So I climbed out from under Penny and quickly slipped out of my pajamas and panties. Falling back onto the couch I spread my legs and started playing with myself, my eyes locked directly on hers as my fingers slipped in and out of my pussy.

Penny slipped out of her bottoms shortly after I did, watching me the entire time.

I was expecting her to start playing with herself too but what I got was even better. She dropped down to the floor, crawled over until she was between my legs, and started licking my pussy.

I let out a low moan of pleasure and shifted my fingers so they were rubbing my clit while Penny ate me out, her tongue working expertly in and around my pussy, hitting all the right notes as only someone with a pussy of their own can.

And then I let out an even louder moan as she got her fingers involved, touching and rubbing and sliding in and out of my pussy while she continued working it with her tongue.  

I’m not sure how long we went at it like that but soon enough I was cumming like I’d never cum before, my body shaking and shimmying as a scream escaped my throat as the orgasm wracked my body.

“Holy fuck,” I said once I’d recovered.

“A good one, huh?” Penny said, smiling, my juices covering her face, making it gleam under the light.

“Only the best one ever,” I said.

“No lie?”

“I swear.”

Penny put on her pouty face. “I want a turn.”

“Be my guest,” I said, relinquishing my spot on the couch.

Clapping her hands, she bounced up onto the couch, spread her legs wide and beckoned me over. Smiling, I obliged, dropping my face onto her pussy and going to town while she played with her clit.

A short time later I brought her to orgasm, her legs clamping down on my head while her body spasmed, her juices squirting out of her pussy and drenching my smiling face.

“Holy shit you were right,” she said, panting to catch her breath. “I can’t remember ever cumming so hard.”

“I told you,” I said.

“And to think, all these years we’ve been screwing around with boys . . .”

“Yeah, what a shame, huh?”

“Indeed,” she replied.

I stood up and fell onto the couch next to her. I dropped my head onto her shoulder then turned my face up towards hers.

“It’s pretty sad to think about all the time we wasted on those boys,” I said.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Penny replied. “Who knew that we didn’t actually need them at all?”

“Maybe those that did know kept it to themselves,” I said. “They didn’t want the secret getting out.”

“Yeah,” Penny said. “They didn’t want any competition.”

“That’s what I’m thinking.”

We fell silent for a moment. Then Penny starting laughing under her breath.

“What’s so funny?”

“I just think it’s hilarious,” she said.

“What is?”

“The fact that we really don’t need them at all,” Penny said. “They really are only good for their cocks, and like you pointed out earlier, those are easily replaceable.”

“They certainly are,” I said.

But Penny wasn’t done. “I mean, think about it: They don’t know how to kiss. They don’t know where to touch you. And they sure as hell don’t know how to eat pussy. They simply don’t know how to please a woman.”

“Where women, on the other hand, know exactly how and where to touch each other, because we touch ourselves all the time,” I said, picking up where she’d left off.


“Plus they only think about themselves,” I added. “As far as they’re concerned, once they’ve cum that’s it. They’re done. It doesn’t make any difference if you’ve gotten off or not.”

“Which brings us to perhaps the best thing about being with another woman,” Penny said, looking at me intently.

I knew exactly where she was going. I was thinking the same thing myself. It was something that came up every time we talked about boys.

“Women don’t have to stop after one orgasm!” we said at exactly the same time.

“We can go all night long without a break,” I added.

“We can indeed.”

I stood up and held out my hand. “Shall we continue, my dear?” I said in a faux-elegant voice.

“We shall,” Penny replied in kind as she took my hand.

I helped her up. “Your room or mine?” I said, leading her towards the hallway.

“Does it matter?” she replied.

“Not at all,” I said, turning towards her. I pulled her close and started kissing her right there in the middle of the living room. “It doesn’t matter in the least.”

And it didn’t. By the end of the night we’d done it in both our rooms. And by the time the weekend was up, the whole house had been desecrated. And we were just getting started.






I love all kinds of women. Tall and skinny or short and stacked. Blonde hair, brown hair, red hair. Dominant, submissive, sexy, sultry, classy, you name it. I’m not super-picky about looks but the one thing I am very picky about it attitude. To be one of my regulars a woman has to truly enjoy fucking. Love it, even. And very few of them love it as much as Gabriella.

At just over 5 feet tall and no more than 100 pounds, Gabriella doesn’t look like she could take a pounding. But her looks are deceiving. She’s got a rocking body, with soft but shapely legs, a great ass, thin waist and small but firm tits.  Her Latin heritage is apparent in her long brown hair, dark eyes, soft features, full lips and naturally tanned skin. She’s more cute than slutty and to look at her it would be impossible to guess that she likes it rough.

But to say it like that is to not give it enough credit. She loves rough sex, adores it, can’t get enough of it, in fact. She won’t take it any other way; if you can’t give her what she needs she’ll kick you out, right in the middle of a session. It’s almost happened to me before.

It was our first time together and I was taking it too easy on her, not giving her what she needed. I was trying to be a gentleman, it being our first time fucking and all, and even though she continued imploring me to give it to her harder and smack her around a little bit, I was having trouble following through.

Finally, after twenty minutes of me pussy-footing around, she’d had enough.

“That’s it,” she said, pulling away from me. “Get the fuck out.”

“What?” I asked, surprised as all hell.

“You heard me,” she said. “If you aren’t going to give me what I need, then just get the hell out of here.”

“What do you need?” I asked, perplexed.

“I need you to fuck me like you mean it,” she said. “Get physical with me. Toss me around, smack my ass, that sort of thing.”

“Why didn’t you say so?”

“Have you been fucking listening to me at all tonight?” she said, her voice rising. “I’ve been telling you that ever since we started!”

“I didn’t know you wanted it that rough,” I said.

“Well now you do,” Gabriella said. “So I’ll give you one more chance to make things right, and then you’re out for good.”

“Fine,” I said. “But don’t start crying that you can’t take it.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” she said. “I guarantee that won’t be the case.”

So I gave her what she wanted. And after we were done, she invited me to come back over later that week. Now we got together once a week or so to fuck, and I gave her what she needed every time.




“So what’s on tap for tonight?” she asked after letting me into her apartment. It was a nice place, pretty basic, not too much style, just substance. Exactly like Gabriella.

“Whatever you can handle,” I replied.

“You know I can handle whatever you can dish out,” she said, smiling wryly, daring me in her own way, getting me in the right mindset. She was wearing a tight-fitting pink sweater that was long enough to cover her ass, but just barely. Plus black leather boots with four-inch heels that came up over her knee. It was quite the outfit, and it turned me on like crazy just looking at her.

“Is that right?” I said, playing the game.

“Damn straight,” she said, her smile growing wider.

“We’ll see about that,” I said, grabbing a handful of her hair and giving it a sharp tug, bending her backwards so she was looking up towards the ceiling.

Gabriella’s smile widened as she moaned in pleasure. Her eyes twinkled with excitement. She clearly got off on being treated like this; it wasn’t an act.

“You like that?” I asked.

“I love it,” Gabriella replied.

I pulled her sweater off, exposing her perfect little perky tits. Her nipples were hard and sticking out like pencil erasers. I fondled one of her tits and pinched her nipple, eliciting a little gasp. Then I slapped down on it.

Gabriella yelped and shivered in ecstasy.

“Do it again,” she said.

I did it again, harder this time.

“Harder,” she said.

So I did, harder still. And again. And again. Her tit was bright red but she still seemed to be enjoying it. More than ever, in fact.

As was I. My cock was pushing painfully against my pants. This was exciting me just as much as it was her. I pulled up on her hair, snapping her head forward.

She was taking deep breaths but she was still smiling and her eyes were glowing with excitement.

I started walking, dragging her along by the hair as I went. I pulled her over to the wall, spun her around, and pushed her back up against it, then I grabbed ahold of her throat, squeezing just a bit, nothing too serious.

Gabriella’s smile didn’t fade one bit. In fact it grew wider.

“You like this, don’t you?” I said.

Gabriella nodded.

“Are you ready for more?”

She nodded again, her face starting to turn pink.

With one hand still around her throat I slapped her face. The sound filled the room like a gunshot. Little red blossoms flared up on Gabriella’s cheek. But she still smiled.

So I slapped her again. Then I squeezed her throat a little tighter. And slapped her again.

Gabriella’s smile was fading but her eyes were still radiating excitement. Her whole face was turning red now as her blood flow was restricted.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

Gabriella shook her head and mouthed the word no.

So I slapped her again. And again. And again. I was squeezing tighter now, almost completely cutting of the blood flow to her brain.

Her lips were slightly apart and quivering slightly. Her eyes started to flutter and her pupils rolled back, exposing the whites of her eyes. Her head lolled slightly to the right.

I let go of her throat.

The color ran back into her face and she gasped for breath. Her smile was back in full effect. Only this time it was filled with excitement.

“That was incredible,” she said.

“You’re one depraved little slut, aren’t you?” I said, laughing under my breath.

“The filthiest,” Gabriella said, reaching down to rub my cock, which was rock-hard and pressing against my pants.

I grabbed her arm and pulled it away. “Not yet,” I said. “We’ll get to me in a little bit. But right now I want to mess with you some more.”

“If you insist,” she said, her tone filled with mock disappointment.

I slipped her dress off by pulling it over her head and tossed it towards the other side of the room. Then I grabbed ahold of her throat again, not really squeezing this time, just holding her in place as my free hand wandered down her stomach to her pretty little pussy. I rubbed her snatch for a few seconds to get her warmed up but it was unnecessary. She was already soaking wet. So I stuck two fingers inside her and started finger-fucking her.

I stood there, facing Gabriella, looking down at her face as I was exploring her insides with my fingers, my excitement building like crazy.

She was staring up at me with wide eyes full of excitement, her bottom lip tucked between her teeth, her breath growing more and more rapid as I increased the pressure and depth of my fingers inside her.

I slid another finger into her pussy while simultaneously tightening my grip on her throat, choking off the gasp that was forming on her mouth. With three fingers now inside her I started moving my hand more quickly in and out of her pussy, my wrist angled slightly upwards to rub the edges of her clit as I finger-fucked her.

Gabriella’s mouth was slightly open and little gasping sounds were escaping from her throat. Her face was slowly turning pink as the blood flow diminished.

“You like this, don’t you?” I said.

She nodded as much as she could in her comprised situation.

“Do you want another finger?”

She nodded.

Without releasing her throat I slipped my pinkie insider her, joining the other three fingers. It was a tight fit but she loosened up a bit as I moved my fingers inside her.

A short time later Gabriella’s entire body was quivering, her legs on the verge of failing. Her head slumped to the side just a bit and her eyes fluttered. She was about to pass out.

I didn’t want that. So I released her throat but continued finger-fucking her, making it difficult for her to catch her breath. She leaned into me to keep from falling, her head on my chest.

I was the only thing holding her up but still I continued working her pussy, keeping her right on the edge. Her breaths were shallow and punctuated by high-pitched sounds of pleasure.

Finally she caught her breath and pulled back a bit, using the wall for support.

I took a moment to unzip my pants and pull my cock out with my free hand. It was sticking straight out, as stiff as a board, feeling like it was trying to push through my skin.

“Stroke it,” I said.

Gabriella’s hand flew down to my cock and she started jerking me off. In response, I reached out and grabbed ahold of her tit and squeezed it while my other hand continued working her pussy.

We stood there, face-to-face, playing with each other for a full minute before I was ready for something more.

I pulled my fingers from her pussy and gave it a little smack.

Gabriella yelped and her body stiffened for a moment but her smile didn’t fade. Not one bit. Nor did she let go of my cock.

I stuck my fingers in Gabriella’s mouth so she could clean them of her juices. She licked her fingers one-by-one, until they were completely clean, staring at me the entire time, continuing to jerk me off. Not saying anything, just waiting for my direction.

She was a perfect, little slut. It was time to start putting her to better use.

“It’s time that I fucked your face,” I told her.

“Bring it on,” she replied.

Smiling, I pushed down on her shoulders. She knelt to the ground without any resistance whatsoever. I shifted my hands to her head and grabbed ahold of her hair, using it to hold her head against the wall.

“Open your mouth,” I said.

She obliged, opening it wide. Her eyes were gleaming as she looked up at me.

I stuck my cock inside her mouth and started sliding it in and out, moving slowly, not giving her much more than the tip. I gradually slipped it further inside her until it was about halfway in. Then I sped up my thrusts.

Her lips started to close around my cock. I quickly pulled my cock out, used it to smack her cheek a few times.

“Did I tell you to close your mouth?” I asked.

Gabriella shook her head.

“That’s right,” I said. “I didn’t. This time keep it open. No matter what. Understand?”

She nodded.

I stuck my cock back inside her mouth and started pumping her face again, more aggressively this time. Gagging sounds came from her throat as I pummeled her mouth but she kept it open no matter how much of my cock I gave her.

“Tongue out,” I said.

Gabriella did as she was told; I could see her tongue beneath my cock as I pumped her mouth. Saliva was pouring out of her mouth, running down her chin and neck and coating her chest. Gagging, slurpy sounds escaped from her throat. Tears were dripping from her eyes and running down her cheek, smearing her makeup, but from the way she was looking at me she was still enjoying herself and not in any real distress.

My cock was slippery as hell as I gave her the whole thing, from tip to base, relentlessly slamming it in and back out of her throat, still holding her head against the wall with my hands.

The gagging and coughing sounds were growing louder with every thrust. A little pool of saliva was gathering on the carpet beneath her. I was thoroughly enjoying throat-fucking her; perhaps a little too much. I was almost at the point of cumming. I knew I needed to move onto something else before it was too late. But first I wanted to do something.

So I slipped my cock out of her mouth, giving her a couple of moments to catch her breath then slammed it back inside, all the way down her throat until her nose was poking into my stomach. But instead of pulling it back out right away, like I had done every time up until this point, I held it there, my cock all the way down her throat.

“Look at me,” I said.

She shifted her gaze upward as best she could while deepthroating me, looking up at me with tear-stained puppy-dog eyes.

“Holy fuck,” I said under my breath, doing everything in my power not to cum in her throat right there. Something about the helplessness and needing of that look nearly put me over the edge. I quickly yanked my cock out of her mouth before it was too late.

“Get on your hands and knees,” I said.

She dropped down at once. Her back was arched, her ass sticking up in the air, her shoulder blades visible against her back. Her legs were pressed together, showing off her perfect heart-shaped ass.

I dropped to my knees and sidled up to her. My legs were just outside hers and my cock was lying on top of her tight little ass. I spread her ass cheeks with my hands and settled my cock in between them then pressed her cheeks back together, trapping my cock in the crack of her ass.

Holding her cheeks together with my hands, I dry-fucked the crack of her ass, my balls slapping against her pussy as I bounced back and forth against her.

“Enough of this shit,” she said. “I need your cock inside me.”

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up towards mine. “You’ll get my cock when I’m ready for you to have it,” I said. “Got it?”

She nodded, smiling all the while, having gotten exactly what she wanted out of me. I pushed her head back down and went back to work.

After a few pumps I released her ass cheeks, freeing my cock, then guided it towards her pussy. She moaned as my cock entered her.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Gabriella said. The excitement in her voice was obvious.

I started off slowly, giving her my whole cock in controlled thrusts. Looking down at her ass, I watched my cock as it moved in and out of her pussy. It was glistening with her juices; her pussy was tight but she was so wet it didn’t matter one bit.

“What’s the problem back there?” she asked, turning to look back at me once again.

“What do you mean?” I said. “You wanted me to fuck you and now I am.”

“But why are you taking it easy on me?” Gabriella asked. “This isn’t exactly my first time around the block. There’s no need to get me warmed up before slamming your cock into me like you mean it.”

“Is that what you want?” I asked, even though I knew it was exactly what she wanted. “For me to fuck you harder?”

“You’re damn right,” she said. “It’s what I always want.”

“Fine,” I said. ‘Then that’s what you’ll get.”

I quickly began to pick up steam, still giving her my entire cock with every pump but moving faster against her. It wasn’t long before our bodies were slamming together, my hips bouncing off her ass at the bottom of every thrust, my balls slapping up against the underside of her belly as my cock jammed into the walls of pussy.

Her bottom lip was tucked between her teeth, biting down on her groans so as to stifle any sounds of enjoyment trying to escape her lips, pretending like my actions weren’t affecting her at all. Seeing this, I began to pummel her even more aggressively, using her hips for leverage, giving her everything I had. Her entire body moved a couple inched forward every time we came together.

“Is that better?” I ask without slowing down one bit.

“A little bit,” she said between thrusts. She still wasn’t giving me the satisfaction of making any of the noises that normally came with a good fucking but I could see in her eyes that she wasn’t going to be able to hold out for long. Especially if I ramped things up even further. “But I need more.”

I gave her a good hearty slap on the ass. She flinched but held her squeal inside.

“Like that?” I asked.

“Exactly like that,” she replied, breathing hard.

I smacked her ass again. Another flinch but still no noise. So I slapped it again. And again. And again until it was bright red. Tears were running down her eyes but still she made no sounds, neither of delight nor pain.

I relaxed for a moment, leaving my dick inside her but not moving for a few heartbeats. I needed to recover. The little break allowed her the same opportunity.

“Was that all you got?” she said after catching her breath. Her tone was sarcastic but the look on her face painted a different story. She was enjoying herself immensely.

“No, I’ve got more for you.”

“Then give it to me already,” she said. “I’m waiting for the good stuff.”

Smiling fiercely, I went back to work, picking up right where I left off, pummeling her pussy without any build-up. I grabbed ahold of her hair and gave it a yank, forcing her to arch her back and changing up the angle of penetration, allowing me deeper inside her.

I got up off my knees and slid my feet under my legs. Crouching down so as to not allow my cock to slip out of her pussy, I took a couple steps forward until my legs were straddling her body, giving me far more leverage than ever before. Maintaining my grip on her hair I started hammering away at her like there was no tomorrow, my legs working feverishly beneath me. Her body threatened to collapse every time I reached the bottom but somehow she maintained her position.

Gabriella was no longer holding back, no longer quiet. Her screams of pleasure were loud and guttural, animalistic to the extreme, finally betraying the nastiness that she was known for. It was as if a damn had burst in her throat and she was no longer trying to convince me that I wasn’t giving it to her hard enough.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she screamed as I pummel her. “Give me that cock. Give it to me! Right there, right fucking there! Fuck me like I deserve to get fucked! Yes! Yes! YES! Treat me like the little fucking whore I am!”

Her talking riled me up even further, bringing me right to the point of orgasm. I realized it was a good thing she’d kept quiet until now otherwise I never would have lasted this long.

I let go of her hair and slowed down in an attempt to keep from cumming too quickly but she didn’t let up one bit, bouncing her ass back against my cock, doing all of the work. It felt too good to try and get her to stop.

“Holy shit,” I said a short time later, my orgasm right around the corner. “Holy fucking shit I’m gonna fucking cum.”

“Yeah?” she said, looking back at me.

I nodded my head. I couldn’t have talked right then if my life depended on it.

“Right now?” she asked.

I nodded again.

She quickly pulled away from me, releasing my cock from her pussy, and spun around. Before I had realized what was happening she had taken my rock-hard cock in her mouth and was sucking me off like there was no tomorrow.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I said, letting her know that my explosion was imminent. I was expecting her to slip my cock from her mouth and jerk me off to completion, taking my sperm on her chest or maybe even her face, but instead she took my cock all the way down her throat and held it there, just like she had when I almost came earlier in the evening.

That was the final straw. My body tensed up and then released in a shuddering burst, spraying my cum straight down her throat while she stared up at me, holding my eyes with her own, her mouth engulfing my cock as I spasmed a couple more times, sending another couple shots of cum down her throat.

She took it in stride, swallowing my load down with ease, even milking my cock of every last drop of sperm before finally releasing it from her mouth.

“Now that is what I’m talking about,” she said, falling onto the floor. She was on her back, looking towards the ceiling.

“Did that do it for you?” I asked, flopping down next to her.

“Yeah, that will hold me over for a while,” she said. “A couple of hours, maybe.”

“That’s it?” I asked, only half-joking.

“What can I say?” Gabriella replied. “I just can’t get enough.”

“Apparently not,” I said.

“I appreciate the effort though,” she said.

“My pleasure,” I replied as I started gathering up my clothes.

“See you in a couple days?”

“Yeah, if that works for you.”

“Of course it does,” she said, rising up to her tip-toes to give me a kiss on the cheek. “But maybe next time we’ll have a few drinks beforehand, take things a little further.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said, pulling my clothes on. “I’ll bring the drinks.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Gabriella said.

She saw me out the door, closing it behind me. I figured she’d be on the phone, calling up another one of her guys within minutes, but I didn’t care. Besides, there was a reasonable chance I would be calling up another girl before the night was up anyway.

Anything goes with sex in 2014. It’s a brave world out there.







Seducing men isn’t an art form, it’s a matter of simple numbers. Ask enough men if they want to fuck and eventually you’ll find one that will. Usually within a couple of minutes. Especially if you look like Brooke. 5’10, 135 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin, toned body, a great rack, tight ass, long legs; she’s every man’s dream. She rarely get denied, and when she does, it’s no big deal, she just moves on to the next one.

Now, most people think seducing random guys is dangerous. But it’s anything but. Because Brooke does it the right way. The smart way. No seducing men at a bar, where they’re drunk and dangerous and you have to go home with them. Or at some party where anything can happen. No chance. It’s all about picking the right situation, one where you’re more likely to find a certain kind of man, one that you can trust (relatively speaking) and where help it not far away at all.

Brooke likes hotels. Especially the nicer ones near the airport. Businessmen, usually, with a little bit of a money and a job. Plus a family, which is always a plus, especially considering how most men treat matrimony these days. Most of the time she does her dirty work in the hotel gym. It’s good for a few reasons.

First of all, she gets to show off her body without making it look like she’s doing it on purpose. Shorts and a t-shirt or sometimes just a training bra are a great way to display her assets while also revealing plenty of skin. Plus the men usually aren’t wearing much either, which means they can’t hide anything. The running shorts they usually wear, with the thin material and high cuts make it pretty easy to see what they have going on down below.

Another benefit to the gym is its inherent solitude. A person is usually there by themselves, making it easier to talk without being in danger of getting yourself in trouble because of witnesses. In fact, Brooke will often wait until the later hours of the night to make her move, when one man is in the gym all by himself. Not only does it make the man feel special, but the lack of other people cuts down significantly on the embarrassment factor.

One final added benefit is a simple one; only a certain kind of man goes to the gym. Usually younger, or at least in decent shape, and they usually don’t hate themselves, otherwise they wouldn’t bother making themselves better. Which is always a bonus.

As for the hotel itself, its advantages are pretty obvious. Namely, a room nearby, most likely empty except for the one person staying in it. Private but not too private; a room all to yourself but lots of people in close range, which usually keeps things from getting out of hand. Clean, a bed, a shower, all that good stuff. Plus the transitory nature of hotels is a big plus, especially the near a major airport. Not much danger of getting into an awkward situation down the road, for Brooke or for the man, which is always a big factor in these things. 




Brooke saw Walter in the hotel gym just after 10PM on a Friday night. He was a good-looking man in his mid-thirties, a shade over six feet tall, dark hair, a rugged face, and a well-maintained body.

She’d been trolling hotels in the area for a couple of hours, looking for the right man and the right situation and it looked like she found it.

After catching his eye and then chatting him up a little bit, she made her move, asking him for a spot while she did some squats. He obliged.

And once she was done she put her hand on his shoulder and said in a sexy voice: “There’s something else you can help me out with.”

He gave her a sideways glance, as though he hadn’t heard her right.

“Come on,” Brooke said. “You’re a good looking man. Don’t tell me the is the first time you’ve ever been propositioned.”

“No,” Walter said. “But it’s the first time I’ve been propositioned in a hotel gym before.”

“Fair enough,” Brooke said. “Well, what do you say?”

“I say let’s go give it a shot,” Walter said, smiling widely.

“That’s what I figured you’d say,” Brooke said. “Lead the way, big boy, and let’s go desecrate ourselves a hotel room.”




“Just sit back and relax,” Brooke said after they’d reached Walter’s room.

Walter sat down like he was told but looked like he was having trouble with the relaxing part. He was simply too excited to calm himself down.

“I guess that will have to do,” Brooke said.

While Walter sat fidgeting on the couch, Brooke turned around so her ass was facing him. Turning her upper body so she could look back at Walter, she slowly wiggled out of her yoga pants, revealing her ass 1 inch at a time until her pants were completely off, leaving her in only a red G string.

“Do you like what you see?” Brooke asked.

Walter nodded his head. He looked like he was afraid to talk, perhaps unsure of whether or not his voice would even work.

“Do you want to take a closer look?” Brooke asked.

Walter nodded again.

“You don’t talk much, do you?”

He shook his head from side to side.

Brooke laughed softly. “That’s okay,” she said. “As long as your cock works better than your vocal cords.”

“It does,” Walter said, smiling just a bit.

“We’ll see about that,” Brooke said. She turned around and started walking towards Walter, her tits bouncing beneath her shirt and her nipples poking through the cotton. Stopping just as she reached him, Brooke put one hand on the inside of each of Walter’s knees and gently pushed his legs apart. She stepped in between them and turned around so her ass was facing him, poised just above his groin.

As Walter’s cock pressed up against the surface of his running shorts, Brooke dropped her ass onto his lap and moved it in a circular motion.

Turning her head so she could catch his gaze, Brooke worked Walter’s trapped cock, rubbing her ass on it, sliding up and down the length of it, bouncing and grinding on it with varying amounts of pressure and intensity.

“Do you like that?” Brooke asked, still maintaining eye contact with him.

Walter nodded.

“Do you want to see what else I can do?”

“Yes,” he managed to squeak out.

Brooke turned around and climbed onto the couch, straddling Walter. Leaving his cock trapped beneath his pants, she rode him facing forward, constantly mixing things up like a seasoned pro.

Messing with Walter was getting Brooke excited to, as evidenced by the growing wet spot on his pants courtesy of her pussy juices.

Feeling bold, Walter reached out and put his hands on Brooke’s tits, feeling them through her shirt.

“You like those, do you?” Brooke asked.

Walter nodded.

Brooke paused for a moment and pulled her shirt off, freeing up her big, beautiful breasts. Walter’s hands went immediately to them, groping and squeezing and rubbing them while she continued grinding away at his cock.

After feeling her up for a little while, Walter turned his concentration to her nipples. Taking them between his fingers, he gave them a little squeeze, eliciting a groan of pleasure from Brooke. He then began to rub his fingers together, making her nipples he even harder in the process.

Brooke shivered in pleasure, then leaned forward and stuck her tongue in Walter’s mouth. She explored each other’s tonsils while Walter continued playing with her nipples.

Brooke pulled back, unlocking their lips. Staring down at him, their foreheads practically touching, she said, “Enough foreplay. I need your cock inside of me.”

“Sounds good to me,” Walter said.

Still sitting atop him, Brooke reached down and quickly pulled his running shorts and underwear down, freeing up his cock. Then she yanked her g-string to the side, freeing up her pussy, and slid his hard cock inside of her.

“Holy shit,” they both groaned in unison.

Brooke’s pussy was soaking wet. It accepted Walter’s throbbing cock with ease.

Not wanting to waste any time, she started bouncing on him immediately, forcing his cock deep inside her right from the get-go.

“Oh my god that feels so fucking good,” Brooke said, slamming her pussy down onto Walter’s cock while he grunted in exertion beneath her. His hands were gripping her tits and squeezing tightly, as though holding on for dear life.

Brooke ran her hands back to her ass and grabbed her cheeks and spread them apart, allowing Walter deeper access to her pussy. He responded by squeezing her tits even tighter. She started giving him her entire body weight, slamming down onto him with the help of gravity, hard enough that he flinched every time they came together.

After bouncing on his cock for another thirty seconds, Brooke could see from Walter’s face that he was approaching orgasm. But she wasn’t ready for that yet. It was time to slow things down.

Brooke climbed up and off Walter’s cock and slid back down between his legs. She went back to work on his cock, sucking her juices off it with her tongue, then ran it along the back side of his ball sack, underneath and then behind it, licking one testicle then the other.

After tonguing his balls for a bit, Brooke gripped his ball sack near the base of his cock, creating a little pocket. Then she took this pocket in her mouth and started sucking on it, pulling down with her mouth, yanking on his sack, stretching it out.

Walter shuddered slightly and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly.

“I take it you liked that?” she asked, popping his balls out of her mouth and looking up at him with a filthy little smile.

He nodded.

“Then you’re going to love this,” Brooke said, pushing on the underside of his legs with her hands to spread them and lifting his ass up off the couch. She slid further down, spending a few seconds licking his taint before putting one hand on each of his asscheeks and spreading them apart.

Walter groaned under his breath as Brooke’s tongue started going to work on his asshole, licking it around the edges, then the center, before using the tip of her tongue to penetrate it just a bit.

He let out a gasp and adjusted his position on the couch, sliding back a bit and hooking his arms underneath the back of his knees, holding his legs up and giving her easier access to his asshole. This allowed Brooke to go at it even more aggressively, sliding her tongue up and down his taint, from the base of his balls to his asshole, getting it all wet and slippery, then back to his asshole, sucking on it, lapping at it, then sticking her rigid tongue inside it, her hands spreading his ass even further, giving her more leverage, allowing her tongue to go deeper and deeper inside his asshole.

Walter reached down and grabbed the back of Brooke’s head and pulled on it, smashing her face against his ass, forcing her tongue deeper into his asshole. He held her head there for a few seconds before grabbing a handful of her hair and yanking on it, pulling her head back. She was gasping for breath, sitting on her knees, looking up at him with a wicked smile.

Walter still had a firm grasp on Brooke’s hair and he used it to spin her around and force her down onto her hands and knees, doggy style. He let go of her hair and lifted her ass higher into the air. Her pussy was gaping wide and dripping wet, glistening in the light.

Brooke looked over her shoulder at Walter standing over her, waiting for him to drop to his knees and slide his cock into her. But so far he was just standing there, looking down at her.

“Play with your pussy,” he said, his hand on his cock, slowly jerking it off.

Brooke was surprised to see Walter flip this switch. She hadn’t figured him for someone who had the balls to take control. But now that he’d shown this side of himself, she was glad for it. While she didn’t mind being the one in control, it was always more fun to have it go both ways.

With this in mind, Brooke’s hand flew to her pussy and she stuck two fingers inside and started fucking herself, slamming her fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Is that what you want?” she asked, still looking back at him. “To watch me fuck myself?”

Walter nodded without taking his eyes off her holes.

Brooke let her fingers slide out of her pussy and run them up the crack of her ass. “What about this?” she said, sliding her index finger into her asshole, using her pussy juices as a lube. “Do you want me to play with my asshole too?”

Walter nodded again. His hand was working his cock faster than ever.

“What about two fingers?” Brooke said, slipping her middle finger in there too. “Is that even better?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Much better.”

Brooke explored her asshole with her fingers, working them around in circles inside her, loosening her anus up, getting it ready.

“Do you know what’s even better than my fingers in my asshole?” she said, still looking back at him.

Walter shook his head. “No.”

“Your cock,” Brooke said. She popped her fingers out of her asshole and brought them to her mouth and sucked her ass juices off of them. “Do you want to fuck my ass?” she asked after her fingers were clean.

Walter nodded.

“Then come on down here and join me,” Brooke said. “My asshole is waiting for you.”

Walter didn’t have to be told twice. He dropped to his knees and nestled up to Brooke and slid the tip of his rock-hard cock into her tight little asshole and started working it slowly inside, bit by bit.

“There you go,” she said as he worked his cock into her asshole. “That’s right, baby. Work that tight little asshole with your cock.”

So he did, pressing it further and further inside her with every pass. It wasn’t long before he was giving it to her balls-deep, in long, deliberate thrusts.

“Oh my god that feels so fucking good,” Brooke said. “It’s so hot. It’s so fucking hot.”

Her talking must have got Walter wound up, as he started pounding her asshole harder, his cock hammering deep inside her anus, his balls slapping up against her pussy with every pump.

“Spread my ass,” Brooke said, looking back at him as he continue to fuck her asshole. “Spread my fucking cheeks with your hands.”

Walter did as he was told, grabbing one cheek in each hand and spreading her ass, allowing him deeper access to her asshole.

“That’s it,” she said between deep, grunting breaths, her voice rising with every word. “Right there. Right fucking there. Fill that asshole with your fat fucking cock.”

The more Brooke talked the faster Walter pumped her asshole. He was hammering away at it recklessly, his cock sliding in and out at dizzying speeds, his hips slamming into her ass with every thrust. She moaned louder and started slamming back against him harder, harder, harder still, talking all the while.

“Don’t stop fucking my ass baby, don’t stop fucking my ass. Fuck me like you mean it, baby, treat me like a fucking whore.”

And he didn’t, pounding away with everything he had.

“Don’t stop,” Brooke said. “Don’t fucking stop! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum!”

Walter didn’t stop. And soon enough, Brooke came, an orgasm racking her body, causing her to squirm and scream and shiver and shimmy.

Once her orgasm had passed Brooke sensed that Walter was right there too. It was as if he’d been waiting for her to cum before he did. But now that she was done he didn’t have long left.

“Are you ready to cum?” she asked, looking back at him.

Walter nodded.

“Spray it all over my back,” she said. “I want to feel your cum on me.”

Walter did as he was told, slamming his cock into Brooke’s asshole a couple more times, then pulling it out and jerking himself off, sending spurt after spurt of white cum shooting out of his cock and all over Brooke’s back.

Once he was finished, he collapsed onto the floor, breathing deeply, a wide smile on his face. He was lying on his back, facing the ceiling.

Brooke turned around and joined him, lying on her stomach next to him. Walter’s cum covered her back with white spots and little pools of it were gathering in low spots.

“Well, did you have fun?” she asked, looking over at him.

“Hell yeah,” Walter said.

“Me too,” Brooke said.

“Perhaps we can do it again sometime,” Walter said.

“Perhaps,” Brooke said, standing up to get her clothes. She knew full well that it would never happen. She rarely, if ever, spent more than one night with a man. It just wasn’t in her nature to allow anyone to get close to her. But there was no reason to let Walter know this. Let him enjoy his post-coital bliss. No reason to hit him with the hard truth. He’d figure it out soon enough.







The vast majority of one-night-stands are the result of a specific set of circumstances, usually having to do with a bar or a party and some kind of artificial enhancement, such as alcohol or drugs. But occasionally, people just get lucky and run into each, sometimes even literally, and it leads to a quick, intense, fuck session never to be repeated.

Take Nick and Natalie, for example. They just happened to at the same airport at the same time, both hurrying to catch the same flight, when they came running around opposite corners and slammed into each other, sending both of them crashing to the ground.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” Natalie asked from her spot on the floor. Even though she was smaller than Nick, she’d seen him coming at the last second and braced herself, sparing her from the worst of the collision.

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