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The first month after I started hooking up with Kelly, the nineteen year-old slut down the street, it was pretty basic stuff. So basic that our little affair almost ended before it even really got started.

Luckily Kelly and I had a little heart-to-heart, and we both came to the realization that things needed to get a lot more adventurous, and right soon. So the second month we got a little freakier with each other, nothing too crazy but a lot more physical. She told me that she liked it rough, so I gave it to her rough, pounding her pussy, pulling her hair, smacking her ass, her tits, occasionally her face.

Not to be outdone, she gave it back to me just as much as she got it, riding me until my cock was raw, bouncing up and down on me hard enough to give me bruises, even hitting back on occasion.

All in all, things were progressing nicely. We were fucking at least three times a week, sometimes more, and Kelly seemed to be enjoying herself just as much as I was. Not wanting to push too fast because she was so much younger than me, I generally followed her lead on when to turn things up a notch. It was a role she relished and it didn’t bother me one bit letting her take the lead. Little did I know where it was going to eventually lead . . .




It was almost 10 PM and I was nursing a beer in front of the television, watching ESPN when the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone but figured it could only be one of a couple people, so I climbed off the couch and headed towards the door. While I was on my way the bell rang again, followed by a brief burst of knocking.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” I said, a little annoyed by all the commotion. “Hold your horses, I’m coming.”

I looked through the peephole and was surprised to see Kelly standing there. She came over unannounced all the time but never this late. Not even close. I opened the door, wondering if something was wrong. But from the look on her face it quickly became apparent that everything was fine. She was smiling profusely and her eyes were glowing with mischief. I knew that look. She was horny as shit.

“Whatchadoin?” she asked in a sing-song, playful voice.

“Just chilling out,” I said, looking her up and down. She looked very casual, with almost no makeup and her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She wearing a white t-shirt that left her midriff exposed and a tight, tiny pair of pink shorts and a pair of flip-flops on her feet. As far as I could tell she didn’t have a bra or panties on.

“Mind if I chill out with you?” she asked, still smiling.

“Not at all. Come on in.”

I stood aside and she walked past me. I shut the door and watched her cute little ass working behind her tiny pink shorts as she made her way into the living room. She took a seat on the couch, her legs curled up underneath herself. I sat down next to her.

“To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?” I asked.

“What, can’t I just come over and hang out with you?” she replied.

“Of course you can,” I said. “But you never do. Every time you come over you want something.”

“And what is it that I always want?”

“My cock,” I said.

“Well, what makes you think tonight is any different?”

“I don’t.”

“Then why are you giving me such a hard time, pretending like you don’t know why I’m over here?”

“Just to mess with you,” I said.

“Well stop it,” Kelly said, leaning over and grabbing my cock and giving it a squeeze through my pants. “Otherwise I might change my mind.”

“About what?” I said, staring deep into her big brown eyes.

Kelly leaned in towards me until out faces were mere inches apart. “Letting you fuck me in the ass,” she whispered.

“Is that what you want?” I whispered back, my hand sliding under shirt and gripping one of her firm titties.

She let out a little moan and bit down on her bottom lip and nodded.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Kelly replied, rubbing my cock more forcefully. “Why, do you have a problem with fucking my asshole?”

“Hell no,” I said, rubbing her nipple between my fingertips, eliciting a sharp gasp from her mouth. “In fact, I’ve been dreaming about fucking you in the ass since the first day I saw you.”

Keeping her eyes locked on mine, Kelly undid my zipper and pulled my cock out of my pants. It was already rock-hard, just like it always was around her.

“Then why didn’t you say something earlier?” she said.

“You know me,” I replied as I moved my free hand down her stomach. I slipped it under her shorts and started rubbing her already wet pussy. “I leave those things up to you. I don’t want you to think I’m pushing too hard.”

“I love it when you push hard,” Kelly said, her breath coming more quickly now.

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I know,” she said, jerking me off. “But that doesn’t mean I like it. You can take the initiative too, you know.”

“Is that what you want?” I asked. Our lips were practically touching now as she continued jerking me off while I rubbed her pussy, both of us growing more excited by the second but neither of us wanting to show the other how excited we actually were.

“Sometimes,” she said.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“You do that,” Kelly said. “But enough talking for tonight. It’s time to get down to business.” She dropped her head in my lap and wrapped her lips around my cock.

I leaned back and watched Kelly as she sucked my cock, only taking the head of it in her mouth at first before gradually taking more and more until she was swallowing the entire thing.

She was on her hands and knees on the couch, sitting sideways to me, allowing me to easily reach her backside. I yanked her pinks shorts down around her thighs, freeing up her bottom half. Then I reached around her ass and started rubbing her pussy.

Kelly responded by going after my cock with more intensity. I replied by sliding two fingers inside her pussy. She retaliated by cupping my ballsack. I slapped her ass with my free hand. She yanked down on my sack. I grabbed a handful of her ass in my fist. She gave my balls a squeeze.

Laughing softly, I released my hold on her. “I give up, I give up. You win.”

Kelly let go of my balls and slid my cock out of her mouth. Smiling up at me, she jerked me off while I continued fingering her pussy. “I always do,” she said.

“Yes you do,” I agreed. “Luckily it doesn’t bother me.”

“Doesn’t it?

“Not at all,” I said, wiggling out from underneath her and climbing to my feet. “Because in the end, I always get what I want from you.”

“That’s funny,” Kelly said. “I was going to say the same exact thing about you.”

“Get over here,” I said, my voice filled with mock anger. I picked Kelly up and flipped her over and deposited her back onto the couch, facing me. Then I grabbed her legs and pushed them back, folding her in half. Grinning widely, she hooked her ankles together behind her head like a human pretzel, leaving her snatch and tight little asshole wide open and right in front of my face.

I started fingering her pussy, giving her two fingers, then three, then four, filling her up, slamming my hand back and forth, causing her to scream. I pulled my fingers out and slapped her pussy a couple of times, eliciting a sharp gasp with each slap. Then I went to work with my tongue, licking her pussy from bottom to top, tasting her tangy sweetness.

“Holy fuck that feels so fucking good,” she said. “Don’t stop, baby. Don’t stop licking my pussy.”

Her talking excited me further and I started going after her pussy more vigor, digging my face in and sticking my tongue deeper inside her. I let my fingers wander down to her ass and used my middle one to rub the outside of her asshole.

“There you go,” she said. “Work that asshole with your finger. Get it all warmed up for your big, hard, cock.”

With Kelly egging me on, I stuck my middle finger in my mouth to get it lubed up and then slid it into her asshole. She let out a low groan of intense pleasure which morphed into a series of moans as I worked my finger in and out of her asshole.

“More,” she said between deep breaths, staring right at me with intense eyes. “Stick another one in there.”

So I did, spitting on her asshole then sticking a second finger inside her, my excitement building with every passing moment.

With my fingers still sliding in and out of her asshole I went back to eating her out, my tongue working feverishly in her pussy. She was making animalistic sounds, begging me for more.

“Another one,” she said.

So I slid a third finger inside her asshole. It slipped in easily. She’d obviously done this sort of thing before. The fact that she was such a whore at such a young age excited me even further, and I went to town even more aggressively on her snatch while still slamming my fingers into her asshole, loosening it up, getting it ready for my cock.

But she had some other things in mind first. Reaching down, she grabbed ahold of the back of my head and pulled me into her, smashing my face against her pussy, nearly smothering me. Breathing her in, I licked and sucked and tongued her soaking wet snatch, making a mess of my face. My fingers were shoved into her asshole all the way to the knuckles.

Sometime later she lifted my head up by the hair and pulled me towards her. She licked my face, cleaning all her juices off me, then shoved her tongue into my mouth and started aggressively exploring it. My fingers were still buried in her ass.

She broke off the kiss but kept a hold of my head. Our faces were mere inches apart and we were staring into each other’s eyes. She reached down and pulled my fingers from her ass and brought them up towards her mouth.

She stuck my index finger in her mouth, licked it clean of her juices, then popped it out. “First I want you to fuck my pussy.”

She slid my middle finger into her mouth and licked that one clean. “Then I want you to fuck my ass.”

She finished with my ring finger, giving it the same treatment as the other two. “And then I want you to cum on my face. Do you think you can handle that?”

“I’ll see what I can do,” I said, stepping forward, getting into position. I grabbed her hips and turned her slightly, so she was lying diagonally on the couch. Leaving one foot on the floor, I brought my other leg to the couch and dropped my knee onto the cushion. Then I slipped my cock into her pussy.

Kelly groaned as I entered her.

“You like that, do you?” I asked, looking down at her.

Kelly nodded. “I fucking love it,” she said.

Leaning forward to give myself a better angle, I proceeded to fuck her pussy, pumping my hips back and forth in long, deliberate thrusts.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” Kelly said. “I love the feel of your cock inside me.”

As usual, her talking just got me more riled up, which led to me moving faster and faster against her. I grabbed her tits and gave them a squeeze and she responded with a gasp of pleasure and a nod of her head.

I increased my speed further, pounding her pussy now, my cock moving in and out of her more quickly than ever while she moaned and groaned beneath me.

I hammered away at Kelly’s pussy for a good two minutes before slamming into her one last time and holding my cock deep inside her, our eyes locked together. She threw her arms up around my neck and pulled me closer and locked her lips around mine. After exploring each other’s mouths for a short while, she broke off the kiss but didn’t pull back, choosing instead to place her forehead against mine.

“Fuck my ass,” Kelly said, her eyes gleaming. “Give me what I need.”

“Gladly,” I said.

Smiling, I backed away and pulled my cock from her pussy. I squatted down and spit on her asshole and started working it with my tongue, getting it nice and lubed up for what was to come.

“Holy shit that feels fucking incredible,” Kelly said as I licked her asshole, starting on the outside and working my way towards the middle until my tongue was halfway inside her anus, getting it warmed up for my cock.

After it was good and loose, I stood up and repositioned myself. Then I grabbed ahold of my hard cock and slid it into her asshole.

Kelly let out a guttural moan and her legs quivered. But still she held them tight, keeping them wrapped around the back of her head, leaving herself wide open to me.

I moved my hips slowly forward, giving her one inch of my cock at a time. It was more for me than for Kelly; her asshole accepted my cock quite easily but it was still tight enough that it applied pressure all over, heightening the sensation. I knew if I moved too quickly I wouldn’t be inside her long before I was aching to cum.

“What’s that matter?” Kelly said, smiling up at me. “Too tight for you to handle.”

“No,” I lied. “It’s just right.”

“Then give it to me with a little more intensity,” she said, easily reading through my lies. She started moving her body back into mine, forcing my cock deeper inside her asshole.

I grimaced and tried to stave off orgasm. Kelly just laughed and started bucking her body more quickly, fucking my cock with her asshole.

It wasn’t long before I was ready to burst. Her asshole just felt too fucking good. So I quickly pulled my cock out and gave it a couple of quick smacks to get it back under control.

Laughing, Kelly looked up at me. “Oh, poor baby,” she said. “It was too tight.”

“It’s not going to be for long,” I said, grabbing ahold of her around the waist. I flipped her over, grabbed her around the hips, and pulled her ass up into the air. She shifted her upper body so she was looking back at me.

“Is this how you like me?” she asked, her voice higher-pitched than usual, the tone she took when she wanted to mess with me. “Face-down and ass up so you can pummel me from behind?”

 I answered Kelly’s question with actions instead of words, sidling up to her and sliding my cock into her dripping wet pussy, giving it to her balls-deep right from the get-go.

Kelly gasped, her eyes widening slightly. “I guess it is,” she said before returning her gaze forward.

I worked my cock quickly in and out of Kelly’s pussy while staring down at her body. Watching her bounce against my cock while I fucked her from behind was the stuff dreams were made of. Tight ass, narrow hips, perfect skin, back muscles working, shoulder blades poking out, brown ponytail bouncing just above her arched back. I was just as excited by the view as I was by the physical sensation coursing through my body.

With my hands gripping Kelly’s ass cheeks, I laid into her, giving her my entire cock, from tip to base, hammering away at her pussy in long, fast, deep strokes.

“Holy shit,” she cried aloud. “You’re cock is so fucking big! Give it to me, give it to me. Just like that!”

The whole point of this exercise was to loosen up her ass before I fucked it again, so I spit on two of my fingers and slid them into her asshole. I forced them as far in as they would go then started working them in a circular motion, stretching out her asshole while I continued fucking her pussy.

I slid a third finger into her asshole and worked it around with the other two until I figured it was loose enough for my cock.  

Still pounding away at Kelly, I slid my fingers out of her ass and used my hands to spread her ass cheeks, opening her asshole up, causing it to gape. It was mesmerizing, that perfect little black hole, just staring right up at me, beckoning. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer once I got my cock in there, but at this point I didn’t care. I needed to fuck Kelly’s ass. Now. It was just too inviting to delay any further.

So as I continued holding her asscheeks wide, keeping her asshole gaping, I slid my cock out of her pussy and maneuvered it so the head was resting against the flesh between her pussy and asshole, the tip mere centimeters from entering.

“Give it to me,” Kelly said, looking back at me once again. “Fuck my asshole with your huge cock until you’re ready to cum.”

“If you insist,” I said. And with that, I slid my cock inside her.

Unlike earlier, I wasn’t worried about making it last before I came, so I started pounding her asshole right away, giving her my entire cock from tip to base from the very beginning.

“Holyfuckingshit,” Kelly screamed, her head facing forward once again as my hips slammed into her ass, making it shake and jiggle every time our bodies come together. “Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass and make me cum!”

Now that I knew she was so close to cumming, I did what I could to help get here there before I did, reaching out and grabbing her shoulders so I could pull her body back with every thrust, forcing my cock deeper inside her asshole. It was completely disappearing now, my balls slamming up against the underside of her pussy at the bottom end.

“Your cock is so fucking deep in my ass!” Kelly screamed. “Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

She tilted her chin towards the ceiling, causing her ponytail to hover in the air right in front of me.

I couldn’t resist, grabbing ahold of it and yanking back.

Kelly’s screams grew even louder but she was no longer talking. The sounds that came out of her mouth with wordless and unformed, pure exclamations of unbridled pleasure.

I continued pummeling her ass with every ounce of my energy, right on the verge of cumming now but wanting her to have her orgasm before I let go with mine.

Luckily it didn’t take but a few more seconds. I slammed my cock deep into her asshole a few more times and then her body tensed up for a moment before releasing, her entire body quivering as a final, pent-up scream escaped from her mouth.

With her orgasm out of the way, I was free to finish up too, which I did a short time later.

“Holy shit, I’m gonna fucking cum,” I said, pulling my cock out of her asshole.

Kelly spun quickly, sliding forward on the couch until her head was right in front of my cock. She took things from there, wrapping her lips around the head of my cock while she worked the shaft with her hand.

After just a couple seconds of this, my body tensed up too. Reading the signs of my impending orgasm, Kelly popped my cock out of her mouth but continued jerking me off as I came, spraying her face with my white sperm, coating it with numerous spurts as she milked me dry with her hand before letting my cock go.

Looking up at me, her face covered in white, she smiled.

“That was quite a load,” she said. “Even bigger than usual.”

“What can I say,” I replied. “Fucking your ass turned me on more than usual.”

“It sure looks like it,” she said. “I take it you want to do it again?”

“Whenever possible,” I said.

“How about right now?”

“Are you serious?”

Laughing, Kelly said, “Nah. Not tonight. It’s too late. But pretty soon though. One of these days I’m going to make you cum at least three times before I’m through with you.”

“I can’t wait,” I said.

“Neither can I,” she replied, standing up. “Now give me a kiss.”

She leaned in towards me but I quickly backed away. “Whoa, there,” I said. “Don’t get all crazy on me now.”

Laughing, she took another step towards me. I scurried away, almost tripping on a chair in the process, which just made her laugh harder.

“All right, all right,” she said. “I’ll let you slide on kissing me until I get cleaned up.”

“Thank you.”

“This time, at least,” Kelly said, still grinning.

She turned and headed towards the bathroom while I gathered our clothes, laughing under my breath all the while. I didn’t know what I’d done to deserve this, but I wasn’t going to question it. Every dog has it’s day. Or in my case, three months. The only question now what how much longer it would last. But I wasn’t worried. The way I saw it, every day was a bonus. I’d never been with a girl like Kelly before and I figured I never would after. Might as well just enjoy it as it came.







Eric is heading out to a bar to meet some friends when he gets a call from Roxy. They were fuck-buddies in college and continued with the same loose relationship after they graduated. They got together about once a month on average. 

“Hey baby, what’s up?” Eric says after answering it.

“Not much,” Roxy says. “What are you up to?”

“Just heading out to hang out with the guys.”

“Oh yeah? Is it set in stone?”

“Not really,” Eric says. “Why? Are you looking to hook-up?”

“If you’re in the mood,” Roxy says.

“I’m always in the mood for you, baby,” Eric says.

“Good,” Roxy replies. “Because I have a surprise for you tonight.”

“Oh yeah? What?”

“If I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it?”

“I guess not,” Eric says, feigning sadness.

“Don’t worry,” Roxy says. “I promise you’ll like it.”

Eric laughs. “I’ll be there in little while.”

“See you then.”

Fifteen minutes later Eric knocks on the door. Roxy answers it. She’s an adorable little thing with long, dark hair, brown eyes with just a hint of an Asian in them, angular face, and a rockin’ body; five and half feet tall and around 125 pounds, with an athletic frame, firm, perky tits and a perfect ass. She’s wearing a black skirt and a white t-shirt with no bra. Her feet are bare.

“Hey Roxy,” Eric says.

“Sshhh,” Roxy says, putting her index finger in front of her mouth in the universal sign for silence. “Not so loud.”

“Sorry,” Eric says, almost whispering. “What’s up?”

“Remember that high school friend I was telling you about last time we hooked up?” Roxy says. “The one that was hot as shit and a freak in the sack? Jasmine?” 

“Yeah,” Eric says, his interest piqued.

“Well, she’s upstairs right now,” Roxy says letting Eric inside the house and closing the door behind him. “And she wants to meet you.”

“No shit?” Eric says, a grin forming on his face. “And you’re okay with that?”

“Of course,” Roxy says, returning his smile with one of her own. “We’ve been teaming up on boys for years.”

“Then let’s go see her.”

“We will,” Roxy replies. “But we have to be quiet. I think she’s, you know—” She pantomimes rubbing her pussy.

“Playing with herself?” Eric says, his face lighting up.

“Yeah,” Roxy says. “I think so. That’s what it sounds like at least. Come on, let’s go check it out.”

Roxy leads the way, walking carefully, her bare feet not making a sound. Eric can’t take his eyes off her perfect ass, which is staring him right in the face. He can see it working beneath her skirt as she takes the stairs one by one.

They reach the top of the stairs.

“Be very quiet,” Roxy says, tiptoeing towards the first door on the right.

Eric obeys, walking as softly as possible behind her.

Roxy reaches the door and motions for Eric to stop. He does. Roxy peeks around the corner of the door. She lets out a little giggle, then turns her attention back to Eric.

“Take a look,” she says. “Tell me what you see.”

Eric peeks around the corner to see a hot little Latina on the bed, legs spread wide and facing directly at him. She’s wearing pink three-inch heels and a pink floppy hat and nothing else. Her hand is wrapped tightly around a long, double-headed pink dildo, which she is banging herself with. She’s totally oblivious to Roxy and Eric’s presence.

“Wow,” Eric says. “You were right. She’s hot as shit.”

Smiling, Roxy nods. “I told you.”

“Yes you did.”

“And she’s quite the slut too, in case you didn’t notice,” Roxy adds.

As they watch, Jasmine slides the dildo out of her pussy and into her mouth. After licking it clean of her pussy juices and getting it all wet and slippery with her saliva, Jasmine returns the dildo back to her pussy, sliding it back in, even deeper this time.

“Holy shit,” Eric says. He looks at Roxy, who is staring intently at Jasmine. As he watches, Roxy slips her fingers under her skirt and starts playing with herself.

“Is she making you horny?” Eric asks, although the answer is obvious.

“What does it look like?” Roxy says. “Of course she is. I’ve been like this all day. I’ve just been waiting for you to show up so we could get started on her together.”

Eric turns his attention back to Jasmine. Her eyes are still closed. She has no idea they are there, watching her bang herself with the dildo.

Eric is thinking about what he’d like to do to Jasmine when he feels Roxy’s fingers near his groin. He looks down, sees that Roxy is on her knees in front of him. She’s undone the top button of his jeans and unzips the zipper as he stares down at her.

“Just checking to see if you’re in the mood,” Roxy says, looking up at him as she drops his pants and boxers to the floor. “Yep,” she says, taking his already hard cock in her hand. “It looks like you are.”

Eric lets out a soft moan as Roxy slips his cock between her lips and starts sucking on the tip. A few seconds later she’s taking it halfway down with every slow, deliberate pump. She’s treating his cock gently, just getting it warmed up for what’s to come. But it feels so good that Eric can’t help but groan every time her lips move.

“Do you like that?” Roxy asks, letting his cock slip out of her mouth for a moment.

“I love it,” Eric says. He’s all but forgotten about Jasmine; his attention is focused solely on Roxy right now.

Roxy flashes him a little smile then goes back to sucking his cock.

Half a minute later, Jasmine lets out a groan, drawing both of their attention. Eric looks over at Jasmine and sees that she is hammering away at her pussy, the dildo flying in and out of it like crazy. If she has any idea that Roxy and Eric are watching, she is showing no signs of it.

Roxy slips Eric’s cock out of her mouth and slaps it against her tongue a couple of times. “What do you think?” she says. “Should we see if we can join in with Jasmine?”

“Do you think she’ll let us?” Eric asks.

“Oh, once she gets a load of what you’re packing down there, she’ll be begging to have it inside her.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Almost positive,” Roxy says. “But here’s one way to find out for sure.” Still on her knees, she grabs ahold of Eric’s cock and uses it to lead him over towards the bed where Jasmine is playing with herself.

“Hey there sexy,” Roxy says after they reach the bed.

“Hey yourself,” Jasmine says, opening her eyes to look at them, not acting surprised at all. Her voice is soft, relaxed, confident and incredibly seductive.

“I brought you something,” Roxy says. “A cock. A real big cock, actually.”

“I can see that,” Jasmine says, staring down at Eric’s member. “It’s fucking huge.”

Eric never knows how to respond to compliments about his cock. It’s definitely big, there’s no doubt about that, nearly 8 inches long and half-again wider than most. But it’s not like he has anything to do with how it got like that. He was just born with it. But he’s learned over the years to not go into any details. Better to just say “Thanks,” and move on. Which is what he does.

“You like them big, don’t you?” Roxy says.

“It’s certainly better than this dildo,” Jasmine says as she slips it out of her pussy and drops it onto the bed next to her.

“See,” Roxy says. “I told you she wouldn’t mind.”

“I don’t mind,” Jasmine says.

“Are you sure?” Eric asks, wanting to be certain that it isn’t going to be weird.

“I’m positive,” Jasmine says, slithering off the bed to join Roxy on the floor.

On their knees, kneeling before Eric’s cock, the two girls make out for a few seconds before Roxy angles his cock towards Jasmine’s mouth.

Jasmine breaks off their kiss and slips Eric’s cock into her mouth, sucking on the tip while Roxy runs her tongue up and down his shaft. After half a minute of this, the girls switch, with Roxy taking his cock in her mouth while Jasmine wets his shaft with her tongue.

“Holy shit,” Eric says, watching intently. He’s never been with two girls at the same time before and so far it’s immensely satisfying.

Jasmine drops her head down a bit and pushes towards him, allowing her to take his balls in her mouth. She sucks on his testicles, one at a time, then both together, while Roxy blows him, taking his cock further and further in her mouth until it’s disappearing completely with every pass.

At one point, Roxy takes his cock all the way inside her mouth and holds it there for a few seconds, deepthroating him while Jasmine continues working on his balls. The dual sensation is almost more than Eric can take, but he holds steady, and eventually Roxy pulls her head away, releasing his cock.

Roxy jerks him off while she catches her breath, the leftover saliva from her deepthroat acting as a lube, allowing her to go crazy with her hand on his cock. Then she slips further down, taking Jasmine’s place on his balls while Jasmine takes his cock between her lips.

Jasmine’s blowjob is less frantic than Roxy’s but no less awesome. She varies up the pressure and depth constantly, always keeping Eric on his toes. Fast for a few pumps, then slow, making a seal and sucking hard then opening her mouth wide and letting her tongue do most of the work. Plus she maintains eye contact the entire time, something that drives Eric crazy with desire.

After a good two minutes of working Eric’s cock, Jasmine pulls her head off it. Roxy does the same, releasing his balls backing up so her head is next to Jasmine’s.

“I think he likes it,” Roxy says, looking at me and then back at Jasmine.

“Yeah, I’d have to agree,” Jasmine says, giggling.

“What about you?” Roxy says, turning her attention to Jasmine.

“Oh, I’m liking it,” Jasmine says.

“So am I,” Roxy says. “But I’ll be liking it more when I have his fat cock inside my pussy.”

“Tell me about it,” Jasmine says.  

Giggling, the two girls make out, kissing and tonguing each other, with Eric’s rock-hard cock occasionally getting in the way.

“What do you think?” Roxy asks. “Should we let him fuck us with that big cock of his now?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” Jasmine says.

The girls crawl up onto the bed and take positions side-by-side, both on their hands and knees with their asses sticking up in the air.

“Well,” Roxy says, turning her upper body so she can look back at Eric. “What are you waiting for, big guy? An invitation? Well here it is.” She slaps herself on the ass, hard enough to leave a red mark. “Come and get it.”

Eric obliges willingly, climbing up onto the bed and sidling up to Roxy’s tight, tiny little ass. He flips her skirt up to reveal a soaking wet pussy unprotected by any panties. Her asshole is opened slightly and beckoning, but he’ll have to stay away from it for now. He’s already turned on like crazy, if he gets her asshole involved he won’t last long enough to give the girls what they want.

With this in mind, Eric slides the tip of his cock into Roxy’s pussy, taking things nice and slow. Even though she’s soaking wet down there, he’s so big and she’s so tiny that it’s a tight fit at first.

Roxy lets out a couple of little yelps as Eric pushes his cock gently forward, filling up her pussy with his massive member.

“Holy shit it’s so fucking big,” Roxy says, her voice harsh and her breath ragged.

She sounds like she’s in pain but Eric knows not only that she can take it—and has many times before—but she loves it as well. So he continues pressing forward, pumping her pussy slowly and deliberately, getting her nice and warmed up.

Jasmine has shifted positions, turning so she’s perpendicular to Roxy and lying her head on Roxy’s ass so she can see the proceedings from up close. Her mouth is opened slightly and her eyes are fixed on Eric’s cock.

As much as he loves fucking Roxy, Eric just can’t resist the allure of Jasmine’s mouth. So he pulls his cock out of Roxy’s pussy and slips it in between Jasmine’s lips. She sucks on it for a few seconds, cleaning it of Roxy’s pussy juices before gathering up a bunch of saliva and spitting it on his cock. After working the saliva in, Jasmine grabs ahold of Eric’s cock and slips it back into Roxy’s pussy.

Thanks to Jasmine’s saliva acting as a lube, Eric’s cock slides in more easily this time, nearly disappearing inside Roxy’s pussy right from the get-go. It isn’t long before he’s slamming his cock all the way into Roxy, giving it to her balls-deep every time, her ass backing into him at the tail end of every thrust.

“Goddammit that feels so fucking good,” Roxy says as Eric continues pumping her pussy. She drops her face to the bed and reaches back with one hand and grabs her asscheek and pulls on it, opening herself up to Eric even further. “Give it to me, Eric. Give that fat cock of yours. Harder, baby. Harder! Fuck me like I deserve to get fucked!”

Eric does what he can, rising up a bit to give himself more leverage, then using that leverage to hammer his cock as far into Roxy’s pussy as it will go, slamming his hips up against her ass, making it jiggle with every pump.

“Yeah, baby, yeah!” Roxy cries, turning her head to look back at him. “Just like that. Just like that! Keep fucking me! You’re gonna make me cum! You’re gonna make me fucking cum!”

Even though he’s running out of steam and desperately needs a break, Eric continues fucking Roxy with reckless abandon, giving her what she wants, knowing that the harder he fucks her the sooner she’ll cum, and the sooner she cums the sooner he can catch his breath.

With this in mind, Eric reaches out and grabs a handful of Roxy’s hair and yanks back on it, forcing her to arch her back to relieve the pressure.

Roxy lets out a yelp of pleasure and Eric knows he has her. She loves getting her hair pulled; it always puts her over the edge.

And it does so a few seconds later, as Roxy utters a deep, guttural growl and then a high-pitched scream as her body shimmies and shakes as an orgasm passes through her.

“Holy fuck!” Roxy cries as it winds down. “That was so fucking intense!” She slides her body forward, pulling Eric’s cock out of her pussy in the process.

Eric relaxes, thinking he’s going to have a little while to recover a bit, but he’s mistaken. Almost as soon as his cock is free from Roxy’s pussy, Jasmine is taking her place, dropping to her knees, turning around and backing her ass up to him.

Before Eric can say a thing, Roxy spins around, grabs his cock and slips it into Jasmine’s pussy.

Both Eric and Jasmine groan as he enters her. She doesn’t have as tight a pussy as Roxy but it’s pretty close; again his cock barely fits.

But Jasmine doesn’t seem to notice. She doesn’t even bother taking things slow at all, bouncing her ass back against him right away, forcing his cock balls-deep inside her.

“Holy fuck,” Eric says under his breath as Jasmine hammers her ass back into him.

“You like that, do you?” Roxy says, climbing down from the couch.

Eric nods. “A little too much,” he says.

“Are you close to cumming?” Roxy says, smiling like a demon.

“Pretty close,” Eric says.

“Then I’d better help Jasmine get there before you do,” she says, her smile growing wider.

Roxy drops to her knees and positions herself beneath them with her body facing Eric and her face turned up towards the ceiling, placing it directly under Jasmine’s pussy.

Shortly after Roxy’s mouth attaches to Jasmine’s pussy, Eric takes more control, grabbing Jasmine’s hips and slamming his body into hers.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Jasmine cries. “Right there, right fucking there!”

Eric can tell that she’s getting closer to an orgasm, but he is too, and he wants to make sure she gets there first. So he decides to take a chance, hoping that it gets her over the edge quickly, before it’s too late.

Still pummeling away at her with everything he has, Eric pulls one of his hands off of Jasmine’s hips. He sticks his thumb into his mouth to get it lubed up, then runs it down the crack of her ass and slips it into her asshole.

“Holyfuckingshit,” Jasmine groans. She shakes her head from side to side and lets out a guttural growl. The pre-orgasm has begun.

Eric smiles in relief. He’s found the spot to get her over the edge, and just in time, too. He doesn’t have more than fifteen seconds left in him.

Jasmine arches her back and slams her ass back against him. She holds her body there for few seconds, his cock deep inside her pussy and his thumb disappearing in her asshole. Then her body tenses up even further before releasing. She screams wordlessly as the orgasm washes over her.

A few seconds after she’s done, Eric lets out a moan of his own. “Goddammit,” he says, “I’m gonna fucking cum.”

Jasmine quickly pulls her body forward and spins around, joining Roxy on the floor. By the time she gets there, Roxy is already jerking Eric off, her hand working his cock feverishly.

“Oh shit, oh shit,” Eric says breathlessly as his orgasm arrives. Roxy continues jerking him off with reckless abandon as he starts to cum, his sperm shooting out of his cock in rivulets.

Still Roxy doesn’t slow down, sending his seed spraying everywhere, all over her and Jasmine’s face, their chest, their hair, the floor, and the bed as the girls giggle in excitement.

Eight streams of sperm later, Eric’s cock is finally dry. Both of the girl’s faces are covered in his cum. Roxy slips the tip of his cock into her mouth and gives it a little suck, then pops it out and passes it on to Jasmine, who gives it the same treatment.

Shivering due to the oversensitivity that comes immediately after an orgasm, Eric pulls his cock away. The girls laugh some more.

“Well, that wasn’t half bad,” Roxy says.

“Nope, not bad at all,” Jasmine replies. “Of course, based on what you’ve told me before, I was hoping for a little longer session.”

“Sorry about that,” Eric says, blushing. “Normally I don’t cum nearly that quickly.”

“That’s okay,” Roxy says. “I figured you’d be too excited to last that long.”

“Which is why I planned on staying the night,” Jasmine says. “To give you a couple more shots at it.”

Eric looks at Roxy. “Really?”

Smiling, Roxy nods.

“Wow,” Eric says, shaking his head. “I’m one hell of a lucky dude.”

“And we’re a couple of lucky girls,” Roxy says, as she and Jasmine climb to their feet. “Now let’s go get cleaned up and have a few drinks and get ready for round two.”







Matt Hoffman was horny as hell when he got home from working the midnight shift. Jennifer, his live-in girlfriend of six months, was already asleep and she had to be up in four hours to go to work, so waking her wasn’t an option. Which was fine by Matt; sometimes it was just easier to jerk off anyway. He didn’t have to worry about pleasing anyone but himself.

Making sure the door to the bedroom was closed so he wouldn’t disturb Jen, Matt sat down on the couch, opened the laptop, and put it on the coffee table. After surfing the internet for a few minutes he found exactly what he was looking for: a link advertising a tiny little brunette with gigantic fake tits getting fucked in the ass. He clicked on the link and slid his cock out of his pants.

Matt was just starting to get into it when he heard the door creak open behind him. He quickly leaned forward and flipped the laptop shut, then stuffed his cock back into his pants, hoping that he wasn’t too late. The last thing he needed right now was to get in an argument with his girlfriend.

“What are you doing?” Jen asked, wearing one of his t-shirts and nothing else. It barely covered her ass and made her already long legs look even longer. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was messed up from sleeping, but that just made her look more sexy. And her nipples were hard and poking up against the cotton.

“Nothing,” Matt said, unable to take his eyes off her. He found himself wondering—as he often did—how he’d ended up with such a smoking hot chick and how long she would put up with his crap before getting rid of his ass. 

“Yeah, right,” she said. “Don’t give me that shit. You were doing something on the laptop.”

“I was just looking at fantasy football.”

“Football, huh?”


Jen came around the couch and was standing in front of him, glaring down on him. She glanced down at his groin.

“Does fantasy football usually give you a boner?”

“Actually,” Matt said, “You always say that it does.”

“Yeah, dumb question, I guess,” Jen said. “But the computer screen won’t lie. You don’t mind if I take a look, do you?”

“There’s no need,” Matt said. “I already closed the page. I had just finished up and was coming to bed.”

“Then you really won’t mind if I peek at it,” Jen said. She reached for the laptop.

Matt sat back and dropped his eyes and shook his head. There was no use trying to stop her now. He was just going to have to take his medicine like a man.

Jen flipped open the laptop. The video Matt had been watching picked up right where it had left off.

“Yeah, you were just about finished, all right,” Jen said, looking back at him.

Matt kept his mouth shut. He knew that anything he said now would just get him in more trouble.

“Well,” Jen said, surprisingly sounding more amused than pissed off. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“What can I say?” Matt asked. “You were asleep and I was feeling it. So I decided to take care of my problem.”

“Did you even bother trying to wake me up?”

“No, I figured you just wanted to sleep.”

“Why did you think that?”

Matt shrugged.

“You know what I think?” Jen said. “I think you would rather watch some slut take it in the ass than fuck your girlfriend.”

“That’s not true,” Matt said.

“No? Then how do you explain coming home and turning on porn without even trying to wake me up.”

“I already told you—”

“Yeah, yeah,” she said. Her words were harsh but her tone said it was all in good fun. She wasn’t really all that pissed at him. “You just figured I wanted to sleep.”


“So you would rather fuck me than watch porn?”

“Of course,” Matt said.

“You’re gonna have to prove it to me,” Jen said.

“Gladly,” Matt said, starting to stand up.

Jen put her hands on her shoulders and gave him a shove, knocking him back down onto the couch. “No, no, no,” she said. “You’re just going to sit there and let me do whatever I want to you until I say you can do otherwise. That’s how you’re going to prove it to me.”

Matt tried not to smile. He loved it when Jen took charge. He only wished she did it more often. If he would have known how easy it was to get her to take charge, he would have done something like this earlier.

“Fine, fine,” he said, sounding annoyed. “Whatever you say.”

“Don’t give me that shit,” Jen said. “You know you love it. But tonight I’m going to take things further than ever before.”

“Promises, promises,” Matt said.

“Yeah, you just wait, mister. You just wait.”

And with that, Jen slipped off her t-shirt off, leaving her completely naked. Matt again marveled at how smoking hot she was with her sculpted arms, gorgeous tits, washboard stomach, perfect ass and long, shapely legs.

As Matt stared at Jen, she started playing with her pussy, rubbing the outside of it with her fingers, slowly at first, before gradually picking up steam.

Matt’s cock was still hard from earlier and getting harder with every passing second. He pulled it out of his pants and started playing with it.

But Jen was having none of that. She bent over and slapped his arm away with her free hand.

“I told you to sit there and watch, not to play with your cock,” she said. “You’re being punished, not rewarded. Now don’t fucking touch it again, okay?”

“Okay,” Matt said in a disappointed tone.

Jen glared at him for a moment, then went back to work on her pussy, slipping two fingers inside it. She started fucking herself, initially taking her time before ramping things up. It wasn’t long before she was hammering her fingers in and out of her pussy, getting it wetter and wetter while her groans grew continually louder.

Looking up at her, Matt tried to keep the smile off his face but couldn’t. He was enjoying himself way too much. His dick was harder than ever, sticking straight up out of his pants, pointed directly towards the ceiling. It was all he could do to not start playing with it, especially with Jen standing over him, taunting him with her fingers inside her sweet pussy.

Grinning widely, enjoying herself immensely, Jen pulled her fingers out of her pussy and stuck them in her mouth and sucked her juices off. Then she spread Matt’s legs apart and stepped forward, her body in between his legs, so her pussy was directly above his cock, just inches away.

Matt reached out towards her pussy but she slapped him away again.

“Don’t touch anything,” Jen said, staring at him. Her smile had morphed into a an evil little smirk. “Not until I tell you to. Understand?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes mistress.”

“That’s better,” Jen said. She climbed atop the couch and straddled Him. Then she sat down on Matt’s stomach and backed her ass up until it was pushing back against his cock. She reached around her ass and grabbed his cock and started stroking it, bouncing it against her ass and rubbing it up and down her crack as she jerked him off.

“Do you like it when I torture you like this?” she asked.

“Not really,” Matt replied. While he normally loved it when Jen took control, she’d never displayed this level of dominance before. And it was making him a little uncomfortable.

Jen tilted her head slightly and glared at him.

“I mean, yes,” he said. “I like it.”

“No you don’t, but that’s okay,” Jen said. “Because I do. And tonight, that’s all that matters, right?”

“Yes, mistress,” Matt said.

“You want me to sit on it, don’t you?” she said.

Matt nodded.

“How do you ask?” Jen said.

“Please,” he said.

“Please what?”

“Please sit on my cock,” Matt said.

Jen cocked her head and gave him a look that said she was expecting more.

It took Matt a moment to figure out what else she wanted from him. Then he had it. “Mistress,” he added.

“Maybe later,” she said before releasing his cock.

Matt let out a disappointed groan and Jen laughed. Then she put her hands on her tits and started playing with them, pushing them together, rubbing her nipples, squeezing them tightly.

“You like these perfect little titties, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes, mistress,” Matt said, finally starting to figure out what she wanted from him.

“Would you like to suck on them?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Say the whole thing,” she said. “I want to hear the words.”

“Please let me suck on your tits, mistress.”

 “Very good,” Jen said. “You’re finally starting to get the hang of this. Keep it up and I may just reward you. But first, I’m going to mess with you some more.”

She pressed her tits up against Matt’s face and shook them back and forth, smacking him with them.

“Stick your tongue out,” Jen said.

Matt did as he was told.

She stuck one of her nipples directly in front of his mouth. “Lick it.”

Matt did, noting how hard her nipple already was. Jen seemed to really be getting off on this.

She stuck her nipple further into his mouth. “Now suck on it.”

Again Matt did what he was told.

“Harder,” she said.

Jen groaned as Matt sucked on her nipple with everything he had. Once it was rock-hard he switched to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment. She groaned some more and wrapped her arms around his head, pulling him deeper into her, making it difficult for him to breath. She squeezed harder for a moment before releasing his head, her tit popping out of his mouth.

Jen leaned back and slid her ass further up his chest and laid her ankles on the back of the couch so her pussy was right in his face. Then and started playing with herself again. Her ring and index fingers moved in and out of her pussy, slid up to rub her clit, then plunged back into her snatch.

“You like watching me fuck myself, don’t you?” she said. “You like seeing me bang my tight little pussy with my fingers, right?”

“Yes mistress.”

“You want to taste it, don’t you?” she asked. “Tell me you want to taste my pussy. Beg for it.”

“Please mistress, let me taste your pussy,” Matt said. It sounded more natural than before now that he was getting used to the situation. For some reason it no longer was embarrassing to get treated like this.

“If you really want to,” Jen said. She increased the pace, hammering her fingers inside herself, getting it nice and juicy. Then she pulled them out and jammed them deep into Matt’s mouth.

He gagged for a second before sucking on them proper, tasting her familiar sweetness.

“That’s right,” she said. “Clean my fingers of my pussy juices. Suck them until they’re sparkling.”

Matt did so, running his tongue up and down each one individually.

“There you go,” Jen said. “Just like that.”

Half a minute later she pulled her fingers from his mouth.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” she said.

Matt nodded.

She smacked him in the cheek, hard enough to sting. “Didn’t you?” she said again, more intensely this time.

“I loved it,” he said, still reeling a bit from the slap. It had caught him off guard; Jen had never done anything like that to him before. He quickly added a “mistress” before she smacked him again.

“That’s good to hear,” Jen said. “Because you’re about to get the real thing, right from the source. Open your mouth.”

Matt did as he was told without hesitation. Smiling, Jen climbed to her feet so she was standing on the couch. She carefully turned around, so she was facing the same way as Matt, her ass now right in his face. With one leg on either side of his body, she backed her ass up until his head was directly beneath her spread legs, then she pushed his head back into the cushions, holding it down so his face was turned up towards the ceiling. Finally she squatted down, dropping her ass and pussy right onto his face, smothering him.

As Matt fought for breath, Jen rubbed her ass on his face, then started bouncing up and down on it. Her pussy was dropping right onto his mouth and her asshole atop his nose.

“Tongue out,” Jen said.

Matt did as he was told.

“Now hold it there,” she said.

Matt held his tongue rigid as she bounced on it, her moans growing with every thrust.

“That’s right,” Jen said, his tongue going deep inside her pussy. “Just like that, baby. Just like that.”

She started bouncing atop his face more aggressively. After half a minute, she bounced down on him one last time and held her ass down on his face, giving him her entire weight, suffocating him, forcing him to breathe her in. So he did, taking his air from her pussy as she grinded on his face, getting off on his tongue.

“Holy fuck!” Jen said, practically screaming. She shook and shimmied atop his face for a few seconds and then juices came flooding out of her pussy, soaking his face, as an orgasm passed through her.

And then Jen was climbing off his face, leaving Matt gasping for breath.

“You were a good little boy,” Jen said. “So now I’m going to reward you.”

She climbed down off his face and slid down his body until she was between his legs, on her knees and facing him. She had his cock in her hand and was slowly stroking it, taunting Matt, teasing him.

“It’s so fucking huge,” Jen said as she stuck out her tongue and licked it, from the tip down to his balls then back up again. “And it tastes so fucking good.”

She giggled and then started sucking on it, first taking just the tip in her mouth while one hand worked his shaft and the other went down and played with his balls.

Jen worked the tip of his cock for a few seconds then started letting it further into her mouth, bouncing up and down on it, taking more of it every time, until pretty soon she was swallowing the whole thing. She deep-throated Matt a couple of times, each time spending a couple seconds with his entire cock in her mouth before coming up for air. The third time she held it there for nearly ten seconds, maintaining eye contact the whole time, before finally coughing and gagging and sliding his cock out of her mouth.

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