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Bella and I had just finished our first date when she invited me over to her place to hang out some more. I quickly accepted, and not only because she was an incredibly gorgeous 22-year old woman with Latin features, long black hair, amazingly tight body and caramel-colored skin, but she was incredibly cool too, wry and witty with a self-deprecating sense of humor, just like me.

She led me inside and sat me down on her couch but remained standing, looking down on me, a little half-smile on her lips.

“Do you want something to drink?” she asked in her sexy, throaty voice. “Beer? Wine? Something harder?”

“Whatever you’re having,” I said.

“Wine it is, then,” Bella said. She smiled and patted my knee and headed towards the kitchen.

I had to stare at her firm little ass working behind her tight dress as she walked. I just couldn’t help myself.

She cast a glance over her shoulder and caught me staring at her. I started to blush, but she just smiled and said, “Take your socks and shoes off. Get comfortable.”

I couldn’t turn down a request like that, so I did as she’d asked while she poured two glasses of wine and made her way back to the couch.

We drank our wine and talked a bit, not about anything important, just shooting the shit. I wanted to make some sort of a move on her but that just wasn’t my thing. It never has been. Luckily for me, it was hers.

We had just finished our wine when I held out my hand so she could hand me her glass. “Another one?” I asked.

“No,” Bella said. “I’m good on wine.”

“O-kay,” I said, drawing the word out. From her tone I figured I’d missed my chance and now the night was going to come to a quick end. As it turned out, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“So what now?” I asked. “Do you want to watch some television? Listen to music?”

“Actually, I’m feeling pretty dirty,” Bella said, standing up. “I think I need to take a shower. Do you want to join me?”

I was caught completely off guard. But I managed to say, “I’d love to,” without sputtering and hopefully without too much surprise showing up on my face.

“Then let’s go,” she said, holding out her hand. I took it and she helped me to my feet then led me down the hall.

She led me into the bathroom and started the shower. It was a huge shower, at least ten feet long, with two heads, each on an opposite wall.

As the water warmed up, Bella slipped out of her black dress, revealing nothing underneath but a beige g-string. As I stood staring at her, mesmerized by her ridiculously tight body, she dropped to her knees, right there on the tile floor of the bathroom. She had my belt undone and my pants down around my ankles within seconds and my cock in her hand shortly after that.

After jerking me off for a bit to get me hard, she smacked my cock against her cheek a couple of times, then licked the underside of my shaft, beginning near my balls and making her way towards the tip.

I sucked in a deep breath and held it as she worked my cock, torturing me by moving slowly and gently over it with her tongue, paying attention to every centimeter of it, in no hurry at all.

 “Holy shit that feels good,” I said under my breath.

Her eyes lit up and I could see she was smiling, even as she continued working my cock. She was obviously enjoying herself, although I suspected she just enjoyed torturing me.

Looking up at me, maintaining eye contact, she dropped her head further down and started working on my balls, sucking on them one at a time while she continued jerking me off with deliberate hand movements.

I took another deep breath and let it out slowly in an attempt to control my breathing. It was only moderately successful.

After playing with my cock and balls for a little while longer, Bella slowly climbed to her feet, kissing my stomach and chest as she made her way up. With her hand still grasping my rock-hard cock, she turned around so her back was to me and smacked my cock against her ass a couple of times, her upper body turned towards me so she could watch my face as she messed with me.

“I think the water’s hot enough now,” she said in her sexy, throaty voice. “Do you think you can help me get my panties off?”

“I’ll see what I can do,” I said, trying to play it cool despite the excitement coursing through my veins.

I hooked my fingers around the waist of her g-string and bent down, dropping to my knees, slowly peeling her panties off as I went. Once I had them off, her amazing, impossibly firm ass was right in front of my face.

I couldn’t just let the opportunity pass me by, especially after what she’d already done to me. So I gently pushed her legs further apart, them put one hand on each of her asscheeks, spread them wide, then buried my face in her ass.

“Oh my,” Bella said, still sounding in total control, as she had all night. “That was unexpected.”

Smiling at her reaction to my little maneuver, I went to work on her pussy with my tongue, running it up and down her snatch, increasing the speed with every pass. Once she was good and wet, I pressed my face forward, burying my tongue inside her.

With my tongue deep in her pussy, I looked up the length of her body to see how she was reacting to my intrusion. Due to her lack of vocalization, it was difficult to tell.

From what I could see with my limited point of view, her arms were locked out against the wall and her head was thrown back, spilling her hair down over her shoulder and down her back. She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself. So I forced my tongue further inside her.

This got a reaction from her, in the form of a gasp and a low moan. Plus she pushed her ass further back against my face, forcing my tongue even further inside her pussy and practically smothering me with her flesh.

As the water rained down in the shower, waiting for us to enter, I held my face against Bella’s insides, unable to breath but not caring in the least, tasting her sweet muskiness as she grinded her ass against me.

At some point—I’m not sure how long; time is funny when you’re face is buried in a woman’s ass—I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to get some air into my lungs. So I pulled back and took a deep breath.

I was just about to dive in again when she grabbed my arms and pulled me to my feet. Turning around, she pulled my shirt off then pressed her body up against mine, her small, firm tits pushing against my chest and my cock rubbing up against her stomach.

“Thanks for that,” she said, smiling up at me, our eyes locked together. “You caught me off guard a little bit.”

“What? You didn’t expect that from me?”

“I don’t expect that from any man,” she said. “At least, not after just one date.”

“Then I guess you haven’t been with the right men,” I said.

“Apparently not,” she replied, laughing softly. “Now come on in,” she continued, gesturing towards the shower. “It’s time to get all wet and slippery.”

Bella turned and opened the door to the shower. Then she grabbed ahold of my cock and used it to lead me inside.

Once we were inside the shower, with the water beading down on us, we got things ramped up again.

We started slowly, kissing and making out while the water sprayed down us, enjoying the slipperiness provided from the effects of water on skin. Half a minute later, Bella’s hand ventured down to my still-hard cock and started to rub it while still exploring my mouth with her tongue.

In reply, I ran my hand down Bella’s stomach and started rubbing her pussy. I used two fingers to work her snatch, occasionally changing up the pressure to keep things interesting. With our lips still attached, I could feel her breath getting shorter as I moved my fingers in and out of her.

Two minutes later, Bella abruptly pulled my fingers out of her pussy and stuck them in her mouth. Staring at me the whole time, she licked my fingers clean of her juices.

“I love the taste of my pussy,” she said, our eyes locked together.

“So do I,” I said. “In fact, I’m thinking about going back down and getting another drink from the source.”

“As much as I appreciate the offer, I’d prefer if you saved that for later,” Bella said. “Because right now I need that nice, hard cock of yours inside of me.”

“If you insist,” I replied.

“I do,” Bella said, flashing me a nasty little smile. She backed herself up against the shower wall and put her foot on the bench built into it, opening herself up to me. Then she beckoned me over with her finger.

I walked over and pressed my body against hers. She immediately grabbed ahold of my cock and guided it towards her waiting pussy. It slid in with just a hint of resistance. We both let out simultaneous gasps as I entered her.

“Fuck me with that big cock of yours,” Bella said, her voice still controlled, as it had been all night. She wrapped her leg around my waist, leaving her to balance on one leg. “Slowly. Inch by inch. I want to feel all of it.”

Even though she was dripping wet (and not just from the water pouring over us) I did as she asked, working my cock deliberately, sliding in and out of her pussy from tip to base with every thrust, letting her feel my whole length with every stroke.

 “Holy shit that feels fucking incredible,” Bella said, her arms draped around my neck to keep her balance. Our faces were centimeters apart. “I love the way your cock feels inside me.”

She leaned in and planted her lips on mine, kissing me and running her hands through my hair as we continued to fuck. Her tongue grew more insistent, which in turn made me more excited, resulting in me slamming my cock into her with ever-increasing urgency.

The silkiness slipperiness of Bella’s water-covered skin was amazing. I couldn’t keep my hands off it, moving from her firm, amazing tits to her stomach to her legs to her back. Just touching her was turning me on so much that I had to mix things up before it was too late.

So I grabbed her around the hips and lifted her up and pressed her against the wall. She, in turn, hooked her other leg around my hips, to help hold herself up. Once she was settled in, I hooked my arms under her ass to complete the setup.

With me holding her up I was able to fuck her with more intensity, pounding my cock into her pussy deeper than before.

“That’s right,” she said, her voice still controlled but insistent. “There you go. Give it to me like you mean it. Harder, baby. Harder.”

So I did, hammering my cock into her pussy with more aggressiveness. We got into a perfect rhythm, our bodies working in time, both of our hips coming towards each other, coming together at the exact right moment.

Wet, slapping sounds filled the shower every time our bodies came together and our groans and grunts echoed everywhere.

“Just like that, just like that,” Bella said, more adamantly now. Her controlled demeanor was starting to crack for the first time all night. “Holy shit I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fucking cum!”

And cum she did, letting out a deep moan a few seconds later then biting down on her bottom lip and shivering for a few seconds. It was a subdued orgasm, as was her style, but it was an orgasm nonetheless.

Once it had passed Bella unhooked her legs from around my waist and slipped down to the floor of the shower. She kept going, letting my cock slip out of her pussy and dropping to her knees in front of me.

“I want to lick my pussy juices off your cock,” she said, looking up at me. “Is that okay with you?”

Smiling widely, I nodded my head and she went to work with her tongue, running it up and down my cock. Once it was clean she took my cock in her mouth, just the tip at first, then more and more of it until it had completely disappeared.

I stood there with the water beating down on me and Bella deepthroating me for what seemed like an eternity before she released her hold on my cock.

“Holy fucking shit,” I said, marveling at Bella’s abilities.

“Did you like that, baby?” she said, her eyes twinkling and her mouth turned up in a little smile.

“I fucking love it,” I said.

“Not as much as I do,” Bella replied.

“Oh, I doubt that,” I said, smiling.

“Are you ready for some more?” she asked.

“Not yet,” I replied.

“But I thought you liked it?” Bella said, pouting.

“I do, I do,” I said. “But I liked it a little too much. And I want to mess around some more before I finish up.”

“Are you serious?” Bella asked.

“Completely,” I replied.

“Damn,” she said, laughing and shaking her head. “I really haven’t ever met a man like you before.”

“I told you,” I said, lifting Bella to her feet. Once she was up, I backed her to the bench and sat her down, then sat down on the floor of the shower in front of her. I opened her legs wide and started eating her pussy.

I love eating women out because there’s no danger of finishing, so you can just relax and go to work without having to worry about cumming. Plus most women enjoy it just as much, if not more, than actual sex. So the way I saw things, it was a win-win.

Certainly, Bella was enjoying it. She was moaning and groaning louder than she had all night, especially  when I mixed things up, like suck on her clit or stick a couple fingers inside her and finger-fuck her while I ate her out.

At one point, Bella grabbed ahold of my hair and held me between her legs, smashing me against her pussy. While she held me in place, she pushed her hips forward and rode my rigid tongue, grinding against me with serious force.

Half a minute later she unleashed a guttural groan that was more intense than any other sound she’d made all night.

“Ho-ly shit,” she said shortly after, her voice missing the control it had maintained all night up until that point. “Right there, right fucking there,” she practically screamed. “Don’t you fucking stop. Don’t you dare fucking stop!”

I had no plans on stopping even before she’d said anything, but just to be sure, she wrapped her legs around my neck so I couldn’t move.

Bella grinded against my face harder and faster than ever as she rose towards another orgasm. Her pussy was soaking wet, drenching me as much as the water from the shower was, her juices covering my face.

And then she was there. She sucked in a sharp gasp of air, then her body froze for a few seconds before she exhaled and her pussy released another wave of wetness, soaking me even further.

Bella released her leg-lock on my head and used my hair to pull me to my knees, so my cock was pressing against her. Breathing deeply, her body still shuddering and her eyes locked on mine, she grabbed ahold of my cock and guiding it towards her pussy. Without saying a word, she slipped my cock inside her and aggressively shoved her tongue into my mouth.

I was close to cumming by now so I didn’t waste any time going slow. I immediately started hammering away at her pussy, giving my cock to her in long, fast strokes while we continued to make out. My hand moved up her smooth, wet stomach and I grabbed ahold of her tit and gave it a squeeze in an attempt to relieve some of the tension in my body but it didn’t help at all. I was too far along to slow down.

I grabbed ahold of her legs and threw them over my shoulders, giving me more leverage. With my hands still squeezing Bella’s tits, I fucked her with everything I had, pounding her pussy, giving her my cock balls-deep.

“Holy shit,” I said under my breath. It was just about that time. And Bella knew it too.

“It’s your turn, baby,” she said, staring directly at me. “It’s your turn to cum. Are you ready?”

I nodded vigorously.

“Then cum inside me,” Bella said. “I want to feel your cum inside me.”

I did as she asked, thrusting my hips forward one last time and then holding my body in place with my cock deep inside her pussy. I shuddered slightly as I came, my breath releasing in a rush, then shivered for a few seconds as I finished releasing.

“Wow,” Bella said once we’d decoupled from each other and stood back up. “Just, wow.”

“Yeah,” I said, laughing. “Tell me about it.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you were way better than I was expecting,” she said.

“Don’t worry, I hear that all the time,” I said.

“Well you won’t be hearing it from me ever again,” Bella said, planting a kiss on my lips. “Because next time I’ll be expecting it.”

A satisfied smile wormed its way onto my face. “Next time,” I said. “I like the sound of that.”

“Yep,” Bella said, returning my grin. “And the time after that, and the time after that, and the time after that too.”

The sound of our laughs filled up the shower.







Let me tell you about my barely legal neighbor. Her name is Kelly and she’s nineteen years old. Although not the hottest girl in the world, Kelly is extremely cute, with big brown eyes, long brown hair, and a tiny, incredibly tight body. Standing at just a shade over 5’8” and checking in at right around 120 pounds, she’s skinny but athletic, with well-defined muscles and a washboard stomach and thin but toned legs.

But where she really shines is her attitude. Upon first seeing her, Kelly appears like she’s going to be petite and demure, even a bit shy, but it quickly becomes apparent that she’s wickedly smart and armed with a black sense of humor. Plus she had absolutely no qualms about speaking her mind, something that I adore in people, especially women.

And in the bedroom? Let’s just say that she knows her way around. She’s up for anything, often instigating our more adventurous sessions and never turning down a request of mine, no matter how perverted.

Kelly is a true slut, in the best sense of the word. And even though she’s almost three years younger than me, she has the experience and attitude of a much older woman, making me feel like the younger man, something that doesn’t bother me at all.

We hooked up for the first time six months ago. We didn’t get super-freaky that afternoon but considering we’d only known each other for a few minutes before hopping into bed, I wasn’t complaining. After all, how often is it that you meet a girl while jogging and end up fucking her less than five minutes later? Not often. But that’s exactly what happened.




I was on my way back to my house after a three mile run and she was just getting home. She parked her car against the curb and exited the driver’s side just as I got to her driveway. I glanced up at her, saw that she was a cutie, and kept right on looking, even as she returned my stare. In fact, she was checking me out just as intensely as I was checking her out. More so, actually.

“You like what you see?” she asked. She was glaring at me with eyes that were harsh but held an undercurrent of playfulness and one side of her mouth was turned up in a little smirk.

I stopped in front of her. We were about five feet away. I was already done with my run, so I figured I might as well do a little bit of flirting, not expecting it to end up anywhere. I looked her up and down, just as she had done to me. She was wearing a red t-shirt, jeans and t-shirt. Nothing too revealing but she wore them well.

“That depends,” I said. “Do you?”

She shrugged. “You’re the best looking boy I’ve seen in a while.”

I laughed softly. “Well thanks, I guess. I believe I can honestly say the same thing about you. Except substitute girl for boy, of course.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” she said, speaking casually. “So do you want to come in and fuck?”

“Excuse me?” I asked, a little smile masking my disbelief.

“What? Did I stutter?” she said.

“No, I guess you didn’t.”

“Well then, what do you say? You like what you see and so do I. No sense beating around the bush. We might as well get on with things and see what comes of it.”

I considered her offer, trying to figure out if she was just messing with me. I’m generally considered a pretty good-looking guy, even having done a little modeling for an underwear company back in my earlier years, and I was used to getting hit on. But not like this. Never like this.

“You’re serious?” I asked, just to make sure.

“Absolutely,” she replied.

I pretended to think about it for a moment, but in reality, there was nothing to think about. She was a cute girl, and undoubtedly experienced, based on the way she was acting. Plus her forwardness could only mean good things in the bedroom.

“Sure,” I said. “What the fuck.”

“Great,” she said, turning and heading up the front walk. “Then follow me.”

So I did.

She unlocked the door and held it open for me. “By the way,” she said. “My name is Kelly.”

“I’m Clay,” I replied, walking past her and into the living room. It was a decent enough place, fairly well furnished. I idly wondered if Kelly lived alone. Not that it mattered too much at this point.

“Nice to meet you, Clay,” Kelly said, closing the door behind us.

She took my hand and led me across the living room. My eyes were on her ass the entire time as it worked beneath her jeans. It was tight and tiny, exactly how I liked them.

We went through the first door on the right. It was a sparse bedroom, consisting of a television, a couple of bookshelves, a king-sized bed and not much else.

I closed the door behind us and when I turned around, Kelly was already on her knees, her hands pulling down my flimsy running shorts and briefs I wore underneath.

“Okay, then,” I said, caught off-guard but not complaining in the least. “I guess it’s going to be like that.”

“Yes it is,” Kelly said right before she took my cock in her mouth.

My cock was already chubby from anticipation and it quickly grew hard as Kelly worked it inside her mouth, licking and sucking on it like she’d done this a thousand times before. And maybe she had. I had no idea. But again, I wasn’t complaining.

Shortly after my cock was hard, Kelly stood up and starting taking off her clothes without any pretense. I followed suit, stripping my shirt off and slipping out of my socks and shoes.

Once we were both naked, she spun me around so my back was facing the bed, then gave me a little shove, pushing me down onto the covers, falling on top of me as I came crashing down.

Before we had even stopped bouncing, Kelly was climbing on top of me, one leg on each side of me, straddling me. She grabbed ahold of my cock and guided it into her dripping wet pussy. Leaning forward, she stuck her tongue into my mouth and started slowly grinding on my cock.

It wasn’t long before she began to pick up the pace, breaking off the kiss and leaning back until she was sitting straight up. With my hands on her waist, she worked my cock in and out of her pussy, moving her body back and forth, then in a circular motion, then bouncing up and down on it, mixing things up, keeping me from getting too comfortable.

I ran my hands up her washboard stomach and grabbed ahold of her small but incredibly perky tits. I played with her nipples, rubbing and flicking and lightly squeezing them until they were hard.

Staring down at me, Kelly’s face was a mask of concentration, her eyes totally focused and her jaw set tight. Her breath was coming more quickly now and she was slamming down onto my body with more and more force. Both of us were covered in sweat and the room smelled like sex.

She leaned forward and put her hands on my chest and used the newfound leverage to drop her ass onto my cock even more aggressively.

“Holy shit,” she said. “Your cock feels so fucking good in my pussy.”

She hammered down on me a couple more times then climbed off my cock and slid her body down the bed until her head was poised directly between my legs.

Staring directly at me, she ran her tongue up and down my cock, licking it clean of her juices. With her eyes still locked on mine, she said, “I love the taste of my pussy. Do you like it when I lick my pussy juices off of your cock?”

I nodded, unsure of whether I could even speak at that point.

Sensing my trepidation, Kelly laughed, then took my cock in her mouth and started to blow me proper, bouncing her head up and down on it a few times before taking it halfway down and holding it there.

A couple seconds later she pulled her head off. Gripping my cock in her hand, she jerked me off, still maintaining eye contact.

“Do you like how I suck your cock?” she asked.

“I fucking love it,” I said, finding my voice.

“It makes you want to come all over me, doesn’t it?” she said.

“Yes it does,” I replied.

Smiling, she said, “Maybe in a little while. But first I need your hard cock inside me again.” She released her hold on my cock and turned around.

Climbing onto her hands and knees, she stuck her ass up in the air. Then she turned her upper body so she was looking back at me as I sat there, staring at her.

“You like what you see?” she asked.

“Very much so,” I said.

“Well then, what are you waiting for?”

I didn’t have a good answer, so I climbed to my knees and slid my body in behind hers. I grabbed ahold of my cock and slipped it into her dripping wet pussy.

It slid in easily, like dipping into it pool of warm oil. It felt so good that I was afraid of giving her too much of my cock for fear that I wouldn’t last very long inside her if I did. But she refused to take things slow, working her ass back into me, moving it back and forth, slowly at first but gradually picking up steam.

It wasn’t long before she was bouncing her ass back against me hard enough that I was losing my balance. I grabbed ahold of her hips and started moving forward as she moved back, our bodies meeting in the middle. It started off as a way to counteract her gyrations but we quickly settled into a nice rhythm.  

We continued on like this, our bodies working in perfect synch, slamming together with just the right amount of force to maximize the pleasure. Her breath was growing more rapid, as was mine, along with the rising pitch of the moans and groans coming from our mouths.

I grabbed ahold of her ass cheeks and spread her ass apart and started slamming my cock into her more aggressively, giving it to her balls deep, our bodies smacking up against each other with a wet sound.

“Holy shit,” she said. “Just like that. Just like that.”

Kelly shifted her body, lifting her chin and arching her back a little further. She shook her head back and forth a couple of times, causing her hair to spill down her back. It beckoned me, just lying there, begging to get pulled.

Kelly turned her head and looked back at me, and somehow knew exactly what I was thinking. Between moaning breaths, she said, “Go ahead. Do it. Pull my fucking hair.”

So I did, grabbing a handful of it and giving it a yank. Her head tilted further back and her spine arched even more, revealing her vertebrae and sharp shoulder blades and back muscles.

This drove me crazy with lust, and I started hammering my cock into her even more aggressively.

“Holy fuck,” she said, her voice rising in tone and intensity. “Just like that. Just like that. Don’t stop. Don’t you dare fucking stop! I’m going to fucking cum!”

And Kelly was as good as her word, tightening up for just a moment before unleashing a wordless scream as her entire body shimmied and shook while I continued pounding away at her.

Once her orgasm had passed, she pulled herself off me. Before I had a chance to move, she’d spun around and wrapped her lips around my cock .

Maintaining the same intensity from earlier, she started to blow me, moving her head back and forth while I looked down at her. Kelly worked my cock like a champ, jerking me off while she sucked on the tip, constantly varying the speed and pressure and depth, keeping me on my toes.

One of her hands slid down to my ballsack and gave it a squeeze while she continued to blow me. After a particularly intense series of maneuvers, she took my cock three quarters of the way down, and held it there for a few seconds while she continued massaging my balls.

I let out a soft moan and quickly pulled away before it was too late.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, looking up at me with you a little grin on her face. “You don’t want to cum all over me?”

“Of course I do,” I said. “Just not quite yet. First I want to eat your pussy.”

She flashed me a mock disappointed look. “Well, I guess if you insist . . .” she said.

“Oh I do,” I said. “I most definitely do.”

I climbed off the bed, then grabbed ahold of her legs and pulled her towards me. Giggling, Kelly scooted her backside along the blankets. Once her hips were poised right at the edge of the bed, I spread her legs apart, opening her up, and dropped to my knees. I shot her a quick glance, then buried my face in her shaved, sopping wet, perfect little pussy.

I started working it with my tongue, lapping at her pussy from the bottom to the top like a kitten drinking milk. As Kelly made high-pitched pleasurable sounds, I stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy and started exploring.

Based on the sounds coming from her mouth she was enjoying it immensely. I was too, totally digging the control I had over her while I was down there, not to mention the smell, the taste, and the smoothness of her insides.

I glanced up at her face and saw her eyes closed and her head thrown back. Smiling, I got my fingers into the mix, sliding them into her pussy while I moved my tongue up and dug it into her clit.

This set Kelly off again, her eyes opening wide and a string of obscenities pouring from her mouth. As her body bucked back and forth, she screamed, “Holy fucking shit! Right there, right fucking there!”

A few seconds later she came again, her body quivering while her pussy drenched my fingers and my mouth with its juices.

Feeling my own orgasm creeping ever closer, I slid my fingers out of her pussy and pulled my tongue away from her clit and climbed to my feet.

“You’re really fucking good at that,” Kelly said, her mouth turned up in a smile and her eyes brimming with excitement.

“Thanks,” I said. “I’m glad I got a chance to show you what I can do.”

“So am I,” she said. “So am I. Now stick your cock back into me and fuck me until you’re ready to come all over me, understand?”

“If you insist,” I said, matching her tone of mock disappointment from earlier.

Laughing, she threw her legs open, grabbed ahold of my cock, and slid it into her waiting pussy. It was wetter than ever and it engulfed my cock immediately.

I tried to take things slow but she was so wet that it was impossible. So I didn’t worry about trying to make it last as long as possible, and just went with the flow, sliding my cock in and out of her pussy with increasing speed, giving it to her balls deep every time.

Kelly threw her legs over my shoulders, lifting her ass up off the bed a little bit, giving me a better angle to work with and allowing my cock deeper inside her.

Leaning forward, my palms on the bed, elbows locked out, I pummeled her with everything I had, hammering away at her pussy while she moaned in pleasure beneath me.

She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and lifted her head up a little bit. “Are you ready to come yet?” she asked.

“Almost,” I replied.

“Make sure you tell me when,” she said. “I want your hot cum all over me.”

“Don’t worry, I will,” I said.

I pumped my cock into her a few more times then said, “Holy fuck here I cum,” and quickly slid my cock out of her pussy.

Kelly climbed off the bed and dropped down to her knees on the ground in front of me. She grabbed the base of my cock in her hand and took the tip in her mouth. Holding the skin of my shaft tight with her hand, she sucked on the head of my cock, her mouth acting like a siphon, drawing my cum from me.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I said under my breath as my body took the final steps towards orgasm.

Maintaining eye contact the entire time, Kelly continued sucking my cock right up until the moment my sperm was going to start shooting out of it. Only then did she pull her mouth off my cock and jerk me off, sending white spurts of cum all over her chest.

I spasmed four times before falling still.

Kelly’s tits were covered in my sperm. It was dripping down her chest and onto her stomach. Smiling up at me, she took my cock in her mouth one last time, sucking on the tip to extract every last bit of cum from me before rising to her feet and falling back onto the bed.

I fell down next to her. Both our backs were on the covers and our eyes were looking up at the ceiling.

“Well, that was fun,” she said, adding, “If a little bit unadventurous.”

“I’ve known you for all of thirty minutes,” I said. “You can’t expect people to get too crazy on each in that short of a time.”

“I guess not,” she said. “But next time, we’ll have no excuses.”

“None at all,” I said, flashing her a smile. “None. At. All.”








I’ve never understood the reluctance to pay for an escort. The way I see it, escorts provide the best of both worlds. Not only are you pretty much guaranteed to get someone who knows how to fuck, you get someone who either enjoys doing it or are good enough at faking it that you won’t know any different. And more importantly you don’t have to deal with any of the heartache. You make a phone call, order the services and type of girl you desire, pay your money, then relax and start getting warmed up. No need for any false pretences, no need for any emotional ties, no need for any awkwardness associated with conventional male/female relationships. No worry about talking afterward. Or sharing your feelings. None of that crap applies. As for the morals of the transaction? What are morals anyway but a set of standards forced upon us by the arbitrary whims of the society. Fuck it, I say. Do what you want, what makes you feel good. Fuck everyone else. Let them live their own life. So the way I see it, give me an escort or give me death. But enough of the rambling, I’m sure you want to get to the good stuff. After all, that’s why you bought this right? For the sex. So here we go.



I’m in Los Angeles for an overnight stay in the middle of a two-week long business trip. There are hundreds of reasons why I love L.A., not the least of which is its high-quality escorts. As the porn capitol of the world, the misnamed City of Angels has no shortage of sex workers plying their trade. You can get whatever kind of girl you want—any hair color, any attitude, any race—with nothing more than a phone call to the right person. And I know all the numbers by heart. I call one of my favorite companies and arrange for a specific type of girl to come to my door in exactly thirty minutes, then I open a bottle of $200 merlot to let it breathe and sit back and allow my excitement build.



Exactly thirty minutes later there is a series of hard knocks on my hotel room door. I go to answer it, a glass of wine already in hand. Just before I grasp the handle there comes another series of knocks. Harder than the first one.

“Open up already,” says a husky, incredibly sexy female voice from the other side. Impatient, demanding, used to being in charge. Exactly what I ordered up. My entire body tingles with anticipation.

I open the door and she steps in and grabs the glass of wine out of my hand and pushes past me before I even have a chance to get a good look at her from the front. But the back is shaping up beautifully. Straight, jet black hair hanging down beneath her shoulders. Short black dress hugging her voluptuous curves perfectly, ending just above her knees, accentuating her round ass perfectly. Gorgeous legs, toned to perfection, not too skinny, not to muscular. Calves you just wanted to take a bite out of. The same height as me in her 2-inch heels. My dick is already rock-hard just from looking at her and all I can see is her backside. This is going to be a great night.

She drains the glass of wine and pours herself another. She glances over her shoulder for just a moment but still doesn’t turn towards me. It’s obvious she’s torturing me, making me wait, playing her game. And I’m loving every second of it.

She finishes the second glass and finally turns to face me. I can only stare, barely able to catch my breath let alone speak.

“From the look on your face I take it you like what you see,” she says, her voice slightly mocking.

I nod and take her in. Big brown eyes with a naughty edge to them, dark blue eye shadow, full nose; not big, not small, lips painted bright red. One corner of her mouth is turned up in a little smirk. She looks at me with a hint of disdain, as though she knows she’s better than me. As if I’m her little plaything. As if she’s running the show. Which she is.

And her tits, oh my god. Large but not unnatural, they hang perfectly from her frame. Practically hanging out of her black dress, they were things of beauty; if not real, than an absolutely perfect augmentation.

“Oh, you like these, do you?” she says, grabbing her tits with and pushing them together. She smacks them, makes them bounce. Then does it again. And again, laughing at my reaction. Nipples like pencil erasers poke through the material, mocking me.

And then a tit slips out of her top. Just one. I almost cream my pants. This absolutely slays me, irrationally turning me on in ways I can’t quantify. I shiver, take a deep breath, force myself to calm down.

“You’re one jumpy little fucker, aren’t you?” she says. “What is this, your first time or something?”

“It sure feels like it,” I say, hoping my self-depreciating manner will somehow bring my excitement down a notch. But no such luck. Nothing short of an ice-cold shower could have that effect on me, and the way I was feeling tonight I doubt even that would do the trick.

“Well, you’re in luck,” she says as she takes a step towards me, her eyes sizing me up with deadly seriousness, like a lion eyeing a wounded zebra. “Because I’m a pro. And by the end of the night, you’ll be one too.” Another couple of steps and now she’s within arm’s length. “And there’s no way in hell I’m going to let you cum until I’m damn well good and ready for it. Got that, mister?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Mistress,” she says. “You call me mistress.”

“Yes, mistress,” I say.

She is nearly standing on top of me, her tits pressing up against my chest. We are face to face, almost exactly the same height. She eyes me up and down, inspecting me like a piece of meat.

“So, you like a woman who takes charge, do you?” she says.

I nod my head and lick my lips. I don’t trust myself to speak. As it is I can hardly breathe my adrenalin is flowing so fast.

“Then you got the right girl,” she says. “Because there’s nothing I like better than to be in control of my man. Especially a wanna-be tough guy like you. I bet you boss people around all day, don’t you? Always getting everyone to do whatever you want, whenever you want it.”

“Something like that.”

“Well not tonight, mister. Tonight you’re my toy. My little boy toy. You got that?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Damn right you do,” she says. And then she put her hands on my chest and shoves, pushing me backwards. I stumble back a few steps but she’s already on top of me, pushing me again, more gently this time, moving with me, backing me up until my butt is touching the wall.

She runs her hand up and down my chest, pressing up against me with hips, her mouth mere centimeters from mine, her eyes boring into me with deadly seriousness.

“You like that, don’t you,” she says. It’s not a question but a statement of fact. “You like me pushing you around, putting my hands wherever I want, not even asking for permission.”

I swallow and nod my head.

“What about this?” she says, dropping her hand down to my cock and grabbing it. “You like this too?”


She squeezes my cock tighter, making me gasp. “Yes, what?” she asks sharply.

“Yes, mistress.”

“That’s better,” she says. And then she kneels down in front of me and starts rubbing my hard cock. It’s trapped against my pants, pushing into the material with nowhere to go but still she rubs it some more, making it harder and harder still, smiling at my discomfort. But still she rubs. I groan lightly. She giggles and rubs some more. I groan again, louder this time.

“Shut up and take it,” she says in a harsh voice. “Don’t make another fucking sound until I tell you to.”

“Yes mistress,” I say.

She smacks my balls. I wince in pain.

“Did I tell you to speak?”

I shake my head no.

“That’s a good boy,” she says. “And just for that you’re going to get rewarded.”

She undoes my zipper, sticks her hand inside my pants. She caresses my cock, slowly playing her finger up and down the shaft. It’s still folded up against my pants, threatening to poke a hole in the material.

When she finally unfolds my cock it pops out of the open zipper like a jack-in-the-box. She places her palm under it as if weighing it.

“Not bad,” she says. “Not bad at all.”

She spits on my cock and begins to stroke it. She looks up at me. “Do you want me to suck it?” she says, still stroking as she talks.

I nod.

“I want to hear you say it.”

“I want you to suck my cock.”

“Beg for it,” she says, still stroking.

“Please,” I say, the words coming out at no more than a whisper. “Suck my cock. Please, Mistress. Please suck my cock.”

She sticks her tongue out, licks the tip. I shudder. She looks up at me and smiles. Laughs. Shakes her head.

“Sorry,” she says. “It’s not going to happen. Not yet, at least. Torturing you is just too much fun.”

Then she cups my balls in her hand, drops down farther onto her knees, and scoots further under me. I lean back against the wall, slide my feet out away from it, and then my hips, creating a bridge. Giving her more room to work and myself a better angle to see what she’s doing.

She slips her hand up my scrotum and pinches it off just below my cock, creating a little pocket. She licks my sack, then suckles one of my balls, playing with it in her mouth. Then she does the same with other. She opens her mouth wider and takes them both at the same time. Bounces them off one another. Sucks on them, creating a vacuum with her mouth. Increasing the pressure.

I shudder, focus all my energy on not blowing my load. She senses this and relaxes the pressure while still continuing to suck. With my balls in her mouth she lays my cock on top of her face alongside her nose. She takes my cock in her hand and strokes it. Lets my balls fall from her mouth.

She scoots back and smiles up at me, a mocking, “I own you” smile. She is still on her knees. She is still stroking my cock.

My legs are trembling. My breath is ragged. The pressure is nearly unbearable. If she would just take me in her mouth I would cum within a matter of seconds and then I could die a happy man.

“Please,” I say.

“Please, what?”

“Please suck my cock.”

She tilts her head, eyes me with menace.

“Please suck my cock, mistress,” I say.

Her glare softens. She seems to think about it for a moment. Then, to my dismay, she stands up and says, “Nah, I don’t think so. You haven’t earned it yet.”

Her hand is still on my cock and she uses it to drag me towards the bed. My pants are still down around my ankles so I have to shuffle madly to keep from falling.

I start to beg her again but she turns and slaps me in the face.

“Shut up,” she says. “Did I tell you to speak to me?”

I shake my head.

“That’s right.” She turns me and pushes me down onto the bed. “So you just take your clothes off and lie down on your back and get ready to make yourself useful.”

“Yes mistress.”

I do as I am told, slipping out of my clothes while she goes over and has another glass of wine. She ignores me completely, as though I’m not even there, and this just turns me on even more. Finally I’m naked. I climb onto the bed and adjust myself so I am lying in the middle. The moment of truth is almost here. And I can hardly wait.

She dusts off her glass of wine and slips out of her dress and turns towards me, allowing me full access to her body. Fully naked now, I get the see it in all its splendor, taking it in as a whole. Beautiful face, graceful neck, perfect tits, thin waist, wide hips, neatly trimmed bush, muscled but not muscular legs. Even her feet were perfect, right down to her toenails which are painted bright red.

She is just standing there, towering over me, when she starts to play with her pussy. At first just rubbing it, then sticking one finger in, then two. Sliding in and out, the wetness building, becoming more and more slippery, occasionally pulling her fingers out to stick them in her mouth and suck off the juices before diving back in for more. She stares directly at me while she plays with herself, as if daring me stand up and take control. But I don’t fall for the trap. Instead I just start to play with myself, preparing my cock for what’s to come.

“Don’t fucking touch yourself,” she says. “Just let it sit there.”

I reluctantly do as I’m told.

And then she’s moving towards the bed, towards me. She’s taken to rubbing her clit but her eyes still haven’t strayed from mine.

She slaps her pussy a few times then climbs onto the bed by my feet. She begins to lick her way up my body, starting with my calves, then my knees, then my thighs. But instead of stopping at my waist she continues up, licking my belly button, then my under my ribs, licking, suckling, lightly biting, her hands exploring my chest as she does so. And then without warning she bites down on my nipple. I hiss in pain but she just laughs and continues on, suckling at my neck for a moment, then kissing me full on the lips, sticking her tongue down my throat with reckless intensity. But even that only lasts a couple seconds, and then she is continuing up towards my head and then before I know it she is sitting on my face, her dripping wet pussy dropping down perfectly onto my mouth and nose, straddling it, pushing down, smothering me, forcing me to breathe her in if I’m to take any breath at all.

And so I do, inhaling her musky odor into my lungs, holding it, letting it out. She moans in intense pleasure and grinds harder into my face, bouncing up and down. Her pussy is gushing, drenching my chin, my nose, my lips. I stick my tongue out and lick her sweet, supple pussy, the walls slick and delicious and as smooth as the finest silk.

“Oh fuck yeah, right there, right there, don’t stop, don’t fucking stop,” she says, losing herself.

I look up and see her leaning forward and gripping the top of the bed frame, her beautiful tits bouncing around above me, hair amiss, head bowed forward, face screwed up in intense pleasure.

I hook my arms around her thighs and stick my tongue out even further while pressing down on her hips and into me. She rides my tongue, forward and back, forward and back, forward and back, her moans growing in intensity, becoming grunts, then finally culminating in a single, piercing scream before falling silent.

Her body shudders once, then twice, then three times, each shudder accompanied by a little yelp of pleasure. She is breathing hard and her body is glistening with sweat. She throws her head back, looks up at the ceiling.

“Now that,” she says, “Is what I’m talking about.”

She climbs off my face and slides in next to me in bed. Propped up on one arm, she kisses me, tasting herself. She licks her lips and smiles.

Smiling back, I say, “Now will you please suck my cock?”

“Honey, after that, I’ll do whatever the fuck you want.”

And with that she slips down between my legs and takes my cock in her mouth.

Now I’m not hung like a porn star but I’m not hung like a pimple either, and still she swallows my cock without any problem whatsoever. It disappears between her lips and down her throat in a flash, her eyes fixed on mine the whole time.

“Ho-ly shit,” I say as I immediately fight the urge to spew in her mouth.

She winks at me and then shifts her head back a bit and somehow takes my cock even deeper. Lying on my back in the bed I can see the tip of her nose pressing into my groin and feel the tip of my cock pressing against the back of her throat. Then her tongue flicks out from underneath and nestles my scrotum for just a moment, and I shudder in ecstasy and am just on the verge of cumming when she slides my cock out of her mouth. It’s dripping wet and coated with saliva and the tip is white from where the tightness of her throat restricted the blood flow.

I relax for a moment and the urge to cum passes. As soon as it’s gone she again takes my cock into her mouth, just the tip this time, sucks on it and jerks my shaft with her hand, the leftover saliva making it slick, allowing her to jerk it quickly, up and down, up and down, up and down, her hand squeezing tighter and tighter, increasing the pressure on my cock until I’m again only moments from cumming.

When she feels my tension rising again she slows down her strokes, pulls the tip from her mouth, and proceeds to slowly lick the length of my shaft with her tongue, up and then down, up and then down, up and then down, bringing me again into safe range.

“Do you want to come yet?” she says.

“Desperately,” I reply, at this point wanting only to release the incredible, nearly unbearable pressure.

“Beg for it,” she says while she massages my balls with her right hand and plays with my cock with her left.

“Please let me cum,” I say.

She tilts her head and eyes me with a slightly raised brow.

“Mistress,” I add.

“That’s better,” she says. “But I want you to say it again. Like you mean it this time.”

“Please mistress, please let me cum.”

She laughs and then just like that she deepthroats me again, effortlessly, holding it, holding it, holding it, my cock constricting her breath, gagging her, and then she starts moving her head up and down, up and down her lips moving the full length of my shaft, from tip to base, over and over again, her hair flipping everywhere, covering half her face but her gaze never leaving mine, her eyes deadly serious, hard at work, pushing me to the edge and then over it and my sphincter tightens and I buck my hips and I say, “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit” over and over again and then my sphincter releases and so does my cock as I feel the cum shooting out, threatening to blow out the back of her throat and then she leans back just a little, changing the angle so the cum will flow better and takes my cock all the way into the back of her throat and holds is there as I cum and cum and cum some more, my body jerking and spasming in uncontrollable bursts and she takes it all, swallowing everything I have to offer seemingly without effort.

I lean back and stare at the ceiling, exhausted with the effort. My breath is ragged and I’m sweating all over. I put my hands over my face and laugh a little bit to release the tension.

She slides up next to me and drops her head onto my chest.

“Have fun?” she says. Her demeanor is relaxed, playful. The role-playing is over.

“I had a great time,” I say.

“That’s good,” she says. “I aim to please.”

“Well you certainly did that.” I reach over and open the drawer of the nightstand next to the bed and pull out twenty $100 dollar bills and hand them to her.

“Thanks, baby,” she says, “Next time you’re in the mood to get pushed around a little bit, make sure you ask for me.”

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