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In any healthy sexual relationship, things evolve over time. It usually starts off slow, with the basics, then a little experimentation, which only leads to more experimentation, and more, and more, and more, until you are doing things you’ve never even dreamed of doing with another person before.

Take me and my roommate, Penny, for example. For years we only dated men, never even thought about touching another woman. Until one night—with both of us in a funk over our current and previous shitty relationships—we started screwing around. Just kissing, at first, but pretty soon we were licking each others tits and rubbing each others pussies and eating each other out. Multiple orgasms later for each of us and we realized we’d been missing out on a whole different level of sexual experience. So we started screwing around regularly.

At first it was nothing too crazy: kissing, oral sex, fingering, occasionally getting a dildo or two involved. But as we started to get more comfortable with each other, things progressed, until one night, after we’d had a couple bottles of wine, Penny looked me straight in the eye and said, “I’m ready.”

“For what?” I asked, even though I was pretty sure I knew what she was getting at.

“I want to get dominated,” Penny said.

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. “Tonight?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Did you have anyone in particular in mind to do the dominating?” I said, hoping beyond hope that it was me but not wanting to presume too much. Penny knew that I’d dabbled as a dominatrix in my younger years but it had never come up in terms of us being together. Until now.

“I do,” Penny said, moving a little closer to me. “And it’s you. Kendra, will you dominate me tonight?”

I literally shivered in excitement and leaned in and slipped my tongue into her mouth. After we made out for a bit, I pulled away, smiling widely.

“I take it that’s a yes?” Penny said, her smile matching mine.

“That’s not just a yes,” I said. “It’s a FUCK YEAH!”

We both laughed and hugged each other.

“The only question left is how extreme do you want me to get?” I asked.

 “Nothing too crazy this time,” Penny said. “No bondage or nipple clamps or anything.”

“Fair enough,” I said.

“And definitely no dunking my head in the toilet or pissing on my or anything like that.”

“I’d never do that to you,” I said. “Not even if you asked me too. There are some things you don’t do to someone you love, no matter what.”

“I figured as much,” she said. “But I just wanted to make sure.”

“So just your basic domination starter’s kit,” I said. “Smacking, pulling hair, choking, that sort of thing.”

Penny’s eyes lit up and she vigorously nodded her head.

“And how rough do you want me to get?” I asked.

“Just use your discretion,” she replied. “I trust you.”

“Okay,” I said. “But because it’s you, I’ll probably err on the soft side a bit, so make sure you tell me if you want it harder.”

“Oh don’t worry,” Penny said. “I will. And you don’t have to take it easy on me. I kind of want to see how much I can handle.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, my grin growing wider. “Are you ready to get started?”

“I can’t wait,” Penny said, flashing a little smile.

“Well, let’s get going then,” I said, grabbing a handful of Penny’s hair and giving it a sharp pull, bending her head backwards so her face was looking up towards the ceiling.

Penny’s smile widened as she moaned in pleasure. Her eyes shone with enjoyment. I knew from experience that the look in her eyes was genuine. She was truly excited about this.

“Do you like being treated like shit?” I asked.

“I fucking love it,” Penny said.

Smiling widely, I pulled Penny’s shirt off, exposing her massive, all natural, incredible tits. Her nipples were already hard as hell from her excitement.

I fondled one of Penny’s tits and pinched her nipple, eliciting a little gasp from her. Then I slapped down on it.

“Holy shit that feels so fucking good,” Penny said, shivering in joy. “Do it again. Except do it harder.”

So I smacked down on her tit again, a little bit harder this time.

“That’s right,” Penny said. “Just like that. But harder.”

So I slapped her tit again, harder still. And then I did it a few more times, trading off occasionally, until both of Penny’s tits were bright red.  

I was enjoying it just as much as Penny was. My pussy was already dripping wet, my panties soaked through.

After a few more smacks for good measure, I pulled up on Penny’s hair, snapping her head forward.

Penny was taking deep, heavy breaths but she was still smiling widely, obviously enjoying herself. Her eyes were glowing with pleasure.

“Are you ready for more?” I asked, our faces centimeters apart.

“I can’t fucking wait,” she replied.

I jammed my tongue into her mouth and we roughly made out for a few seconds, then I pulled away and immediately started walking, yanking Penny along by the hair behind me. I dragged her over to the wall, spun her around, and pushed her back up against it. As I stood directly in front of her, I released Penny’s hair and grabbed ahold of her throat, squeezing just a tad, nothing too extreme.

Penny’s smile didn’t fade one bit. If anything it got larger.

With one hand still around Penny’s throat I slapped her face. The sound filled the room like a gunshot.

Little red blossoms flared up on Penny’s cheek. But she still smiled.

“More?” I asked.

“Yes please,” she said.

I slapped Penny again. Then I squeezed her throat a little harder. And slapped  her face yet again.

Penny’s smile was fading but here eyes were still radiating excitement. Her whole face was turning red now as her blood flow was restricted.

“Do you want me to stop?” I said.

Penny shook her head and whispered the word no.

So I slapped Penny again. And again. And again. I was squeezing tighter now, almost completely cutting of the blood flow to her brain.

Penny’s lips were slightly apart and quivering slightly. Her eyes started to flutter and her pupils rolled back, exposing the whites of her eyes. Her head lolled slightly to the right.

I let go of her throat.

The color ran back into Penny’s face and she gasped for breath. Her smile was back in full effect. Only this time it was filled with excitement.

“That was incredible,” Penny said.

“You’re one dirty girl, aren’t you?” I said, laughing to myself.

“The dirtiest,” Penny said, reaching down to rub my pussy over my panties.

I grabbed Penny’s arm and pulled it away. “Not yet,” she said. “We’ll get to me in a little bit. But right now I want to mess with you some more.”

“If you insist,” Penny said, her tone filled with mock disappointment.

I slipped Penny’s dress off by pulling it over her head and dropped it to the ground. Then I grabbed ahold of Penny’s throat again, not really squeezing this time, just holding her in place as my free hand wandered down her flat stomach to her pretty little shaved pussy. I rubbed Penny’s pussy for a couple of seconds to get her warmed up but it was unnecessary. She was already soaking wet down there. So I stuck two fingers inside her and started finger-fucking her.

I stood there, facing Penny, staring directly into her eyes as I explored her insides with my fingers, my excitement building like a thunderstorm because of the control I had over my roommate.

Penny was looking at me with wide eyes, her bottom lip tucked between her teeth, her breath growing more and more rapid as I increased the pressure and depth of my fingers inside her.

I slid another finger inside Penny while simultaneously tightening my grip on her throat, choking off the gasp that was forming on her mouth. With three fingers now inside her, I started moving my hand more quickly in and out of Penny’s pussy, my wrist angled slightly upwards to rub the edges of her clit as I finger-fucked her.

Penny’s mouth had opened slightly and little gasping sounds were escaping from her throat. Her face was slowly turning pink as the blood flow diminished.

“You like this, don’t you?” I said.

Penny nodded as much as she could in her compromised situation.

“Do you want another finger?”

She nodded.

Without releasing Penny’s throat, I slipped my pinkie inside Penny’s pussy, joining the other three fingers. It was a tight fit but Penny continued to loosen up more and more as I moved my fingers inside her.

A short time later Penny’s entire body was quivering, her legs on the verge of failing. Her head slumped to the side just a bit and her eyes fluttered. She was about to pass out.

I didn’t want that. So I released Penny’s throat but continued finger-fucking her, making it difficult for her to catch her breath.

Only able to take low, gasping breaths, Penny leaned into me to keep from falling, her head on my chest.

I was the only thing holding Penny up but still I continued working her pussy, keeping her right on the edge. Her breaths were shallow and punctuated by high-pitched sounds of pleasure.

“Holy fucking shit,” Penny said breathlessly.

“Are you gonna cum?” I asked, smiling wickedly at her.

She nodded strenuously.

I started banging away at her harder than ever, using my left hand to rub at her clit while I finger-fucked her with my right.

“Just like that,” Penny said, her voice harsh and shallow. “Just like that. Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

And lo and behold, a few seconds later an orgasm washed through her, soaking my fingers with her pussy juices as she came. I continued working her pussy and clit with my fingers until her orgasm had completely passed.

Once Penny had started to recover, I pulled my fingers from her pussy and slid them into her mouth so she could clean them of her own juices.

Penny licked my fingers one-by-one, until they were completely clean, staring at me the entire time. Not saying anything, just waiting for further directions.

“You wait there,” I eventually said. “I’ll be right back.”

I left Penny leaning against the wall, gasping to catch her breath, and headed into my bedroom. When I came back out I was wearing a six-inch dildo strapped to my waist.

We’d played with dildos before, many times, but never had either of us strapped one on and played the part of the male.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked Penny as I walked up to her. I was holding my dick in my hand and stroking it slowly. “Do you like my nice, hard cock?”

Smiling wickedly at me, she nodded her head.

“Good,” I replied. “Because I’ve been waiting to do this to you for a long time.”

I pressed my body up against Penny’s, my cock pushing up against her stomach.

“Stroke it,” I said to Penny.

Her hand flew down to my cock and started jerking off the dildo.

While Penny worked my cock, I slid my tongue into her mouth and started exploring around. And then I reached out and grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed it roughly.

We stood there, making out, with Penny stroking my dildo while I played with her tits for a full minute before I was ready for something more.

“Enough fucking around,” I said, speaking in a demanding voice even though I was thoroughly enjoying myself. “It’s time to get down to business.”

I pushed down on Penny’s shoulders and she dropped to her knees without any resistance whatsoever.

“That’s a good girl,” I said, shifting my hands to Penny’s head and grabbing ahold of her hair, using it to hold her head against the wall.

“Are you ready to get your face fucked by my hard cock?” I asked.

Looking up at me with puppy dog eyes, Penny nodded.

“Then open your mouth,” I said.

Penny obliged, opening her mouth wide. Her eyes were gleaming as she looked up at me. She was very eager.

I grabbed ahold of the dildo strapped onto my waist and slipped it inside of Penny’s mouth and started sliding it in and out, moving slowly, not giving her much more than the tip. I gradually slipped it further inside Penny’s mouth until she was taking half of it at a time. Eventually I began to speed up my thrusts.

Penny’s lips closed around my cock.

“What are you doing?” I said as I pulled my cock out. I gave Penny a nifty little smack on the cheek, causing her eyes to widen in surprise for a moment before settling back into a look of pleasure. 

“Did I tell you to close your mouth?” I asked.

“No,” Penny said.

“That’s right,” I said. “I didn’t. This time keep it open, no matter what. Okay?”

Penny nodded, still smiling, as she had been all night.

I stuck my cock back inside Penny’s mouth and started pumping her face again, more aggressively this time. Gagging sounds escaped from her throat as I pummeled her mouth but she kept it open no matter how much cock I gave her.

“Good job,” I said, my tone the same as if I’d been talking to a puppy. “You’re getting the hang of it.”

My cock was extremely slippery as I gave Penny the entire thing, relentlessly slamming it in out of her throat, still holding her head against the wall with my hands.

Saliva was pouring down Penny’s chin and neck and coating her chest. Tears were dripping from her eyes and running down her cheek. But I could tell that she was still enjoying herself. As was I.

“Just one more thing and then we’ll move on,” I said, still hammering Penny’s mouth with the strap-on. “Are you ready?”

Penny nodded as best she could, considering her situation.

It was good enough for me. I pumped Penny’s throat one more time, but instead of pulling it back out right away, like I’d done every time so far, I held my cock all the way down Penny’s throat, forcing her to deepthroat me.

“Look at me,” I said.

Penny shifted her gaze upward as best she could while deepthroating me, looking up at me with tear-stained, puppy-dog eyes.

“That’s right,” I said. “Take my cock, baby. Take it all the way down your throat.”

I held the dildo there until Penny started to gag, then yanked it back out of her throat. Penny gasped for breath, followed by a deep cough, but when she turned her eyes back up to me, she was grinning widely.

“I take it you liked that?” I said.

“I fucking loved it,” Penny replied.

“So you’re enjoying things so far?”

“Fuck yeah,” she said.

“Then let’s keep things rolling,” I said, grabbing a handful of her hair and using it to drag her across the room, towards the couch.

Once there, I spun her around so she was sitting with her ass on the floor and her back against the bottom section of the couch.

“Before I fuck you proper, I need to get a little pleasure out of you myself,” I said.

“Anything you want,” Penny replied. “I’m your little fucktoy.”

Smiling, I pushed her head backwards until her face was pointed up towards the ceiling and the back of her head was resting on the cushions of the couch. Once Penny was positioned how I wanted her, I climbed up onto the couch, straddled her face with my legs, and dropped my pussy directly onto her face.

“That’s it,” I said as Penny’s tongue worked itself around in my pussy. “Work that tongue, baby. Work it.”

I gave her all of my weight, smothering her with my flesh and forcing her tongue deeper inside me. I could feel Penny struggling for breath beneath me, which just upped my pleasure.

I remained atop her face for 15 full seconds, enjoying the feel of her tongue and mouth inside and around my pussy before lifting myself off of her.

After giving Penny a few seconds to catch her breath, I dropped back down onto her face, this time adjusting my position slightly so her tongue was touching my asshole and her nose was between my pussy lips.

Growing closer towards orgasm from the feeling of power I had over Penny combined with the physical sensation of her tongue and nose in my ass and pussy, I started grinding atop her face to help myself cum. I quickly arrived right at the doorstep of an orgasm, but needed help getting myself over the threshold, so I started aggressively rubbing at my clit.

That quickly put me over the edge, and I came in a rush, drenching Penny with the pussy juices that came squirting out of my snatch. I used these juices to further lube up the dildo strapped on to my waist, then pulled myself off of Penny.

As Penny tried to catch her breath, I lifted her up onto the couch by her shoulders so she was lying lengthwise on the couch with her back to the cushions. I then positioned myself between her legs so my cock was resting atop her pussy.

“Are you ready to bring it home?” I asked, smiling at her. Biting on her bottom lip and looking up at me longingly, Penny nodded her head.

“Me too,” I said. I grabbed her legs and pushed them up towards her head, so her ankles were next to her ears.

Penny was a very flexible girl, and she knew exactly what I wanted. She grabbed her ankles and folded her legs behind her head, so her ankles were crossed over each other behind her neck.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” I said, staring down at her incredibly tight, flexible body. From my perspective she was folded in half, with her soaking wet, beautiful pussy wide open and just waiting to get fucked.

“Give it to me,” she said. “Give me that fat fucking cock.”

“With pleasure,” I replied, grabbing ahold of the dildo and slipping it into her pussy.

“Goddamn that feels so fucking good,” Penny said as I started moving my hips forward and back, pumping her pussy with my strap-on. “Right there, baby. Right fucking there.”

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