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In any healthy sexual relationship, things evolve over time. It usually starts off slow, with the basics, then a little experimentation, which only leads to more experimentation, and more, and more, and more, until you are doing things you’ve never even dreamed of doing with another person before.

Take me and my roommate, Penny, for example. For years we only dated men, never even thought about touching another woman. Until one night—with both of us in a funk over our current and previous shitty relationships—we started screwing around. Just kissing, at first, but pretty soon we were licking each others tits and rubbing each others pussies and eating each other out. Multiple orgasms later for each of us and we realized we’d been missing out on a whole different level of sexual experience. So we started screwing around regularly.

At first it was nothing too crazy: kissing, oral sex, fingering, occasionally getting a dildo or two involved. But as we started to get more comfortable with each other, things progressed, until one night, after we’d had a couple bottles of wine, Penny looked me straight in the eye and said, “I’m ready.”

“For what?” I asked, even though I was pretty sure I knew what she was getting at.

“I want to get dominated,” Penny said.

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. “Tonight?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Did you have anyone in particular in mind to do the dominating?” I said, hoping beyond hope that it was me but not wanting to presume too much. Penny knew that I’d dabbled as a dominatrix in my younger years but it had never come up in terms of us being together. Until now.

“I do,” Penny said, moving a little closer to me. “And it’s you. Kendra, will you dominate me tonight?”

I literally shivered in excitement and leaned in and slipped my tongue into her mouth. After we made out for a bit, I pulled away, smiling widely.

“I take it that’s a yes?” Penny said, her smile matching mine.

“That’s not just a yes,” I said. “It’s a FUCK YEAH!”

We both laughed and hugged each other.

“The only question left is how extreme do you want me to get?” I asked.

 “Nothing too crazy this time,” Penny said. “No bondage or nipple clamps or anything.”

“Fair enough,” I said.

“And definitely no dunking my head in the toilet or pissing on my or anything like that.”

“I’d never do that to you,” I said. “Not even if you asked me too. There are some things you don’t do to someone you love, no matter what.”

“I figured as much,” she said. “But I just wanted to make sure.”

“So just your basic domination starter’s kit,” I said. “Smacking, pulling hair, choking, that sort of thing.”

Penny’s eyes lit up and she vigorously nodded her head.

“And how rough do you want me to get?” I asked.

“Just use your discretion,” she replied. “I trust you.”

“Okay,” I said. “But because it’s you, I’ll probably err on the soft side a bit, so make sure you tell me if you want it harder.”

“Oh don’t worry,” Penny said. “I will. And you don’t have to take it easy on me. I kind of want to see how much I can handle.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, my grin growing wider. “Are you ready to get started?”

“I can’t wait,” Penny said, flashing a little smile.

“Well, let’s get going then,” I said, grabbing a handful of Penny’s hair and giving it a sharp pull, bending her head backwards so her face was looking up towards the ceiling.

Penny’s smile widened as she moaned in pleasure. Her eyes shone with enjoyment. I knew from experience that the look in her eyes was genuine. She was truly excited about this.

“Do you like being treated like shit?” I asked.

“I fucking love it,” Penny said.

Smiling widely, I pulled Penny’s shirt off, exposing her massive, all natural, incredible tits. Her nipples were already hard as hell from her excitement.

I fondled one of Penny’s tits and pinched her nipple, eliciting a little gasp from her. Then I slapped down on it.

“Holy shit that feels so fucking good,” Penny said, shivering in joy. “Do it again. Except do it harder.”

So I smacked down on her tit again, a little bit harder this time.

“That’s right,” Penny said. “Just like that. But harder.”

So I slapped her tit again, harder still. And then I did it a few more times, trading off occasionally, until both of Penny’s tits were bright red.  

I was enjoying it just as much as Penny was. My pussy was already dripping wet, my panties soaked through.

After a few more smacks for good measure, I pulled up on Penny’s hair, snapping her head forward.

Penny was taking deep, heavy breaths but she was still smiling widely, obviously enjoying herself. Her eyes were glowing with pleasure.

“Are you ready for more?” I asked, our faces centimeters apart.

“I can’t fucking wait,” she replied.

I jammed my tongue into her mouth and we roughly made out for a few seconds, then I pulled away and immediately started walking, yanking Penny along by the hair behind me. I dragged her over to the wall, spun her around, and pushed her back up against it. As I stood directly in front of her, I released Penny’s hair and grabbed ahold of her throat, squeezing just a tad, nothing too extreme.

Penny’s smile didn’t fade one bit. If anything it got larger.

With one hand still around Penny’s throat I slapped her face. The sound filled the room like a gunshot.

Little red blossoms flared up on Penny’s cheek. But she still smiled.

“More?” I asked.

“Yes please,” she said.

I slapped Penny again. Then I squeezed her throat a little harder. And slapped  her face yet again.

Penny’s smile was fading but here eyes were still radiating excitement. Her whole face was turning red now as her blood flow was restricted.

“Do you want me to stop?” I said.

Penny shook her head and whispered the word no.

So I slapped Penny again. And again. And again. I was squeezing tighter now, almost completely cutting of the blood flow to her brain.

Penny’s lips were slightly apart and quivering slightly. Her eyes started to flutter and her pupils rolled back, exposing the whites of her eyes. Her head lolled slightly to the right.

I let go of her throat.

The color ran back into Penny’s face and she gasped for breath. Her smile was back in full effect. Only this time it was filled with excitement.

“That was incredible,” Penny said.

“You’re one dirty girl, aren’t you?” I said, laughing to myself.

“The dirtiest,” Penny said, reaching down to rub my pussy over my panties.

I grabbed Penny’s arm and pulled it away. “Not yet,” she said. “We’ll get to me in a little bit. But right now I want to mess with you some more.”

“If you insist,” Penny said, her tone filled with mock disappointment.

I slipped Penny’s dress off by pulling it over her head and dropped it to the ground. Then I grabbed ahold of Penny’s throat again, not really squeezing this time, just holding her in place as my free hand wandered down her flat stomach to her pretty little shaved pussy. I rubbed Penny’s pussy for a couple of seconds to get her warmed up but it was unnecessary. She was already soaking wet down there. So I stuck two fingers inside her and started finger-fucking her.

I stood there, facing Penny, staring directly into her eyes as I explored her insides with my fingers, my excitement building like a thunderstorm because of the control I had over my roommate.

Penny was looking at me with wide eyes, her bottom lip tucked between her teeth, her breath growing more and more rapid as I increased the pressure and depth of my fingers inside her.

I slid another finger inside Penny while simultaneously tightening my grip on her throat, choking off the gasp that was forming on her mouth. With three fingers now inside her, I started moving my hand more quickly in and out of Penny’s pussy, my wrist angled slightly upwards to rub the edges of her clit as I finger-fucked her.

Penny’s mouth had opened slightly and little gasping sounds were escaping from her throat. Her face was slowly turning pink as the blood flow diminished.

“You like this, don’t you?” I said.

Penny nodded as much as she could in her compromised situation.

“Do you want another finger?”

She nodded.

Without releasing Penny’s throat, I slipped my pinkie inside Penny’s pussy, joining the other three fingers. It was a tight fit but Penny continued to loosen up more and more as I moved my fingers inside her.

A short time later Penny’s entire body was quivering, her legs on the verge of failing. Her head slumped to the side just a bit and her eyes fluttered. She was about to pass out.

I didn’t want that. So I released Penny’s throat but continued finger-fucking her, making it difficult for her to catch her breath.

Only able to take low, gasping breaths, Penny leaned into me to keep from falling, her head on my chest.

I was the only thing holding Penny up but still I continued working her pussy, keeping her right on the edge. Her breaths were shallow and punctuated by high-pitched sounds of pleasure.

“Holy fucking shit,” Penny said breathlessly.

“Are you gonna cum?” I asked, smiling wickedly at her.

She nodded strenuously.

I started banging away at her harder than ever, using my left hand to rub at her clit while I finger-fucked her with my right.

“Just like that,” Penny said, her voice harsh and shallow. “Just like that. Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

And lo and behold, a few seconds later an orgasm washed through her, soaking my fingers with her pussy juices as she came. I continued working her pussy and clit with my fingers until her orgasm had completely passed.

Once Penny had started to recover, I pulled my fingers from her pussy and slid them into her mouth so she could clean them of her own juices.

Penny licked my fingers one-by-one, until they were completely clean, staring at me the entire time. Not saying anything, just waiting for further directions.

“You wait there,” I eventually said. “I’ll be right back.”

I left Penny leaning against the wall, gasping to catch her breath, and headed into my bedroom. When I came back out I was wearing a six-inch dildo strapped to my waist.

We’d played with dildos before, many times, but never had either of us strapped one on and played the part of the male.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked Penny as I walked up to her. I was holding my dick in my hand and stroking it slowly. “Do you like my nice, hard cock?”

Smiling wickedly at me, she nodded her head.

“Good,” I replied. “Because I’ve been waiting to do this to you for a long time.”

I pressed my body up against Penny’s, my cock pushing up against her stomach.

“Stroke it,” I said to Penny.

Her hand flew down to my cock and started jerking off the dildo.

While Penny worked my cock, I slid my tongue into her mouth and started exploring around. And then I reached out and grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed it roughly.

We stood there, making out, with Penny stroking my dildo while I played with her tits for a full minute before I was ready for something more.

“Enough fucking around,” I said, speaking in a demanding voice even though I was thoroughly enjoying myself. “It’s time to get down to business.”

I pushed down on Penny’s shoulders and she dropped to her knees without any resistance whatsoever.

“That’s a good girl,” I said, shifting my hands to Penny’s head and grabbing ahold of her hair, using it to hold her head against the wall.

“Are you ready to get your face fucked by my hard cock?” I asked.

Looking up at me with puppy dog eyes, Penny nodded.

“Then open your mouth,” I said.

Penny obliged, opening her mouth wide. Her eyes were gleaming as she looked up at me. She was very eager.

I grabbed ahold of the dildo strapped onto my waist and slipped it inside of Penny’s mouth and started sliding it in and out, moving slowly, not giving her much more than the tip. I gradually slipped it further inside Penny’s mouth until she was taking half of it at a time. Eventually I began to speed up my thrusts.

Penny’s lips closed around my cock.

“What are you doing?” I said as I pulled my cock out. I gave Penny a nifty little smack on the cheek, causing her eyes to widen in surprise for a moment before settling back into a look of pleasure. 

“Did I tell you to close your mouth?” I asked.

“No,” Penny said.

“That’s right,” I said. “I didn’t. This time keep it open, no matter what. Okay?”

Penny nodded, still smiling, as she had been all night.

I stuck my cock back inside Penny’s mouth and started pumping her face again, more aggressively this time. Gagging sounds escaped from her throat as I pummeled her mouth but she kept it open no matter how much cock I gave her.

“Good job,” I said, my tone the same as if I’d been talking to a puppy. “You’re getting the hang of it.”

My cock was extremely slippery as I gave Penny the entire thing, relentlessly slamming it in out of her throat, still holding her head against the wall with my hands.

Saliva was pouring down Penny’s chin and neck and coating her chest. Tears were dripping from her eyes and running down her cheek. But I could tell that she was still enjoying herself. As was I.

“Just one more thing and then we’ll move on,” I said, still hammering Penny’s mouth with the strap-on. “Are you ready?”

Penny nodded as best she could, considering her situation.

It was good enough for me. I pumped Penny’s throat one more time, but instead of pulling it back out right away, like I’d done every time so far, I held my cock all the way down Penny’s throat, forcing her to deepthroat me.

“Look at me,” I said.

Penny shifted her gaze upward as best she could while deepthroating me, looking up at me with tear-stained, puppy-dog eyes.

“That’s right,” I said. “Take my cock, baby. Take it all the way down your throat.”

I held the dildo there until Penny started to gag, then yanked it back out of her throat. Penny gasped for breath, followed by a deep cough, but when she turned her eyes back up to me, she was grinning widely.

“I take it you liked that?” I said.

“I fucking loved it,” Penny replied.

“So you’re enjoying things so far?”

“Fuck yeah,” she said.

“Then let’s keep things rolling,” I said, grabbing a handful of her hair and using it to drag her across the room, towards the couch.

Once there, I spun her around so she was sitting with her ass on the floor and her back against the bottom section of the couch.

“Before I fuck you proper, I need to get a little pleasure out of you myself,” I said.

“Anything you want,” Penny replied. “I’m your little fucktoy.”

Smiling, I pushed her head backwards until her face was pointed up towards the ceiling and the back of her head was resting on the cushions of the couch. Once Penny was positioned how I wanted her, I climbed up onto the couch, straddled her face with my legs, and dropped my pussy directly onto her face.

“That’s it,” I said as Penny’s tongue worked itself around in my pussy. “Work that tongue, baby. Work it.”

I gave her all of my weight, smothering her with my flesh and forcing her tongue deeper inside me. I could feel Penny struggling for breath beneath me, which just upped my pleasure.

I remained atop her face for 15 full seconds, enjoying the feel of her tongue and mouth inside and around my pussy before lifting myself off of her.

After giving Penny a few seconds to catch her breath, I dropped back down onto her face, this time adjusting my position slightly so her tongue was touching my asshole and her nose was between my pussy lips.

Growing closer towards orgasm from the feeling of power I had over Penny combined with the physical sensation of her tongue and nose in my ass and pussy, I started grinding atop her face to help myself cum. I quickly arrived right at the doorstep of an orgasm, but needed help getting myself over the threshold, so I started aggressively rubbing at my clit.

That quickly put me over the edge, and I came in a rush, drenching Penny with the pussy juices that came squirting out of my snatch. I used these juices to further lube up the dildo strapped on to my waist, then pulled myself off of Penny.

As Penny tried to catch her breath, I lifted her up onto the couch by her shoulders so she was lying lengthwise on the couch with her back to the cushions. I then positioned myself between her legs so my cock was resting atop her pussy.

“Are you ready to bring it home?” I asked, smiling at her. Biting on her bottom lip and looking up at me longingly, Penny nodded her head.

“Me too,” I said. I grabbed her legs and pushed them up towards her head, so her ankles were next to her ears.

Penny was a very flexible girl, and she knew exactly what I wanted. She grabbed her ankles and folded her legs behind her head, so her ankles were crossed over each other behind her neck.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” I said, staring down at her incredibly tight, flexible body. From my perspective she was folded in half, with her soaking wet, beautiful pussy wide open and just waiting to get fucked.

“Give it to me,” she said. “Give me that fat fucking cock.”

“With pleasure,” I replied, grabbing ahold of the dildo and slipping it into her pussy.

“Goddamn that feels so fucking good,” Penny said as I started moving my hips forward and back, pumping her pussy with my strap-on. “Right there, baby. Right fucking there.”

I hammered Penny’s pussy with my cock for a bit while she moaned and groaned beneath me. I was increasing the intensity with every thrust, pounding away at her snatch while she used her hands to play with my tits and tweak my nipples.

This got me more excited, and allowed me to start fucking her harder. Plus, to up the ante a bit, I reared back and smacked her in the cheek while still fucking her.

“Fuck yeah,” she cried. “Harder! Smack me harder!”

So I did, slapping her so hard that the sound echoed about the room.

 “Just like that,” Penny said, staring up at me with intense eyes. “Keep smacking me while you fuck me.”

I couldn’t turn down a request like that, so I continued smacking away at her cheek, trading sides with every slap, while her legs trembled and her body shook and shimmied.

“More,” she said. “Give me more! Everything you’ve got! I want you to punish me. Fucking punish me!”

More excited than I’d ever been in my life from Penny’s demands, I reached out and grabbed ahold of her throat while continuing to slam my cock in and out of her pussy.

“Right there,” Penny said breathlessly. “Right fucking there!”

Squeezing harder, I pounded Penny with everything I had, my face directly above hers and staring down at her eyes as they began to flutter. My cock was pounding her pussy, our bodies smacking together with the wet, sloppy sounds of sex.

I continued fucking and choking Penny until she was damn near unconscious before abruptly releasing her throat.

Her eyes widened immediately and she gasped for breath while I hammered away at her with all my might. The combination quickly lead to another orgasm, which Penny experienced with in a gasping, intense rush, her body freezing up before exploding in a frenzy, her pussy juices squirting everywhere, forcing my cock out of her snatch.

“Come on, Penny, cum all over me,” I said, quickly sliding backwards and dropping down so my face was right in front of her pussy.

I got a couple squirts to the face, but I wanted more, so I started working her clit with my fingers, aggressively rubbing it, prolonging her orgasm.

“Holy shit!” she cried as I played with her pussy. Her legs were still wrapped around the back of her head, leaving her wide open to me. “Ohmygod, OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD!”

And with that, she squirted again, this time spraying her juices all over my face, some of it getting into my mouth and the rest splashing against my flesh.

I continued working her pussy and she continued squirting for another half a minute before finally running dry.

“That was fucking incredible!” Penny said, unfolding her legs from behind her head. She sat up in the couch and pulled her knees to her chest and held them there and tried to recover.

Laughing, I picked myself up and then plopped down next to her on the couch. “You liked it, huh?”

“I fucking loved it!” she said. “That may have been the single greatest fuck of my life!” She leaned over and slipped her tongue into my mouth and we made out for a bit, gently and passionately.

“That’s good to hear,” I said after we broke things off. “I was afraid you wouldn’t like it that much.”

Penny laughed. “I wasn’t afraid. I knew you’d treat me well. And you did. Thanks, Kendra.”

“My pleasure,” I said. “Now let’s go get some food. I’m fucking starved.”

Laughing, Penny stood up, then helped me to my feet. Together, we headed towards the kitchen, still both naked, me keeping the strap-on attached. I liked having a cock. I liked it a lot.







In general, I like some variety with my sexual encounters. Sometimes I want to be dominated, sometimes I want to be the one dominating, sometimes I want to be surprised, sometimes I’ve craving anal and so on. It changes based on my mood.

But at the same time my tastes are very specific. When I decide on a scenario, I want it a very specific way. And this evening I’m going to play out a fantasy of mine.

I think of it as the reluctant submissive.

Basically, I want to dominate a young lady, make her do exactly what I want her to do, exactly how I want her to do it. But I don’t want a passive submissive, someone who just gives in completely. I want a fighter, a girl with attitude, someone who’s going to make me take from her what I want. Or at least pretend to.

Of course, this sort of thing isn’t possible in the real world. Not unless you want to get yourself arrested. Which is exactly why I prefer escorts. All it takes is a few hundred bucks and a phone call and I can lay out the scenario in detail and get a girl that will fit my needs perfectly. This way, she knows exactly what she’s getting into. And even if she doesn’t necessarily enjoy it (although I much prefer getting the girls that do) she’s at least willing to do it and pretend like she’s enjoying it. And if she’s a good enough actress (and virtually all of them are, at least in the upper levels of the escort industry where I get my girls from) you never know the difference anyway.

It’s the best of both worlds, really. A sexual role-play but one that doesn’t come with any of the pre or post sex awkwardness that inevitably happens when you do it with a significant other. Both parties know exactly what they’re getting into and both parties are fine with the parameters. I get to live out a fantasy of mine and she gets to make a living and we all go home happy. Or at least satisfied. And in this uncertain world of ours, how often can you say something like that?




There’s an aggressive knock on my hotel room door and I head over and turn the handle without peeking through the eyehole. I’ve learned it’s better to get the first glimpse in the flesh, so to speak.

I’ve barely got the door open when she saunters in like she owns the place, with nothing more than a flip of her chin in my direction. She drops a small purse on the floor near the door and turns to face me, giving me the first full look at her.

She’s not too small of girl, about 5’6” and right around 125 pounds. Solid enough looking to take the pounding I had in mind. Long, sandy blonde hair, big brown eyes, bright red lipstick on pouty, full lips. Her attitude is apparent, all the way from the slightly disdainful look on her face to the way she holds herself to the combination black leather jacket and shorts she’s wearing. Not to  mention the knee-high black leather boots on her feet.

In other words, perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.

“So are we gonna get this party started or what?” she says, looking right at me without any hint of embarrassment.

“You know what you’re getting into, right?”

 “Yeah, you hired me to push me around and make yourself feel like a big man. But you don’t want it to be too easy.”

“And you’re game for that?”

“I’m game for whatever you’ve got,” she says.

“Are you sure?” I say. “It’s going to get a bit rough.”

She scoffs and glares at me sideways. “From you? I doubt it. You’re a pathetic little businessman and I do this sort of thing for a living. You won’t even be able to make me uncomfortable.”

“Is that what I look like to you?” I ask her as I undo my belt. “A middle management loser who has to hire women to get laid?”

“Yeah, that pretty much sums it up,” she says.

I slip my belt off and fold it over and slap it on the palm of my hand while I talk. “So if I were to tell you that I own my own business and I’m worth a few million on a bad day and I hire women because I don’t like dealing with the emotions of a traditional relationship, what would you say to that?”

“I’d probably say you were full of shit.” There’s no fear in her eyes, just faux disdain poorly masking a deep undercurrent of excitement.

“Is that right?” I say as I loop the belt around her neck.

“That’s right,” she says, still maintaining her look of defiance.

I run the belt through the buckle and tighten it around her neck. Not so tight that she can’t breathe but not loosely either.

“Then I guess I’ll just let you go on believing what you want. After all, I don’t give a fuck what you think of me.” I raise my hand holding the belt so it digs into her skin. She has to lift her chin to keep from choking. “As long as you do what you’re told.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then I’ll punish you.”

“What if I like to be punished?”

“Then I guess we’ll both be having fun,” I say, raising my hand higher.

This time, no amount of chin lifting will keep her from choking. I’m simply too tall and have too much leverage over her.

“Are you going to do what I tell you?” I ask.

She nods as much as her situation will allow.

“I want to hear it.”

“I’ll do what you tell me,” she manages to say.

“We’ll see about that,” I say, lowering my hand, loosening the pinch of the belt and allowing her to breathe. She does so in gasping breaths.

I reach out with my free hand and undo the zipper on her leather jacket. I have no intention of having her take it off, I just want easy access to her tits. Nevertheless, she starts to wiggle out of it.

I smack her in the face. Not very hard, just enough to get her attention. She looks at me with wide eyes that appear to be a combination of startled and angry. It’s hard to know for sure if she’s acting or not, but it doesn’t really matter. She knew what she was getting into. Nothing I do from here on in should surprise her too greatly.

“Did I tell you to take your jacket off?” I say.

She shakes her head. Her lip is quivering slightly but her eyes are defiant.

“Then why did you start to do it?”

She shrugs. “I don’t know. I just thought—”

“I’m not paying you to think,” I say. “I’m paying you to do what I tell you, nothing more. Got it?”

She nods.



“Yes, what?”

“Yes sir.”

“That’s better,” I say.

My tone reflects disappointment but in reality I’m anything but. She’s acting exactly as I’d hoped she would. Defiant yet submissive at the same time. I’m not sure if she’s doing it on purpose or not but it’s definitely working for me. My cock is rock hard and pressing against the material of my pants. 

 I reach inside her jacket and fondle one of her tits. With her jacket on I hadn’t been able to get a good look. It’s not that big that’s all right; it’s perky as hell and perfectly proportioned. Which is good enough for me.

I grope her for a few seconds but don’t get much of an outward reaction. So I move my fingers to her nipple. I rub it between my fingertips to harden it up then give it a good hardy pinch.

She bites her bottom lip but doesn’t make a sound.

“Does that hurt?” I ask, my fingers still clamped on her nipple.

“A little.”

“Just a little?”

She nods.

I squeeze harder, twisting my hand while I do so.

She gasps and glares at me.

“What about that?” I say. “Does that hurt?”

She nods.

“Do you like it?” I ask.

She nods again.

“Do you want me to do it again?”

She nods for the third time.

So I do, pinching and twisting her nipple even more aggressively this time.

Her legs start to buckle and she makes a low moaning sound.

I release her nipple and move my hand over to the other one. I give it the same treatment and she reacts similarly. So far, so good.

“Turn around,” I say.

She does as she’s told.

I spin the belt so the buckle is pressing against the back of her neck and my hand holding it is behind her head.

I step closer to her, so my chest is touching her back and my head is right behind hers. With my free hand I reach down and undo the top button on her leather shorts. She’s not wearing any panties. I slip my hand inside her shorts and slide a couple of fingers between her legs and start rubbing the outside of her shaved pussy.

“Do you like that?” I whisper into her ear.

She nods.

“I can’t hear you.”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, sir,” she says.

I slip two fingers inside her and start finger-fucking her.

“What about that?” I whisper. “Do you like that too?”

“Yes, sir.”

I pull on the belt with my other hand, tightening it, choking her as I’m fingering her.

“How about now?” I ask.

She nods.

“Say it.”

“Yes, sir,” she manages to croak out. Her face is quickly turning red.

I start fingering her more aggressively, causing her to search more deeply for the air that isn’t reaching her lungs.

“Do you want me to stop?” I ask her.

She shakes her head.


“No,” she says. Her breath is barely a whisper.

“No what?”

“No, sir.”

By now, I can’t really even hear her. It’s more like lip-reading. But she’s a trooper, that much is for sure. She doesn’t want to look like she’s tapping out. 

“Are you sure?” I ask.

She nods, not even bothering trying to talk anymore.

Her lips are slightly open and her eyelids are starting to flutter. Her chest is heaving with effort as I continue to finger her, overloading her senses with pure enjoyment while she suffers through not being able to breathe. A paradox that some people spend their lives searching for.

It isn’t until her head starts to slump to the side that I release my hold on her, relaxing the hold the belt has on her throat at the same time I slip my fingers from her pussy. Taking away the pleasure and the pain at the same time.

She takes a couple of deep, shuddering breaths and the color rushes back to her face. She turns her head towards me, glaring at me with a look that is part anger part excitement.

I reach up with my hand that was just inside her pussy and slip my still-wet fingers into her mouth. I jam them down her throat, causing her to gag. I fuck her mouth with my fingers for a few pumps then give her cheek a little smack.

Her glare turns harsher.

“You didn’t like that did you?”

She just looks at me, not sure how to answer, or if she even should.

“It’s okay,” I say. “You can tell me the truth.”

“No,” she says.

I smack her again, harder this time.

Her eyes narrow.

“What about that time? Did you like it?”

“Yes, sir,” she says but her tone suggests otherwise.

“That’s better,” I say, gripping her chin and turning her head back so it’s facing forward. I slip the belt off her neck and drop it to the floor. Then I grab a handful of her hair and walk her over to the full-sized mirror fixed against the wall on the far side of the room.

I spin her around so she’s facing the mirror and then press her body up against it. Now I can see her face while I fuck with her. And not only that but I can watch myself watching her. I’ve always been visual and this set-up helps greatly in that regard.

The first thing I do is pull her jacket off her chest, finally exposing her tits and flat, tan stomach. But I don’t pull the jacket all the way off. Instead I trap her arms inside the arms of the jacket then yank them backwards and give the jacket a little twist, essentially handcuffing her arms behind her back and giving me complete control of both her arms with just one of my hands.  

Holding her arms behind her with one hand, I give her tit a smack with the other, slapping down on it with some real force. The sound fills the room like a gunshot. She flinches and lets out a little shriek. I slap the other. Again she shrieks and flinches. I smack them again, first one, then the other. And again. And again, until both her tits are red.

She’s breathing hard by this point. I don’t know if it’s from excitement or pain or both. And to be honest I don’t really care. I’m having too fun.  A point which is being hammered home by my cock, which is pressing so hard against my pants that it feels like I’m going to poke a hole clean through them.

I decide it’s time to give my cock a little taste. Not the full course; more like an appetizer. So I run my hand down the exposed center of her body until I’ve got ahold of her shorts. I slip them down to her thighs, revealing her tight little ass to me but not giving her legs any freedom of movement.

Still holding her arms behind her, I unzip my pants with my other hand and slip my rock-hard cock out through the gap. Then I grab ahold of my cock and smack it against her ass a couple of times.

My plan is to fuck her from behind while she’s standing facing the mirror but I quickly realize it’s not going to work. She’s simply too short for me to get my cock inside her pussy with both of us standing. So I go with plan B.

“Turn around and get on your knees,” I say, putting my hand on her shoulder and giving it a little downward nudge.

She glares at me in the mirror and shrugs my hand off her shoulder but spins and drops down into position on her own without any audible protest. Her arms are still trapped behind her back by the jacket, leaving her pretty much at my mercy.

“Is this what you want?” she says.

I nod.

“Say it,” she says, her mouth turned up in a little smirk.

I chuckle under my breath. “Still a little feisty, I see.”

“That’s the kind of girl you paid for, right? One that’s not just going to let you walk all over her without at least pretending to fight back.”

“It is indeed,” I say. And it is. My cock is as stiff enough to pound nails.

“You’re pathetic,” she says. “You know that, right? I mean, what have you done to me so far? Nothing, really. Throw me around the room, boss me around, slap me around a bit, that’s about it. Certainly nothing sexual, not really. And look at you. You’re hard as fuck. You’ll probably blow your load before you even get your cock in my mouth.”

“Let’s find out,” I say. “Open up.”

She forms an O with her mouth. Her red lipstick is beckoning me, begging for my cock. So I give it to her, slamming it into her mouth, pushing it all the way in, balls deep, until the tip of my cock is tickling her throat and her nose is pressing up against my stomach.

My hands are on the back of her head, holding her in place, but she doesn’t even try to pull away. She just stays there, deepthroating me as if it’s nothing, not even gagging or coughing for a full six seconds, maintaining eye contact the whole time, daring me, taunting me, trying to make me be the one that breaks the hold.

At right about ten seconds I realize she’s going to be right. Sure, I got my cock in her mouth before blowing my load, but if I don’t pull out now I’m going to bust my nut down her throat after barely having got my cock inside one of her holes.

So I pull off before it’s too late, backing away quickly, sliding my cock out of her mouth.

She coughs and takes a moment to catch her breath, then shoots me a knowing little grin. “What was that, ten seconds and you were ready to cum? Just like I said. Pathetic old man.”

“We’ll see about that,” I say, an evil smile lighting up my face. “Open up.”

“You want to try again, huh? Be my guest.”

She opens her mouth and stares up at me, daring me.

I know from experience that hammering a girls mouth with my cock lessens the sensation, allowing me to go on for far longer than before without any danger of cumming. With this in mind, I again grab ahold of her hair and stick my cock in her mouth. But this time, instead of forcing her to immediately deep throat me, I start aggressively pumping her open mouth, slamming my cock in and out of it, giving her the entire shaft, from tip of my head to base of my balls.

At first she takes it like a champ, without so much as a flinch or a sound, but as the unrelenting face-fucking continues, not allowing her even a moment of respite, she starts to lose her cool.

It starts with a gag about fifteen seconds in, then another deeper one shortly after that. Tears start leaking out of her eyes and down her cheeks. Saliva is pouring out of her mouth and down her chin, some of it ending up on the carpet and some of it on her chest, which is heaving. Guttural choking sounds are coming from her throat. Her eyes are wide, not panicked but definitely stressed. Her arms are straining against the jacket, which is still holding them in place behind her back.

I slam my cock into her mouth one last time and hold it in her throat for a few seconds. A deep gagging, nearly choking sound escapes from her throat and her entire body shudders.

I hold her head in place for another couple of seconds before finally pulling my cock out her mouth, giving her a chance to breathe.

“You’re not talking any shit now, are you?” I say as she catches her breath in deep, gasping lurches. Once she recovers I yank back on her hair, pulling her head back, turning her face to the ceiling. “How pathetic am I now? Huh?”

“Not as pathetic,” she says. “But I’m still not impressed.”

 I can’t help but laugh. The attitude she’s throwing around is absolutely perfect. I’m starting to love this chick.

“Well, let’s see if we can go about impressing you,” I say. “Turn around. Face the mirror.”

She does as she’s told. I release her arms from the jacket.

“Hands and knees,” I say.

She drops down. Her back is arched, ass sticking up in the air, shoulder blades visible against her back. Her legs are pressed together, still trapped by the shorts around her thighs.

I drop to my knees and sidle up to her. My legs are just outside hers and my cock is lying on top of her tight little ass. I spread her ass cheeks with my hands and settle my cock in between them then press her cheeks back together, trapping my cock in the crack of her ass.

Holding her cheeks together with my hands, I dry-fuck the crack of her ass for a bit, my balls slapping against her pussy as I bounce back and forth against her.

After a few pumps I release her ass cheeks, freeing my cock, then guide it towards her pussy. Because of the shorts still trapping her legs together, it takes a bit of negotiating to get the angle right but once the tip is inside it slides right in.

She moans as my cock enters her. But she quickly cuts off the sound, not wanting to give me the satisfaction of knowing she’s enjoying it, which just turns me on even further. It’s like she can read my mind.

I start off slowly, giving her my whole cock in controlled thrusts, looking down at her ass, watching my cock as it moves in and out of her pussy. It’s glistening with her juices; her pussy is tight but she’s so wet it doesn’t matter at all. 

I gradually begin to pick up steam, still giving her my entire cock with every pump but moving faster against her. It isn’t long before our bodies are slamming together, my hips bouncing off her ass at the bottom of every thrust, my balls slapping up against the underside of her belly as my cock bottoms out against her pussy.

Her bottom lip is tucked between her teeth, biting down on her groans so as to stifle any sounds of enjoyment trying to escape her lips, pretending like I’m not affecting her at all. Seeing this, I begin to pummel her even more aggressively, using her hips for leverage, giving her everything I have. Her entire body moves a couple inches forward every time we come together.

I catch her gaze in the mirror. “Impressed yet?” I ask without slowing down one bit.

“Not so much,” she says between thrusts. She’s still not giving me the satisfaction of making any of the noises that normally come with a good fucking but I can see in her eyes that she’s not going to be able to hold out for long. Especially if I ramp things up even further.

I give her a good hearty slap on the ass. She flinches but holds her squeal inside. I smack it again. Another flinch but still no noise. So I slap it again. And again. And again until it’s bright red. Tears are running down her eyes but still she makes no sounds, neither of delight nor pain. She’s quite the trooper.

I relax for a moment, leaving my dick inside her but not moving for a few heartbeats. I need to recover. The little break allows her the same opportunity.

“Is that all you got?” she says after catching her breath. Her tone is sarcastic but the look on her face paints a different story. She’s enjoying herself immensely.

“No, I got more for you.”

“Then give it to me already,” she says. “I’m waiting to be impressed.”

Smiling fiercely, I go back to work, picking up right where I left off, pummeling her pussy without any build-up. I grab ahold of her hair and give it a yank, forcing her to arch her back and allowing me deeper inside her.

The mirror allows me to see her chest and neck, both of which are stretched tight to allow for the torque created by my hair-pulling. Her exposed neck awakens something in me, allowing me to reach yet another level of aggression.

I get off my knees and slide my feet under my legs. Crouching down so as to not allow my cock to slip out of her pussy, I take a couple steps forward until my legs are straddling her body, giving me far more leverage than ever before. Maintaining my grip on her hair I start hammering away at her like there’s no tomorrow, my legs working feverishly beneath me. Her body threatens to collapse every time I reach the bottom but somehow she maintains her position.

Within seconds she’s broken her silence with a vengeance. Her screams of pleasure are loud and guttural, animalistic to the extreme, betraying a nastiness from her only as of yet hinted at. It’s as if a damn had burst in her throat and now the built up vocal representations of pleasure from the entire night were pouring through unfettered.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she screams as I pummel her. “Give me that cock. Give it to me! Right there, right fucking there! Fuck me like I deserve to get fucked! Yes! Yes! YES! Treat me like the little fucking whore I am!”

Her talking riles me up even further, bringing me right to the point of orgasm. I realize it’s a good thing she kept quiet for so long otherwise I never would have lasted this long.

I let go of her hair and slow down in an attempt to keep from cumming too quickly but she doesn’t let up one bit, bouncing her ass back against my cock, doing all of the work. It feels too good to try and get her to stop.

“Oh god, oh god,” I say a short time later, my orgasm right around the corner. “I’m gonna fucking cum.”

She quickly pulls away from me, releasing my cock from her pussy, and spins around. Before I realize what’s happening she has taken my rock-hard cock in her mouth and is sucking me off like there’s no tomorrow.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I say, letting her know that my explosion is imminent. I’m expecting her to slip my cock from her mouth and jerk me off to completion, taking my sperm on her chest or maybe even her face, but instead she takes my cock all the way down her throat and holds it there, just like she had when I almost came earlier in the evening.

This is the final straw. My body tenses up and then releases in a shuddering burst, spraying my cum straight down her throat without any buffer while she stares up at me, holding my eyes with her own, her mouth engulfing my cock as I spasm a couple more times, sending another couple shots of cum down her throat.

She takes it in stride, swallowing my load down with ease, even milking my cock of every last vestige of sperm before finally releasing it from her mouth.

 “Consider me impressed,” she says, looking up at me with a genuine smile on her lips. She grabs ahold of my shaft and sucks on the tip of my cock, making me shiver.

I try to squirm away but she doesn’t let me, keeping a firm grip on my cock and going to town on the tip, popping it in and out of her mouth rapidly.

“Okay, okay, enough,” I say, pulling away in earnest now.

She finally lets go of my cock. But then she gives it a smack. I flinch, let out a little yelp of pain. But I have to admit, it turned me on quite a bit.

“Just a little payback,” she says, her grin predatory.

“Fair enough,” I say, returning her grin. “Can I ask for you again sometime?”

“Whenever you want,” she says, pulling her shorts back up. “But I can’t promise I won’t be more feisty next time.”

“Can you promise that you will be?”

“That I can do,” she says as picks up her jacket and puts it back on.

I grab the money out of my wallet and hand it to her. “Then I’ll make sure I ask for you again.”

“Sounds good.” She takes the money and head towards the door.

“What’s your name?” I ask as she opens the door to leave.

“Shayla,” she says without even looking back. She walks out of the room and closes the door behind her, leaving with the same attitude she showed up with.

I guess I didn’t break her after all.

Oh well, there’s always next time.







It always makes me laugh when someone equates rough sex with hatred.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are plenty of Neanderthals out there who are so emasculated that they can only feel like a man if they’re slamming a chick with everything they’ve got, pushing and shoving her around, slapping and smacking and choking her, regardless of whether or not that’s what she likes. For those pathetic assholes, it undoubtedly is about quenching their rage. Or at least feeding their ego.  But that’s not always the case. Some women actually like it like that.

Take my girlfriend, Taylor, for example. She loves it rough. All those things I mentioned above? She asks for them. Begs for them. Lives for them. So I do my best to give them to her. But it’s not about hatred. Not at all. It’s about love. I want to give her what she wants, what gets her off. Because I love her. And I want her to be happy.

It took me quite a while to get this idea through my head. I’d grown up in a Catholic household, where sex was demonized. It was evil and dirty; a sin. I was scared to death of it. Not to mention embarrassed to even think about it.

Even after I realized just how insane that kind of thinking was, it was still tough for me to get over my reservations. I’d learned to suppress most of the guilt from having sex, but certain things, especially rough sex, or anything out of the ordinary, still bothered me on a deeper level. It simply wasn’t in me to do them.

And then Taylor came along. From our earliest days together she started working on me, helping me get over my issues, pushing me towards giving her what she needed in bed.  It was slow at first, and I resisted, thinking that “normal” people don’t do the kinds of things she wanted to do. It embarrassed me—even though I’d often fantasized about having rough, dirty sex, I wasn’t comfortable at all actually following through with it in real life. But she just kept pushing to do more nasty things, and I was smart enough to let her.

It didn’t take long before I started to realize just how enlightening it was to have crazy, dirty, nasty, rough sex. Especially with someone you love. Once it became apparent that no matter how freaky we got it wasn’t going to lead to any awkwardness or embarrassment or issues whatsoever, it was easy to give in. And once I began fully gave in, there was no turning back. Nor did I want there to be. It was just too much damn fun.

And don’t think for a moment that I’m the only one dishing it out. When it comes to the rough stuff, Taylor gives just as much as she gets. The slapping, spanking, ordering around and verbal lashing goes both ways; if anything, she’s in control more often than I am.

 There’s definitely some dominatrix in her, which is fine by me. I’m actually more comfortable getting told what to do than doing the telling. I’ve gotten better at being in charge since we’ve been together, but there’s still something I love about being bossed around, especially during sex. And especially when it doesn’t carry over out of the bedroom.

Despite (or perhaps because of) all the role-playing that goes on in our sex life, we get along magnificently in our real life too. Both of us understand that most shit that couples argue about is completely meaningless and pointless, no more than an ego trip. As long as you think of yourself as a team, up against the world, and drop your egos at the door, there’s nothing to fight about. I know, it’s easier said than done, but believe me, it’s not that hard to do.

Maybe it’s just because both of us were in such shitty relationships that we understand each other better than most people do. Or maybe we’re just not lame like everyone else. I’m not sure exactly what the reasons are and to be honest, I don’t really give a fuck. All I know is I get along with Taylor better than I’ve ever gotten along with anyone in my life. I trust her, implicitly, which is why I’ve been wiling to allow her to take me on this journey of sexuality. And why I’ll continue to got with her no matter where it takes us.

Sure, I’ve been hesitant before when we’ve tried something new and I’m sure I’ll continue to be hesitant in the future. But so far, no matter how fucked up and crazy the shit as she wanted to do, I’ve never come away not wanting to do it again. And again. And again. So no matter how uncomfortable the idea of something makes me, I leave the direction up to her. It’s treated me extremely well so far so why fuck with a good thing?




It’s a Saturday night and we’re on the first night of a three-night vacation in Phoenix, Arizona. We just finished off a couple of incredible steaks and polished off three bottles of wine between us and are heading up to the room for our first night of debauchery.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Taylor says as we make our way up to our floor. Her hand is rubbing up and down on my hard cock as it presses against the material of my pants.

“I was born ready,” I say, barely able to suppress a laugh. She hates it when I use that line.

But tonight it doesn’t bother her. She’s too focused on my cock to listen to my poor attempts at humor.

“So you think,” she says. “But tonight we’re going someplace new.”

“And where is that?” I ask.

“You’ll see,” she says, spinning around and dropping to her knees, right there in the elevator. We’re 10 floors away from our floor but moving fast.

“Whoa there,” I say, trying to lift her up.

“Stop your whining,” Taylor says as she unzips my zipper and quickly pulls my cock out.

“What the hell,” I say, partially in excitement and partially in fear. “What if someone wants to get on?”

“They won’t,” Taylor says right before sliding my cock into her mouth.

I’m not exactly sure what she means but at this point I don’t care. If something happens, we’ll deal with it. Right now, with her lips around my cock, nothing else matters.

She’s blowing me like a champ, making my cock disappear into her mouth with every thrust, gagging and coughing and making slurping sounds as she stares up at me, maintaining eye contact the entire time.

Suddenly the elevator slams to a stop and the buzzer rings. Panicked, I curse under my breath and lean back, pulling my cock from Taylor’s mouth and try to quickly stuff it into my pants. It’s too hard, however, and I can’t get it to fit, no matter how I try and contort my body.

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