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Afternoon Delight

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2017 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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"Aren't you going to have breakfast?" the petite red head in the kitchen asked her husband.

"Not today. I'll be late for work," he replied planting a kiss on his wife's cheek. He left the house in a hurry never minding that she'd spent an hour making him his favorite breakfast. She angrily flung the plate of toast, eggs and bacon across the room scaring the maid out of her skin. The other woman still couldn't get used to Meg's hot temper even though she'd worked there for years. Her husband, on the other hand, didn’t seem to notice the outburst and was at the door in less than a minute.

"I love you," she yelled behind him and got an indistinct reply that sounded like a thank you. Fernando would have never done that to her. That is if she ever got the strength to tell him how she felt. Why would she even tell him what she felt? It wasn't like they could be together anyway. It was bad enough that he felt guilty for what they were doing. Why did she have to complicate anything by telling him she loved him.

The kids were already in school, so Meg had nothing else to do. She walked back to her room, her steps short and quick. The young maid kept her eye on her in case there happened to be another episode which would require her to clean up. Meg reached her room without any outbursts much to the maid’s appreciation and plopped herself on the mattress for a short nap. She hadn't had a good night's sleep for a while now since she'd met Fernando. First it was because of the guilt she felt for cheating on her husband and now because she'd realized she couldn't imagine her life without him.

Giving up on her sleep, Meg shot out of bed and headed back to her kitchen. She poured herself a glass of wine while she watched her maid work. The maid kept an eye out for any disruptions while she worked. There was no telling what Meg could do even when she seemed relaxed. The woman clearly had anger issues and it was amazing that her husband could survive with her under the same roof. Maybe he'd learned to adapt to her, but the maid could never see herself getting used to it.

Meg felt bored watching the other woman work. Being a stay at home mom wasn't so bad, but the boredom sometimes got to a level that she couldn't deal with. She didn't have a lot of friends since most of her neighbors preferred to stay at work rather than stay home like her. It must be why most of them hated her so much. They saw her as the kind of woman who depended on men when she had the ability to take care of herself. She was the kind of woman they warned their daughters no to be. Meg had heard them on several occasions telling them how hard they should work so they don't have to depend on a man for money. It had hurt her at first, but she'd learned to live with all the mean comments. It wasn't that Meg didn't want to work. She had been very successful before she met her husband. It was only after they had had their first child that he suggested he take a break to take care of the baby. She had been stressed at the time so did not resist the offer. She just hadn't realized how permanent the setting would become. It was times like this that she wanted to o back to work so desperately but her it always brought tension between her and her husband. They were always fighting and yearning for some peace, she didn't think she could keep bringing up the topic.

"What's your home like Mary?" she asked the maid who was now busy doing the dishes. The kitchen was sparkling. One could never guess what kind of mess Meg had just made by breaking the plate. That was what she loved Mary for. She could clean up the ugly messes she made without the possibility of neighbors knowing about it.

"It's a great place ma'am," she started and just like that Meg wasn't listening anymore. She would ask this question everyday yet by the end of it all couldn't repeat anything Mary had told her. Meg just liked the sound of her maid talking. It kept her mind busy. Mary knew the woman wasn't listening, but she didn't mind having to talk about home.

"That sounds nice," Meg would add periodically with no idea of whether or not it was appropriate.

She cut Mary off completely when she saw him walking into her yard through the window. He was shirtless as usual and just like the first time she couldn't help but think that this man should never be allowed to wear one. He looked through the window and their eyes met. Her blue ones against his leaf green eyes. Her heart stopped and for a moment she forgot to breath. That was until she remembered how Fernando liked to rub her back to calm her down. She checked her watch. It was still too early for him to come in. Besides, the last thing she wanted was for the maid to find out what was going on between Meg and her gardener.

"That sounds interesting," she said though Mary had long ago stopped talking about her home and was saying something about cleaning the toilet.

"It does?" she asked suspiciously then shrugged her shoulders as if giving up on her boss.

"I'll be right back," Meg announced and left the kitchen to go back to her bedroom. Mary knew she was probably going to dress up. People might not think her smart enough, but Mary knew everything that went on in the house. It came with having to spend half her day in the house with nothing else to do other than clean up quietly. In situations like that, people used their eyes a lot. As a result, Mary had seen her share of scandals. So, when her boss started to wash her own sheets quite frequently, it was pretty clear that she was sleeping with someone. They both knew it couldn't be her husband. The man hadn't touched Meg in what Mary would assume was a year now despite Meg being a very beautiful woman. Mary would probably have an affair herself if the roles were reversed.

It had taken Mary a whole month to find out exactly who the new man was and that was only because she wasn't trying. Meg wasn't doing a very good job at hiding it. Still, Mary tried as hard as she could to mind her own business. The last thing that she wanted was to get involved in something so private. It was bad enough that she had to scrub their floors for a living, but that didn't mean that she wanted to carry their burdens on her back for the rest of her life.

Keeping secrets for employers had only brought her trouble in the past and she was damned if she was going to repeat the same mistakes. She would be better off if she stayed away from this. However, things didn't go her way and she happened to walk in on Meg and her gardener one day when she'd come back for her keys. The two of them hadn't seen her and she was glad for that because she might have lost her job if Meg knew she'd found out. She hadn't gotten those car keys after all and had had to walk home which was a considerable distance from Meg's house and then back to work the next day. She'd kept her mouth shut, but that didn't mean that she didn't think about it. As much as she couldn't support her boss' unfaithfulness, she couldn't judge her. It was no secret that the woman was in a bad marriage and therefore had to be in need of some comfort.

So every day, Mary worked fast and made sure to leave the house before it was noon so the two lovers could meet up and do whatever it was that made them happy.

After a long bath, Meg headed for her closet to choose something nice for her meeting with Fernando. One of the reasons she enjoyed her affair was that she finally had a reason not to let herself go. He liked it when she was dressed up and complemented her time after time unlike her own husband who had no appreciation for what she did. She picked his favorite dress. The dark red one with the long slit at the back. It was tight fitting her like a glove. She could already imagine how he would stare when he saw her. She brushed her red hair till it shone and let it fall about her shoulders in red waves. She put on her ruby necklace and diamonds. She loved how they shined against her pale white skin and her feeling that Fernando would appreciate that to. She chose the red high heeled shoes that made her legs look more shapely. For the finishing touches, she sprayed herself with his favorite perfume. With this scent, she was assured to having his head buried in her neck the whole afternoon.

Meg checked her watch to find that it was already noon. She'd taken so much time that all she had to do now was go sit in the living room and wait for her gardener. Mary was already gone so she wouldn't have to worry about the young maid catching them. She settled herself on the living room sofa and waited patiently eager for their next session. This affair with Fernando was making her feel younger every day. As usual, he did not disappoint. He came in right on time. He paused at the doorway and smiled at her. She could tell from his wandering eyes that he liked what she was wearing. She couldn't resist the urge anymore. She ran to him and flung herself at him. He held her by the waist and pulled her closer to him. Every day they had to pretend was torture. She wondered how much longer she was going to live like this. He smelled of sweat and her mind immediately ran to giving him a bath. It was part of what they would do every afternoon.

"You stink," she joked cringing her face.

"You look beautiful," he replied in that thick Italian accent of his. They always said the same things to each other every day and somehow, they never got bored.

"We should get you out of these clothes," she said running her hands over his muscled chest.

"I have something planned for us before that," he replied.

"You do?" she was surprised. Fernando was always doing something unexpected.

"Come with me,' he said taking her hand. He placed his hand around her waist and led her outside. She was excited and tried squeezing the information out of him, but her efforts bore no fruits. She let him lead her to the open garage. Her eyes widened in awe when they landed on what he had prepared. He'd cleaned up the garage which was usually messy and placed a table at the center piled with trays of food. Her favorite wine was at the centre of it all. She could spot a few flower decorations around her. Roses were everywhere around her. Fernando must have been listening when she told him about her favorite flowers. Her own husband had never cared.

"What is all this?" she asked her eyes widened in surprise.

"Only a beautiful gift for a beautiful woman," he replied leading her to the table.

He pulled out a chair for her and helped her sit. He reached for some plates and started to serve her some food. All her favorite foods were lain on the table. He mentioned that he' spent hours cooking all of it. Fernando was actually a very good listener. He'd managed to plan this lunch exactly how she would have wanted it even with her favorite music playing in the background. She couldn't imagine a day go by without loving this man. He had come to be a great source of comfort to her.

"Why did you do all this?" she asked again. No one had ever been this nice to her. Even her husband would have just taken her to dinner at some expensive restaurant and ordered something that she didn't like. That was if he ever took her out. He never liked to do anything for her these days and couldn't remember the last time they'd gone out.

"Because you deserve the best. Besides, I thought we should shake it up a bit," he replied. She placed her hand on his and squeezed lightly in appreciation.

"I love you," she said in the middle of their meal. She knew the timing wasn't right, but she just couldn't help herself.

"What?" he almost choked on his food from the shock.

"I love you," she said her head bent down as if in shame. She only hoped she hadn't ruined the dynamic of their relationship.

"I love you too," he replied. She felt his fingers beneath her chin as he lifted her head to his level. She smiled at him shyly having never felt so exposed.

"What about my husband?" she asked addressing the elephant in the room.

"I guess I'll have to steal you from him," he joked and they both laughed.

She knew he meant what they said though she wouldn't want to admit it. She loved Fernando so much that she would do anything he wanted. However, that didn't mean that she was ready to break her family apart. The thought of what would happen if her kids and husband found out about their affair scared her. She knew her husband was having an affair, but he had never come even close to leaving her for those other women because he valued family above everything else. Would he think that she was willing to break apart he family just because she'd found someone else? What Meg had to be certain of was that she had to choose her own path to happiness no matter the cost.

Meg didn't want to think anymore. Whatever was going to happen between them in the future didn't matter then. She was going to enjoy herself and eat this food he'd cooked for them. That was exactly what she did. They talked and laughed for the rest of the afternoon as they ate. Being with Fernando meant that she could get to know lots about his culture and feel like she was part of it. She shared a lot with him also. More than she had ever been willing to share with anyone. She could imagine a future with this man. A bright one where they would sit together in the punch watching the sun set while sipping on a cup of tea. They would be old then. He didn't have much money, but he was hardworking, so she knew they would never lack anything.

"Let's go inside," she said when she felt she couldn't eat anymore. She took his arm and led him into her house. He was sweaty and badly in need of a shower. She took him to her own bathroom where they would have some privacy. No one ever came in here. Even her husband and it was convenient for their affair.

"Strip," she ordered. He smiled cunningly as he took off the only piece of clothing her had. She had never quite gotten used to seeing him naked. She looked away and felt silly for how immature she was being. She was a grown woman with children. The sight of a naked man shouldn't have scared her. But then again this wasn't just any man. This was Fernando with his perfect body that made her feel small when compared to him.

Fernando was already in the bathroom when she came to her senses. He opened the shower and went in. Meg took off her own clothes in a hurry eager to join her lover. She went in after him to find him with a bottle of body wash in his hand. He looked her over when she walked in the shower. His pupils were dilated already and his breathing rugged. She took the bottle from him and poured some of the liquid soap into the palm of her hand. She gestured at him to turn around so she could wash his back for him. He did it so quickly and with no resistance as if afraid the opportunity would slip away.

She washed his back gently. She could hear his breathing grow faster and wondered how long she could go on teasing him. It turned out not to be long after all because he turned around so suddenly that she dropped the bottle in her hand. He lifted her off the floor. Her long legs wrapped automatically around her waist. He started to move hard and fast inside her. Her nails dug into the skin of his back almost painfully. It didn't take long for her to have her first orgasm followed by many other. When she came the final time, it triggered his own orgasm. He put her back on the floor and they cleaned up again, this time more genuinely. This was the best afternoon that they had spent together and she couldn't wait for the others that were to follow.

The End

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