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Beautiful Secretary

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2017 by Isa Adam

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When Noah said he'd respect Kate's boundaries, he hadn't thought it through. Respecting Kate's space was proving to be even harder as every day went by. She always looked so beautiful that it was getting harder and harder to be on his best behavior where she was concerned. That didn't mean that he wasn’t trying. In fact, Noah didn't think he had ever tried so hard to do anything since he was in college and his mother promised him a car if his grades got better. This time the prize wasn't a car. As long as he didn't try anything that would upset her, Noah got to keep Kate as his secretary for as long as he wanted. He wasn't sure if that was a prize or a curse, but Noah knew better than to go against her wishes. As much as Noah was used to playing around with girls' feelings, he could never let himself hurt this woman. He didn't know much about her so far but what he knew was enough to make him give her all the respect she deserved. She was hard working, never took handouts and could never be persuaded to go against her principals.

Noah got into his office an hour earlier than Kate. That way, he wouldn't have to see her. Seeing Kate could mean a whole lot of distraction for him which would only lead to a very unproductive day. He'd had a lot of those so far to know that they were only going to hurt his company, but he just couldn't help it where Kate was concerned. The woman had a way of messing with his train of thought even without trying. Noah had a feeling that he only wanted Kate this much because she was the first woman who had ever turned him down. Being good looking and successful had seen him land a lot of opportunities including having a lot of beautiful women by his side. However, it didn't matter to him since none of those women had ever been Kate. In fact, no other woman had ever had the same effect on him that Kate had.

"Good morning, sir," he heard her voice all of a sudden. It pulled him out of his thoughts so suddenly that he jumped out of his seat.

"Kate?" he hadn’t been expecting to see her anytime soon. He checked his watch only to realize that a whole hour had gone by and he still hadn't gotten any work done. A whole hour with his mind fixed on this one woman when he'd purposely come to work and hour earlier to avoid it. It seemed there was no possible way to get her out of his mind.

"Can I get you anything, sir?" she asked sweetly. Noah took the time to study her. As usual her hair was held in a tight bun as if to portray her no nonsense attitude. Noah himself had had a taste of that attitude when he hit on her on her first day working for him. It was a mistake he was never making again lest he found himself on her bad side. She was wearing a loose red blouse and a tight skirt that reached below her knees and highlighted all her curves. He fought the urge to pull her closer to him and feel the warm heat emanating from her body.

"Sir?" she called again her voice much sterner. His face turned red from embarrassment. It wasn't the first time she'd caught him staring before. She'd warned him several times, but Noah just couldn't help it. The woman was a goddess and he would be a fool to pretend not to know it.

"Some coffee would be great," he replied after some contemplation. He hadn't taken any breakfast at home having been in a hurry to get to the office before her. She nodded at his request then left to get him his coffee. That would give him some time to think things over before she came back. Hopefully he'd get some work done while she was away for those few minutes.

Noah tried to get back to work but just couldn't concentrate. When she came back to his office with a cup of coffee in one hand and a sandwich in the other, he couldn't help but feel relieved. She was all he needed.

"I brought you your food," she announced walking back into his office. He'd never had a secretary with as much confidence as her and it never failed to impress him.

"I only asked for coffee," he replied as she placed the sandwich on his desk.

"You looked hungry," she said causally with a shrug of her shoulders. She left his office immediately. He watched the sing of her hips as she exited and felt like a bigger fool for not going after the woman. He was practically drooling over her. There weren't a lot of women like Kate and if he kept messing around, he'd soon find her taken by someone else who had the guts to tell her he liked her. He just couldn't bear the thought and it left a strange bitter taste in his mouth.

Noah understood where Kate was coming from and he didn't fault her for not wanting any of her attention. She'd been changing jobs for the past two years ever since she'd started working. So far, she'd worked for five different people him included. The longest she'd ever worked for someone was three months and that was because it had been a woman who'd respected her boundaries. However, been a single mother, she'd had to relocate to a district with better schooling and an even safer environment for her child. That had mean that she had to work for some shady men who wanted nothing more from her than sex. It was irritating when she had worked so hard to get to where she was then. It wasn't the best job in the world, but it put food on the table and made sure that her son had everything he needed.

Her job with Noah was her latest and even though he clearly wanted her to be much more than her secretary, he was respectful enough to give her some space. He'd never made a move on her ever since she'd made her position in his office clear. She had been very clear about how she wouldn't tolerate him being inappropriate in the work place. If he ever made another move on her, she'd quit but not before suing him for harassment.

Noah didn't think he had ever been that surprised to find a woman who wasn't interested in him. None of his secretaries had ever been as headstrong as Kate. He'd slept with most of them. All of them in fact mainly since they were always throwing themselves at him. Noah, never been one to reject a pretty face, could never turn them down. However, sleeping with his secretaries had never ended well for him. Pretty soon, they would all want to be in a relationship with him and he would have to be cold and indifferent until they decided it was time to go and find another job. He could never fire them himself without the risk of a lawsuit. He was after all the one who'd refused dating in the work place. It was a silly move and even Noah felt disgusted for the things he did, but he knew no other way to keep himself out of the mess. Not sleeping with them would have been a step closer to that but Noah couldn't help but be Noah.

With Kate, things were different. She didn't throw herself at him and had in fact never even shown the slightest sign that she wanted him. As much as he hated to admit it, Noah knew that it bothered him. He didn't understand why it did. He could have any other woman without the slightest strain and there he was fussing over the one woman who wanted nothing to do with him. It was ridiculous. What made it even worse was knowing that he had a bad repudiation when it came to women. She'd probably heard the stories around the office. Noah wasn't too naïve to think that his employees all loved him. He was after all not the best boss in the world. He could only imagine the kind of information they'd fed her already. With a reputation like his, there was no way; Kate would ever see him differently.

Thinking about it, Noah knew he had to find a way to make her think differently of him. It would be hard, but he knew that it would be worth the try. He was damned if he was going to let someone else snatch her from under his nose. He'd been thinking of a few ways to make her change her mind about him but none of them seemed to be worth his time. All of them would make him look even more proud and flashy. If he was ever going to get her attention, he was going to have to try something unlike him. It couldn't be too much so that it scared her. It had to be good enough to show just how much he appreciated her worth. But then again, Noah had never been good when it came to gestures and he doubted that Kate would care. She was a very simple woman preferring to talk out her feelings rather than find silly ways to express them.

With that in mind, Noah decided that it would be best if he just talked to her. They could work something out when it came to work so that she wouldn't feel like he was harassing her. He would have to do this carefully so she wouldn't think he had any bad intentions. The last thing he wanted was to make her uncomfortable. With his new resolve in mind, he reached for her phone and called her into his office. Her response was faster than her had expected and she was immediately in his office.

"Kate. What's wrong," he asked noting the tears streaming down her face. Her lips quivered as she tried to find the strength to answer him.

"Kate?" he repeated. Standing up from he=s seat to walk towards her.

"I just got a call. They say my mother got sick and she was rushed to hospital. I'm sorry but I have to go see her," she explained staring to leave.

"Of course. I'll take you there," he offered placing his hands on her shoulders tentatively.

"You don't have to go with me. I'll drive myself," she pretested amidst sobs. Even when she was in pain, she still acted like she didn't need his help. He'd never seen her look so disoriented. She nodded repeatedly. She was shaking from the grief. He wished he knew what he could do to calm her down but it seemed almost impossible.

"I want to do this. Let me grab my keys and we'll be out in a second," he insisted reaching into this desk drawer. Searching for keys had never been a harder task and it must have taken him ten minutes to find them instead of that second he'd promised her. By then, Kate was on the ground sobbing like a little girl. Her knees were folded up to her chest with her arms wrapped around them.

"Let's go," he said taking her by the arm and leading her out of the building. Dragging a crying lady out of the building earned them a few suspicious looks but Noah knew how to cool their curiosity with a few scathing remarks and cold gazes. By the time they were at his car, no one was asking any questions.

If he thought her condition was bad before then he had nothing to say when she was practically screaming in the car. He drove fast with the fear that he might crush into something or get pulled over. He was filled with relief when he got to the hospital. The sight of the building managed to come her down considerably. It seemed that she just couldn't bear the thought of being too far away from her mother.

Her mother's condition was stable when they got there. Noah being the gentleman that he was offered to clear the hospital bill and managed to win even with Kate's protests. He brought in a few more specialists to look after her mother and at the end of it all, they were sure that she was going to be okay. It was dark by the time they managed to see her. Kate's mother was a nice lovely lady who cared deeply for her daughter. It upset her to know her daughter had been in so much pain only a while before.

"Thank you Noah," she said when they were finally alone. Her eyes were still puffy from the crying but he could tell that she was much more relaxed.

"It was nothing," he said trying to sound modest. He would have done anything for Kate no matter how big and he still wouldn't have thought it was enough.

"Still, I appreciate it," she said placing her hand on his. She squeezed it lightly then as if realizing what she had done let go. She wasn't ready to show any feelings whatsoever towards her boss. Not when she'd tried so hard for the past few months to hide them. If he ever knew she had feelings for him, he might take advantage of her. However, his generosity had shown him to be a much better man than she had given him credit for.

"Oh no," she yelled suddenly, "I forgot Brian at school."

"Don't worry. I took care of it. I hope you don't mind," he assured her. Her expression was that of surprise. Noah was turning out to be a great man after all.

"Thank you," she said nervously.

"It's no problem," he replied.

"You've been really nice to me today," she said.

"I don't like seeing you in pain. I just wanted to make you feel better," he replied. She smiled at his response.

"I'll drive you home," he offered. She nodded in response. She'd given up on resisting him long ago.

Noah drove her to his house where he'd had her son taken when he was picked up from school. It had been a much more practical choice since he'd have a lot of people to check in on him if he needed it. Kate didn't seem to mind and was glad to spend the night in Noah's house. It was a huge place and the sight of it shocked her.

"I hope it's enough," he said leading her into her house. Kate laughed thinking how his living room was much bigger than his.

"I'll show you to your room," he offered taking her hand.

"Can we stay here first?" she asked and he nodded unsurely.

They took a seat on his sofas and talked for the rest of the night. Kate got to know so much about Noah that she would never have otherwise known. It turned out that he wasn't born into a rich family as she had always assumed. It was a great night and probably one of the greatest in her life. After a while, there was nothing left to talk about. The silence wasn't as awkward as she would have expected it to be. She felt at home being around him.

She didn't resist him when he leaned in to kiss her. She kissed him back her arms wrapping around his shoulders. His hands ran over her back gently. She pulled away from his lips to look into his eyes. Her hand settled at his top button and se opened it. He looked surprised. Clearly he hadn't thought they would come this far. She smiled at him to help him relax. It was funny to think that Noah of all people would lose his confidence.

When his shirt lay open, she ran her hands over his smooth skin. She liked the feel of his hard muscle beneath the palms of her hands. He closed his eyes letting the wave of lust wash over him. When she kissed him again, he took hold of her waist and pulled her roughly to him. She was on top of him straddling his thighs. His hands ventured into her blouse. She moaned as he fondled her expertly.

He pushed her skirt past her thighs bunching it up at her waist. His hand traveled between her legs where he started to play with her. She moaned softly into his ear as he teased her. When he slipped into her, she arched her back in response. He filled her perfectly stretching her out to her limits. He gave her time to adjust to her girth before he started to move. He thrust into her fast and hard his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her waist.

She came first triggering his own release. When they were done, she sat next to him. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her to him. Noah couldn't believe his luck. Just a few hours ago, he was thinking about how impossible it would be to get her interested in him and yet there they were. He made a vow never to hurt her. He was going to keep her by his side forever. As she fell asleep in his arms, he made a pact to love her. He knew it was too soon, but Noah couldn't deny what he felt.

The End

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