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Girl Gone Bad

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2017 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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Jenny didn't think she had ever cried this hard, yet there she was with her cheeks covered in black streams of mascara and sobs escaping her lips no matter how hard she tried to hold them back. Her hands were shaking when she finally reached the door to her apartment. With a desperate push, she opened the door and dashed inside to avoid the prying eyes of her neighbors. They seemed concerned and she could bet that pretty soon they would be at her door checking on her. Hopefully they would give her enough time to come up with a quick excuse.

Jenny froze momentarily when her puffy eyes landed on her roommate. As she would have expected, Cynthia was sprawled on the couch with her new boyfriend right on top of her. She searched her brain for his name but could not come up with one. They'd been just too many of them this month. Cynthia was not the kind of girl to commit to a man and since she was very attractive had a lot of them coming after her. Cynthia looked surprised to see Jenny at this time of the night. She'd personally helped her get ready for her date. Cynthia pushed the man off her as soon as she realized that Jenny was back and had been crying. Jenny had the sudden urge to run to her best friend for comfort but then thought better of it. Cynthia had warned her this would happen on several occasions, but she had never listened. Fighting the shame, she ran off to her room with her hands over her face so Cynthia wouldn't have to see her like that anymore.

"Jenny," she heard Cynthia call from behind her. He'd followed her behind despite her boyfriend's protests. It made Jenny feel guilty for disrupting her well planned night. Jenny fought the urge to turn around and run to Cynthia and in the process succumbing to her consolation.

When she was alone in her room, Jenny shut the door behind her so no one would come in after her. She threw herself with on her bed with her muddy shoes and stockings still on. For the first time since that cursed party, Jenny let the tears flow freely as she muffled the sounds with her pillow. She cried until none of the pain was left and all she could feel was a dull numbness inside her. When she was done crying, she sat up in bed letting the events flow through her mind again then she cried some more. She couldn't help but replay them bit by bit wondering what she could have done differently if she'd had a chance to go back in time. It must have been two hours later when she felt she couldn't cry anymore. Her eyes were swollen and she had a terrible headache. It would have made sense to get into her covers and sleep till morning when she could think straight but Jenny was fed up. She was fed up with having people take advantage of her. If she was going to come up with a solution, she was going to have to do it then.

Jenny wasn't a proud person, but she knew that nothing like that should have ever happened to her. Not when she had never done anything wrong or hurtful to anyone while meaning to. Jenny wasn't even the type to ever hurt a fly. Literally. Ever since she was young, she had always had a tendency to nurture and help others—even the smallest of animals. It was what drew so many people to her. It was probably what had drawn Michael to her also. Not even her looks because even thought Jenny was pretty, she had never considered herself as someone that Michael would want. Maybe he had only want her because he'd thought she'd be easier to embarrass and get rid of once he was done with her. It had been Jenny's fault that she had fallen for his charms. Maybe if she had kept away from him like Cynthia had warned, none of this would have happened to her.

Jenny walked to the mirror to get a good view of herself. She'd been doing this ever since Michael had asked her out that first time. Just to see what he saw in her and like always, all she could see was a silly little girl in oversized clothing. That was probably what he had also seen. She was pretty enough though with thick black curly hair that she could never tame, pink puffy lips and cheeks that were always rosy. Her big brown eyes lay concealed behind her large rimmed glasses. Her mother liked to tell her how beautiful they were, but Jenny had never really mustered the courage to show them to anyone. Her clothes weren't much though and they seemed to overshadow everything good asset that she had. The dress which had once been her grandmother's was too big for her and did nothing to show off her nice slim figure. Not that Jenny would have wanted to show off her figure. In school, other girls had always made fun of her for being too skinny. Unlike other people, she hadn't grown above all those insults. They still lived with her and sometimes when she was naked in the shower, she could still hear them calling her Toothpick Jenny. It was time jenny grew up and left that sad part of her life behind her. They made her too vulnerable. That had to be something men sensed in her whenever they talked to her. It had to be why Michael had humiliated her the way that he had. She twirled thinking of a few changes she could make. A few of the right clothes would be enough to make her stand out in any crowd. Maybe finally ditching those glasses for a smaller pair or better yet contact lenses would help.

"Jenny," a voice from the other side of her bedroom door called to her pulling her out of her thoughts.

"Jenny are you okay. I'm here for you if you need me." Those words seemed to have a tremendous effect on her and Jenny almost broke down and cried. She fought it knowing that this time, she had to fight her own battles and crying was never going to help her. It was the only way she would learn. She'd been too dependent on Cynthia ever since they had met and even though Cynthia didn't mind, Jenny couldn't help but feel like it was wrong to let Cynthia stand up for her when she was old enough to take care of herself. Maybe Cynthia would one day get tired of it and she would be left to fend for herself. To avoid it there was no other way for Jenny other than to grow up.

Jenny was fed up with what she had become over the years. This wasn't how her father had raised her. The old man had always tried to teach her to be independent ever since she was a little girl. However, since her mother's influence was greater, she'd turned into the woman and although Jenny loved her mother, she had to admit that Hannah wasn't the strongest of women. It wasn't what Jenny wanted to become or what she wanted her daughter to become if she ever had one of her own.

Jenny knew that it was time she made a change. Starting with her outfits. If there was one thing she knew, it was that clothes had a great impact when it came to what people thought of you. Take Cynthia for example. Whenever everyone saw her, they took her for this confident woman who didn't take any nonsense from anyone. If Jenny was going to be taken seriously, it would help to change from those shapeless dresses that she liked to wear. Maybe she could go for a look like Cynthia's. Or even try her own thing. Jenny might have looked clueless, but she was pretty good when it came to picking out clothes. She had impeccable taste. Even better than Cynthia's.

She headed for her closet and rummaged through it. All of her clothes were awful. It was a wonder that she had worn them in the first place. Despite this, Jenny had taken some design classes in college and knew exactly what to do to turn them around. It took a lot of sewing and by the time morning reached, she was exhausted from all the work she'd had to do. Not to mention that she wasn't even finished. The process itself was not only physically stressful to Jenny. Every piece of fabric that she cut, scared her almost to death. She had never gone a day without one of these clothes and even though they weren't much, they had made given her a sense of comfort and better yet made her remember the sweet lady that had been her grandmother. She'd still have a few of the pieces but it wouldn't be the same.

"Are you okay Jenny?" Cynthia was at her door. It'd been a whole night and Jenny still hadn't talked to her.

"Never been better," she replied.

"Are you sure?" Cynthia asked. "You know you can tell me anything."

"I'm okay," Jenny insisted. Cynthia would have pried further, but the crazed expression on her roommate's face stopped her. She never seen Jenny look so energized and determined. She had no idea what she was doing but it seemed to have changed her and Cynthia didn't want to get in the middle of that. Maybe she could come back some other time when Jenny was in a better mood and ready to talk.

"If you say so," she added then left Jenny to her own madness.

Jenny must have fallen asleep because the next time she woke up, it was dark outside. She felt well rested. The load on her back felt lighter and she was more confident about her decision for a change. There could be no better time to implement that change than tonight. Michael's friend Richie had invited her to his party when he realized that she'd been crying the night before. She knew he'd only done purely out of pity but she was damned if she wasn't going to take that chance. Michael would probably be at the party, but it would be worth it if she saw the look on his face when he realized that she had picked herself up even after that stunt he had pulled off.

Jenny took her time getting dressed. She couldn't be early for the party if she was going to attract the kind of attention that she wanted. Jenny had done this so many times with Cynthia that it came naturally to her. Cynthia was always giving her tips about how to be the life of the party and since they always seemed to work for her, it would be just as simple for Jenny. When she was done getting dressed, Jenny had to admit that she looked nothing short of spectacular. She was wearing blue high waist jeans which she'd cut into shorts, a red shirt and some boots Cynthia had given her for her birthday. It took a while getting used to the shoes but with some practice, she was a pro. Her hair was another matter all together and it took her a whole hour just to straighten the thick curly mane. She held it in a high ponytail and let it fall down to her back. The glasses were still on though they didn't make her look less attractive. Maybe she could keep them after all. She grabbed her coat and was just about to leave the house when she spotted Cynthia.

"Jenny?" Cynthia's mouth fell open in shock. "What happened to you?"

"I just made a couple of changes," she said casually throwing he head back. Jenny might have acted so calm and cool but her eyes desperately searched for approval from Cynthia's expression.

"I love it," she finally said after giving her a brief scan. "I'll come with you."

You could never say no to Cynthia. Despite her protests, she was in Jenny's car driving her to the party. Cynthia was excited about the new change in her best friend. She'd been trying to get Jenny to change her wardrobe ever since they had met but the girl could never get the hint. There were the clothes she'd buy her on every birthday, the shoes she gave her pretending she didn't need them anymore but Jenny never wore any of them. She'd given up when Jenny decided it was appropriate to go to parties with her grandmother's favorite dresses which might have been stylish when the woman was younger but was now a compete nightmare. She had no idea what had made her change her mind, but she had a feeling she was about to find out.

The party was crowded but not so crowded that they didn't spot her when she walked into the room. All around her, she saw eyes turn to her direction. For the first time ever, people were paying her more attention than they did Cynthia and not because she looked like a freak. From the corner of her eye, she could spot Michael talking to some other girl. He hesitated as soon as his eyes landed on her then as if realizing what was happening, his mouth fell open in shock. Jenny's lips curled up in a smile. It served him right for dumping her in the middle of all those people by sending word through a friend of his. What kind of man did that to anyone?

"Jenny?" she heard Richie behind her. She turned around so abruptly that she almost tripped on a bottle that lay just behind her.

"Richie," she said unsurely looking at him. She noticed as he looked her over with the same kind of interest that he always gave her. For the first time Jenny realized that it had never been out of disgust. Only curiosity.

"You look good," he complemented his lips curling up into a smile. She felt her cheeks burn up at the complement. No one had ever said anything half as nice to her.

"Thanks," she answered feigning confidence.

"Let me get you a drink," he offered and left leaving her standing alone. Cynthia was surprised to say the least. This was the first that a man had paid her no attention and given it to Jenny. She was going to have to get used to it.

When Richie finally came back with a beer, Cynthia was long gone, leaving the two of the alone to talk. Richie's attitude toward her hadn't changed at all. He was still incredibly nice to her and extremely considerate. Only this time, his gaze was filled with what she thought was lust. She couldn't be sure but she hoped she was right. Jenny had always hidden it though very badly but she had feelings for Richie. He'd treated her so sweetly eve when she was still with Michael who was still in the corner watching her with a crazy look in his eyes. For the first time since she'd met him, she realized he was jealous. Jenny was now smart enough to know that it wasn't because he ever cared for her. It was only because she'd moved on so quickly and he couldn't have her anymore. It wasn't hard for Jenny to move on. She'd never loved him and had only been with him because she felt lucky that a guy like Michael would even want him.

Richie took Jenny up to his room so they could have a private conversation. They talked until it was dawn and the party had died down long ago and they still had lots of things to talk about. When they had gotten tired, Richie offered to take Jenny home in his car. It was clear that Cynthia was long gone. Jenny couldn't believe that they had talked all night and Richie hadn't even asked her for sex. Men like him were very hard to come by.

"We don't have to go now," she said smiling at him seductively. It took Richie a while to get what she was saying and even when he did, he looked taken aback. He turned a deep shade of red and Jenny laughed at him not believing that he was blushing.

She leaned in to kiss him and he kissed her back. Things went so fast. One moment she was kissing him and the next she was on her back on his bed. They were both naked. He kissed her neck as his hands traveled all over her body leaving burning trails all over her. She felt tortured as he touched her without giving her the relief that she craved. When he was finally in her, she knew it was worth the wait. He was gentle at first as if afraid he would hurt her then when he couldn't take it anymore. His thrust became deeper and more hurried. She moaned underneath him digging her nails into the skin of his back. When she finally came, it was with a scream. He came right after her.

He rolled of her and lay next to her with his arms wrapped around her body. Richie couldn't believe what had just happened. He knew it would be hard to explain this to his friend but it would be worth every minute. Jenny was an incredible woman and he was lucky to have her. He couldn't wait for their future together.

The End

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