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First of all, right off the bat, you need to know something about me.

I’m a dirty little slut.

I’m not shy about it, not guilty or embarrassed to say it, not trying to hide it or pretend that I’m something I’m not.

The bottom line is: I like to get fucked. In the mouth, in the pussy, in the ass, double penetration, air-tight; if you can name it chances are I’ve tried it at least once. And probably enjoyed it.

No position is out of bounds, no deed too dirty, no act too depraved. Small dicks, huge cocks, white men, black men and every shade in between. Double-teams, triple-teams, gangbangs, orgies, old men, young men, other women. The list is endless.

That being said, there are certain things I like doing more than others. Or, more accurately, certain men I like doing more than others. I spent many years experimenting, trying out different guys, wading through an ocean of average partners to find the occasional diamond in the rough that I could come back to over and over and over again. I’ve got a list of them right here in my phone, filed under fake names and coded numbers, with a couple brief reminders on what they like.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I won’t pick a random guy up off the street and take him into public bathroom and give him a blow job anymore, it’s just that I don’t do it nearly as often as I used to. Now that I’m approaching my mid-20’s I don’t like to take a chance of being disappointed except for when I’m feeling particularly adventurous. Life is just too short for average sex.

So that’s me in a nutshell. You can’t say you haven’t been warned.


Today I’m going to get fucked by Travis.

Travis is an interesting guy. A mid-level vice president with a huge, multi-national conglomerate, he’s a submissive at heart who longs desperately to be in charge. In his mid-30’s and always on the road, he’s an easy guy to hook up with and even easier on the eyes. Six foot three, two hundred fifteen pounds of pure muscle and a rugged face. His cock isn’t huge, but as many a good little slut will tell you, size is only part of the equation—as long as it’s inside the bell curve, of course. What you do with your cock is just as important. And Travis is an animal in bed when the conditions are right.

The trick with Travis is to make him believe he is in charge even though he really isn’t. Because even though he tries to play the tough guy, deep down he’s really a decent fellow, which means he can only take something if permission is given. As much as he wants to, he can’t take things by force. It’s just not hardwired into him. So I have to tease it out of him by manipulating the situation. I have to give him exactly what he wants in order to get exactly what I want from him, which in this situation is my version of safe sex; pounded into submission without having to worry about it going too far. After all, if I don’t give him permission, he won’t do it. Which puts the ball squarely in my court, even though he doesn’t know that.

That’s why men always come back to me for more—I give them exactly what they want, even if they don’t consciously know what that is. It’s my gift.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned above all else over the years, it’s that this deeper level of control is what truly gets me off. There’s nothing more empowering than being a five-and-a-half foot, one-hundred pound girl that dominates men a foot taller and a hundred or more pounds heavier. Not only mentally but (although it may not seem like it to the uninitiated) physically as well. I fucking love it.


I arrive at his hotel room at just after 9PM. He’s still dressed in his business suit, save for the jacket. His tie is on but loose. He’s got a glass of what looks like Jack Daniels in his hand. From the look in his eyes he’s already had a few. Which is good for me. Makes my job that much easier. Especially with Travis.

“Nice to see you again,” he says, polite as always.

But I’m not here to talk. I’m here to fuck. So I get right down to business, dropping to my knees and unzipping his fly without so much as a word in reply.

His cock is curled up inside of his pants, pressing up against the material, creating a bulge. I reach in and slide it free.

Right now it’s hard but not completely stiff, so I go about fixing that. Gripping the base of his shaft with my hand, I take the tip of his cock in my mouth. A couple of sucks and some work with my tongue to get it slippery, and then I take a little more of his cock in my mouth, then a little more, then a little more, until pretty soon I’ve taken it more than halfway down.

“Holy shit,” he says. “That’s fucking good.”

Maintaining eye contact, I suck his cock while jerking his shaft with my hand. I can feel his cock growing harder, filling up my throat, making it difficult to breathe. I hold it for a few seconds then back off, letting his cock slide out of my mouth.

I gather up all the saliva in my mouth and spit on his cock and jerk him off some more. Still looking up at him, I say, “You like it when I suck your cock, don’t you?”

He nods, still a little shy. Even with the whiskey in his system, it’s taking him longer than usual to get in the mood. Time to up the ante a bit.

I slide a little further down beneath him and lick his balls while still jerking him off. “What about that?” I say. “You like it when I lick your balls?”


A little more forceful that time, which is good. Time to keep pushing. He’ll get there soon enough.

With my hand still working his cock, I take his balls in my mouth. First one, then the other, then both together. I gargle them for a bit, alternating the pressure, then pop them both out of my mouth.

“How about that? You like that too?”

“I fucking love it,” he says, his voice gathering up even more steam.

Almost there now. I let go of his cock but leave it lying across the length of my face, just to the side of my nose. I go back to working his balls, attacking them with even more fervor than before, sucking them, licking them, running my tongue along the back of them and up his taint, pretty much making it impossible for him to leave his cock alone, unattended. For if there’s one constant in the universe it’s this: no man’s cock can go unattended while someone is working on his balls. If you’re not jerking it for him, it’s just a matter of time until he starts doing it himself. And once Travis has control of his cock, it’s all over. He’ll use it however I tell him to.

A few more seconds of working his sack and then it’s done. He starts jerking himself off. Bingo. Travis is no longer a passive participant. He’s in control. Even if he doesn’t yet realize it.

“Slap me with it,” I say in between licks as I look up at him. “Slap my face with your fucking cock.”

He does as I’ve asked, of course. But much too softly.

“Harder,” I say, still working on his balls. “I can take it.”

His cock slaps up against my cheek. Harder, but still not hard enough. Time to appeal to his ego.

“Is that all you got?” I say. “I thought you were a real man.”

And that’s all it takes.

A flash of annoyance on his face and the next thing I know he’s slapping my face with his cock hard enough to sting just a bit, his right hand controlling his cock and his left hand with a handful of my hair, controlling my head.

Now this is the Travis I know and love. “That’s right, just like that,” I say. “Take control of me, Travis. Take control.” Implicitly giving him free reign to do whatever he wants.

He doesn’t need to be told twice. With a firm grip still on my hair, he spins me around, shoves me back up against the wall and sticks his cock in my mouth, halfway down, holds it there for a few seconds, then pulls it back out.

 With his hands on the top of my head, holding me in place, he fucks my face, his hips moving back and forth, slamming his cock into my throat, making me gag and gurgle and gasp for breath.

“Is that what you want?” he says, his cock still working my mouth. “You want me to fuck your pretty little face with my cock?”

Looking up at him, I nod as best I can with his cock still in my mouth. My eyes are wide, my eyebrows raised, begging for more, inviting him to keep doing what he’s doing.

He takes the invitation and runs with it, shoving his cock further down into my throat, forcing me to deepthroat him, then holding it there, my nose pressing up against his belly, my tongue darting out underneath his cock to lick his balls.

“Jesus Christ,” he mumbles before pulling his cock out.

I gasp for breath but keep smiling and looking up at him.

He bends down until our heads are at the same level. “You’re a dirty little slut, aren’t you,” he says.

“The dirtiest,” I say.

“Prove it,” he says.

“Tell me how.”

“Play with yourself,” he says. “Stick your fingers in your pussy and fuck yourself.”

I do as I’m told, sticking two fingers inside myself and moving them back and forth.

“Deeper,” he says. “As far as they’ll go.”

I stick my fingers deeper inside my pussy, past the second knuckle. My breathing rate increases and I bite my bottom lip to help alleviate the pressure.

“Another finger,” he says.

I oblige him, a sharp gasp coming from my mouth as I slip it in there.

“Now hold them there while I fuck your face,” Travis says.

He climbs to his feet and sticks his cock in my mouth. He again fucks my face, his hands right back on top of my head, controlling it, keeping it in place up against the wall.

The pressure is building up inside me, a combination of my fingers deep inside my pussy and the lack of air getting to my brain from Travis fucking my face without remorse. I’m breathing heavier now, just barely able to take in enough breath, but that’s okay because I’m right at the edge of cumming.

I pull my fingers from my pussy and start rubbing my clit, faster and faster, keeping time with Travis as he slams his cock into my mouth, bringing myself closer and closer and closer to orgasm. And then I’m there, my body shaking and shimmying as I cum, Travis sensing the moment too and taking the opportunity to shove his cock deeper into my throat and hold it there right at the perfect moment, forcing me to struggle for breath, causing my orgasm to be that much more powerful.

He pulls his cock out at the perfect time, right before I start to panic. I gasp for air and smile up at him, my body still recovering. But he doesn’t let up.

He grabs ahold of my hair and lifts. “Come on. Up, on your feet.”

I scramble up, my 4-inch fuck me pumps still only bringing my head up to his chin. He turns me around so my face is against the wall and my ass is facing him. Then he drops to his knees and hikes my dress up over my hips and shoves my panties to the side. Spreading my ass with his hands, he sticks his face between my cheeks and goes to work on my pussy.

“Holy fuck that feels good,” I say, mostly because I know how much Travis likes to hear me talk. He’s one of those guys that likes his women to be vocal, constantly providing him reinforcement that he’s doing the right thing. So I oblige him, talking more than usual between my very real moans of pleasure. He’s not great at eating pussy, but it’ll do. It’s hard to fuck things up too bad when you’re down there.

He starts slapping my ass, lightly at first, as if testing the waters. Not that he has to—he’s done that sort of thing before and I’ve never objected—but that was just his nature. Always waiting for positive reinforcement before taking the next step. So I give it to him.

“Harder,” I say. “Slap it harder.”

So he does.

I groan. “That’s right. Do it again. Like you mean it.”

He does, slapping my ass with both hands now, the smacking sound mixing with his heavy breathing and my moans of pleasure to create a strangely addicting cacophony. The unmistakable sounds of sex.

And then he climbs to his feet. Leaning in towards me, his hard cock pressing up against my back, his mouth next to my ear, he says, “Are you ready for my cock?”

Biting my bottom lip, I turn my head so I’m facing him and nod.

“Say it,” he says as he reaches around, grabs one of my tits and squeezes. “I want to hear you say it.”

“I’m ready for your cock,” I say.

“What do you want me to do with it?”

“I want you to fuck with me it,” I say, telling him what he needs to hear. “I want you to stick it in my pussy and slam it into me. I want you to treat me like a dirty little slut.”

“If you insist,” Travis says, smiling like the Cheshire Cat. He grabs ahold of his cock and guides it inside my pussy, giving me just the tip for a moment before sticking it all the way inside. I’m so wet that it slides in without a hint of resistance.

He starts off slow but I’m too far along for that, so I slam my ass back against him, once, twice, three times, nearly knocking him off-balance.

“Oh, so it’s gonna be like that, huh?” he says good-naturedly. “All right then.”

He grabs ahold of my waist and starts pumping me crazily, his hips slamming up against my ass, jarring me, my whole body feeling the effects of his body hammering against mine, his grunts filling up the room.

I straighten my legs out, muscles taut, sticking my ass further up into the air. I put my palms against the wall to balance myself and give me a little more leverage. “Oh yeah,” I scream as another orgasm peeks it head around the corner.  “Right there. That’s the spot. Give it to me. Give it to me! Yes, yes, yes!”

My talking just causes him to up the intensity even further, which is exactly the point. A few seconds later and I’m cumming again, this time even more violently than the first, juices gushing out of me, making my pussy even wetter. Travis doesn’t even slow down, just powering right through and not letting up at all.

I look back at him, wanting to watch him as he fucks me. The look on his face is pure intensity. Gone is the trepidation from earlier. He’s totally flipped. No more mister nice guy. Now he was Travis the animal. The fuck machine. Just what I was looking for. My work was done here. It was time to sit back and enjoy the ride.  

And what a ride it is. Still hammering into me with no end in sight, already two orgasms in, he drags me down to the floor and forces me to my hands and knees. Sidling up behind me, he slips his cock into me and fucks me from behind, doggy-style, his hands spreading my ass, holding it open for his viewing pleasure, then working their way up to my shoulders and finally my hair as he grabs ahold and pulls, lifting my head up and back, towards him, forcing me to arch my back, giving him deeper access to my pussy. He’s slamming into me, his animalistic groans in time with his thrusts, my yelps of pleasure slightly exaggerated for his consumption.

Then, with his cock still inside me, he lets go of my hair and climbs to his feet. With one leg on each side of me he moves forward, getting on top of me, altering his angle of entry, giving himself more leverage to hammer me from behind.

His hands push down on the back of my head, forcing my shoulders down and my face to the floor. He holds me down while he fucks me, the feeling of helplessness liberating in this situation, me not having any control whatsoever heightening my pleasure, bringing yet another orgasm within range.

I’m too far gone right now even for words, the sounds coming from my mouth the animalistic variety, grunts and groans and moans of ecstasy as Travis fucks me into oblivion. I turn my head slightly, allowing me to catch a glimpse of him as he slams into me and for some reason this puts me over the edge. I scream into the rug as another orgasm quickly comes and goes, not as prolonged as the others but just as powerful.  

But Travis still doesn’t slow down. He’s in his own world now, oblivious to my whims, my wants, my needs. Which is just fine by me. After all, that’s why I came to him tonight, because I wanted to be owned, dominated, fucked into submission. And he’s doing a fine job of it.

Sometime later, Travis pulls out, climbs to his feet and spins me over onto my back. He lifts my ass into the air and pushes my legs down so my knees are next to my head, folding me in half with my ass up. The piledriver. Not my favorite position but that’s okay. I know Travis likes it and I’ve already had my fun. This is for him now. Time to let him do what he wants, to allow him to get off, to make him happy.

He straddles me, his big, muscular body looming over me, then squats to bring his cock down to my pussy. Using both hands he spreads my pussy then sticks his cock inside me. He grabs ahold of my ankles and spreads my legs, holding them wide, opening up my pussy to accept his cock.

His leg muscles working hard, he drives his hips down into me faster and faster, fucking me with reckless abandon as he approaches orgasm. He is staring down at my face, clearly enjoying the control he has over me, getting off on my helplessness as he fucks me, his cock going deeper and deeper inside me, causing me to squirm in pleasure.

“Do it, do it, just like that,” I say, my voice higher-pitched and softer than usual, playing up my helplessness, my lack of control. “Fuck me with that big cock of yours, Travis. Give it to me. Make me pay, Travis. Make me pay.”

I can tell from his reaction that this line of dialogue turns him on. His pumps become faster, more powerful, more meaningful. He is marching quickly towards orgasm, and I’m going to help him get there.

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