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Stealing Moments

Chapter 1.

Rueben woke up feeling refreshed. It was like the sun was shinning for the first time.

He glanced at his wife laying next to him.

His wife was still sleeping. Slowly, easing his legs over the side of the bed so as to not disturb her, Rueben crept to the kitchen to make her breakfast.

While the sausage sizzled loudly in the pan, he kneaded and pounded out some cat-head biscuits.

They where an old family tradition. Some called them owl-head biscuits. It was a reference to their size. Or at least that was what his mother said when she had taught him. No one really knew why they where called that.

Flour (self-rising, just enough for four biscuits), a touch of baking soda because he thought it gave it that extra little poof and then in a second bowl he poured some milk and an egg. Those he whisked till mixed well.

He sighed, cooking always gave him a sense of contentment.

The smell of the frying sausage filled the room with a thick heady country smell. Grease mixed with the crispness of the morning floating in from the open window gave an ambiance of a ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ moment, a magazine.

As he mixed the two components, dry ingredients with the milk and egg solution, the oven beeped, preheated.

Startled, he jumped, batter mix covered his hands, white and sticky.

Looking anxiously towards the bedroom where his wife, still passed out from her alcoholic induced coma the night before, lay.

A sigh of relief escaped him as he assured himself she still slept. Because of her condition, her state of mind was more often than not, depressed and confrontational. He had hoped that a nice breakfast would help stave off today’s probable woes.

He popped four large doughy balls into the now preheated oven. After setting the timer and platting the steaming sausages he poured himself the last cup of old coffee from the day before and microwaved it.

The effort he was showing was typical of any given morning. Each night she drank herself into oblivion and each morning he put his best foot forward.

Married for over a decade she had always been a bit odd. Had Rueben known what to look for he could have seen the symptoms.

To an untrained eye, at the time they met, she was just a very sensitive girl who was a little odd. That was that, nothing more.

He had even come up with cute pet phrases for her oddities. He called it ‘doing it the A.K. way’. Her name is Arora Kadence and A.K. is her initials.

For example A.K. did not like foreplay. For her it was get the pants off and get the pussy fucked. It was as black and white world, on or off, all or nothing, hate it love, indifference was a thing to be shunned.

Her behavior had led them to many points where his loyalty to the relationship was tested. Rueben being special, had a gift for tolerance.

So today, not unlike any other day Rueben was battling the odds. He knew, like many times gone by, it would not help much. But, he always tried.

He sipped his old coffee. She was still asleep and the biscuits where done.

He brought the sausages and piping hot biscuits into their bedroom and set the plate on the nightstand.

She stirred at the smell of food and coffee but didn't wake. “oh well” he muttered.

‘Guess I could shave my head’ he thought.

Chapter 2

The bathroom counter, covered with a towel, was littered with his jet black hair.

His pants where flapped open and his blue, plaid boxers past his butt.

Rueben, toying with his cock in hand found it thick but limp.

Having just shaved his head he had decided to shave down there too.

Looking down at his curly, black haired mess Rueben realized it hadn’t been trimmed in months. The hair had gotten so bushy it covered half his dick.

Pulling the hair back and tugging at the end of his penis so as to stretch it to full length, the buzzer hummed. Soon, he was as bald down there as he was on the top of head.

Rueben getting pretty stiff from stretching it as he admired his handiwork in the mirror, fondled himself. Absentmindedly twiddling his member in his hand, the feeling had a hypnotic power all its own.

Under his own spell, he opened his palm to wrap his fingers around his now engorged girth.

Gradually Rueben caressed his shaft. Wandering up and down the annals of his mind he stopped at the part labeled ‘private sexual fantasies’.

“Mmmm…” Rueben closing his eyes thought of his girlfriend Noelle, back in his second year of college.

Not quite ‘his’ girlfriend, she was another guys girlfriend. They where friends with benefits.

Rueben opening his eyes looked down at himself. Seeing his dick in his hand he focused on it. Looking at himself masturbating he was able to enjoy it for the act itself, not so much for the fantasy.

Watching himself fuck himself his mind scooted back to Noelle.

She always seemed to have two guys, come to think of it. Before she got married, Rueben was guy number two in her life. Noelle was dating a guy who was almost fourteen years her senior at the time.

Afterwards, Rueben had one small window to win her. Noelle and he had went cloths shopping for Rueben. An Italian dinner later she had made a comment “All I want is a Wal-Mart ring.”

“When I get married I want to buy a ring for at least two thousand” was Rueben’s reply.

Shortly later she married a young preacher.

Rueben had talked to her on several occasions but they lost touch. He imagined she was still a two guy kind of girl.

Reuben, milking himself loosened his grip a little. Now that he was super hard it felt better to allow more friction.

Remembering the first time he saw her in the cafeteria, their eyes met both felt a connection. As the story goes, she had asked a friend “who is that guy?”

Rueben’s thoughts began to fractalize. The fantasy combined with the pleasure his hand gave him made his thoughts explode.

He began to pound furiously at his body. His eyes squeezed shut and forehead furrowed. One would have imagined him to be in pain. It was quite the opposite.

Behind the darkness of his eyelids a lightshow of memories spurted across the screen of his mind.

Noelle was gentle, always smiling and they had a lot of fun together. She was very vanilla in bed but at the time so was Rueben.

In retrospect, Rueben imagined she had a freak trapped inside her just dying to get out.

Not to mention smart, she was very smart. She had finished high-school and was in college before she turned 18. Her birthday had just passed a few months before they met.

She loved to suck his cock while he licked her pussy. He had never came in her mouth.

Rueben slowed his pace a little as he wondered why that was so important to him.

He ran his fingers around the curved part of his circumcised head. It made this weird, but pleasurable tingling sensation in him that radiated outward.

Wet pre-cum made his fingers skip off his head like pussy juices. Rueben imagined it to be so.

If he had thought it through he would have bought her a Walmart ring. But no, he had to wanted to get an expensive one. So he didn't get one at all. She had went to some church function and met some other guy and got married. They didn’t last.

He wished he had fucked her with the passion he had wanted to. But no, he had to try to please her by being gentle and slow.

‘Ahh, the lessons life teaches us’, he lamented. ‘If I had it to do over again I would ram my dick in her so hard she would swear I was drilling for oil’ he thought as he slid his hand back and forth. Then again, life is what it is.

He imagined her legs up and his hands gripping just under her milky sweet ass pulling her sticky, wet pussy into him.

A smacking sound echoed in the bathroom as his hand slapped against his freshly shaved skin. ‘God damn’, he thought. He felt his load building deep within him. ‘I wish I had cum in her’ he fantasized. What was it that just drove him to want to smear his cum on her and in her he wondered again.

He thought about how her pussy would look with his cream oozing from its sweet lips. ‘oh m-man’ he stammered as the thoughts came more rampant. His fingers squeezed gently at the tip of his head.

He looked down at himself in his hand and closed his eyes. He saw her mouth wrapped around his cock with her hair twisted deep into his hands. He imagined her sucking him with deep gulps until his juices ran from her mouth. He imagined her tounge playing around the open part of his tip, flickering like a candle against the wind of his jettisoning load. He wanted to put his cock and his whiteness all up in her body. It was maddening.

His body jerked as he wrapped his finger around the base so as to hold his load just a second longer. The feeling shot down to his toes. They curled into the carpet as his legs bent just a little at the knees.

He squirted, unable to be controlled, it oozed out, dripping down his fingers. ‘Damn’ he said again.

He opened his eyes and blinked. He felt such a wonderful release. It was like a monster had been freed. He was glad to have relinquished its control.

He sighed with contentment in a forlorn sort of way.

He wondered if she ever masturbated and thought of him. ‘God I would love to see that’ he thought, ‘her finger fucking herself’. He reached for the toilet paper. ‘Hell, I would give anything just to see her pussy again’ he confessed to no one as he cleaned up his juicy mess.

As he left the bathroom he pulled the overflowing laundry basket in tow with cloths spilling down the hallway.

“Should be a good day”, he smiled to himself.

He peeked his head into the bedroom to check on A.K. The breakfast that was made for her sat waiting.

He went to watch tv and wait. Finally she was up by 10:45 along with their little boy, Caspian. Their son was excited his dad was home from work and was playing a game on his tablet when his dad walked in to the bedroom.

She was sitting there as well and she said she felt normal.

Rueben felt relieved. One of the biggest fears is the daily moment to moment ups and downs. They go from extreme highs to extreme lows with A.K. It can be hell.

Today she said she felt normal.

Rueben showed her breakfast and quickly left the room so as not to create any disturbances. His son called him back in to show a feature on the game he was playing. The sound of the game triggered something in her and she said as much.

She went from feeling normal to extremely agitated, depressed and angry.

Rueben quickly left the room again to cook himself breakfast. She followed and begin her usual ‘I hate your mother and here is the reason why: all you and your mother talk about is food’.

This is not true but you cannot tell her this. It would only fuel her and give her more reason to feel justified in her anger.

Rueben trying to ignore her she switched tactics: ‘You know what makes a man sexy?’ she said. ‘Humor, a man that makes you laugh is sexy and you don’t make me laugh’ she continued. ‘That is why I watch Jimmy Fallon he makes me laugh’.

Ruben, desperate and afraid to reply or try to diffuse the situation chose to ignore the hostility. Rather, he went to get oatmeal for Caspian to eat.

‘Just leave me if you can’t handle me’ she said accusingly.

He did feel like that distancing himself from her at that moment. It was the safest thing to do and the car needed cleaning.

As Rueben was leaving A.K. had asked what was wrong and he said ‘I think I set my expectations too high for the day’. She said ‘what do you mean?’ He said ‘I had tried too much. I need to distance myself and was going to clean the car’.

Chapter 3

The vacume roared. The noon sun glowed warmly coaxing sweat from his forehead. The debris made clicking noises in the hose as he scrubbed away his frustrations.

His cell chimed. The sound lost in the background against the carwash and it’s steady chatter.

Finishing, some time later, only then did he notice his Facebook Messenger had one alert.

Clicking on it, his natural assumption was A.K. had written. It wasn't.

Seeing who it was he had to pull over into a dumpy little gas station on the beach. His pulse was ice cold. An almost toxic combination of fear, past regrets and happiness surged through his veins like the hand of God himself.

“Noelle.” He flatly whispered. He sat poised to delete the message.

Rueben gazed blankly. Black hair and olive skin, with emerald eyes he gazed at the beach in front of him. The seagulls had settled down some distance away. Each resigned to the idea he was not the one to feed them today.

Sitting in a golden older model suburban, Rueben’s mind was a million miles away.

The moments trickling by like sandpaper on rough cut wood, etched each moment into its own cosmic sawdust.

There was the steady tap, tap noise from the car engine. It eventually had evolved into an unacknowledged drone, a stanza to the seemingly endless march of moments that eroded Reuben.

He turned the car off.

Trancelike, he turned his head towards the cheap prepaid phone in the passengers seat beside him. It’s little face on the front telling it had been half an hour since Noelle had written. The golden yellow sun crawled through the sky.

Unwilling to admit it was time to go home, he sat. He needed just a few moments to separate himself from it all and prepare for what may lay ahead.

Reuben leaning the seat back and closing his eyes, fantasized of just sleeping there. But he knew it was a lie.

He had a talent, it was the ability to be resolute in the absence of hope, that someday, something would change for the better. He just had to keep doing the right thing. It was who he was.

‘If you give your all, you will be rewarded’ he was constantly reminding himself. “Be strong”, Rueben whispered.

He didn’t sleep. He just pretend, stealing a moment to himself.

Breathing deeply in through the nostrils; out through the mouth, “Fuck it.” He said out loud.

His mind seemed to titrate tirelessly one thought after another into his consciousness like a chemist. Acid to base not base to acid.

A wave of bitterness washed over him and just as quickly he diluted it with adrenaline. ‘Like a soldier’ he thought.

A deep sigh. “Why delay the inevitable” Rueben mumbled as an exiting mantra. He grabbed at the keys in the ignition. The car gave a whinny sound as the starter made a few sluggish attempts before turning over.

He turned into the flow of traffic and seemed to disappear into the masses of cars crawling along in the afternoon.

Chapter 4

He still had not decided what to say to Noelle. He knew He shouldn’t reply. That was the right thing to do, morally speaking.

The cell phone in the seat buzzed. He picked it up at the next red light. His wife had sent a text: ‘Don’t forget the grocery store’. She had attached a short list tot the message.

He stared at it. Blankly first and then he shook his head. The fact that he was alone allowed him to roll his eyes and shake his head, a luxury.

Marriage to Aurora Kadence, ‘the A.K.’ as he affectionately called her, had not been kind to him. But he had been loyal.

As a young man he had met her and the relationship seemed to progress at almost a breakneck speed.

Before he knew it they were living together. Not that he minded, he welcomed it. 'Finally someone who is interested in a lifetime together', he had thought.

His accepting nature did not allow him to set limitations or be non-objective when the 'red-flags' would pop up as they increasingly did with A.K.

This ability to accept whatever excuse was laid before him for poor behavior and negligence only made him all the more blind to his demise. As he was willfully carried by the tide into the marriage, he saw from the beginning that he was the 'giver' and she was the 'taker'.

A.K. saw her part in 'giving' as sex. Albeit, she enjoyed sex with a ravishing appetite, it was he who found himself feeling over worked both in and out of the bed.

Sex started with a few kisses and quickly graduated to being naked and Rueben eating A.K. out or fingering her. It ended with him spewing his juices only after she had came many times over. "I enjoy both." He thought out loud. "But damn...".

Then there was the 'illness'. It took a little over a decade to get a proper diagnosis for A.K. because of his blind loyalty.

That was his fault. She had made excuses for her radical emotional and mental instability. He accepted it.

She dismissing her physical assaults on him as being provoked by her thoughts and fears, demanded that he accepted the blame there too.

Now looking around in fear, he was afraid to leave the relationship. Not because of her but because of their son together. 'I cannot bear to be without him' he had rationalized.

The American legal system saw to it that the majority of father's didn’t have a ‘spit’s chance in the wind’ to being awarded custody of his child.

So moment after moment trickled by, mostly each one requiring a conscious level of acceptance.

Pulling into Walmart he quickly parked.

Once inside he gasped inwardly.

There she was, Noelle.

Walking, her skirt was tight, but classy with a leopard print. Ending just above the knees with the tiniest of slits that allowed her to walk easier. Rueben tried not to stare. A modest neckline dipping just far enough for him to imagine her scent curling up from her bosom was more than he could bare.

Imagining, he could almost feel the well rounded smoothness of her ivory mounds against his tongue. Mouth watering with the ghostly taste of her salt he licked his lips.

Having practiced modesty and reserve since a child, typically it came easy. But looking into her eyes was no easy task much less looking away.

Rueben’s eyes were glued. The inclination being to let his eyes linger much longer than they should, he found himself searching for something more tangible in her, an emotional connection.

His eyes moving upwards along her neck and well-defined jawline, Rueben paused at her lips. Imagining them to be fresh bed sheets with hospital corners being pulled back after a hard day's work, she smiled. Her lips where plump doorways parting with her breath like butterflies in the wind. Coming up short of breath, Rueben stubbed his toe on his grocery cart. The flutter in his chest made him want to smile. But he didn’t. He starred, memorizing the moment.

Her slim high heels clicking the grocery store linoleum floor, they passed one another.

Noelle couldn’t help but notice his attention. It was all the blood that rushed to his face making it the hue of a sunset that gave him away. It was flattering. ‘He seems nice enough.’ She thought. ‘Obviously raised well.’ Her train of thought continued. ‘Maybe a bit too observant of traditional male/female rules of engagement.’ She judged it from his boyish stare. He was attractive and respectable.

“Rueben” Noelle whispered recognizing him.

Reflexively her maternal nature driving her to comfort him, their eyes met. Wanting to reassure him, she felt in no way offended in his desire. She was flattered and almost basked in it.

Noelle wanted to scream “why didn’t you message me back?” But she wasn’t sure how to say it.

The produce section was laid out so that the rows where narrow and crowded. Rueben felt his heart race. As they passed, her eyes demure, compassionate and reassuring made the moment comfortable, sensual even.

Rueben’s eyes shattered like a broken mirror. He went from practiced indifference to welling with uncontrollable emotion. Grasping with shame at what he knew would be his last chance to see her again, Rueben inhaled deeply through his nose. He closed his eyes briefly, trying to catch that scent he had imagined a moment before. Like a laser the moment burned into his mind. He could replay it at will for a long time to come.

She stopped, intentionally allowing him more opportunity.

Seeing his wedding band she felt a prideful-guilty shame. She did not understand why she would do this but it felt so good. She thought he deserved it. She even told herself she could tell he needed it. The urge to follow through was powerful, it was overwhelming.

Although it was not the norm for her, she felt natural in her actions, almost heroic. She even allowed herself just for a split second to wonder what he was like in bed now.

She blushed, not so much from shame but from her blood rushing due to arousal. She was glad she was standing still. Her arousal had left her wet and it would have been uncomfortable to walk. So, choosing rather to pause and pick up a bell pepper she appeared to study it.

As Noelle bent over the bell peppers and Rueben felt himself grow thick. He admired her legs moving seamlessly into her moderate waistline.

Rueben imagined himself mounting her, rugged and demanding.

His hard on reaching full girth, she stood up and took one small step backwards. It was like Christmas and a bachelor party all wrapped in one. She fell into him, and he felt her grab at him for balance.

Her face went into his chest taking in his smell as her hip crushed against his groin. His hard cock pushed back. She looked up at him amused by her discovery.

Rueben startled by it all felt his heart pounding in his chest like a jackhammer. She stood having steadied herself, looked him dead in his eyes, cold and devouring and politely said "Excuse me". Then ran the full of her palm down the front of his pants. Pressing firmly so as to trace the contour of his now rock-hard cock, she felt exhilaration incarnate.

Noelle totally did not understand why she just did that. It just felt like this moment was a special one. A ‘once in a lifetime kinda-not-quite-yourself thing ya-gotta-do’.

And then she turned, smiling her face all rosy with a euphoric glow. Proceeding to pluck the largest bell pepper in front of her she dropped it into one of those plastic produce bags.

Rueben was frozen.

Deep somewhere in his mind he heard himself gasp, but he was sure it was not him. It was someone else because he was high on the moment. He stood there riveted to the floor watching as she turned saucily around to the vegetables.

He barely felt his feet move as he walked away, still wondering why he did not interact with her. He told himself his now obvious hard on was one good reason not to talk to her. But if he could have only seen her panties he would have known she too was gooey wet with a blood engorged clit. But he didn’t so he shoved his shame, hormones and curiosity deep down in his soul and begin to shuffle in the direction of the check out.

Looking as she saw him leave, her righteous indignation flared. “Who did he think he was walking off like that?” She said aloud and stamped her little foot.

Rueben sat in the grocery store parking lot. Closing his eyes he checked the instant replay value of his encounter.

The moment was frozen in his mind, stolen. He had crystallized the emotion so that he could replay the feeling later when he needed it.

He closed his eyes again, replaying the moment. Hearing a tap on his window, he snapped back to reality. It sounded like a fingernail. He gradually opened his eyes and turned. It was her.

Noelle stood there smiling apprehensively. A small wave from her had him fumbling to roll the window down.

"I really think you should take this and call me." She said smiling, heart was racing wildly.

The wind gently blew and her scent into the car. She had just put on fresh perfume. Reaching, mesmerized in a dream-state Rueben took the folded paper.

“Before you decided”, she said, “you should know I am just interested in making both of our boring lives a little more interesting”. Noelle’s eyes met Rueben’s in a knowledgeable gaze.

“I don’t know…” he stammered.

“I do.” She replied softly. Her lips where slightly puckered. “I also know that you have never done something like this before and that you are by all rights a really good man.”

She smiled at him with genuine kindness. “Just consider me a little blessing.”

She turned, her hand running up his arm as she let her fingers coarse through his hair, and walked away.

Chapter 5

Fear, it was his worst enemy and his closest companion. It was ever ready at his side to remind him and torment. He had grown up with it as a way of life in church.

The constant threat of eternal damnation to a burning lake of fire had seen to it that he learn to cope.

Then there was the equality of all sin. A lie and murder were the same in God’s eyes, you'd burn for both. This meant that one had to either be super careful or just get used to the idea of being despised by God. So he eventually got used to the idea.

His ‘talent’ to endure was not a waste. He had married A.K.

Panic colored his day to day life and with it came an overwhelming urge to crawl inside himself to hide. But he somehow managed to control it.

From a child on the front pew with the Sunday night hell fire and brimstone sermons to now, he had come to accept fear as a way of life. It was a daily obstacle to overcome. Most of the time it stayed in the background but back then it was a maniacal scream usually in the form of the Reverend.

All the boys sat on the left side of the aisle and girls on the right. The Reverend would terrorize them. About halfway through the sermon the kids crying, couldn’t wait to run down to the altar for fear God might come before he stopped preaching.

But they waited. Crying, sitting in that pew they would clench their fist and sway back and forth.

Somewhere along the way some of the boys learned how to be self righteous enough to convince themselves to forget about their 'small' sins and imperfections long enough to pray for some other less righteous boy beside them.

And so began the decline, they chose to forget all sin is equal in God’s eyes. All but him. He remembered.

It drove him to continually struggle for greater. To be a better person, set his goals higher, punish himself harder. All the way till the day he accepted his eternal damnation and place in hell. Now he just tried to cope.

“Fuck hell.” He said.

He took the folded piece of paper containing her number from his pocket and fiddled with it picking up the phone.

Chapter 6

Rueben laying in Noelle’s lap, they where both naked. She messed her hand through his hair. Limply his cock laid over, still covered with the condom and her juices.

"You could cum in me if you put it in there" She said. Indicating her ass hole with a nod of her chin.

He entertained the idea, cumming inside her.

Fucking her in the ass had real kink value. It would be his first time. Rueben felt vulnerable like a virgin.

“Really?” He heard himself say.

“Mmhmm” she said.

Rueben ran his hand over the full of her behind. It was voluptuous and round. “I know you want it” she smirked coyly

Noelle knelt on all fours, splaying her rear and open. With one hand holding each cheek, “Fuck me big boy” she teased.

Rueben began to babble. “You don’t mind?..” Hesitantly he murmured.

“Baby it’s not my first time”, she giggled. ‘He was so cute’ She thought.

“B-but won’t it hurt?” he stammered.

“When you first put it in, but after that it feels really good” She cooed.

“There is a spot inside there that stimulates an orgasm” She explained. “I’ve gotten to where I can just about orgasm right after it’s in.”

“For some women out there, anal action is the cherry on top of the sex version of an ice cream sundae”, she continued. “A little extra delight that completes something that was already delicious on its own.”

“"If you're backed up or on an empty stomach, it sucks.” She said. “You definitely feel like you're going to poop, either all over yourself or on your dick.” She said with a smile. “But if you're not and you do it nice and slowly, it's euphoric.” Her glee was obvious. “It's different from regular sex because it feels like your going way deeper.”

“Huh.” Was Rueben’s only reply. His face said the rest.

“Just be very, very gentle when you put it in baby.”

“Oh, umm, I will.”

“It takes patience and trust.” She said. “Once your in there just remember that I am in control.” She said very emphatically. “Follow my lead, okay?”


She knew he was babbling...'didn’t she?' He asked himself. He could hear himself talk but it made little to no sense to him at all. He was imagining how little sense it must have made to her. The idea was so kinky and alluring that it brought out the little church boy in him. He cringed, wanting to appear 'not to eager'. But down inside he was just about to jizz at the thought. “Gently…” he heard himself say.

She the ever-confident woman wondered out loud, “Do you believe me?”


“Okay”, she said. "I have some lotion.” She fumbled at the nightstand and began to rummage through her purse.

Seeing the apprehension in his eyes she could now feel the hunger in his heart as well. And she understood.

She felt a prideful yet guilty shame. Taking his virginity this way was enough to make her butt-hole relax in anticipation.

“Your going to be so yummy!” giggling like a college girl she said flirtatiously.

She did not understand why she loved doing this but it felt good in a sinful sort of way. “Also,” she thought “he deserved it.” “Kinda' my way of making him a man.” She told herself. She could tell he needed it, the feeling like a man part.

She found the tube of lotion after rummaging in her purse a moment. She slipped the condom off his dick and squirted a bit of lotion on it. Her hands squeezed it tight 'like an udder on a cow' she imagined. It slipped back and forth making squishy sounds a few times before it began to fill and engorge itself.

She leaned in to his mouth now open with shallow breaths and locked her lips into his warm mouth.

Rueben, fueled by her encouragement began to kiss back with passion.

It wasn’t her first time with anal. Her desire was overwhelming. Her pussy dripped with anticipation of the orgasm to come.

She laid him down and eased backwards into his now hard cock.

“Like this” Noelle sucked up his first time moment with her eyes, savoring his wonder. “In this position you will be pushing against my sweet spot. If you did this doggy style it could be a little painful.” She instructed. “Not that a little pain is a bad thing…” Her eyes glossed over with her lust.

Noelle guided him smoothly down her ass crack until it pointed directly into her pink, puckered arse.

She hesitated a moment to let him become fully aware of where she was going .

Taking a deep breath she prepared for his entry. She pushed, first just the round end of the head. She let out a low gasp of air, as this was always the most delicate part.

Then she pushed against him gently again, taking more of him up into her.

Gradually, she reached the full end of his shaft and began to move her ass, slowly wiggling him inside her.

She pushed in a way that started gently. As her body pulled more cock into her she accelerated impaling herself on his shaft.

The movement ended with a slow deep lift of her whole ass that made his cock wiggle inside her again.

Rueben grunted. He felt his whole body tremble.

Pulling up, Noelle allowed his cock to tenderly kiss her pink puckered lips of her sphincter.

Easing down and doing it all over again, Noelle knew she was rocking his world, hard.

Each time she pushed into Rueben, Noelle felt an ache and fullness in her. The muscles relaxed just enough to give her control over her body. Now Noelle could clamp her body down on his manhood and let it slide at will.

Making her butt clench the deep rolls of her orgasm began like the evening tide.

Not knowing what hit him, Rueben groaned with pleasure.

The last thing he remembered he was babbling and then the next he was ass deep in some down and dirty fucking.

The realization hitting him and he felt it way back in his balls. Like hot lava from the iciest of streams he felt it start and come almost painfully forward melting him from the inside out.

“Is everything okay baby?”

“Oh mother fucking god yes!” Rueben whispered.

Noelle leaned forward, allowing Rueben to nurse at her tits.

She squeezed at herself, pushing the tiniest droplet of lactate out.

Rueben tasting her nutrition went feverishly to work for more.

“Oh my…baaby”

Noelle loved it when a man sucked at her nipples. She wanted to know what it would be like to have her milk flowing. The thought made her pussy drip all over Rueben’s stomach.

She reached down to where her juices had gathered around Rueben’s navel and ran her fingers through it.

Her mucous stretching from finger to finger, she spread it like fine cream on the tip of her other nipple.

Rueben taking her cue, switched. Sucking ravenously at her dark hard tits, he licked her clean.


“Oh God yes my baby”, she said. Obliging, her pussy ejected a fresh load of goodness.

Noelle leaned back, planting her arms on the bed behind her.

“Oohh god!” She squealed. Her pussy had been oozing but now it was squirting almost a good two inches from her body. Each time she pushed in on him there was a synchronized response in her vagina.

Rueben looking down saw his belly covered in what could only be described as a gelatinous goodness.

Rueben smiled.

Noelle’s sweat hanging off the tip of her nose and her brown hair matted on her cheeks and forehead made he look like an angel in heat. She glowed. Her boobs rolled to the outside in circular motions and flipped back again with each movement like wings.

Squishing sounds filled the room along with the scent of hormones and raw, rancid sex.

The animalistic nature was not outwardly appealing but being there, in that moment, Rueben and Noelle both started laughing.

It was enrapturing. Nothing was really funny, it was joy. Like when two people really connect and at that second the body reacts with laughter.

The feeling is like your heart is a helium balloon and when it reaches your face the popping noise is laughter.

Rueben digging His fingernails into the sheets fought with his body.

The explosive ejaculation was more than he could push back.

His cum made this creamy like gloss that oozed out from around her ass hole and his cock like bad make-up.

When he looked down he saw each dark little sweet line in her puckered butt hole radiating inwards to where his cock was treating it like a kid with ice cream in the hot sun, sticky but oddly satisfying.

He was mesmerized by the moment. It was almost magical, and then suddenly a small wave of guilt tried to rush over him as he tangled his fingers through the red bedsheets. He was genuinely making an attempt at steadying himself as she was slamming her ass into him with such force now that he needed to struggle for balance.

A tidal wave of maniacal power swept over his mind and a new hormone surged through his veins like a drug. His confidence continuing to flow from his still hard cock, swept him away into the passionate thrusting and grinding tempo she had set for him.

Rueben’s stamina was quick burning. Beginning to wilt he collapsed, her body massaging his, still deep inside her.

She lay there on top of him. Slippery, exhausted, and heady with their scent but still horny they caressed one another tenderly.

The warm glow of their bodies and the cooing of their hearts made it feel like young love.

“This is why I do it.”


“Mhhmm” Noelle’s lips where smeared with sweat and runny makeup.

“Thank you” Rueben said.

“I want more.” Noelle laughed. “Wanna watch me?”

Rueben had cum like a fire hydrant, massively. A trail glistening like diamonds ran down her ass check where his cum still dribbled from her.

"Oh man" he said. “Yes!”

She rolled over pushing off him, Noelle’s hands over her pussy. A squish sound began to compete with her lip bitten moans as she finger fucked herself.

Legs bent like a frog poised to hop, she lay on her back rubbing with ferocity. Liquid pouring from her pussy she pushed it a few inches off the bed. It seemed to just erupt, jetting almost a good six inches from her body.

Noelle bowed belly upwards as her body gave release after release.

A sigh and she stopped. They both lay there smiling.

Chapter 7

Ever since that day at the grocery store Rueben found secret solace. His ability to manage day to day challenges seemed to improve.

Time, like the tide came in and carried with it the troubles A.K. brought on Rueben’s little family.

Rueben found He could give more in his relationship with A.K. now that he had a way to balance his emotionally bankrupt account.

It was not the path he would have chosen for himself. What Rueben really wanted was a happy, normal family.

“I am a good man.” Rueben constantly reminded himself.

To divorce her would only bring more pain on his purest love, Caspian, his son.

He was raised to be a good husband and he did not want to drag his son through divorce court. Caspian had told him several times “Daddy don’t let mommy leave.”

Someone was going to get hurt. Rueben was fighting a battle that could not be won. His only desire was to protect his son.

So Rueben found himself polyamourously the arms of another woman who understood his challenges and cared enough for him to respect his needs. And Rueben respected Noelle’s unique needs.

Morally the world would have probably judged them. “But it works, so who cares?” Reuben told himself.

Chapter 8

Noelle had her preferences. Usually one of her lovers was much older and one was about her age.

When she was dating Rueben in college, Rueben was the younger, boy toy and Noelle’s official boyfriend was about 14 years her senior.

Later, when Noelle married a young Baptist preacher, she had taken on an older lover.

Ending in a disaster, a son and a head full of questions, Noelle set out on her own.

One of those questions being ‘What the hell happened to Rueben?’ Noelle was determined to find him.

Find him she did.

Rueben was very understanding of her sexuality and she was very happy to have someone to explore herself with.

It was on one of these occasions that Rueben took Noelle further down her road of unexplored fantasies.

“Noelle”, Rueben said questioningly. “Hmm?” came her quite reply. It was all she could have really said, considering Rueben’s manhood was filling her mouth.

Rueben raised his head from between her legs, her liquid gloss covering his lips.

“What would you say if I asked your husband to join us?”

Noelle choking from surprise, her voice went shrill. “What!” She exclaimed.

“You have always had two men in your life, more often than not.” Rueben explained. “I am sure at some point you had to have imagined being able to be comfortable with them both knowing about each other.” He said.

Rueben’s face still being down between her legs, he saw her vagina pulse and her goo oozed a little like the morning dew.

“He would freak”, Noelle said, not dismissing the idea at all. “And if he didn't?” was Rueben’s reply.

Noelle considered it. “It would be nice…” she whispered.

Rueben knew she was tired of living two lives. One to the public and the other existing only in her fantasies.

Rueben had been supportive to Noelle as she gently broke the news to her husband, Elias. The situation was tense at first but they all managed to talk it over. Elias, Noelle’s husband was finally on board.

Chapter 9

Arrangements where made. Rueben managed to get his bases at home covered and it was decided that Rueben would spend the night at their house, Elias and Noelle’s.

So on that night, hearts pounding, they all came together.

She lay in the bed, looking at the two fully clothed men standing before her. Both had talked and both had agreed. They wanted Noelle to be happy and fulfilled. Both also had agreed that the sex would be completely heterosexual. Both men where comfortable and secure in themselves.

Noelle slowly unbuttoned her top two buttons on her blouse. She could just about hear her heart as the blood pulsed in her ears.

No one said a word.

Her husband, Elias brushed her hair from her face with a gentle caress of his palm. Rueben popped her third button with a snap of his fingers.

“Thank you”, Noelle breathed. Looking up at Elias, he met her gaze with his lips pressed to hers. Curving her arms around his neck she arched her bosom so as to allow Rueben to finish the last of her buttons.

Ruben’s hands slid into her shirt and around to the small of her back. Pressing his lips to her pink nipple he savored her saltiness on his tounge.

Elias seeing her shirt open found himself tenderly nursing her other tit. Both men felt so passionately about Noelle. She had satisfied them both in such different ways. But one thing unified their lives, Noelle.

After hearing her fantasy Elias had been quiet for some time. Rueben being patient, understood it was a little bit much to take in. But after Elias had caught his breath he warmed up to the idea pretty quickly. He admitted his sex life was getting boring and imagined this to be an opportunity to bring the flame back to Noelle’s eyes.

So in the end, out of love both men found themselves with Noelle, at her breast nursing like the children they where at heart.

“Oh god!” Noelle breathed. She was almost to the brink of orgasm at just the thought of this reality before her.

Rueben and Elias both had found their hands caressing her as they travelled in unison beneath her waistband. Noelle gasped and this time she really did have a small orgasm.

She could feel each man’s fingers as they distinctly had different textures. Pushing into her sopping wetness Elias put his two forefingers into her pussy as Rueben gently stroked the tender area around her clit.

Noelle feeling no shame in her ecstasy pushed her womanhood towards her men as she knotted her fingers in each of her lovers hair.

Each man was lost in his own moment. Elias feeling less apprehensive began to tug at her pants. Rueben placing his hand in the small of Noelle’s back, with gentle pressure, guided her to her feet. As she stood her pants and panties slipped to the floor. She shrugged her shoulders and her animal print blouse fell, leaving her bare.

Noelle’s skin bristled with goosebumps as she stepped into each man in turn, kissing, enjoying the uniqueness of both Elias and Rueben. She wondered how this moment had not existed before as glorious as it felt. Lingering at the lips of each man, she felt the control inside her lovers crumbling against her love.

Kissing Elias gave her the sensation of the warm quilt, her mother had given her as a child. Yet, kissing Rueben was explorative, and reminded her of the time she went zip lining in Mexico.

Rueben’s dark skin pressing to her painted lips left Noelle’s indelible mark, red and smudged. Smiling, it was satisfying to her to see him labeled by her actions.

Rueben, moving his tounge down Noelle’s jawline to her earlobe, smiled approvingly as Noelle slid her fingers into Elias’s belt loops. She jerked him forward forcefully. Smiling coyly as he almost lost balance, Noelle steadied him. Stepping forward quickly to keep from falling Elias grunted.

Elias’s jeans where the snap kind and as she yanked them apart, staring into his eyes, she savored his wonder. Apprehensions ran high in Elias but Noelle never allowing him to leave her gaze gently tugged his cock in reassurance.

Rueben noticing, remembered when Noelle had taken his virginity. How that he to had felt so vulnerable and yet Noelle was so reassuring. She was the best in this situation, making men feel comforted in their weakness.

Rueben smiled, and traced her neck with his fingers. Wrapping them around her strong but dainty neckline in a firm caress he gave it a gentle but forceful squeeze.

She, feeling Rueben’s strength as he applied ever so calculating pressure to her windpipe felt herself yielding to his control.

Breaking Elias’s gaze, Noelle stretched her chin heavenward in submission, her brown locks dangling with the fresh scent of her perfume.

Rueben, loosening his firm grip on Noelle’s and neck used his other hand to put pressure on her shoulder so as to turn her around, exposing her well formed behind to Elias. As if to offer the first slice of pie, Rueben used his feet to push Noelle into a wide legged stance. Looking her in her pupils he commanded her with his eyes.

They seemed to communicate telepathically. Nodding in almost hypnotic approval Noelle smiled heavy with lust.

It was at that moment all her feelings for this dark skinned man came flooding to the surface. The wasted years, the long distance letters and now this. “I would do it all again” she said.

It was as though Rueben knew. Kissing her tenderly, he tried to tell her what words could not. His passion was not lost, “I know baby” she cooed comfortingly, her fingernails etching into his chest.

Hungrily, Elias knelt behind her. His hands parting her globular behind, she felt her body grow weak.

Air escaping Noelle’s pussy, she flexed involuntarily. In her contraction a single blob of her candy cream hung daintily, as though it where a droplet on the crystal chandelier of her clit.

Licking ravenously Elias nudged his nose deep into her ass crack so as to allow his tounge to flick the dangling wetness down his throat.

Slurping noises from Elias grew louder as Noelle pushed her butt into his face forcing her cream down him. She felt his slobber running down her thigh as she smothered him.

Feeling pure hot joy at her husband's lust Noelle reacted with soft moans that she buried in Rueben’s now fervent kisses.

With Elias kneeling in almost reverence behind her and Rueben in front, Noelle wondered how Rueben had still remained clothed. Pulling at his shirt, buttons popping as the thread tore, Noelle felt like her mind was on fire.

She knew that none of this could have ever been possible in any other man’s world. It took someone special like Rueben to bring this level of freedom.

Men did not just share a woman but this was a new day. Noelle imagined what it would be like to wake up the next morning, Elias on one side and Rueben on the other.

Rueben had already volunteered to cook breakfast. Her mind wandered, he had been bragging earlier as to his cooking skills.

Elias rarely cooked. He was handy in other ways, submissive and non-threatening. He was a hard worker. Noelle picked him for his dependability.

Although before Rueben had brought them all together she had regretted her decision at moments.

Dependable Elias also tended to be a little boring. But not now. She imagined getting a morning quickie with him as Rueben cooked. She loved them both and intended to spend special time alone with each one. But she was eager to find out what kind of fire Rueben had lit in her husband's imagination.

At the moment she felt enraptured. Free from the nagging shame, gone was the silly guilt and it felt absolutely amazing!

Unlatching his belt, Rueben joined them in their nakedness. Noelle wondered at his smoothly shaved maleness.

Feeling Elias stretching her vagina as though it where a curtain to be opened she winced at the sharpness, a twinge of pain. It was quickly washed away as she understood, Elias poured his tounge wide and flat against the smooth inner walls of her womb. Again, a gush of liquid. This time it came with more thrust and that seemed to excite her husband more.

Elias felt her body heave as if to orgasm but when she squirted in his face it was more than he had ever known from her.

Her juices had hit him full on in the mouth and ran out the sides. He rubbed his face with his hand and feeling the slickness between his fingers, he squeezed his cock.

Wanting Noelle’s juices all over himself Elias smeared her juices from his face down the thick hair of his chest. Inhaling, he almost came at the intoxicating scent of her lust.

Elias raised himself on his knees in a long lick that ran from her pussy and up her spine. As he stood he wrapped her in an embrace from behind with Rueben kissing her from the front.

Noelle realizing how badly she needed both men and moaned “fuck me”.

It was at that moment she knew. She wanted both men. Both dicks, but more so than their dicks she wanted to be shared equally at the same time.

Both Rueben and Elias exchanging glances and smiled. “Noelle” Rueben whispers.

“Sweetheart” Elias heard himself say.

“Oh God boys just get over it and fuck me, pleease” she whispered. “We are together”, Noelle reasoned with them.

Rueben thought of how that neither of them would be wearing a condom and how that both he and Elias would be filling her with their creams, mixing.

Elias wanting to please his wife so badly, he thought of how a week ago he would have rejected the idea of what they where doing at the moment. He had seen how their marriage floundered over the past few years. The fire gradually dying in their hearts.

Elias had always known she felt lacking but in what he never knew until now. He was thankful to Rueben for being there. He loved his wife. Elias looked at Reuben trustingly. He felt a sincere friendship for him and wondered at how comfortable he was with it all.

Noelle got down on her knees, one cock in each hand. First one and then the other she sucked.

Putting her mouth around Rueben, Noelle rolled the top of her tounge against the hole in his penis.

Turning her head, her brown hair flopping, she smiled up at her husband running her mouth in full down the side of Elias, leaving a glistening trail is saliva.

As she moved from man to man she tugged at them like leashes on little puppies.

Both men with each tug would step a little closer to maintain balance.

Noelle nurturing with love; gently massaging their shafts had gotten both men to where she had them less than an inch apart.

Savoring her moment she could now lick them both in unison.

Their flavors mixing in her mouth brought her to a whole new level of delight. The control Noelle exhibited over Elias and Rueben was a genuine art form.

Noelle knew both men. And she could not help but push her boundaries. With one smooth movement she gave a final tug at them both and inserted them simultaneously into her mouth.

Noelle had to stretch really big to get all that meat down her throat but she had to know.

Noelle struggled to move her tounge in her mouth. In the end she had achieved what she had set out to do: get both men to be comfortable with physical contact with one another.

Noelle’s gag reflex kicked in as her husband pushed his member deeper down her throat.

She did not mind though. This was actually good news to her. To see him taking what he wanted from her made Noelle’s heart warm.

Noelle standing looked up at her boys And took a long moment to kiss each tenderly full on, mouth open.

“Who wants me?”

“I do” they both said in unison.

They all laughed. What had started as a potentially tense situation had been expertly defused by Noelle. Now, both Rueben and Elias where discussing the finer nuances of who’s dick got what piece of Noelle.

Ruben turned Noelle around and bent her over the bed. “You first” he laughed in jest with Elias.

“No you sir” Elias replied in kind.

“You know there are two holes” Rueben replies.

“Three actually” said Elias.

“Huh, well I guess your right!” Came Rueben. “Must we invite a third party?”

“You know I’ve got my toy” chimed Noelle in a muffled way. Her face was pushed into the bed.

“She does” said Elias. “You should see this thing. It looks like fucking king kong.”

“Go get it.” Ruben commanded.

Upon her return and seeing Rueben’s reaction Elias And Noelle started laughing.

“God damn!” said Rueben. “Let me fuck you before you stretch your pussy for the night with that thing.”

“What makes you think it’s going in my pussy?” Noelle teased and made a playful jab at Rueben’s ass.

“Oh yea?” Rueben jumped. “You might wanna save that first for another time.”

“You didn’t say no” Noelle teased.

“Bend over” Elias commanded.

“Yea, before we have to spank that ass” Rueben made a little swat at Noelle s butt.

Noelle jumped as Rueben slapped her cheek and giggled.

“I think someone just might like that!” Elias exclaimed.

“I think she did”

Noelle pushed her ass up in the air. “Who’s first? Or do you think y’all both can fit in there at the same time?”

“After you stick that huge dildo up there we could.” joked Rueben.

Elias slid his cock into Noelle And Rueben gave her another playful slap. This time it was harder And left a little rose on her cheek.

“Oh!” She exclaimed. And both men noticed how her body reacted.

Elias felt her pussy open And Rueben saw her juices cream around Elias’s cock.

“Do it again.” Elias said.

Rueben slapped Noelle’s ass again.

This time Noelle closed her eyes. A moan escaped her. “She likes it!” Said Rueben.

Elias began to pound at her from behind. “Spank me again.” Noelle heard herself say. “I’ve been so bad.”

This time both Elias And Rueben slapped her butt. Noelle jumped. She felt the sting as Elias pushed harder into her. “Can yall both try to fit in there?” Noelle said.

Rueben reached down with his two fingers and felt at her pussy. “No, not yet.”

“Here…” Noelle handed Rueben her toy. “Fuck me while he fucks me.”

Rueben pushed at her already full pussy with her toy. “Is that ok?” he asked Elias.

Elias nodded.

Working slowly Rueben managed to get the head in. Noelle groaned. “Oh god!” She worked with Rueben, trying to take both her husband and her lover’s toy in. It was a lot to squeeze into such a tight little place.

Rueben winced, “That’s gotta hurt”, he said.

“No, it feels great!” Noelle gushed.

Elias moved gently back and forth. He was amazed at his wife. He slapped her ass again.

“Do it again.” Rueben said. “It helps loosen her up.”

Elias slapped her again, hard. Noelle jumped. “Ow!” She yelled.

It was at that moment the whole of her toy slipped full on into her vagina.

“Ohhhh…” Noelle’s yelp of pain turned to her oozing with pleasure. “That feels good.”

Elias slapped her again. This time Noelle creamed.

Rueben flipped the vibrator on and both Elias and Noelle let out a sign of pleasure. Rueben smiled and motioned for Elias to take the dildo.

“Now does that feel good?” Rueben asked Noelle.

“So good…”

Rueben began to massage Noelle’s back. He sat kneeling over her head so as to get a better angle to massage. His member lay in her hair like a blue jay in its nest.

Noelle straining tried to turn her mouth to Rueben’s meat but it was out of reach.

She didn’t know what to do. A cock and a dildo in her pussy and Rueben massaging her back she wanted more still.

Noelle pushed at Rueben’s knees “scoot back a little” she said.

Rueben complied, still rubbing her down.

Noelle began licking at Rueben’s balls. First one then the other, she rolled them around in her mouth.

Noelle laid her tounge flat and began to explore Rueben. His inner thigh tastes slightly sweaty in a manly sort of way that turned Noelle on even more. Noelle licked at everything she could reach in her compromising position.

Her animal urge got the better of her and putting her hands under Rueben she pushed him.

Rueben landed on his back with legs in the air. Noelle nursed noisily. Her tounge was like a wash cloth wetting Rueben, cock, balls, inner thigh and she even ventured to his well formed behind, the round part.

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