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The Interrogator


Allister Remm

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Chapter 1:

"48 hours?! It takes you that long to perform your interrogations?"

"48 hours guaranteed. There's also a good chance she'll tell me more then she would a normal interrogator.”

“Oh really? Why would she be willing to talk to you?”

“I'm persuasive. My record proves it.”

“Yes, you're well known for being able to extract information from the most resistant of subjects. How do you do it?”

“I'm afraid that's a trade secret.”

“Very well. 48 hours. She's all yours. I look forward to your report.”

A dull sense of pain brought Jacklyn back to consciousness. She didn't open her eyes right away. She pretended to be asleep in the hope of catching some fragment of conversation.

“Hey there. You can open your eyes if you like.”

The voice belonged to a man. It sounded soothing, friendly even. Whatever her head was resting on tilted forward. They knew she was awake. She reluctantly opened her eyes.

The room she was in, well it didn't look like an interrogation room. It looked like some kind of fancy massage parlor or something like that. The source of that voice stood in front of her. His most notable feature was his apparent heterochromia. One of his eyes was green while the other was a steely blue. Possible cybernetic implant? She couldn't be certain. He had a young face, but his short beard was flecked with gray. He was skinny, wiry even. She could easily take him on in a fight if she had to.

She tried to get up, and discovered the restraints that bound her nude body to whatever she was lying on. She couldn't move any part of her body more then an inch or so. There was no wiggling out of these bonds. Yep. This was an interrogation room, fancier then the ones she was accustomed to, but they all had the same purpose.

“Let me save you some time. You ain't getting shit out of me. I'll die before I tell you anything!”

Talking made that dull pain sharper. The source of that pain was a deep cut on her lip. It opened and began bleeding.

“It looks like those mean ol guards roughed you up. I apologize for that. Here, let's take care of your lip.” he replied in that same, soothing voice.

He took a Q-tip with some kind of cream on it. She braced for more pain, but when it was applied, the pain actually lessened. It soon faded away and the bleeding stopped. She wasn't swayed. This guy was obviously playing the good cop/bad cop game. He'd be kind to her then some other asshole would come in and torture her.

“I should introduce myself. My name is Axel. I'll be your host during your stay here.”

Jacklyn didn't say anything. She just glared at him, steeling herself for what was to come.

“I thought to begin with I'd tell you a bit about myself. I wear a few different hats. Artist, interior decorator, tailor. I designed this room. What do you think?”

“I think you're an asshole and this room sucks.”

“Those are some pretty mean words, but I understand why they're mean. This is a situation you don't want to be in. I'm sure you'd love to be at home right now...”

He picked up a tray with a bunch of little black discs in it. The discs were shiny, featureless, and maybe a half inch in diameter. As he spoke, he began attaching these discs to various spots on her body. Whatever they were, at least they didn't hurt.

“Home right now, maybe with a cup of hot cocoa and a soft blanket for company. Phone turned off, maybe a good old fashioned book in your hands. That would be a nice little escape without leaving the comfort of that blanket.”

That did admittedly sound good to her. She didn't own any books, those being quite rare nowadays, but yeah being home right now was certainly preferable to her current location. He continued to talk in that oddly soothing voice, and what were those things he was sticking to her? What were they for? There was some loose pattern he was following as he applied them, but she couldn't figure out what it was.

“I have a few books of my own. Oh I've read them quite a few times. The words never change but how I see them does. They're a glimpse into what the world used to be like before it ended. A couple of them are children's books, and one is a boring old encyclopedia. Even that one's special though. Really all books are since they're so rare now.”

She couldn't help but wonder why the hell he was going on and on about some old books? Shouldn't he be asking her questions about the job she had been hired to do? Maybe his strategy was to bore her to death. Yet as he spoke, she didn't find his words boring, not at all. His voice was soothing and pleasant to listen to. In almost any other situation it would have put her mind at ease.

At some point she realized she was starting to feel... kinda sluggish. She wasn't exactly tired, she just felt oddly slow and very relaxed. The room was pleasing to look at. His voice was still calm and soothing. He continued to talk about his books and occasionally repositioned one of the discs, moving one a couple inches, moving another just slightly. He said nothing about her slim, athletic body that he was attaching these discs to. It was a body she worked hard to maintain, a body that she was proud of. Even though she was completely nude with such a hot, well sculpted body, his interest in her didn't seem to be sexual.

She found that realization a bit disappointing.

Wait, why the hell was that disappointing?! If he had no sexual interest in her, then he'd likely leave her sensitive bits alone. Sure she could block out the pain, but if she didn't have to deal with it at all, even better. He just continued to talk about unimportant shit while occasionally removing a disc and reapplying it elsewhere on her body.

“So tell me, that catsuit you were wearing. Is that a custom piece or are they selling those now?”

Her catsuit? Who gave a shit about that? There was nothing special about it, just a piece of lycra that allowed her to blend into the shadows. She didn't say this however. The less she gave away, the better.

After waiting a moment for an answer, he added a couple discs, one above and one below her navel.

“I just asked because it's a bit reflective. I'm no stealth expert but I just figured something that reflects light like that works against concealment.”

He... had a point. She had other ways of staying concealed, but if she survived this maybe she should look into wearing something with a matte finish. It's possible one of the guards saw a glint off her catsuit and that's what got her caught. Normally she'd be furious with herself over such a stupid mistake, but for some reason it didn't bother her right now. It was just a small mistake to correct next time around. She had to remind herself that there might not be a next time. Oddly that did little to upset the relaxed state that she was in.

“Well I think that will do for now. I'll be back later to check up on you.”

And with that he left the room. The lights slowly dimmed until the room was semi dark. The headrest tilted back until she was looking up at the ceiling. There wasn't much she could do except lie there. At least whatever she was lying on was comfortable, and whoever this guy was, he hadn't hurt her yet. The discs attached to her, what were they for? The only thing that came to her mind was they could be used to deliver some kind of drug. However the pattern was too apparent for that. She was no expert on anatomy, but the discs that she had seen were grouped around her organs and certain muscles. Six lined up with her lungs, four surrounding her heart, eight on her stomach, and several running down her arms and legs. There were several more attached to her temples and forehead.

An interrogator who didn't seem to care about what she knew, who made some effort to keep her comfortable, and spent most of the session talking about some old books. This was easily the most confusing interrogation session she had ever experienced. It was also the shortest. He had spent at most a half hour with her.

Well there was nothing to do now but rest, store up enough energy to resist whatever he had planned for her next. At least resting would be easy. He even dimmed the lights for her... What if making her rest was part of his interrogation strategy? Even if it was, she couldn't stay awake forever. Resting would help keep her strength up. Also, well the table or bed or whatever it was that she was lying on was soft and comfortable. The room was a pleasant temperature. It also smelled nice, like flowers. The dim lights added to the warm atmosphere. Relaxation settled back into her mind and she felt herself drifting away...

Chapter 2:

A hot shower, then cuddling up in her big overstuffed easy chair with only a soft blanket covering her nude form. Lying on the table didn't equate to that, but Jacklyn couldn't deny it was almost as peaceful. She was quite contented to lie there and let her mind drift. Thoughts of her home, thoughts of the mission she had been on, thoughts about various guys, actually, a lot of thoughts about various guys. She thought about what they looked like and what they might have been like had she slept with them. Her mind began conjuring up crude sexual fantasies involving various men she had met.

Those weren't the only weird thoughts in her head. She normally had a strong dislike of overly feminine clothing, super girly stuff like high heels, jewelry, skirts. Yet now she was thinking about them, and thinking about those various guys... running their big, strong hands up under a short pink skirt she was wearing, ignoring her feeble objections.

She tried to focus on more important matters, like figuring out a way to escape, but over and over her mind kept drifting back to those naughty thoughts.

At some point, the lights slowly brightened. The table tilted her head forward again. Axel entered the room with a smile on his face as if he was greeting an old friend.

“How are you feeling?”

She did not reply.

“I'll take that as a sign that you're feeling all right. Let's continue then.”

He took several more of those discs and attached them to various points on her head.

“I'd like to tell you about a little walk I took just last week. I visited the remains of one of those big ol cities. I had this picture of a gray, nasty bombed out ruin in my head, but I was surprised to see how much vegetation was growing there. Lots of little leaves and vines and little flowers growing up out of the cracks. Nature is persistent like that.”

Jacklyn let her mind drift again. For an interrogator, this guy had the most boring shit to talk about. Yet his voice was so nice and soothing. She found that she could tune him out enough to let her mind drift while still keeping his voice as a pleasant background drone.

Her thoughts and her eyes drifted to her body. There were little black discs all over it now, but she was more focused on how she looked. She wondered what he thought about her body. Did he admire it? She had no real sexual interest in this guy, but a compliment would have been nice. She was very attractive. Enough men had told her so. Usually she didn't care for their compliments, but now, well it would be nice if he said something about the display she was giving him.

But no, he was going on and on about walking through some bombed out city. Occasionally he removed and repositioned one of the discs. She noticed that he was mostly concentrating on her head, and making very slight adjustments to the discs he had placed there.

Her thoughts drifted back to her body. She knew she was attractive, yet she usually kept guys away from her. She was no stranger to sex, but anything resembling a relationship was out of the question for her. Sex however... Yeah... she could use a thick shaft of warm pulsing man meat inside her right about now. Not this guy though. Axel wasn't really her type. Nah he'd be the guy in the friend zone, someone she kept around just to help her unwind by listening to him blather on about stuff.

She blinked a couple times once she realized how weird her thinking had become. What the hell was happening to her?! Had he drugged her? Were those discs actually doing something to her? He had to be attaching them for some reason. She looked at him, trying to determine just what he was doing. He didn't seem to notice and just went on about his walk through the destroyed city... something about exploring some old building that had been looted decades ago. More boring shit, but the way he talked about it was still soothing and pleasant.

As she looked at him, another thought occurred to her. He obviously wasn't going to hurt her. It seemed that he had some code, or a set of rules that he was following. Whatever they were, he wouldn't deviate from them. She could trust him not to do that.

She could trust him not to hurt her.

That thought was just as weird as her thoughts about sex, and she knew it. Yet she believed it in spite of experience. Some deep, primitive part of her mind told her that she was safe here.

“So tell me, have you ever taken any walks through the ruins?”

“No not really, well, not unless I had to. Did a few salvaging jobs, but I was never there to admire the foliage. A lot of those old buildings have safes in them that still haven't been cracked by looters. I once made 3600 credits off of some old wine that was stored in one of them.”

She really shouldn't be talking about her old jobs and she knew it, but it felt good to talk. Once she started talking, it was like a faucet had been turned on in her mind, and the words just poured out of her mouth.

“People will pay a lot for reminders of the old world. Some note that some asshole wrote before the end is worth more then a full meal.”

“Yes they will. Salvagers tend to make a lot of money if they're good.”

“And I'm not just good. I'm damn good!”

“Yes you are.”

“I'm so damn good that I--”

She stopped herself. She had just about told him how she gained access to that pre-apoaclypse computer system, how it had a design flaw in the software. That's how she had taken control of it and locked everybody out.

And of course that's exactly what her captors wanted to know. This Axel, he was a sly motherfucker.

He didn't ask her to continue. Instead he took a few more discs and attached them to her breasts. Then he took four more and placed them around her vulva. Well, this was starting to get a bit kinky. Kinky, kinky... That word was like a spark in her head that ignited her smoldering sexual desires. There she was strapped to a table while some strange guy put those strange discs all over her body, her sexy body... He could just mount her and have his way with her... grope her, touch her, thrust his cock inside her... make her pant... make her moan... make her cum...

God, she had to stop thinking about that! Her nipples were stiffening! She was getting moist! Had he noticed?! Oh god what if he noticed and... and took advantage of her helpless state to ravage her...

He didn't seem to notice. He continued talking about his walk through the city. Some birds had built a nest inside one of the old signs, she didn't give a shit. Her mind was busy generating kinky fantasies now. Maybe he would leave and the “bad cop” would come in and just ravage her with his big, throbbing-- Why was she thinking about that?! She wasn't really even into kinky sex, but lying there naked and strapped to a table was putting her mind into sexual overdrive! She kept fearing that he would notice, but at the same time the fear of her arousal being discovered and possibly being taken advantage of by him just made her even more aroused!

“It appears you have a need that should be taken care of.”

He reached under the table and pulled out a thick dildo. A piece of rubber wasn't the same as a warm, pulsing cock, but she'd take just about anything inside her right now! She watched in excitement and anticipation as he applied some lube to the thick black phallus. The tip went in, followed by the rest and it felt so damn good!! She panted and moaned as he moved the dildo in and out.

Somehow... she managed to keep from saying anything during this. She limited herself to moans and cries as he fucked her with that thick rubber phallus.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she had certainly screamed this loud in an interrogation room before, but never under these circumstances. The orgasm was delightful and so satisfying! She felt so warm and gooey inside. She couldn't help but grin widely as he pulled the dildo out.

He quickly repositioned a couple of the discs on her forehead.

“There we go. I'll be back in a little while to see how you're doing.”

That warm, gooey feeling of afterglow didn't subside. It persisted. She closed her eyes and smiled as the headrest tilted back and the lights dimmed. She felt just so damn satisfied... Time passed. Minutes? Hours?

She must have fallen asleep at some point. The headrest rotated again, waking her back up. Axel came into view. The pleasant gooey feeling had finally subsided. She felt... happy? Happy to see him? What the hell was wrong with her?!

He had been there for some time, and had taken the time to clean her up apparently. As she got a better view of her body, she noticed a thin black tube going into her vagina. The sight of it made her horny again. He had put something inside her! And she didn't know what it was doing to her.

“What... what have you done to me?”

The question was meant to cover everything that had happened to her, not just the tube. However he seemed not to pick up on this.

“Since you're going to be here for awhile, I thought I'd take care of your bathroom needs. We don't want a full bladder causing you any trouble.”

She didn't know what to think. He had violated her by inserting a catheter, there was nothing she could do about it, and looking at it made her so damned horny!

She realized that she was hungry too. Apparently he was aware of this. He brought over a bowl filled with some kind of broth, along with a straw.

“Here you go. I hope you like it, it's the best I can do given the circumstances.”

Normally she would have refused it, but if anything was clear by now it's that she wasn't thinking normally. She offered no resistance as he placed the straw in her mouth. The warm liquid was a bit thicker then broth, and it tasted good. Her stomach gladly accepted it, and she drank the entire bowl's worth.

“There we go. Now I want to tell you a little story...”

What a surprise... more blather. She didn't want to hear him talk, except yes she did. Maybe listening to him would take her mind off the need growing between her legs. Also, listening to him felt right. Him being there with her felt right. She knew how weird it was to think this, but knowing it and actually “knowing” it had become two different things.

“Oh but it took ages to renovate this building. Took forever just to find the right color of paint for this room. I got lucky and found some in a little hardware store. The looters missed it, and the paint was still nice and fresh. Just needed stirring. What a happy day that was.”

Her horny body betrayed her. A soft, needy whine escaped her lips.

“Oh, right. Lets take care of that little need of yours.”

She gasped softly as he pulled out the dildo again. That smoldering heat inside her burst into flame once again. She panted and grinned widely as he lubed up the thick black dildo, then shoved it into her hungry, needy pussy. The catheter inside her made this feel weird, but she found that she liked it.

“Ohhh! Yes! Harder! Harder! Yes! Yes!! YEEEEESSSSS!!”

After she came, that warm, gooey feeling returned. She felt like she was going to happily melt right into the table. Her body had gone entirely limp. Looking at him... it felt so right. Even though a part of her mind was still aware of how utterly wrong this was, it was overruled by something more instinctive, more primitive. She felt a deep sense of trust for this man in spite of all logic. Logic had gone out the window. If she could lay on that table for the rest of her life, listening to his voice while he provided her with warm broth and orgasms, that would suit her just fine.

“You've heard a lot about little ol me. Now why don't you tell me something about yourself? You can talk about anything you want.”

And like that, the words started pouring out of her mouth again. She talked about her past jobs, her past boyfriends, her past sexual encounters. Nothing in those areas was off limits. She told him about the insecurities she had with her body, how she was so afraid of gaining weight, how she pushed herself to exercise. She then talked about how she pushed herself to excel at being a salvager and a spy, somebody who could do any job. The truth was she went into most jobs with little idea how to do them, and winged it pretty much the entire way. Then she talked about the previous times she had been caught and interrogated. There she finally realized that she needed to shut up, but it was hard to stop talking.

She looked at Axel, wanting to tell him, wanting to tell him everything that her captors wanted to know. Had he asked, she might have very well answered. However he didn't ask. He merely moved one of the discs on her forehead slightly.

“Thank you. I'll let you rest for now. I'll be back later.”

And with that, the lights dimmed and she was left alone again.

Chapter 3:

Time passed. At some point she fell asleep again. When she awoke, that warm, gooey feeling was still present. She had no desire to move. Even if the restraints weren't there, she would have remained on the table. She waited for Axel to return. She wanted to see him again, hear his soothing voice again. The lights brightened and the headrest moved. There he was. She felt immediate relief and contentment. She waited to hear him talk about, it didn't matter what he talked about. She also waited for him to pull out the dildo again.

She had a realization. She was going to tell him. All he needed to do was ask.


If she told him, then he would have no reason to keep her around. She didn't want to leave, she wanted to stay in this pleasant room, be fed more of that warm broth, and listen to him talk some more. The world out there was cruel and scary. In here she was warm and safe. However if he asked, she wouldn't be able to stop herself from answering. She looked at him with helpless eyes and waited.

“So that's how I got that old computer up and running. Really it was just a bit of good luck. Now tell me. How did you gain access to that company's computer and lock everybody else out?”

“It's really just a heavily modified VSS-90 system, and it has the same bug as the VSS-100's. A simple buffer overflow and you have root access, access to everything. I know jack shit about hacking but even I can do it.”

The words just poured out of her mouth. She couldn't stop herself now even if she wanted to.

“And that's how you locked them out of their own system. You must have thought up a clever password.”

“Actually I didn't. I knew I was about to be caught, so I typed in something random for the password. They can't function without that computer and all I need to do is cause another buffer overflow to gain root access again.”

“I see. Thank you. You've been a very good girl.”

He pulled out his phone and looked at the clock on its display.

“I still have 26 hours left before I need to return you. Why don't we have some fun? I'll tell you more about those cute little birds I saw.”

She gasped and grinned widely as he pulled out the dildo again.

“So we don't need a password? All we have to do to get back in is trigger a simple buffer overflow?”

“Yep, and you can do that merely by feeding it a lot of junk data. It'll glitch, allow root access, then you can change it back to just how you want it.”

The two men sat in front of a large monitor. The monitor was connected to a camera that led to the holding cell where Jacklyn now lived. She was currently deep throating one of the guards while another one fucked her from behind. Sex was pretty much all she wanted now. She deeply missed Axel. Their time together had been short, but she had formed a deep bond with him.

That had been his intention all along. His interrogations were successful because he could manipulate a human body on a very deep level. Using the discs, whose purpose was to manipulate a body's energy flow and stimulate hormone production, he had flooded Jacklyn's brain with estrogen and oxytocin. Then he turned off some of her brain's higher functions by diverting energy away from certain parts of it, and directing that energy towards feelings of trust and a desire to mate. His cybernetic eye allowed him to see her body's energy flow, aiding him in manipulating and controlling it.

Such deep manipulation came at a price, at least for Jacklyn. He had caused some deep, permanent changes inside her brain.

“I'm a good girl...” she blurted out before swallowing the guard's cock again. Axel's nameless employer smirked as he watched her.

“She's been saying that ever since you returned her. Care to tell me what the hell you did to her?”

“Sorry, like I said before it's a trade secret. I will say though that she is a very good girl. She answered all my questions, and all the questions you had for her.”

Axel smiled as he looked at the monitor. “Deep down inside, they're all good girls. It just needs to be brought out sometimes.”


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