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Dre’s Night
A Interracial Erotica


Bela Tomas

Amber’s New Dad Series: Dre’s Night

By Bela Tomas

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Copyright 2017 Bela Tomas

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Table of Contents

1st: Celebration Night
2nd: Locker Room X-play

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A few days ago Andre text me about a sexual fantasy that I never thought about doing. He said he wanted to have sex in the boys’ locker room in school. A quickie in the locker room, was the ultimate teenager must haves. At first I was reluctant because of the risk factors getting caught but then I thought we can plan this to make sure it works out just right and still have a good time.

Andre is getting honored at his school for what he did in sports with his teammates. He text me earlier and said he always wanted to fuck a cheerleader in the locker room. Now I didn’t attend his school but I was a cheerleader in school and so I packed my old outfit from my storage and went with the soul purpose of fulfilling Dre’s fantasy before he was honored. I text him and said that let’s meet in the boys locker room. I ran the shower to build a little steam before he came inside.

I sat on the bench in the locker room in the sexiest pose I can think of. Our previous fantasies were nothing compared to this one. It was so risky and sexy. I can’t believe I agreed to do this. I wanted him so bad, he could’ve asked me to jump off a cliff and I would. I craved his hands to touch me. Andre is always on my mind. Every time we’ve had sex my freaky nature just explodes. He makes me want to try anything that is suggested. I can’t say no.

As I sat in the locker waiting for Dre to walk in, I looked around and thought about all the places we can have sex. I wanted some hardcore sex and it drove me wild just picturing him taking his penis from different positions inside this locker room. He text me again and said that he’s coming down the hall. As the door open upon his arrival I can a rush of cool air come in. It felt nice on my skin relaxing my nerves for a quick second. When Dre approached me and grabbed a hand full of my hair kissed me so hard. He lifted me with so much ease and strength. His aggressiveness turned me on even more. This black man handled me like his little plaything and I loved it.

“How do you want it?” Dre asked.

“In the shower, I want you to fuck me in the shower.” I begged him.

Andre picked me up and we made out walking into the shower. He stood me up and angrily ripped off my cheerleader outfit. I didn’t have any panties or bra on. He pulled down his pants and ripped off his old jersey and forcefully picked me up. I wrapped my hands around his shoulders and our eyes connected and we both smiled. Our connection was so strong now, I wasn’t even surprised our sexual chemistry was so in sync. Everything he attempted and took charge with I was okay with it. I squeezed his large shoulders waiting for him to put his penis inside me.

“Go slow Dre. I want to feel every inch deep inside me big daddy.” I told him.

“I can’t get enough of you.” Dre said as he stared directly into my eyes.

I laid my head back as he kissed and licked my neckline. His breath was minty and his soft lips were heaven to me. He slurped and bit at my neck. I started to grind him. He didn’t even start fucking me yet and the anticipation was killing me. We so hot and ready. Then he slides inside me and stretched me open. I just froze and allowed him to take charge. His strong grip held my ass open. One of his fingers started to slip inside and I came so fast.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass Dre.” A first for me.

“Really? Now?” Dre said off guard.

“Yes. Right now. Let’s do it now.”


We talked a few weeks about trying new things but talking about letting him fuck me in my ass something we never talked about. I wanted him to do it today. I can’t even understand why but I wanted to feel him inside my ass. He let me down and turned me around and spread my ass open and slowly started to penetrate me. When he started go inside I just held on and accept his super large dick just slide between me. I rubbed my clit as he started to fuck me. I was so turned on. I screamed so loud.

“Shhh. Baby you trying to get us caught.” Dre whispered.

“Sorry. Just like that. I love it. It’s so big. I don’t know if I can take all of it. Fuck me.” I asked.

Dre was breathing so heavy into my ear. In and out of me drove my nerves wild. He felt so good. I came so fast again. I never understand how this keeps happening. He just knows the spots to get me to come so fast. He pulled my head back and nibbled on my ear as he started to fuck me faster and faster. I rubbed my clit faster and faster as he went faster and faster. There was no letting up now. He pounded me and I just tried to hang on for dear life praying he would just fuck me like this forever.

“Beg me to fuck you harder.” Dre angrily asked.

“Fuck me. Fuck me like your little bitchy daughter.”

“Yea just like that. Come on this dick.” Dre ordered me.

Dre pounded away at me. Harder and harder he went. He didn’t give me any chance to catch my breath. My legs was shagging constantly. I was no good. There was nothing I could do but let him have his way with me. And he did with no remorse. He slapped my ass. I moaned so loudly. Dre reached around and covered my mouth as he just keep stroking away. I reached my hands around and grabbed at his hips. The water was so hot but it felt so good on our bodies as we fucked.

“You want me to come in your ass baby?” Dre asked.

“Yes. Come deep inside me. I want to feel it deep inside me.” I meltingly agreed.

Dre slapped my ass as he fucked me harder. He pressed me against the cold shower walls with one hand and spread one of my ass cheeks with the other. He was having his way and me my legs open further. I was on my tippy toes trying to take all of his large dick. I never have been this stretched open my whole life.

“Come Dre. Come inside me. I want to feel you come inside this tight asshole. Fuck me baby. Fuck me please.”

“Oh shit. That’s right. I’m about to come. Oh shit. Fuck!”

Dre pressed inside of me so deep. I never been fucked like this in this position but it was by far the best quickie I’ve ever had. He really knew what he was doing. I can’t even understand what was happening. As he pulled out of me I couldn’t move. I just stood their trying to wrap my head around what just had happen because it felt so good, I didn’t want that feeling to go away.

“We have to go Amber. You okay?” He said out of breath.

“Yes. Just give me a minute. I can’t move. I just need a few minutes. Damn. I can’t feel my legs. Oh my god.” I confessed.

Dre stepped back out the shower and started to dry himself off and getting dressed. He pulled me gently toward him and started to dry me off. I was still very much stuck in a trance as to what just happened. He pulled my skirt on me and I finally started to come down from my high. I just let him dress me. I was lost for words and thought. I couldn’t move a muscle let alone put on my clothes.

“I have to go the ceremony Amber. Are you going to be okay?” He asked.

“Yes. I’m just going to sit here for a few minutes. I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize. This was amazing. You drive me wild.” Dre confessed.

Dre gathered himself and stepped out. I just sat on the bench and laid back. I was done for. I wanted to fall asleep right their. I could faintly hear the loud speaker call out his name to a thunderous applause. I reached up with my last bit of strength and clapped as well. Job well down. My step dad came through in the clutch once again. He fucked me so good. He’s the MVP tonight… I might just fall asleep right here.

To be continued.

Bio of Bela Thomas

Taboo, risky, funny, and hot. My books reflect my fantasies and allow me to share some of my inner thoughts on sexual pleasure (I hope) in a way where some might be afraid to express their own. My AND series is my first book series, and I shall have plenty more adventures with my stars of the show Amber and Andre. I’m also working on another series that involves sexual paradises that involve couples and first time partners who want to spice things up. Nothing is off limits in my books.

I have two pit bulls who look super scary but they wouldn’t hurt a fly. I also take care of my great aunt. I love exploring the Old Townes in my part country and part city state, I think its amazing that these places still exist to remind us what times use to be like and how far we’ve come. Till next time. Enjoy the heat of my eBooks and keep your Smashwords bookmarked, my next book is right around the corner. XO.

Books by Bela Tomas:

Amber’s New Dad Series Collection:

  1. Dre’s Heat

  2. Man Cave

  3. Dre’s Office Visit

  4. Sharing Dre

  5. Dre’s Hotel Surprise

  6. Dre’s Night

Amber’s New Dad Series: Dre’s Heat
…I tried avoiding daydreaming about Andre in that way, but everywhere I turned he found himself in my thoughts, he can never know how I truly feel about him. Maybe one day he’ll ask, I’m so letting the cat out the bag. I just hope my mom doesn’t find out that I want to sleep with my step dad!

Amber’s New Dad Series: Man Cave
…Andre my new step dad was the sexiest man I have ever seen. Every time he looked at me I hid behind my drink trying to avoid eye contact but I couldn’t. I was drawn to him. My heart raced every time he walked past me. I was so into the idea of having him all to my self, we were home alone, and mom was at work…

Amber’s New Dad Series: Dre’s Office Visit
…it felt like a one nightstand that was left open ended. We’ve shared a few text messages and they’ve been harmless. Our constant “good morning big daddy” and his “Thinking about you” have been quite welcoming and a constant reminder that their isn’t any signs of regret on either of our parts. But nonetheless I need to see him.

Amber’s New Dad Series: Sharing Dre
…I accidently told my friend Candace about attraction towards my step dad Andre. She asked me would I ever consider having sex with him. Little do she know, not only have me and Andre had sex, I almost got pregnant! Candace then without even knowing Andre and living vicarious through my own experiences, asked if she could get in on the action. I was in shock but my mind did wonder and I wasn’t shy about seeing if that was something that could happen!

Amber’s New Dad Series: Dre’s Hotel Surprise
…I finally arrive at the hotel Andre is staying. I’m so excited to see him while he is on his business trip. I can’t believe he invited me. Up till this point we’ve been very secret with our actions. Now I get to have him all to myself, without any feeling of having to rush or put on a front. My mom was nowhere in sight. I pampered myself and just couldn’t wait to embrace him like never before.

Amber’s New Dad Series: Dre’s Night
…A few days ago Andre text me about a sexual fantasy that I never thought about: He said he wanted to have sex in the boy’s locker room on the night of his enshrinement at his former high school. A quickie in the locker room was the ultimate teenager must haves. At first I was reluctant because of the risk factors getting caught but then I thought we could plan this to make sure it works out just right and still have a good time.

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