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Beautiful Latina Girl

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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"Why do I have to work here?" Maria complained as she threw herself heavily on the bed. The mattress dipped from the weight as Roger lay right next to her.

"Because that's what your parents want." Roger remained her. She nodded her head grateful for someone to remind her just what she was doing working as a nurse. It was just too much work to put in when she could basically live without lifting a finger thanks to her parents’ vast wealth.

Maria stretched her aching limbs thankful that she'd gotten through another long day without any difficulty. She would have never said it to anyone, but Maria thought that life as a nurse suited her perfectly. She got to help a lot of people this way. People that Maria had once pretended not to have even the slightest feeling of compassion for. Her parents must have known this when they had chosen this particular line of work for her. Maria could bet that her mother had been behind it. The woman was as smart as she was beautiful.

"Do you really think that it's going to work?" Roger asked pulling her out of her thoughts. She glanced sideways at her best friend who was now starting to change into something more comfortable. He'd asked her the one thing she'd been trying not to think about for the whole day. She immersed herself completely into her work so she wouldn't have to. However, she knew there was no way she could have ever put it off. Sooner or later she has to make up her mind.

"Of course it will," she replied feigning confidence. She felt challenged that he had even asked. He should have known by then that most of her ideas were brilliant. The real truth though was that until now she hadn't thought seriously about the matter ever since she'd first mentioned it to Roger. Now that Roger had brought it up, there was no way she could back down without looking like a complete idiot. Of course there was always the possibility that this could end with her looking like a complete idiot anyway.

"So that means you're going through with it?" Roger asked knowing all too well that Maria took his question as a challenge. He probably shouldn't have asked but it was just too much fun to play with Maria like that. She got riled up too easily.

"Then I guess I better get going," he said pulling on his jacket. He gave her a peck on the cheek before heading outside the room. That would give Maria plenty of time to change into something more suitable for when she met up with Avery. Maria had been saving an outfit for just this kind of occasion. It wasn't really work appropriate so it was a good thing that most of her colleagues wouldn’t be around to see her their shifts being over. Otherwise, she was bound to attract a lot of bad attention dressed like that. It would add to their hatred of her.

It took her a whole hour to get ready but the results were worth it. Even Maria had to admit that she looked completely stunning in her blood red high heeled shoes, her short black dress that left her back exposed and hugged her body tightly to reveal her wide curves and the gold necklace around her neck. She'd put on a little makeup. Maria had never found it necessary to put on a lot. She already had beautiful brown skin that was soft to the touch and pink puffy lips that she could see a lot of men stare at. She let her long dark wavy hair fall gently about her slim shoulders and just like that was ready for her big night.

Later on, as she looked herself over in the mirror, she couldn't help but feel fantastic. Maria was a beautiful woman and knew it all too well. She had never any modest when it came to her looks. It must have had to do with her upbringing. Ever since she was a little girl, she had been used to other children giving her attention just because of her looks. It had been the same throughout school and even in her adult life thought not as much here. Everyone was more focused on their jobs rather than on her looks. Besides, it didn’t help that she wasn’t very easy to get along with. Even Maria knew she could be difficult and self absorbed most of the time. It was a wonder that she had nay friends at all.

Maria was pacing about when she got the call she'd been waiting for from Roger. Everything was in place. It felt good to have people like him around her. People she could rely on to have her back whenever she needed it. Maria being excited rushed out of the room with no care of what everyone else thought of her. She could feel their eyes boring into her skin. It had to be because they didn't like her. Or maybe just her bad reputation. The dress didn't seem to help matters.

Maria found her way to the cafeteria. It was dimly lit, but she could spot an empty table right in the middle of the room. She smiled seeing just how it had been set. Roger had gone all out on this one. She would have never admitted it to him but the man had outdone himself. Two scented candles had been lit and placed right at the middle with an array of dishes around it. He'd even managed to get her favorite wine. If this wasn't going to get Avery excited then no one could. Even Maria couldn’t believe she had gone through all this trouble for a man. Usually they'd be running after her and not the other way around.

Coming to think of it, Avery was the one man who had never shown even an ounce of interest in Maria. It was frustrating considering that Maria had to keep her feelings all bottled up inside. She had no idea why she wanted him so much. He was cold and never bothered to talk to her even though she tried numerous times to catch his eye. The worst part about it was he was married. His wife also worked as a nurse in the hospital. Maria had never seen them apart for even a second. They were always making her upset with their laughter and inside jokes that nobody else could understand. She would fight the urge to gag whenever she saw the two of them together laughing their hearts out.

"What's going on here?" Maria turned to see Avery waiting by the door with a puzzled expression on his face. He'd clearly been running if his sweat-covered body was anything to go by.

"Avery," she said breathlessly. Even when he was clearly tired, he was still looked unbelievingly handsome. She had the sudden urge to walk up to him and kiss him. Only her sanity kept her at bay. He stood watching her with those beautiful brown eyes of his and she felt unnerved. She could detect a hint of lust in them though she could tell he fought much harder than most men to resist her. She was going to find out just how longer he could play this game tonight. Hopefully it wouldn't be too long because she'd dreamed of having him close t her. Even if it was just to have dinner and talk.

"Did you page me?" he asked his eyes settling on her heart shaped face.

"Page you?" she asked. Somehow, she'd found her voice and had managed to play all this out like she was also surprised.

"Someone told me there was an emergency in the cafeteria," he explained looking around for any signs that something might be wrong. On not finding any, his eyes wandered back to her.

"I haven't heard anything about an emergency," she lied," I was supposed to have dinner with Roger here. I guess he decided to cancel it at the last minute."

"It must be Fiona messing with me again. I don't know why I've never fired that woman," he said under his breath. Maria had no idea who Fiona was but was grateful for her incompetence. Otherwise, Avery would never have bought into such a pathetic lie.

"That's unfortunate," she replied convincingly.

"I guess I'll have to go back to work," he said turning. Maria knew too well that his shift was over. He was probably going to spend time with his wife again.

"Or you could just join me for dinner," she offered gesturing at the table. “Maybe it's a good thing that Roger just had an emergency and stood me up and Fiona clearly doesn't know what she's talking about. We could use the time to get to know each other."

"I don't know…" he started to back out.

"Come on Avery. You wouldn't let me finish all this food by myself," she said putting her lips mischievously. She looked at him hopefully with her fingers crossed behind her back.

"Okay. But only just for a while. I don't want to keep Anna waiting for too long," he caved in. She could tell he was suspicious but his curiosity had gotten the best of him. He was much more interested in spending time with the beautiful woman. Still, it bothered him that he was thinking of his wife even when he had a beautiful woman right in front of him.

"Thank you," she said heading straight for the table. He followed her behind. She was just about to pull out her chair when she felt him right behind her. Ignoring her obvious discomfort, he pulled it out for her himself before moving to his own side of the table.

"What do we have here?" Maria asked absently still feeling unnerved.

"Seafood?" he asked excitedly," It's almost as if you planned this."

Maria found herself laughing for too long. Realizing that he was watching her suspiciously, she bit her tongue. This dinner had been planned exactly how Avery liked it. She'd gotten the information from Roger who seemed to know everything about everyone in the hospital. It didn't serve to fix his reputation as the man always in everyone else's business but information like that was good for such situations. However, the thought of Avery finding all this out scared her. It was a strange feeling because before Avery, Maria had never cared even one bit about anyone's opinion of her. It was devastating that she should start then.

"I didn't know you liked seafood," he tone was much cooler now and she hoped that it had him fooled.

"It's my favorite. Anna and I do this all the time," he said gesturing to the assortment of food laid on the table. Maria felt her anger rise at the thought of Anna. It was annoying that he still thought of his wife even when he was with her. She fought the urge to say something nasty.

"That sounds nice," she said instead laying back on her seat. It might not be exactly what she wanted but at least he wasn't trying to ignore her like he usually did.

They were about to start digging in when Maria had the sound of footsteps coming toward the cafeteria. She froze with her fork in hand. If anyone saw them together, they'd run to Anna and tell her. Maria had never said it to anyone but Anna scared her. It was strange considering that she was a very small woman. However, the high shrill voice and those eyes of hers were enough to terrify even the biggest of men.

"What is going on here?" she heard someone ask. It was even worse than she had imagined. Maria would have coped with if it had been someone else but the sight of Anna scared her.

"Maria and I were just having dinner," he explained. He didn't seem as intimidated as Maria.

"Then I'll see you at home," Anna said briefly before walking out. It left an already scared Maria in shock.

"Your wife is okay with this?" she asked once she was sure Anna was gone. Avery burst into laughter.

"She's my sister. Everyone knows that," he explained in between his laugh. Maria felt her face grow hot. She didn't know how she'd missed the resemblance when it had been so clear. Maybe it was her jealousy that her made her see what she wanted to see. This explained a lot. How could Roger not have told her this. She was going to have a word with him after this.

"Then why have you been ignoring me if she isn't your wife?" she asked. That was the only part that seemed to make sense.

"No offense Maria but you aren't exactly the humblest of people. Besides you attract too much negative attention," he explained nervously. Maria frowned. She knew he was completely right. Maybe if she'd acted a little bit different, he would have at least look at her.

"That makes sense," she said under her breath.

"I know I sounded harsh, but I'm willing to overlook the drama and everything else to try and see where this goes," he said. He placed his hands tentatively on top of hers. She smiled shakily. Avery was the first person to ever be honest with her.

He got up from his side of the table to hers. He was on his knees with both of his hands placed on her lap. She gazed shyly at them before she placed her hands in his. He got up and took her lips in his. Their kiss was slow and innocent but Maria who had always dreamed of this moment took it to the next level. She pushed his coat off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

With one sweep of his hand, Avery cleared the table. He held her by the waist and hoisted her onto it. Her clothes went off next and so did his. When he thrust into her, her back arched and a deep moan escaped his throat. She held on tightly as he moved inside her. For a moment, she forgot about where they were and the chance that they could get caught. All she could think about was him moving inside her. They came together loudly and he collapsed on top of her.

He helped her get dressed before they headed out to a restaurant for a proper meal since their dinner had been ruined. Maria had never been that happy.

The End

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