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Late Night Surprise

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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It had been a long stressful day and Bruce was glad when he could finally get out of work. He parked up his papers back into his briefcase knowing he was going to have to take some of his work home if he was ever going to catch up. There was no other way apart from going through the mountain of paperwork that his boss had decided had to be done. His boss had clearly threatened to fire him if he didn't get himself together. It seemed like a bad joke. Bruce had always been one of the best at his office and being told that he needed to improve was not what he would have ever expected to hear from anyone. The worst part had to be when a month's work had been shoved back into his hands just because his boss didn't think it was good enough. Now Bruce had to finish that before the big presentation tomorrow or he would surely get fired. This was truly not one of his best days. He would probably have to say goodbye to that big promotion he'd been dying for after this. He didn't even see himself keeping his job after the meeting tomorrow. In his mind, Bruce could already see himself desperately scavenging for jobs.

"Hey Trevor," he greeted his colleague as he walked past his cubicle.

Trevor only shot him the same nasty look that he'd been giving him the whole day. Apparently, Trevor had the strange idea that he had been sleeping with his girlfriend. It was utterly ridiculous because Bruce couldn't think of even one reason why he'd want to sleep with Molly. Not that the woman wasn't attractive. He'd just never been attracted to her. Not when he had Lacey who was everything to him. In fact, he hadn't seemed to think of any other woman after her.

That brought him to another matter all together. He had been trying to get in touch with Lacey for the whole day now but couldn't and when he did, she acted very strange. Almost as if he was the last person she wanted to hear from. It was unsettling but Bruce took it as an overreaction on his part. He was having a bad day after all so it was possible that what he was feeling was all in his head.

All around him, Bruce could feel the whispering getting louder. He'd been going through this all day and he knew why. Between Trevor and his boss yelling at him in front of everybody, he hadn't really come out looking good. They probably thought that he was a fool after all that he'd gone through today. Bruce chuckled to himself thinking how strange it was to go from beloved to complete hated in just a few hours. Only the day before, these people had worshipped him and though he had seen this happened to many of his other colleagues he had never dreamt of it being him. He was after all very kind and friendly when it came to dealing with each and every one of them.

By the time he reached his car, Bruce had a terrible headache. All he wanted to do was get home and relax. Maybe he could hold Lacey in his arms as they fell asleep together. He desperately needed the rest after all. Hopefully, Lacey wouldn't be too upset about them having to cancel their date night. However, there was that damn report that made him fly into an instant rage. How was he ever going to finish that in one night when it had taken him a whole month to do it. He was defiantly going to lose his job tomorrow because his boss had suddenly turned into a giant pain. There was simply no way around his situation.

The drive to his house would have been brief if it wasn't interrupted by his car breaking down. He ended up right in the middle of the road with no idea what to do from there. He would have walked home. It was only thirty minutes away but that would mean leaving his car behind which wasn't a very smart move on his part. The last thing he wanted was to lose his new car when there was a huge possibility that he wouldn't have a job tomorrow. Calling a tow truck would be much more idea in his situation but first he was going to call Lacey to let her know he'd be home let. There was no need letting her get worried over nothing.

"You got stuck?" she seemed concerned. A bit too concerned. Like it was only for show.

"I'll just call a tow truck and I'll be home in an hour," he said trying to make her feel better though he doubted form her tone that she felt bad at all.

"I'll do that for you. I have some friends over there and it will be much quicker if I get them on the job," she offered. He would have turned her down if he didn't think it was such a good idea. Instead, he found himself nosing absently as if she could see him. However, she must have taken his silence as acceptance and hang up on him.

Lacey had been right. Only a few minutes had passed by when he saw the tow truck drive toward his car. He felt relieved. He could already imagine sitting down to a nice meal with his girlfriend. His suspicion had seemed to fade away and he didn’t even to remember her curious reaction from just a few minutes back. Brice watched as a short burly man came out of the truck and walked toward him.

"Thanks for coming," he said gratefully shaking the other man's hand. He was so short he had to bend over a little to make eye contact.

"It's no problem. I would do anything for Lacey," he replied a huge smile plastered on his face. Bruce got the feeling that the other man didn't like him. He couldn't tell why when he hadn't done anything to offend the other man. At least nothing that he knew of.

Moments later, they were seated in the truck with his car safely carried.

"I'm Bruce by the way," Bruce introduced himself.

"I know. I'm Pat," he replied not bothering to reciprocate the smile offered to him.

"So how do you know Lacey?" he asked curiously. He'd never thought of Lacey hanging out with someone like Pat. Not that Pat had something wrong with him. He just appeared really cold. A huge contrast to Lacey who always appeared bright and cheery.

"We used to date," he replied confidently. He sat up straight as if that would make him any taller.

"What? You?" Bruce didn't mean to sound rude but his expression said it all. The short man however took it as a victory over him.

"Yes we did. We were together for a few years until she broke off our engagement," he added as if the feeling gave him power. Bruce had asked Lacey to marry him once but she'd turned him down asking him for more time to deal with her career.

"You were engaged?" he repeated.

"Yes. That's what I just said," Pat now seemed irritated at having to say it twice," you didn't know?"

"She never said anything about you," he said under his breath but Pat had extremely good hearing and caught it quick.

"You think she would have mentioned something that important," Pat expression was of feigned pity but Bruce knew enough to tell that the man took this as a win.

"When was this exactly?" Bruce asked determined not to look defeated.

"Five years ago," Pat replied. Bruce had met Lacey five years ago.

"Why did she break off your engagement?" Bruce asked.

"She said she met someone else," Pat's eyes seemed to wander off as if at some distant memory. Bruce would have been relieved if he driver hadn't continued speaking. It turned out there was more to the story.

"She met Fred," Pat said.

"Fred?" Bruce thought that he'd be the one that night. At least that way, he could deal with Pat's mocking.

"They didn't last long did they?" Bruce knew he was grasping at straws but this was his relationship. He needed to know what he'd gotten himself into with Lacey.

"They did in fact," Pat said excitedly.” About two years before she met Eddy."

"How do you know for sure?" Do you still talk?" Bruce asked. He felt his heart sinking.

"As I matter of fact we do. However, I do know Fred, Eddy, James, Mathew…," he was counting them on his fingers as if there were still more. Bruce didn't want to know so he lifted his hands as an indication for him to stop talking.

"And how do you know all these people," Bruce asked clearly infuriated.

"We work together," he replied with a shrug of his shoulders. He seemed to have no regard for his feelings at all. Brice was devastated. Apart from finding out that his long-term girlfriend had been cheating on him, he'd also found out that she had a strange taste for tow truck drivers.

"Do you happen to know the last time she dated one of your friends?" he asked. He wasn't sure he wanted to know but it would have been better for his sanity if he did.

"I thought she was still dating Peter until I got her call asking me to help her boyfriend which I assume is you. How long have you two been together?" he asked eying him curiously.

"Not that long, "Bruce lied. He couldn't take any more embarrassment. Despite all he had had, Bruce decided to brush it all the way. How was he to know that any of it were true? Besides Pat's obvious dislike for him might not have made him the most truthful person.

The ride was awkward and by the time he reached his house, Bruce felt like a load had been lifted off his back. At least then he could see Lacey. He couldn't wait to talk to her because for the first time that day he would have someone to talk to. He brushed away the uneasy feeling her had about his girlfriend. Maybe she'd just sounded strange because she'd been occupied. If there was one thing he knew about Lacey was that she was always occupied by something. Be it some animals that need saving in the south pole or just a simple dinner. She'd never been a good cook so the latter wasn't something he could look forward to.

Bruce was surprised to see that the lights weren't on in the house. Lacey should already have been back from work. It worried him. He chose not to say anything to Pat who was watching him like a hawk probably or any sign of weakness. He walked to the door and twisted the knob. Lacey hadn't locked the door. He'd have to talk to her about that. He turned to wave at Pat who pretended not to see him and drove off. When he walked into the house, he was sure he could hear some voices. He switched on the light and shut the door behind him.

"Lacey," he called and the voices died down. Was it possible that there was an intruder in his home? Growing worried, he found a bat and walked up the short flight of Stairs. He was heading for his bedroom where he thought he'd heard all the noise He was about to turn a corner when he saw Lacey come running toward him.

"I didn't know you'd be home by now," she said. She seemed uneasy.

"That's what I told you," he said noticing that she was only clothed in a robe.

"What have you been up to?" he asked curiously. She looked like a mess.

"What do you mean?" she asked placing a kiss on his cheek. It was short as if only meant to catch his attention. She reached for his briefcase and jacket and started to head downstairs which was highly suspicious.

"Because you look tired and you're naked,” he pointed out.

"I just came from a jog and was about to take a bath," Lacey had never been a good liar so he knew something was wrong.

"At this time of the night?" he asked and she only answered with a shrug," aren't we going to our room?"

"I thought we could have something to eat," she lied again.

"I'd rather take a shower first," he said in an effort to go take a look upstairs.

'Don't be ridiculous," she said taking his hand forcefully. He pulled out of her grasp and started to run to their room amidst her protests. Suddenly everything Pat had said came running to his mind.

He'd never been terrified at the thought of what lay behind a door like he was then. He sucked in a deep breath before letting himself in. He stood frozen on the spot when he realized that all his friends and colleagues had been crammed inside. Lacey came behind him laughing. Bruce had never been so relived. It'd been a prank after all. A good one and he had to hand it to her.

"Congratulations on your promotion," she said from behind him. He couldn't believe his ears. There was no better way to get good news.

Bruce suddenly didn't care who was around. He pulled her into him and kissed her. He could hear a lot of cheering behind them. He carried her away to an empty room where they could be alone. Lacey didn't protest as he took off her robe and let it fall to the round. She helped him take off his clothes and they soon stood naked. He pushed her to the wall where he could feel her body against his. With little effort, he wrapped her lags around his waist and he slid into her. He She held on tightly as he drove into her hard and fast. She didn’t seem to care that their guests could hear them screaming. After a few more thrusts, they came together.

Later on, after they were fully dressed, they went downstairs to see to their guests. They were already enjoying the party even without the hosts. Even Pat had been invited. Bruce watched Lacey and knew he had to marry that woman. She was every definition of the perfect woman to him and he was damned if he let her go.

The End

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