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Midnight Maid Service

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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"Get out all of you," Jeremy yelled at the top of his voice. He watched as a few heads turned to him casually. Most of them hadn't heard him above the loud music.

"Come on Jer. Don't be a baby. We're having fun," his best friend who was beside himself with laughter taunted. He was sitting on the couch surrounded by a couple of women.

"I mean it," he said fumbling at the cord so that the music stopped playing. That worked to get their intention perfectly. He ignored their protests as they left the apartment one by one. His friend, Jimmy, didn’t seem the least bit concerned. He had each of his arms wrapped around some beautiful woman. Jeremy cringed at the thought of what Jimmy would have done with them on the couch if he hadn't interfered. He gave his friend a dark look as he walked out the door without so much as a wave or an offer to help clean up. How on earth had he found himself a friend like this one?

"This is bad," he said to himself once he had been left alone n the apartment. The place was a mess with bottles of beer and spilled drinks on almost every surface. A few papers lay scattered all over the floor from the snacks that he'd offered them. This would probably take all day for him to clean up and even then, his work wouldn't be good enough to hide evidence of the party that had just happened. He didn't have that much time because his boss would be coming to his apartment in just a few hours.

Giving up, Jeremy took a seat on his couch. He felt defeated. He was surely going to lose his job if Mr. Williams saw this. He'd trusted him to take care of his house and feed his pets yet Jeremy had let his friend persuade him to bring some people over. Of course when Jeremy suggested it, it was made to look like a small gathering of ten people who were other friends of theirs. However, Jeremy had been shocked at the numbers that had filed into the house with Jimmy leading them. He didn't even know most of those people. In fact, none of them had been the friends he thought he'd invited. If he'd known how bad the night would have been for him, he would have shut the door in their faces. Why was he always letting Jimmy talk him into bad decisions when he clearly had no intention to help him clean up after the damage was done?

Jeremy had seen this job as his big break since he'd been hired just a month ago. It was a good and popular company and he got to work very close to the editor. If things would have gone well, he might have gotten a promotion soon as Mr. Williams had hinted. Now he had to go and ruin all of that within one night by listening to Jimmy. He might as well go pack up his desk because he was sure Mr. Williams would fire him first thing in the morning. He fought the urge to follow Jimmy behind and struggle him. He deserved him after what he had just put him through tonight.

Jeremy shot out of his seat abruptly. He'd just remember something that could have gotten him out of this situation quickly. He rushed to the kitchen where he'd seen Jeremy place the flyer. It was still at the same spot though now wet from someone's beer. It would still have to do. His eyes went right to the bottom where he saw their number printed out in big bold letters. He found the phone and called immediately.

"Hello. This is Ray's cleaning service. How can I help you?" a sweet motherly voice from the other side asked.

"Hello. I'm Jeremy. I need people to help me clean my house soon," he replied suddenly feeling more panicked than before. What if the work was too much for them and they didn't finish it in time?

"Just give me your address and the number of people you think you will need and they'll be over in a few more minutes, sir," the woman on the other end said reassuringly. She seemed calm and relaxed for someone working this late at night. It crossed his mind that she was probably used to getting these kinds of calls from time to time. It was strange to think of some other person having the exact same problem as him.

Jeremy headed back to the living room after hanging up. He felt way more relived now. All he could do was sit and wait till they showed up. He only hoped that their work was as good as Jimmy had claimed. Jimmy must have done this several times but he had a feeling it wasn't always because he needed some cleaning. Jimmy had always been such a womanizer and the idea of midnight cleaning service must have attracted him so much that he thought he could get a few girls over a couple of times to do more than clean. Jeremy on the other hand thought that it was ridiculous that the service actually existed. It was probably a last resort for teenagers who were about to get busted by their parents. That was until tonight when he found himself staring at the door impatiently waiting for the people who would no doubt save his skin for his boss' fury.

Just as the woman had promised, Jeremy had the door bell ring fifteen minutes later. He rushed to open it hoping to get this over with as soon as he could. A couple of maids dressed in uniforms were standing outside with their hands full of cleaning supplies. He was glad for it because he doubted any amount of cleaning supplies he had in the house could have been enough to clean even one room. He ushered them in quickly grateful for their arrival. He was just about to shut the door, when he noticed another one standing outside with her mouth wide open.

"Wendy? What are you doing here?" he asked stunned. He looked her over realizing that his girlfriend was also a maid. He didn't believe it at first bust Wendy confirmed it herself.

"I work with the cleaning company," she replied clearly not bothered by her line of work," why didn’t you tell me you lived here?"

"Why didn't you tell me you’re a maid?" he asked clearly disturbed by the sight of that uniform.

"You've never asked me about anything personal. Not even my job. I guess it just never came up," she replied causally letting herself in," I thought you lived downtown."

"What do you mean it never came up?" he asked angrily ignoring her question all together," we've been together for three weeks now and you thought your job wasn't worth mentioning?"

"Why does it bother you so much now. You were barely interested in talking about my family yesterday," she pointed out. Her eyes wandered around the room clearly impressed by what she thought was his house. Jeremy didn't want to be rude but he made a mental note to check if anything was missing afterward.

"Because if I knew this was what you did, I'd have reconsidered a few things about us," he yelled. He didn't care that his angry yelling was attracting some attention from the other maids.

"Are you saying you wouldn't be with me if you knew what I do?" she asked clearly struck by his insinuation.

"I'm not saying that," Jeremy suddenly understood the error of his words," I'm just saying that I didn't think you capable of lying to me about something like this."

"I didn't lie to you about anything. It's not my fault you never cared enough to ask," she said turning around to leave. She looked infuriated the deep scarlet she'd turned matching that of her hair.

"So you decided to go after my money anyway," he yelled before she'd disappeared completely. She turned to him her face carrying a look that he had never seen with her before. He had hurt her with his words.

Jeremy was left standing there wondering how he'd gotten to that point. He couldn't believe he'd said all those nasty things to her. She didn't deserve any of it. He turned around to see the others watching him from the corner of their eyes. They seemed to have developed a deep sense of hate toward him. He had just said some mean things to one of their friends after all. Lucky for him, they still did their job to their best before leaving him inside his boss' apartment with no idea what to do next.

Jeremy knew that Wendy had been right. He hadn't expressed so much as an interest in her since they'd met. It was strange considering he could already see a future with this woman when all he did was talk about himself when they were together. He should never have been mean to her. He should especially not have said anything about her using him for his money. That was uncalled for and there was no truth to it. Wendy was the most hardworking person her knew and would never take advantage of anyone just because they happened to have more money than her.

When Mr. Williams dropped by that morning, Jeremy didn't even feel relived even though the house was spotless thanks to the cleaning service. He couldn't help but replay what had happened between him and Wendy over and over again in his head. He was going to have to find a way to make her forgive him soon.

An idea occurred to him when he was in bed that night. He didn't sleep at all after that and first thing in the morning; he got dressed and headed to her agency. Luckily for him, she wasn't around to see what he was about to do. He wanted it to be a complete surprise. The manager was shocked at him applying for a job when he was clearly overqualified. She was curious as to why a man like Jeremy would want to work there but refrained from asking questions. The job wasn't very hard to get and soon, Jeremy was registered as one of their workers. He took her night shift meaning he could still go to his usual job in the morning the spend the night cleaning. What he made sure to do was write his name where Wendy's was. That way, they would work at the same house every night. It was going to be a lot of work but Jeremy would have gone to any lengths to earn her forgiveness including not getting any sleep at all.

On the first night, Wendy was surprised to see him in uniform working beside her. However, that didn’t mean that she forgave him. She ignored him and treated him coldly most of the time. That didn't make Jeremy lose hope. He kept coming every night whenever Wendy worked and would stay helping her clean up. He could tell that it annoyed her especially since he wasn't any good at it. It was a whole month before Wendy talked to her.

"What are you playing at?" she asked out of the blues. They were cleaning the kitchen when she stopped working to talk to him.

"What are you talking about?" he asked. He was so tired because of having to work two jobs at a time that he could barely concentrate on anything else.

"Why are you here?" she asked sharply.

"Because you won't talk to me," he replied.

"So you decide to start stalking me?" she asked growing angrier. Wendy had never been one to hold back on her anger.

"I've tried to apologize numerous times to you but you don't listen,” he said feeling exasperated.

"You said some really nasty things to me," her voice got heavier.

“And I'm sorry for that," he said taking her hand in his. “I love you Wendy and I know now that it was stupid for me to say all those things."

"You look terrible," Wendy said studying him intently.

She knew that all she wanted was to forgive him but wasn't sure if she should. No one had ever hurt her as much as he had. However, he had proven just how much he was sorry by shoeing up to work every day. He was clearly very tired from working two very demanding jobs with barely any time to sleep. Her heart went out to him. It wasn't right that he put himself through this just t get him to talk to her.

"I'm really sorry Wendy," he apologized again pulling her out of her thoughts. She fought the urge to wrap her arms around him and kiss him.

"I don't know," she said with her head in her hands. He took her in his arms and all she wanted to do was cry.

"Please," he begged his voice hoarse from talking too much. She looked into his eyes. She couldn't resist him. Not when he looked at her like that. She nodded briefly fighting the urge to cry.

"I have one thing to ask though. I want you to quit your job," she said and they both burst into laughter. That was one deal that Jeremy would gladly make.

"Thank you," he said. His relief was evident on his face. He leaned down to kiss her and she kissed her back. Wendy knew she shouldn't have let him but couldn't bring herself to resist the feel of his hands all over her body. He lifted her and placed her on the kitchen counter. He stood between her legs which se spread wider to accommodate him. He hitched up her skirt so that her long creamy thighs were exposed to her. Taking off her underwater, he tossed it aside and pulled her to him. He moved into her gently and a moan escaped her throat. He moved inside her fast and hard and se held onto to the edge of the counter until the palms of her hand turned white.

With a few more thrusts into her, Wendy was coming over and over again which triggered his own orgasm. He pulled out of her and they started to put their clothes back on. They had to go on with their cleaning but the atmosphere had changed. They were happier. Jeremy was glad he'd made the sacrifice. He promised himself never to hurt her again.

The End

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