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Unhappy Wife

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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It was morning and Emery hadn't showed up yet. A lot of wives would have found this highly suspicious if their husbands displayed such behavior but Broke knew better. He had probably fallen asleep on his desk while working on some paperwork. She'd caught him sleeping peacefully under his desk on numerous occasions when she had been too worried to stay home waiting for his arrival. It was frustrating that she had to deal with this at least three times a week now when she had only been married to him for a short time. Take today for example. She hadn't been able to sleep because she had been too upset with her husband. She'd spent the whole night calling him to find out where could be but he hadn't answered her calls. She stared longingly at the phone hoping it would start to ring because although she had an idea where her husband was, she couldn't help but feel worried.

"Thank God," she said to no one in particular when it did start to ring. She rushed to pick it up hoping beyond reason that it was Emery's voice on the other side.

"Hey babe," he said and she finally released the breath shed been holding.

"Where have you been?" she asked sternly knowing the answer full well. Still that didn't mean that she was entitled to an explanation.

"I've been working late and I accidentally fell asleep in the office again," he explained suppressing a yawn.

"How many times do you think I'm going to believe that dumb excuse," she asked her voice going higher.

“What else do you think I could have been doing?" he asked. He also sounded like he was getting upset. Brooke trusted her husband so she knew there was no way he could have been cheating on her. However, she felt upset that she had to deal with this continuously. If he truly loved her like her claimed, she was sure he wouldn't play these games with her every night.

"I don't know, but maybe you should spend the night there today," she yelled into the receiver then hang up. She was panting heavily when she finally took a seat on the couch lose to her. Arguing with Emery seemed to work her up.

Brooke felt fed up. This wasn't the first time they'd had this argument. It would always end the same way. He would come back home that evening with a large bouquet of roses in his hands and an expensive piece of jewelry and beg for forgiveness. That had seemed to work the first few times but Brooke had to admit that it had lost it touch. How many more flowers was she going to have to watch wilt and how many bracelets was she going to own before he actually decided to change for real. She'd tried to let him know that she was worth more than what he thought of her but Emery never seemed to listen to anyone especially her.

It wasn't just the disappearing that bothered her. Her husband had become distant. When they first got married, she hadn't imagined that the flame would burn out so soon. There were still so many things she would have loved to do with her husband. Like taking a hike or simply just having breakfast in bed as the day went past them on weekends. However, Emery didn't seem to be the same man she had married. He had been more attentive to her needs then. Both emotionally and even when they made love. He had always strived to make her happy before the marriage and also in the beginning of it. However, things had changed quiet drastically. He came home late from work, didn't talk to her and didn't even touch her. It made her more than upset. It made her insecure. Maybe there was something he didn't like about her anymore. Could there be a possibility that her husband wasn't attracted to her anymore?

These thoughts had made Brook start to consider things that she had never thought herself capable of. What if she could have an affair? It would be an easier way to relieve herself of the stress and also find the kind of attention she badly needed. The other alternative would be to be faithful to her husband. The latter was the thing she wanted most in this world. She had really tried to talk to Emery just to shake things up in their marriage but her hardly ever listened to her anymore. Maybe he thought her a constant pain because she was always nagging him about their marriage. Looking back, this was not how Brook had imagined her life would be after marriage. Of course she hadn't expected it to be like lying in a bed of rises. She was smart enough to know that nothing could be completely perfect. They were bound to have a couple of disagreements once in a while. However, what Brook hadn't anticipated was the loneliness she felt now. She would have never imagined even in her wildest dreams that her marriage would turn into a complete mess just a few months into it. Maybe she had just expected too much from her husband. He was just a man like any other after all and there was a limit to the amount of time and attention he could give her. Emery had clearly reached his limit.

Standing up abruptly from her seat. Brooke now knew what to do. She was not going to let her marriage turn into a joke right before her own eyes. She felt ashamed that she had even considered being unfaithful to her husband. She was going to do everything in her power tonight to make sure that things at least got back to where they were even if it killed her. She had a good clue where exactly that was going to begin.

Picking up her phone again, Brook went to work making several calls to her friends. If she was going to do this, then she would do it right. Every single detail had to matter. She felt herself grow excited at the prospect. This might not be one of her best ideas but it was sure to work. Her friends were over in a few minutes and Brook went to work preparing for when he husband came home. She only hoped that this would go well. Otherwise, it would all be for nothing. She couldn't imagine another day when she still had trouble with Emery and neither did she want to.

Emery and Brook had been talking about moving out for a while now. Brook had been completely against the idea. She'd lived in their house for so long even before her marriage to Emery. It was where her friends were and it was where her parents lived. It had given her the feeling of really being home because she could have the people she loved close to her. However, she now saw that Emery had been right. It was difficult to admit it when Brook had always been a proud woman but she would have done anything if it meant saving her marriage.

The house Emery had found was closer to his office. Thinking back on it, Brook knew it was silly to have ignored his idea. They would probably have not had to go through with all of this if she had agreed with him in the first place She couldn't imagine him wanting to spend the night at the office when his bed was only ten minutes away and he could enjoy a nice hot meal with the woman he loved and later on they would make love. He probably wouldn't have to be so tired after work because she would late him come home any time he wanted. He could have lunch with her if he wanted to then go back to work afterwards. Though it seemed like the best choice for Brook, she still had some reservations. What if this was just another silly effort to save her marriage. One that wouldn't work at all and they'd end up fighting every night the only difference being that they would then live in a much bigger house.

The move took hours. Brook wanted it to be a surprise so she didn't bother calling Emery. She asked her friends also not to say a word about it. They would have plenty of time to move before Emery came home because if she could guess, he would be home at midnight.

The moving didn't take long at all and pretty soon, all her furniture had been arranged in the new house. She had a feeling they'd have to get more. The big house seemed empty even with all their things inside it. Later on when Brook sat on the couch with a glass of wine on her hand, she couldn't help but feel like a terrible person. What would Emery think if he came home to find everything gone including his wife. She chuckled at the thought. He probably deserved it after all the times he'd frustrated her. Hopefully after this, they would have a good laugh about it.

It finally dawned on Brook that this was their last chance. She wasn't going to stay in an unhappy marriage just because her feelings for him were too strong. He was going to have to make the effort. Though she loved him, she wouldn't abandon the chance at happiness. If he didn't change after this then she was never going to let him into her life again. It was a painful thought but Brook knew that it was necessary She was tired of being so alone all the time when she was still married.

"Brook," she heard yelling from outside her window. She froze on the couch. Regaining her composure, she tilted her head to check for the source of disturbance. Emery was there. He'd clearly found out about the move already. From what she could see, he hadn't taken it well.

Brook moved to the window. Emery stood outside with a bouquet of flowers in his hand and what she thought had to be jewelry in the other. She ignored the anger that rose within her. Even tonight he'd decided to play the same old tricks and it upset her. Why on earth had she thought moving would make any difference to her marriage. She watched him walk to the door where he rang the doorbell. Brook didn't feel like she could stand to see him. Not after what he had put her through. Despite this, she knew she had to save her marriage. She headed for the door and with a heavy heart opened it.

"Where have you been?" her tone lacked its usual anger. She was worried to see her husband looking like a mess.

"Please don't do this Brook," he begged her going down on his knees. “I'll do anything to make you forgive me."

"Do what?" he didn't notice how surprised she was.

"Don't leave me," he begged. He sounded distraught. Everything seemed to make more sense. He'd probably found the house in its present state and thought she'd decide to leave him. Brook would have corrected him but felt she deserved a better apology.

"I see you brought the usual gifts," she said coldly. She gazed hatefully at the roses in his hand.

"What do you want me to do?" he asked her.

"I want you to treat me like I matter," she blew up. She went into a rant explaining how everything he did hurt her and didn't seem to care. Emery seemed surprised to hear all of this coming out of his wife's mouth. It wasn't that she hadn't said it before. He had just never cared enough to listen.

"I'm sorry Brook," he kept repeating but that even seemed to upset her more and she would go into another rant.

"I don’t' want you to be sorry. I want things to change," she screamed in his face.

Brook couldn't take it anymore. She broke down and started to cry. Using what was left of her strength, she headed back to the living room and plopped herself on the couch. Emery followed her behind and took a seat right next to her. He had no idea how things had gotten this ugly. Ever since he had met her, he knew that all he wanted to do was make her happy. He'd made a vow to do so yet here he was having broken her heart.

Emery knew that what was going on was all his fault. He'd neglected her wife just to chase success. He'd always assumed she'd be there at the end of the day so it wouldn't have really mattered how he treated her. He'd been wrong about that. He didn't want to ever feel the way he had when he' walked home to find the house empty and his wife gone. It'd given him an idea of what it would be like to lose he. He now knew that it wasn't something he'd ever want to go through.

Emery had to change if he was ever going to get her to forgive him. Brook was the most important thing in his life and he was damned if he let anything come between them. Even his job.

"I love you," he said taking her hand. "I'm sorry I've hurt you and it will never happen again."

He knew it wasn't a lot to say but it was the only thing he could manage. She looked at him hopefully probably having sensed the sincerity in his voice. That was when she kissed him. His hands wrapped around her waist pulling her to him. He liked the feel of her body against it. Passion arose inside them and they couldn't hold it back. In only a short time, all their clothes were off and scattered all over the floor. She straddled his laps and directed him inside her. She moved over him and his fingers dug into her skin almost painfully.

Before long, she was cumming. He had his own orgasm right after hers. She collapsed and her head fell right on his chest. This was certainly the best sex they'd had in a while. Everything else lay forgotten and Brook felt that they could start over again. She knew Emery and so knew that he would have done anything to keep his promise to her. As they fell asleep, Brook couldn't help but imagine what their life was going to be like after this. She could only wish for the best and trust in Emery to make her happy.

The End

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