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Sleepover at Friend’s Place

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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As Miranda had predicted, the kids were already asleep by the nine o'clock. She made sure to put them to bed before leaving their bedroom with the light on and the door shut behind her just like her own daughter preferred. Miranda took the stairs to the kitchen wondering not for the first time that day why anyone would need an elevator in their own house. Even for huge place like this one it was utterly ridiculous. She would have gotten lost if she didn't have such a keen eye therefore taking her only five minutes to find the kitchen.

"They're asleep," she mentioned walking into the room. He was seated in the corner with his eyes fixed on a newspaper. Apparently he wasn't too rich to read the news from the internet.

"I've been telling you that for the last hour," he said lightly taking a long sip from his mug. Miranda felt her insides cringe at the thought of that vile tasting liquid touching her tongue. She'd taken the tea before and even though she could vouch for its calming effect, there was simply nothing tasty about it.

"You could never be sure when it comes to kids," she insisted. She'd had the idea the two children had only been pretending so they could sneak out later and eat the cookies she'd baked. It wasn't the first time her daughter had done something like that.

"Hmm," was his brief curt reply. She knew from experience that that was his way of dismissing her. Unfortunately for him, Miranda wasn't that easy to get rid of.

"What's for breakfast tomorrow?" she asked. She was always keeping track of whatever her daughter ate. The task seemed even more important now that she was staying with Jackson for the night.

"Why would you care? I thought you were going home after this," he pointed out. Jackson had never wanted Miranda to come over to his place but she had insisted. If there was one thing he had learned about the nosy woman, it was that you could never get her to change her minds no matter how hard you tried.

"Why are you so eager to get rid of me?" she asked sharply. She was even more irritated that he didn't spare her the slightest glance as he turned the page.

"Because you don’t live here," he sounded calm but Jackson was more than ready for the argument that was about to brew between them.

"We both know why I'm here," she said.

"You claim you're here because you don't trust me, but I know you better than that. You're probably just here for a nice juicy story like last time," he knew he had her there. She felt her face heat up in embarrassment. For some reason, Miranda had earned a bad reputation for spreading rumors. It just wasn't true in her opinion. She just happened to get caught in the wrong place at the worst possible times.

"I'm here to make sure my daughter is okay," she answered harshly. The two of them never seemed to trust each other wherever their children were concerned. The worst part was that they always had to be in touch because their children were very close friends.

Miranda knew she would never have agreed to this damn sleepover is she could. However, how could she have ever explained to her daughter that she didn't want her staying here because she didn’t like her best friend's father. I would sound intolerant which was everything she had always been against. It was harder than she had expected dealing with Jackson. The two of the had never liked each other from the very beginning and had gone to great lengths to make it known. Miranda wasn't sure what set her off when it came to Jackson. Maybe it was his arrogance and the fact that he was never afraid to show everyone just how much money he had. Unlike her, most of the women loved him. He was a very attractive man after all with short blonde hair, blue eyes and a chiseled jaw. His physique suggested that he spent a lot o time working out. However, none of these attributes could have fooled Miranda. She knew too well that most men had something to hide. Especially a calm cool man like Jackson who had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand. It was ridiculous how they all fell for his act but she wasn't going to be one of them.

"Don't tell me you're zoning out again?" she heard him ask. His question instantly pulled her out of her thoughts. If she had been blushing before, this was worse. It wasn't the first time Jackson had caught her when her mind her wandered off. She knew from her friends that she always had a strange distant look whenever it happened.

"I'm leaving," she said darkly grabbing her purse from the counter. That was the first time Jackson had looked at her with what seemed like a mild sort of appreciation.

"I'll drop her at your place first thing in the morning," he said referring to Miranda's daughter. Miranda nodded curtly before heading out of the door. She could feel his eyes following him as she left so she didn't look back.

Once she was out of the house, Miranda felt she could breathe again. Jackson's reaction at her leaving had been suspicious. Maybe it was because he didn't like her. Miranda had to admit that she could be annoying at times. However, he had seemed a bit too excited. Anyone else would have missed that look but not Miranda. She had always been too keen for her own good.

Miranda knew that the wiser thing to do would be to ignore her curiosity and go home. Despite this, she found herself lurking in the shadows planning how to go back into the house without being seeing. She knew she was being nosy but she had to find out what Jackson was up to. She could never stop herself when she got curious. Maybe this was why her neighbors didn't like to invite her over to their homes. She would end up doing the most ridiculous things including spying on them. She walked quietly to the kitchen window and crouched on the ground. It was a low window so it was very hard to stay hidden. Taking the risk she took a peep. There was no sign of Jackson. The newspaper he'd been reading had been abandoned along with the cup of tea.

Miranda looked about her before slowly opening the window from the outside. It would be embarrassing if his ferocious dogs caught her sneaking in to his house and attacked her. She had no idea what excuse she would have given if he caught her. Jackson would probably be glad at having finally caught her spying and would never have let it go. It was as if he derived pleasure from making her uncomfortable. She slipped into the kitchen stealthily and landed on her fours on the floor. She was just about to head out of the kitchen when she heard footsteps. She froze for a second before her senses came back to her. Miranda rushed for the cupboard where she slipped in and waited.

She couldn't see much from inside but what she saw was enough to identify Jackson walking into the room. He paused at the door and looked around clearly suspicious about something. That made Miranda's heart beat even faster. She looked around the room for any signs she might have left of an intruder. That was when she remembered that the window was still wide open. She saw him wandering around slowly as if checking for any other signs of a break in and stop in front of the closet. She covered her mouth to stop herself from screaming. For a moment, she thought he was going to open it. Thoughts raced her mind as Miranda clearly saw her snooping habits come to a miserable end. How was she ever going to explain herself when he found her hidden in is cupboard? If he thought that she was nosy now then he would probably think her insane after this. Miranda felt herself release a breath when he started to walk away. She said still until she had heard him disappear completely from the kitchen.

With a shaky hand, Miranda opened the cupboard and stepped out. Her clothes were glued to her skin because of the sweat. She exhaled knowing that it had been really close one. At this point, smart person would have slipped back out the kitchen window and left grateful at not being caught. However, Mirada couldn't be counted inside that bracket. Her curiosity was stronger than the fear she'd just experienced. She walked to the door where Jackson had previously disappeared and peeped before taking a step outside herself.

Finding him was no task at all. She followed the sound of classical music playing. She took the stairs this time also since it seemed like a safer choice. Miranda's heart beat faster with every step she took. She still hadn't forgotten that incident in the cupboard where she'd been almost sure he'd caught her. She reached a room upstairs where the music was playing and froze. This was the exact same room where she'd heard him tell the kids not to enter. She fought the urge to turn back and leave but she'd gotten this far already and there was no point in that.

Miranda bent over the door and took a look through the keyhole. She couldn't see clearly. As a matter of fact she couldn't see a thing. There was something black and silky blocking her view. It was almost as if he'd put something there to block us. But why would he have to do that when he wasn't expecting her to come snooping around this room. Miranda didn't have to wonder anymore. The door flew open instantly. She fell back on the floor from shock.

"Come inside," Jackson said seeing her sprawled on the floor. Jackson didn't look surprised to have her there. Before she could respond, he turned and went back inside. Mirada was left at a loss of what to do. After a short battle with herself, she decided to follow him inside.

Miranda's heart was racing. What would her daughter think when she found out her mother couldn't keep her nose out of anyone's business? She knew for sure that this story was going to reach the whole neighborhood by morning. She would be lucky if he didn't call the cops on her. Knowing how much Jackson hated her, she wouldn't be surprised if he did. It would probably give him some sense of pride to have finally uncovered her as the mess that she was. Miranda was going to have to convince him to let her go. She wasn't too proud to beg at this point. Her reputation depended on it.

"I wasn't…," she started to explain herself but found she was at a loss of what to say. What excuse could she have given for sneaking into his house though a window. This was crazy even for her.

Miranda noticed that Jackson was now seated at a table in the middle of the room. She became aware of her surroundings. There were paintings all over the room and a few empty canvases. She had never pegged Jackson for an artist. What was more shocking was that the table he was at was piled with all kinds of food. She felt her stomach grumble as the aroma got to her. Apparently spying on people could work out quite an appetite.

"Join me," he said gesturing to the table. She walked nervously toward him and took a seat. Whatever Jackson was planning couldn't be good. He seemed too clam for her liking.

"I'm sorry I…" she started a second attempt at an apology but he cut her off with a careless wave of her hand.

"Don't worry about that. I expected just as much from you," he replied clearly not disturbed by what she had pulled off. Looking around her, Miranda realized that this had actually been planned. From the candles about the room and all that food before them. He had clearly been planning to have her here for dinner.

"If you wanted to have dinner with me, why didn't you just say so?" she asked curiously.

"I thought it would be more entertaining this way," he replied with a smirk that made her frown.

"What if I hadn't come back?" she said her voice rising to a higher pitch.

"Of course you would have. You could never resist the chance to bust me with something," he said confidently.

"Did you know I was in the kitchen?" she asked.

"I certainly didn't expect that even from you, but when I saw your shirt stuck on the cupboard door, I knew that it had to be you," he replied. She felt herself blush and looked aside.

Luckily for her, Jackson didn't seem to be in the mood to torture her. He turned to the food on the table and after grabbing a plate, served some for her. Miranda had to admit the food was delicious. He'd made it all himself while she was busy with the children. Jackson didn't even know what it was with Miranda. She was nosy, rude and about the craziest woman he had ever met yet he still found himself strongly attracted to her.

After dinner, he showed her some of his paintings which he had never really shown to any other woman but her. Miranda was impressed. So much so that when he leaned in to kiss her, she didn't resist him. She wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled his body to her. What started out as an innocent kiss soon turned into a lot of touching and moaning. One moment Miranda was standing against the wall with him and the next she was on the table with Jackson standing between her legs.

He took off her pants and with hurried movements slipped into her. He moved inside her gently. She wrapped her legs wound his waist tightly to deepen his thrusts. When she finally came, a scream escaped her throat and her nails dug into the skin of his back. Miranda couldn't believe what had happened. Neither did she regret it. She couldn’t wait to spend more time with this man. It was hard to imagine how strong her dislike for him had been a few hours ago.

The End

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