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Revenge Sex for a Dead Man 11

By Arla Coopa

Copyright 2018 Arla Coopa

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Revenge Sex for a Dead Man 11

“She was back,” said the voice in Jason’s head.

“But now she’s gone?”

“Yes. She was there briefly, then gone.”

“Are you worried?”

“I told you, I never worry.”

Jason was a little afraid anyway. Why was the voice telling him about this? I had to at least matter.

“Who are you talking to?”

A woman had opened the door. He was in another stall. It wasn’t a bathroom stall, though. It was more like a changing room.

The woman was wearing a skirt and a bodysuit. She had sunglasses on and was holding a sucker. She had straight brown hair and was slender, but curvy at the hips. He thought she was college aged.

“I whispered to her already. She got horny just hearing your voice.”

Jason didn’t answer her. He just pulled her inside. He then shut the door and latched it.

He looked her over. There was something very familiar to her. It took a few seconds for him to recognize when he’d seen her. “I remember you,” he said.

“No,” said the voice in his head. “You remember her mother, who was your teacher in junior high. She made fun of you in front of the class because you could barely fit in the desk.”

Even if it had been the woman he remembered, she wouldn’t have recognized Jason right now. He was in a V-shaped muscular body.

He pulled off the young woman’s skirt.

She gasped, but then she stepped out of it.

He turned her around.

“I like the way your bodysuit goes up your thick ass.”

The voice in his head laughed. “Her mother is here, shopping with her.”

“Take off the bodysuit,” Jason said.

“Okay,” the young woman said. Her voice was breathy now. She quickly removed the bodysuit.

He stared at her tits.

“Hmm,” he said. “They’re perky, but too little for me to care about. Turn around, so I can fuck you like a dog.”

The young woman did, putting her hands down on the bench there, sticking out her thick ass.

“That’s better. You should always take it like a dog, you dirty slut.”

Jason removed the clothes he had arrived here wearing. He pressed his cock up to a wet pussy, then slid in. He held there.

“When we’re done, I want you to tell you mother what you did.”


“Tell her you liked it.”

“I do like it. Please bang me.”

Jason pumped his hips. He did it, in slow hard strokes.

She was moaning loud. He was certain anyone even close to this changing room would hear.

He kept slamming into her ass, making it shake hard. Then he switched to quicker strokes, like a true dog fucking a bitch.

“You’re going to have my puppies, bitch.”

She moaned loud at that.

He doubted that she had any idea that she was really going to have at least one of his babies.

He was pretty sure she came a couple of times.

There was a knock on the door.

“Security,” someone said.

That was fine. Jason came inside the young woman.

“Thanks, bitch,” he said.

Then everything went black.

He could still hear the voice laughing.

About the Author

Arla Coopa is the author of many paranormal erotic stories, including tales from the Coveted Seed and Ghost Fetishes series. She has an erotic Science Fiction series called The Wife Games. Her work also expands into general erotica with series like The Bedpost Man and Kim’s Boss, plus a couple of stand-alone stories. Arla is an adult entertainer, who truly believes that strange sex is the best sex. She hopes her weird sexual tastes will entertain you.

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