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My Weirdest Sexual Experience


By Gina Candy

Copyright 2018 Gina Candy

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Hi. I’m Karl. I’m going to tell you about my weirdest sexual experience. I’ve always wanted to tell someone.

I worked with Richard for a few years and we became friends. Well, I separated from my wife, and then had to work on my birthday.

Richard said he felt bad for me and invited me to his house for drinks.

So we sat there and watched the game and had a few beers.

It was halftime when he said he had a present for me.

That was about the time his wife came into the room.

Stephanie was quite a bit younger than Richard. She’d just turned twenty-two. She was a hot little blonde number and I often teased him about robbing the cradle.

That night, she was wearing red ribbons and nothing else. One ran along her tits. One went between her legs and attached around her neck. And she had a bow in her hair.

She stood in front of my chair with her hands on her hips, giving me a coy smile.

I was in shock. I just sit there admiring the beauty of her smooth skin.

“Happy birthday, buddy,” Richard said, casually as if he’d just given me a tie.

His wife then crawled into the chair with me. She straddled me. She moved one of the straps to show a supple tit with hard nipple.

She took one of my hands and brought it to that tit.

My wife was pretty enough. But she was my age, and had never been as hot as the chick.

I couldn’t help myself. I squeezed and rubbed that tit.

She let me do that for a little while. Then she brought that same tit up and rubbed it gently on my face.

As she did that she grabbed my arms and pulled them around her.

I put my hands on her ass, which was not very covered by that strap. It was firm, but not so firm that I couldn’t smash it with my grip.

Then she moved down my body.

I caught a glimpse of smiling Richard. I couldn’t hold eye contact though. It was just too weird.

His wife opened my pants. She pulled out my hard cock. She looked up at me with big eyes as she licked my hard rod.

She licked it thoroughly, like it was a popsicle and she was afraid it might drip.

She took it in her mouth and gently sucked.

Feeling the gentle burn, I rubbed her silken hair.

She took it all in, bringing it into her throat a few times.

I wasn’t far from cumming, when she stood up. She smiled at me and then reached behind her body. She unwrapped herself.

I was left staring at her bald pussy. And those pink lips looked very succulent.

She got up on the chair. She stood there, straddling my thigh.

She brought her tender pussy to my face and rubbed it there.

I felt its dampness and smelled its wild scent.

I felt like I had to lick it, and I did.

Licking her was not a chore. Her pussy lips felt so good on my tongue, and her wild taste was addicting.

But she ended that part of the experience. That was okay, though, because of the way she ended it. She got a rubber from a drawer in an end table. She then applied that rubber to my cock.

Next, she turned around and sat on my cock, taking me in that hot, wet pussy.

She moved up and down. I watched and felt her sweet ass bouncing off me.

She moaned as he went up and down. It was a pretty sound to hear.

I reached around and gripped her tits.

She called out in climax, then sat tight down on my cock.

I was also done by then. I came very hard.

I stayed the night with them. They insisted.

There was no more sex, but that woman did cuddle with me.

I still work with Richard. We never talk about it. I’m back with my wife now. I never talked it with her about it either. This is actually the first time I’ve brought it up.

Thanks for listening.

Author Bio

Gina Candy has a very checkered past. She’s kept company with shady people and met many strange characters. She’s developed an unusual and usually perverted fascination with all things erotic. She hopes her fiction will please and possibly offend you.

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