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Men I Fed 4

By Candace Mia

Copyright 2018 Candace Mia

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Men I Fed 4

My name is Marie. I own several successful businesses. I was thirty-one when I became artificially inseminated.

My life hadn’t really changed much until about the seventh month of pregnancy, when two things happened at about the same time. I got my milk, and I became intensely horny.

I had fed four different men at this point. I loved doing it. The first one I’d fed was a manager at one of my businesses, and he seemed to be over the breakup that had been troubling him before.

I’d fed another man at one of my businesses in the mall. I’d seen him since then. He was with a new woman. He saw me seeing him and smiled. He gave me a thumbs up and I knew he was telling me that the advice I’d given him to dump the gold digger he’d had before had worked.

Then there were the two nerds I’d brought to my house. They’d found me online. They told me they were both using the dating app, like I’d recommended, and found girls more suited to them then the girls they’d been dating. That’s to say they were dating smart girls with nerdy interest now.

So, I felt like I was getting a swollen head to go with my swollen belly and swollen tits.

I didn’t really have to go looking for it, though.

I wasn’t big on social media before, but I was starting to get into it, now that I had a need for men. I watched the social pages. I found one.

He was a guy I’d gone to college with. We’d never been more than friends. He was going through a divorce and it was making him miserable.

I told him he had to come see me right away. I told him I could help him.

I had to pump the milk out this time. But he was able to get there the next day.

I could see the sadness in him as soon as he walked in. He was on okay looking guy, but nothing out of his world. But the sad look on his face was enough to get my milk flowing.

I had him sit in my living room. I went and changed into the black nighty I like so much.

He looked surprised when I came out in that.

“Now,” I said. “I’ve done this for several men, and it’s helped them.”

He looked at me oddly.

I produced a tit. “Try it.”

He stared at my bare tit for a little while. He seemed very curious about it. I’m sure the curiosity was more about what was going on inside him, though. I suspect it was something primal, instinctual. There was still a part of him that saw the plump tit with the big nipple and knew it meant escape and comfort.

“You want me to . . .”

“Suck it,” I finished for him.

He brought his head down slowly. He sucked gingerly.

I was used to that by now. I knew what would happen next.

He brought his mouth from my tit. He smacked his lips a few times, then he came back down on my tit and sucked harder.

He brought a hand to my thigh and rubbed. He rubbed harder and higher as he sucked, like my milk was making him bolder and bolder.

Then he was rubbing my pussy.

It didn’t take long for me to cum. I was already close before he’d even put a hand on my pussy.

When I did, the milk came faster.

My tit quickly milked out, and he switched tits.

He sucked that one down pretty fast.

“Wow,” he said. “I feel so good. I’ve not felt like this in a long time.”

“Good,” I said. “I can’t give you more milk right now, but you can have other things if you want.”

“Yes,” he said. He stood up and started taking off his clothes.

He then helped me up and turned me around.

I bent over the arm of the sectional and pressed my swollen butt out.

He went in my very wet pussy and then fucked me like he owned me.

I came a second time with him banging on my ass.

Then he pulled out and came on the crack of my butt.

“Thank you,” he said.

He soon left after that.

I’ve been monitoring him online. He’s a lot more upbeat.

Author Bio

Candace Mia lives on a farm in the Midwest. She spends her days taking care of animals and tending fields. At night, she likes to curl up with a good erotica tale. She has recently decided to try her hand at writing stories of her own. She hopes that you enjoy the products of her wandering mind.

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