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Erotic Romance Short Story Collection

Story 1 – The Deal

The DEEP series is a collection of short stories that follows the lives of several very different women as they work, love and hate in the flourishing tourism industry of Port Carne. A tight knit group of friends and co-workers will begin to unravel as they share more than just friendship DEEP within the sheets. Make a reservation at Port Carne’s biggest and naughtiest hotel for a dose of SEX, ROMANCE & BETRAYAL.

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The Deal

Nathan’s blue eyes pierced her like a piece of meat on a skewer, as Juliet drummed her fingers anxiously on the hotel desk, waiting for his answer.

‘I’d love to see what you have to offer,’ she said, and scanned the tourist brochures.

‘I bet you would,’ he said, quietly.

‘Well, what do you think?’ she asked, as she tucked a strand of her long dark hair behind her ear and ignored his comment.

She needed this deal more than he did, and they both knew it. If she had to endure a bit of flirting and innuendo from him, then so be it. She had to prove to her boss that she could bring in the money.

The corner of his mouth twitched with the start of a smile as he tapped the tip of his pen on his wet bottom lip.

‘That’s about thirty guests, for three nights, every fortnight in your hotel,’ she said, as she tried to avoid his penetrating eyes without making it obvious.

‘You’ll be here every two weeks for a few days?’ he asked, and his eyes wandered from her face, down her neck, over her ample breasts and back to her face.

Juliet was used to dealing with lots of men on the road – especially men who liked to fish for easy bites and meaningless sex.

As a tour guide, she met all sorts of men, from business owners to men from around the world who wanted to explore Australia’s glittering West Coast, as well as her body – but never had a man so unexpectedly unnerved her like this guy, and she couldn’t figure out why.

Nathan Williams, the manager of Point Carne Hotel, Spa and Dive, said much more with his probing eyes than he did with his words.

‘We’ve met before, haven’t we?’ he asked and narrowed his eyes while he inspected her face.

Okay, here come the pickup lines, she thought, jadedly.

However, despite his flirtations, she thought she had seen him somewhere before. Though, she would have remembered this man – with his towering height, the swimmer’s physique, the sandy blonde hair and those eyes – those blue eyes that searched hers for an answer to a question he hadn’t asked yet.

‘This is my first time in Point Carne, as I said,’ she said, flustered under his steady gaze.

‘Hmm,’ he said, and his brow furrowed. ‘Weird, I’m sure I know you from somewhere. Ever been to Eerie Beach down south?’

She let out a weary sigh and pinched the bridge of her nose.

‘It’s not a line,’ he said, sensing her exasperation.

‘Oh no,’ she replied, dryly, ‘I’m sure you have no intention of making me think about you all night as I ponder where I might know you from. Clever way to get into someone’s head, isn’t it?’

He smiled widely and his eyes twinkled. ‘I suppose it is a line when you analyse it like that.’

‘Look, Mr Williams,’ she said, in a fed up sort of tone.

‘Nathan, please,’ he interrupted, amused.

‘Okay, Nathan. This isn’t the first hotel I’ve been to. My boss sent me here to find the best deal on accommodation and SCUBA. We want to expand our tours to include Point Carne. If you’re not on board, there are plenty of other hotels on the promenade that would beg me for this deal.’

‘None of them are better than here,’ he said, matter-of-factly.

‘I don’t know, Owl Beach Inn was… quaint,’ she said, airily.

‘Owl Beach Inn, seriously?’ he said, and raised his eyebrows.

Owl Beach Inn was a small bed and breakfast and the dump she had strolled by on her way to Point Carne Resort, Spa and Dive.

‘Of course, Desert Reef Divers are more top end,’ she said, coolly.

Juliet knew, just as he did, that Desert Diver’s was his top competition in the small coastal town.

Nathan pursed his full lips and his eyes sparkled. He seemed to enjoy the taunt.

‘All right,’ he said, with a slow nod. ‘I’m on board.’

‘That’s, fine, I’ll go see Glen at Des – wait, what?’

‘I’m in,’ he said and extended his hand to seal the deal.

‘You’re in?’

‘Sure, why not,’ he said, and offered a quick shrug. ‘Can’t have you cuddling up to the competition can I?’

She placed her hand in his and they shook on it. His hand lingered a little too long for a standard handshake. When he released his firm grip, his fingers lightly caressed her palm. As a pleasant tingle warmed her hand from his touch, Nathan’s eyes crinkled and he gave her a warm smile.

‘That’s great. I’ll get the contract sorted out tonight,’ she said, relieved.

‘I’m happy to meet later to go over it, maybe grab a few beers,’ he said, too casually.

‘I’ll bring it by your office in the morning,’ she said, slowly.

‘I look forward to it.’

They stared at each other for a moment in silence.

Nathan blinked slowly, and said, ‘Is there anything else I can do for you, Miss Kelly?’

‘Er, no, I’m good, all good. I’ll drop by in the morning then, bye, and thanks.’

She grabbed her backpack and threw it over her shoulder, pleased to have secured a good deal at the resort she had earmarked.

‘Aren’t you forgetting something,’ he said, as he leaned on the counter with an elbow, his eyes intent on her.

She stared at him with a blank mind.

He dangled a key from his fingers, and said, ‘Your room key. You are staying with us tonight aren’t you, or will you be staying at the Desert Reef?’

She giggled nervously. The girlish titter was unlike her and made her wish for the ground to open up and swallow her whole.

‘Complimentary of course,’ he added.

‘That’s very kind, thank you.’

‘You’re welcome,’ he said, as she took the key from his hand.

‘It’ll give me a chance to try all your services.’

‘I’m sure it will,’ he said, and he added a smirk as he cocked his eyebrow.

She swallowed hard, as his salacious tone suddenly evoked images of her naked body pressed against his in her mind.

What was wrong with her today! Never was she so easily rattled by a man and certainly never giddy over one.

She pulled her thoughts back to the present and cleared her throat. She gave him an obligatory smile and turned on her heel. His eyes were on her body as she headed across the lobby to the glass doors.

Flustered and anxious to escape his eyes, she pushed on the door but it wouldn’t budge. She jiggled the handle and still it wouldn’t open.

Please use other door,” read a sign stuck on the glass pane at eye level.

‘Other-’ he began to call out behind her.

‘Other door! I got it!’ she called back, as heat flushed her cheeks.


Juliet spent the afternoon wandering around Point Carne to gather information on the tourist activities and to check out the local restaurants.

Being a tour guide was like possessing a magic key. All she had to do was mention who she was and whom she worked for, and businesses would offer most things for free. She had never paid for a meal on the road and it was rare Juliet ever paid for a room.

When she returned to the hotel, intent on doing paperwork and reporting to her boss, Juliet saw Nathan with a group of people in the garden courtyard.

His face broke into a smile as she approached and her insides withered. She had hoped to slip quietly to her room without seeing him so she could catch up on emails, rather than endure the cheesy lines of a local.

‘Join us for a drink and I’ll introduce you to some of the staff who’ll look after your guests.’

‘Oh, um, sure, all right.’

If it was about work, then it could do no harm.

‘Everyone, this is Juliet Kelly, the overland tour guide I told you about. Juliet this is… well, everyone.’

‘Nice to meet you all,’ she said, with a polite smile.

She shook hands with each of them and repeated their names as they were given, as that always helped her remember new ones.

There was Alexandra, the massage therapist who ran the hotel spa, Jake, one of the Dive Masters, Daniel, the mechanic and maintenance manager who looked after the vehicles and dive centre equipment, and his wife Zoe, the bookkeeper, who seemed shy and uncertain.

The head chef of the hotel restaurant, Maddie, crinkled her nose, in what she thought might be disgust, as she shook Juliet’s hand, without offering even a hint of a smile.

‘This is my dad, Robert, he owns this old dump,’ Nathan said, accompanied by a light laugh.

His father had a kind face and the same twinkle in his eyes as Nathan.

‘This dump got you and Erik through uni, didn’t it!’ Robert chortled.

‘Hardly a dump, sir. It’s the best resort on the Desert Coast,’ Juliet said.

‘Well, at least someone has manners around here. Welcome Juliet,’ said Robert, as he cupped his hand over hers.

‘Sit down, I’ll order you a drink and please, call me Bob.’

‘Thanks,’ she said, as she took the seat between Bob and Zoe.

Nathan’s eyes tracked her every movement and she became increasingly self-conscious.

As she crossed her legs, her flip-flop fell off her foot and as she bent down to retrieve it, Juliet bumped her head on the glass table.

No one else noticed her clumsiness except him and he was trying hard not to laugh.

One of the hotel bar staff appeared as if by magic with a huge mango daiquiri on a black tray.

‘For you, my dear,’ said Bob, as he handed her the gregarious cocktail.

She sipped on the straw, and made an effort not to poke herself in the eye with the umbrella and swivel stick.

Nathan leant back in his chair and caressed the stubble on his chin, and her attention drew to his lips, as he studied her closely.

‘Jake’s taking a group of German divers out to the desert canyon for a campfire dinner this evening,’ said Bob, as his portly belly expanded. ‘You should join them Juliet, and see what Point Carne has to offer besides the surf and reef.’

‘You’re welcome to come and check it out. We leave at six and we’ll be back by about ten,’ added Jake.

Juliet was tired but reluctant to pass up a chance to check out more activities.

‘Sure, sounds great.’

The corners of Nathan’s mouth curled into a smug smile. Maddie, however, didn’t look nearly as impressed.

After a quick shower and change of clothes, Juliet met the German divers and Jake at the back of the dive centre, where three jeeps idled with their headlights on.

After a half hour drive into the Desert Mountains, which rose in a steady incline away from the coast, they reached a lookout picnic area, nestled in a dry crag.

‘Check out the view,’ Jake said, as he pointed west.

The ocean lay like a sheet of burnt glass, beneath them, under the light of the sinking sun. Orange hues of sunset splashed across the sky and the distant lights of Point Carne began to ignite as the evening set in.

Headlights appeared down the mountain road and distracted her from the epic view. Another jeep headed towards the lookout area.

‘That’ll be Nathan with the lamb,’ Jake said, as he rubbed his hands together and licked his lips.

Nathan!’ her insides squeaked.

The jeep pulled up and Nathan and Maddie hopped out of the car.

Nathan’s eyes swung over the Germans, who had started the campfire, and locked onto hers. He gave himself a pleased smile and then he and Jake unloaded the jeep with a half-cooked spit of lamb, while Maddie set up her camp kitchen with a scowl set firmly on her face.

An hour passed as Juliet pretended to be interested in everyone else but Nathan, as she chatted in effortless German with the guests.

When the food was ready, Maddie made them line up for service. When Juliet reached the head of the line, she smiled at Maddie.

Maddie looked her up and down and her lips tightened. She slapped a piece of roast lamb onto Juliet’s plate.

‘Do you have a problem with me?’ Juliet asked, gently, as she was never one to shy away from confrontation, especially when hostilities were unjust.

‘Nope, no problem,’ said Maddie in a tight voice.

‘Don’t mind her, she’s a bitch to everyone,’ joked Jake, who overheard Juliet’s question.

‘Piss off, Jake,’ snarled Maddie.

‘See… total bitch,’ he said, as he winked and gave her a toothy grin.

Nathan cleared his throat. Maddie and Jake went about their work without another word and Juliet was impressed with the authority Nathan had over his staff.

After a delicious meal, Nathan grabbed two beers from the cold box and sat beside her. He popped the beer and handed one to her.

‘Cheers,’ he said, and clinked her bottle with his.

She put the beer to her lip too fast and the glass rim smashed on her tooth. Nathan almost choked on a swig of beer as he tried not to laugh at her.

‘I’m not normally this clumsy,’ she said, as her ears glowed hotter than the embers of the campfire.

‘Well, I think you’re adorable,’ he said, softly, as he leaned closer to her.

‘You make me a little nervous,’ she confessed, as her fingers played with the drops of condensation on the bottle.

‘The type of nervous that makes your heart skip a beat?’ he asked, hopeful. ‘Or the type that makes you get a restraining order?’

She couldn’t help but smile as she said, ‘I haven’t decided yet.’

‘We only met today but I’d really like to take you to dinner sometime… and get to know you better,’ he said, as he played with the wet label on the bottle. She couldn’t decide if his confidence was admirable or just creepy.

‘You already bought me dinner,’ she said, as her head tilted to Maddie, who was clearing the plates.

‘Hmm, true. So now I just need to get to know you better,’ he said, in a low voice as his eyes glittered in the flickering flames of the fire.

‘I, um,’ she said and swallowed hard.

She looked at her wrist, which was bare. ‘It’s late, shouldn’t we be getting back to the hotel?’

Nathan leaned in and whispered in her ear, ‘you’re not wearing a watch.’

A rush of euphoria rippled over her as he pecked her cheek. His hot breath washed over her neck and her insides turned to jelly.

She recomposed herself, and said, ‘We have a business arrangement. I don’t want to complicate that and… and…’

‘And what?’

‘And… I don’t know what to say,’ she said, dejected.

‘Do you want to go for a walk?’

‘With you? Out here?’

‘I want to show you something.’

‘I bet you do,’ she said under her breath.

He flashed a grin as he took her hand and helped her to her feet. Her heart pounded and her legs wobbled. Juliet, normally cool and in control with men, couldn’t understand why her resistance to Nathan was so low. He was just a man like any other – wasn’t he?

‘I’m not sure if it’s a good idea…’

He ignored her indecision and pulled her to her feet. He covered her eyes and guided her with a firm arm around her waist. They walked up a steady incline and he steered her around, what she guessed to be, the corners of a wending path. The terrain was rocky and she took each step cautiously. She began to wonder what was out here that he needed to show her.

Probably his penis,’ she thought, with a wry smile.

To her regret, that thought led to her imaging what his penis looked like and she snickered.

‘What’s so funny,’ he asked.

‘Never mind,’ she said, with a wide smile.

‘Okay, are you ready?’

‘I suppose.’

With a gentle finger under her chin, he tipped her head to the sky and removed his hand from her eyes. As her eyes adjusted, stars burst across the velvet night. The Milky Way shone bright as the waxing moon drifted across the sky.

‘So many stars,’ she whispered, mesmerized by the glittering jewels.

As her head reeled from the beauty of the desert night sky, she turned to Nathan. Silver blue moonlight fell over the contours of his face as his eyes shone.

His strong hands cupped her face and he pulled her towards him. His mouth was warm and soft as it met her lips. She pulled away from him and placed her hands on his chest.

‘This is a bad idea…’ she said, weakly.

‘God no, this is the best idea I’ve ever had,’ he breathed, as his mouth pressed against hers again. She didn’t resist.

Her head swam as their tongues touched. His arms wrapped around her waist and she felt like a ragdoll in his strong grip pressed against his hard body. His kiss deepened and she melted into him. She ran her fingers through his hair and he moaned softly as she kissed him harder. As their tongues entwined, his hands ran up and down her back and over her buttocks.

She grabbed a handful of his hair and he tightened his grip on her. His erection pressed against the top of her thigh. The feel of his hardness, hidden beneath his jeans, sent a wave of heat bursting through her insides. She wrapped one leg around his hips and he pushed hard against her opened pelvis.

His hand found its way up her dress and he squeezed her arse cheeks. They writhed against each other and her juices drenched her panties. Straddled over his thigh, she ground against him as he pushed hard against her. He gave a staggered sigh as she pressed her mound against his hard shaft.

She gave a sharp moan of expectation as he slid his rough hands up her silky inner thigh and grazed her mound with his fingers.

He suddenly pulled away for breath.

‘We have to stop or I won’t be able to in a minute,’ he whispered into the nape of her neck.

She didn’t want him to stop. It had been a long time since she had felt the hardness of a man and she wanted him. His hot breath electrified her skin and her fingers dug into his back.

‘I didn’t ask you to stop,’ she sighed, as she briefly wondered what had gotten into her tonight.

‘Juliet,’ he groaned, softly, between the slow wet kisses he lay on her neck.

She grabbed his hand and forced it up her dress. She had never wanted a man like she wanted him now. He slipped away her panties down her thighs. His hand glided to her shaved mound and he stroked the fleshy entrance. His fingers spread her flesh and ran through her wetness. He gazed down at her. The moon shone in his eyes as his middle finger penetrated her slit. Juliet gave an appreciative gasp as his thick finger slowly entered her pussy.

He pulled her into a deep kiss as his finger moved in and out of her, slipping and sliding with ease in her juices, as her muscles contracted. His mouth moved down to her chest and she pulled her button-up dress open to reveal her breasts.

As he kissed the space between them, he lingered, inhaling her scent. His tongue flicked and teased an hard nipple, which sent a shot of pleasure from her breasts to her clitoris. She closed her eyes, and ran her fingers through his hair and over his broad shoulders.

His thumb skimmed her swollen clitoris and she gasped loudly. His breath was heavy against her chest as he sucked and bit down on a nipple. His mouth locked on to hers and his tongue pushed into her mouth.

Then he removed his hand from her throbbing mound and kissed her softly. Her hand moved to his concealed cock, which pushed against his jeans, begging to be released.

‘I think we should head back,’ he said, between sighs as she stroked his hardness.

Juliet pulled back from him, confused. He didn’t want to fuck her?

He wanted her out here, he had kissed her, played with her pussy, and now he was rejecting her when she wanted him to put his cock inside her?

Was he crazy?

Her body became rigid and her brow pinched above her nose.

‘Just what I was thinking,’ she said, as she pulled up her panties and straightened her dress. He leant forward to kiss her again but she turned her head away.

‘What’s the matter?’

‘Nothing,’ she said, and averted her eyes.

She felt foolish. He did this to lots of women, didn’t he? He played with their emotions and their bodies.

‘Juliet? What did I do wrong?’

‘It’s nothing, Let’s go back.’

‘Okay,’ he said, slowly.

They walked in silence to the campsite where Jake, Maddie, and the guests were packing up. She wanted to get as far away from him as she could.

‘Hey, why are you walking away from me?’ he called out after her, which drew Maddie and Jake’s attention. She couldn’t look at him and her chest was tight as a lump caught in her throat. She wanted to cry. She felt stupid. She was an idiot. She was here on business and had fallen for his bullshit.


In the morning, she sat on the edge of the king-size bed, mentally preparing herself to face Nathan after last night. She had to check out and go as quickly as possible. She steeled herself and headed downstairs. As the elevator descended from the fourth floor to the lobby, she felt sick as she watched the numbers countdown to her humiliation.

The elevator dinged.

The doors opened and the lobby appeared.

Zoe was behind the desk and greeted her with a kind smile.

Nathan wasn’t there.

‘Good morning, Juliet. Did you sleep well?’

‘Yes, thank you, um, where’s Nathan this morning?’

Zoe smiled as if enjoying a joke with herself.

‘He’s out on business but he left this for you.’

She handed Juliet an A4 envelope – it was the contract.

Juliet slipped the contract out of the envelope, the one she had already signed and left for Nathan.

Nathan’s signature was below hers.

‘He kept the other one?’ she asked.

‘Yep, all signed and filed away.’

The deal was done. She would have to face him again in two weeks. There was no getting out of it unless she quit her job.

‘Do you want to leave a message for him before you check out?’

‘Er, no, that’s all right,’ she said, dully.

‘It was really nice to meet you,’ said Zoe.

‘Yes, you too Zoe. I’ll be back in two weeks.’

‘Great, maybe we could hang out and I’ll show you around Point Carne.’

‘Yeah, sure, that would be great. Okay, well, see you next time. And I guess you can tell Nathan I said bye.’


Juliet stood there, lost. She had prepared herself to see him again and felt a bit empty and disappointed. It was as anti-climactic as the fingering he had given her last night.

It’s only business, Juliet,’ her thoughts reminded her.

‘Are you okay?’ asked Zoe.

‘Oh, yes, sure. Just feel like I’ve forgotten something,’ she said, distantly.

‘I know it’s not my business but I’ve known Nathan for a long time and I’ve never seen him look at a girl the way he looks at you.’

‘You’re right Zoe,’ she said, as she smiled, ‘it’s none of your business.’

Zoe shrugged her shoulders, and said, ‘just thought you might like to know.’

Juliet headed to the hotel garden restaurant and bar to wait for her ride to the airport.

A jeep pulled up at the end of the long driveway, just as Maddie came out the kitchen door.

Nathan was behind the wheel. She tried not to smile at him but couldn’t help it. Maddie stopped short and looked at them. She chewed on her lips, and then disappeared in a huff back the way she had come.

Nathan hopped out of the jeep and sauntered over to her. He was a very sexy man and his every move filled her with a desire she had never experienced before.

‘Good morning,’ he said, as he stepped within an inch of her body and peered deep into her eyes.

She gazed up at him, mute and numb as his warm breath tickled her cheeks.

‘Why did you run off on me last night?’ he asked, his tone was hurt.

‘You didn’t want to… you know be with me and I felt stupid.’

‘Of course I did, but I didn’t want you to do anything you might regret later,’ he said, as his hands gripped her elbows. ‘I thought you’d want to wait until we know each other more. It’s only been a day after all.’

She opened her mouth, and then closed it again. She wasn’t sure what to say. Maybe she had overreacted. It wasn’t like her to fall so easily for a man. It left her head reeling and she felt vulnerable and exposed.

‘How much time do you have before your flight?’ he asked.

She glanced at her watch, and replied, ‘About two hours, why?’

‘I want to show you something,’ he said, with a hint of excitement.

‘Oh, I bet you do,’ she said with a big grin.


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