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It was a Friday evening and Mike Rast was relaxing on the couch, watching ESPN, when his phone rang. He looked at the screen and saw an unfamiliar number. Normally he let calls from people he didn’t know go to voicemail, but something told him to answer this one. So he did.


“Hi,” a vaguely familiar female voice said. “Is this Mike?”

“Yeah,” he said carefully, not sure what this was all about.

“Hi Mike, this is Kate, over on the other side of the building? I don’t know if you remember me.”

“Of course I do,” he said. How could he forget? They’d only met once but Kate was the kind of girl that left an indelible impression. She was older than him by at least ten years but was still sexy as hell, with a firm body and enormous breasts, plus an exotic face that had aged quite nicely. He’d seen her around from time to time, usually in the gym or tanning by the pool. She never had any problem showing off her body and he never had a problem looking. Staring, usually. But he’d only talked to her on that one occasion, the first time they’d met. Other than that he’d kept his distance, figuring she was so far out of his league that it wasn’t even worth trying to get to know her better. But maybe he’d been mistaken.

“I hate to bother you,” Kate said, “But I’m having a little bit of trouble with my wireless connection and I heard through the grapevine that you know a thing or two about computers.”

“That I do,” Mike said, a little deflated. He’d been hoping (even though it was completely irrational) that she’d wanted something more from him.

“Would you mind coming over and helping me out with it?”

Normally he didn’t do work for people in the building because it set a dangerous precedent, but for Kate he would gladly make an exception. He couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be in her presence, let alone inside her apartment, even if she was just using him for his expertise.

“It would be my pleasure,” Mike said. “When did you have in mind?”

“Well, if you aren’t busy now . . .”

“Not at all,” he said. “I’ll be over there in a minute or two.”

“That would be wonderful,” Kate replied. “You know where I am, right?”

“Not exactly,” he lied, trying to play it cool. “Which number are you again?”


“I’ll see you in a few.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” she said before hanging up the phone.

Mike changed into some clean clothes and gathered up a few of his things before heading over to the other side of the building.

As he walked he tried to keep his expectations down. Even though he thought he’d heard a note of anticipation in her voice right there at the end he figured it was just wishful thinking. What could a woman like Kate—and she was all woman, that was for sure—possibly want from him besides a little help? Unless she’d heard something about Kong. But there wasn’t much of a chance of that. He’d never screwed around with anyone in the building and he doubted Kate would have had any contact with any of the women he’d been with in the past.

Besides, even if she had heard stories about Kong, they usually just scared women off. Normal women, at least. Unless Kate wasn’t normal. There was always a chance of that, as remote as it may be. Maybe, just maybe—

He cut off the thought. There was no reason to get his hopes up. Surely Kate just wanted him to fix her computer and then be on his way. If not it would be a fucking miracle. Not to mention a dream come true. Neither of which he believed in.

Mike turned the corner and arrived at 26B. He took a deep breath and knocked. She answered it right away, as though she’d been waiting just on the other side of the door. She was dressed more casually than he’d been expecting, wearing only a loose-fitting, white V-neck t-shirt and a pair of red cotton shorts. No bra, no socks, no shoes. Her long brown hair was wet, as if she’d just gotten out of the shower and she wasn’t wearing very much makeup.

“Sorry about my appearance,” she said by way of greeting. “I really wasn’t planning on having any company this evening.”

“No need to apologize,” Mike said. “You look great.” He winced as he said it, realizing how lame it sounded. But it was true.

“Awww, you’re so sweet.” Kate said, sounding genuinely pleased. “Come on in.”

Mike accepted her invitation. She closed the door behind him.

“Thanks for coming over so quickly,” Kate said. “I’ve got one more thing I need to do before I’m done for the day. But I lost internet access, just like that. And now I’m stuck until it’s back up.”

“No problem at all,” he said. “Are you on a laptop?”

“Yeah,” she said, pointing. “It’s over there.”

Mike saw the laptop sitting on a table by the sliding door that led to the enclosed porch. He sat down at the table and took a quick look at the laptop. The problem was instantly apparent.

“Uh-oh,” he said, sounding grave.

“Is it bad?” Kate asked, wincing.

“Yeah, it’s pretty bad.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Come on over here and I’ll show you,” Mike said.

He watched Kate as she made her way over. It was impossible not to. She filled up the room, making it seem like she was the only thing in it.

“See this button right here?” Mike said once she was standing over his shoulder. He pointed at a key on the top row of the keyboard, near the far right side.

Kate leaned forward to get a better look. Mike could feel her breasts pressing against his back. Her face was mere inches from his and it took everything in his power to keep to turning his head to the right and planting a kiss on her.

“I see it,” Kate said, placing her hand casually on his shoulder. “What about it?”

“See how the light next to it is red?” he said, trying to keep his voice steady.


“That means the wireless connection is turned off.”

“And how do you fix it?”

“Well, it’s pretty tough,” he said. “What you do is you put your finger on it and press down. Like this.”

He pushed the key. The light turned green.

“Now it’s on,” Mike said. He clicked on the Internet Explorer icon and Kate’s home page came up on the screen.

“That’s it?” Kate said, incredulous.

“That’s it.”

“Fuck me,” she said, laughing softly. “Here I was all stressed out that my system crashed and it’s just one stupid fucking little key that got accidentally pressed. I feel so lame.”

“Don’t,” Mike said. “It happens all the time.”

“Bullshit,” Kate said. “You’re just saying that to make me feel better.”

“No, really, you’d be surprised at how often that key gets pushed. And how few people know what the problem is.”

“Well, I still don’t believe you but you’re sweet for saying so,” Kate said. “Now if you don’t mind trading places with me, I’ll finish this one thing up real quick and then we can get to know each other a little better.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Mike said, trying to mask his excitement with fake reluctance. “I don’t want to impose . . .”

“It’s no imposition whatsoever,” Kate said. “Really. Just grab yourself a beer and relax on the couch. I’ll be there in a minute.”

He was about to argue further in an attempt to keep up the appearance of reluctance but Kate’s attention was already on the laptop screen and he knew that it was unnecessary.

So instead he went into the kitchen and opened up the fridge. On one of the shelves sat a case of Blue Moon, which just happened to be his favorite beer of all-time. He grabbed one for himself and one for Kate and opened them up.

Taking a little initiative (he figured she wouldn’t mind) he grabbed an orange off the counter and found a knife in one of the drawers. He cut two slivers of orange and squeezed them into the neck of the bottles until they were sticking halfway out, then headed back to the living room.

Kate had already finished up with her work and was sitting on the couch, waiting for him to return. He handed her one of the beers and sat down next to her, making sure there was a little bit of distance between them.

“How considerate of you,” she said, sliding the orange slice the rest of the way into the bottle, making it disappear. “I had no idea you were such a gentleman.”

“Neither did I,” he said, smiling.

Kate returned the smile and held her bottle up towards his. “A toast,” she said in a melodramatic voice. “To my stupidity. Without it we still would be unfamiliar neighbors, destined to look at each other from afar and never share a beer together.”

Laughing, Mike clanked his bottle against her then brought it to his lips and took a healthy drink. Kate did the same.

“I have to admit, I’ve never heard someone toast their own stupidity before,” Mike said.

“Yeah, well it seemed appropriate,” Kate replied. She shifted her body slightly and leaned over to set her beer bottle on the coffee table in front of them, giving him a straight shot down her shirt.

Mike couldn’t help but stare. It was impossible not to. And he figured she wanted him to. Otherwise she wouldn’t have done what she did.

His suspicions were confirmed with her next statement.

“I have a confession to make,” she said.

“A confession?”

Kate nodded.

“O-kay,” he said drawing out the word to reflect his confusion. “Go right ahead, I guess.”

“I knew how to fix my laptop on my own,” she said.

He took another drink from his beer to stall for a moment while he gathered his thoughts. But they didn’t want to come together. So he played dumb. But it wasn’t really an act. Not at the moment. “I don’t understand.”

“I faked it,” Kate said. “I pretended something was wrong.”

“Why?” he asked, still not understanding.

“Because I knew you would come over and fix if I asked you to,” she replied.

Even though Mike knew that whatever Kate was trying to tell him was blatantly obvious, the specifics of it still weren’t coming together for him. It was as though his mind wasn’t working properly, like he couldn’t comprehend what she was saying because it was so far out of the realm of possibility.

“Why?” he said again, knowing how ridiculous it sounded before the word was even fully out of his mouth.

She looked at him with a crooked little grin. “Why do you think?”

“I don’t know.”

“Because I wanted to manufacture a reason to get you in my apartment, silly. That’s why.”

“Oh,” he said, still not quite understanding. Then he realized the purpose behind the way she was looking at him and it all came crashing down. “Ooooohhhh,” he said, finally getting it.

Now do you understand?”

“I think I’m starting to get the idea,” Mike replied.

“And what do you think of it?”

“Your idea?”

Kate nodded.

“I think it’s a great one,” Mike said.

“That’s good to hear,” Kate said, moving closer to him. They were as close as two people could get without actually touching. “Because I’ve been looking forward to this for some time now.”


“I’ve been watching you since the day you moved in,” she said.

“Well I’ll be damned.”

Kate leaned back just a bit, feigning disappointment. “You hadn’t noticed?”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Mike said. “I noticed you. Many times, actually. But I never thought that you noticed me. At least, not in that way.”

“What makes you say something like that?”

“Well, I am quite a bit younger than you.”

“You’re not that much younger,” Kate said. “What?” She made a pouty face. “Are you saying I’m too old for you?”

“No, not at all,” he said quickly. “That’s not how I meant it.”

“Then how did you mean it?” she asked, tilting her head slightly as if in anticipation of his answer. She was still pouting but it was obviously an act. Her eyes were dancing with mischief.

“I just figured I wouldn’t be experienced enough for you,” Mike said. “A woman of your . . . stature is undoubtedly used to a man who knows what he’s doing in bed.”

“And you don’t know what you’re doing? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?”

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“Then what would you say?”

Mike thought about it for a moment. He wasn’t used to a woman being so forward and unpretentious. It was a nice change but it took some getting used to. “I’d say I have the raw materials but not enough practice to use them to their fullest extent.”

“And why is that?”

“Honestly? Because most girls I’ve been with can’t handle it.”

“What? Your cock?”

He nodded.

“Really?” Kate said, sounding excited. She sat up a little taller and glanced down at his groin area. “It’s that big?”

“You hadn’t heard?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I’d heard the rumors,” she said. “They’re flying all over this building. But rumors are one thing. Confirmation is something else entirely.”

“Well, nothing has been confirmed as of yet,” Mike said. “But from what I’ve been told, it’s pretty large. Of course, I don’t go around comparing it with other guys, so I can’t guarantee anything . . .”

“Well, lucky for you I have a bit of experience in this matter,” she said. “Do you mind if I take a look?”

“I’d be honored,” he said.

Staying on the couch, Kate turned her body to get a better angle, then reached over and unzipped his fly. Moving deliberately, almost reverentially, she slipped her hand into his pants and wrapped her hand around the base of cock.

“Wow,” she said, giggling with pleasure. “You weren’t kidding about the size of it, were you? If anything, you seemed to have downplayed it.”

Mike shrugged. “I was afraid if I talked it up too much you’d be disappointed once you caught a glimpse of it.”

“That’s the last thing you have to worry about,” Kate said. “The only disappointment I have is waiting so long to get ahold of it.” Smiling widely, she glanced up at him. “Can I get a better look?”

“Be my guest.”

Kate slid Mike’s cock out of his pants with practiced ease. It was standing at attention, all nine inches of it, sticking straight up and rearing to go. Her hand was still wrapped around the base, right above his balls. She wasn’t moving her hand yet. So far she was just holding onto his cock and staring at it with wide, excited eyes.

“Holy fuck it’s big,” Kate said, her voice marveling. She was obviously impressed. There was no way to fake the enthusiasm in her voice. “Although big doesn’t really describe it properly. More like huge. Or humungous. Or gigantic.”

“One of my old girlfriends took to calling it Kong.”

“Sounds like a perfect name to me,” she says, still staring at his cock, her eyes dripping with anticipation.

“Of course, we weren’t together very long,” Mike said.

“Let me guess. She couldn’t handle it.”

“That’s right.”

“I’m not surprised,” Kate said as she started to slowly stroke Mike’s cock. “It takes a special kind of girl to handle a cock this size. One with plenty of skills and lots of practice. Not to mention a bit of a sadistic streak.” She flashed him a nasty little smile. “Lucky for you I have all three. Unless, of course, you don’t like what you see.”

“Oh I like what I see, all right,” Mike said. “I like it very much.”

“That makes two of us,” she said. “So let’s get down to business.”

Moving deliberately, heightening Mike’s anticipation, Kate undid his belt and the top button of his pants, then climbed off the couch. She pulled his shoes and his socks off, grabbed his jeans and pulled them off too, then did the same for his boxers, leaving him naked from the waist down. He finished the job, slipping out of his shirt.

“That’s better,” Kate said as she put her hands on his knees and gently spread his legs wider, then stepped forward until she was situated between his legs, standing over him.

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, his face turned up towards hers, his excitement growing as she stood over him, looking down on him. She was still fully clothed but this turned him just as much as if she had been naked.

Without another word, Kate dropped to her knees and went to work on Mike’s cock, licking up and down the shaft, one hand grasping the base in a death-grip while the other works his balls. She popped the tip of his cock in her mouth and sucked on it while jerking him off, her hand and mouth working in unison as her mouth dropped further and further down his cock with every thrust, her head bobbing up and down, faster and faster, her hair flying everywhere, covering her face, blocking his view.

Mike reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it back so he could get a better view of what she was doing to him. This just seemed to excite Kate further and she attacked his cock with even more energy than before. Maintaining eye contact the entire time, she easily took his cock three-quarters of the way down, farther than any girl had ever taken his cock before. And the way things were going he was certain she could take it even further.

As if reading his mind, Kate pulled her mouth off his cock for a moment to catch her breath. She winked at him and flashed him a nasty little smile then took his cock in her mouth once again, this time dropping her head all the way down on his cock until it had completely disappeared.

“Holy fuck,” Mike said, trying to keep himself under control. No woman he’d been with had ever even attempted to deep-throat him, let alone pulled it off.

And apparently Kate wasn’t content with just taking his entire cock in her mouth. She took things a step further by holding it there, all the way down her throat, for a full five seconds before gagging and pulling her head back and letting it slide from her mouth. His shaft was slavered in saliva, the tip white from the constriction.

Kate took a couple of deep breaths and looked up at him, her smile wide, her eyes leaking tears but full of excitement.

“Oh my god your cock is huge,” she said, laughing under her breath. “I almost couldn’t get the whole thing down.”

“You could have fooled me,” Mike said, still marveling at her skills. “It looked like you took it no problem.”

“It was a bit of a problem, believe me. But it’ll get better. I just need a little more practice. Do you mind if I give it another go?”

“Do I mind if you deepthroat me again?” Mike said. “Is that really a question you have to ask?”

“You wouldn’t think so, would you?” she said. “But you’d be surprised. Some men don’t like it because they’re afraid it’s going to make them cum too soon.”

“I’ll take my chances,” Mike said, smiling.

“That’s what I like to hear,” Kate said. She returned his grin then went down on him again.

This time she took him so deep that her nose was pressing up against his stomach. She turned her eyes towards his and looked up at him as best she could but because of the angle it was difficult to see much of them. He applauded the effort though.

She held his cock in her throat for a full ten seconds before pulling off, her head flying back as she gasped for breath.

“Holy crap you’re good at that,” Mike said.

“You liked that, did you?”

“You could say that.”

“Do you want to see what else I can do?”

“I can’t wait.”

Kate pulled her shirt off over her head, showing off her immense, glorious tits in all their splendor. Huge and firm and hanging perfectly, with giant silver dollar aureoles and nipples the size of pencil erasers. Mike longed to play with them, suck on them, smother himself in them, but before he could do any of those things, Kate gathered up the saliva leftover from her deep throat and spit it on his cock and started to stroke it.

Kate adjusted her position a bit, sitting higher up, so her tits were at the same level as his cock. She leaned in closer to him and spit on his cock one more time then stuck his dick between her tits.

“Oh my god,” he said as she wrapped her tits around his cock, squeezing them together so it wouldn’t go anywhere. He didn’t think things could get any better. Then she started to bounce.  

“Holy shit,” he said, moaning the words more than speaking them.

“You like that?” she asked. “You like fucking my big giant titties?”

Afraid his voice would betray him, Mike just nodded as Kate continued to bounce on his cock, her tits jiggling, the tip of his cock popping out in-between the top of them at the end of every stroke.

She squeezed harder, engulfing his cock in her massive tits. The pressure was nearly unbearable as she continued to squeeze and bounce, squeeze and bounce, squeeze and bounce. Mike wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out. It simply felt too good.

Kate suddenly released his cock from the vice-grip between her tits, as if she knew exactly how close he was to blowing his load. And based on how much skill she’d shown so far, he wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that she actually did know.

“That was fucking awesome,” Mike said as Kate climbed to her feet.

“I’m glad you liked it,” Kate replied, slipping out of her shorts and panties, leaving her as naked as he was.  “But that was only the beginning.”

“I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t have to wait long.”

And she meant it, straddling him on the couch as she spoke. With her eyes locked on his, she grabbed ahold of his hard cock and held it upright while she positioned herself over it and then dropped her body onto it, her smooth, shaved, soaking wet pussy accepting his monstrous cock with ease.

Kate immediately started bouncing atop him, impaling herself on his cock, taking him deep with every thrust. Her tits bounced in a mesmerizing rhythm—up and down in accordance with her movements.

As much as he enjoyed watching her tits move, they were just too close for him not to take advantage of. It wasn’t long until Mike had his hands around them, squeezing and groping and exploring every centimeter, reveling in their perfection.

Kate seemed to enjoy the attention he was paying to her breasts, as she leaned forward and started pounding away at him harder than before. Apparently she liked having her tits played with as much as Mike liked playing with them.

With Kate’s shift in position, her tits were right in Mike’s face, mere centimeters from his lips, so close that he couldn’t resist. He latched onto one of them, his mouth around her nipple, and started to suck.

Kate groaned and started hammering away on Mike even harder. He ran his hands under her ass and spread her cheeks apart, giving him deeper access to her pussy.

This turned Kate’s gyrations up yet another notch, to the point of her slamming her body down onto his with enough force to make him flinch at the bottom of every thrust.

The room was filled with the sounds of their animalistic grunts as Kate continued to hammer away on him, intent on getting where she wanted to go.

A few moments later she was there. A deep groan, followed by a string of obscenities and a little twist and shake of her entire body and then she fell still. Her hair was in her face and her chest was heaving and little rivulets of sweat ran down her neck. It was sexy as hell.

“Not bad,” Kate said, flinging her hair to the side. “Not bad at all.”

“Thanks,” Mike said.

“Ready for more?”

“Whenever you are.”   

“I’m ready now.”

“Then let’s go,” he said.

And with that, Kate spun on Mike’s cock, turning her body until she was riding him reverse-cowgirl, her legs on outside of his, her back to him, her ass pressing against the bottom of his stomach.

She grabbed Mike’s knees and pushed them closer together, then adjusted her body so her feet were on the floor, giving her more leverage to work with.

“There we go,” Kate said as she started riding Mike’s huge cock, bouncing up and down on him in fast, deep strokes. “Fuck yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.”

His hands were on her hips, holding on for dear life.

“You like that?” she asked, looking back at him over her shoulder. “You like it when I bounce on your fucking cock?”

Mike nodded.

“Yeah, you like that shit, don’t you.” Kate said, facing forward once again. “You like that you dirty fucking bastard.” She put her hands on his knees and bent forward, then started pummeling him even more aggressively.

“Spank my ass,” she said.

Mike did as he was told without hesitation. Automatically obeying an older woman was something that had been ingrained upon him at an early age. Never in this context, of course, but his prior training took over.

“Harder,” she said. “Like you mean it.”

So he did, slapping Kate’s asscheeks in time with her thrusts.

“That’s it,” she said. “Just like that.”

Kate continued pounding away at him, smashing his balls as she dropped her body onto him with full force, her breath growing quicker by the second.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed while he continued slapping her ass. It was glowing bright red but Mike didn’t let up one bit. “Right there, right there, holy fuck, right there!”

Kate turned up the intensity even more. Her screams had reached a fever-pitch and they were no longer directed at Mike, but were simply expressions of pure pleasure.

She continued along this path for a few more seconds, culminating in a final, expletive-laced, ear-splitting screech as she came. Her body shuddered and shook as the orgasm racked her body but still she didn’t slow down, pounding away at him for a few more seconds before finally falling still.

Kate didn’t rest for long, however, almost immediately lifting herself off Mike’s cock. She turned to face him and then dropped to her knees, her head between his legs, her hand around his cock, her eyes locked onto his.

“I love the taste of my cum,” she said, licking his cock, cleaning it of her juices. “What about you? Do you like it when I lick my cum off your cock?”

Afraid that his voice would betray him, Mike could only nod.

“Not much of a talker, are you?” Kate asked between licks.

“Not really,” Mike said.

“That’s okay. I talk plenty enough for both of us,” Kate said. “Unless my mouth is filled up, of course.”

She flashed him a dirty little smile then wrapped her lips around his cock and took it in her mouth. Maintaining eye contact the whole time, she bobbed up and down on his cock a couple of time before making it disappear completely. She held it in her throat for a few seconds before letting it slide back out of her mouth.

Still looking at him, her hair falling down over her face, Kate slapped his cock against her tits and rubbed the tip against her nipple, then took it in her mouth once again. She attacked his cock, alternating between sucking it and licking it and jerking him off, her energy at an all-time high for the evening. Her free hand wandered to his balls and started rubbing and playing with them while she continued working his cock with her mouth.  

 “Holy shit,” Mike said softly, turning his head up to the ceiling, hoping that by not watching her blow him he’d be able to last longer. But the allure of watching her work was just too strong, so after only a few seconds of looking at the ceiling his eyes were back down, locked onto Kate’s as she sucked his cock.

Mike leaned back and took a deep breath, trying desperately to hold onto his load. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out. He needed to switch things up, and quickly.

He lifted Kate up and slid out from under her to the other side of the couch. She sat down and turned to face him, a puzzled look on her face.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Actually you did too much right,” Mike said. “Kong needs a little break.”

“Ahhh, I see. How long do you need?”

“I’m not sure. A couple minutes, at the most.”

“Fair enough,” she said. “Do you want another beer while we wait?”

“Actually, I had something else in mind,” Mike said. He leaned in towards her and slid his hand down between her legs. “Kong may need a break but that doesn’t mean my whole body does.”

“Oh,” she said. “You dirty little boy.”

“That’s right,” he said as he started rubbing her pussy. “So just sit back and relax.”

“Take your time,” Kate said in a relaxed voice. “Talk all the time you need.”

 Mike laughed under his breath and went to work on her pussy.

 He rubbed the outside of her pussy lips for a little while before sliding two fingers inside of her. They went in easily, without any resistance. He started moving them back and forth, sliding them all the way in, slowly but surely picking up speed.

It wasn’t long before he was slamming them in and out of her, curling his fingers a little bit to hit her g-spot. He grabbed one of her legs with his free hand and pushed it out and up, spreading her out and giving himself more room to work.

“Holy fuck, right there, right there,” Kate said, her voice rising with every word. “Bang my fucking pussy with your fingers. Give them to me, holy shit that feels so fucking good!”

Mike slid another finger inside of her and continued banging away. His forearm started to burn but he ignored it. He was having too much fun getting Kate off to stop anytime soon.

Kate was bucking against him now, forcing his fingers even deeper inside her. “Oh my god don’t stop,” she said, her words running together now. Her face and chest were red with exertion. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t you dare fucking stop until I fucking come again holy fucking shit fuck fuck fuck!”

Her every word spurned Mike on further, fueling his vigor, helping him push through the pain that was rising in his forearm. Hopefully she got to where she needed to go quickly; as much as he didn’t want to let her down, he wasn’t sure how much longer he could go.

Luckily he didn’t have to worry, as Kate bucked against him one last time and stayed there, his fingers deep inside of her pussy, her hand gripping his wrist, holding it in place inside of her as yet another orgasm racked her body.

“What is that, three already?” he said, a wave of satisfaction rising up in his chest.

“Four, actually,” she said.

“Holy crap. Do you always cum this often?”

“I wish.”

“So I’m doing something right?”

“You’re doing many things right,” she said. “But don’t get complacent, we’re not done yet. I need your cock inside me again.”

“If you insist,” Mike said. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and replaced them with his cock.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Kate said, hooking her arms beneath her legs.  “Fill me up with that huge cock of yours.”

Mike lifted her ass up off the couch a little bit to give himself a better angle of entry and moved his cock in and out of her pussy, giving her the entire thing, from tip to base.

Kate took his cock easily, without flinching in the least, something he’d never experienced before. It was quite a relief, actually, not having to worry about hurting a girl while he was fucking her. It allowed him to open up more than ever before, to go after it without holding back.

And go after it he did, fucking Kate so deeply that his entire cock was disappearing inside of her and his balls were slapping up against her ass.

“Holy shit it’s so fucking huge,” Kate said, her eyes locked on his, her mouth turned up in a little smile. She was clearly enjoying herself. “Give it to me. Fuck me like you mean it. Fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone else before.”

Mike again did as he was told, grabbing ahold of her leg and using it to anchor himself, pulling her body back into his as he hammered away at her pussy.

“That’s it,” she said between deep breaths. “Just like that. That’s what I need. Give me what I fucking need.”

Emboldened by her encouragement, Mike turned it up a notch, pushing down on Kate’s legs to open her up even more and then laying into her, pummeling her with everything he had, fucking her like he’d never fucked anyone else before, bringing himself right to the edge of orgasm.

Kate’s tits were flopping back and forth in a perfect rhythm, bouncing right in front of his face. They were mesmerizing, impossible to look away from, so big and beautiful and luscious.

Kate noticed him staring at them. “My tits are gorgeous, aren’t they?” she said.

“They’re perfect,” Mike said. And he meant it to. They were absolutely perfect.

“They look even better with sperm all over them,” Kate said.

Mike’s took a deep breath and bit down on his lip. Just envisioning Kate’s tits covered in his sperm was enough to put him over the top.

“Do you want to cum on them?” she asked.

“More than anything in the world,” Mike said. And again, it was the complete, honest truth.

“Then what are you waiting for?” Kate said. “Shoot your load on my huge fucking titties.”

Mike couldn’t hold out any longer. The physical pleasure combined with Kate’s orders had him obeying her almost immediately.

He slid his cock out of her wet, moist pussy and climbed to his feet, his body still between her legs. He held onto his cock in a death grip, trying to hold his sperm in until the very last second.

“Holy fuck,” he said, moaning more than speaking as his body tensed up for a moment before going past the point of no return. A jolt of electricity rocketed through his body as he came, his cock squirting thick ropes of sperm all over Kate. Five, six, seven bursts of cum, each slightly less strong than the previous one, but all quite potent.

Looking down, he could see Kate’s body covered with his sperm. Her tits, stomach, throat, and even some on her face. There were rivers of it, all feeding into a reservoir between her breasts. He’d never cum this much before, not even close.

“That was quite an explosion,” Kate said, laughing as she looked down at herself.

“An appropriate response for the evening,” Mike said, dropping down onto the couch beside her. “Although I feel like I owe you an apology.”

“For what?”

“Cumming so quickly,” he said.

“Oh, it wasn’t that quick,” Kate said, waving off his concerns. “You lasted longer than most men do with me.”

“Well, that’s something, at least.”

“It’s more than just something,” she said. “Especially with the size of your cock. It doesn’t matter how long you go, all that matters is that you make the girl cum. Multiple times if possible. Which you did.”

“If you say so.”

“I do. Besides, it’ll get better. You know what they say, practice makes perfect. A few more times and we’ll be making magic.”

“So this wasn’t a one-time thing?”

“Not unless you want it to be.”

“Hell no,” Mike said.

“Good, because I’d hate to have to say goodbye to a cock like yours after only one night.”

“Well you don’t have to worry about that,” Mike said. “My cock will be available for you as long as you want it.”

“I’m going to hold you to that.”

“I hope you do.”

“So tomorrow night then?” Kate said.

“That would be great.”

“I figure we can do things the traditional way next time. You know, dinner first? Maybe even a couple of drinks?”

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll come by at six.”

“I’ll be waiting.”





By this point, if you’ve read any of my other confessions, you know why I love escorts so much. But for those of you who don’t know, it comes down to this basic fact: You get exactly what you want whenever you want it with no hassle at all. Not to mention a wide variety of hot chicks at your disposal with just a simple phone call. What could be better than that? Nothing. At least I didn’t think so. But now I’m not so sure.  Things have changed in my world. Maybe it’s just temporary, or maybe it’s permanent. I don’t know yet. But what I do know is this: I had an experience that altered my perceptions.

It was a night with an escort, just like so many of the others, but this one turned out different. It was a function of the woman herself, a gorgeous, tactful, exotic, considerate,  grounded beauty unlike any other I’d ever been with. Now, don’t get me wrong, she was still a nasty-as-hell, fully functional, perverted sex machine, but she was classy. She was proof that there are women out there who can give me what I need sexually as well as fulfill me in other ways. (Of course, now the trick is finding one, but we’ll worry about that later.)

So here, for your appreciation, is my final night with an escort. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did. But I doubt it.




There’s a knock on my door. I take a deep breath and walk over to it and open it up, eschewing the peephole. I want to be surprised. And I am. In a good way.

The woman at the door is far more beautiful than I could have ever hoped for, standing just a few inches shorter than me with a slim, athletic body beneath her tight raincoat. Her long black hair is pulled back, showing off the perfect lines of her face. Narrow chin, high cheeks, big brown eyes, small nose, and thick, dick-sucking lips lined with dark maroon lipstick. Her skin is incredibly tan, golden brown, hinting at some exotic family background.

She holds out her hand, palm down. I take it and kiss the top of it, then lead her into the room.

I close the door behind us and by the time I turn around she’s already undone her raincoat and dropped it to the floor.

She’s wearing a tight, lacy black lingerie top that ends just below her perfectly proportioned, large but not too-large tits. She’s got a black bikini bottom and black lace stockings on her incredibly toned, muscular legs. She spins in place, showing off a tight, absolutely ridiculous ass and revealing little bows on the back of her stockings. She undoes a clip in her hair, letting it fall down her back, almost all the way to her waist.

Still facing away from me, showing off her ass, she turns her upper body and looks back at me.

“Do you like what you see?” she asks, her voice laced with the remains of an unfamiliar accent that confirms her exotic origins. Her smile is wide and appears genuine.

“Very much,” I say, stumbling even to get a simple sentence out. She’s so ridiculously gorgeous it’s throwing me off.

I’m used to getting a certain kind of woman, namely one with a specific flaw. Cute with only a so-so body, or an insane body with a decent face, or perfect except for jacked up teeth, something like that. But not this girl. She is just flat-out gorgeous, like a movie star, only with a slightly slutty edge. Perfect face, perfect body, perfect attitude, and just waiting to get fucked by me. It’s almost too much to handle.

“I like what I see too,” she says, stepping towards me. She grabs ahold of my arm, squeezes my bicep. “You have very big muscles,” she says. “Let’s see about the most important one.”

My heart is pounding as she runs her hand down my chest, over my shirt and jeans, coming to stop right at my crotch. She runs her hand over my jeans and starts rubbing the outside of my already rock-hard cock.

“So far, so good,” she says. “Do you mind if I take a closer look?”

“Not at all,” I say, trying (and failing) to control my breathing.

She unzips my fly and reaches in and pulls my cock out. “Oh my,” she says under her breath, her smile growing even wider. With her hand still wrapped around my shaft she says, “You have a very beautiful cock.”

Despite having done this sort of thing many times, I can’t help but blush. For some reason getting a compliment from her (even though it’s one I paid for) excites and embarrasses me.

“Thanks,” I say sheepishly.

She laughs. “What’s the matter? Is this your first time with someone like me?”

“Not even close,” I say.

“Then what is it? Are you just shy?”

“Not normally,” I say, laughing nervously under my breath. “But right now? Yeah. A little.”

“That’s okay,” she says. “You just relax and let me do the work. And when you’re feeling up to it, you can take over.”

“Sounds good to me,” I say, barely able to get the words out, highly doubting that I’ll ever feel up to taking control. Not over her.

With her hand still wrapped around my cock, she leads me over to the couch. Then she spins me around and gives me a little push, dropping me onto the cushions.

She reaches down and undoes my belt then pulls my jeans off. She drops down onto the floor, spreads my legs, and crawls in closer to me until her head is right in front of my stiff cock.

A thin sound escapes from my throat as she wraps her lips around the tip of my cock. She sucks on the head for a few seconds before pulling her mouth off with a pop. Then she starts working my cock over, never staying in one spot for more than a couple seconds, running her tongue down the length of the shaft, caressing my balls, sucking on them for a short time, then licking the tip, all while looking up at me, her big brown eyes locked onto mine.

“You want me to suck it?” she says.

I nod, unable to trust my mouth to form even the simplest of words.

She smiles again then takes my cock in her mouth and starts moving her lips up and down the shaft, hands-free, making it disappear with ease, her eyes still looking up at mine. Her hair is thrown back, allowing me a perfect view of her beautiful face as she sucks my cock.

And she sucks it like a pro, constantly varying the pace and the pressure and the depth to keep things fresh and keep the sensation heightened.

She takes my cock all the way down her throat and holds it for a few seconds, then pulls off, leaving it glistening with her saliva. She takes a couple of deep breaths, still smiling up at me, her hand now jerking me off, moving quickly along my slippery shaft.

After catching her breath she slips my cock back into her mouth and moves it in conjunction with her hand, sucking and jerking me off at the same time, her mouth making slurping and gurgling sounds as she goes to town on my cock. Her free hand runs down my thigh then comes underneath my balls and curls around my sack, caressing and jiggling my balls while she continues to suck my cock.

She pulls her mouth off my cock and slips her head further down beneath my legs. Her eyes still locked on mine, she takes my balls in her mouth, suckling and gurgling them, first one at a time, then both together, her hand continuing to jerk me off the whole time.

It feels so good I can hardly contain myself. I close my eyes and take a deep breath in an attempt to regain control. I’m a visual person and I’m hoping that by not watching her suck my cock it’ll keep me from getting too excited. It actually works, at least for a short time. But then her tongue bypasses my balls and ventures even lower.

I shudder and mutter a low obscenity the moment her tongue makes contact with my asshole.

“I take it you like that?” she asks, looking up at me from behind my balls, a little smile plastered on her face.

“I fucking love it,” I say.

“Do you want me to do it some more?”

“Yes please.”

She laughs and then goes back to work on my asshole, licking it like a kitten lapping up milk, moving slowly from back to front while she continues jerking me off with her free hand.

She suddenly shoves my legs even further back, pushing my knees towards my chest, giving her easier access to my asshole. She gathers up some saliva and spits on my asshole, then starts attacking it more aggressively with her tongue, putting more pressure on my sphincter, then sliding the rigid tip of it inside of me.

“Holy fuck,” I mutter, my fists curled up into balls in an attempt to counteract my excitement. I’m breathing hard by now, barely able to keep myself under control as she continues tonguing my asshole with reckless abandon. I’m perilously close to cumming but it just feels so damn good that I don’t want to tell her to stop.

I turn my gaze to the ceiling and try to count the little holes to distract myself just enough to stay on the edge without going over it. But my attention is thrust downward with the onset of a new sensation.

She has gone back to sucking my cock but there’s still pressure in my asshole. I realize with a start that she’s slipped one of her fingers in there and is sliding it in and out of my asshole while she blows me.

It feels incredible. Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The pressure and the mixture of slight pain and intense pleasure in my rectum combined with the pure bliss of her mouth moving up and down on my cock is quickly pushing me over the edge. It’s all I can do to keep from exploding right there, all over her face and into her mouth.

With a deep sense of reluctance I crawl away from her, back into the couch, forcing her finger out of my asshole and her mouth off my cock.

“What’s the matter?” she asks, a look of confusion on her face. “You don’t like that?”

“Actually I like it too much,” I say. “Any more of it and I’m going to be finished way too soon.”

“Ahhh, I understand,” she says, smiling. “You need a little break, right? A chance to gather yourself?”

I nod.

“Okay, you just sit back and relax. I’ll give you a little show.”

So I do, leaning back on the couch as she drops onto the floor, her back to the carpet.

She slips her panties off and spreads her legs wide so her wet, shaved pussy is staring me right in the face, then slides her hand down her stomach, stopping at the top of her pussy.

With two fingers she starts rubbing her clit, moving slowly in a circular motion, staring directly at me the entire time. With her free hand she’s fondling her breast, squeezing and pinching her nipple.

Her fingers start moving faster against her clit and her breath is coming harder and harder now. She bites down on her bottom lip and makes soft but intense groaning sounds under her breath. She slips her fingers inside her pussy and starts banging herself, her juices making a sloshing, sucking sound as her fingers fly in and out of her pussy.

My dick is still standing straight up and it’s all I can do to keep my hands off it. I desperately want to jerk off as she plays with herself but I’m trying to exhibit a little self-control. But soon I realize it’s pointless.

She slips a third finger inside her pussy and I just can’t hold out any longer. My hand goes down to my cock and I start stroking it, slowly and gently, not wanting to increase my excitement too much further. After all, this is supposed to be when I’m cooling down a bit in preparation for what’s to come next. But she’s just so hot and sexy and obviously into what she’s doing that I can’t help myself.

  By now, she’s working herself with both hands, one with four fingers inside her pussy, slamming in and out, while the other rubs at her clit. It’s obvious from her face that she’s close to cumming but she still makes relatively little noise.

She increases the intensity until it’s about to boil over, then suddenly tenses up, her eyes wide, her neck straining as she reaches orgasm. She lets out a little gasp and her body shakes and shimmies a couple of times before falling still.

Smiling, she pulls her fingers from her pussy and brings them up to her mouth, where she proceeds to suck them dry of her pussy juices.

“Did you like the show?” she says once her fingers are clean. Her eyes are locked on mine, her smile as genuine as ever.

“Very much,” I say.

“Are you ready for me to sit on your cock now?”

Matching her smile, I nod.

She stands up from the floor and saunters over towards me. She climbs atop me, one leg on each side of my body, and lowers her pussy onto my stiff cock. It slides in easily, having been expertly warmed up already.

I utter a soft groan as she takes my cock all the way inside her, engulfing it, her pussy warm and wet and inviting.

She works her pussy muscles, expanding and contracting them, altering the pressure on my cock without moving up and down against it.

“Holy fuck,” I say softly, doing everything in my power to keep from cumming immediately. I’m holding my breath, afraid to let it out for fear that it’ll be all the excuse my body need to release.

Smiling, obviously enjoying the control she has over me, she leans over and sticks her tongue down my throat.

This does nothing to relieve the pressure; if anything, it ramps things up even further. For some reason I’ve always been turned on just as much if not more from kissing as from fucking, and when both are happening simultaneously it’s all but unbearable. Making out while fucking a girl is often the final thing that puts me over the edge. And that’s almost the case here. But her lips feel so good I don’t want to pull off. So I just tighten my reins a little tighter and try to hold on.

Luckily she breaks off the kiss right before it’s going to be a problem for me. Then she leans her body back and starts bouncing on my cock, slowly at first, working the entire thing from tip to shaft inside her pussy. Taking it right to the edge of popping out before slamming it back down.

Paradoxically, this relieves some of the pressure I’m feeling. I’ve always had an easier time not cumming when the fucking is fast and aggressive as opposed to slow and intimate. I’m not sure why but it holds true here too.

She slams her body into me harder and harder, riding my cock like crazy, her tits bouncing in my face, her hands pressing down on my chest while she stares directly at me. It’s perfect; I’m thoroughly excited but in no immediate danger of spilling over.

With my cock still planted deep in her pussy, she spins around so she’s riding me reverse cowgirl, her body turned slightly sideways towards me, one foot flat up on the couch, outside of my leg, and the other on the ground, inside of mine.

She’s riding me faster and faster, the new position allowing her to slam her body down onto mine with more force than ever before. But still I want more.

Her body is turned towards me just enough that her right tit is bouncing directly in front of my face, tempting me, taunting me. I crane my neck forward and start sucking on her rock-hard nipple while she rides my cock.

She moans and starts riding me even more aggressively, her body now slamming down on top of mine hard enough to make me flinch. But I like the pain so I bite down on her nipple so she’ll ride me even harder.

She obliges, uttering something in her native language under her breath and shaking her head from side-to-side and slamming down onto me with everything she has, our bodies coming together with an audible smack at the bottom of every thrust.

Despite the intensity that we’re going at it, she remains mostly quiet, which is fine by me. And actually it’s a bit of a relief considering how most of the escorts I’ve been with scream as loud as possible, perhaps thinking that’s what men want to hear. Which is correct, most of the time. But not always. Sometimes quiet intensity is preferable, especially when the girl is gorgeous and talented, like this one obviously is. She doesn’t need to scream to prove she’s having a good time. Her actions do it for her. And more effectively, I might add.

In fact, she’s so effective that I’m having trouble loosening up and letting things go. I feel like I’m back in high school and it’s one of my first times; I’m still slightly embarrassed by her beauty and even feeling a bit unworthy, even though I’ve paid her for her time. She’s so gorgeous it’s really kind of intimidating. I feel like a kid again, making it almost impossible for me take control.

She does her best to counteract this by taking the lead, but this just makes things even more pronounced, making me feel even more out of my league. It’s far easier to pummel a girl into submission when you see them as lesser than you, a view which most escorts are all too ready to enforce by their looks and outfits and attitudes. But a woman like this, so beautiful and sophisticated and sure of herself makes it almost impossible for me to get comfortable. I want to take control and fuck her like I fuck all the other escorts, but there’s something deep down inside me that isn’t allowing me to do so.

Luckily for me she seems to be used to having this kind of effect on men, so she has no trouble continuing to take the lead.

She climbs up and off my cock, spins around, and positions herself on her hands and knees on the couch. Her perfect ass is sticking up, just waiting for me to take her from behind.

I clamber to my feet and position myself with one leg on the couch and one on the floor, giving me the perfect leverage to take advantage of her.

I slip my cock into her, taking her doggy-style. I move slowly against her at first, wanting to savor the first few moments of penetration from this, my favorite angle, but it isn’t long before I’m slamming my cock in and out of her pussy. I just can’t help myself.

Our bodies slam together, my cock going balls deep inside her pussy, the outline of her spine showing against her tanned skin.

I adjust my position so my hands are just above her hips, pushing her mid-section down to bring her ass up, slightly altering the angle of penetration and allowing me deeper access.

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