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Lust part two


MR. Pitso

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Chapter Five

Lust Part Two

Danny pull out his cock inside her pussy as he lay her on the couch spreading her legs looking at her dripping pussy, not neglected like her auntie’s pussy. it was well shaved. He knelt down trucking his tongue licking the dripping pussy of her cousin and peaceful moan come out from her cousin as her hand reach down to her clit. Julia pussy was still fresh. Danny could feel it with her tongue as he slurped all dripping juices. Danny wake his head and glace at Julia.

“let go to my room?” he said.

“ok,” Julia stood grabbing Danny’s hand tugging him leading the way to Danny’s room. Danny glace at her beautiful ass as he couldn’t stop spank it. “I wanted to spank that ass for long time,”

Julia chuckle squint at Danny, “you can spank it while fucking me,” they both pause at the doorjamb of Danny’s room as Julia wrap her hands around Danny’s neck pressing her lips on him dragging him inside the room while their lips parted together. Danny just push her and she fell on the bed closing the door of his room. Danny turn around glance at her naked cousin laying on her bed with her legs spreads anxiously waiting for his cock.

“come here?” Julia call him by her index finger while rubbing her clit and Danny flick a smile slowly approaching Julia while giving a few strokes on his cock. Julia wake as she grabs Danny hand pulling him to however her body while hand reach down to Danny’s cock guiding it inside her and it thrust deeper inside.

“fuck me Danny,” she wrapped her legs around Danny’s waist perching her hands-on Danny’s butt helping him to fuck harder.

“oh yes,” she spanks Danny’s ass, “fuck me harder,” she moans spanking Danny ass again, Danny couldn’t stand spanking by her. he straightens up speeding up his trust and Julia just arc watching her tight pussy being stretch by her cousin’s cock. Danny just held one of her leg as he pushes her back to lay on the bed pulling his cock turning her around paying back the spank, the spank she did on his butt. He spunk her twice.

“oh, that feel good,” Julia just groan with a giggle. “spank me harder,” she orders, Danny spank her harder and she just scream.

“your fucking slut, you know that?” Danny slid his rigid cock from behind start to fuck her harder. “oh, you’re so good,” Julia laugh with a moan. “I wonder why mom she’s been smiling since you fuck her,” she moans.

“truthfully speaking that day, it supposed to be you,” Danny groan. “your mother just get in the way does all,”

“oh yes, I’m Cumming again,”

“cum on my cock slutty,” Danny groan as he drains each and very cum inside her pussy, they were both swimming on their mix fluids.

“oh, Danny your good,” she said as she sit on the bed, “we will do it again soon,” she said.

“what do you mean soon,” Danny asked.

“this was not last isn’t?” she asked glancing at Danny with a serous eyes and Danny just lean back with a cringe face nodding his head.

“good,” Julia giggle as she stood, “the fun is just beginning,” she said kissing Danny on his cheek, “and if your cock get erect, I’m all here, no more sex with mother ok?”

Danny knew that things will end up like this, “but what if she come to me?” he asked.

“tell her your tired try to give excuses to avoid her understand,” she said, looking at Danny, “if I find out you have sex with mother, I’m going to tell father,” she said walking out of Danny’s room


“Paul!” she sighs “… what do you want now?” she said with a low voice.

Paul did not respond but enters. “I bring you the files, I need you to sign is an emergence,” Paul gave Lauren a batch of files.

Lauren just sighs. She saw this coming. She’s tired to bear another load of paper work. Her table is filled with paper work already. She doesn’t was to see another paperwork. Lauren gaze up at Paul, “but you just finish giving me some papers now?”

Paul rolled down giving Lauren the file as he glimpsed the papers he gave Lauren before and it was still in the position, Lauren put it. She hasn’t them sign yet.

“yeah but that was the papers we should use tomorrow conference,” Paul replied.

“and then this file?” Lauren take another file.

“um a client just join, so I need your signature so I should capture the information in the computer,”

Lauren nodded looking at Paul. He’s a husband men. She wouldn’t mind to be fuck by him in fact. It was a good idea to Lauren. She’s smile biting her lower lips. The door was still open. She felt like everyone is watching her.

“Please close the door behind you,” she chuckles looking at the file flipping page by page.

She takes one of her pen putting the file on the table. “please sit down,” she ordered. Paul nodded sitting down.

Lauren beginning signing the files as Paul was bored watching his boss taking so long signing the page. Lauren pause running his hands to her breast as she cupped them forward. Paul’s eyes just rolled gawking at Lauren cleavage. He felt his thing between his legs slowly getting hard.

“Ma’am you look stress today?” Paul slightly shift down his eye blow.

Lauren heavily sighs looking at Paul. “yeah, is just a family problem,”

“yeah, everyone has a family problem that’s normal,”

“yeah but not my family. I have to deal with kids after is my husband. He doesn’t stop nagging my neck,” She recline on the chair with frustration. “he keeps demanding. Lauren do this, Lauren this,” she shook her head. “what about my need? He never listened to me even a bit,”

“I understand your frustration but you need to take yourself out and get some fresh air,” Paul shrugged, “get a massage maybe,” Paul’s eyes couldn’t stop looking at Lauren’s breast. Lauren was wearing a formal suit as she wears it always when she come to work. It surprises Paul why all of a sudden charm by her breast. Paul remembered that he’s a married man and she too is a married woman. He keeps it in mind as he takes his eyes away but Lauren caught his gawking.

“do you think, it will work?” Lauren bring herself forward.

“yes, it will defiantly work,”

“thank you for advice,” she smile.

Paul chuckles, “if you won’t mind, we go and lunch together at my home, my wife is a good cook?”

Lauren lowered her eyes asking herself that, what is wrong with Paul today? She examines Paul is handsome and a cool guy but he’s young to have a 50-year-old women like her. Lauren fallen for Paul but she’s not interested on dated him at all. she just wanted to be fucked by him just for one night but since Paul stated he has a wife. The possible outcome to be fuck by him is slim.

She doesn’t know how to respond Paul. She would love to but because Paul mention his wife, her interest fade away.

She shook her head, “no, I can’t Paul, I’m tired the way you look at me. I want to rest?

“come on, you pushed yourself to hard, why don’t you take a break,” Paul suggest.

“I still need to finish signing these papers,” she titters, “since you mention massage. I just wish to have one,”

“since you need to finish the papers, I will grant your wish,”

“oh really, tell me your joking” Lauren was flirted by Paul words and if he was on her age. It would be a perfect match for her. Hurry never mention the word massage since they got married. She would to go lunch with him. She can’t imagine him fucking her hard after lunch but this thought became bearable when thought of Paul’s wife.

“I have been watching and you been sleeping for the last couple of hour. I think you need something that can clear your mind from work,” Paul stood heading to Lauren, “let’s start with a massage,” Lauren felt his hands softly squeeze her shoulder. she felt so relief from the frustration she was had.

“Paul, your good at this?” Lauren chuckle

“Really?” Paul slightly laugh.

“yeah, it this keep on, you might get yourself a promotion,” Lauren muffled shutting her eyes. She remembered the massage Terrance once gave her at the beach. It was the best date Terence ever taken her. she felt guilt for letting him go away. Lauren can imagine her miserable life with Hurry. If Terrance might appear before him. She wouldn’t have second thought. She might file the deforce paper right now and gone away with Terrance to enjoy the rest of their life. Paul’s hands were good the way she’s turn on. She won’t mind to fucked by him for once. She’ll will take it as a token of appreciation for an excuse.

“Oh,” she whimpers, “it working,” she grins as she held Paul’s hands.

“do you love it,” Paul titters.

She nodded, “keep going,”

Paul continue giving Lauren a massage but the way Lauren held his hands. It was becoming inappropriate. He can’t go on with this.

“ma’am, you should sign the paper you know,” said Paul

“come on, you said I need I rest and I’m getting a rest,”

“yes but what if someone caught us like this,”

“Don’t worry, nobody would,” Lauren Murmured. Paul lean back with a heavily gasp. Lauren chuckles as she guide his hands to her breast.

Paul flinch quickly removing her hands “I’m sorry, I just…”

“relax Paul is just a massage nothing more,” Lauren interrupted guiding Paul hands to her breast.

“squeeze them,” Lauren commanded.

Paul jerk his face as he does what Lauren commanded her to do.

“good,” Lauren whimper, “this jacket is tight,” Lauren take off her suit jacket.

“what are you doing,” Paul asked.

“please don’t stop?” Lauren whimper recline on the chair shutting her eyes, Paul’s hands felt so good. she slipped his hands inside her blouse. Paul felt her erect nipple. “Ma’am,” Paul heavily gasp.

“go on Paul,” Lauren murmured. Paul’s palm makes her nipples erect his hands was warm on her breast.

“you see your doing it,” Lauren commented. “play with my nipples,”

Paul pinch her nipples as she commanded. He can felt them. there were hard. “yes, just like that,” Lauren moan reaching to Paul’s trouser.

Paul flinch taking a step back, “what are you doing,” He was pissed even though Lauren’s hands felt good when she rub his cock.

“I’m sorry, is just that…” Lauren couldn’t finish his sentenced. She stood turning around and she ogle the bulge on Paul’s trouser but Paul was pissed.

He walks to the door, Lauren saw it that Paul want to walk out from her. she wouldn’t let him go not after what she’s going through. she quickly blocked his way leaning on the door to stop Paul from opening the door.

“Paul, your handsome you know that,” she chuckles. “and you remind me of my lover,”

Paul’s eyes widen before He can say something. Lauren press her lips on him.

Paul slip away from the kiss by leaning back. “Lauren, we both married,”

“I know,” Lauren look down with disappointment. “and is embarrassing to tell you what’s wrong with me.”

“what is it?” Paul asked.

Lauren wake her head gazing right through Paul’s eyes, “only if you let me then I will…”

“ok, then is your choice,” Paul grab her by her shoulder turn her around as he tugged her back to his chest.

“oh, Paul what are you doing?”

“what you wanted,” Paul slid one of his hand between her legs and he felt how wet Lauren is. Lauren whimper push Paul back with slap.

“What are you doing?” Lauren asked with heavily sighs come from Lauren. She liked what Paul did but she just doesn’t want to admit it.

“ok, if is not it, let me go,” Paul said

Lauren lips stretch with a smile, she knew that Paul won’t resist her after he felt how wet her pussy is, She take a step back turn locking the door. Paul’s eyes grow wider getting back.

“Lauren, this is an office, we can’t…” He gasped when Lauren grab him by his left hand tugging him close to her.

“enough playing around, Fuck me then,”

“Ok, I will if—”

“don’t worry the secret is safe with me,” Lauren interrupted press her lips on his lips. Paul try protest pushing Lauren back with heavily breathing.

“Lauren, we have to stop this,” Paul breathing was heavily. He calm herself down. Lauren knew that Paul want this, if He doesn’t want it, He should have shouted.

“Paul, I knew you want this, you just don’t have the balls to satisfy a woman?” Lauren chuckles, “you just like my husband, you’re not even a man. I wonder if your able to satisfy your wife,”

Paul bite his lower lips with anger with Lauren’s insult. Paul finally realize what her wife was telling her.

“so, my wife was right, slut!” Paul grab Lauren tugging her close to him. “I will make you beg for insulting me,” Paul turn her around by force pinning her on the table.

“ouch, your hurting” she protested but she liked the way Paul pinned her on the table.

“shut up, slut,” Paul said. “you wanted it, hasn’t it?” Paul lift her skirt from behind spanking her big butt leaning on Lauren as his head get closed to her ears.

“I’m going to fuck you hard and this it will be out secret?”

Lauren nodded with heavily gasp. She lusts someone like Paul for so long. However, she realized that Paul is right. She deceived to be call a slut. She was having a thought of suing Paul’s wife if Paul doesn’t perform well. She just moaned when she felt Paul roughly rubbing her pussy from behind.

“oh yes,” she screamed

“Are you enjoying it huh?” he asked. “just wait and you won’t be smiling slut,” Paul just paused unzip his trouser and his cock escape from his pants sliding it inside Lauren wet pussy.

“oh! your fucking me already” she moans. She felt Paul’s cock filled her whole pussy. she enjoyed it the way Paul thrust cock inside her pussy but it was sooner than she expected. She wanted to suck it first before she let it inside her pussy.

“I didn’t want waste the dripping juicy on your pussy,” Paul groan penetrate his cock deep inside her tight pussy.

She tried to keep her moan not loud so that her employees wouldn’t hear her. Paul’s cock was good even he was rough, the way he thrust his cock, he was fucking her hard and she manage her moan quietly enjoying the pleasure Paul is giving her.

“Stop it please,” she murmured.

Paul pull out his cock from her pussy. “what are you doing?” she yelled.

“your making nose when you beg me to stop,”

“don’t mind me,” she stood turning around looking at Paul while her hands reach down to Paul’s cock and it was huge cock. she’s holding. She felt the pulse of his welt veins around his shaft within her grasp

“put it back,” she said. “and fuck me hard,” Lauren begins unbuckle his belt unhooked Paul’s trouser and it slip down to the floor. She rolled her eyes down and Paul’s cock was still hard and lubricated from her juicy pussy. She didn’t have the time to take her underwear off. she lifted her leg holding Paul’s cock guide it inside her throbbing pussy. They both shut their eyes with groan when their sex part stealing each other heat, it was warm and moist. Paul could feel the warm and moisture and Lauren could feel its pulse in her pussy, her virginal wall were cling around Paul’s cock.

She just moans moving up and down slowly taking her time fucking herself with Paul’s cock. Is been a long time she had such fun and she wanted to enjoyed to the fullest because it might be the last of her to be fucked by a man like Paul. She knew Hurry doesn’t have the gut

She flashed her eyes open gazing up at Paul and Paul’s eyes we still shut, he was enjoying the pleasure of Lauren’s pussy. He felt the tightness of her pussy thrusting gentle with his cock.

“oh! yes… do you like my tight pussy,” she moans wrapping her hand around Paul. Paul held her by her both buttock taking control as he lift her and she jump wrapping her legs around Paul’s waist. Paul speed up his thrust.

“oh yes…” Lauren blunted with scream.

“shh, lower your voice,”

“you’re so good,” she moans, “yes fuck me harder, let me feel your cock,”

Paul speed up fucking her hard and Lauren just clench her jaws to avoid moaning loader, “make me cum,” she whispers on Paul ears, as she felt that expanding sensation anxiously waiting to explode. “yes, I’m Cumming Paul,”

“Just come on my cock,”

Lauren couldn’t hold it anything as her orgasm shivered, it erupted like volcano and her body just tremble kissing Paul neck with a heavily breathing. She couldn’t let go of Paul’s body, she enjoys feeling Paul’s cock stuck inside her pussy but Paul was tired carry her.

“fuck me, Paul,” she demanded

Paul move her to the table and there were piles of files and some papers on the table. Lauren push the file and the paper aside to clear some space for her as Paul lay her on the table pulling out his cock from her pussy allowing her to sit on the table. Lauren sit on the table spreading her legs wide.

“Come and make me cum again” she murmured as her hand reach down to her pussy rubbing her clit. Paul was breathing heavily stroking his cock few times as put it back inside her pussy.

“oh! yes” she moan bite her lower lips shutting her eyes, she shut her eyes and her body shiver, pulling her chest forward feeling Paul’s cock thrusting inside her gentle and she just wrapped her legs around Paul’s waist and breathless moan come from her while Paul pushed his waist back and forth fucking her faster.

“Paul be gentle ok,” she groans. “let’s enjoy the fun,”

Paul did not respond, only a groaning sound comes out of him, instead of being gentle as Lauren command. He began to be rough fucking her roughly.

“you should say please…”

“please,” Lauren groan.

“I think you need to be taught a lesson… I will punish you for insulting me.” Paul held both her thigh tugging her closed as he lay Lauren down the table and she just put her legs on Paul’s shoulders. She groaned when Paul spanked her buttock.

Lauren unhook the button of her blouse dig out her breast from her bra cupping them as she tucked her tongue linking one of her nipples. She felt his hard cock like is been grown inside her pussy. She was feeling some little pain and arouse.

“Please forgive,” she begged suckling her nipples. she was uncontrollable. she never had a sex like this for the past 6 years. she couldn’t believe that today she got fucked hard by Paul without showing her mercy.

She couldn’t hold her moaning anymore. Paul was fucking her hard as she moans louder arc her body louder but Paul is showing no sign of stopping when she heard her loud moan. He was aware that her workmate might heard him but he doesn’t feel like stopping. He is so close to cum and he wanted to cum inside her pussy.

“here I come” Paul groan.

“I’m coming too,”

Lauren couldn’t talk with her clench jaws, she just nodding her head trying to breath in some air

“oh… I’m cumming,” Paul groan with a gruff voice shoot his load inside her pussy and his body just fall on top of her as she too shivered up with orgasm and another two follows

Lauren wrapped her hands around Paul as she felt his cock being pull out her pussy but his cock was still hard.

“Your good fucker, we should do this every day,” she complemented him with a smile on her face. Lauren’s eyes grow wider when she felt Paul’s cock still hard prodding her thigh. Lauren arc her head trying to take a look at Paul’s cock.

Paul stood with chuckles looking at Lauren and Lauren chuckles nervously look down when her eyes rolled down at Paul’s rigid cock.

“don’t you think you should get back to work,” Lauren suggested. She gets nervous biting her lower lips looking at Paul jerking his cock, It widen her eyes seeing Paul’s cock is still hard. She chuckles with a glance at Paul.

“I told you, I will make you beg,” Paul approach her brushing her inner thigh as his hand slid to her pussy rubbing her clit.

“but you suppose…” Lauren just get interrupted with moan. Paul finger feels good on her clit and it make her wet again.

“to fuck me,” she muttered taking off her blouse, she wanted to say get back to work but Paul’s finger was making her pussy wet again. Paul just press his lips on her and she just wrap her hands around his neck, as they both depart looking each other. Lauren started to take off Paul shirt as his hands played with her breast and Lauren just whimper.

“I wanted to taste your nipples for so long,” he said leaning his head to Lauren’s breast suckles on nipple. Lauren felt her warm mouth around her nipples while Paul’s finger is busy with her clit. The arouse was too much, she was already wet, her pussy was dripping juicy, she couldn’t tell which part make her get so arouse quickly. Paul felt it too as he thrust his finger inside her pussy and a breathless moan come out from Lauren as Paul remove his finger slowly. It was wet with Lauren dripping juicy. Paul glace at his wet finger as his eyes glimpse that Lauren was glancing at his finger. Lauren got nervous with chuckles when she realizes that Paul caught her. Paul’s chuckles back, putting his finger on her mouth and Lauren gladly lick Paul’s finger that was dripping with her pussy’s juicy and share it with him by pressing her lips on Paul’s lips while her hands slid to his chest pushing Paul back.

“let me take care of that cock of yours,” she murmured getting down from the table as she knelt on the floor. She chuckles grabbing Paul’s cock with her hand licking the length of it’s shaft while her another hand reach down to her clit as she started to rub it.

Paul groan when he felt his cock inside her mouth and she was so good at sucking it. Paul’s wanted to see it when his cock is inside her mouth but the long red hair was tumbling over Lauren’s face, his hands reach down to Lauren’s red hair. he remove her hair over her face as he flip it back and her cock was glisten with her split. He grab her by her red hair fucking his boss mouth very hard, he even take it deep down to her throat, it will make her gladly if he spewed his hot sperm but it will be a waste as he wanted it on her pussy. Paul stop her helping Lauren to stand. Lauren chuckles, “I want you to fuck me from behind,” she said.

Paul’s pressed his lips on her as he spank both of her buttock carrying her to sit on the table.

“what are you doing?” Lauren gasp when Paul hold her legs tugging her legs close to him. Lauren had no idea what Paul is trying to do because she was expecting his cock coming from behind but now she had no idea. Paul push her back laying her on the table spreading her legs. Lauren’s eyes grow wider and wider, she thought that Paul would want to fuck her with that same position, she already cum. Paul looked at her pussy, it was dripping wet, he lingers his hands around her inner thigh leaning her head as he tucked his tongue licking her pussy.

“oh Paul, you should told me that you want to taste it,” Lauren just whimper cupping her breast suckles on of her nipples.

“How does it feel,” Paul asked while licking her pussy.

“good,” she moan slightly bite her nipple grit her teeth around her nipples when she felt Paul slurping her pussy. “I think, you should fuck me now,” she moan.

Paul paused looking at her wet pussy as she bumped it with his pussy. “ok stand up and turn around,” said Paul as he take a step back as Lauren stood turning around showing her ass on Paul and she smirk getting closer to Lauren spanking her ass.

Lauren groan, “fuck me now,”

Paul held her waist as she slid his rigid cock inside her pussy, she moan slumping over the table when Paul’s cock deepen than before, thrusting it faster but she wanted Paul to be rougher like the last time, she slap her thigh “fuck me harder,” she order slapping Paul on his thigh. Paul got rougher fucking her pussy until they both come. Paul’s body fall over her with a heavily breathing.

“your pussy is so good,” he said.

“and I love it the way you handle it,” she replied.

Paul stood pulling his cock from his boss pussy, “let’s pretend this never happen?”

Lauren slightly laugh pushing her skirt down, “we should do this more often,” she chuckles looking at Paul’s cock.

“but ma’am we both married,”

“come on, don’t give me that crap, you enjoyed it, don’t you?” she asked.

Paul nodded with heavily gasp.

Lauren shrugged, “so, there is no need to worry, nobody will find out,” Lauren slightly laugh wetting her lips with her tongue. “dress up and get back to work.”

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