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Lust part two


MR. Pitso

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Chapter Five

Lust Part Two

Danny pull out his cock inside her pussy as he lay her on the couch spreading her legs looking at her dripping pussy, not neglected like her auntie’s pussy. it was well shaved. He knelt down trucking his tongue licking the dripping pussy of her cousin and peaceful moan come out from her cousin as her hand reach down to her clit. Julia pussy was still fresh. Danny could feel it with her tongue as he slurped all dripping juices. Danny wake his head and glace at Julia.

“let go to my room?” he said.

“ok,” Julia stood grabbing Danny’s hand tugging him leading the way to Danny’s room. Danny glace at her beautiful ass as he couldn’t stop spank it. “I wanted to spank that ass for long time,”

Julia chuckle squint at Danny, “you can spank it while fucking me,” they both pause at the doorjamb of Danny’s room as Julia wrap her hands around Danny’s neck pressing her lips on him dragging him inside the room while their lips parted together. Danny just push her and she fell on the bed closing the door of his room. Danny turn around glance at her naked cousin laying on her bed with her legs spreads anxiously waiting for his cock.

“come here?” Julia call him by her index finger while rubbing her clit and Danny flick a smile slowly approaching Julia while giving a few strokes on his cock. Julia wake as she grabs Danny hand pulling him to however her body while hand reach down to Danny’s cock guiding it inside her and it thrust deeper inside.

“fuck me Danny,” she wrapped her legs around Danny’s waist perching her hands-on Danny’s butt helping him to fuck harder.

“oh yes,” she spanks Danny’s ass, “fuck me harder,” she moans spanking Danny ass again, Danny couldn’t stand spanking by her. he straightens up speeding up his trust and Julia just arc watching her tight pussy being stretch by her cousin’s cock. Danny just held one of her leg as he pushes her back to lay on the bed pulling his cock turning her around paying back the spank, the spank she did on his butt. He spunk her twice.

“oh, that feel good,” Julia just groan with a giggle. “spank me harder,” she orders, Danny spank her harder and she just scream.

“your fucking slut, you know that?” Danny slid his rigid cock from behind start to fuck her harder. “oh, you’re so good,” Julia laugh with a moan. “I wonder why mom she’s been smiling since you fuck her,” she moans.

“truthfully speaking that day, it supposed to be you,” Danny groan. “your mother just get in the way does all,”

“oh yes, I’m Cumming again,”

“cum on my cock slutty,” Danny groan as he drains each and very cum inside her pussy, they were both swimming on their mix fluids.

“oh, Danny your good,” she said as she sit on the bed, “we will do it again soon,” she said.

“what do you mean soon,” Danny asked.

“this was not last isn’t?” she asked glancing at Danny with a serous eyes and Danny just lean back with a cringe face nodding his head.

“good,” Julia giggle as she stood, “the fun is just beginning,” she said kissing Danny on his cheek, “and if your cock get erect, I’m all here, no more sex with mother ok?”

Danny knew that things will end up like this, “but what if she come to me?” he asked.

“tell her your tired try to give excuses to avoid her understand,” she said, looking at Danny, “if I find out you have sex with mother, I’m going to tell father,” she said walking out of Danny’s room


“Paul!” she sighs “… what do you want now?” she said with a low voice.

Paul did not respond but enters. “I bring you the files, I need you to sign is an emergence,” Paul gave Lauren a batch of files.

Lauren just sighs. She saw this coming. She’s tired to bear another load of paper work. Her table is filled with paper work already. She doesn’t was to see another paperwork. Lauren gaze up at Paul, “but you just finish giving me some papers now?”

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