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Gina Lane

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For Gina Davis, getting divorced was a blessing in disguise.

At first she was pissed as all hell; after all, she’d been married for 10 fucking years. In hindsight, however, it opened up her life to things she had never imagined doing. After she got divorced it was like starting a new life.

She had been so pissed that for six whole months she slept with every guy she could get her hands on. It didn’t matter what they looked like, how old they were, where she found them; Gina fucked them all. In those six months she learned more about herself and she’d ever known. As it turned out she was a complete and total freak in bed, capable of doing things she’d never even previously imagined.

But there was one thing she enjoyed more than all the others combined: dominating men. And more specifically, fucking them in the ass.

Owning a man, making him do what she wanted, and then humiliating him made her feel powerful and turned her on in ways she’d not thought possible. She was addicted to the feeling and sought it out whenever she could.

Over the last couple of months Gina had compiled a list of regulars; men who were willing to let her do whatever she wanted to them. And not only did they enjoy it, they lived for it.

One such man was David. A small, mousy-looking guy in his mid-thirties, he was the first man she’d ever fucked in the ass. The first couple of times it had been slightly awkward and Gina had been afraid to get too aggressive with him, but soon she’d realized that the harder she gave it to him, the more he liked it. So now she didn’t hold back at all. And tonight she was going to take things to a new level.




They were in David’s living room, in the middle of the floor. David was on his knees on the carpet, naked, looking up at Gina, who towered over him in her black, full-bodied leather outfit and thigh-high leather boots. Strapped to her waist was a big, black dildo, seven inches long and the width of a flashlight. Gina was slowly stroking her rubber cock, staring down at David.

“Do you see what I have for you today,” Gina said.

David nodded his head. There was fear in his eyes but it was mixed with a healthy dose of excitement. Exactly what Gina loved to see.

“I told you I had a surprise,” Gina said.

“It’s fucking huge,” David said. “Bigger than ever.”

“That’s right,” Gina said. “And you know why?”

David shook his head.

“It’s because I know you can take it, David.”

He laughed under his breath. “I don’t know about that.”

“But I do,” Gina said. She bent down until their heads were on the same level. Then she grabbed ahold of his chin, and squeezed tight. “Because you’re a man, right David? And men are tough. Isn’t that right David?”

“I guess,” he said.

“Don’t give me that shit,” Gina said. “You think you’re tougher than me. You know it, and I know it. Right?”

David reluctantly nodded.

“Which means you can take whatever I can, right?”

He nodded again.

“And considering I’ve taken a cock this size up my ass many times, you can to, right?”

Defeated, David nodded again.

“See?” Gina said, beaming. “My logic is unassailable, right?”

“It certainly appears to be.”

“Which also means that you can take other things that I’ve taken, right?”

At that point David appeared to just give up. He just said, “right,” in a flat tone.

“Oh, don’t look so sad,” Gina said. “I promise not to do anything to you that hasn’t been done to me before. And I’ve come through it fine, so I’m sure you will to. All right?”

“All right,” he said.

“Good,” she said. “So are you ready to get started?”

David nodded.

And without another word, Gina bent down and slapped him in the face.

David took it like a man, hardly making any sound at all beyond a little grunt.

“Very good,” Gina said, smiling. Then she slapped him again. Harder this time.

But still David barely made a noise.

“Did that hurt?” Gina asked.

“A little,” David said.

“Just a little?” Gina said.

David nodded.

“Then I guess I’m not doing it hard enough,” she replied. And she smacked him again. And again. And again. The sound of flesh on flesh was like a gunshot echoing about the room.

After the sixth consecutive slap to the same side of the face, David cracked, letting out a loud groan and following it with an f-bomb.

“That one got to you, didn’t it?” Gina said, grinning like the devil.

“Yeah,” David said. His cheek was bright red and his breathing rate was ragged and tears leaked out of his eyes.

Laughing, Gina grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked back on it, exposing his neck to her.

“Do you want me to stop smacking you? Do you want me to do something else?”

“Yes please,” David said.

“Fine,” she said. “But don’t say you didn’t ask for it.”

“I won’t.”

 “Then open your fucking mouth,” she said.

David did as he was told.

“That’s a good boy,” Gina said. And she shoved her cock in his mouth, forcing it more than halfway down his throat right from the get-go.

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