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A Mailman

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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Aria had been standing by the window for a whole thirty minutes before she spotted the familiar truck slow down. She froze with her nose pressed into the window so that she could hardly breathe. However, that was entirely out of her mind. All that she could think of was how she was going to get close enough to Old Man James (the name they'd so fondly given the mailman even though his actual name was Fred). Aria had thought this over lots of times and knew it would be as easy as pie to get close to the slow man and distract him. Getting the letters, however, would be another matter altogether.

"What the hell?" she exclaimed to herself. The man emerging from the truck bore no resemblance to Old Man James. Where the other man was lean and with a head full of gray hair, this man was much younger and if she had to admit it, a bit attractive. How was she ever going to get mail past this one?

Aria decided to act anyway despite the inconvenience set upon her by this stranger. She headed outside with a basket of muffins keeping an eye out for any peeping housewives who would no doubt want the opportunity to speak to the new mailman. It was what a lot of them did at this time of the morning. Aria had to walk fast enough to catch up with the mailman but not so fast that it seemed too obvious that she was following him. She timed her steps perfectly and with precision, 'bumped' into him.

"I'm sorry," she started to apologize;" I didn't see you there."

It was a silly thing to say seeing how her face was pressed into the hulk of a man before her. The man was impossible to miss. He must have known this because she realized the curiosity in his voice.

"It's okay. It happens a lot, “he said in his deep voice sending vibrations throughout her body. She looked up to him and for a moment, she forgot how to speak. This man was way more attractive than she had first imagine him He cleared his throat and she realized she'd been staring. With a lot of difficulty, she tore her eyes away from him. She knew that her ears must have been a terrible shade of pink from blushing.

"Are you okay?" he asked her, jolting her back to reality. She didn't like the look on his handsome face. As I he wanted to laugh at her. He probably got this a lot.

"Yes, I am." His voice portrayed more confidence than she actually felt. She felt around her foggy brain for what had brought her outside. Her eye widened as she realized that she had dangerously strayed away from her task.

"I haven't seen you before around here," she started twirling a strand of her silvery blonde hair around her finger, "Usually, it's Old Man James."

"Who's that?" he asked his eyes narrowing in curiosity. It dawned on her that it was only her and her friends, who called the old man that.

"Do you mean Fred?" he asked catching on quickly. She watched him as he chuckled the delicious sight causing chills to run down her spine. She shuddered from what she assumed was the cold.

"Yeah him," she replied quickly aware that time was flying.

"Uncle Fred was sick so I decided to deliver his mail," he replied.

"Well I'm glad he had you to help him," Aria said desperate to chat him up so she could distract him from his job. Although this seemed to be working well, getting to the truck was going to be harder than she had imagined. There was no possible way of getting close without arousing his suspicions. Luckily for her, two house wives came out of their houses probably glad to have a handsome young man in the neighborhood.

The mialman looked like the type of person who was used to attracting a lot of women and could never hesitate at the chance of being surrounded by them. It came as no surprise that he paid her no attention once the two women turned to become a much bigger crowd. Aria tried not to take it personally. She should have been happy that his attention was diverted. That however, didn't make it any less insulting. Worse still was the look on Deidra's face when Aria was pushed to the back of the crowd. Aria cringed her face in disgust. These women were married and most of them had children. However, they never let the chance to meet a new man pass them up.

The mailman was now completely crowded so there was no way he could have spotted Aria. She edged closer to the truck carefully away from the prying eyes of the wives. Just as she had predicted, the back was wide open and so all she had to do was climb inside undetected. He'd left his bag there. Aria went right for it eager to get what she'd been dreaming about for a week now. Rummaging through the rucksack, she found the letter addressed to Cora. She tore the envelope without much hesitation to expose the neatly typed card. She felt the bile rise in her throat as her eyes scanned it. She still couldn't bring herself to believe that this was an invitation to her ex boyfriend's wedding to her former best friend, Quinn.

The mailman was still in the midst of the crowd when she left the truck and quickly retreated back to her house. She would have been relieved to have committed the perfect crime if she hadn't heard the knock on her door two hours later. She was more than surprised to see the handsome man still clad in his uniform at her door.

"What are you doing here?" she asked unable to keep the tremor out of her voice.

"You don't look too happy to see me seeing that you just stole my mail."

Aria felt herself freeze up at his words. She was so scared that she couldn't stop him from pushing past her at the door and letting himself in.

"I don’t know what you're talking about," she said feigning ignorance. It seemed like the only way to get out of this mess was deny everything.

"So, I won't find an invitation to a wedding if I look around the house," he said mockingly his eyes already surveying the spacious living room.

"You have no right to look around my house," she said harshly catching his attention.

"Of course I don't, but the police do as soon as I show them that footage," he said with a smirk across his face. Aria felt the urge to slap him all the while feeling humiliated. How on earth could it have slipped her mind that there were cameras all over the neighborhood? She'd been too busy thinking about revenge that she hadn't thought this through.

"Why would I steal Cora's invitation to a wedding for my best friend and ex-boyfriend?" As soon as the words fell from her lips, it occurred to Aria that she'd just made a grave mistake.

"How did you know all that. All I said was that you stole a wedding invitation," the mailman said clearly feeling the need to laugh at her. Aria didn't get why he could be so calm when he had just found out about a crime.

"What do you want from me?" she asked. She'd given up on trying to deny it anymore. If this man wanted her in trouble he wouldn't have come here himself.

"I want you to give it back. I could go back to Cora's house and pretend I'd left it behind and you won't be in trouble anymore," he said more kindly than she would have expected. The solution was simple enough but the thought if handing back what she had stolen tugged painfully at her heart.

Aria walked away from him with her eyes fixed firmly on the floor. Not from the shame but the idea of giving up what she'd thought if as her one chance to move on. She grabbed her purse and with shaking hands handed the envelope back to him. She looked up at him and for some reason. She just couldn't help it anymore. She burst into tears much to his dismay. She buried her face in her hands eager not to let this man see her so weak. He looked around him as if deciding whether to escape would be better than to be stuck her with a moaning woman. Ultimately, he must have thought running wouldn't be right because he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him.

It took hours to calm her down and when she finally stopped crying, he looked wary. Aria had no trouble telling her why she had been crying. She'd been dying to talk to someone for a while and the man now seated on the sofa seemed like a new friend to her. Chase, on the other hand, wasn't too willing to listen to her story of betrayal but seeing as he was the one that made her cry he stayed anyway. Besides, there was no point in seeing her burst into a fresh set of tears when he'd only just calm her down.

By the end of her long story made even longer by the flow of her tears after every line, Chase felt sorry for her and found himself wanting to help. It was ridiculous seeing as he had never thought of himself as one to involve himself in things he didn't really understand. However, three days later, Chase found himself in a car with her dressed in a suit and Aria in a beautiful elegant dress on their way to ruin a wedding. The idea was laughable and if any of his friends knew what he was about to do for a girl, they would surely laugh at him.

"We're finally here Chase," Aria said in a faint whisper once they'd managed to evade the security guard at the gate. He could read the anger on her face as she looked around the small garden at friends who had once been hers. However, she started to chuckle softly clearly the image on Cora's face at not having received an invitation while she herself had still etched in her mind.

"So what do you want to do?" There had been no definite plan when Aria had talked to him as if simply being there would ruin the wedding. She wandered about the garden with Chase next to her invading everyone's space. Just as he had expected, no one felt comfortable at having Aria around. She was enjoying herself immensely.

Things only seemed to get better for her when her ex-boyfriend spotted her on his way down the aisle. He almost fell over from the shock to find the girl that he had been cheating on sitting at the front with a wicked smile on her face. He couldn't do anything about it because of the huge man next to her and was forced to stand there trying as hard as he could to avoid her gaze. It didn't get any better for him when Quinn noticed her former best friend had been invited and accused him for doing it right in front of everyone under hushed voices they thought they couldn't hear even though there was a microphone in front of them. It had to be the worst wedding Chase had ever attended.

At the end of it, all that mattered to Chase was that Aria wasn't crying anymore. He had come to care for her over the last few days of endless plotting and crying and he had a feeling he would have protected her from any kind of pain if it ever came to that. They were on the dance floor when he leaned in to kiss her. He felt everyone's eyes on them. They'd apparently had a better ending than the bride and groom who were still bickering on their table. Aria looked up at him when he'd pulled away with curiosity in her eyes. They both knew what was happening between them though Aria had tried harder than he had to fight it. She'd probably always assumed she'd be back with her ex boyfriend as soon as the wedding was over. She had to know though that she deserved better. That he would never hurt her like that fool hard.

Aria caught him by surprise when she kissed him back. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. The wedding that they had worked so hard on only seemed like a bad first date. Chase took her hand and led her outside ignoring their spiteful looks. He drove fast and within a few minutes, they were back at his house and he was eager for a chance to make love to her.

As soon as they were inside, he pushed her against the wall, letting her feel his hard body against hers. He bet over and took her lips again but this time more savagely. She responded by throwing her arms around him and wrapping her long legs around his waist. They stood there for a while groping each other before he decided to take this to his room.

He threw her on top of his bed before climbing in after her. She yelped in surprise as he tore off her clothes leaving her beautiful body naked under his hungry gaze. He could think of nothing else other than to devour her, so he kissed very inch of her until she was writhing beneath him. When he slipped into her, a scream escaped her throat. She held on tightly as he thrust into her hard and fast whispering in his ear and urging him to go even faster.

Aria didn't think she had ever had an orgasm as powerful as the one she'd had with Chase or met a man half a passionate as him. They lay side by side talking until the sun came up before they fell asleep. The wedding was quickly forgotten together with all the people that had caused her pain in the past. Chase never really said it, but Aria knew that she could trust him never to hurt her. She could fall for him easily without the thought of imminent pain lurking behind her. Chase cared for her more than anyone ever had and this one day had proved it al. He'd stuck by her throughout her stupidity and pain and he was going to stick by her again.

The End

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