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Air Hostess

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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Roman couldn’t help but peer around the plane. It had been only fifteen minutes since he'd seen her last, but it felt like months to him. No one had never had such a vast effect on him before then. Beside him, Roman could hear the older lady grumbling in her sleep. Something about young men being a bother these days. He knew that she was referring to him and how much his movement irritated her though Roman couldn't care less.

From the corner of his eye, he spotted the flight attendant coming back. Her beauty still stunned him despite having known her for a few hours already. She walked with a steady gait looking over the passengers in every seat with a look of concern that seemed permanently etched on her face. If Roman hadn't seen her frown at him, he would have thought that she was a smiling robot. Roman knew it was her job to show such care and most attendants on the plane had perfected that one look. However, he had a feeling that Eliana truly cared.

Roman quickly settled back in his seat much to the relief of the older lady. The last thing he wanted was to get caught staring which would give him a bad chance at getting with Eliana. She already thought he was too much. He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep as he heard her footsteps coming closer to his seat. His eyes flew open instantly as the smell of her perfume consumed him. Yet another thing about her he couldn't bring himself to get used to.

"Did I wake you up?" she asked sounding remorseful. His first instinct was to say yes just to see the reaction on her face. However, he couldn't bear the thought of displeasing her. He settled instead for a more playful stance.

"Not if you are here to tell me you accept my offer," he said slyly. He felt himself swell with pride as he noted the color rise up her cheeks. He liked that he affected her that easily. She looked pretty and innocent like that.

"I already told you I have a boyfriend," she said starting to sound impatient. The tone was fake, and he knew the moment he looked her in the eye she would be flustered again. It wasn't the first time today that she had unsuccessfully tried to evade his advances.

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him," he insisted his eyes fixed on her beautiful heart shaped face. She bit her lips in frustration as if at a loss on what to do with him. Roman could practically read her mind. She liked him but apparently couldn't deal with the idea of cheating on her boyfriend. It made him want her even more. He hadn't met a lot of girls who were as loyal as her before.

"That's ridiculous," she said and as if realizing she had made a big mistake covered her mouth in shock.

"Is it?" Roman asked completely astonished by her reaction. He fought the urge to laugh aloud just in case the woman next to him pretending to sleep would start complaining again.

"I'm going to leave you alone now, sir," she said frowning and started to edge away shyly. He had a feeling she didn't want to leave him just the same way that he didn't want her to go.

"Could you please just say yes?" They were both startled by the elder woman next to him who had given up trying to fall asleep.

"What?" they asked at the same time both unsure of what they had heard.

"Say yes to this young man. It would really save me a lot of stress," she urged her voice pleading though her eyes sparkled with a kind of curiosity.

"She's right," Roman said glad for her support. His smile turned into a frown when the woman sent a scathing look his way.

Eliana found herself blushing uncontrollably as the older woman started to complain using some very colorful language against Roman. She managed to calm her down in a few minutes before she set back out to see her boyfriend. Roman seemed pleased with himself for this. Elian knew that this would only increase his advances towards her. She had to brace herself for it.

She couldn't help but feel bad for leaving Roman there with the other passenger when they clearly weren't on the best of terms. It had something to do with Roman constantly moving about on his chair and disturbing her. Though Eliana had a feeling it was mostly because she might have had some similar experiences in her youth and had grown tired of them. Eliana didn't even know why she'd taken a liking to the man when she barely even knew him. On top of that, he was arrogant and seemed to think he deserved the best treatment. It had to be because he was an extremely attractive man with his copper hair, pale blue eyes and nice sensuous lips that drew up in a beautiful smile whenever he looked at her. He was probably used to women throwing themselves at his feet simply for this reason. Still, Eliana had met a lot of attractive men in the past and yet had never felt this way about them. Even her boyfriend, Brody had never had such an effect on her. She shook the feeling off determined to convince herself that it was nothing but nerves. For an air hostess, she had never quite gotten used to planes. The thought of something that huge moving about in the sky without falling out had seemed unnatural to her mother who had passed on this fear along with many others to her young daughter. The attention she got from Roman in this uncomfortable situation must have been what made her think she was attracted to him.

Eliana's attraction to another man made her feel so guilty that she decided that seeing her boyfriend would make her feel much better. At least that would remind her who she had decided to commit her life to. Luckily for her, Brody was also on the plane since he worked as the pilot. He wouldn't be too busy now at the cockpit having asked his co-pilot to take care of most of the controls. The thought of Brody in the plane with her made Eliana feel great. They rarely worked together but ever since an unfortunate rumor that surfaced, Brody had decided that keeping her close would be proof that he wanted no one else but her. Eliana still doubted him, but as much as she never wanted to admit it, appreciated the gesture. Her eyes ventured to the ring he'd placed on her finger only four days ago when he'd proposed to her.

Eliana had a feeling that Brody had only proposed to her because he thought that she might leave. He felt pressured after he'd caught her kissing someone else and since Eliana had always wanted to get married, it was the perfect way to keep her close to him. Even if that was the case, Eliana didn't mind the huge rock on her finger. She'd been asking Brody about their future for a while and so it only made sense that he'd finally seen it fit to propose. After all, they'd been together for five years. However, try as she might, Eliana couldn't help but feel like she as making a grave mistake. Her relationship with Brody wasn't what it had been years ago. He had changed a lot since then into an unkind and uncaring man. As much as she wanted to believe that the ring was a sign that he would change, she knew better. She'd seen too many bad relationships where people her made the same mistakes as she had, including her own mother's. She doubted that this would be any different. However, Eliana wasn't sure that she was about to accept the harsh truth just yet. She would rather bask in the joy of her engagement to Brody then make any decisions later on.

Eliana rushed past the bathroom to where she knew Brody would be. She paused momentarily debating whether to knock at the stall or not. However, a child who really seemed to need the help stood out waiting. It would be foolish to ignore him when it was her job. Eliana directed the child to another stall and was about to walk away when she had moans coming out of the bathroom. She smiled to herself thinking that it had to be some newlyweds. They were always getting themselves into this kind of trouble. She knew just how to handle this. She knocked lightly on the door and the moans immediately ceased.

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave the stall," she said her voice authoritative yet not threatening. She didn't want to seem like the prudent air hostess that everyone thought she was. She made sure they heard her walk away giving them enough time to put their clothes back on without the shame of being seen.

Eliana was pretty sure that it would work, so she walked away eager for a chance to see Brody only when she did get there, he was nowhere to be found. The room was messy as if some kind of disturbance had taken place. It was strange because everything had been in place when she'd left the room an hour ago. Where could Brody be and who was he with? Elaina decided to dismiss her suspicions. She was so used to him hurting her that she could barely trust him even though he hadn't done a thing. There was probably a good explanation for why the room was in a mess.

She decided to leave and find Brody elsewhere. She couldn't bare the thoughts running in her head while she was here. When at the door, Eliana spotted something from the corner of her eye. It was some pink lacy fabric and on closer inspection, she realized that it was a woman's underwear. That seemed to do it for her and all the lies she'd been telling herself suddenly made no more sense.

Eliana chose that moment to accept that Brody was not the best of men. She had to confront him soon before her hurt her and humiliated her further and he knew just where to find him. Her breath was heavy as she made her way back o the bathroom stall. He could hear them talking. He recognized the deeper voice as Brody's and the other as the new air hostess. She stood at the door waiting for them to come out and face her and when they did, the look on their faces was priceless.

"Eliana," Brody started dumbly," It's not what you think."

"Then what is it?" she asked harshly. He seemed taken aback by her tone. Eliana had always been a sweet woman.

"I-I…," Eliana was surprised that that was all he could say. Even after he'd caused her immense pain.

"Save it," she said and walked away. Strangely, Eliana didn't feel any pain. Only shame at having stuck with him for so long even when she knew he wasn't right for her. She'd only done it because she hadn't wanted to end up like everyone she knew. She wanted to fall in love and wanted everything to be different unlike with her parents.

"Do you still want to go out?" Roman had been genuinely asleep when Eliana found him.

"Of course," he replied trying to get the sleep out of his eyes.

"Then meet me outside the plane," she said leaving him before he could say anything else. For a moment Roma thought that she had been a dream until the woman next to him actually smiled at him.

When Roman got off the plane, he was surprised to find Eliana actually waiting for him. He had no idea what had just happened with her boyfriend, but he was glad for it. Eliana seemed much different now. She was still sweet and interesting but she with just a hint of danger. He didn't know what had caused this change in her, but he had a feeling he was going to love being with her.

Roman wasted no time in taking her out to dinner. They were both tired from the flight but Roman didn't think he could pass out the chance to be with her. There weren't a lot of restaurants open at that time of the day, so they had their meal in a small dinner. Roman felt bad about not treating her better but Eliana didn't seem to mind that the place was small and shabby with terrible food. In fact she enjoyed herself so much that she kept joking about it not being an ideal first date. He made a mental note to do this again but next time better. By the end of the date, she had lowered her defenses. She kissed him, placing a hand on his thigh. Roman could read her urgent need from this gesture.

He drove her to his place where they could be alone. The place was unkempt, but Eliana did not seem to notice this. As soon as they were inside, she lunged at him. He held her firmly by her waist leading her to his room. When there, he lay her on his bed and climbed in after her.

He kissed her all over eager to have a taste of her supple skin. Eliana couldn't help but moan in response as he took her places that even Brody hadn't taken her. When she felt she couldn't take the torture anymore, she begged him for more. That was when Roman slid inside her and started to thrust gently.

It was only a few minutes before they were done. An orgasm greater than Eliana had ever experienced tore through her body. She closed her eyes feeling him pull out of her and lay next to her. She moved up against him and he took her in her arms.

"I really like you and I don't …" he started to say, but she placed her finger to his lips to make stop. She knew what he was about to say and for some reason. She believed him. She'd seen it in his eyes the moment they had met only then she didn't want to trust him. However, now that she wasn't thinking of Brody anymore, she was willing to accept this new change in her life and this time she knew things would be different.

The End

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