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Doctor’s Orders

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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Owen was walking about in his room trying to think of a way to get rid of Zoe. It had been a whole day now and his girlfriend had not so much as shown a sign that she was about to leave which was devastating as he had so much planned for their weekend. This was what he had to deal with for falling in love with a woman like Zoe. She was nosy stubborn and incredibly unrelenting. He went to his window to take a look at the tree house that he'd been trying to build for the past three weeks. His progress had been cut short immensely by her interference. That among all the things he had been meant to do other than sit in bed the whole day pretending to be sick.

Owen was contemplating whether jumping out of the window was a good idea when he heard Zoe come up the stairs. He froze for a minute wondering what his next move should be. She was close when he realized that he was staring dumbly at the door. At this realization, he quickly jumped back into his bed and lay still. His heart froze as he watched the doorknob turn. Any moment from now, Zoe would be inside and he would have to explain why he was breathing so heavily.

"Hey babe," she said in her high shrill voice. Owen watched as the tiny woman walked into his bedroom her mane of ruby red hair a tangled mess. He had a feeling she'd been in that tree house searching around for evidence of his betrayal.

"Hey," he said awkwardly unable to hide that he was out of breath.

"Are you okay?" she asked running to his side immediately. He could tell from her face that she wasn't the least bit concerned about his supposed injury. She was mostly just curious.

"I'm fine," he said nervously trying to push her wandering hands away.

"Are you sure? You're breathing is really heavy. Almost as if you've been running around the place," she said the last part with her eyes fixed on his so that he felt she was searching her soul. She had been curious from the start about his injury. A woman like Zoe never believed anything without proof.

"Don't be ridiculous. How would I do that with this cast on my leg?" he asked pointing stubbornly at the cast. The truth was that it wasn't very easy walking around with it and it had taken him a while to get in and out of bed. However, Zoe wasn't going to be easily swayed from her suspicions.

"That is true," she agreed though he could see that she was faking it. Trying to put him in a good mood so that he'd break down out of guilt and confess. He'd been there before and had fallen numerous times into her tricks.

"So what time are you going to work?" he asked. Owen wasn't sure how many times he'd asked her the question but he got the same answers from her.

"I just thought I'd stay here a little longer until you feel better. Why do you ask?" the question caught him off guard and he was left fumbling in his brain for an answer that could convince her but failed to find one. He was left with the option of saying something not very smart.

"I just thought you really wanted that promotion. If you keep spending time with me how do you expect them to take you seriously," he regretted the words as soon as they fell from his lips. One scathing look from her was enough to make him drop the subject. Luckily for him, Zoe wasn't in the mood to argue with him so she let this simple mistake slide.

"I'll go make you breakfast," she said and with one last look in his direction hurried out of his bedroom.

As soon as he heard he footsteps disappear down the stairs, he was out of bed. He rushed back to the window taking a long look at his tree house. He had to think of something fast before it was the weekend again and Zoe started to yell at him for forgetting the anniversary of the day they bought a pet together. He wasn't even sure that was the one because a weekend barely went by without her making up a new anniversary. He had so many “important” days to remember that it was no wonder that she was always picking a fight with him. Owen thought that Zoe only did it to give him a hard time but loved her enough to accept it nevertheless.

Reaching for the phone beside his bed, Owen had the thought to call his best friend. His friend also happened to be the doctor that had given the orders for him to stay in bed until his broken leg healed. He would need Liam's charms if he was ever going to get Zoe out of the house. He hoped he could at least count on his friend for this.

One thing Owen liked about Liam was his attraction to trouble. It didn't take a lot to convince him to come over. Even the thought of coming face to face with a terrifying Zoe didn't sway him. It took him only ten minutes to arrive as he didn't live very far from him. Owen watched him from his window and gave his friend a wave. He watched him walk to the door and took it as a sign to go back to bed before Zoe caught him lurking around.

He rang the doorbell a couple of times before Zoe couldn't be bothered to let him in. Usually he would jut burst in but knowing Zoe was around, he had to at least act polite for his own safety. Owen heard them talking as she let them in. He could already picture the expression on Zoe's face who had never liked Liam or any of Owens' friends. She hated Liam the most because he was the one always making Owen do things she didn't approve of. Zoe never liked it when anyone went against her.

Owen could already hear them come up the stairs. Zoe was never going to let Liam see him by himself when she was already suspicious. Owen stayed still in his bed and pretended to fall asleep. It was only when he had the door open that he opened his eyes and pretended to stifle a yawn.

'What is it babe?" he asked turning over on his back. “What are you doing here Liam?"

Owen hoped that his tone was convincing. Liam however looked too stunned to speak. It was no secret that he wasn't good at pretending.

"Just came over to see you," he said finally finding his voice. “I brought you your meds."

"Thank you," Owen said watching as Liam went awkwardly in his bag and unconvincingly rummaged through it. Lucky for both of them, Zoe was too busy watching Owen to see what Liam was doing. She seemed to be searching for a sign that something fishy was going on between the two friends.

"Oh no. I left the meds. I guess I'll have to go back to the hospital and bring them to you tomorrow," he lied.

"Tomorrow? But I need them now," Owen said trying to look disappointed though he fought hard not to laugh.

"I can't bring them now. I have lots of work to do," Liam lied. Today was his day off and all he had to do was chase after girls.

'I'll come with you," Zoe said. She seemed to have fallen for it faster than Owen would have guessed.

"Are you sure?" Owen asked trying not to seem to happy that she was leaving.

"It's nothing. Besides, I'll be back soon so you won't have any trouble without me," she assured him. She plated a kiss on his forehead before leaving the room with Liam who didn't look too happy about going anywhere with Zoe. This was the part of the plan which had taken much convincing.

As soon as they were out of the house and driving away, Owen shot out of bed. Liam was going to stall her for as long as possible giving him enough time to build the tree house. Knowing Zoe, it wouldn't take too long to confuse her. For that reason he was going to need some help. He called his friend Sam who lived a few blocks away from him. Sam was a girl who Zoe hated almost as much as she hated Liam. She always claimed that Sam was trying to snatch Owen away from her. He couldn't blame her for that. Sam was attractive and fit in well with the guys. However, she wasn't for him. He liked a challenge and Zoe was the perfect one.

Sam didn't bring her car. It would be easier to hide her if Zoe showed up and found her at the house. Just like Liam, Sam hadn't a willing participant. She came to reluctantly afraid that Zoe might catch her. It seemed that Zoe scared even the bravest of people. I had to take off my cast fast which I was more than relieved to do. It was always hot and itchy. Sam was going to have to replace it as soon as the tree house was done. Luckily Liam had taught her just how to do it.

The tree house was going to be great. It had all of Zoe's favorite things. Flowers and paintings were going to fill the place. They always seemed to help her relax. Owen didn't care whether it was an anniversary or not. All he knew was that he had to do something special for her because he loved her.

"Who's that?" Only fifteen minutes had gone by when Sam asked him that.

He went quiet trying to listen to what she was referring to. A car was driving back to the house and inside it he could hear a screaming woman and a terrified sounding man. He knew from that that Liam and Zoe were back. He froze knowing that Zoe would go insane if she found out his leg wasn't actually broken.

"We're not up to anything?" Liam was trying to convince her but was unsuccessful. Zoe was determined to get to the bottom of things. Fortunately, she hadn't heard the commotion in the tree house since she'd been screaming herself.

"What are we going to do?" Sam sounded terrified. He gestured for her to calm down and moved to the window to get a better view. They had to plan this carefully.

A soon as Zoe was inside the house, Sam and Owen climbed down and headed toward his bedroom window. She helped him climb and as soon as he was inside he jumped into my bed. He covered himself quickly seeing that he had no cast on. If Zoe saw this she would go insane. As soon as he was settled, Zoe burst into the room with Liam behind her. She froze clearly not having expected to see him in bed.

"Is everything all right?" he asked feigning shock. Her expression calmed and he knew he was out of danger. He would have gotten away with it if Zoe's eyes didn't land on Sam's bag still placed on top of his bed.

"What is this?" she asked taking a hold of it. “Is this Sam's?"

"No it isn't?" His voice was too high and she sensed the lie in it.

This was the part where things were going to get ugly if he didn't confess soon. Zoe couldn't believe what was happening. She looked around the whole room ready to catch Sam lurking in the shadows. Things got worse when she couldn't find her. Owen was sure the neighbors could hear her yelling. If he could only get her quiet enough to explain what was really going on. However, there was too much commotion. Liam was trying to get out of the room and kept bumping to things and he couldn't even hear the sound of his own voice over hers.

"Could you just SHUT UP," he yelled. That seemed to do it and both Liam and Zoe went silent. He could see from her expression that he'd only made Zoe angrier. She didn't like to be told what to do. That though was the least of his worries. He tried to explain everything though Zoe didn't really believe him until he took her up to the tree house. He was more than happy to see that Sam had already made her escape. The last thing he needed was for Zoe to start yelling again.

"I'm sorry," she said looking around the half-done house. He'd never seen Zoe cry before and was stunned when she started to. She felt bad for what had happened. That much was obvious and even Owen had to admit that it had been ugly.

When they went to bed that night, all he wanted was to forget what had just happened and move on. He would finish the tree house later when everything was forgotten. He kissed Zoe and she kissed me back with as much passion. He wanted to make love to her if only to let her know that he was okay with what had happened between them. He lay over her kissing and touching her. Zoe was incredibly responsive and in just a few seconds, he had her writhing underneath him in sweet agony.

When he moved into her, it was all it took for Zoe not to cum right away. He moved inside her fast and hard letting out all the fury and desperation he'd been left to deal with. She wrapped herself around him tightly like a vine as he thrust into her. Her nails dug into the skin of his back as her teeth bit gently into his ear. With a few more thrusts, she was coming over and over again till she felt she couldn't take it any longer. He lay next t her afterwards and they fell asleep in each other's arms but not before Zoe apologized. It was the first time she had ever done so and Owen had to admit that he was touched by the gesture. He couldn't wait to go back o that tree house and show her how much she meant to him. This time they were going to do it together like they should have from the beginning. Owen knew now more than ever that he loved her deeply.

The End

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