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Double Pleasure

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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"What?" Emma was dumbfounded. When Noah had asked her to dinner, this had been the last thing on her mind. She studied his face carefully thinking that all it was just a trick of the eye. However, Noah sat there as calm as he had initially been. Emma had to wonder if he had said anything at all. She had a strange tendency to fantasize at the most inappropriate times.

"Don't make me repeat it for the third time," he said a bored expression on his face. He couldn't possibly have said what she thought he had.

"Is this a joke?" Emma asked unwilling to believe the words that had come out of his mouth less than a minute ago. Noah rolled his eyes in response making her remember that the man before her had never been capable of humor. In fact Emma couldn't think of even one instance where she had seen Noah smile.

"But why?" having decided that he was after all serious, she set her questions off in a different direction. There had to be a good explanation for this.

"I thought you were smarter than that. I didn't know I had to repeat things to you over and over again or else I wouldn't have made the offer," he said and she felt stung by his words. She should be used to it by now. Noah was always saying things like that to her.

"I…" she started to defend herself though it was obvious she had no idea what he was talking about.

"I told you that it was a condition in my uncle's will if I'm ever going to get his money," he'd decided to spare her from making an even bigger fool of herself.

"I heard you the first time," she yelled trying to make herself seem better. Noah looked around the restaurant searching for a sign that someone might have heard them and Emma immediately felt shame consume her. You never shouted in a place like this especially when the topic under discussion was a secret.

"You don't have to be so loud," he said looking at her like she'd gone insane. She didn't like it.

"I'm not being loud," Emma said this time her voice going a bit higher. She knew she shouldn't have done that but she couldn't help herself. Noah always made her uneasy.

"If you insist," he said with a shrug of his shoulder. He reached for the glass of wine before him and downed the contents of the glass. Emma followed the movement clearly enthralled by the young man before her. He knew she was staring but wouldn't stop her. Women watching him was nothing strange. He was after all an attractive man and very wealthy which added to his appeal. Women tended to be drawn to that.

"Of course I do," she said eager for a distraction from his puffy lips.

"So I don't think there is a need to repeat all of it," he stated with an air of confidence.

Emma knew that he only did it to trap her. It was clear that Emma hadn't been listening to him at all when he'd spoken. The whole restaurant could see it because she'd made such a fool of herself while ogling him like a fool. She had spilled a few drinks, tripped a waiter with a tray of food in his hands and offended a couple next to them by giving a not so unpopular opinion which had also happened to be loud.

"But I think you should go over it again," she said hastily. “Just for clarity."
Noah who had poured himself more wine took another sip fighting the urge to laugh at her. Nothing ever amused him as much as the woman seated across from him. She was always awkward around him and it made her charming. Something he couldn't say for any of the people around him. It was why he'd chosen her even though he could have had a number of attractive girls who would jump at the chance to do her bidding. That and the fact that she wasn't too willing to change her life for anyone unless greatly persuaded. Noah liked a challenge.

"We could get married for five years and after that, you're free to do whatever you want. That is either stay married to me or just walk away," he wasn't in the mood to go into too much detail. Not when Emma was so fixated by the movement of his lips. She probably thought of kissing him. He'd had the same thought about her several times now.

"What do I get from this?" she finally asked after coming back to her senses.

"I'll have some money transferred to your account every six months. You'll be a rich woman and you'll have anything you desire," he said as if the simple thought of money should have been enough to persuade her. He knew it wouldn't. This might have offended her if Emma didn’t secretly harbor feelings for Noah and he knew it. It was what wouldn't make her so difficult to convince.

"I'll have to think about this more," she said after a long silence. He nodded in agreement and the two of them ate the rest of their meal in silence.

"Why are you doing this anyway?" Emma asked halfway through their meal.

"My uncle just died and left it as a condition for me to inherit his money," he explained. He understood the need to be honest with her if he was going to marry her after all.

"But don't you have enough money?" she asked. Emma knew that Noah was a rich man. She couldn't understand why he would want more money so desperately.

"You could never be rich enough," he said lightly. It wasn't the answer Emma wanted and she didn't even think t was the truth. However, she knew better than to cross boundaries.

Though Emma felt flattered that he had chosen her over any other woman, she couldn't help but feel disappointed. When he'd asked her here tonight, she'd thought that it was probably because he had finally seed her for the woman that she was and wanted to spend time with her. She'd dreamed of it so many times before it actually happened only for all her hopes to be crushed. She'd envisioned him complementing her on the dress she'd bought for the occasion, professing her love for her which he had successfully hidden until now and finally kissing her when the night was over. This date however was a sign that Emma should always keep a clear head. There was nothing romantic about it or the way he spoke to her. In fact, it was more like a business meeting with their marriage being the main agenda.

Emma actually considered marrying Noah over the next few days. It was beyond her how she could when she had a long life ahead of her. She was a beautiful woman in the prime of her life. Surely finding someone who wanted to marry her would be no difficult task at all. That she should do it for money seemed like an insult to herself. Still, Emma didn't want any other man no matter how handsome they were or well they treated her. The only man she had ever felt this way for was Noah and he had asked her to marry him. Why then should she let the chance slip away from her? She knew that if she didn't take his offer, Noah would just as easily find another woman to take her place. Somehow being married for money rather than watch him take another wife felt like a much better path to take.

When Noah and Emma met next, Emma had made her decision. She was going to marry him and hope for the best in their future together. She thought about it very hard and though she knew it might be a mistake, she couldn't pass up the chance to be with Noah.

"I'll do it,” she said to him when they were together.

"Good.” His answer was brief but she could see the hint of a smile forming on his lips.

"I have one condition though," she added. Noah rolled his eyes. He should have seen this coming. Of course Emma wouldn't just agree to marry him like that when she had her own terms to add to the contract.

'What is it?" he asked thinking that he was ready for anything. He could add her more money if that was what she wanted. He could give her a house of her own.

"I want to have a baby," she said. She couldn't bring herself to meet his eyes after this request.

"What?" it was his turn to be shocked.

"That's what I want and if you don't want to accept it then I'm not going to marry you,” she said with finality.

"Fine then," he replied. Emma was surprised by his answer. She'd expected him to back down on this one thing and find another woman in his place.

"Why?" she asked.

"Why," he repeated raising an eyebrow. Emma blushed realizing that it had been a foolish question. She was the one who had made the proposal. She should be happy with his reply.

Noah might not have admitted it but he did have feelings for Emma. However, he didn't want anyone to know this. He was the type of man who was used to being alone and his feelings for her scared him more than he would have ever admitted. Emma didn't know it but Noah would have done anything he asked her. Even if it was having a baby. He had never really considered the thought having always thought he would be alone but with this matter of marriage, he was going to have to consider it for her sake. After all, he was the first woman he had considered for marriage and he didn't think he could have gone through it with anyone else by his side. A baby was a small price to pay to keep Emma.

The date of Emma and Noah's wedding came faster than Emma had expected. She hadn't taken part in any of the plans since she was still shocked by the idea of getting married. It was a small affair with only his family present. Emma was glad for this. She wasn't sure she wanted the attention that came with being his wife. Just as she had expected, none of them liked her and were eager to get rid of her after the five years agreed upon. They were all aware of the marriage being the ones who'd convinced Noah to do it. However they would have preferred it if the woman chosen had been one whom they had suggested. One such woman was Nina who was showed her obvious dislike for her. Nina had always had feelings for Noah and had his parents' support. She had always assumed that they would end up together. Evidently, she had been wrong because it was Emma he had chosen. The only member of her husband's family that seemed to like Emma was his little niece Sofia who took t the habit of following her around all the time much to the annoyance of her mother who was Noah's elder sister. Emma didn't mind it because Sofia was a pretty little girl who brought cheer wherever she was. That was badly needed at a dull wedding like hers. None of Emma's friends came since they thought her marriage ridiculous. That hurt her immensely because she had always known they'd be by her.

"This has been strange," Emma said when they were alone in their hotel room after the wedding. Noah knew that Emma hadn't liked the wedding at all. Not with all the brutality her family had portrayed. He made a decision to make it up to her.

"You'll get used to them," he consoled her. His family had never liked any of his girlfriends as if already decided that he should be with Nina.

"Sofia wasn't a bad thought,” she pointed out. He agreed with that but then again Sofia was only a child. Who knew what she would turn into after her mother's influence had grown stronger.

"Let's not think about that," he said. He had a better way in mind to spend the night with her other than talking about his family.

He pulled her to him and started to kiss her. Emma responded instantly and kissed him back with as much passion. He lay her on the bed and climbed on top of her. Emma was very responsive to him. She moaned softly as soon as his lips brushed against the soft spot at her neck. He recognized this and bit into her soft skin pulling it with his teeth. Her grip on his waist tightened even further. He started to undress her slowly so that she was left naked beneath him then later took off his own clothes.

Noah slid a finger into her and it was all Emma could do not to scream. The movement of his fingers inside her brought her to climax after climax. However, that was simply not enough. She had to have more of him. She whispered a single word in his ear and that was enough to make him understand.

When Noah moved into he, Emma's arms and legs wrapped around his body like a vine. He moved gently inside her as her fingernails dug almost painfully into the skin of his back. They came together after which, Noah rolled off her and took his place next to her. They fell asleep in each other's arms, Emma glad to have gotten the man of her dreams and married him. These two things coupled with the fact that he had just made love to her were like a dream come true.

Emma might just have been wrong because two weeks later; she found out that she was already pregnant. It came as a surprise to both her and Noah who grew speechless and had to stare at the test results for a whole hour to know that it was true. He had never thought of himself as a father but seeing the joy on Emma's face, he had no more doubts. Noah might have just married her because of a contract but it felt like it was meant to be. He was going to take care of her and her baby and protect them with his life if it ever came to it. All he knew now was that he was the happiest man in the world.

The End

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