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In A Laundry Room

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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Rhea couldn't remember ever feeling the need to be home like she did now. She had never fit into the family which regrettably was hers. Her mother never liked her and thought her daughter to be strange her father thought her too weak. It wasn't made any better by the fact that her siblings found her to be too quiet for their taste and would constantly ignore her. However, with Leroy in the house, everything felt different. She didn't know why but all she wanted was to be as close to him as possible. He didn't even know her yet and she had no idea how he was ever going to notice her when all she did was freeze every time she saw him coming. She would hide behind doors and table so he didn't notice her.

As usual Rhea found her way to the laundry room at noon where she knew he would be at that time. No one knew it, but every day, she would go there and watch him secretly wishing that one day she would have the courage to talk to him. Rhea had never been the most confident person in the family and Leroy only seemed to bring this side of herself out even more often. If her father would see her now it would be more than enough proof that she was weak.

The door to the laundry room was wide open. That was good because she wouldn't have to take a look through the window like she usually did. She crept up to it carefully and sat not to close on the floor. Just like she had been expecting, Leroy was busy on his phone and would pretend to be working once he had his mother walking close by. Rhea had known his mother her whole life so she knew the woman was as tough as nails. No one even Rhea's own mother would ever disrespect her. That Leroy would defy the woman was in itself a brave act. This act of rebellion only served to fascinate Rhea even more. She herself could never do anything that would offend her parents like that. Not that she even wanted to. Rhea was the kind of person to listen to and follow instructions down to the last bit. That was the only thing her father liked about her.

She couldn't see much from where she sat but what she did see was enough. He was an attractive man with a roughish appearance. A couple of tattoos made his way up his muscular arms and his short blond hair seemed unkempt.

"Are you ever going to come in?" Rhea found herself stunned by the deep voice that carried across the room. She had never had him speak before or known that he had in fact spotted her spying on him on all those occasions.

"Well," he said at her hesitation. Rhea felt like a fool at having been caught ogling him. She wanted to run but then thought better of it. That would only make her look like an even bigger fool. With her chin held up, Rhea picked herself up with her last shred of dignity and walked into the room. Her confidence seemed to die away as soon as he turned to her.

"It's rude to watch people like that," he said a bored expression on his face. She tried to say something but instead, her mouth was left wide open making her look like an idiot. Inside her head, Rhea could feel a voice screaming at her to say something.

"U-huh," that was the only reply that she could muster. A shade of red crept across her face as she realized she made no sense at all. Leroy raised his eyebrows at her before turning away and typing madly at his phone. His refusal to pay her any attention only left her disappointed.

"You're the youngest daughter, aren't you?" he asked breaking the heavy silence. She nodded even though he couldn't actually see her. Her mouth felt dry so she couldn't even speak. At least he admitted to having seen her before. It made her feel important.

"Aren't you okay?" he was taunting her and she didn't like it.

All Rhea wanted to do at this point was blend into the painting on the wall. At least the woman on it didn't look like she'd be as intimidating as Leroy and his deep blue eyes. She looked around her realizing that she was alone with him for the first time ever. She wanted to remember every detail of this day perfectly though it wasn't going as well as she had always dreamed that it would. The day Leroy had finally talked to her. Behind the embarrassment, she felt the need to smile like a child who'd just had their first toy. After all, it wasn't easy to speak to Leroy with all those rumors that surrounded him. From what he had heard, it would come as no surprise if he pounced on her right then just from the fun of it.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" he asked and she felt her confidence falter again. Rhea was too terrified so she did the only thing that made sense to her and ran away from the laundry room with her face buried in her hands.

Rhea roamed around the house for the rest of the day much to her mother's dismay who thought he daughter would give her a migraine if she had to watch her walk around the whole day. However, the last thing Rhea cared about was whether or not she pleased the other woman. Not when she had just acted like a child in front of a man she liked when she was actually a grown woman just out of college and ready to start a new life in her father's company. If the old man thought her daughter to be strange what would he think after he'd heard of this particular incident. He would probably withdraw the offer to hire her in his company. That would be terrible since Rhea didn't think she had the courage to find a job on her own. She was just too shy for her own good.

Rhea made a point never to repeat the mistake again. She didn’t want to admit it but her parents were right about her. She had to grow up because pretty soon they'd get tired of always having her back. The first step would be actually talking to Leroy.

The next day, she set off to the laundry room again. This time she didn't bother to hide behind a door or window. She found him seated on the washing machine as if he'd expected her arrival. Fighting the thought to run away again, Rhea took a seat on the floor right across from hm. She could look him in the eye neither was she ready to try. Luckily, Leroy seemed to understand her need to take things slow and he didn't bother her. Instead, they had a rather awkward conversation. Rhea didn't mind it at all. As long as she could hear him speak to her. Talking to Leroy, Rhea got the feeling that he didn’t want her there. He was cold an unresponsive and she had a feeling he didn't like her being there. However, Rhea had made a promise to herself and she was going to see it through. She must have been wrong about Leroy because he was still seated in the laundry room when she came back the next day. He'd left her a seat there so she wouldn't have to seat on the floor. It was a small gesture but Rea had a feeling it had taken a lot of strength on his part. She found this a charming way of letting her know that he did enjoy her company.

Rhea and Leroy met in the laundry room at the same time everyday even when he didn't have to be here. It had become part of them. None of them could pass off the chance to see the other. Not when they'd become so close over time. It was strange how they never had much to say to each other but each seemed to understand the other without a question. Rhea had never felt herself as close to anyone as she had with Leroy and when he eventually leaned in to kiss her, she didn't panic like she would have done were it another man. No one ever said it to the other but they each knew that what they had was real.

Things would have been perfect if there wasn't so much mystery around Leroy. Rhea had a feeling that he kept some secrets from her though she never confronted him about him. The staff seemed to have picked up on what was going on between them and didn't hesitate to warn Rhea about him. They said he was trouble but Rhea didn’t think it was true. He was always different with her never showing any trait that might offend her. How could a man like this have been any trouble? However, as the warning grew so did her doubt. She didn't want to ask him about it because she didn't want it to look like she didn't trust him. When she finally had the courage to ask Leroy what was going on he got upset with her for listening to them. That was when Rhea got suspicious. What could Leroy be so determined to hide from her?

Being with Leroy had turned Rhea into a tough young woman so she wasn't going to take this lying down. She talked to the only person who she knew would be honest with her. Leroy's mother. As it turned out, Leroy had had a pretty rough childhood. He'd been in a gang then much to his mother's disapproval and slowly introduced his brother to his lifestyle. His younger brother had admired Leroy so much that he soon abandoned his dreams to go to college to follow him. He would have done anything Leroy asked at the time.

However, as they grew older, being in the gang didn't hold the same kind of appeal that it had before. It was much more dangerous now and Leroy knew he had to get his brother on a straight path again At least for his mother's sake who worked so hard to give them the life that they had. It might have been too late for his brother when he almost got arrested. Leroy blamed himself for his brother's ways so he gladly took the blame and went to jail himself. His brother went to college and was trying to make something out of himself while Leroy went for the path that would have been his brother's.

Leroy had only gotten out a few months back because of good behavior. His mother had wanted to keep him close since then just to get his son out of trouble. It was no secret that she still didn't trust him with his own life. She got him a job at the manor where she kept a close eye on him as he did laundry.

Rhea was surprised to hear of what Leroy had been like. She'd thought she'd known him but this story might have just proven her otherwise. What if Leroy went back to the life that he had once lived. What would be left for her. She was afraid not of him but for him. He' led a dangerous path and was just as likely to go back to it as much as Rhea didn't want to admit it to herself. She had to make a decision fast. She could either stick with him and hope that things would turn out okay or walk away from him before it was too late.

That day when Rhea walked back to the laundry room, she was terrified. She'd chosen to walk away but didn't know how she was going to explain all this to him. Rhea didn't have time to think this through because when she walked inside, there was Leroy kneeling behind the door with an open velvet box in her hand.

"Will you marry me?" he asked. She was stunned. She peered into the box to see the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. It belonged to his mother.

"Yes," she felt the words leave her mouth before she could think it through. Up to this point she had had no idea how much she loved him. Why had she even thought of leaving him.

She had never seen Leroy this happy as he got up and kissed her. He'd lifted her off her floor and swung her around. He hadn't expected her to say yes but then tried anyway ready to have his heart broken. All he knew was that he had never met a woman as beautiful and kind as Rhea and he was damned if he wasn't going to keep her by his side for the rest of their lives.

Rhea kissed him with as much passion as he kissed her. She knew where this was going even before it did. She'd never been with another man before and was afraid to tell him. However, Rhea had a feeling that he already knew this. He was gentle with her only doing what he thought wouldn't scare her. He didn't think it was appropriate to do it in a laundry room, but she assured him it was okay.

Rhea had never felt anything like it before. She loved how Leroy moved inside her filling her completely. He went slowly trying his best not to hurt her though Rhea didn't mind it at all. After they were done, they quickly got dressed so Leroy's mother wouldn't catch them naked. Leroy eventually told her about his past. It touched her that he trusted her but she didn't mention the fact that she'd already known the whole truth. They sat together the whole night talking about what life together would be like. They wanted lots of kids and a huge house to raise them in. Of course none of the discussed the possibility of Rhea's parents refusing to accept their marriage thought the thought was in their minds. Rhea however, couldn't care less what her family thought. Not when they'd always refused to accept her as part of their family. She was going to have a new family now with the man she loved and nothing, not even his terrible past could sway her. She was ready for what she would face and she would be ready to fight for him.

The End

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