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Unforgettable Moment with Wife’s Best Friend

By Isa Adam

Copyright@2018 by Isa Adam

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"Are you doing this right now?" Piper asked her voice heavy with emotion.

"We both know that idiot is going to be there," Tristan yelled back unable to hold back the anger in his voice.

"My parents just had an accident and all you can think of is whether or not I'm going to sleep with an old boyfriend," it sounded ridiculous coming from her. Even more ridiculous than it had sounded in his head when he'd been thinking about bringing it up. He almost wished that he hadn't said a word but since he already had, he was going to have to see it through.

"Well how am I supposed to believe that your boyfriend wouldn't take advantage of you and try to get in your good books," Tristan pointed out.

"It doesn't matter what he does if you just trust me," she said softly.

"Don't turn this around on me," he yelled.

"I wouldn't if you'd just come with me. I need you there," she said her eyes begging him to listen. Tristan didn't bother pointing out that her parents would be fine just like the other times when they'd call them saying they had an accident which turned out to be actually small. He had a feeling they only did it for their daughter's attention and it worked because Piper fell for it each time. She was tired and Tristan knew that it would do no good to keep arguing with her. The damage was already done so far.

"Let's not do this right now," he said in exasperation. They'd been arguing for a whole hour now and nothing seemed to be getting any better.

"For the first time today, I actually agree with you. I'm going to see my parents and I hope you'll have a change of heart before I get back," her voice carried finality with it so he knew it wasn't wise to pursue the argument.

Tristan watched Piper grab her purse and head out of their house. He felt ashamed of himself. He followed her behind more out of habit. Piper didn't bother looking behind and he had to watch her drive away until her head full of red hair disappear. As she left Tristan wished he could say he was sorry however his pride wouldn't have let him. Besides, she was long gone and the last thing he wanted was to upset her when she was driving. She tended to get careless in such instances. Tristan could see all their neighbors' eyes on them. They'd probably heard them fighting which really never happened so had come out to check. Everyone thought that Tristan and Piper were the perfect couple though he wasn't very sure himself after the last few weeks. Not after he had met her best friend Alana.

Tristan walked back into the house eager for a drink. The house felt empty already without Piper in it. Almost peaceful and though he didn't want to admit it, he had a feeling he would enjoy being along for the week. Maybe it would give him time to readjust to the pressures of being married. He could hardly believe that it was only one year since their wedding. It felt like twenty especially after that fight they had just had. Everything had turned stale faster than he would have thought it would and now she wanted to make it all worse by bringing a baby into the picture. Something he clearly wasn't ready for and to be frank, he doubted that it was something he would ever want. Tristan knew they'd agreed on having it at this time before they were married and though he felt bad for breaking his promise, he wasn't going to be swayed by anything. Not even her constant crying.

He was watching TV when he heard the doorbell ring. He automatically hid his cigarettes under the couch and put his beer away. He'd had to adapt to hiding it because Piper didn't think it was good for them if they were going to have a baby. Somehow, she acted like he'd already agreed with her. He chuckled to himself remembering that Piper was miles away and not even she could sense that he wasn't living up to her expectation from her parent's house. Calming his still beating heart, he got up and headed for the door. His marriage had clearly turned into a nightmare.

The sight of Alana at his door stunned him momentarily and for a moment, he was lost for words. She had to clear his throat before he realized that he was staring pointedly at her body. Flustered, he moved aside and let her inside the house.

"Piper isn't here. She left just a few minutes ago," he said eager to get rid of the awkwardness that filed the room whenever they were together. Alana never seemed to feel it.

"I know that," she said with a shrug of her shoulders. Alana didn't wait for directions and headed straight for the living room. She'd been in this house so many times she could tell which way was which with her eyes closed.

"You do?" his questions sounded dumb and again, he felt himself feeling silly around her.

"She just called me. What happened is sad, isn't it," Alana explained saying the last part with an exaggerated frown. Tristan knew that “sad” was blowing it out of proportions. The two were fine and must have overworked themselves after using a trampoline at their age but you could never put it past Piper to worry too much. Alana must have known this and was probably making fun of her best friend. She walked around the living room placing her hands tentatively on anything around her. Tristan followed the movement of her body immediately feeling drawn in by the temptress in from of him.

"And you still came anyway?" he asked raising his eyebrow in curiosity. She smiled at him. The same seductive smile that always had him thinking far away. Too bad she was Piper's friend.

"I thought I needed to. After that huge fight with your wife, it’s only normal that you would need a companion," she replied managing a husky voice in her thick accent. One that he had never been able to place. Tristan did not question that though it seemed strange that she would comfort him instead of Piper. Not what you'd expect from a best friend but then again, he knew that whatever the two women said, they didn't like each other that much. Piper had never said why but Tristan wouldn't put it past her to hold a grudge for something as small as a missing pair of shoes.

"She told you about our fight?' he asked curiously watching the young woman finally take a seat on his couch. She crossed her legs to reveal more of her bare thighs. The sight of her smooth caramel skin had his heart beat quickening.

"Of course she did. I'm her best friend," she said as if it was too obvious. The words “best friend” coming out of her mouth made him come back to his senses. It was bad enough that he was attracted to his wife's friend but openly goggling at her was a cheap move even by his standards. It didn't matter if he and Piper were having trouble in their marriage.

"I'm fine Alana you didn't need to come here," he said dismissively hoping that she won't see beyond the straight face that he displayed to the burning desire for her that he truly felt. However, Alana saw well past this lie into his very mind. She smiled at him sweetly before grabbing his remote and turning on the TV.

"I'll be here if you feel ready to talk. Meanwhile I think we should watch a movie together," she said already focused on a channel. She found his beer and his hidden cigarettes pretty fast and started to use them. Tristan knew from her words that it would be next to impossible to try and get rid of her even if he wanted to.

"I'm no feeling very well. I'll just go to sleep," he said excusing himself.

Giving up altogether, he headed straight for his bedroom. He needed to put as much distance from Alana as he cold before he did something stupid. As much as Tristan was angry with Piper, sleeping with her best friend should have been the last thing on his mind. Yet it was all he could do not to ravage her. He reached his room and with a great sigh flung himself onto the bed. He would try to get some much-needed sleep. Something he'd lacked after another tense night with Piper at his side. However, whenever he closed his eyes, all he could see was Alana with her wave of thick curly black hair, the deep brown eyes, caramel skin and perfect set of teeth. He could still hear her downstairs now making a phone call. He ought the urge to go to her by reminding himself that it wasn't right yet in the end, Tristan succumbed.

Tristan found himself following the sound of her voice downstairs. She was in the kitchen making herself a sandwich when he walked in. She didn't see him at first giving him plenty of time to watch her. Alana had to be one of the most beautiful women he had ever met. Sometimes he thought she was even more lovely than Piper but that had to be only because he couldn't have her.

"What are you making?" he asked desperate to hear the sound of her voice. She gestured to her sandwich and patted the seat next to hers. Tristan found himself following her again and soon he was seated with her.

"What happened between you and Piper?" The question just fell out of his lips before he could control the impulse. He'd been thinking about it all day. He had to know.

"I slept with her boyfriend," she replied. It was a shocking answer, but from the way she said it you would have thought she just declared books interesting.

Alana didn't see any trouble in explaining it all and she immediately went into detail about what she had done. It had hurt Piper mostly because she had loved him and what she had done was considered a huge betrayal. She had forgiven her but it had never been the same again between the two friends. Alana didn’t even seem the least bit remorse for what he had done as Tristan could see.

Tristan thought that it all made sense now. Piper never seemed to trust Alana. She was always coming up with ways to keep the two of them apart. At first, he had thought it was because of him but now he knew better. He felt sorry for Piper for what she had gone through yet he still felt strangely drawn to Alan now. She seemed much more appealing and dangerous now.

"Do you think it's ever going to happen again?" Tristan asked and knew it was stupid of him even as he did. Alana seemed to understand his request and smiled at him seductively. Tristan knew it was only a matter of time before it actually happened. At least that was the excuse he gave himself when Alan moved closer to him and kissed him.

Her lips were the softest he had ever kissed. He felt himself get intoxicated by her sweetness as the fragrance of her perfume consumed him. He took off her dress and threw it across the kitchen leaving her exposed to his eyes. He had never seen a woman like her. Every curve of her body was perfect.

He tore off his own clothes in such a hurry that it was impossible to get it all off. He placed her on the kitchen counter and after spreading her legs plunged deep into her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. He started to move inside her hard and fast and she held on tightly onto him. It was a few more thrusts before they came together. A scream fell out of her lips as she had an orgasm.

Tristan hadn't expected it, but when he was out of her, he felt a guilt greater than he had ever experienced consume her. How could he have let himself fall for her. He had a wife and she loved him. He loved her not this woman standing before him. He put on his clothes all the whole trying desperately to avoid his gaze. Alana seemed not to care and Tristan had to wonder what kind of friend she was. What kind of friend would sleep with her best friend's husband and not feel a thing. She'd done this before so Tristan had to wonder how many time she had in fact done it. She'd only got caught once but that didn’t mean that it was the only time. Knowing what he knew now, he wouldn't be surprised to find that Alan had done this numerous times. He didn’t know what Alana was going through and he wasn't going to judge. After all, he was the one who'd convinced her to have sex with him. He was the one who should have stopped it.

"You’ll regret it," Alana said and he looked away from her shamefully. Somehow, he could always read his mind.

"Go to your wife," she said picking up her clothes and walking calmly out of the kitchen. Maybe Tristan had misjudged her after all.

He knew he was right so he packed his clothes and took the first plane out of the state. Piper was more than happy to see him. Just as he had predicted, her parents weren't really hurt and they kept pestering her about giving them grandchildren. He couldn't tell her enough just how much he loved her and how much he regretted their fight. All he wanted was her and he wasn't going to put himself in a position to lose her again. He decided that it would be good if they actually had that baby. It was time that he grew up and start a family of his own.

One thing was for sure. Tristan was never going to tell Piper what he had done. He didn't want to lose her. He would keep this secret and carry it to his grave no matter how it pained him. He knew it was selfish, but at that time, he would have done anything to keep his wife by his side forever.

The End

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